but i think it was aliens

Ted the Animator: “…dang, I think I used a different pen for one of Scooby’s outlines. I’d better fix that.”

Carl the Animator: “No, no, keep it! It’s like he’s some kind of pulsating alien creature. This could be a whole movie.”

Ted the Animator: “I doooon’t think that’s necessarily a good idea.”

Carl the Animator:Cowboys Vs. Aliens 2: Creatures of Canis Major. Call me, Hollywood.”

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voltron legendary defender? Just please ignore the fandom's bullshit... (Its so cool and sci-fi and dumb and lovable, made by the same ppl who made atla and tlk)

no offence i watched 2 episodes and got bored kfdgdfgg i like lance though 

In other news I’ve been thinking a lot about aliens and life that not on earth.

Like!! A lot of the time people imagine “Oh they’re aliens! They have different coloured blood!” and I mean, yeah, that could be a thing, but what if they didn’t have blood at all?? Like, they use some other way to transport nutrients and whatever around their bodies!

Also, why are all of the “intelligent life” aliens bipedal? I mean not only is focusing on humans too much, imagine how societies would be different with created being quadrupedal or even an underwater intelligent species! What if they move around in ways we can’t even imagine?

I’m also getting kinda sick of alien trees being literally that. Trees that have weird colours. Like, come on!! What if they had some other plant life! Or a complete different classification of life we couldn’t even imagine!!

I’m passionate about aliens guys.

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why do you think there's such a stark contrast between louis and harry in regards of them supporting the lgbt+ community? i just don't think i'll ever understand this

I’ve talked about this a bunch of times before, but it really just comes down to how different their closets are. Most recently, I talked about their different closets here. The support for the LBGTQ+ community fits in that.

Hey guys

I honestly love dom and kat and find them cute but remember that they aren’t together and that kat is actually in a relationship. I do not say this as hate (I mean who hates in this fandom) I say it in love for our cast and I really don’t want them to become alienated with us. Let’s keep this at a civil sense. You can ship them but don’t Harass them (I don’t think anyone has but this is to make sure I doesn’t happen)

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Do you think Mulder ever asked Scully to come swimming suit shopping with him? If yes, what were her conditions for accepting the invitation?

I can’t see him ever asking this seriously (as a joke, yeah) at least BEFORE they get into a relationship. But I can see them on a desperately hot Florida day (because I want them as close to me as possible), coming back to their hotel early after following some shitty leads, and they both stare at the pool with a yearning so intense you’d think they’re looking at each other. Of course Scully didn’t bring her bathing suit, and I’m imagining a s5 Mulder who probably has nightmares involving Scully taking off her clothes and then immediately getting abducted by aliens, so he’s feeling modest himself, so they both stop at dollar general and Scully finds a one piece that does nothing to hide her body the way she’d like and Mulder gets unflattering trunks. For the most part they keep their distance except Mulder splashes her and she splashes him back and they begging horseplaying in earnest and god, does her cool wet skin feel good against his own, and how is she always so shocked whenever he takes his shirt off. Then they both go back to separate hotel rooms. I didn’t answer this.

Dinos and prehistoric reptiles I want to see (accurately represented) in a Jurassic Park movie

1. Quetzalcoatlus northropi - Carnivorous dinosaurs can be threatening and all, but nothing freaks me out quite like large pterosaurs.  Imho some of them honestly look like demons.  Quetzalcoatlus is just so alien and eerie.  It doesnt look like it should exist.  And its so BIG.  Imagine driving down a dark road and seeing one of these emerge from the darkness and cross the street in front of you.  

2. Carnotaurus sastrei - Ok, I’m a little biased since its my favorite dinosaur, and a little bitter about how WRONG they looked in Disney’s Dinosaur, but um.  I love them and they’re cool (and weird) looking and fast.  Nyoom. 

3. Therizinosaurus cheloniformis - It might be a plant eater, but honestly?  I think its one of the scariest looking dinosaurs. Imagine getting stuck in a small pen with one whose pissed at you. And they are just….SO BIG. And so weird. I love them.   

4.  Yutyrannus huali - You wanna refuse to give us a single feather on the rex? Fine.  Give me yutyrannus. No excuses this time. 

5. Shonisaurus popularis - It doesnt even have to DO anything all it has to do is swim past someone whose in open water and its gonna be freaky.  Look at the damn thing.  Imagine being dropped into cloudy water and seeing it swim towards you.  Just fucking imagine.  

We Are Such Little Tricksters!

Everyone knows the joys of jumping out at someone at an unexpected time just to give someone a heart attack. What would the aliens think of that. Would they believe it’s to test the reflexes of our crew mates or is it just plain old stupidity rearing its ugly head once more? I can imagine some people getting seriously hurt because they tried to scare the wrong alien and get stabbed/sprayed with acid/tossed like a rag doll.

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Pet peeves: seeing Johnny interpreted as a careless playboy even though he cares THE MOST and just wants to love and be loved.

Ugh, same. And since it’s entered fandom osmosis so thoroughly, it pops up all the time, and it’s just not who he is or how he views romance. (For the record: I do think he’s periods where he has had a lot of flings and hookups, but they’ve all happened after Heroes Reborn, so, notably, after the time he found out the person he married was not the person he thought he married but an alien spy, she died, she came back, she was pregnant, the baby was an egg, the egg was actually a monster that was going to kill them all, oh yeah and she created a second identity for the purpose of dating him without him knowing it was her. Again. Which imho is enough to give anyone occasional commitment issues.) (And also it’s not like he’s never been badly written, but hey, fifty years of comics, that should go without saying.)

But yeah his thing with romance has ALWAYS been framed as him wanting True Love. If anything, he idolizes the concept of marriage: 

Also, for such an alleged dog, he doesn’t seem to like being kissed unexpectedly:

And I can pull up tons of panels of him being professional and friendly with beautiful women without hitting on them or even monologuing in his head about how hot they are (cough Peter Parker cough). So seeing him so often defined as a careless playboy who only cares about sex is jarring.

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“Oh fuck, oh FUCK.”----- WALVID

“Where did Rosenthal go?” Oram asked, breaking the silence that weighed upon them.

Daniels quickly looked around the room. “I don’t see her,” she replied. “She’s not here.” She stood up. “I’ll find her.”

“No wait.” Oram put out a restraining hand. “I’ll go find her. You stay here and wait for Lopé and Cole to return. I need to stretch my legs. To think.” He smiled. “I won’t be long.”

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alright i’ve done this for the others so here are my mom’s reactions to seeing revenge of the sith for the first time

  • seeing anakin for the first time: “lord his hair looks so much better”
  • pointing to any droid: “that’s grievous?”
  • seeing literally any alien (except yoda), ever: “EW! NASTY! WHAT IS THAT THING!”
  • seeing yoda do literally anything, ever: “aww, look at the little guy, he’s so cute!”
  • after yoda leans back and says something fake deep: “do you think if I did yoga i could be that calm?”
  • anakin turning on mace and joining palpatine: “ANI NO! what a sellout!”
  • she only ever calls anakin ‘ani’ and obi wan ‘obi’ 
  • she was on her ipad during the part where anakin gets all his limbs chopped of and is like writhing on the ground so she looked up just as anakin goes“I HATE YOU” and she screamed and grabbed me like it was the biggest jumpscare ever

I am writing a story (action/science-fantasy/comedy) about a small group of characters who all possess the exact same superpower. I don’t want to say what the superpower is due to fear of spoilers and premature plagiarism, but it is personality based and does have somewhat of a connection to the power of the mind. One of the main characters is on the high-functioning end of the spectrum (as am I) and I am wondering, would it make sense or be okay if I make it so that the character-in-question’s powers manifest differently from the others, or even struggle to use/control them?

I want to stress that I’m not going for the tropes and cliches of the autistic archetype character who’s essentially an alien outsider with a obtusely convoluted vocabulary, because I think that’s been done to death and are not a legitimate representation of us in media. Nor do I want to imply that autistic people are incapable of the same feats as neural-typical people. I want to show a character, who happens to have autism, who has a legitimately funny and endearing personality, but can also show some of the struggles that autistic people have through a unique metaphor.

Thank you for your time.

Hi! I’d say it depends on the nature of the superpower. If it is something that is likely to be affected by autistic traits, such as something to do with reading people’s emotions for a character with alexythymia, for instance, then it would make sense for the power to manifest differently or for the character to struggle with it more than other people. But if the powers have nothing to do with any of the character’s autistic traits, then I would steer clear of this “unique metaphor”, since it’d sort of imply that autistic peopleare inherently inferior to allistics since your character struggles more than the others with something that’s nothing to do with their autistic traits, because of their autism.

Making the superpower manifest slightly differently but with no notion of inferiority should be ok, though; and it’d probably make for an interesting metaphor too. If you want to show some of the struggles that come with being autistic, I’d recommend you portray them directly!

-Mod Cat


 Playing around tonight, thought some of you might like to see some of the pix.

I’m not a wildly popular Simblr, but I do have some outstandingly generous and creative mutuals. :) This is a big part of what keeps me on Tumblr.

Testing yet another moon from a set of 6 experimental alien moons that @transcendentcacophony was kind enough to make for me.

This time, a mostly blue one paired with an experimental alien sky mod by @brntwaffles ..this was the first of two made for alien world projects still in progress. 

World is one of my favorites by @risastorm: Lunestia.

Before I had a Simblr I had my entire huge alien dynasty all living here. I played this world for a long time.

I might someday go back to this planet..

I think I have not yet found the ideal world/sky/plant combo for this particular moon even  tho this particular shot, at this exact moment, looks ok.

Moons will be shared at some point, as the one done for Saturenorn was..still sorting which ones I’m using for what projects.

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When your brother was gonna get tested but the first stage was a questionnaire your parents had to fill in and ever since you read it you've been watching yourself and your brother for symptoms and you've noticed so many but your parents answered the questionnaire inaccurately so they think he's allistic and you feel the need to keep quiet just because you both function pretty well and you don't wanna cause trouble. (can I be 🌈👽 (rainbow alien)?)

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Hey Colubrina, I have been reading your stories and love your style and your storylines! Have been thinking of writing for a while myself and would love to have you read my stories too someday! :) How long have you been writing, how did you get started?

Oh, how far back do you want me to go lol?  I was one of those obnoxious children who went to every Young Writer’s Conference and wrote Deep and Meaningful Poetry About Alienation ™ and even considered majoring in creative writing in college.

But then I didn’t, and didn’t really write again for 20 years (yes, I’m old) until I had abdominal surgery in 2014, couldn’t move enough to do my previous creative outlet (photography) and figured, well, I’ve always had stories in my head that I told myself, and maybe I should just write them down.  And, well, writing takes longer than reading so I get to stay in the world longer when it’s my own. 

Until the seventh revision, by which point I hate it all and am tired of being in that world, but that’s another story.

So I wrote the first chapter of The Die and forty people read it and I was over the moon.  How was this possible?  Ordinary, random people were reading my story and liking it.  

I was hooked.  I wrote more.

And here we are <3

Just start writing :)

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I know its ur opinion and everyone relates to different people I like the maturity of your answers Sophie love ur blog but for me as someone who hs shipped camren and found out abt it thru Lauren and her being bisexual I feel more connected to Lauren bcz I had to struggle with my coming out too and used to lash out at people and alienated my friends so her confidence and outspokenness and passion fr defending herself and her loved ones is something which inspired me

Oh I totally get that you can relate to Lauren in that sense, and I totally respect that 😊  To a certain degree I also admire Lauren for her fighting spirit and her confidence, but I just think they’ve been a little over the top these past few months that’s all 

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Hey, hunk, how'd you figure out how to cook with alien ingredients so easily? The stuff I've seen you cook up blows my mind!

Hunk: Well thank you kind stranger, I just inspect them for elements I recognize then treat them as I would Earth ingredients with those same elements. And then just hope and pray everything works out. It doesn’t always end well, but there’s a higher success rate than failure rate so I think my methods are pretty solid.