but i think if the doctor abandoned rose like this

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Hi! Do you know any fanfic where Rose and The Doctor fights? Or like Rose is mad or upset at him? Or she says she is leaving? Or something like that? Thank up : )

I think the best direction for this would be in the post-Girl in the Fireplace fics as well as those where Rose leaves

Other than that, here’s a few more argument fic recs


I’m 99% sure almost every post-Journey’s end fic has arguments too! Oh, and one of my adult nine/rose fics (Bruisings) has quite a few arguments too, if you’re okay with a self-rec!. 

All my fic rec lists can be found here

fic: Distance, p18

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“Hi Mum,” Rose greeted Jackie, as her mother opened the door to her flat.

“Hello, love! Come in, come in. Sorry it’s so untidy, I’ve been having a sort out so everything’s a bit upside down. Do you want a cuppa?”

“Ooh, I’d love one, ta,” grinned Rose.

“Well you go and put your feet up and I’ll make us one - ”

“It’s all right, Mum, I’ll do it.”

“Don’t be daft, sit yourself down and relax - ”

Rose rolled her eyes. “I’m not ill, Mum. I can still do basic tasks, you know, even though I’m growing as big as a barge.”

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