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Help!! I draw a lot and I really want to pick up a style and perfect it, but I can't figure out which one. I draw Anime but I also want to get into semi- cartoonistic/realistic drawings. Do you have any style master lists or advice? Thanks

Hi there, @theoverobserver, thank you for the excellent question!

I would say you should draw whatever you like, and in whatever style you like. However, I really think it’s essential to keep practicing all kinds of styles until you find your own niche. 

 Experimentation is truly key to developing your own, signature style. In fact, it may be fun to draw one character in multiple styles, trying to create multiple iterations with varying levels of realism. 

For instance, I started drawing manga style, but then slowly tried increasing my realism, and found out that while I like manga at times, I mostly love to draw realistic/semi realistic characters. 

You could go search through sites like deviantart/behance and try to find artists you like, and then see if that’s what you’d like your art to be influenced by. This can be a useful exercise, but I do think it’s important to try and create your own style, not copy someone else’s. 

I don’t think style is something you can perfect quickly, and I think being flexible and dynamic will help your art improve in the long run. 

Hopefully this helped you somewhat!

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  • Stunning artist on dA, FOERVRAENGD / @foervraengd [ follow them!! ] has the greatest series of tutorials ever, and seems to be what you’re looking for: 

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New cover of New York City by They Might Be Giants! It’s an adorable song that I think a lot of people don’t really know so I wanted to share it with you guys!

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I'm curious, what do you think is the best "phan proof". I ship them too but it seems to me that everyone has another moment where they realised that they are married af. I have a lot of people that seem to change if they belive in the relationship or not.

Hmm… I’m not really sure tbh. There are so many little moments spread out across the years. Probably some of the older receipts - like, things Dan said about Phil on Formspring or Dailybooth back in like, 2009-2011. Honestly I don’t really like to over-analyze their relationship dynamic too much, because I think they would find it a bit annoying, especially if they’re not in a relationship. It was probably funny in the beginning, but now literally millions of people do it all the time and it’s gotta be either overwhelming or amusing. I think they find it amusing though, as they’ve said they do. Idk I just like to keep myself a bit at a distance and just draw them (some of my art is shippy, yes, because I do ship them). Aaah I’m just ranting now. 

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Just wondering but do u think back in the day (like 2009 obvs) the YouTube/ fan relationship was different than it is now? Like I think you tubers themselves sort of saw themselves as just more popular on a social media site then rather than the celebrities they've become now so do u think that makes dan and phils /friend/ship different than it would be if the same thing were to happen today?

i think that the youtuber/fan relationship has changed a lot but even then phil was quite popular. of course it was easier to be noticed and much more relaxed (which is why dan and phil probably connected). their relationship probably wouldn’t even happen today as it seems so unrealistic. it’s sort of like one of us getting into a relationship with one of them (with not as large an age gap for most of us). the circumstances under which their relationship flourished are basically impossible today. and again, i have no clue what they were really like back then besides the fact they were both quite flirty and phil’s yt persona. i’m sure they had loads of chemistry and attraction to each other (platonic or otherwise) no matter what considering they are still together today.

I’m really sad seeing all of the negativity surrounding taehyung’s solo…I actually think he did really really well for his first performance, especially considering his circumstances

keep in mind that stigma was the 11th stage of the night and until then, bts had performed songs like “dope” and “baepsae” and “am I wrong” and “not today” which not only are songs that require a lot of energy to dance to but also a lot of energy to sing.

stigma is a song that is in the upper range and it is majority sang in falsetto, which is hard to do steadily if you’re not in the right condition and if you have a voice like taehyung (which is a baritone, aka a voice that is naturally in the lower range). At the same time, it’s also a song that requires a lot of switching back and forth from his normal voice to airy tones (such as his falsetto) to notes that require a lot more “tightening” and strength (such as his high notes in the climax of the song)  So considering the fact that his solo was already a technically difficult song and that he had already performed several vocally-taxing stages before IN ADDITION to being extremely nervous (taehyung gets badly unnerved the nights before big events such as the wings tour in seoul, often posting random things on sns at odd times such as 3-5am), I think he did a fine job. Sure he may have been a little off-pitch at times, but it was nothing too distracting or deserving the hate he’s getting now. He hit his high notes phenomenally in my opinion, and again for his first performance which was in front of approximately 20,000 people (including his hwarang cast members, his friends, and his ceo) he did really well. 

And I know that he’s only to become better from here on out. So please stop surrounding him with so much negativity, he deserves so much praise for performing a difficult song like stigma all by himself.

A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me

Jinyoung Imagine - Cancelled Plans

A/N - A little anon requested Jinyoung imagine~ This one’s a bit on the angsty side so I hope you enjoy. I still don’t think I’m too good at writing more angsty imagines but I hope you like it anyway!

You were sat in your airplane seat, on a flight heading over to Korea from the US to see your boyfriend, Jinyoung. Due to work, you had to travel a lot so rarely got to see him in person. Luckily though, you had managed to convince your boss to let you have a week off and you were travelling to spend some quality time with him. There was about an hour left of the flight and the excitement was really building up. It had been 3 months since you had last seen him in person because of both your working schedule and his. You had a small apartment in Korea but spent the majority of your time out of the country. Whenever you were able to work from home, Jinyoung was either touring or promoting which only made things harder but you both worked through it. You messaged each other a lot and would skype regularly. You’d also plan a lot of your dates ahead of time and make sure nothing would come up to stop those plans from going ahead. Which is what you had both done this time. Jinyoung had spoken to his manager and made sure he would have a much less hectic schedule this week so he’d have time to spend with you.

When you finally landed, the first thing you did was call him. You were hoping to get a taxi over to the dorm so you could see all of the members and catch up with them as well as your boyfriend. 
“Hey, (Y/N). Are you here?”
“Yep, I just landed. I’m waiting for my suitcase to come through and then I’ll get a taxi over to the dorm to see you.”
“Actually, about that…” he said, sounding nervous all of a sudden.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, something’s come up and now I have to go film something.”
“What? But you promised that you would clear up your schedule so you could see me.”
“I know I did, love but I couldn’t turn this down, it was too important to me.”
“Right. It was too important to you. More important than your own damn girlfriend.”
“No, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Do I? Because that’s what it sounded like to me.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I promise I didn’t mean it to sound that way.”
“Sure. Whatever you say, Jinyoung. But the fact of the matter is, you still chose to work over seeing me. Someone you haven’t seen in 3 months. Look, I have to go, I can see my suitcase. I’m still going to go to the dorm to see the other members but when you get back we are having some serious talks, Jinyoung. Bye.” You hung up the phone, not letting him answer. It might have been a bit harsh but the truth was, he chose to work instead of see you. Right now, it felt like he just didn’t care about you. You knew he did, but at that moment you were too hurt and angry to think otherwise.

When you got to the dorm and saw the other 6 members, all frustration with your boyfriend faded into an after thought. You were just too happy to be with them again. They really lifted your mood without even trying and that was something you really loved about them; the bonds you had formed with each of them were strong and you knew that no matter what, nothing could ever break them. Distance and time could affect you. Unlike with Jinyoung. With him, it was like the distance and time had slowly but surely chipped away at the romance and emotion that was there and it was now at breaking point. The sound of the outside door closing interrupted your thoughts and you knew it was Jinyoung arriving home. Jackson had gotten up to greet him and you could hear him say, “Is she still here?”
“Yeah, she’s in there,” Jackson responded. Jinyoung walked into the room and his face lit up immediately. 
“(Y/N), I missed you so much. I’m so sorry I had to go and work. I really didn’t want to cancel but this was a really big thing.” It was as if he had forgotten everything that had happened over the phone.
“I missed you too, Jinyoung. But…” You hesitated, glancing around the room and deciding it’d be better to have this conversation in private. “Let’s go to your room and talk,” you continued, walking off in that direction.

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked, still smiling obliviously.
“Have you forgotten everything we talked about on the phone? Jinyoung, you know I’m annoyed with you for cancelling on me.”
“I know you are and you have every right to be. I am really sorry and I want to make it up to you.”
“I don’t know if you can.”
“I don’t know if you can make it up to me.”
“What are you talking about? I’ll do anything, (Y/N).”
“That’s not going to help,” you said, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “I think it’s best we end this.”
“No, you can’t. Please.” Jinyoung was choking up now too.
“I’m sorry. I love you but the distance just isn’t doing us any good. We’re both busy people and I think we should stop doing this. But I would like to stay friends after we’ve both gotten over the hurt of breaking up.”
“(Y/N)…is there anything I can say or do to change your mind?”
“No, there isn’t. I hope you know I do still love you. A lot. But I think we should just focus on our careers right now. Today proved that you do prioritise working to an extent so I think it’s best for us both.”
“Do you think we will ever be able to get back together when we’re less busy?”
“Maybe. I hope so.”
“I hope so too,” he said as he stepped closer to you. “A goodbye kiss?” He asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Please,” you replied as you closed the gap, needing to hold him close one last time. You both savoured the moment until the inevitable split happened.
“I’m going to leave now. I think it’d be better if we had a bit of space but I might come visit later in the week since I do still want to be friends with the boys. I hope you have a good life, Jinyoung. And maybe we can see what happens in the future.”
“You too, (Y/N). I’ll miss you. A lot.”
“I’ll miss you too.” You then left the dorm, watching as Jinyoung closed the door. It was a strange, bittersweet feeling; obviously you were said the relationship had ended, but you were happy knowing that you could focus on yourself for a while until the time came when you could have a relationship without the stress and hardships of not seeing each other for months at a time.

3 years later

After being transferred back to Seoul full time, you would have a much less busy lifestyle. You still had to work a lot, but you had more freedom and you could actually live life and not be thinking about your next meeting in whatever new country. Getting the promotion had been a true testament to your hard work and dedication. It showed how much you had effort you had put in. But now you could relax a bit. You still had to work hard, and you planned to, but you could also live a somewhat normal life. You were finally in a position where you could date. Having that thought only reminded you of Jinyoung. Even though it had been 3 years, you would still have think about him from time to time. You were close friends with all of the members and whenever you had been in Korea, you would spend time with them but you had never really spoken to Jinyoung at all. And definitely not alone. There was some awkwardness there that hadn’t been present when you were dating, possibly because you hadn’t been friends before dating. There had never been a time when you weren’t ‘together’ so you didn’t know how to be just friends with him. Even now after so much time to heal and recover from the break up. 

As you walked down the streets of Seoul, going in to some of the shops along the way, you saw a familiar face. Seeing him now brought back so many memories and you wanted to rush over and hug him. Now you knew you could date, you craved to have him once again. But would he feel the same? Or has he completely moved on? What if he’s dating someone else? You stood there in a state of worry and paranoia, not noticing him walk over to you. His voice surprised you and brought you back to reality.
“(Y/N), I didn’t know you were back in Korea.”
“I actually got promoted and now I’m here full time.”
“Really? Wow, congratulations. You must be happy about that. Busy as well, I imagine.”
“I am happy. I really am. But I’m not quite as busy as you might think, haha.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes, it’s quite nice knowing I’ll have a bit more time for just…living.”
“Are you planning on seeing anyone or are you still just focusing on working?” You could tell by his tone what he was hinting at and your confidence came flooding back to you. 
“Actually, I am. It’s just a question of whether he’ll take me back or not, after I broke up with him.”
“I’m sure he’d love to have you back, (Y/N),” Jinyoung said, giving you the loving yet flirty look he would often give you. Hearing his words lifted your heart and you leaned in closer, your lips almost touching his.
“I missed you, Park Jinyoung.”
“I missed you too,” he whispered back, closing the gap and kissing you with all the passion he had.

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Pardon my asking, but how do you art so good? I mean, I can art, but not good, mediocre arting, and is it possible to digital art without a tablet/touch screen without being a demon lizard man with robot arms?

I’ve been drawing, since like… fifth grade, every single day. Every single day I’m drawing, and I am mimicking people, taking things I like and put them into my work, and trying to get my own things going. I think at one stage of my life I just went to a metro station and try to draw as many passenger as possible. That helped a lot?

I mean, I am really no where close to where I want to be, but constant practice is very very crucial. Yes you can digital art without those, mouse digital art is really a thing for a while that’s something you can master haha.  

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I recently came across this blog that was very anti Dean/destiel. This was apparently because Dean supposedly was "an abusive person". Particularly towards Cas. Personally, I ship it, like.. a lot, but I scrolled down and I have to say that I read some valid points on that blog. Dean really treats him like shit sometimes and like, I could in some way understand why they thought of dean/cas's relationship like that. What's your opinion on this, like, do you think of Dean as abusive towards Cas?

If it was a Cas blog, those are all valid points, and you just let that go no matter how much you might stan for Dean :P Treat it as a free exercise in being zen towards your fellow humans and not thinking shit at them. Cas stans have been through enough, I was in fandom in season 10, I remember watching that despair >.>

(On the other hand there are some people who hate every aspect of the show at this point and are just completely fatigued with caring about it and may have a “Cas deserves better” line - but also hate 99% of everything that happens on screen so much that every aspect of the show is problematic garbage, which, of course, includes Destiel being an abusive trainwreck of a ship before you get to the fans romanticising every punch they throw at each other while gobbling up the queerbaiting and so on and so on)

There are some anti blogs that talk up it being abusive and whether they actually don’t ship it for that reason or not is a lot more blurry and (you can guess by the company they seem to keep) they might have got there via just finding something to “disprove” the ship or to justify hating it. In that case, long angry posts about why it’s so terrible are pretty much loudly agreeing with each other, and maybe hoping someone who ships it will stumble on the post and be convinced their ship is bad and they should feel bad. These same people will argue the ship is homophobic and its fans are homophobic, as well as abuse apologists, racist, whatever, because making a ship out to be unethical is a great way to subtly conduct a ship war while giving yourself high ground. It’s why when stuff like the cucumber water debate blew up, they were accusing us of being homophobic and saying drinking vegetable water made you gay, as if we are the racist uncle who thinks wearing a pink shirt means you’re a “pansy” or something, and that this line of homophobic reasoning is why we think Dean is gay and that they don’t stereotype people.

And there are people who genuinely don’t like the ship whatever angle they approach it because they feel it’s abusive in the sort of way where again you just respect that it makes them feel that way because it upsets or triggers them.

I’m now sure I sound like the next thing out of my mouth is going to be “so I guess Destiel is abusive then” but it’s a big fandom and different groups of people have different versions of the story :P 

Lots of rambling about this under the cut:

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honestly i never got complimented when i was growing up so this whole deal is Wild…….. like no one ever thought i was good looking, ppl were actively telling me i was ugly from like age 9 - 15

so uh. you guys are really fucking sweet. means a lot to a guy who’s never honestly felt pretty his whole life.

I had a James Dean phase as a teen and a lot of people would assume that’s a (fairly) normal crush for a teen girl because they think of him as like…. a cool rebel dude who drove fast cars, and what girl doesn’t love a cool car guy? But for me it had nothing to do with that fake ‘50s theme park image of of him.

I was drawn to him for his sensitivity and because he had such a feminine spirit. He really had such an interplay of feminine and masculine in his soul and the way he carried himself and that’s what interests me. I’m sure a lot of people do see him as that vaguely tough guy who smokes cigarettes and wears a red jacket, but, hmmm! 

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Hoooooo BOI DO I HAVE IDEAS ABOUT YOUR VOICE. Is that weird? Shit. Anyways, I think you're probably a little soft-spoken. A slight rasp to your voice, like you need to clear your throat, but it doesn't go away. I wanna' say, if you sang, you'd be a tenor! But like, almost countertenor, because you're probably in a higher range, but you can drop your voice lower, if you really wanted to, but not like, two whole octaves lower. Yes. Happy Munday. (Watch me be wrong, and you're some srs Baritone.)

((woah,, that’s a lot of detail. but congratulations! You basically got my ‘i just woke up’ voice.))

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I wish I looked like how you draw Elphaba.

I understand that feeling anon. A lot of the people I draw are people I want to look like. That’s something that I can’t help doing even though it doesn’t really help me at all. The degree to which I wish I had a different body and face is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Here’s the thing with wanting to look like how I draw Elphaba: It’s a drawing. It’s not realistic, either. It might seem realistic because my art style is good at faking it, but Elphaba’s proportions are pretty strange. Their design is very much an indulgence.

I know what it’s like to be unsatisfied with yourself and to look at images and think you’d be happier in that body. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling that way. If you’re dysphoric, binding or packing or going on hormones may help, though I know they aren’t always available. They’re something to build toward. 

But outside of that, remember that usually, that feeling isn’t all that helpful or positive, and a drawing can’t be a goal. A drawing is a fantasy. Fantasies are nice, but measuring ourselves against them is pretty much always a bad idea. Particularly when it comes to body image. Your body is already far more beautiful than Elphaba’s because it is real, and it’s yours.

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Ugh I've really enjoyed these past 2 episodes without Negan so much. Like to the point where I kinda even forgot he existed lmao. I get he's necessary to the plot but he really has been bringing the show down for me in the worst way. (Nothing against jdm btw cuz I think he's a great actor but yeah)

tbh I was watching the preview for next week and just thinking how i’m not looking forward to it. i’ve enjoyed these past two episodes a lot too and i don’t want this to stop. i thought i’d enjoy negan as a villain more than i actually do. because i enjoyed him more in the comics. but i really just don’t for the most part. they just went way too over the top with him, imo. so i feel you. 

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This is something I've been wondering and have no idea if it's a good Headcanon, but.. Simon has some kind of medical problem thanks to the 'jolts of justice' he was given. Either an off heartbeat or something. (I'm very sorry if this turns out to be horrible.)

Dude I really like this a lot! (Do not apologize!)

Simon has arrhythmia as a result of being shocked so many times. While the Phantom claimed that the electric wasn’t high enough to cause any harm to Simon, he was lying and not thinking about (or caring about, really) the long-term effects.

And actually, I imagine Simon isn’t aware at first - he just kind of goes about his days but he starts realizing that his chest sometimes feels weird and he gets fatigued really easily, which he doesn’t understand because he usually has exceptional physical endurance. Not knowing what it is, Athena sometimes teases him about it, and he just glares at her while she runs circles around him.

One day at the office he feels especially dizzy and starts wondering if he should take the rest of the day off, because everything just seems to be spinning and for some reason he can’t seem to catch his breath, even while sitting down. Taka seems restless, since the hawk actually is aware of what is happening, and is getting more and more agitated and worried as Simon gets worse.

He stands and takes a few steps before fainting and collapsing onto the floor, causing Taka to shriek and fly out of the open window (as Simon’s door was closed). The hawk finds Edgeworth’s office window and keeps screeching and tapping on it until the Chief lets him in, and Taka just flies around Edgeworth’s room in a panic. Luckily, Miles’ logic tells him there must be something wrong with Simon, and he is running to Simon’s office as quickly as he can.

Klavier notices Edgeworth running past his open door and kind of follows out of curiosity; he had his music on so didn’t really hear anything even though Simon’s office is relatively close to his. He sees his boss bust through Simon’s door and hears him yelling, and Klavier is at his side quickly, internally freaking out as Miles tells him to call an ambulance while checking up on Simon’s vitals.

Simon wakes up at the hospital, wondering what happened and hears that he had collapsed at work due to his heart. All of his symptoms make sense now, and - after he hears that this could be caused by electrocution - he curses the Phantom for continuing to screw with his life even now.

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3 and Solangelo (I hope I'm not sending to many ^^')

Oh, don’t worry honey, you’re not sending too many.


Number three: Love

“Jason? How … how do you know that you love someone?” Nico asked as he looked over the building plan for a temple. The blond demigod looked up from his own set of plans. “Is this about Will?”

“It is,” Nico admitted. “We’ve been dating for a year now and I … I think I love him, but I have no idea what it feels like to love someone. The last person I really loved was Bianca, but that was just sibling love, not real love. How do you know that you love Piper?”

Jason adjusted his glasses. “Well, love … I dunno, you feel happy anytime you’re near them, you know that you can trust them with basically anything, you feel safe and they’re on your mind a lot when you’re not together. Does that sound familiar to you?”

Nico thought for a moment. “Yeah, it does. That’s how I feel. I … I love Will, don’t I? I love someone. This is what love actually feels like and … and it feels great.”

An hour later, during dinner, Nico sat close to Will and waited to muster up the courage to say what had been on his mind since his talk with Jason earlier. “I … Will?”

Will looked down at him and Nico silently cursed their height difference. “I … I love you, Will.”

Will literally beamed with happiness. “I love you too, Nico.”

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So I have a thought lol, I've always kinda wondered how they deal with each other when one is truly scared, like hanzo having a genji flash back or mccree with his deadlock gang days, and I'm not talking just mildly upset I'm talking about full mental break down, how would they handle each other? Just wanted your thoughts on the matter

I think being there is there big thing. Like Hanzo will cry a lot when he has a panic attack, and McCree will get really frantic and feel like he’s cornered, so they both have to be really slow and patient with the other person but still be really strong. They both will pretty much hold the other person and talk to them, soothe them, let them feel what they need to feel but just support the other in general. Jesse will kiss Hanzo’s tears off his cheeks when he calms down more, and Hanzo will whisper softly in Jesse’s ear.