but i think it fits well

two sheep counted, but not enough to sleep

((Bruce & a teenage Dick, ambiguous universe, but surprisingly I was thinking of this as a precursor to the Teen Titans animated show.

EDIT: young justice universe fits p well as well… really it fits anywhere?

~1800 words, mention of polyphasic sleep cycles for Dick, which are covered at length at the link, by @toflyandfall.))

It was probably fairly normal for Bruce’s fifteen-year-old son to be up at all hours.

When he started to feel like a bad parent, he tried to remind himself that most teenagers had sleep schedules that were totally up in the air. It made Bruce feel a little better in the face of Alfred’s pointed glances and sharp tone about how Master Dick had insisted on a caffeinated beverage tonight, sir, shall I serve it as you like it?

Those lectures had become less pointed as of late, and Bruce had allowed the warnings to sink to the back of his mind.

Besides—Dick didn’t seem to be crumbling under the pressure.

And yet, some nights he remembered Alfred’s warnings better than others. Generally only when they became a problem—like watching Dick’s head bob up and down when he was trying to stay awake at the breakfast table, or when he came down to the cave at ten at night looking like he’d just woken up half a minute ago.

Or nights like tonight, when Dick had seemed distracted and slow on patrol. At the time, he’d put it out of his head and delegated his partner to smaller tasks—ones that carried less risk if he had slower reflexes than usual.

While he hadn’t considered it in enough depth to truly have thought about it, he knew that if he had, he would have simply ignored the information, or figured out the reason why and discarded it from there. After all, Dick had pulled two full all-nighters this week, and had had two very late nights between them.

And yet, despite the likelihood of teenagers and late nights being normal, Bruce found himself focusing on that last bit of information. 

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Fixing Misinformation Hurts

I’m seeing a lot of drawn out arguments pop up lately.
While I’m glad that it’s not on this blog for once, I think that these discussions are necessary, and yes, unpleasant. 
Correcting the fakelore and misinformation that has pervaded this community for so long is difficult and it causes a lot of stir. So many people claim to want to learn, but get angry if the new knowledge doesn’t follow their old knowledge. In truth, new knowledge should make you question what you’ve known before. 

As far as witchcraft goes, the misinformation on this site alone is appalling. One bit of misinformation can be spread quickly simply if it’s worded well or if it fits the popular view. When in fact, so many of the people who use the word ‘witch’ have absolutely no indication of that word’s past, meanings, and cultural contexts. It’s a word thrown about and used when talking about things that really have no correlation to the topic at hand. What’s more, they are resistant to learn the history and the perspectives that exist beneath the more popular modern ones. 
Discussions about history and folklore are difficult enough, simply because they don’t support what so many modern witches have been taught. When we get into conversations about praxis, it makes it even more complex. Then we have to compare perspectives on witchcraft, magic, power, history, tradition, etc. It’s a difficult conversation, but it is entirely necessary. Why? Because this is the history of witchcraft in the making. 

Perhaps it’s a harsh truth, but so many of the educated folks within the Occult community look down at modern witch movements and the sites that are rife with them. Yes, it is in part due to the praxis that so many have adopted. It’s also because of how severely uneducated and misinformed the communities are. My own opinion is that if you are informed, you can do as you please because you’re making the decision to practice that way consciously and not out of misinformation. If you know the history of modern witchcraft, its movements, that even though it has separated from Wicca it’s still heavily Wiccan, etc. then you are able to hold informed discussions with people about the thing that it is you do. Learn theories of magic. Learn the anthropological distinction between witchcraft and magic. Learn about how the word ‘witch’ was changed in modern movements. Learn theories that challenge other theories. Just learn. 

For the people who are putting out knowledge and correcting misinformation, job well done to you. It’s tough. Plenty of fights are started and kept up simply because you want to see people informed. I know the feeling well. Though there are plenty who are more than willing to fight rather than read, there are some who are soaking up the information and truly learning. They’re not always the most visible among the sea of arguments, but they’re there. Just keep it up. 

personally I don’t think the whole occult/supernatural vibe would fit well with what Riverdale’s going for right now so I like how they approached the Sabrina angle.

they’re not throwing the characters and plot from Sabrina the Teenage Witch into the mix of Riverdale, but rather testing it out to see if it resonates with viewers and whether or not it can build up its own audience

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Could you do some Keith headcanons or something where his s/o is quite open with her thoughts and won't think twice before telling him he looks 👌damn fine👌 whether they're around people or not

I love this idea kjhjdsfkj

  • blushy keith!!!
  • he’s so unused to this man like how could you do this to him
  • totally throws him off balance
  • like if he’s sparring and you go “damn keith that shirt fits you REALLY well” he’s like almost falling over
  • “dONT DO THAT“ he tries to make you stop, really he does
  • he’s not mentally prepared for it, like ever
  • lance will give him sHIT for this
  • like he’s always laughing when you say something
  • keith???? thoroughly embarrassed
    • he almost died 
  • save him pls

*screams* *run everwhere* *scream louder* *neigbour call 911 cause obviously i’m crazy*

Hum *clear throat*

Damn, 2.5k person following this blog, that’s fucking awesome ! I’m so happy and glad and bless and so many other synonyms of this, I’m a mess of happiness right now ! 😂 :D  

I’m not one for expressing my feelings, or for socialising for that matters but i’ll try. So please handle my awkward love post.

I’ve been going through a lot of shit recently, I still am in fact. And well I’m not fitting well in the world, I used to think I was crazy because my devotion and passion to fandom seems to have no limit and no one could understand that, and I just thought I was a weirdo for loving fanfic (especially gay smutt) BUT That changes when I join tumblr, and realise I wasn’t the only one loving yaoi or ready to go to hell for shipping x) I’ve met amazing people here, they are even some of them that I’m gonna dare to call friends or people I just like to see on my dash. Some of them really helps me recently by talking with me about my problem or talking about something absolutely different and just distract me from all of this. 

So to all of you :

@yanderr02 ( my icon buddies)@definitely-not-normal @pearlshagnasty (got buddies ^^) @theredstarassassin @attack-on-stalking @tatakaeeren @reiner-is-my-armored-daddy @dimmerzz @jjhomes043 @the-silver-lotus @fan-fictionlover (you might don’t know it but we’re friends now) @nerdycatterpillar and @casually-not-fitting-in (my first tumblr firends <3)

and anyone reading this THANK YOU !

I don’t know what to do to show my gratitude, I could write or draw something (or at least try), just ask me to do somtheing and I’ll probably do it (expect live strip maybe  😉)

So that’s all for this -I hope not too- awkward love post and bless this fandom !  

Dressing Rooms (4)

Warnings: none

Summary: In which the story is only told through conversations that take place in dressing rooms

A/N: It’s all description and barely any dialogue but I’m slowly progressing that character development. Also I am trying my best to keep this all inclusive but hey I mess up sometimes so if you catch it please message me and I’ll go change it!

1, 2 , 3 ,4

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With how chill Oranhamme is, I feel like he'd be a good care taker.

I think he works well as an encouraging and supportive friend/partner but caretaker may be just a tad too much for him. Oranhamme definitely can be a nurturing entity. He will sit down and listen to a friend’s woes and offer condolences and advice. However, he also expects people to figure out their own stuff as well. 

I’m having a difficult time describing this because its a ‘yes and no’ type of situation. He values helping others and giving them a good foundation to start on, but they also kinda need to grow on their own. I hope that makes sense, haha.

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I just found an incredible song that I think fits either Dark, NateMare or Anti perfectly! It's called Duality by Set It Off, and it's super inspiring if anyone's writing for our favourite demons. 😄

I would say Anti, but NateMare would fit it well too. I love Set It Off! One of my top ten bands

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So my gender is super confusing. I experience varying levels of female-ness (down to zero, up to... 50 or 60 percent a girl maybe?) and... I don't think I can quite call it male-ness, but it's definitely male-aligned. (Similarly I can't percentage-range it, but it does go down to zero.) I can have one, both, or neither at any given time. Is there any label that fits that's more specific than NB/genderqueer?

Hello there nonnie! I’m a new mod here - your new buddy, Buddy, or Haval in Kurdish. Hope I can help with you figuring this out - and mayhaps a few followers can as well!

Gender can be very confusing for a lot of people, and always do know that it’s okay if you can’t pin-point a specific word for it. But as it is, we can give it a try!

Genderfluid is a broad term that might work better from the sounds of it, and if you want more ‘microlabel’/specific terms, there’s Genderflux, which sounds like might fit you, which is described as a gender fluidity that varies in intensity (thus your precentages) overtime from having neither to having one or more.

More specific than that is Demiflux and Demifluid, which I think might fit you as well. The difference between that and Genderflux and Demifluid is that Demiflux suggests that there is one ‘static’ gender which is always present, with others that fluctuate in intensity, while Genderflux implies that it can go the full 100%, and Demifluid would suggest that while you never reach a 100% for any of them, you don’t have a ‘static’ one.

I wish you luck on your self-discovery! 

-Mod Haval

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🎃 Halloween Riaki seeing as October's right around the corner.

((I honestly don’t know what to piiiick. I went with ghostly bride for now, but I’ve also been thinking of her and Magatsu doing a Phantom of the Opera thing. But I dunno. Doesn’t seem to fit as well as the vampire phase did.))


replied to your



lesbian-achilles replied to your post : …

oh my god…….oh god….was this said in the episode and i missed it? oh my god if yes i’m stupid god i just. want to die

well i mean. given what oglethorpe was saying at the beginning of the episode, and the fact that silver repeats a lot of it to madi when talking about how he sent flint there, i think it’s pretty clear that james ends up in the plantation. 

“What’s to be done with the unwanted ones? The men who do not fit, whom civilisation must prune from the vine to protect its sense of itself. Every culture since earliest antiquity survived this way - defining itself by the things it excludes. So long as there is progress, there will always be human debris in its wake, on the outside looking in. […] Many of the men incarcerated here have enemies, sir. Such is the nature of being anathema to the empire. And the only way I can protect them is to ensure that once they walk through these gates, their anonymity is protected, too. Here, they must cease to be to be able to find peace.” 

“An internment far more humane, but no less secure. Men who enter these gates never leave them. To the rest of the world, they simply cease to be.” 

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4, 5, 9 and 11! <3<3<3

4. Which concept (Exo or CBX) has suited Jongdae the best?

ahhhhhh i think kkb or lotto?? ko ko bop because it was so different but he fit in so well with that vibe and all his scenes in the mv are so cool. and then lotto was literally so hot….. like that loose white shirt and holding the wine glass 💀 literally iconic. if i had to choose.. lotto. 

5. Favorite of Jongdae’s hairstyles? Favorite makeup look?

i’m not really attached to hair styles but i like the normal full fringe look best. i also kinda when he has a  middle parting because he’s one of the few people who suits it well but for make up look, definitely 170119 😣😣😣😣

OR it’s kinda the same with the iconic red eye shadow but his ko ko bop behind the scenes shoot look. i literally couldnt think about anything else for a whole week 💀

9. Favorite friendship/pairing with Jongdae?

chenbaek!!!!!!!!!!! actually best friends 😭

11. Jongdae, Chen, JD, or Matteo?

jongdae or JD. i don’t really ever call him chen and JD is just so…. cool. i call him JD a lot in my head 🤢🤢🤢🤢

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lee jeno !! thoughts on the king of eyesmiles and dance

if i had to describe jeno in one word,,, it world be prince,, it literally fits him so well,, i know it, u know it; everyone kNOWS IT !

okay but honestly ? jeno is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous !! he’s such a ray of sunshine with such a big heart nd ((’: I ALWAYS SAY N THINK THIS BUT JENO IS SO CARING ND WOULD BE SUCH AN AMAZING BEST FRIEND OR BOYFRIEND (’: the IDEAL one too,,

he also has such a nice smooth voice when singing, nd rapping !! his lines from the we young album ? iconic. his LINE from mfal, iconic. his lines from chewing gum, i c o n i c ! tbh everything jeno does is memorizing nd amazing,, he just gives off such good vibes if u know what i mean ??? also eye smile,,, 100000/10 the cutest smile

send me thoughts on ______ !!

Me: *sees a bunch of cool edits of Pidge with long hair* 
Me: Nice
Also Me: *starts to think a lot of reasons about how is not a good idea to have long hair in the space* 

4/8 | ARTISTIC | “Eliminated”- Jacque, The Artist (Passpartout)

A good time to finish the fourth part of the eliminated series! I was actually kind of scared to post this. vov But I really want to finish this series by the end of the week! Determined!

(Full series/ set is out now! Check it out right here: http://piligy.tumblr.com/post/163676102276/88-eliminated-full-drawing-series-drawings)