but i think that goes without saying now

steps to moving on:
step 1: stop telling people about them. i know you want to tell the world how they broke your entire being. your reason for existing and now you have to exist without them, but stop telling people. it helps i promise. it helps you forget. and though you don’t want to forget. you have to. you’re getting there. keep your head up.

step 2: cut ties off, talk to them less. don’t check their social media everyday. just try to distance yourself. i know you’ll miss them. but it will get easier as time goes on.

step 3: don’t think they are coming back, they most likely aren’t, even if they say they are. don’t let them rule over you when in your heart you know they don’t even want you. you have to accept that they are not coming back. im sorry. this is one of the hardest steps.

step 4: don’t tell them things. i know when something happens they are the first person you wanna tell it to. i know when you’re breaking you wanna call them and hear them say it’s okay, but don’t. you can do this on your own.

step 5: if they tell you they miss you, DON’T SAY YOU MISS THEM. let them miss you. let them see what they lost.

step 6: stop arguing w them, i know it gives you a chance to talk to them and that’s all you want but stop. nothing you can say will bring them back. if they want to come back, they will.

step 7: don’t let them call you baby or babe. the false hope will hurt so much in the end. be strong. say no. i get it if your heart leaped out of your chest when they said it, but your hearts gonna crush again if you believe they love you and much as you love them. honey, if they loved you. they would be with you, case closed.

step 8: hang with friends. getting out and being productive will put your mind off the fact that they aren’t there anymore. & if your friends are busy, take a you day or week or as long as you need. get some snacks, turn on your old favorite movie you haven’t seen in forever, turn off your phone, and enjoy the present.

step 9: get rid of it, you know what im talking about. the stuff that reminds you of them. the stuff you cry over or lock away hidden. throw it away, burn it, rip it to shreds if you can. just let it go. let the memory of them go, sweetie.

step 10: make yourself your main priority, look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself “it’s their loss, im amazing.” because you are. learn from their absence. learn how strong you are for getting through this.

—  from a broken girl //

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now since you've got the idea in my head, what would scorpius and albus drinking giggle water include?

I think this goes without saying but… giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. They’re going to be ‘drunk’ on their own laughter before the alcohol even hits their bloodstream.

Scorpius is going to start giggling before he’s even tasted it. Albus isn’t surprised at all. He’ll roll his eyes but still offer Scorpius the bottle first. The instantaneous giggle surprises them both. Scorpius slaps both his hands over his mouth and stares at Albus, eyes wide like he hadn’t expected it to actually happen. The sight makes Albus choke on his own sip, and the half giggle half cough that erupts from him only sets Scorpius off again. No giggle water required this time. Eventually, the two stop laughing long enough for Albus to pass the bottle back to Scorpius. The next giggle was expected but it still tickles them both. Albus didn’t think it was possible for Scorpius’s giggles to be any squeakier. Scorpius thinks he’s one to talk, has he heard himself right now??? The bottle is passed back and forth as they lose themselves in laughter. They don’t even know what they’re laughing at anymore. Everything is just. so. funny. Unsurprisingly, they completely lose track of the time…

Their roommates find them in complete hysterics. Scorpius is rolling around on the floor. (The only thing that makes this different from any other night is the empty bottle on Albus’s bed.) Albus is holding his stomach, clearly in pain from all the laughing he’s still doing. He tries to wipe away the tears streaming down his face on the bed curtains but in his drunken state, leans too far over and falls flat onto the floor. The boys of the seventh year dormitory wince but still no one intervenes. They watch as Scorpius “shhh! they’ll see us!” Malfoy finally notices their presence and quickly rolls away under Albus’s bed to ‘hide’ from them. A bewildered (and possibly concussed) Albus looks rather alarmed as he’s suddenly pulled backwards by his ankles under the bed too. A few seconds later there’s a bang as someone smacks their head on the underside of the bed and then an arm emerges. It reaches up, grabs the pillow, and it too disappears under the bed. They decide to leave them to it.

shameless sentence starters.

“ last time i checked, penis goes into vagina. ”
“ you think you scare me? bring it, bitch! ”
“ i will make this kitchen my bitch. ”
“ they’re having a party for kids across the street. no booze. ”
“ a shrink at school says I’m one of god’s mistakes. ”
“ i believe the answer to that question, like the answer to most questions, is fuck you! ”
“ did the two of us finish an entire gallon of box wine the other night? ”
“ i can’t handle anything up my ass without alcohol! ”
“ baby, you know what this means, right? i got a magic dick! ”
“  i’d be crying right now if i wasn’t so high. ”
“ i’m not my dad. you hear me? i’m not my fucking dad! ”
“ ever try to play pool with a rope? ”
“ you don’t need a will, if she’s not technically dead. ”
“ pretend you’re being a doctor today and tell a doctor’s kind of lie. ”
“ if you’re looking for money, i don’t have any yet. ”
“ am i going to have to learn how to do that when i start having sex? ”
“ how do you feel about metal splinters to the eye? ”
“ can’t a man/woman get one fucking minute of peace?! just one minute?! ”
“ are you out of your fucking mind?! ”
“ oh, could you be a little more vague? ”
“ you came all the way down here to talk about my pubes? ”
“ familiar with the term “quid pro quo”? “
” well, this ain’t macy’s, bitch. you ain’t window-shopping. “
” you know, you misspelled your last name. “
”  i can’t even begin to imagine what kind of pussy you’d be in juvie. “
” who’s that puking on his timberlands? “
” he’s got nausea, shortness of breath, blood in urine, severe illness and death. “
” i want normal people problems. like, am i getting enough fiber? ”
“ hey, i think i just insulted myself. ”
“ wanna see how fast i can unhook your bra? ”
“ it’s tough, huh? my parents suck too. ”
“ you married a drug lord’s daughter to hang on to your ear? ”
“ front door was locked so i came in the back. no pun intended. ”
“ half of the world has penises, why do people get so upset about seeing them? ”
“ you’re nothing but a warm mouth to me. ”
“ i never said it was yours. you just wanted it to be. ”
“ wouldn’t be the first time somebody’s disappointed me. ”
“ when you’re poor, only way to make money is to steal it or scam it. ”
A post about Oliver and Susan

Susan Williams has become one of the most talked about people in the Olicity fandom, and none of them have been good. It’s a tricky subject, even for me, who usually likes most people in the shows I watch. One night, when my sisters and I were discussing theories, we realized something that I think is really great for the Olicity fans. 

Oliver went to Susan’s apartment. 

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I know. It’s terrifying to think about it, and I’m sorry. But before you scroll past this, consider what happened before. Oliver went down to the lair, and tearfully told the team that they were all better off without him in their lives. He literally told them all to get as far away from him as possible. 

And then he went to Susan’s. 

Get it now? 

Originally posted by mtv

Oliver decides that everyone should stay away from him - including Felicity - and then he goes and drowns him sorrows with Susan. Some would say that this could mean ‘THEY’RE ENDGAME’ (everyone should know that that is why I don’t trust a lot of people’s thinking), but I see it this way: 

Oliver. Doesn’t. Care.

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He knows who he loves. Those people are his brother: 

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His sister: 

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His girl: 

Originally posted by liset11

And yes, he loves all the recruits (reason why he tells them to get away): 

But Oliver Queen does. not. love. Susan. Williams

Originally posted by abritandayank

If he did, he wouldn’t have gone to her. He would’ve told her the same thing he told the recruits and his team. “Stay away from me, it’s not safe for you.” He told that to Sara, a woman he did love. He’s said a version of this to Felicity. A woman we know he loves. If he even liked Susan, he wouldn’t have gone. 

There’s been a lot of drama/upset people surrounding the fact that Felicity is crying alone. For one. there’s no way Oliver would go there with just the fact that he killed her boyfriend. He would never do that. But also, he’s starting to put together that Prometheus is figuring everything out, and the last thing he wants to do is show that psychopath that he still loves Felicity by comforting her at the Loft. That left one option, one place for him to go (because let’s all remember that Oliver has matured; he’s not going to mope in the corner) and that was Susan.  Because if he went anywhere else, he’d feel guilty for endangering them.

Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, though this post isn’t specifically Olicity encouragement, this post is telling you that Oliver doesn’t care about Susan. 

That’s counts as Olicity encouragement, right? 

  • Frank: We have a tie-breaker between team Top of The Shops... and the imaginatively titled team Aaron and Robert. (...) Now I've devised a suitable tie-breaker. It's my version of the game Taboo. There's a single word written on each of these. And one team member has to describe it to another without saying it, and the other one has to guess what it is, okay? The one who gets the most in a minute wins. We make a start when you're all ready.
  • (...)
  • Robert: Holiday destination. You love it, I think it's tacky.
  • Aaron: Er... Ibiza.
  • Frank: Correct.
  • Robert: Er... what goes on toast, caused that famous Danger Mouse incident?
  • Aaron: Oh, erm... er... Marm... Vegemite.
  • Frank: Correct, and time! And with an astonishing seven points to zero, I declare Team, I'm sure they could've come up with something better than this, Aaron and Robert the winners!
Small list of OT3 prompts

I like see what y’all create! Please tag me?

  • B and C offer to help person A out with something they have 0 experience in but they want to impress A. A knows they suck at said thing but enjoys watching them suffer  
  • All three of us bonded after getting stuck in a bank during an armed robbery
  • Medieval festival where A and B are fake knights jokingly fighting over C’s affection except this is starting to seem less like acting????
  • B goes to A’s apartment to ask for some missing ingredients to the cookies they are baking. B already thinks A is hot and is unprepared for A’s equally hot friend C to offer help while baking the cookies. B panics and says yes without thinking. (Bonus where A and C figure out B already had the ingredients and just wanted an excuse to talk with A)
  • Overheard you arguing with your friend about a subject I’m passionate about. I didn’t mean to jump in but now we are all yelling at each other about said topic. Now I need your numbers so we can continue this argument later and maybe all three of us can get dinner together? Wait? What?
  • Stress relief arts n crafts summer class. A is amazing at everything, B just pastes googly eyes to every project, and C is defeating the purpose of the stress relief part of the class so A and B help them relax.
  • A and B are teachers who work together try to seduce Teacher Aide C. C is just enjoying the free lunches but things get complicated when A and B actually start seeming dateable?
  • A and C take in a box of kittens and have to think of a way to convince B to let them stay.
  • B and C are bartenders who work as a pair and attract a lot of attention for their flashy team work. A is an admiring waiter for the dining portion of the club who only gets to interact with B and C to pick up drinks. They flirt a lot with A.
  • Car ride back home after C bails A and B out of jail for something none or them even knew was even illegal.
  • A gets into a fight with B and C storms and out of their home. C convinces B to stop being a baby and help go find A. They later find A in a park crying surrounded by stray cats. When A spots B and C they tackle hug them because A was hopelessly lost and convinced they’d never see each other again.
BNHA chap 109

First of all, I gotta say that this entire “provisional hero license arc” is becoming more and more intriguing at every following chapter, but the last week I reached my peak of curiosity and interest with this chapter because I’m really starting to believe that Horikoshi-sensei’s utmost talent lies in his accurate characterisation and in particular in character development.

I’m really happy about this because I think that a manga has to be not only well drawn, but also very well-written and this is exactly what Horikoshi-sensei is doing so far with his story, so really, thank you very much sensei!!

Now, about this chapter in the specific, it goes without saying that what impressed me the most was the completely focus on Ochako’s introspective point:

Needless to say, I LOVE THIS SCENES SO MUCH basically for two motives: first, because they’re so well drawn, second, because they emphasise damn well on Ochako’s internal dialogue and conflict, both with her expressions and thoughts, and I really loved this sooo much!

Essentially, Ochako has admitted to herself her own feelings for Deku (and this already made me so excited, because I didn’t expect this now, but later in the story) but at the same time, she knows that she can’t think about them right now because, in order for her to achieve her own goal to become a great heroine, she needs to “shut them down” and focus on what she needs to do. She acknowledged that what made her fall in love with Deku was his own determination and effort to become a great hero, because he never gives up and always gives it everything to reach his future goal, and Ochako admires him for this very much; for her, Deku has practically become a very important (if not even the most important) inspiring figure of what kind of hero she’d like to become in the future, and so she intends to “follow” him by giving her best from now on.

At first, Ochako’s decision made me a bit sad, because when you know that you’re in love with someone, “shutting your own feelings down” it’s a very painful and difficult thing to do, but I have to admit that in her shoes, probably I’d have done the same exact thing. This because I understand a bit what her line of thoughts is, because very often it happens that when you start to admire someone very much for who he/she is or/and for what he/she does, you (subconsciously) start to think that you want to become like them or that you want to become a better person like them (i.e. wishing to become more mature, more responsible, stronger, nicer, friendlier, etc) and this very likely turns just into falling in love with that person, and I think this is exactly what is happened to Ochako.

She started with meeting Deku and knowing him better and better along the story, then she started to really admire him for his own great efforts for his objective and, at the same time, she was becoming (unknowingly) attracted to him, to the point of feeling jealous for him when other girls (Mei, the Shiketsu girl) and this confused her very much, because she (probably) never felt like this before for anyone. After all, she’s really a teenager girl with her first love experience, so it’s very understandable her behaviour so far.

However, what she also understands very well is that she’s not a regular teenager in some way, because she’s aspiring to become a heroine and the path to pursue this goal is very arduous and hard, so she cannot let it happen to distract herself even more from achieving it, so (at least for now) she only needs to put aside all of these “distractions” because, in order for her to become a great hero like (her beloved) Deku, she hasn’t other choice and I think that this is really very admirable from her.

Now I don’t know how Horikoshi-sensei is gonna handle this development on the future, but I think (and wish) that sooner or later, she’s gonna “let her feelings out” in some way, because I’m pretty sure that however her feelings are gonna be very important not only for her own growth, but also for the progression of the story (and Deku).

However, what I wish the most to happen is that vice versa Deku will face something really similar about Ochako, starting with observing her more focused behaviour on her own goal, her efforts and accomplishments, acknowledging that he’s fallen in love with her even way before, when she was the first one to ever help Deku as a real friend (also to be the very first person of his age being very nice to him) and that she has always been a very special person for him, having given to him even his hero name and being her the one having his back many times since the very beginning:

I really really wish for this to happen very much, but this is just my (fervent IzuOcha shipper) desire, because that would be so much sweet and interesting too for their development!

For now I end with this, we’ll see what will happen in the future BNHA chapters!

Last night I watched ’3x11 - Going Home’ again. 

When Regina touches the curse scroll, she faints, then tells the others that she saw what needed to be done to stop Pan’s curse. She has to say goodbye to the thing she loves most. She never names this ’thing’. Emma suggests it is Henry and Regina doesn’t deny this, but she just goes on to explain her plan without explicitly confirming it is Henry.

However, earlier we saw Regina wake up and the first thing she says is ‘Emma’ in a way that suggests that Emma is part of what she saw and that this is something she is surprised about.

Now, I think there is no doubt Henry is the person Regina loves most at this point, but could the thing she loves most be her little family unit with Henry and Emma? Which, incidentally, is also the thing she actually ends up saying goodbye to?

  • On Our Own
  • Thefinaldeathlyhallow & Li-prouvaire
  • ReMis

ReMis: On Our Own

The night before that fateful day at the barricades, two people suffering the same hopeless love look back on their lives with regret: Eponine, the streetwise waif, and Grantaire, the drunken cynic.

Eponine: @thefinaldeathlyhallow

Grantaire: @li-prouvaire


And now I’m all alone again, nowhere to turn, no one to go to

Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to

But now the night is near

And I can make believe he’s here

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed,

And I can live inside my head


On my own

Pretending he’s beside me

All alone,

I walk with him ‘til morning


Without him,

I feel his arms around me

And when I lose my way I close my eyes

And he has found me


In the rain, the pavement shines like silver

All the lights are misty in the river

In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight

And all I see is him and me forever and forever


And I know it’s only in my mind


That I’m talking to myself and not to him


And although I know that he is blind

Still I say–


–there’s a way for us

I love him

But when the night is over

He is gone,

The river’s just a river


Without him,

The world around me changes

The trees are bare and everywhere

The streets are full of strangers…


I love him

But every day I’m learning

All my life,

I’ve only been pretending


Without me,

His world will go on turning

A world that’s full of happiness

That I have never known


I love him…


I love him…


I love him…


But only on my own…

I am so tired of people saying that Mamoru doesn’t love Usagi in the 90’s SM. Like does anyone realize that in Japan people typically don’t go around telling their significant others ‘I love you’?!  Now I can’t speak on behalf of a whole country but the Japanese people most commonly believe that you show love through for example kind actions rather than words.  I think we can all agree that Mamoru has shone his love countless amounts of times to Usagi (without tuxedo mask the sailor senshi would be stuck in deep shit about 99% of the time).

I think everyone assumes since Mamoru isn’t throwing around ‘suki desu’ or close variations of that phrase (which actually translates to ‘I like you’ or 'I really like you’ rather than 'I love you’ just FYI) that he doesn’t love her. WELL DANG DIDDLE YALL ARE WRONG. Mamoru actually goes way past 'suki desu’. Right before he leaves in Stars he says 'aishiteru’ to Usagi. Now if y'all think that just means a simple 'I love you’ (at least in the way Americans more casually throw the phrase around) then you’re sadly mistaken. RARELY do the Japanese people tell anyone 'aishiteru’. 'Aishiteru’ is something that can basically be compared to someone professing their undying love to someone. 'Aishiteru’ is something someone might say at their wedding or maybe even on their death bed to their significant other. So while y'all are complaining that Mamoru is cold and doesn’t show Usagi love BYE he shared his undying love for Usagi AND gave her a promise ring (engagement ring???!!!) before he left. He loves her with everything he’s got. For the love of god his last word before he died was her name!!!

I could keep ranting about this for hours but I’ve already made another post with some other points before here (x), (also @blackmantagirl made some great comments as well)

my source for the whole “i love you” topic: x

ionianlightning  asked:

THROWS RAI FOR THE PROMT if you're still taking of course.

Drop me a character name and I’ll reveal my muse’s heart… (Accepting)

//It’s almost like I left this prompt open until I got Rai in my inbox LOL

VISUAL ATTRACTIVENESS: 💗💗💗💗 Setting the bar… I don’t think I liked long haired men until I met Rai.
(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

FRIENDSHIP LEVEL: 💗💗💗💗💗 More than a friend.
(how close a friend they consider them)

SEXUAL DESIRE: 💗💗💗💗💗 Honestly, I’d probably go right now if he asked.
(wanting to have sex with them)

ROMANTIC INTENT: 💗💗💗💗💗  It goes without saying.
(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“I feel like you knew most of this already but… well, there it is.”


Come on, you can’t tell you haven’t imagined yet the Inner Circle living together and sharing apartments in New York City, can you? Because I sure as hell have. Let me show you:

Originally posted by captainblacksnow

  • Feyre is Rachel: it goes without saying. She has just left her fiancè Tamlin at the altar, and she has no intention of going back living with her father and her sisters. She has an art degree, never used though because Tamlin wasn’t quite sold on the idea of having a working girl as a wife, but now that she’s free she starts thinking of making good use of it.
  • Enters Mor as Monica. Mor and Feyre are childhood friends, so of course she offers Feyre a place in her apartment to stay until she finds a job, but don’t worry, girl, you can stay as long as you want!
  • Here, Feyre meets Amren (Phoebe), an eccentric young woman with a mysterious background - no one actually knows where she is from or what she does, and the stories she tells are pretty weird - that lives in the apartment next to Mor and with whom has a solid and nice friendship. She spends most of her time at Mor’s, anyway, and what do you mean you’ve never been inside her flat, Mor?
  • Rhys is Mor’s cousin, and he lives by himself in the attic - although he, too, spends a lot of his time at Mor’s or at Cassian’s. He actually owns the whole building, so nobody cares of calling him on it. He has had the longer crush on Feyre since knowing her - when Mor brought her home with her during the summer of his 5th grade, and he couldn’t help finding that little 7 years old too cute for words - and, even though she keeps on denying it, he’s firmly convinced that Mor has invited her to live together to do him a favour. Well, anyway, now they’re both single, so - who knows?
  • Cassian is Joey. A womanizer, loyal to the bone, who’s trying to become a famous actor - and failing - and that in the meantime works part-time as a self-defense instructor. Has had a little fling with Mor back in high school - they were too drunk to remember the details - and now he protects her fiercely as a sister; to his list he has recently added Amren and Feyre (although neither of them have a particular need for his help, but it’s nice knowing he has their backs if needed). He lives with Azriel in the apartment opposite of Mor’s.
  • Azriel is, of course, Chandler. Like Rhys, he has the longer crush on Mor but hardly - if not ever - acts upon it. He works for a large multi-national corporation, but he often helps Cassian with his self-defense class. When he later quits his job, Rhys recruits him to work for him - but that too, just like Amren’s past, is classified.
  • Oh, and Tamlin of course hasn’t given up on Feyre despite all, but don’t worry, Rhys and the guys has that one covered and I don’t care enough about him anyway so.

@moonstoneandjasmine tell me I’m not the only one who has sudden flashs of this Inner Circle sitcom. xD

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*asked with snarky tongue in cheek* why do you feel it necessary to tag posts as "anti-susan williams" or "anti-sw"? Isn't everyone anti-sw? It almost goes without saying that any mention of sw is anti-sw because there's almost nothing good about her! anti-tags exist so actual fans can filter out the hate, but doesn't everyone hate susan?


The truth is… I haven’t tagged “anti” until today I think. I usually don’t really reblog “anti” things because there is never a character I feel the need for. I also don’t really feel the need to do so for SW. I just feel like the line between criticizing Susan Williams and hating on her is quite thin right now. 

I mean I see the point of her character to some extent and I think I will see even more point when her storyline has continued and I know which of my thoughts on her and her point turn out true, but I have problems with the character itself given what she does. Arrow has shown her as a character we shouldn’t trust and hence can’t really like so far, but they have told us in interviews that she might have a change of heart.

So my problem is really that I am not really “anti” the character. I have just trouble with what she does in a similar way to how I had trouble with what Malcom Merlyn does or Damian Darhk did.

Anyway, like I said before the line between dislike and hate might be a little thin with a character like her. I don’t want anyone who considers these posts as negativity or something to stumble over it. I just feel like using an anti tag here is fair for those who don’t want to hear any of the snarl because it limits their enjoyment of the show. Admittedly, the attention this character gets from some people (I consider myself still mildly paying her attention though Thea’s words were just too perfect not to talk about her today!) it is getting quite out of hand.

I don’t think I can really put into words why I chose to do it. It just happened. I use tags quite randomly anyway.

xoxo Kathi

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Thinking of you (Charles Xavier x reader)

Request by @unbrokenglass :) Here you go, lovely! Hopefully, it will meet your expectations. Once again it got kinda long but… Oh well, there is never enough Charles, is it?

Request:  Okay, can I request a Charles X imagine? The reader is a telepath at the Mansion, and they telepath-proofed her room until she gets her powers under control, so Prof. can’t hear her thoughts when she’s in her room. But one night she leaves her windows open to let in a breeze, and Charles is outside when she goes to bed and without thinking about the fact that he can now hear her, the reader begins to please herself (thinking loudly) to mental images of him, and he can see/hear it all?

Warning: nfsw, language (the request says it all. You know what you can expect)

Rating: M

Originally posted by ffaerieschild

            You remember quite painfully how you got to know that you were ‘different’. You were barely 10 when you started hearing other people’s voices. Thinking you were going mad, you isolated yourself from the society. However, your powers were getting stronger and with time you could easily attach a thought to a person. When you were 16, you heard you mother’s thoughts and that was the moment your entire world had fallen apart. ‘Freak. Why do I have a freak of a child?! I cannot even talk with her because she is just so terrifying with her eyes piercing right through you. I should have never had a child’ you still remember the exact words. The sorrow that you felt then was unbearable. It was no surprise that you had lost control over you. You screamed as loud as you could, causing a havoc to your house and injuring your mother pretty badly. Then, you just ran away. You had no place to go, no place to hide. Being in the open was extremely painful for you: you heard all those voices even more clearly, you felt their anguish and fear. When you were on the brink of losing it, you met him, Charles Xavier, a professor who ran a school for the gifted students. He had become your mentor, your friend and your soulmate in the end.

Keep reading

Little Valentine's Message For My Girlfriend💕

So you know, it’s almost been a full year of me knowing you, almost a full year of falling more and more in love with you, every second of every day, as a very cheesy saying goes, my heart just grows fonder, with every message received and sent, with every time I think of you, I somehow fall harder for you.
Now this is the hard part you know, trying to fit my love for you, which I can fit worlds with, into a few words, into a small message.
Well, so all I can say is, I love you. I love you so very much. And I can’t imagine a second of my life being better without you. You’re my everything, why I’m happy, why I sometimes “look really sad like a puppy who’s toy just got taken away” when I miss you, why I suddenly burst out laughing or with cheers sometimes and why I just “never stop smiling looking at that damn phone all the time”. You make me want to be a better me, and I couldn’t imagine a better me, without you. Thank you for everything you do, pea, for being the very smol and very perfect you. For always supporting me, and being there for me. So I hope this is only the first of our many, many Valentine’s together, but I don’t think I need a special day to declare to the world how much you mean to me, to celebrate you, and our love, that’s just every morning and every night for me, baby🌹

That day, he was amazed to discover that when he was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was, “I love you.”

Headcanon that Edgeworth read The Princess Bride first. Phoenix watches the movie with Trucy one day, and goes wide-eyed, wondering if, just possibly….

The next time Edgeworth says ‘As you wish’, it’s almost without thinking about it, by now - but Phoenix goes completely red in the face, and then Edgeworth realises that, at long last, Wright gets it, and he’s blushing now, look what you’ve done.

They keep the joke running, though, and Trucy finds it adorable.

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heey :) For the A-Z characters : A, C, F, T and W :)

OMG now that I’m thinking about it it’s hard, like when they ask you your favourite book and your mind goes BLANK but without further ado…

A - My baby Armin from Attack on Titan

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too pure

C- Riario <3, ‘cause his full name is Captain-general of the Holy Roman Church, right?

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walk walk fashion baby

(or, let’s say, Clara Oswald or Calcifer. Too many with C!)

F - Faramir

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Faramir+Eowin=love 4ever

T - Ten

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the oncoming storm of cuteness

W - Will Gorski

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protect Will 2K4ever


I’ve always been a soldier,

Marched along, and stayed in line.

But now that we’ve all fallen

It’s hard to say I’m fine.

My brothers they stare at me

Their eyes so full of hate.

Don’t they know it’s not my fault

I was only chasing fate.

I know that it goes against

All I’ve been taught and I have learned.

I suppose they think a punishment

Is a thing that I deserve.

But I was chose to save him

Grip him tight and pull him out.

That’s the day my whole life was

Changed without a doubt.

He doesn’t think it’s worth it

He doesn’t think I’m right.

Why can’t he see that

It’s not always die, or deal or fight.

Sometimes he is moody

And at times he can be dark.

But I can see his soul still shines

Even though he has the mark.

The righteous man has burdens,

Has flaws and moments too

Sometimes it’s too much for him,

No matter what I do.

I hate the times when

Different jobs we work pull us a part.

But I know wherever he is,

That’s where I’ll find my heart.

I’ve been human; they’ve clipped my wings

I’ve lost my grace,

But I would do it all again,

To see one smile on his face

The smile he keeps hidden,

Away, behind a mask.

If he ever wanted my love

All he’d have to do was ask.

He may not feel the same way

That’s fine, and that’s alright.

I’ll still watch over him

While he rests his head tonight.

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I like how there is this pattern now of all the main characters previously not with anyone finding love or hooking up or whatever you want to label it. Rick and Michonne. Tara and Denise. Sasha and Abraham (I guess?). Carol and Tobin. And it’s worth noting that Rosita eventually gives poor ol Eugene a chance so maybe that will happen on the show as well. Now all that’s left is Daryl. And everyone with eyeballs knows exactly who he loves. I think it goes without saying that there is something brewing with all of this. It’s going to culminate. Just waiting on the return.