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Have you read new MHA chapter? Thanks to recent chapter, I started to think that Overhaul is the best anti hero in MHA universe. What is your opinion about Overhaul and his motivation. Since you're a good meta writer I think your opinion will be interesting to read 😊

Alright, I’ve been waiting until the end of this arc to answer this, but thank you for sending in this question anon! I love it! I love talking about the MHA villains to me they are absolutely the most interesting part of the series.

Since you gave me a general springboard of Overhaul and his motivation, I think his motivation becomes the most interesting when you recognize that he is a clear foil for Shigaraki in several ways. If you look over this whole arc, the parallels between the two of them are staggering.

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When you and Jared met for the first time, you hated him. You think he’s arrogant and a flirt. You not liking him, drives him crazy. Eventually, over time when you finally start hanging out as just friends you both open up to each other, and things start to change. Jared thinks you’re the most beautiful person he has ever met, not just look-wise but also because of your heart and soul. He falls completely in love with you, and can finally see himself actually having a future with someone. You both end up being inseparable. Constance and Shannon both love you, and are happy to have a new member in the family. Shannon especially loves how you aren’t afraid to put Jared in his place. Since you two got married, every time he’s being interviewed, Jared brags about being married to the most amazing woman in interviews.

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Zuko: Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot.

Katara: Well I think we did too.

Zuko: Okay

Katara: But I appreciate your apology.

Zuko: Apology? Who said anything about an apology? I was just saying that we—

Katara: Please, don’t talk anymore. It’s only gonna upset me.

Zuko: Fine. I’ll be quiet. I’ll be quiet if you will.

Katara: Alright, I’ll be quiet.

Zuko: Fine.

Katara: Fine.

Zuko: Fine.

Katara: Fine.

Shall we dance~

I had fun with this one, this artists character is just fun to draw. But I have to say I find this character attractive? Like something about this character is an eye catching thing, I can’t put my word to it although I have to agree this character is attractive.

Anyways! I asked the artists if I could draw his character and he said it was alright, I couldn’t think of anything to draw I didn’t really want to draw just the character I want to do something different, so I was looking up some stuff and music and here I thought, this character is based on musical so what should I do for this character?
I happen to come across the tango and I’m like OK it’s stuck into my head I have to draw this.
Sooooooo this pop in my head, HA! It’s not that bad though.

Oh! Also love your art @erkfir
Keep drawing!

The constructor @erkfir
Ethelinda @ me

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wow Rey Solo is making me cry cause it’s ,, so good?? Like lil Rey and Leia doing her hair and Han attempting to do her hair (I think someone made a fan comic somewhere of Han inventing Rey’s three bun look and she loved it). And Han like being “alright kiddo here’s how you use a blaster” and Leia is like “wait NO- Han your technique sucks THIS is how you properly use a blaster safely and effectively sweetie.”

It is an utterly tragic theory, which is why it could end up being true. Remember George Lucas’ famous quote about Star Wars “It’s like poetry, it rhymes.” 

Tell me how the story of Rey being that she was a child kidnapped from her loving parents, which tore apart her family leading to her brother’s eventual fall into darkness and her parent’s marriage to break down, then having finally been reunited with her father have him torn from her before a proper realization and who killed him, her own brother isn’t poetic. 

Rey Solo rhymes like poetry, it’s heart-wrenching storyline. It could give the audience a reason to feel for Kylo Ren like Rian Johnson wants us too. If they end up framing it that Ben Solo became Kylo Ren due his sister being “killed” by Snoke then the audience would have a reason to feel for Kylo Ren. 

Cause right now they are just claiming we should without giving us a reason to really. What’s there to like about an overly spoiled 30-year-old man who fell into darkness at 24, slaughtered all of his uncle’s padawans, and murdered his father. There is nothing to really root for in that storyline. 

Similarly that Vader’s storyline would be meaningless without realizing he’s Luke’s father. Learning that Kylo’s fall into darkness might have been due to Snoke purposely breaking apart the Solo family, gives you a reason to feel for him. Just like it makes Han and Leia’s actions make sense, why were they neglectful of Kylo and completely focused on work because their grief for Rey was too great. 

Everything makes sense with Rey Solo theory. 


Thursday, 10AM, Late Summer

I’m gonna take him on one of his little adventures he likes to do so that we aren’t looking for him at 10 pm tonight” Isabel responded after she was put down “I think someone just moved in to that mansion and that they’re making their way to the houses in the neighborhood, Elise told me about it yesterday saying that it’s some red head named Wendy.”

Alright, I’ll keep an eye out” Waverly said as he watched Isabel get the leash for moose off the picnic table and hook him up. “Please be careful baby girl”

I will don’t worry, I’ll have moose with me, you just keep an eye on dakota” she said and she kissed waverly’s cheek before walking off with moose. 

Sorry if you’re grossed out but this is the flattest my stomach has ever been. As I mentioned before I am working on getting better mental health wise and I wasn’t eating at all because I would take 3 bites of my food and I’ll be full. I couldn’t even bring myself to eat ‘left overs’ the next day or just not eat. When I try to force myself to eat I’d throw up and one time I did cough blood and I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I had a break down the other day and was thinking of overdosing myself on my meds. After calming down I just feeling alright and then few days later I was starting to feel good again. Yeah I know I don’t have a good looking body and yeah I know I got stretch marks showing but it’s my body. Just thought to share that I’m still working on fixing myself.

i think there is a like, need to define things in order to protect them? like, ‘what are we if nothing is defined?’

we’re respectful of other people and, hopefully, comfortable with who we are. there doesn’t need to be a global definition of things–if one community finds a term useful and they agree on what it means and grow really big then, alright, we have a term that means at least sort of the same thing to a lot of different people, but if someone wants to use it differently, then. shrugs. they can take on the burden of explaining it.

i mean, look at the word ‘gay’! what does that mean? what does it mean when you use it in ‘gay community’? what about gays and lesbians? a gay man? a gay woman? ‘that’s gay!’ or ‘i’m gay.’ i would call myself gay. but i don’t think my gay is the same as, er, let’s say zachary quinto. but i think we’re both gay. and i think it’s okay  that these words mean different things, because it means the right (read: the intended) thing to the people i use it with the most.


i don’t know. i think there are people that see our community very differently. and maybe that’s okay. cause i like mine a lot better. and maybe they like theirs better. and maybe that doesn’t hurt anyone?

let’s try to make it not hurt anyone.

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“What did you ask for this Christmas?” / “Will you help me go Christmas shopping?” | ❥ | I couldn't decide ;-;

“Well,” he began with a faint smile, “I asked for a family to celebrate Christmas with this year, but…”

The smile faded as his gaze lowered to the ground. “…I don’t think it’s going to happen. Just like every other year that’s come to pass.”
He swallowed. His chest and throat felt tight. The corners of his eyes stung, but he just shrugged it all off.

“But it’s alright. As long as I always keep them in fond memory, I don’t feel like I’m ever truly alone.”

His smile now returned and he looked curiously at the other. “And you? What did you wish for this year?”

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I know this is kinda random, but what do u think of Aberdeen?

City itself is alright but for a city that should be full of oil wealth it honestly doesn’t look like much at all.

I think the voters there are misguiding especially as it was supposedly the Scottish government’s fault for the oil and gas industry depleting. I remember the papers with David Cameron and George Osborne pledging an ‘oil bonanza’ with record investment if Scotland voted No to independence.

Of course when they did vote No, the industry didn’t get any Westminster support.

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Is there a specific model that you think yuri is most like in this au? Physical wise

Oh my god, there are so many!! I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity for someone to finally ask me that. So here we go:

1. Elsa Hosk. She’s like, 50% my Yuri. Her features fit Yuri so well, like, her nose, the cheekbones and the mouth. Her hair is fabulous and also the same length as I picture for Yuri. The only things about her that I think don’t match 100% is her eyes: blue, Yuri’s are green; and something else that’s a bit difficult to explain, but she’s a bit doe-eyed most of the time and I think Yuri is way more aggressive. Also, she’s like… really feminine. And that’s alright because Yuri is androgynous, but to me she only looks the most like Yuri when he’s feeling in a feminine day or doing a specific photoshoot. In those days, she’s close to 100% Yuri.

2. Stav Strashko. Lots of people have mentioned that model!Yuri would resemble Stav Strashko a lot, and I know what they mean. He’s 20% my Yuri. He has the hair and he is androgynous, though his features aren’t exactly what I envision Yuri’s being. 

3. Line Brems. She’s a model that I found out by chance. She reminds me a lot of Stav Strashko, but she fills in some gaps that he doesn’t accomplish. Like, the way she holds herself is exactly how I portray Yuri. She looks strong and defiant and I think that’s always something to look up on Yuri. She’s about 30% my model!Yuri. 

There are other honorable mentions as well, like Amalie Schmidt. She’s my young model!Yuri. You know that part of the fic where they find pictures of each other when younger? I think Otabek would find one of Yuri in his early days of modeling and she would represent him. Eva Staudinger reminds me a little bit of him too, she takes some good, inspirational pictures. All in all, I think every blond model out there has some trait that resembles model!Yuri, and they’re not difficult to come across, thanks racist society. So there are probably many others out there that define something specific of his. Thanks for asking! ❤


I’ve counted about 15 asks for a gender swap so I crappily sketched some stuff (I love that Yurio looks EXACTLY the same).