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Fraaaaan, Sero so handsome. What about BakuSero ?

A good ship I might draw something for in the near future! :D if inspiration doesn’t leave me again, that is

Anon said: I don’t know if you said anything but is there a reason you haven’t drawn anything haikyuu related lately? Not complaining but just interested why?

Hmmmmm there’s a few reasons I’ve talked about on various occasions in the past, stuff that goes from “the manga isn’t all that inspiring atm” to “the fandom isn’t responding in a way that makes me want to share more” and also “reposters sure are a pain aren’t they”, but lately I’ve been thinking that I really wouldn’t mind drawing some hq’s again so! Don’t think about those too much, consider it just a temporary hiatus :D

Anon said: Rude quiestion i know and im sorry but, will you draw some haikyuu stuff again or…?

I will! Can’t promise my focus won’t shift on other characters once I’ll start again, or generally be more spread out through everyone instead of focusing on a couple like I was doing before, but I will!

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Malum- one shot

Malum imagine.


‘Don’t leave YN, don’t fucking do this!’ The tanned boy screamed as you slide your fingers through your now messy and tangled strands of hair.

'I can’t do this any more Calum! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!’ You scream back fighting the tears you knew was coming.

Lately you and Calum had been arguing 24/7 with every conversation it was leading to an argument and you couldn’t handle it anymore, the two of you hadn’t even shared a kiss in over a month and you didn’t even realise it until he left this morning with so much as a goodbye.

So you decided to leave it’s just as you were packing he walked through the door with a bunch of your favourite flowers.

'So what? You were just going to leave me!? Leave us!?’ He paces back and forth until you don’t answer he freezes and looks you straight in the eyes as try begin to well up and a single tear falls down his flawless cheeks.

'You were weren’t you, you were going to walk out that door with no intention at all with coming back for me wasn’t you!’ You only notice he walks toward you when you walk back, not afraid but just out of instinct.

'What do you want me to do cal!? Stay here as argue with you again!? Every night? Is that was my life is about? Is that as good as it gets for us! We argue so much we have nothing to argue over so you pick stupid shit to argue about!’

'You should stop pissing me off then Y/N! And no that isn’t as good as it gets because when I ask you to marry me and we get married on a white beach somewhere I have no idea where yet that’s when you’ll no that’s as good as it gets! And the first time you tell me I’m going to be a daddy to our first baby that’s gonna be as good as it gets! And when were old and still arguing over me not letting you get peppers on our pizza and I’ll let you anyway and you’ll laugh at me picking the green ones of that is going to be as good as it gets!’

You laugh at the last reason because you had the exact argument yesterday night.

'I love you Cal and I did intend on coming back.’ You say with a smile as he cocks his head to the side as if to say 'if you was coming back why are you going’ so carry on.

'You already told me you was buying me teen wolf box sets for my birthday, I still want them’ you laugh as he shakes his head.

'I love you YN, more than life itself. I love you more than there is stars in the sky and grains of sand on a beach!’

You wrap your arms around the lanky boy and pull him close.

'Good because I love you more then that and I can’t live without you!’


You’re currently at a dinner with your mum and dad and your boyfriend Michael.
It’s the first time of them meeting Michael face to face. You knew they didn’t like him a soon as he walked up the drive way.

'Why do you have pointless tattoos? What does that band around your arm symbolise!?’ Your mum raised her voice at Michael, she had been picking faults with him for the last half an hour.

'To you it maybe point less but when I’m old I’ll look down and see that I was once young and rebellious against society and I didn’t care, I got random tattoos from around the world as I toured many places with my bestfriends doing what I love to do!’ Michael says clearly trying not to sound offended and angry.

'Oh yes your a singer and a guitarist in that silly band, I think your talentless and that’s why you don’t sing that much!’ Your dad shoots out of nowhere and you knew that’s what would brake Michael and so did your dad.

'Dad stop it, why would you say that!? Your such a dick!’ You don’t care for your language as you see Michael duck his head down and close his eyes lightly nodding to himself.

'So now you think it’s okay to swear!? I don’t want you involved with this boy, I don’t want you to even speak to him nor think of him, do you understand? He’s nothing and your something Y/N .

By this point your in a flood of tears that’s when Micheal stands up and slams his hand down on the table causing your mum to gasp.

'I may not be your favourite person but Y/N should be and I for one would not ever do what your doing now! Whilst I’m with her a tear of sadness will not fall from her eyes, the only time she will cry is when she’s happy because iv asked her to come tour with me and my band as our opening act because she is incredible and worth so much more then you and your miserable wife.’

You laugh at Michael trying not to punch your dad as he grabs your hands and pulls you up.

'I love you YN, forever and always, your the cookie to my cream and my muse and you fucking complete me’ you place your lips on his and raise your middle finger to your mum and dad as you walk out.