but i think it's glorious


Emma, Regina, Red and Belle from OUAT in Disney style

I get excited when I manage to catch the likeness! That’s the easy part - it takes way longer to draw all the princess hair, ho boy.

Syriannas, completely fascinated by Dorian’s sleeping face in the early hours at Skyhold.

History is accidental necessity. It is made up entirely of hazards, coincidences that hang by a thread, armies suddenly held up by storm or snow, negligent or ingenious generals, unlooked-for conversations, unexpected encounters or deaths, plots successful or foiled, outlaws who escape and runaways who are caught, temperaments and inspirations that miraculously correspond to the needs and hopes of a place or age. But once history is inscribed on the unfolding hours, days, years, and centuries, it is more immutable than the course of rivers or the outline of volcanoes. Transparent and shifting as liberty, it becomes, as it unfolds, more immovable than nature. God himself can do nothing to change it. Yet the future will uncover now one face of it, now another. Thus, as Justus Dion points out, the historian’s work makes him more powerful than God. For God is master of the future only. History is a second creation, and it is the work of man, who alone can play with the past and revive it by his art: “The future belongs to God, but the past belongs to history.”
—  Jean d'Ormesson, The Glory of the Empire 

This is where Steve finally realizes what Tony means to him, and what he means to Tony. He goes to find him, they confess their feelings, kiss, and live happily ever after. 

But seriously, that’s what it looks like is gonna happen by the look on Steve’s face.


Sleepy Hollow Meme || [3/10]: Is it Ichabbie yet?

Ichabod and Abbie psychically drawn to the same hairstyles

S.H.I.E.L.D. #10

alright just a quick post. I was half reading the new SHIELD issue (half because my darling Jemma isn’t much in it) 

when I saw this fan-freakin’-tastic panel

to sum up (because I haven’t been ‘actually’ reading it), Fitz is helping Howard the Duck and they are trying to send all the different versions of the Duck in their respective universe and then apparently Fitz got a glimpse of himself in another universe. So it seems that, in another verse, Fitzsimmons is canon in the comics (if I understand well?) 

bonus: Fitz’s awestruck face


I am never going to be over the fact that Damen, a god of a warrior, who hurls two handed broad swords across rivers, is the smolest most romantic person around and loves Laurent so much it hurts. Like it literally takes 8 of Akielos’ best warriors to restrain him when Laurent’s threatened but he’s so gentle, so smol. He is willing to give up his kingdom for Laurent. He gets stabbed, but its ok, because Laurent will fuss over him. Damen has no chill and its glorious.

(and I think we can all agree that when Damen does something manly, we’re all over in the corner with Laurent, fanning ourselves)

How could you as a mostly grief and rage ridden child, who has experienced such neglect and abuse not look at a boy in just as much pain/ smiling with eyes that selfishly eat up sunlight and not love him?????? Want to protect him???? How can you see him grow and still have that smile, still have that spirit that makes you nostalgic for what hope you kept so open and honest as a little kid ??? Because it reminds you of what you still have and what he loves to bring out in you????? How can you not look at Naruto and think how well he balances Sasuke and how beautifully Sasuke balances Naruto. Their souls do The Thing like no one else in the manga fuck yu and yes I think its glorious and heartbreaking and it’s also pure n good and when it’s just Naruto and sasuke, they are actually more like themselves than ever and after facing such tragedy that’s soooo special and scary because you have let someone make you laugh and let someone make you cry and you’ve shown them all of you and somehow they are still there??? Somehow they let you in??? Like shit. They made one another braver and made one another stronger too and I hate myself for loving so deeply about such two dorks who r not real but they are in my stupid little heart