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Hello :) If its possible do you think you could write something for Lucy, Levy, Erza, and Juvia (and possibly Mira) comparing baby bumps and talking about their babies?

All five of them being pregnant at the same time was a wild, hilarious concept to me. Hahahaha. Like, wow, all of them have been busy, I guess. I didn’t write Mira as pregnant but I did use her as my point of view and involve her in the antics. 

;The Size Of The Matter

‘It’s twins,’ Mira said, placing a tray laden with soft drinks on the table.

Levy gasped and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. ‘Don’t even say that.’

‘It is,’ she insisted. ‘You’re going to have twins.’

Levy rubbed a hand over her swollen belly and searched Mira’s gaze with large, fearful eyes. They’d recently had a conversation about how large Gajeel was and how big his babies might be. The thought of giving birth to something the size of a watermelon had resulted in Levy closing herself in the guild library and researching pain-free methods of childbirth. And then she’d cried. And laughed. And panicked until Gajeel wrestled the door open and promised her she’d be okay.

‘Twins would be cute,’ Lucy said. ‘I mean, you could have a boy and a girl. Either way, they’d be siblings. Wouldn’t that be nice?’

‘What do you want, Lucy?’ Mira asked.

Lucy smiled. ‘A girl, I think.’ Then her expression turned serious. ‘Natsu wants a boy, though. I think he wants to replicate what he had with Igneel. I don’t really mind, though.’

Mira’s heart fluttered at the memories of Natsu’s stories. He and Igneel had had a wonderful relationship. No matter the gender, she knew he’d be a wonderful, sweet father, though perhaps a little overenthusiastic at times. 

‘It’s hard to believe Juvia and Lucy are both five months along,’ Juvia said, easing her feet up onto the empty chair beside her.

‘I’m quite envious, too,’ Erza said, leaning across the table to stare at Lucy’s stomach. ‘Lucy’s stomach has barely grown at all.’

‘She doesn’t eat as much cake as you,’ Mira teased.

Erza shot Mira a warning glance, but Mira happily ignored it. 

‘It’s the baby,’ Erza said. ‘He or she has quite the sweet tooth.’

‘Erza,’ Lucy started, taking a sip from her glass, ‘didn’t you just find out you’re pregnant?’

All eyes slid to Erza. 

‘Yeah,’ Levy said. ‘How can you be jealous of Lucy’s stomach when you’re the smallest of us all?’

Erza offered a thin smile. ‘I just wanted to participate.’

‘Jellal is spoiling her already,’ Juvia swooned. ‘He brings sweets to the guild often.’

‘What about you?’ Lucy asked. ‘Gray brings you sweets too. Didn’t he carry you home yesterday?’

Juvia’s cheeks flushed. ‘That’s because Juvia’s feet keep swelling up.’

Mira glanced between the four of them. ‘Our guild is going to become rowdy, huh?’

Erza laughed at that. ‘What do you mean by that? Our guild is already rowdy.’

‘Agreed,’ Lucy said. ‘There have been more fights this past week than I can recall happening in the past.’

‘That’s because the boys are fighting over you ladies,’ Mira said, giving them a playful wink.

‘Fighting over us?’ Levy asked.

‘Yes.’ Mira brushed her hands on her apron. ‘Over whose belly will be the fattest.’

Lucy paled. ‘They what?’

‘Then Juvia will eat as much as she can to ensure Gray wins the fight!’ Juvia announced.

Levy grimaced. ‘I don’t want to get any bigger. I can barely stand up as it is.’

‘Lucy definitely won’t win,’ Erza noted. ‘I’m beginning to think there isn’t a baby in there at all.’

‘There is,’ Lucy insisted. ‘I was there for the making of said baby. Believe me, I know it’s in there.’

Mira laughed at Lucy’s honesty. 

‘I don’t want to give birth to a watermelon,’ Levy cried.

‘Aren’t you due in less than a week?’ Lucy asked her.

Levy burst into a fit of tears. 

As the girls dissolved into their nonsensical bickering, Mira shuffled away from the table, proud of her little antics, and happily resumed her place behind the bar. Peering out into the guild, she glanced at the faces of her loved ones, of her family, and smiled at the fond memories they brought.

‘Say, Master,’ she whispered, thoughts of Makarov seizing her heart in a tight and painful grip. ‘Please watch over Fairy Tail’s newest members when they arrive, as you watched over us before them.’

BNHA 144 RambLE...

First of all… I think Kirishima looks 100000000 times better with his fluffy black hair, he still looks good now but his black hair is awesome.

This poor child… how is he gonna heal from this? He’s definitely gonna get scars from this…

But wow, this chapter was pretty deep. So we now have an insight to Kirishima’s true feelings, how he has low self esteem and low confidence.

Maybe his past is why he relates to Suneater so much, Kiri hides behind fake smiles but in actuality he’s pretty sad and afraid.

I think it’s nice that Kiri has a simple backstory of a normal teenage anime character than having that heavy tragic backstory, like everyone else he just wanted to show people what being a hero is all about.

A furry?????

This was hilariously adorable.

Now about Mina… I don’t know if this a weirs but I feel like her personality was a bit…. exaggerated here, like I think it’s cool that she’s popular and all but at the same time she was the same person in USJ who was cowering in fear and wasn’t able to do a thing… she’s still the same currently but she’s also not the same?

Plus, since they were in the same middle school I actually thought they’d be a little closer but oh well. Either way its cool how Mina also inspired Kirishima to be a hero.

My favorite part about this chapter was how Kirishima recognized ‘the middle school student who jumped out to save him’ (Izuku) rather than ‘the badass middle school student who resisted the villain’ (bakugou).

He’s the only person apart from All Might who actually recognized Izuku for his heroism and I really like that.

But I don’t think Izuku was actually Kirishima’s source of inspiration I could be wrong but it honestly just seemed like Kiri was comparing himself to Izuku. To Kirishima, Izuku was a manly person who risked his life for someone else, something that he couldn’t do

He felt ashamed for not stepping out and felt like he didn’t deserve to apply to U.A, although what he did here was completely normal, anyone would’ve been too scared to go.

Since he most likely dyed his hair red, I’m pretty sure it was Crimson Riot’s words that inspired him to apply for U.A. Crimson Riot was a real hero and not a hero who just wanted the spotlight and it seems like Kiri is a really big fan of him so that’s the only reason I can think of.

Well it was a good chapter and I thin there’s still more to Kiri’s origin story that we have to see.

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Oh hell yes, I adored your drunk headcanons for him, it's excellent! All of the scenarios were so hilarious, especially the party animal one. How do you think he handles the hangover?

((Thanks!! :D))

OHHHHHHHHH BOY okay oh gosh

  • assuming that he doesn’t get to just bullshit his way out of being drunk because #eldritch perks, then fuck its gonna be awful for him
  • he wakes up and every fucking window in the house shatters at the same time


  • It’s so loud it breaks the fourth wall. Flug wakes up and stumbles over to his lab to grab the hangover cure he invented a while back. hopefully it’s compatible with his boss’s weird biology??
  • Black Hat very undignifiedly throws up more black void goop into the toilet bowl, muttering obscenities in a language that can make a human’s ears bleed. Screw it, his headache right now is definitely worse.
  • Flug walks in with a vial of something minty-looking. BH doesn’t even wait for the explanation; he fucking chugs it.
  • He throws up again. this time it’s kind of green. on the plus side, he’s less nauseous.
  • BH heads to the kitchen. thank god Dementia normally doesn’t wake up till 2pm, if he had to deal with her normal level of noise right now he might just have to strangle her.
  • 5.0.5, bless him, brings him a glass of water and some breakfast. BH grunts, pulling his hat all the way over his eyes bc the light is fucking annoying.
  • He cancels all his meetings for the day and stays in his room, heavy curtains blocking out the light. BH just kinda curls up in the fetal position until he passes out.
  • By the time it’s dinner, he’s more or less back to normal. Flug casually realizes that BH must have drunk enough liquor to kill a baby horse. Quite the hangover indeed.

Hope you enjoy haha!!

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Glass heart au where everything is the same but Oliver is a suitor so instead the actual plot problems it's just Nessa's dad and uncle stalling her official pick and coming up with ridiculous ways to keep them apart and all I can think of is the part in lilo and stitch when it's like "Wouldn't you rather have a different dog?" "We have other dogs, dear" but that's her dad and uncle


thats hilarious fjflkjs oh my god

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Don't you think it's hilarious that antis believe they're superior to us? I'm so tired of them. Here's a challenge antis, go and tell your families what you do all day. How would you explain it? What would you say? "Oh I police people online, I make fun of them, I call them names. Only I know the truth, not these silly lemmings". Now I'll do the same. "Hey hubby, I squee over two adorable as fuck celebrities all day long with a bunch of awesome people." I think we know who the real losers are.

I want to hug you. 

Mom!Annie Headcanons

You’ve heard of Dad!Jeff, now get ready for…Mom!Annie

  • Even during her pregnancy, she had everything planned down to the day. Jeff tries to point out that not logical, but she just stares him down until he gives up.
  • Somehow, her schedule was right, though. Everyone is freaked. All hail Annie.
  • Jeff tries to help her plan for the baby, which is fun until he argues with her about color schemes for the nursery. “I want a purple nursery, Jeff!” “I know, I’m okay with that. I just don’t like the other colors you’ve picked!” “Why? Is pink too girly for you? Grow up, Jeff!” “No, just this shade isn’t right and we need more than just pink and purple! The shades you picked clash, and I will not have that in our nursery!” “…fine.”
  • Annie still gets her purple though.
  • Annie’s always the one who makes sure everyone is on time and where they need to be.
  • Annie starts to teach Sebastian about making schedules at the age of 5.
  • However, she’s careful not to overload him because she doesn’t want him to get stress headaches or anxiety.
  • Annie is on the PTA but hates almost all the other moms “They treat me like I shouldn’t be there because I have a job! God, it’s not my fault that all they have is the PTA and yoga!”
  • She teaches Sebastian how stand up to bullies, both emotional and physical ones. “Isn’t it a little early to be teaching him this?” “Jeff, do you want him to be forced to endure situations similar to what we went through?” “Good point, have fun”
  • She also teaches him to stand up for others
  • When Sebastian gets in trouble for punching a another boy at school for touching a girl after she asked him not to, she straight up told the principal she was proud of Sebastian and that he should be ashamed sexual harassment was an issue at this school.
  • Annie and Sebastian bake, scrapbook, and decorate the house together for holidays. As he gets older, Sebastian tries to pretend he’s “too cool” for that kind of thing, but Annie’s not fooled. “Okay, I guess if you really don’t want to…” “Wait, a good son wouldn’t let you do this alone! Even if I hate it, I should still help right?” “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Baz”
  • Annie has stop Jeff from embarrassing Sebastian all the time.
  • Annie catches Sebastian with weed and has a panic attack that he’ll develop the same drug issues she had.
  • Jeff tells him the story of the missing purple pen, and Sebby thinks it’s hilarious. He starts taking Annie’s pens and hiding them. When Annie finds out, she’s pissed but also a little impressed it took her so long to catch him in the act.

what ive learnt from this streaming… and especially the timegap since i last took an interest in this show (coming up to 3 years)..  its given me a new perspective on adventure time’s greatest strengths and weaknesses

the shows a visual feast for the senses. its imagination-bending world allows for literally anything to happen. the dialogue is hilarious and, most significantly, everything feels alive. the characters dont stop doing stuff when theyre offscreen, theyre all aging and going on wacky adventures of their own. while other shows like SU hint to this  they lack the same potential for just how much has changed that AT has, cos SU’s world just isn’t as wild. it’s more grounded.

the interactions the chars have are a treat. i think my favourite character dynamic is, quite easily, finn and jake themselves. their relationship is the show’s heart and it remains with us even across finn’s darkest times. but you also get surprising relations. ice king and everyone, lsp and marceline, pb struggling to teach her freespirited grandson while jake also neglects to relate to his own kids.

and the way adventure time’s depth sort of balloons out over time… yep, it DEFINITELY had traces of this in season 1, but its amazing to see justhow much has changed. i really doubt any show on air has gone through an evolution as stark yet natural as adventure time’s. 

then we come to its flaws, which are highlighted in later seasons. it can often feel that adventure time fails to take itself seriously in critical moments, and takes itself too seriously in moments where it shouldnt. 
what i found was season 5 and 6 were by far the most boring and frustrating to rewatch. i thought it was going to be season 2, but as it turned out i’d forgiven season 2 for its sins long ago. with season 5 and 6 i was begining to make sense of different flaws.

AT season 5 and 6 felt off because the characters were a lot darker than before. we have a newly characterised princess bubblegum who gets up to some really dark stuff, and watching the whole season gives the perspective that its not just moral ambiguity at play, its real dickishness. this is somewhat entertaining though. i remember being engaged back durig this time period whe we were finding out her mysteries. as a whole its a lot less sympathetic than it felt at the time… yet it still serves a grander purpose.

FINN THE HUMAN, however, was written AWFULLY in these two seasons. i dont know how else to describe it. either he was getting obsessed w girls in a super creepy way that was uncomfortable to watch, or he was saying/doing something so philosophically up its own ass that i got bored out of my mind. and this is when the show would take itself too seriously - characters would be used as mouthpieces for writers’ philosophy without there being any believable emotional expression or investment from the character themselves. 

and emotion, or lack thereof, even follows the show into early season  7. theres many parts of Stakes that could have been drawn way more expressive like the brilliant Varmints. checkmate is a wonderful episode but the first couple of minutes look so… dull, like it could have looked so much better and the voice actors were struggling to make up for it.

most of these complaints die off in later seasons, where a certain writer’s influence is less obvious. i think it would be absolutely inaccurate to describe season 8 as having the same emotional expression issues as the seasons preceeding it; everything feels far more natural and nuanced. it’s a rollercoaster! its almost got some of the nostalgia from the early scenes coated in the depth of later on. the season finale is the height of season 8′s tension; we get a scene that has been building up since, perhaps, season 5.

i really hope season 9 manages to deliver the same emotional weight that many episodes in season 8 did. if so, adventure time might just have one of the greatest sendoffs ever.



Some time ago I was thinking about what a pokemon region would be like if it drew heavily from my home, and I thought, instantly, of my grandfather, recently deceased, as a water-type gym leader. 

I learned to swim, as a baby, in the Au Sable river in Oscoda county. He had a cabin right on the banks of the river, and it was a long running tradition for the entire family to drive north for one weekend every summer, assemble all manner of inner tubes and rafts, and float a sometimes-leisurely, sometimes hilariously eventful two-hour long trip down the chilly but beautiful river, get out at his cabin, and have a huge barbecue in the front yard. Its such a huge, integral part of my childhood, that when  i think of my grandpa, I will always remember him in faded swim trunks and soggy sneakers.

the pokemon is a snickerel, based on the northern pike, a favorite fish of my family. They’re bony eating, but still a good dinner. (the northern pike is not strictly the same as a pickerel, but theyre of the same family and uuuuuh im bad at puns)

I’ve called him Oscar, which was not my grandpa’s name, but the name he called a large rock in the river slightly upstream from the cabin that he used to tie rafts to.


I found another friend to move in with and have been here for about 2 weeks now. Im living with him, his gf, and their friend. They all are understanding and chill unlike my friends bf. I actually havent seen her since we all moved out since she now lives an hour away. But I still see the bf from time to time since we work at the same place, and he says hi all the time but with this sad defeated tone. As if he regrets not compromising. I think its hilarious, he thought I would give in and do things his way, and that he could have been in his own place and had a 5min commute to work, but now he has an hour commute and he has to obey someone else’s house rules, something he has mentioned that he hates.  

Now my new roommates, they are all quirky white girls and guy. Sweet, and weird, and a little immature (but who isnt?) and we all work pretty much everyday. I think we will all get along in the long run. Ive never lived with or was truly close to any white person before so Im a little nervous about the culture differences that we may bump into.

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I actually think it's so hilarious that you wanted a subtle moment where they'd fuck up, and it happened!!! man my jikook heart is combusting

OKAY BUT LITERALLY SAME!!!!!! like legit last night i was like “i just want a subtle moment to prove to all them antis *stressed emoji*” and now we got one and i’m just so confused by it???i’m still questioning what was going thru everyone’s head at that moment. And like why on earth did jk only get jm a present? Like the reasoning could be simply platonic, but i can’t help but see an underlying romantic insinuation. and the awkward silence that ensued was just kind of eyebrow raising… like….  idk i’m currently going crazy, my jikook heart is also combusting. 

me losing like 6 followers because I’m reblogging posts doing the very same thing the Wynonna Earp fandom did to the Supergirl fandom is hilarious. Sucks huh? It’s almost like it’s rude as shit to make those posts and you should not have kept it up acting all superior even after we asked you to stop.

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It's hilarious that you only picked 'aesthetically pleasing' people to be in the Sunshine Club, and not just regular people. That's really shitty. Sorry for not being cuter and having a cuter blog.

um :( i dont know what made you think like this but let me explain my side. first of all, although blog aesthetic (or whatever you want to call it) may be part of the whole selection process, but it is not obviously the main thing? i mean with all honesty, i did not even mind if your blog is ‘aesthetic’ or if we have the same content? like, 95% of the criteria is the forms?? also, the whole time i was picking the people who got in, i was using my gosh darn phone so i really wasnt able to check your theme or something. second, i have justifiable reasons why i chose the members that i picked. i must admit that it was so freaking difficult to trim down the list because all of the people who entered are amazing and every single time i cut someone off, a little piece of me just breaks but you have to understand that i am still a newbie on this industry and i have no idea how i could freaking handle 500 people at the same time. and that’s why i really had to limit the amount of members. third, it took me forever to come up with the list because i really did read everybody’s responses to the forms. i promise it’s not about having whatever form of aesthetic you are thinking. this is literally not even about being cute or whatever, i cant believe you even look at me as someone who would base her judgment depending on somebody’s aesthetic. that’s just insulting! i am more than that. fourth, although i limited the amount of people who could get in, i still thought of a way on how to reach out to those who weren’t able to :( i’ve been telling u about this for ages bc honestly, i just want sunshine club to be for positivity. lastly, you’re right, everybody who got in aren’t “regular people,” they’re all extraordinary with beautiful and warm hearts! but that does not mean you are regular???

i know it must be hard on your part because believe me if i were you, i will probably feel bad too. but you have to understand that i have a life outside tumblr too and i have to live it. this broke my heart but im trying my best to understand. you have goodness in your heart, please dont let your anger rule it. have a good day, still.


twd positivity project week one: how I started watching

To the surprise of many, I was actually very stubborn about watching TWD. My family and friends were all watching and obsessing over it when the beginning of season 3 was airing. They all kept pushing me to watch too but I just wouldn’t give in. Especially since it was a zombie show. I kept saying “I don’t like stuff like that” …which I didn’t actually hate zombie stuff, I just hated getting scared and I assumed the show was all about being scary. Then one day I went to visit my grandparent’s. When I walked in, they’d paused the TV and I just knew they were watching TWD. I rolled my eyes…then looked at the screen to see that it said “Chupacabra” …which had me thinking, wtf even is this show? My grandparents told me they HAD to finish this episode so I was gonna have to go in the other room. My grandma then offered to let me log in to their Netflix on my laptop and watch the pilot in the meantime. I finally gave in… And as I was watching I wasn’t quite hooked but it kept me interested. Then at the very end of the episode, when Glenn went over that walkie talkie with the iconic “hey dumbass” line…and the pan out shot of the herd of walkers with that song playing… I was a goner. I couldn’t believe how good it was. The comedic effect in the midst of such a terrifying situation. I loved it. I walked out of the room to my grandparents like… dammit, I’ve gotta continue. My life hasn’t been the same since.

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i think its fucking hilarious how all directioners agree that the night their obsessions started was the same night they went through 'one direction funny moments'

I WONDER HOW DIFFERENT MY LIFE WOULD BE IF I HAD NEVER FALLEN INTO THAT FUCKING TRAP???????? THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS!!! I remember when I first started I was like…. urgh this video is six minutes long, that’s too much time! And then after a while it’s like TWO HOURS WORTH OF ONE DIRECTION FUNNY MOMENTS? LET ME CANCEL MY PLANS AND LET’S FUCKING GO!

  • Fans: It's the Tower of Joy! Is that Lyanna screaming? Are we finally getting confirmation that-

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Morty, are you the reason why 'oh worm?' is popping up all over my dash because it's.... a lil freaky because it feels like I had a dream about this happening but hilarious all at the same time Not to mention it immediately makes me think of you because of the word worm so like bonus?

OH BOY I WISH HAHA, it just so happened to become a meme all on its own and it’s just an amusing coincidence



I think we’d all agree that Tsumugu is sooo adorable like he’s so cute when he blushes and his freaking proposal story was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

And I think this wins the cutest proposal in history even though Tsumugu even admits its sorta a cliché 😂😍😍

Monsta X Reaction | To their S/O laughing at horror movies

| Please can you do a got7 or monsta x reaction to you being lowkey psycho lmao like laughing at horror movies and being interested in criminology/psychology/murderers? My family actually think I’m a psychopath n I’m like lmaooo tragic | Im gonna do MX since i need more of my sweet rookie babies~~ also low key same i love watching people play horror games bc its hilarious to see their reactions ~Admin H

I think its safe to say that they all would be pretty confused at first until you explained yourself lmaooo

Shownu: after you tell him about your fascination with criminology, he sort of gets it?? if you start laughing at terrible murder on CSI or some shit he’s gonna be a lil concerned and might suggest watching something else lol

Wonho: really concerned bc he’s a big baby and hates horror movies and low key if ur laughing at horror movies he’s gonna feel bad bc to him it kinda feels like ur laughing at him bc he’s not manly enough to watch some dumb movie

Minhyuk: um??? alright??? on the list of things he was expecting this was not on the list but he’ll go with it unless it makes him uncomfortable, then he might bring it up to you and ask that u maybe go talk it out with someone or talk it out with him about why you laugh/find these subjects interesting 

Kihyun: mama ain’t gonna have any horror movies in hIS HOUSE. NOT UNDER HIS ROOF. IT MIGHT BE YOUR APARTMENT BUT HELL NO NO HORROR MOVIES HERE. the closest u will be able to get to horror movies around him is CSI or a crime drama bc thats the only thing he’s interested in watching with u. Ur free time can be used the way u like, but when ur together with him it’s a joint thing and if he doesn’t like it then he’s not gonna want to do it, and he’s fucking stubborn as hell so just go with it

Hyungwon: alright he might be interested in some of the psychology and criminology stuff but other then that he’s not really cool with the whole “horror movies are comedy movies” thing. he’s not against it, but he doesn’t wanna join ur club, even if u do have t shirts.

Jooheon: my boy jooheon is not a fan of horror or gross murder he’s more of a fluffy puppet sunshine and running thru meadows type of a guy but its cool u know he’s just gonna hide in the other room with his headphones on and all the way up when ur watching ur movies he’s nOT A FAN

I.M./Changkyun: this bitch is weird as hell u guys are prefect for each other!! he might not really understand why ur laughing at a guy getting evicerated but he’s actually gonna be laughing at u bc he can’t believe how weird u are and he loves it