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If you, guys, question my idea choices, you’re not the only ones.

I just think, I’ll never get tired of picturing them happily indulging in simple joys of life. (◡‿◡✿)

This was hugely inspired by @tracionn‘s warm autumn day Merthur manip.

I admire Frank Castles skill to paint really nicely stylized skulls on his bullet-proof vests..

Was it worth all that war just to win?
So caught up in speed and the weight of your sin
Don’t forget how the story begins

Overture by Patrick Wolf


♡ make me choose ♡  @bluiiieee asked: sebastian morgenstern or valentine morgenstern (as best villain)

“he has charisma enough to draw birds out of trees and convince them to live under the sea, is tall, devastatingly handsome, and has white-blond hair.” 

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Richie Tozier really fucking loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

- Every Halloween from 15-18 he dresses up like Tim Curry

- He’s constantly quoting the movie, even in serious situations

- Eddie would normally get annoyed about someone obsessing over something this much, but he loves how excited Richie gets when he talks about it.

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study / my concept of season 4 riddler

he hid from the world with books and documents on his hands, the most available place of course was the narrows but not a single soul knew edward nygma was there, not even penguin who looked after him just some weeks before giving up. he’s angry and desperate to find an answer, the plug to reconnect his brain with who he was before the ice. / do not repost


Happy 23th Birthday to Park Jaeseok, who’s visual is out of this world…

Henry Cavill: *mentioning Jon in an interview*

Me: Why did he do that? Is this a sign? Are we having Jon on the big screen in the near future? Who do I have to pay for this? C'mon DC I give negative shits about continuity and the kid is the best thing you have in ages and Rebirth run is a goldmine don’t be a coward. And Damian. Give me him too. Give me Super Sons. You can take time writing your scripts. I am patient.