but i think it ended up better than what i expected

I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, I’m not sure why we met on the first of may and I’m not sure why i ended up in mo. sometimes i still think about it all. but i do not regret it, that year taught me more about life, love, and most importantly myself than i ever thought it would. i became a better version of myself because of it. you taught me what i want in someone, and what i should expect from someone, i hope my future wife has some of the qualities i loved about you. you taught me to look for someone who will cover my room in sticky notes, or buy a huge bear just bc I’m sad, you taught me to look for someone who will hold me as i sob uncontrollably on the bathroom floor, and not look at me any differently because of it. in a way because of you, i learned what it was like to love someone with a mental illness, i watched you love me through it, and in a way it taught me how to love myself through it. i didn’t know it at the time, but i do now. some days i was so sad i didn’t even have the energy to wash my own hair and so you did it for me, i would shake and so you would hold me every night. when i thought i couldn’t ever smile again you sang to me in the car. i am not sure why things ever happened the way that they did, but a tiny piece of me is happy that they did. i have washed my hair without the help of your fingertips 74 times, i have slept tangled in blankets rather than in you for 63 nights, i have driven countless miles with an empty passenger seat, i have listened to hundreds of songs without your voice belting the lyrics. i never wanted things to end the way they did. I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, but I am thankful that they did. Hurting me is the best thing you ever did for me, partially because of you i have learned to love myself, you hurting me forced me to learn to love me without the help from you. I am a stronger me than we ever were an us.
—  And so I thank you, thankyou for hurting me,
thankyou for making me that much stronger.

I just had a weird thought about Luke Skywalker.

Well, more specifically, it’s a thought about Anakin Skywalker.

I was thinking about how, while he’ll never be one of my favorite characters, I do find Anakin to be tragic and generally sympathetic.  At least until he starts murdering kindergarteners.  Then it’s just tragic.

And I was thinking about all of the factors that make Anakin sympathetic.  His backstory as a slave, his struggles with the Jedi Order’s expectations, his love for Padme, his relationship with Ahsoka.

Luke Skywalker doesn’t know any of that.

Owen and Beru might know some of the earliest stuff, but it didn’t seem like they were ones to talk much about Anakin if they could avoid it.  Obi-Wan and Yoda had a vested interest in keeping any information about Anakin underwraps.  And it doesn’t sound like a lot of specific information survived from the Clone Wars.

So really, ALL Luke knows about his father in the end is what he’s seen: Vader killing Kenobi, Vader in the Death Star run, Vader leading his friends into a trap, Vader on Bespin, whatever assorted misadventures that the tie-in material might add.  And what he’s learned from others in the Rebellion, which if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say would not show Vader in the best light.

Luke only knows the absolute worst, most monstrous qualities of Vader.  He doesn’t know any of the human, sympathetic parts, and probably never will.

But he wants to save him anyway.  Because he’s Luke Skywalker.

Why I think Yuri on Ice ending is the best ending possible

I can say the ending it’s so much better than I expected for a few reasons. Like almost everyone here, I was convince that Victor skating career was over, that he was fed up with competitions, because he was neglecting himself emotional, -and possibly physical too- needs. He dedicated all his life to skating and he noticed, thanks to Yuri, the things he has been missing. Well, there isn’t a lie here.

But you only did this kind of sacrifice for something you really, absolutly, love. And when you love something with such an intensity, you don’t feel it like a sacrifice, even if it is. He would be skating and competing at that level forever 
if it hadn’t been for Yuri and it wasn’t good for him, true, but I don’t think he exactly regrets what he did.

However, he realized that something was not right with his life, surly during the banquet. Although you can’t change your behaviour so easily. He fell in love with Yuri, and, do you know what is the meaning of “love” to Victor?

Sacrifice. Because that he’s what he has been doing for all this time. Then he did it again, in order to get what he thought he needed. He didn’t quit skating because he didn’t want to do it anymore. I know that Yuri is an unreliable narrator, but we forget he knows Victor quite well, When he saw him watching the performances, he noticed Victor still loves skating. We thought his opinion was due to his anxiety, but it wasn’t. Yuri was right that time! Victor found someone so meaningful to him that deserved he left behind his career, all what he has been figthing for, only because of Yuri

Like I said, sacrifice was his way to face love.

Not anymore. Why? Because Yuri made the same as him. He sacrificed, he gave up on Victor because he thought that was what Victor needed. And I think that was the very moment that Victor noticed that this was a mistake.

Then love isn’t sacrifice anymore. Now, love is balance. Love is find a way for everything, not only dedicate oneself to something exclusively. Now Victor is Yuri’s couch AND skater. He has love and live, because He’s with Yuri but still doing what he always love the most with someone he loves the most. Yuri’s words gave me the key:

“There is a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone. We call everything on the ice «love»”

I read this like: “Our dream is skating, but we want to be together too, so instead of giving up on one thing or another, we help each other to accomplish our goals. We work together, we live together. Finally, we both grow better and stronger as a person and as an athlete”

Neither of them has to sacrifice anything this time. On my view, that is what Victor ultimate decision means, and I can’t think on a more healthy mentality than that. 

send me a pairing + a number!
  1. “why are you at my doorstep at 3 in the morning…”
  2. holy shit! i finally found something i’m better in than you!”
  3. “no what the FUCK get that THING away from me!”
  4. “you’re clearly hurting stop putting up a strong front”
  5. “hey sorry but i kinda ran away from home so let me stay over tonight”
  6. “if you really want to, i’ll let you go”
  7. “we’re made for each other”
  8. “will you hear me out?”
  9. “i don’t think i can do this anymore”
  10. “i can go out with you, but don’t expect anything from me”
  11. “like hell i’m leaving you when you look at me like that”
  12. “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  13. “didn’t you hear me the first time?”
  14. “stay with me, goddammit!” 
  15. “h-hey! why are you crying all of a sudden?!”
  16. “oh… sorryomgwrongnumber”
  17. “why are you staring at me”
  18. fuck. off.
  19. “i’m sorry, but who are you?”
  20. “for you, anything.”
  21. “wow i did not know you had a weak spot like that”
  22. “dating advice #1: you don’t look at anyone other than me
  23. “i don’t want to break up”
  24. “you don’t get to trample on my feelings like that!”
  25. “it’s been a long time since i saw your smile”
  26. “i just wanted you to be happy”
  27. “kiss me”
  28. “don’t make me say it!”
  29. “we can’t return to those times anymore”
  30. “i have everything – i have you
  31. “i’m sorry i ended up falling for you”
  32. “what do you mean you’re not attractive whatthefuck”
  33. “wait what did you just say you love me?”
  34. “why did it have to be you”
  35. “you don’t even have a clue about the things you do to me”
  36. “please don’t leave me behind”
  37. “i won’t leave you behind”
  38. “only in front of you did i want to look cool always”
  39. “have you come to hate me?”
  40. “me and you? we’re simply not cut out for this lovers thing”
  41. “you’re so embarrassing ugh…”
  42. “i’ve lied to you about many things but i wasn’t lying when i said i loved you”
  43. “i can’t believe we didn’t find each other until now”
  44. “why is so hard to breathe when you’re standing next to me?”
  45. “at least i’m yours”
  46. “this wasn’t how i planned our first date!”
  47. “it’s fine even if you don’t love me”
  48. “i don’t want this to be just physical”
  49. “lets do this again next year”
  50. “i just thought i really loved you”

The more I think about it, the more furious I get. As a kid, I enjoyed Gayo Daejun and the other end of the year shows. I grew up sneaking down to the living room to watch this at some wild hour or skyping my best friend to watch Infinite together. But it seems that I have lost that motivation and it’s mainly due to seeing how all these shows lost their quality over their years.

I saw these amazing performers yesterday get cut down to these ridiculous times of 3 minutes or less. I enjoyed watching each groups special performance they prepared to finish the year off and what? You create the best stages for your own benefits I see. Your equipments don’t get any better, nor do your dumb camera angles, and the planning.

When I was chatting with my Inspirits Only admins yesterday and saw the cue sheet of Gayo Daejun, I was pissed. I should expect it but it was shittier than what I expected so I guess that’s where the anger stems from. I sat and watched Infinite’s cut down performance yesterday and amidst this, Infinite still gave an A+ performance and showed their best for that short time. Their vocals made me swoon all over again… As a fan, I can’t be any prouder to see that my group can overcome shittiness like that (and their Vapp that day, we all know that was Infinite giving us their time since we didnt get to see much of them).

Although I don’t expect much, I hope these shows do bring up their quality somewhat. Just…treat these artists better please. Infinite waits for this time to show Inspirits the best but they’ve been upset about these shows for the past 2 or 3 years, think of how much the other groups must feel. :/

That was the end lf my ramblings. Enjoy your day.

Finished Iron Fist!

It was a great addition to the Marvel Netflix line up. I like it more than Luke Cage, not sure where it falls in comparison to Jessica Jones though. But it was definitely better than what the critics would have you believe. All of the issues that they seemingly complained about were non-issues, and even if they were there, they were fixed with the amazing second half! Plus Finn Jones did a wonderful job portraying the innocence of Danny throughout the series.

All in all, I’m ready for the Defenders! (And Punisher!)


If I wasn’t sure before I’m 99% sure after tonight’s KCA that everything between CC/5H is PR. Like 5H showing late to the event just so they wouldn’t have to see Camila perform or be seen watching Camila perform? Come on! That’s unprofessional and I believe (no… I KNOW) girls are better than that. If they really had that much bad blood between each other as they make us believe they have, they would sucked it up, put on a fake smile and acted professional and not did shiz like this, only management can do this. At first I got what they wanted to do with “the fight” - get media to talk but now things are getting ridiculous and unnecessary. At the end, I can’t say I’m surprised they didn’t see each other because I expected that and I think this is not the last time this happened. I think management will keep doing this- putting 5H and CC in the same shows/events just to get everybody talking because, let’s be real, everybody is waiting to see what will happen when they finally meet each other but I don’t think that will happen soon. Since December they were together on 2 events and didn’t see each other? Yeah right. 

I really hope management stops playing this game with everybody and finally let things go. Things happened, Camila is no longer in 5H but that doesn’t mean they have to avoid each other. 


I know these are gratuitous ass-shots to some, but from a cosplay and costuming perspective, I’m pretty proud of myself. Both of the pants for my Street Fighter and Tekken cosplays were based on the same $3 pair of sweatpants that I found at the thrift store two years ago. Both projects required unique attention and a shit-ton of work based purely off of speculation of how everything would fall into place; sometimes it went a-okay; other times I wanted to rage quit. But somehow, both projects came out better than what I expected. And it’s easy to think that something is going to end up looking whack, especially when you’re under pressure (I didn’t figure out how to shape the legs of Laura’s pants until the day before the con), but stuff always looks bad before it looks good. And even when you make things presentable, nothing is stopping you from going back to redo and improve your craft.

And that’s why you should persevere, never give up, and look fabulous in the end. B) 


we’ve been ‘the right people at the wrong time’ for three and a half years now. and i have no idea what we’re doing or where we’re going or if we’re going anywhere, because you don’t talk. i don’t know how you feel about me from one day to the next, because your mind changes as often and as quickly as tennessee weather. and i don’t know how you can think for a single second that i’m not just as in love with you as i’ve always been when i’m still here. after three and a half years of you breaking me open and putting me back together, i’m still here. i know better than to expect anything from you, but i refuse to be the one who gave up. the truth is i’ve never stopped choosing you. i’ve never stopped fighting for you. at the end of the day, i’m still that wide-eyed girl that fell in love with you by the lake. i will never stop missing waking up next to you in a t-shirt that smells like bonfire, and i will never stop hoping that this time might finally be the right time.


#oooooh#noodly awkward eldritch abomination attempts flirting#it goes… better than expected?#poor Dirthamen he never has much control of his body#He always ends up some kind of weird masked horror#except he’s super polite and probably more upset about scaring you than what’s happened to him#well I geuss he’s still pretty much an elf in most modern aus#right up to the ‘everyone is an abom’ au#where he ends up becoming… himself again?#but that’s besides the point#this is so cute I really like the way he looks in that bottom right one#like his body language just sort of shouts#I AM VERY UNCERTAIN ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED BUT I’D STILL LIKE TO SOCIALIZE#almost reminds me of Noh-face from Spirited Away

i’m placing a pox on u and your cattle bc noW YOU’VE GOT ME THINKING OF A SLIGHTLY MODIFIED SPIRITED AWAY AU

Selene is a worker (spirit or mortal idc) at the Evanuris/Mythal-Elgar’nan (and sons) bathhouse for spirits/gods/yokai/supernatural types or a frequent visitor and Dirthamen is naturally the Deeply Awkward and Sheltered Son who falls for her 

like fuck oh god i think i’m already in hell i’ve literally started worldbuilding this bastard more than what i just said  i’m so fucked FUCK FUCK FUCK

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do you think klance is going to be canon? we have a confirmation of 6 seasons they've definitely got time to make it cacnon

i’m pretty sure i’ve answered this numerous times but idk what to think if i’m being honest. i just don’t wanna hold my breath only to be disappointed in the end lol. for me it’s just become easier to not expect anything so that way when/if it doesn’t happen i’m not as disappointed, especially for sga and poly ships. but this also serves to help because if it does happen (i.e. korrasami) it feels so much better than you can imagine because it’s almost like you’re five and you got that toy you wanted more than anything on christmas morning. no matter how much i want klance, i’m just not entirely convinced it’ll happen and i prefer just indulging in art and theories and stuff but if i actually get hopeful i know i’m just gonna hype myself up only to be let down. maybe it’s just a personal problem that only applies to me because hell i don’t even think that some of my heavily coded m/w ships will happen. but if you want to believe it could be canon, by all means believe it. i’m not saying you should or shouldn’t. but i just prefer not to get any hopes up.

Happy Birthday ?

I used to have really romantic ideas of how life worked, used to think that everything will turn out ok in the end…

But it brought me a lot of pain. Creating this fantastic scenarios of how things would play out, made things really disappointing, because nothing ever reached my ridiculous standards.

Jimmy was really good at pointing out to me everything wrong with my ideas, he enjoyed seeing me sad because I was wrong, but it really backfired on him when in the end things ended up being better than what he expected.

“what are you so excited about?” he asked me
“my birthday is in a few days”
“well, i’m going to have a really big party, dad let me invite like 25 people” I said beaming
“yeah, ‘big’ ” he laughed “still, that doesn’t guarantee anyone is going to show up” he winked at me and went away, leaving me alone to think about all the awful possibilities of what he had just said.
When a couple of people told me they wouldn’t be able to go, it solidified in my head the idea that no one would show up, and when the time of the party came, and there were no show ups i was super depressed.
an hour later people started coming “Well look at that, seems you have a couple of people who care” i ignored Jimmy’s comment, and went to open the door.

in the end almost anyone showed up, and i had a great time, i didn’t pay any attention to the frowning Jimmy leaning against a wall in the back.

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Who’s Jimmy?
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I'm 17 and I have multiple mental illnesses and am physically ill often for various reasons. I feel embarrassed and agitated because I am so much more dependent on my parents than other teenagers and highschool has turned out so much worse than I expected. I am so afraid I won't survive in college but college is also my only hope for a better life. I feel so weak and helpless and life has been so hard. I'm so young but so unhappy and I don't know what to do about it anymore

Hi there,

There’s nothing shameful in needing a bit of extra help in order to get where you want to be. It’s understandable high school has been hard for you for your reasons, so there’s no need to feel bad about that. I think you should strive for college, but there’s nothing wrong with still depending on your parents in it even if it’s just financially. Maybe if you have a close friend who you end up going to college with or someone like that then having them there to support you would be good for you. If college is too much then maybe try out studying only part time so you have time to take care of yourself. Also, do a bit of research on the services of different colleges and the way they help/deal with people who have mental illnesses because there might be places you feel more supported at than others. If things do end up being too hard then it’s ok to take a break if you just do even just one small thing to move yourself forward, whether it be still doing a small amount of college, having a part time job, etc. Whatever it is that you think is best for your situation is what you should do. I hope this helps you.

- Liam


Things didn’t end well for Jack and Peggy, not as Jack would like to tell. Duty over love, that’s what she chose leaving him heartbroken for several months and until the date he was still hurt about their breakup. Compromise where you can, where you can’t, don’t. Even if the world is telling you that something wrong is something right, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look at them in the eye and say ‘No, you move’. It had taken him a while to undestand what she meant with that, but when he finally did Jack realised that all she wanted to say was ‘I can’t do this. I can’t marry you. Not every woman’s life is fullfilled with a child and if you don’t want to understand, it’s not my problem. It’s yours and unless you refuse to change your way of thinking, it’s better for us to part’. So they broke up and never saw their faces ever again, mostly because Jack tried to avoid every single time Howard invited him over to his house in New York and knew Peggy was there and vice versa. They just couldn’t see each other’s face.

It was on December 31st, 1949 when Jack thought he saw the brunette wandering around Howard Stark’s mansion ballroom. He had brought with him his wife, whom he already had a one year old little boy and had been married with for one year and a few months (in a desperate attempt to make up the family he always wanted to have with his girlfriend). “Well, well, Jackie, boy. Having fun? Hello, Mrs. Jackie.” his wife smiled and looked on the way Jack was glaring at, noticing he was looking at a woman.

“It would be a better night if Marge wasn’t here.” he shrugged in response to Stark’s question. “But I’m not going to let her ruin my night. Did I tell you Marie expecting our second child?” Jack smiled.

What I really hate is how people can demand new content from writers, basically harassing them about it for days on end, and when a writer snaps back by saying they can’t update right now and to stop asking when I’ll update they get called rude.

Yes. Because people demanding I update a fic isn’t rude at all. Because when I leave “please leave a review and tell me what you think!” at the end of a chapter, and someone comments with “review” that isn’t fucking rude and blatantly disrespectful! Because not too long ago I watched a group bully a 16 year old out of a fandom because a group of people found aspects of her fic offensive and decided harassment was better than actually talking to her. Because fic writers are basically the minimum wage workers of fandoms, but we don’t get paid at all. Because leaving reviews/comments takes “too much time” but we’re expected to spit out thousands of words every week. Because we’re treated like we’re replaceable. Because somewhere along the way we became disposable. Because it’s highly likely that people will see this post is about fanfiction writers and scroll right passed it.

Believe me, you haven’t seen rude until you’ve been a writer for a popular fandom. Because that’s basically the bottom of the barrel.

“Never Stop the Journey”


Alternate title: “IT’S OVER”

I was NOT ready for this episode when I woke up this morning. It started out as another CMC episode, yay. Then we got Pipsqueak – oh, that’s what I needed. Yes, good. Then Diamond Tiara on full tyrant bitch mode. And around this point, I was thinking to myself that they had better do SOMETHING with her, because she has gone from schoolyard bully to dictator, and you can’t really hyperbolize her character anymore. And you know what? They did. They gave her character meat. And yes, I felt bad for her. The ending would have been too 180, “I’m good now” if it weren’t for the inclusion of her mother. The force of the confrontation allows a more dramatic transformation. Initially, I was expecting her to reluctantly offer up her family’s sums to fund the new equipment, rather than overthrow Pipsqueak, and after seeing the others be happy for it, start a slow development into the side of good. But the method we got works too. This was the best CMC episode, largely for the depth and dynamics we get between these four characters.

And then, of course, we have the end of the CMC’s crusade. I was not prepared for this. But I’m good with it. It had the right feeling of a long road finished, a goal achieved, and a new journey about to begin. It continues the theme we’ve seen thus far of the characters continuing on with their lives. We’re crossing milestones, achieving new things, progressing with these characters and their ambitions rather than having static, serial pieces that never evolve. And maybe now we will get a better CMC episode.

Now before we get more “The CMC are great what are you talking about!?” business (enough of that with Spike, thanks), their episodes are largely constructed around doing more shenanigans to find their cutie marks, blundering, not earning their tattoos, and sometimes learning a lesson for it. In some cases, they blatantly miss the moral. It’s funny once? Twice? But not five seasons in. We saw a few episodes where this wasn’t the case, and the episodes that focus on one of the three are generally better. But now that the underlying goal is achieved, it will be interesting to see what happens with these characters. What will their goals be? I’m certainly looking forward to it, in any case. The cutie marks are found, but the journey continues.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro

High School!Mike being in your photography class and him being assigned as your partner on the final project. After 2 days of arguing on what to do and how, you both finally figure out what you’re going to do. Deciding to go to your house after school that Friday to take the final few pictures and edit them. Not knowing what to expect from the loud, annoying girl that put up with no ones shit, Michael was a little frightened. After arriving at your house, you both started to set up the cameras.
“Hold on, I hate a quiet house.” You said before leaving him alone in your kitchen as you go to grab some old CDs. He had finished setting up yours and his camera by the time you returned with the stack of 6 CDs.
“Do you think it’s gonna take up 6 albums to get this done?” He asked, thinking you were doubting his photography skills.
“No, but I’m assuming I’m going to end up feeding you at one point and who knows how long that’ll take. You could be here all night for all I know.” You laugh as you put the first CD in the stereo system. You saw a small smile rise on his face as the first song played.
“Bowling for Soup. Nice”
“Well, a loud child needs loud music.” You say while patting his cheek before grabbing your camera and slipping out the backdoor to start. He laughs before following suit.
“MIKE, HURRY! THIS IS REALLY GOOD LIGHTING!” You yell before snapping a picture of the old, semi falling apart fence that separated your backyard and the neighbors. He smiled a big toothy grin before getting a very detailed picture of the half dead plants that seem to haven’t been watered in two weeks. He looked up to see your frame strutting across the yard then proceeding to take a picture of the squirrel who had stopped halfway up a tree. He couldn’t help himself. He had to snap a picture of you. “Clifford? Our project is about nature. Not me.” You said, kinda confused on why your partner was talking a picture of you.
“Sorry I just umm- uhh-…”
“I get it, I looked good as always. Now would you please focus.” You say before walking to the front side of the house.
“Damn.” He said before taking laying down to take a picture of mushrooms surrounded by grass. 30/40 pictures later, you had both gotten more than enough. “Hey we should get these download on the the computers.” He said as he met you halfway through your house. You agreed and plugged your camera in. After both had completely downloaded you had a suggestion.
“You know how earlier I said I’d pry be feeding you?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You have a better eye at this than I do, plus you’re WAY better at editing than I am. So you should do that and I’ll make supper?” You glanced at the clock to know that if it was actually about supper time. ‘6 pm. Ok that makes me feel better.’ You thought to yourself.
“Fine with me.” He said, shrugging slightly before turning back to the computer. You let out a small huff before rummaging through the freezer.
“We’re having pizza.” You say, knowing the blonde boys love it.
“YES! YOU ARE A GODDESS!” He exclaimed while throwing his hands up in the air. You laugh before turning the oven on, allowing it to preheat. You noticed the quietness of your home before slipping another cd in. You hear the roar of laughter come from the living room as he figures out what CD he was being forced to listen to. “High School Musical? Seriously?”
“HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION AND IF YOU DONT THINK SO, THEN FIGHT ME!” You yell across the house, half joking, half serious. He took a break from sorting and editing the pictures to come eat. And dance of course. You alternated between Troy and Gabriella, in an almost perfect duet. At the end of “Just Wanna be With You”, he had is arms wrapped around his waist and yours around his neck, noses slightly touching.
“You cheesy mother fucker.” You say before leaving his grasp as well as him in stitches. By the time he could compose himself, you’d already eating half a slice of pizza. You set the slice down on your plate as he moved toward you. He wrapped his arms around your waist again as you placed yours on his neck, the two of you in the same position as before.
“This is gonna be cheesy as fuck and I don’t even care.” Michael says before gently placing his lips on yours. “I think I agree with you.” He says after pulling away, leaving you confused. “The hell are you talking about Clifford?” “High School Musical is definitely the greatest movie of our generation.” You let out a loud laugh before placing your lips back on his.


i guess i have some thoughts about kent parson and also the ways people react to kent parson? which, really, i should know better than to Enter the Discourse, but hey. under the cut we go if that’s a thing you, nebulous reader, are interested in.

warnings for #alcohol ment and #anxiety ment and #overdose ment and #drugs ment and basically everything that comes up when you’re talking about these characters.

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“Onion Friend” was a really sweet episode and its pretty much exactly what I wanted! A positive Amethyst episode and Vidalia! It’s even better than I was expecting too (I was kind of in the ballpark with my theory last night, but mostly way off), like I was hoping Vidalia would play a role but I thought it was unlikely. Glad I ended up being wrong!

I’ve been hoping Vidalia was still around so I’m very happy she is and she seems like a pretty good mom too! Letting her kids have the freedom to express themselves. I love that she and Amethyst were friends and they got along really well, and they were friends for a while. Amethyst seemed very happy to reconnect with her and I really like that. And I think its great for her to know she’s an inspiration to someone

So the newer paintings were done without her knowledge but she DID used to model for them so its not super weird or anything. I’ve glad they went this route rather than her having a weird stalker. It’s much sweeter this way, imo.

Also, official confirmation that Marty is Sour Cream’s father. I mean, we knew that, but confirmation is nice.

and I like the implication that Amethyst is going to see her more often, they seem like they got along real well and I think it’s good for Amethyst to have a friend outside of their little Gem family. So she has someone to talk to during times like these. 

And I like how Steven befriended Onion too! I’ve very glad Onion just turned out to be a kinda weird kid rather than anything supernatural.

I think maybe “Old Friends” isn’t a different episode but may’ve been an alternate title for this episode? Not sure.