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The Meet Cute

Dean x Reader

Summary: A package delivered to the wrong address allows you to meet Dean for the first time. And then a huge crush is born. 

Warnings: Smut, nothing too graphic.

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Every year, hundreds - thousands of packages are delivered to the wrong address. Exactly one of those mistakes was comfortably resting in your hands as you carried it to the house at the end of the block.

Three knocks were enough to push the sound of footsteps towards the front door, towards you. And when the door was pulled open, you saw him for the very first time. Tall and beautiful, like no one met before him.

“Hi,” he said and a smile showed on his lips. “Can I help you?”

“Uh, yes… They delivered this to my house. I think it belongs to you.”

“Oh, thanks,” he said, taking the box from your hands. Just then another figure appeared next to him, red hair and wide eyes as soon as they landed on you. “Holy Batman! Y/N?!”

“Charlie?! Oh my God.”

You barely had the time to blink before her arms engulfed you in the most cheerful hug, which you reciprocated. “I can’t believe this,” she told you. “The last time we saw each other, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hadn’t come out yet. So it’s been ages!”

“Yeah,” you agreed, smiling at her exuberance. “It’s been a while. What are you doing here?”

 “I live here.” The man next to her cleared his throat, and she looked at him as if she had just remembered he was there too. “Right, this is my roommate, Dean. And this–“ she continued, indicating you– “this is Y/N. We went to high school together. I told you about her, remember?”

Dean frowned for a second until realization hit him. “Oh, right,” he said, directing his gaze to you. “You’re the one Charlie had a crush on, for like a year.”

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Attached (Part 1)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: Originally posted on my old writing blog ‘brighterlights’. With the holiday season coming up, I won’t be able to write anything new for a while. So, I decided to bring back one of my old series. Enjoy :)

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Well…I’m screwed.

Though you closed out all of the windows on your computer screen, they knew someone overlooked their chat session, and you invaded their privacy.

You sighed to yourself, burying your face in your hands.

Yup, I’m really screwed.

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Thanksgiving Day Parade - Newt Scamander

Prompt: Reader and Newt are in NYC on Thanksgiving (looking for his creatures) and get caught up in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. 
A/N - Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

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“I have to find my Niffler. I’ve found everyone else, but it’s vital that this one returns to me before he can cause any more trouble,” Newt says worriedly. 
“Okay. I’ll help you find him, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy today.” 
“How is that?” Newt asks, eyes still scanning for his missing creature.  
“Today’s Thanksgiving, and that means that there’s going to be a-”
“There he is!” Newt exclaims, breaking into a run to catch the mischievous creature. 

You break into a sprint after the man. You followed Newt’s bright blue coat, keeping your eyes glued to it. It was easy until you found yourself running straight into a crowd. “Newt?” you called into the crowd. The air around you was warm, the area teeming with bodies. You pushed your way through the large crowd to many protests. You apologized repeatedly. “Newt!” you yelled out. You stood on your tiptoes trying to see over the dense crowd. “Newt!” you screamed once more. 

“(Y/N)?” a familiar voice called out. You followed the voice until your eyes landed on Newt. He was across the road from you with yellow blockades lining the streets. You looked at the man and sighed, both of you taking in the situation. You navigated your way up to the fence and found a guard stationed near you. “Excuse me, sir?” you yelled. You caught the man’s attention. “My friend is at the other side of this blockade and I wondered if you knew anyway for me to get to him?” The man drew in a deep breath before looking across the street. “He’s in the blue jacket. We got separated.” 
“I’ll tell you what - since I’m feeling nice I’ll escort you over to him.” 
You crossed under the barricade. “Thank you so much.” The man walked you over to Newt, who was more than happy to have you by his side once more. 

Newt grabbed your hand. “I don’t want you getting away from me. Again,” he said with a small chuckle. 
You smiled. “Did you find the Niffler?”
“Yes, and I already have him in my case.” 
“How did he get loose?”
“I’ll explain to you later. In the meantime, do you know what this is?”

“This is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. They have one every year here. This is like the third one.”
“Have you seen it before?”
You shook your head. “Never had the time to, really.” You glanced longingly at the road. “We better head back.” 

“What if we stay and watch this, and then we go?” Your eyes lit up. 
“Would you really do that?” you ask, glee protruding from you.
Newt chuckled. “I really don’t think we’ll have a choice.” Newt pointed at the end of the road and saw a stream of balloons floating through the air. Your jaw dropped as you took everything in. It wasn’t everyday you get to see giant creatures and people bigger than you float in the sky. You felt eyes on you and turned to see Newt smiling at you. 
“What are you looking at?” you ask with a smirk. 
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy.” You smiled up at the man and rested your head on his broad shoulder. “I could get used to it.” 

Watch out guys i’m a dangerous little white cuck ball or some shit.
I look out for children and get pissed when kids try to hurt other kids using personal abuse etc as a reasoning why it’s okay to hurt kids who didn’t do shit.

No; I do not encourage Ana.
Yes; I suffered with it when I was young.
No; I do not think what Okami posts/says is okay.
Yes; I believe Okami should be able to vent and express himself in every way he needs to because suffering with an ED is just as bad as other mental disorders, and I personally still need to post about self harm because I continue to struggle with it. But hey, at least everyone tags their shit.

Do I think these kids deserve anon hate
Do I think they need to learn a lesson
Hell yeah I do.

But yanno, ain’t my job. So long as they leave Okami alone I’m chill.
Call me names, call me terrible and horrible and all this shit all you want, but what I’ve dedicated most of my life to since graduating and joining volunteering is being a shield for kids and peers being mistreated by abusers, bullies, etc.

And bullying, hurting, and slandering a child who is coping with an ED does not help a situation but only makes it fucking worse. These kids don’t care who they hurt, they just want to be right about something and hold some power over someone else.

Don’t let them hold power over you.
Just because they want to pull the ‘Weh I’m a minor and you’re an adult getting mad at me wehhh’ thing, and threatening to call you out as an ‘abusive adult’ doesn’t mean shit. So what, some kids won’t talk to you, okay.

But. You could be providing a safe ground for the children being targeted by their reckless behavior.

And kids, if you’re dealing with this just block people like this before it gets too far. If they want to say shit, whatever. People should know better, and talk to you and get to know you first before they judge because someone decides to point fingers. Finger pointing is usually inflated with nothing but lies to begin with.

Any kids that are friends with them and are pissed at me, I’m sorry you’re getting dragged into this. This has nothing to do with you, and I’m sorry they’ve blinded you with this crap.

If you REALLY want to stop these things like these ‘pro-ana’ posts?? Try and get those kids help. If it hurts you, or bothers you, then block them. 

Hell if you’re hurt and bothered by my anger block me too.

Stay safe. Take care of yourself. Do not hurt each other. You’re all each other has.

i think a huge part of the problem here is that child stars generally perform in shows for children, and they’re styled as children, and they do interviews that are meant to be read and viewed by children. and stranger things is not a children’s television show. it’s hardly even “family entertainment.” it certainly has a kind of broad, all-ages appeal, but netflix is running the machine like any other prestige television series. and that means instead of wearing converse high tops to the teen choice awards and filming bumpers for the disney channel, these kids are walking down the red carpet at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards in gucci and prada, and doing sit-down cover interviews for variety and the hollywood reporter. those are all very Adult Spaces, and it’s in netflix’s financial interest to maintain access to those Adult Spaces so as to solidify stranger things’ cultural standing as Prestige Television. which means packaging the kids as sophisticated and stylish little adults in all public appearances. like, compare this picture of the stars of disney’s andi mack at a film premiere to a picture of the stranger things kids at their own premiere:

the above picture is plainly kids in kids’ formalwear - bright colours, fun patterns, a t-shirt under a too-big blazer - whereas the stranger things’ kids outfits are functionally indistinguishable from something an adult might wear to a red carpet event. like, they just aren’t letting these kids be kids - which has especially dire consequences for the girls involved, as they’re being sexualized to a high degree. obviously, this is affecting the boys in the cast, too - 14-year-old finn wolfhard is having to deal with adult women saying, “call me in four years” and then having both that comment and his own reaction to it broadcast in the international press. but i think it’s coming down hardest on the girls involved. look at these photos of millie bobby brown at the season 1 premiere and the season 2 premiere. 

she’s 13 on the left and 12 on the right. 

like, it’s not… it’s not okay. let these kids be kids. let them present themselves as kids. you can still have your prestige tv show and win awards and preserve your serious, critically acclaimed brand without making the children in your cast vulnerable to sexualization and predation. end rant!


“You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.” - Anaïs Nin

Okay but are you a Hamilton person or an Usnavi person? Non-Stop or 96000? 21 Chump Street or Freestyle Love Supreme? Long haired Lin or short haired Lin? “Whaaaaaat?” or “No Me Diga?!”

I want you to want me

“Wait, no, let’s take the other corridor.”

“But that will take so much longer!”

“I don’t care. Come on!”

Draco ignored Pansy’s pouting and dragged her along. What were the teachers thinking, hanging up all these mistletoes around the castle? There were so many, it was so hard to avoid them all. Also, it was only November 17th! Couldn’t they at least have waited until December?

Cursing under his breath, Draco turned to the corridor that was still mistletoe-free. Well, at least it had been this morning.

“Oh, come on,” Draco groaned as he suddenly found himself and Pansy standing beneath a gigantic ladder. Filch was on top of it, fumbling with the fateful plant Draco had come to loathe.

Since he was a child, he had been very superstitious. Ignoring the mistletoe wouldn’t do it. It was bad luck. And Pansy knew this very well, judging from her smug expression. She had been taught the same by her parents, but, unlike Draco, she chose to try her luck. At least she usually did.

“Well, go on,” she said, grinning at him. Exhaling loudly, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is ridiculous,” he grumbled.

“I’m waiting.” Pansy’s grin only widened when Draco huffed and blew his hair out of his face.

“Alright, alright.” He leaned over to her reluctantly, but panicked, when she suddenly closed her eyes. She couldn’t be serious! Dear Merlin! Hastily, he planted his lips on her left cheek and immediately started walking again. There! Surely that would count!

“Hey! Draco,” he heard Pansy call after him. Nope, he would keep walking! He would keep walking and avoid these bloody mistletoes this time! Getting back to the Slytherin common room couldn’t be that impossible!

“… no, I remember you specifically told me- Ouch!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Rubbing his nose, Draco glowered at the person he had just collided with. The Weasel. With Granger in tow. Magnificent!

You bumped into me,” Weasley said in an accusing tone.

“Whatever, Weasel! Now get out of my-”

“Oh, mistletoe,” Granger interrupted him, pointing at the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Draco looked up, then back at the other two standing in front of him. Oh, damn it!

“Come on, let’s just go,” Granger said, taking Weasley’s hand.

“We can’t,” he whispered. “We have to kiss.” Granger rolled her eyes at him, but Weasley’s face turned serious. “No, we really have to kiss. It’s bad luck if we don’t.”

Huh. Weasley wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. With an exasperated sigh, Granger pulled him down and kissed him for much longer than was necessary. When Draco cleared his throat, they finally stopped.

“What, you want one, too?” Weasley asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, I was standing under the damn thing, too, wasn’t I?”

Understanding hit Weasley’s face and Draco would have loved to take a step forward and slap him. His dumb face was just so infuriating. Before Draco could do anything, however, Granger shoved her boyfriend and he stumbled forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Weasley asked, turning his head.

“Well, obviously, you two are the ones with the superstitions. And I already kissed you, so you can go and kiss him.” The way she said it was so nonchalant, it made Draco gape at ther. Okay, so he definitely didn’t want to kiss her. But did she understand how revolting it would be to kiss the Weasel? Well, of course not. She did it willingly. On a regular basis. Yuck!

When Weasley turned back around to Draco, his face was so pale, Draco thought he might faint.

“Ugh, let’s just get this over with,” Draco murmured.

“No, please, Hermione, no, please don’t make me do this!”

“I’m not making you do anything! You were the one who said you have to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“She’s right,” Draco said through gritted teeth. He closed the gap between them and wrinkled his nose. “Just… hold still.” Draco placed both his hands on Weasley’s shoulders and tried to ignore the way his bottom lip was quivering. His lips looked very chapped.This was going to be worse than he had thought!

If he hadn’t already cheated when he had kissed Pansy on the cheek, Draco would have done the same with Weasley. But he couldn’t cheat fate twice in one day! Ugh!

Just a quick peck. Light. Very light. Lips barely touching. Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Ugh, if only it weren’t Weasley!

“Merlin, Malfoy, just do it already,” Weasley groaned. Clicking his tongue once, Draco stood up on his toes and gave Weasley the quickest kiss in history of all kisses.

“Ugh! Now excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth,” Draco declared and started hurrying off.

“Ron. Ron? Are you okay? Are you crying? Oh, you’re gagging. Come on, stop it!” Granger’s voice slowly died down behind him as Draco ran down the stairs to the Dungeons. No, wait, he couldn’t walk down that corridor. There were at least three bunches of mistletoe down there. The one on the left had only one. That he knew of. And he’d have to walk through half the castle again. But one was still better than three. Okay then.

As he walked, Draco kept his eyes to the ceiling. He wouldn’t let himself get into another situation like that. Yuck! Weasley! Disgusting! He’d probably never forget it. November 17th, the day he had kissed Ron Weasley. Why? Why??

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and began running when he spied the bunch of mistletoe he had been dreading. Luckily, no one else was in the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, Draco slowed down when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

“Potter!” Draco narrowed his eyes. “Wandering the corridors all alone?”

Why couldn’t it have been Potter? Why couldn’t he have bumped into him under the mistletoe? This really wasn’t fair! Draco was doing everything, but still he had the worst luck! This was just infuriating! And honestly, it was kind of Potter’s fault he’d had to endure kissing Weasley. If Potter had been with his stupid friends, it might have gone very differently.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your little trio? Tired of being the third wheel?”

Potter blinked.

“I am, actually.”


This was no fun when Potter was being honest.

“What about you? You look a bit ill. Are you okay?”

Draco tried very hard not to think about his lips touching Weasley’s. This would probably haunt him for a very long time. Instead, he rolled his eyes.

“How sweet. Nice to know the Saviour cares.”

Potter was about to respond, when his gaze fell to the ground.

“What’s that?”

Draco followed Potter’s gaze and almost choked. Was that mistletoe? Growing, actually growing out of the cobblestone while they were standing there? But mistletoe usually grew on trees!

“You can’t be serious,” Draco muttered. This was insane. But… he was with Potter. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss without having to reveal his feelings for the stupid git. “Ugh, can this day get any worse?” Draco moaned. Yes, yes, act like this is the worst thing that could have happened right now! He watched as Potter slowly examined the plant.

“Is that…”

“Yeah,” Draco said, trying to sound as displeased as possible.


There was a brief silence, in which they both avoided the other’s eyes.

“Well, since we’re not exactly standing under it… Let’s just ignore it,” Potter babbled. Draco’s heart fell. This was his opportunity! Why was Potter being so difficult?

“We can’t just ignore it. It’s bad luck,” he mumbled. He felt so stupid. Potter was probably seeing right through him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor shuffling his feet, while his eyes were still glued to the ground.

“That’s just some stupid superstition, isn’t it?” Potter said with an arched brow.

“It’s not,” Draco insisted. “People… people have died after ignoring it.” It was utter bollocks. And Potter probably knew it. Draco considered just walking away. Potter was right, they weren’t standing under the mistletoe, so the rules probably didn’t apply here.

“Oh.” Potter paused while Draco suppressed the urge to kick the mistletoe.  “Well, if it’s that serious… we better not risk it.”

Draco’s head snapped up. What? Had Potter just… What?

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anonymous asked:

For the "I wish you would write a fic where..." thing: In a canon setting, except Stiles is older, went to highschool with Derek and was friend with him. He can be a deputy at the beginning, trying to deal with a newly bitten Scott, whom he considers a little brother, and the return of Derek, his friend from school and old (current) crush. Do you think it's a good idea?

So, turns out I love this idea more than anything, and I have so many ideas about this and how it would proceed, but I’m not rewriting the first season, okay. I’m not.

Stiles was very cold, very wet, and very tired, because it was midnight, raining, and he was out in the preserve looking for a body.

Half a body.

They had the bottom half, they just had to find the part they could actually ID.

East side clear, the radio on his shoulder crackled, and his dad’s voice responded for the pair of deputies to head north to meet up with the K9 team. Everything cool was happening on the northside, and yet Stiles was stuck on the southside of the preserve, with Jordan Parrish.

Jordan Parrish of unending optimism and energy.

How he got paired up with the newbie, he’d never know.

Okay, he would, because technically he was also a newbie, except he really wasn’t. Sure, he might’ve been somewhat new to being employed as a deputy of the Sheriff’s Station of Beacon County, but he’d literally grown up in that station; not one person there could say he was really a rookie.

“God, this sucks,” Stiles muttered, sweeping his flashlight back and forth across the wet and muddy ground in front of him. So far he’d found all of two dead rabbits and some dog shit someone didn’t clean up, so, real thrilling night here. Great search.

“Could be worse,” Parrish responded lightly with a shrug, and Stiles rolled his eyes at the darkness in front of him.

“Don’t say Afghanistan.”

The audible smirk in the following pause told him that was exactly what Parrish was about to say.

“I’d rather be a little damp than have sand in my boots, any day.”

“Yeah, well you didn’t step in that puddle.” Stiles’ foot was still freezing and squelched even more than the muddy forest floor beneath it.

It sucked that a woman died, yes, but Stiles was also having a rotten time.

Time passed, there were more updates of nothing found over the radio, a couple dog barks in the distance, and still they found no body.

Given that it was almost one in the morning and everyone Stiles normally talked to was either at home asleep or out in the woods with him on the radio, it took a second for his ringing cellphone to register beyond a mild annoyance that Parrish would have his phone on that loud during his shift.

“You gonna get that?” Parrish asked, and Stiles frowned at him for a second before realizing that was indeed his ringtone, and if someone was calling this late, it was probably something serious.

He only glanced at the caller ID for the briefest second as he answered.

“Yo, Scotty, what’s up?” He was about to add that he couldn’t talk right then when Scott’s panicked babbling steamrolled through his mind.

“Stiles! Oh god, you have to come get me! You’re in the preserve right? Because I’m pretty sure I’m lost, and something bit me, and—”

“Wait, hang on, you’re where?” He was tired, he was struggling to keep up with everything, and Scott was breathing like he would be needing his inhaler in about five seconds. “Why the hell are you in the woods, you know we’re looking for a body right?” he hissed into the phone, glancing briefly at Parrish, who was watching with raised eyebrows.

“Problem, Stiles?”

He shook his head, trying to act casual as Scott frantically rambled out,

“I’m by the west entrance to the preserve, I think? Stiles, I don’t know what the hell it was, but it came out of nowhere, and I’m bleeding, and I can’t find Erica—”

“Erica’s with you?” Christ, it just got better and better. “Okay, stay where you are, I’ll come find you and I’ll tell everyone to keep an eye out for Erica.”

That didn’t calm Scott down at all.

“You can’t do that, her parents would kill her if cops brought her home! You know how crazy they are!”

Stiles rubbed at his forehead. He was cold and wet and tired and now he was getting a headache. “Yes, because she has epilepsy, Scott! She could die out here.” Parrish was coming over, looking concerned. “Just stay where you are, we’re coming.”

He hung up with a frustrated huff.

“Scott’s out here?” Parrish asked, already heading south, so clearly that phone call hadn’t been as discreet as Stiles would’ve liked. At least he seemed to be going with it—despite appearances, not a total stickler for the rules. Good to know.

“And Erica. They went looking for the body.” They must’ve heard the call on the old police scanner in Stiles’ jeep. He needed to stop letting Scott borrow his car. And Scott needed to learn to stand up to Erica’s insane whims, because there was no way this wasn’t her idea.

They walked in silence for a second before Parrish said, “You know you’d do the same if you were their age, right?”

“Shut up.”

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You Bet

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader


  • Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader … Honestly IDK what you wright. I am just a sucker for Steve The Mom™ and his bromance with Dustin. Would love for Dustin to have a sister or cousin or something and the Reader getting roped into Dart shenanigans. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
  • Can you do an imagine with Steve Harrington, were the reader is really badass, and kills one of the demogorgons, and steve starts liking her?

Word Count: 3038 (suuuper long I kinda hate it)

Song: No song for this I kinda just blasted the whole soundtrack for two days straight

Summary: Kinda exactly what the requests say but if you didn’t read it it’s essentially Steve being Mom Of The Year and you being Dustin’s badass older sister that Steve falls for after seeing her in action while fighting the demodogs.

Warning(s): Violence, swearing, I think that’s it????

Author’s Note: I’ll do a smutty part two if y’all want it like I’ll probs do it anyway let’s be for real

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so there are magic aus and i love magic aus so much but i would also like to propose a concept: magician au. boyfs magician au. several of them. HEAR ME OUT

  • street magician michael keeps tryna flirt with the cute stressed out guy who passes by this street at this time on the dot every day with increasingly complicated yet perfectly executed magic tricks and sleights of hand. business man jeremy heere is smitten by michael’s wicked smile and light fingers (”how did you steal my watch it was on my wrist” “magic” “fuck off”), but has no idea how to convey any of this past blushing and nodding and “haha, yeah, that’s my card.” right until michael does a trick, and jeremy unfolds the card he’d been holding to see a receipt with something scrawled over it. “finally foiled, michael. this is definitely not my card.” “no, no, it isn’t. it’s, uh. it’s my number.” “what.” “can i get yours too?” “what.”)
  • post-canon or no squip, jeremy decides to take up magic tricks as a hobby in senior year and he’s fucking awful at it, it hurts to watch. but michael, not wanting to get jeremy down, goes out of his Goddamn Way to make it Look Like every trick worked. on the flipside, jeremy KNOWS he’s awful but he’s so endeared and entertained that he just….let’s michael keep going on his mission. (”is this your card? “uhhhh no it’s no–” *MICHAEL IN THE BACKGROUND MAKING WIDE GESTURES THAT MEAN ‘PLEASE JUST FUCKING SAY YES’* “—ooot not my card. Not not my card. This is totally my card.”)
  • jeremy and michael are 10 years old and are gonna do magic tricks for their school’s talent show, but an hour before the show, their rabbit (named humphry) goes MISSING. 
  • jeremy and michael, best friends extraordinaires and, just recently, birthday party magicians on weekends for extra cash!!! it’s pretty great. michael is a fantastic showman and kids love jeremy and their act is AWESOME, if michael may say so himself. but ohhh geez, michael keeps getting weird stomach feelings whenever he sees jeremy, clad in a cheap magician top hat and cape, kneel down to make a balloon animal for a little girl, or succeed in making a shy kid laugh, or smile and cryptically say “it’s magic”, with a dorky wiggle of his fingers whenever kids ask him how he did something. (”we did good today,” jeremy will tell him later, packing up their stuff. jeremy will tell michael that and pat him on the shoulder. michael’s breath will catch and he’ll think, huh. it’s magic.)

the kennedy center just posted an hd version of this infamous ass-wrenching video for our viewing/listening pleasure and I’M SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED