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Kin Freshkill

I don’t pretend to be a professional chef but I have always had a passion for food and cooking. This is a recipe I came up with some time ago for my other kintypes but it would suit perfectly for all you WCkin out there! And for any Otherkin who have major food cravings like me! Not everyone gets them but for all you cool cats out there and warriors fans that like playing with their food I have a simple and easy fun food filler.

It really comes down to Three basic ingredients to simulate the following: Skin, Flesh, and Bone. For this I recommend the tops of each list as your best bet for taste and realism.


Skin Creates the feeling of tearing into something and puncturing actual skin. Different textures and toughness's might simulate different prey.
Boiled Chicken skin - Kinda gross when you think about it, and definately fatty but its the most realistic! And if properly seasoned it can make for an interesting dish.

  • Lunch meat (Tougher the better)
  • Rice Paper (Mostly tasteless and my personal favorite)
  • Tortilla - (Anything but corn unless you fry it)
  • Half Cooked Lasagna/Large shell noodles (Instant are best- Nice and chewy with a consistent texture.)
  • Lettuce (Crispy and unique)
  • Flat-bread - (Thicker, more filling, significantly less realistic)

Flesh This is the core of your dish, seasoned, preserved or fresh. Ideally its something you want to be meaty with substance and realistic texture.

  • Rare/Raw Beef (If you are willing to take the risk. I do not recommend, That being said, if you do choose to go this route beef is the only I recommend as other animals are more likely to pass on disease/parasites.
  • Raw Fish (Anything Sushi grade is great! and Salmon has a nice convincing color)
  • Acid Marinated meats - (Certain meats if cut thin and/or given appropriate soaking time can be ‘cooked’ with lime juice, soda, vinegar, pickle juice, and some salad dressings.)
  • Any fully cooked meat- (If you are truly cautious or want some diversity any chunk of fully cooked meat can be added to your center.)
  • Lunch-meat - (Cheaper but still with a meaty taste.)
  • Tofu (Not everyone eats meat!)

Not necessary but when you are eating such small critters it definite adds to the realism. Some people like munching down their bones and others prefer to pick around. For that reason I recommend a toothpick or two to assist in both keeping your prey held together and doubling as bones, regardless of that preference.

  • Pretzels  (Cheap and tasty! Can get soggy if left to set)
  • Small carrots/sliced sticks (Never get soggy!)
  • Bread-sticks (Basically more expensive bready pretzels)
  • Green Onions (More pungent, go good with some additional cream cheese)
  • Pocky (Adds a bit of sweetness!)
  • Hard candy Sticks (Crunchy but a little weird tasting.
  • Jerky/Beef-sticks (They don’t have that satisfying CRUNCH but are tougher and definitely give you a nice meaty bit of prey!)



1. Take your skin and lay it flat against the table

2. Take your flesh and randomly skewer edible bones through the centerkeep your portion size proportionate to the size of your skin so you will have room to wrap it next.

3. Place your completed chunk of flesh in the center of your skin.

4. Spread or drizzle any sauce over the flesh substitute at this point.

5. Carefully wrap the skin over the top, (Burrito/roll style is the best. For Chicken skin, lunch meat, and noodles you can pinch the top like a dumpling)

6. Skewer a toothpick or two through the center. Large noodle Pasta shouldn’t need this.


At this point you can choose (Depending on your ingredients) To eat your food cold or to Microwave/Oven cook briefly. Use your best judgement and for minors inexperienced with cooking please get your parents permission before ever touching the oven.

Mix and match different ingredients and try new ones until you are satisfied. You can also add additional sauces and dressings if you like a bit of “blood” or something to give yourself an extra juicy ‘mouse’ to chew on.

And to those of you who aren’t satisfied with these diversities or might want something to aid the rumbling stomach of another kintype you can take a look at my inspiration blog here: Kinfood.tumblr.com They have a whole tag list filled with all sorts of goodies you can make and buy for various kintypes and even if you aren’t otherkin, its a really interesting blog to boot!

If anyone makes any creations I would love some blog submissions or specific recipe recommendations <3

May Starclan be with you.

Light Sprite Cost Per Pixel

Ok I had a thought. People always say they “spend a lot of money on pixels” when they have expensive items/dragons despite it not actually really mattering because its just “fake” wealth so I thought it would be cool to see how much money a Light Sprite actually costs per pixel.

Here’s a Light Sprite, a transparent .png found on the site. Lets move Mrs. Light Sprite into Photoshop and check how many pixels she takes up using the histogram.

15,373 pixels. Not bad. Now lets go to the auction house and see the lowest price for a Light Sprite.

A whopping 48500g. If we divide 48500 by 15373 we get 3.2, rounded. 3.2g for every pixel on a Light Sprite. Now lets display that visually using FR’s gem packages

500g gets you 156 pixels of a Light Sprite:

1050g gets you 328 pixels of a Light Sprite:

2150g gets you 672 pixels of a Light Sprite:

5500g gets you 1718 pixels of a Light Sprite:

11500g gets you 3593 pixels of a Light Sprite:

Conclusion: Pixels are indeed expensive when you are a 2013 Light Sprite.


here’s some spoopy woozi

  • likes wearing biker jackets because he thinks it makes him look cool and manly
  • actually just makes everyone think if he stole his fathers/brothers jacket
  • you don’t tell him because you don’t want to crush his lil heart
  • woozi love to share scarves tgt beacuse you know body heat ? makes feel how its like to kinda be human
  • likes to drape his jacket over you because he wants you to be warm and fuzzy also so that won’t you catch a cold because you sneeze in his face
  •  the time he actually got enough courage to tell you about his dietary requirement you actually reacted quite well
  • ‘u-um Y/N , there’s something I need to tell you , I’mavampireandIsurviveonblood,plsdontleaveme’
  • ‘okay :) sure woozi’
  • woozi just stood there shocked
  • you had to explain to him that you would nvr leave no matter what he is and you’re ok with that because you love him and that there is no one that could make you feel more loved
  • woozi got a bit teary eyed but didn’t want to admit it
  • but you saw it :)))))
  • DAtes DaTES datES
  • loves to bring you to nice cafes [always reads the food review b4 taking you]
  • doesn’t want to treat you to nasty food #niceguywoozi
  • actually eats normal food but thats hardly enough to keep healthy alive
  • doesn’t drink his blood infront of you because he’s afraid it might disgust you or something
  • you keep telling him its fine
  • takes him 2 months to actually ‘‘eat’‘ together on the same table instead of going to his room
  • you tease him by tilting your head and asks him to bite you
  • actually got mad or flustered you couldn’t tell
  • you told him it wouldn’t bother you if he bites you in fact, you would be really happy
  • keeps hesitating if he should actually bite you :0
  • he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • He does it after a little pep talk on how you know he would never harm you and how you trusted him
  • the bite didn’t hurt as bad as you expected , it just felt like a pinch with a tingle but you got a little light headed after that

tell me what you think or send in AUs and prompt if you want

admin lyn <3

i think one of the things that makes me v sad about laucy is the fact that us fans were likely a huge catalyst to their relationship ending.
between OUTING THEM (which was not cool btw. outing people is never cool. I was on a tumblr hiatus when this happened otherwise there wouldve been a rant then. fucking perez hilton ya trashbag.) and then the fans general reaction to their relationship, as well as their treatment of lucy. Some of yall Camren shippers are nuts, dude, absolutely nucking futs. Lucy doesnt deserve the shit you have hurled at her just for trying to be happy with someone she cares for deeply.
Lauren and Camila are not together, and as far as we actually know they never have been. You can post all the longing stares you want, doesnt change anything. I look at pizza that way, that doesnt mean i wanna fuck my pizza. You need to c h i l l. Because even if C+L are together, THEY CLEARLY DON’T WANT TO BE PUBLIC ABOUT IT.
So sit the fuck down, smoke a j, then go apologize to one, both, or all parties for being a fucking jackass if you’ve been one.

These girls are human, pls let them live their lives as they see fit without shoving your fist up their ass. Let them be happy in whatever way they choose. I am so tired of us fans thinking we get to have some sort of say in their lives or what makes them happy. We. Dont. We just need to learn to be happy for them if theyre happy, regardless of how things turn out.

i’m gonna sound like a grandma here but after spending a few years on this site you kinda stop getting overwhelmed by all of this great content and don’t bother with chasing all the Cool Blogs anymore and instead learn to appreciate the actual people behind the blogs more than anything else and that’s something i never expected to happen to me on tumblr dot hell but it did and i think it’s beautiful

I wish the kin community here would put more emphasis on questioning their kintypes instead of accepting them instantly. Validation is good to a point but questioning, asking why you identify this way, is one of the main aspects of being kin and it’s kinda sad that it’s almost nonexistent here, and when people do do it they only take a few days or so.

Doing sketch requests!

I mentioned that I wanted to try sketch requests this month and ta-dah, I’m doing them now! I decided to dedicate this whole weekend for this because sometimes it takes me a while to sketch and I don’t wanna stress about the time, you know? These are stress free sketch requests! For fun!

So yeah, it would be really cool if you wanted to request something, anon or not. I really want to learn how to  draw for others too, not only doodle my own stuff and this is a good way to practise that. I think. Oh and my ask is at the bottom of my tumblr page, it’s hella stupid and I will try to find a theme that has it in a better place, ugh (I mean, I couldn’t find it myself at one point)

But anyway, long story short, if you want see your favourite character doing a rad dance move, now is the right time to ask for it:

That is all. I need to sleep now, I will start working on the requests after I wake up!