but i think i'll live through it !

101 fluffy prompts
  • 001: "You're really soft."
  • 002: "You smell nice."
  • 003: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
  • 004: "Is it possible to love too much?"
  • 005: "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 006: "I will always be there protect you."
  • 007: "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 008: "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  • 009: "The stars look especially lovely tonight."
  • 010: "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."
  • 011: "May I have this dance?"
  • 012: "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • 013: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."
  • 014: "Let's get to know each other over dinner."
  • 015: "All I want is you."
  • 016: "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"
  • 017: "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."
  • 018: "I want to hear you sing."
  • 019: "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you."
  • 020: "You look incredible in that."
  • 021: "He/She's quite stunning, isn't he/she?"
  • 022: "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."
  • 023: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
  • 024: "I think I'm in love."
  • 025: "I’d like it if you stayed.
  • 026: "People are jerks, but not you."
  • 027: "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 028: "I have never felt this way about anyone."
  • 029: "I want this to never end..."
  • 030: "Can I kiss you?"
  • 031: "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks."
  • 032: "Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death."
  • 033: "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?"
  • 034: "You can put your cold feet on me."
  • 035: "Your stray red item turned my whites pink."
  • 036: "A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you."
  • 037: "There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight."
  • 038: "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud."
  • 039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on."
  • 040: "Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer."
  • 041: "You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar."
  • 042: "My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on"
  • 043: "We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches."
  • 045: "We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying."
  • 046: "I caught the bouquet"
  • 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them."
  • 048: "We accidentally got married in Vegas oops"
  • 049: "I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding."
  • 050: "I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing."
  • 051: "I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? "
  • 052: "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life."
  • 053: "Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife? "
  • 054: "May I have this dance, wife/husband? "
  • 055: "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy I can finally call you my wife/husband."
  • 056: "I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed."
  • 057: "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?"
  • 058: "We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. "
  • 059: "Your ‘miracle hangover cure’ couldn’t possibly beat mine."
  • 060: "I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?"
  • 061: "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."
  • 062: "I beat you at Mario Kart and now you're banishing me to the couch for the night?”
  • 063: "I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS TO SEE THEM TOO?"
  • 064: "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays."
  • 065: "Oh! Hey! Could you come and taste this to see if it's okay?"
  • 066: "We’re arguing over book versus movie."
  • 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’"
  • 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
  • 069: "You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?"
  • 070: "We both have nowhere else to be so we get to spend our rare day off at home."
  • 071: "I bet it’s a girl/boy."
  • 072: "Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? "
  • 073: "I thought I was pregnant but the test must have been wrong. I’m not. "
  • 074: "You’re lucky I’m pregnant!"
  • 075: "Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy."
  • 076: "I could really use a foot rub right now."
  • 077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy."
  • 078: "Do you wanna know the sex of the baby?"
  • 079: "The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night."
  • 080: "Did you feel that?"
  • 081: "I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. "
  • 083: "I can’t be pregnant… or….OH MY GOD! "
  • 084: "I think you might be pregnant.”
  • 085: "It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear."
  • 086: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."
  • 087: "Sh…they’re asleep."
  • 088: "I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint."
  • 089: "Mondays are your diaper days."
  • 090: "Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me."
  • 091: "Ooh…someone’s got a tummy ache."
  • 092: "Are you sure you don’t want me to drop them off myself? I don’t think you could handle seeing them off alone."
  • 093: "I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy."
  • 094: "What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?"
  • 095: "Mm…your kid before five in the morning."
  • 096: "Come on now, I think you’re being too harsh. He/she’s just a kid. Remember all of the stupid things we used to do when we were their age?"
  • 097: "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?"
  • 098: "I think we should have another."
  • 099: "Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?"
  • 100: "Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed."
  • 101: "…They just grow up so fast."
My first heartbreak you ask? I don’t think I ever got over that one. Each day I am learning to accept that that familiar smell will always circle my lungs. The way that laughed looked will forever be traceable in my iris’s. That touch consistently the mold I judge other touches by. My first heartbreak is a tolerable memory that I live through each day.
—  Excerpts of stories @magnolias-and-mimosas will never finish// #203

Things were good, actually no things were great before it all happened.

Now, I feel so lost, lost for words, lost with my sense of direction, lost in my thoughts…I am lost. I have so many questions, I’m starting to think my life has become nothing but a series of questions.

Thing is they are legitimate questions but they are still yet to be answered, will they ever be answered? Did I deserve this, does anyone deserve this? 

Do you ever just look at someone and think to yourself, wow they are so lucky I wish I lived their life or when will  I finally be satisfied with the life I live. I used to be like them you know, happy, or at least I thought I was happy.

Now..now I just sit, I feel numb, so numb in fact that I feel as if someone could drive a knife through me and I wouldn’t feel an ounce of pain.

Emotions, what are emotions?

Feelings, huh I feel nothing but emptiness…

Hope, I used to think that was all I needed to get through life, that was until you. You made me give up on hope, give up on practically everything I lived for.

Oh but look at you, everything has worked out pleasantly well for you hasn’t it? 

Pain, I guess the only good thing is I no longer feel it, pain..that is. Or maybe I do, but I have become immune to it because that’s what anyone would do right?

—  Tenari Ioapo - Everything I’m not // Excerpt from a book I’m writing.

This was Macen’s idea, I’m glad he got to live to see it through. Thanks, Scott.

I think when you miss someone, it never really goes away. You still wake up some mornings, a year after, ten years after, and feel like your chest is caving in on itself. You still look to the side and expect someone to be there. But there’s no one. I don’t think it stops hurting. I think I’ve just learned to live with the tunnel through my chest.
—  from an unfinished story #819

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Ok super villain who lives in the apartment above me. I was nice when you drilled at all hours, maniacally laughed for 90 mins, and even when you set up surveillance in my living room. But when your freaking evil robot gains sentience, busts through my ceiling, and scares my dog, I will have satisfaction! Either you apologize and pay for the damages, or I'll release my audio recording of you singing "Hips Don't Lie" at the top of your lungs. Think about it, Eddie. #OnlyInGotham #RiddleMeTHIS

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(2/2) Also, can shiro proposing to keith be a yearly thing( building on the "I'll say yez to you if you asked me 50 times they don't have to get married every year just think it'd be cute(though they'd definitely get married on the 50th year)) And, I think one of my favorite tropes in the family au so far is keith calling shiro nicknames (such as bro, dude ,man, etc.)and keith going monotone (I live for it)(I'm scrolling through your voltron family tag and it's amazing, so sorry for spam) xoxo ♡

OKAY. I absolutely ADORE the fact that Keith and Shiro calls each other “BRO” “DUDE” “MAN” too despite being married ‘cause I just find it utterly hilarious that’s why it makes its appearance from time to time. ;) They did call each other “BRO” and “DUDE” when they got together even when Shiro proposed. Keith going monotone LMAO I’m so happy you live for that because SAME. 

The 50 times thing Keith said is not joke. SHIRO DOES PROPOSE YEARLY. Let’s have a breakdown on how it went through the years.

[The Voltron Family] The times Takashi Shirogane proposed to Keith. They didn’t always have a wedding because that’s just absurd. They, however, do something special, like a dinner date.

[1st]  We know this was during their 8th year of dating. Had a wedding in Japan with the parents and all—traditional Japanese style.

[2nd] He proposed while they watched CSI before sleeping. Had their second wedding in Japan—modern style. The kids were there.

[3rd] Keith was eating his cereal because he was stayed up late editing so he didn’t have the energy to cook anything for his breakfast. Also he woke up late, it was already noon. Shiro went down to the kitchen and saw his husband, still in his Adventure Time pyjamas, messy bed hair everywhere, eyes closing every 5 seconds, spoon hanging in the air. 

Shiro: Good Morning, sleepy head. *gives Keith a kiss on the cheek*
Keith: Who are you? *blinks sleepily* *spoon still hanging in the air*
Shiro: *bends down to take Keith’s spoon and eat his cereal*
Keith: What the hell? *tries to look angry but is still sleepy*
Shiro: *gulps* *chuckles* Marry me?
Keith: *eyes widens* *blinks repeatedly* Looking like this?
Shiro: *examines Keith* Looking like a college student who had 10 minutes of sleep because of thesis paper and is definitely not ready to face the day to take not only one, but five of his final exams? *smiles* DEFINITELY.
Keith: *rolls his eyes while smiling fondly* Fine. Gimme a second to wash my face and we can let the kids wed us.
Shiro: Perfect. *leans in the give Keith a peck on the lips* KIDS!!!! DADDIES ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! 
Pidge: AGAIN? *shouts back*

[4th] Keith was washing the cars with the help of Shiro. He stepped on the stepping ladder to reach the top when he was met with Shiro on the other side.

Shiro: *beams* Marry me, oh sweet sexy car washer guy!
Keith: This sweet sexy car washer guy will only marry the other sexy car washer guy if they actually finish washing the cars. *throws foams of bubbles at Shiro’s face*
Shiro: *still beaming* *foam lands on his nose* I’ll take that as a yes!

[5th] They were doing groceries at the PRODUCE section with the kids when suddenly Keith turned around to call for Shiro and he saw him down on one knee, holding out a beansprout tied at its ends in a poor attempt of a ring.

Keith: I’m not that cheap! *places hand on chest* *scandalized*
Shiro: *holds out another beansprout ring* *smiles*
Keith: Now that’s what I’m talking about. I like my men rich. *holds out one hand for Shiro to put his rings on*

[6th] Keith was in the bathroom when Shiro knocked. 

Shiro: *opens the door to enter* *slides the shower curtain aside* *frantic* Keith, will you marry me?!!
Keith: *eyes widens* *tries to cover his body with more bubbles* SHIRO WHAT THE HELL? *slips in the bathtub*
Shiro: *catches Keith in time* Why hello there, handsome. Did it hurt? When you fell for me? *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: Shiro, I love you but I swear to god I’m going to kill you.
Shiro: Great! That’s settled then! I’ll pick you up at 8pm for our dinner date, fiance~ *winks* *leans down to kiss Keith on the lips* *blinks repeatedly as he tastes his own lips* Huh, soapy.

[7th] Keith received an urgent call from Shiro telling him to come immediately to the hospital, he wouldn’t tell him what the emergency was, just that Keith needed to be there ASAP. So Keith drove as fast as he could, leaving early from work. He looked for Shiro frantically until he found him, looking devastated in his own office.

Keith: Shiro, what’s wrong? *approaches him* *places hand on his shoulders*
Shiro: Keith, I want you to be calm, alright? 
Keith: Okay. *nods*
Shiro: I got my recent heart scan and I found out that…
Keith: *gulps* *sweats nervously* Yes?
Shiro: *sighs* I guess it’s better you see it yourself. *takes out a big brown folder from his drawer and hands it to Keith*
Keith: *takes it and opens it* *the scan reveals Shiro’s heart but in there were white veins that spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”* 
Shiro: *smirks*
Keith: *looks up* *slaps Shiro* *smiling* I FUCKING HATE YOU! 
Shiro: *laughs* *grabs Keith’s hand to stop him from slapping him further*
Keith: Though I gotta hand it to you, this is really creative.
Shiro: Yeah? You think so too? *looks at the X-Ray.
Keith: Yeah… *looks up at Shiro and slaps him again* DON’T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!
Shiro: *chuckles* Sorry, sorry! But I just couldn’t resist. So? What’s your answer? *smiles fondly at Keith while interlacing their hands*
Keith: Of course, it’s a yes. You still have 44 proposals to go.
Shiro: *smirks* Wow. Someone’s counting.
Keith: Someone has to. I wonder what you’ll do next year. Gonna get creative every year, aren’t we?
Shiro: *sways them* I dunno. I could propose while I’m pooping—
Keith: And I’d still say yes. *leans in to give Shiro a peck on the lips*
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow, okay. I know you liked me, but I didn’t know you liked me THAT much, Keith!

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Customer: we're making sushi! Any recommendations? Me: well the only fish we have that's sushi grade is our tuna. C: hmm... I'll get half a pound of the Atlantic Salmon. Me: ... That's... Not sushi grade. C: well what's the difference? Me: well sushi grade fish is flash frozen. That's what makes it safe to eat raw. C: Oh... Well I'll take the salmon anyway. Me: I really wouldn't advise it. C: It's fine, I think I'll be fine. (FINE DON'T TAKE MY ADVICE. I ONLY WORK HERE WHAT DO I KNOW)

Enjoy your diarrhea and stomach cramps, dumb ass! Got to love self inflicted pain through stupidity. So long as they live anyways, I’d still feel bad if they ended up puking themselves to death because of poor choices. Even I have my limits. -Abby

Church's story arc ending monologues:
  • Alpha (Season 5): You know Caboose, I used to not care. I just went along with orders, and hoped that everything would work out for me. But after all that's happened, you know what I've learned? It's not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to. I mean, you should hate someone because they're an asshole, or a pervert, or snob, or they're lazy, or arrogant or an idiot or know-it-all. Those are reasons to dislike somebody. You don't hate a person because someone told you to. You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they're red, or because they're blue, but because ya know them, and you see them every single day. And you can't stand them, because they're a complete and total fucking douchebag.
  • Epsilon (Season 8): I'd like to say that I found her right away, that I just walked into the Epsilon Unit, and there she was, waiting for me. As you can probably guess, it didn't happen that way, but, I know she's in here somewhere, and I'll find her. We always seem to find each other, for better or for worse. I don't know why the Director did what he did. I don't know if he was trying to revive a memory from his past, or if he was just trying to get it out of his head. But I figured out something that the Director didn't. It took Alpha, Delta, and the rest to help piece it together for me, but what I've learned is that a great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. You can focus on it, and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient, and you hold still, then maybe... Just maybe... It will come to you. I just need to make sure I'm somewhere she can find me. I think this place is a little different than it was before. See, out there, everything is based on the Alpha, but in here, I guess I'm the Alpha. And maybe this time through, things will be a little different for me as well. I guess I'll find out. And I mean, hell, if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory... you might as well make it a good one.
  • Epsilon (Season 13): It was Doyle who made me realize something I never thought of before. There are so many stories that some brave hero to save the day, and because of their sacrifice, the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everyone lives happily ever after. But the hero never sees gets to see that ending. They'll never know if their sacrifice actually makes a difference, they'll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just need to have faith. Ain't that a bitch?
elegy in two

(post-4x20 pseudo-speculative.)

i. ophelia.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says, flinching back, sparking hurt in her eyes. she shows off her new skin and thinks he’ll find her beautiful. she can’t understand that she has burned a lifetime of memories he doesn’t want against the backs of his eyes. she stands in front of the mirror and sees an angel; he cowers from the devil.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because he knows and she knows this room is not his prison. because the ghost of a hand on his is enough to choke him. if she lets him go it’s because she knows he’ll never escape.

‘everything is so new and i am infinite,’ she tells him. she learns with lust, relishes the taste of even minor annoyances on her tongue. he sits in her shadow and wonders what it must feel like to start over. he imagines his brain unfurled like parchment: what would he erase first? he prays for a magical place.

she can’t reprogram his revulsion, the way her presence makes him retch. she can no longer draw promises from his lips. she doesn’t understand.

‘someday you will understand,’ he says.
‘but i understand the universe now. what else is there to know?’
she doesn’t understand why he craves the knife more than her caress.

to be human is to break and this is what breaks her: when his only action is to lead the team to her door, when he allows another woman to lead him out, when he does not once look back.

ii. jemma.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says. she is still perfect but he has lost the right to the intimacy of her hand in his. her body is a warzone and he reads on her skin a mapping of his sins. here, he thinks, is where i betrayed you. here is where i will never forgive myself.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because this room cannot hold the weight of his grief, and she never agreed to share a bed with his demons. she does not touch him but remains tethered to his side, a string connecting their hearts, pulled as taut as it will go.

‘what i feel for you is so old and infinite,’ she whispers, ‘like we’ve been wrapped up in each other for so many lifetimes we don’t know where we begin.’ she is luminescent; he watches from the shadows and wonders what it must feel like to have only the burden of a single history. now he will always have lived a lifetime without her.

he begs her not to try; someday she will understand.
‘what will i understand?’
that her touch burns through him like consecrated water. that he’d never known rebirthing could be so painful. that he will pass through a thousand karmic cycles and never deserve the tenderness in her eyes. 

she stands on the shore as waves crash against his body. he wants the feeling of saltwater filling his lungs, but she lifts him back up every time. he can’t let her keep rescuing him; soon they will both be too exhausted to fight.

‘we promised we’d get through anything together.’

‘yes,’ he says, ‘but not this.’ these are not in the wedding vows i planned, he thinks. you’re meant to be so much happier.

‘yes,’ she says. ‘this.’

to be human is to break. to break and to break and to try again. he hands her his heart, because she has always kept it safe. because he has lived without it before.

he says: ‘take it, jemma’ and so she does.

Gorillaz {Sentence Starters}
  • "I don't think I'll be here too long."
  • "That's no way you behave."
  • "Something's starting today."
  • "They're turning us into monsters."
  • "It's like a flashback."
  • "It's getting hard to see the sun coming through."
  • "Some of us will never sleep again."
  • "Don't get lost in heaven..."
  • "Are we the last living souls?"
  • "Tap your toes and clap your hands!"
  • "They got something to say no to."
  • "Don't think I'm not all in this world."
  • "How are we going to work this out?"
  • "All I want is someone to rely on!"
  • "I'll wait to be forgiven."
  • "Doesn't seem to be complete..."
  • "Well, you can't get what you want, but you can get me."
  • "There's nothing you can do for them."
  • "Don't bring anything back to me."
  • "It's gonna be a cold day."
  • "I got cheering up to do."
  • Phil: Hey Dan, what's the meaning of-
  • Dan: Life? Existence? Humanity? Why do we live in this cycle of waking up and falling back to sleep? Why do we continue to allow our bodies to function when really all they want to do is breakdown? Phil, the answer is purpose. It's more than a concept Phil, you can look for something or someone to help motivate your entire being and you'll find everything worth it. You can always take comfort in me, I'll do anything to be by your side and help you through this confusion we call living.
  • Phil: ...
  • Phil: I just wanted to know what a sugar orgasm was
I'm afraid I'll never be excited about anything again

I’m kind of terrified about buying a condo

I’m doing it because it feels like a logical next step

I need somewhere to live

My lease is up

I have the means

I need to invest it (and I am diversifying, this won’t be my only investment)

But when I think about it….I don’t feel excited

Same with traveling. I’d like to travel, but I don’t feel excited by the idea. I’m afraid I’ll just spend life floating through, not finding joy or butterflies ever again.

And the funny thing, I know so much of this current life state has to do with grief, but I’m super confused about this point in the process. I’m not sad about my dad. I don’t wish him back. I’m in a space where I feel like I’m an island. Everything is moving around me and I’m here shrugging my shoulders, unsure where to move, what’s next, who I am, and what I want.

I’m afraid I’ll settle his estate, buy a condo, travel, write, but never really feel passionate about anything again. That idea scares me, because I’ve always been at my best self when I was excitedly motivated by life.

Now I’m just scared of when life is going to fall out from under me again. Scared of forever feeling hurt without the counter action of joy and excitement.

I think balance is key. I don’t think I’ve ever been naive to think a life worth living has no pain. But it’s gotta have more than hurt and blah, right?

my dearest younger self,
if I could talk to you, there are so many things I would say. first off:
I love you will all of my heart.
now, you are about to walk into the fire. the fire of life, love, the building of friendships and the destroying of friendships, relationships, blood, sweat, and tears. and you have a heart of gold, my dear. you are talented and you are smart, and you are kind. the reputation you build will follow you forever, so make it a good one. smoke in private, succeed in public. toxic people, beautiful people, strangers, they will all come into your life. you must make judgments based off of what you know, not what others have told you. you must try to love. you must let yourself feel emotions, you are not your father. it is okay to feel, and you are not stupid for having feelings. you are beautiful, and people who say otherwise do not know you. you must take chances and risks, and face the things you are afraid of. as soon as you notice that someone refuses to make time for you, walk away. as soon as you notice that someone could care less about you, walk away. as soon as you feel like an option instead of a priority, walk away. you must accept that all good things come to an end, and you must accept that change is quick. you must accept that past is past, and you must remember to live in the moment and for the future. you must think about your future. come face to face with your demons, look them in the eye and fight them away. you have swam through turbulent seas, and you made it through. your cheeks are tear stained but my darling, you will smile again. letting people go is okay. crying is okay. you are okay, my love, and you will grow up to be strong, independent, and utterly magnificent. much love, your older self
—  things I wish I could have told my younger self // b.k.

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HC: If merformers are legit in this au, I think it's cool if merpeople are still the stuff of legends. Like even merformers think they're just myths. It follows through the paradigm that all living things came from the sea. Merpeople came after Merformers, until the former evolved and lived on land. But there are remnants of the past, swimming the currents of the darkest corners of the sea, or so the legends say (lol sorry 4 gettin ahead of mself)

Actually they way I see it is that merformers are indeed that universe’s version of merpeople.  As in, people generally grasp the concept of them but hardly anyone actually believes them.  They are fae, plain and simple.  They only ever show themselves to people they deem worthy and believe in them, but even that is pretty rare, especially for the ocean dwellers.  (Optimus and his pod are a special case because Optimus genuinely believes that the Lost Light crew is doing good work and need protection.  But even then, it’s only the one vessel that knows about them.)   It mostly depends on the type.

Since lake merformers tend to live in very quiet areas with only a select few people around, they’re far more likely to make themselves known than say, a beach merformer near Miami.  People in those close knit communities usually have a long history in dealing with fae, spanning back generations, so the merformers trust and guard them.  (Think the Loch Ness monster without all the tourism and hype)

River mers operate in a very similar way, but they mostly expect people to leave them offerings and believe in them without ever actually seeing one.  (They’re a peculiar lot and don’t like to be bothered.)  They are said to be able to predict the future though, so if you’re brave and lucky enough, (and have an appropriate offering) you may be able to find one and ask it a question (though you may not always like what you hear…)

The mers living in mangrove swamps are more mischievous when it comes to humans.  They can hide anywhere they choose, making them nearly impossible to find when they don’t want to be, but are not above messing with some of the locals.  At their best, they’re playful pranksters who follow after boats and help guide wayward humans. At they’re worst… well, let’s just say there have been numerous accounts of people going into the swamps and never coming out.  (It helps to bring them an offering if you plan on traveling through.  Always best to get on a fae’s good side.)

The Vampire (Were She the Kind)

Were she the kind
She’d drink of you
Taste your blood
The crimson drops
All fresh upon her tongue;

Were she the kind
She’d tear your sinews
Knaw the marrow of your bone.
To discover your secrets.
All the fears
The shames
The torments
Which you hide deep in
Your soul:

Were she the kind
You’d be hollowed out
The anatomy of your self
As bare in death
As you were in life - in birth.
And all your terrors, too
Are exposed
In the hollows of your eyes.

Indeed, were she the kind,
She’d drain you dry
Till all was left
Was the salt of your tears.
And she’d say,
“My, how sweet you were.”

  • Stan: They've been laughin' since I can't remember
  • But they're not gonna laugh anymore
  • No more "Stanley the Geek", no more "Goof of the Week" like before
  • Kenny: No more algebra tests 'til September
  • Cartman: No more lookin' at losers like him (points to Kyle)
  • Butters: No more havin' to cheat
  • Kyle: No more mystery meat
  • Craig: No more gym!
  • Token: No more gym!
  • Tweek: No more gym!
  • Clyde: NO MORE GYM!
  • Bebe: Gonna move to the mall
  • Nichole: Gonna live in the pool
  • Stan: Gonna talk to Wendy and not feel like a fool
  • Chorus: 'Cause after today I'm gonna be cruisin'
  • Stan: After today, she'll be mine!
  • Chorus: After today my brains'll be snoozing
  • Stan: If I don't faint, I'll be fine!
  • Red and Annie: I've got forty more minutes of Home Economics
  • Jenny and Lola: Then down with the textbooks
  • Kevin: And up with the comics!
  • Stan: Just think of all the time I've been losing
  • Finding the right thing to say
  • Chorus: Things'll be goin' my way after today
  • Stan: She looked right through me
  • And who could blame her?
  • I need a new me
  • Plus some positive proof that I'm not just a goof
  • Chorus: : And after today I'm gonna be cruisin'
  • Goth Kids: No more pep rallies to cut
  • Blech!
  • Chorus: After today my brains'll be snoozing
  • Bus Driver: I'm gonna sit on my butt
  • Stan: I've got less than an hour
  • And when this is ended
  • I'll either be famous
  • Mr. Garrison: Or you'll be suspended!
  • Chorus: Just think of all the time I've been losing
  • Waiting until I could could say
  • Gonna be on my own
  • Kiss the parents good-bye
  • Gonna party from now 'til the end of July
  • Things'll be goin' my way
  • After today
  • Stan: I wish that this was the day
  • After today

anonymous asked:

"I'll live for you," (x) said softly. "What?" (X) looked back, confused, their nose messy with ice cream. The harbor's light dimmed as the night comes to an end. "All my life, I chase death, constantly. Not once did I think about living," (x) breathed deeply, and turned to (X),"but just for you. I'll live. Just for you."

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Fuck the lot of you...

Dear you people in own life that thing roleplaying, writing fanfiction it’s silly and childish, 

Well, let me tell you something I guess all the TV show you watch are just Silly and Childish since if you really look at it, they are fanfiction they made up but someone and then they are then roleplaying but actors to then is placed on TV.

So does that also make you silly for watching it, for watching people roleplay what they have read but other people, 

So go fuck yourself you fucking fuckers, 
Leave us alone to do what love to do, 
You don’t see us getting in your way of stuff you like to do, So I don’t see why you have to rip apart what we like to do just because it does not fit with how you want us to be.

Becuase I'll tell you this I have been through so much shit in my life as well as other people who think the same, and am at the point where I am finally done with people telling me who I should be and what I should fucking do, Do I see your name when I look at my birth certificate NO I see my name, my life, and my way of how I want to live it..

So fuck off and live your own life and leave mine the fuck alone…..