but i think i really like this a lot

You don’t have to separate these things with Jefferson. He can have written this incredible document and several incredible documents that we all believe in – and he s-u-u-ucks. Those are both true and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them because that’s where you get into trouble. That’s where you stop letting people be whole people. I disagree politically with a lot of rappers that I listen to, you know what I’m saying? There’s, like, rampant misogyny and homophobia in a lot of rap music. That doesn’t make them less brilliant rappers – they’re both true.
—  Daveed Diggs, speaking truth about how we should perceive Thomas Jefferson and other historical figures as well as how we should perceive people today, in the unsurprisingly excellent Hamilton’s America documentary from PBS.

I was, like, crazy — I loved her movies. I think she’s just so phenomenal. She’s a great actress, and I loved Girl, Interrupted; Edward Scissorhands; Heathers amazing films. As soon as I auditioned, they told me Winona was on the project and I was so excited to meet her. Everybody says we look a lot alike. I was just very intrigued, she was a young actress and I could just really, really relate to her in a positive way. — Millie Bobby Brown

“I have a heart that gets on everybody’s nerves
They don’t want the truth, they just want the words
Blah blah blah blah and I can sing until I’m dead
And none of you’ll remember a single thing I said”

quick sketchy thing based on this song

i know a lot of people have already drawn something like this, but this song’s been stuck in my head for about a week now and i was tempted to draw something based on it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



I’m growing right before your eyes

Song is “Young Man in America” by Anaïs Mitchell, which is a song I have many, many feelings about. There’s a violence and harrowing feeling to the song, but in the end there’s a sense of contemplativeness that  I feel really fits with both Alfred’s character and just… this country itself. "There’s a feeling that the American is something of an orphan, that we can’t trust we’re going to be taken care of,” says the songwriter in reference to uncertainty and unease in this country, but at the same time I feel like there’s a lot of hope, which is necessary to survival, which i tried to sort of capture with this little piece. :0 

Thinking about possibly expanding to do the entire song in the black/white/gold style just to see how it’d work out, but I was struck with emotions for APH America while watching the PBS Hamilton segment, so I had to do something featuring him. Hope you enjoyed!

Is the Hetalia fandom dying?

Hi everyone! The above question being asked a lot lately, so I wanted to offer some reassurance to those concerned!

Firstly, I really don’t think the fandom is dying! It is an old and small fandom, so it can often seem like it’s on its way out, but it’s not going anywhere, trust me! I’d be out of a job if it was!

Joking aside, though, the fandom and series are both still very active! We’re getting regular updates from Himaruya thanks to World Stars, the World Twinkle dub release is right around the corner, and we’ve even got another musical on the way! There are still thousands of Hetalia bloggers on Tumblr, including hard-working creators who produce innumerable amounts of content each week, and plenty of blogs central to the fandom who provide us with a constant connection to the series and news around it! As well as all that, amazing events like the Big Bang and ship weeks are being organised and run as we speak, and that wouldn’t be possible without the interest and support of the fandom itself!

Perhaps the Hetalia fandom isn’t at peak performance right now, but that’s not necessarily because it’s dying! The fandom goes through slow times now and again, usually because people are busy with education, or because there hasn’t been a big event, like a new series of the anime, in a while! And both of these things are true right now! Be patient and the fandom will operate as normal in time!

If you’re still having difficulty, though, remember just three months ago–the 6th of July–when an incredible celebration of Hetalia’s ten year anniversary took place! That was the fandom at its liveliest, and what an astounding thing that was to experience! Unfortunately, the fandom can’t be so full of fervour everyday, but that’s okay! As long as we remember that our fandom can be like that, we can rest easy knowing it’s alive and well!

If you are concerned about the fandom dying, please do try to express those concerns calmly! Panicking can cause more people to panic, and that can in turn lead to widespread false belief about the fandom’s current health! Please remember that the best way to help the fandom if it is dying is not to panic, nor to leave, but to keep on creating for and talking about Hetalia! Be sure to encourage others to do the same!

And finally, if you ever have any concerns about the fandom, you can always come and talk to us! Thank you for reading all of this, and have a lovely day!

btw i work at dominos now

i hate the general public 100 times more since i started tbh

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I'm kissing my boyfriend in the parking lot and I'm thinking about how cold it is, how long it will take for me to drive back home through rush hour, what to cook when I get home, which readings to do first but I really like my boyfriend and like kissing him no rly

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What was the point when you knew that you loved that guy? Like, was there a turning point in your guy's relationship where you became much more close and comfortable with one another?

You know, in hindsight my family says they can tell I loved him right from the beginning.

But I’ve had my run of bad relationships and I’ve made really bad mistakes and decisions… So I spent a long time being single and getting to love myself first, so when I met That Guy I really didn’t want to screw it up by rushing in to anything. We spent a lot of time just going slow and getting to know each other but man, I was never so happy. I’ve never been this happy for so long, ever.

I think the defining moment for me was… I had been telling him I would really like to dance with him (and he had never danced with anyone before) so one night in his living room we turned on Spotify and played “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”. And we started dancing and we both just couldn’t stop grinning and I just started crying so hard because I knew without a doubt that I loved him. And that made him start crying too so it was a blubber-fest!

It took him a lot longer to realize and admit that he felt the same, but all of this was new for him so even though he wasn’t ready to say it, I could still feel that he loved me too :)

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Do you think maybe Amon is captured by the ccg ? Or did he escape ?

I honestly have no idea. I’m waiting until the scans come out to make a better guess. There’s a lot of things that allude to Amon still needing closure, like needing to hear Kaneki’s story, why Donato chose not to kill him, how he escaped Kanou, and why he seems to be manifesting Arata/Doujima on top of Yoshimura’s kakuhou. 

It can probably also be said that Amon is really holding back. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and he appears to be disgusted by allowing more kagune out.

Saiko couldn’t live with killing Amon, either. Her own mother sold her off to an experimental procedure for money, and here some random stranger– a ghoul– jumped in to save her from certain death. Their relationship has room to grow, too.

But who knows. One super ass-backwards thing I have some weird appreciation for in tg is that when someone close to you dies in real life, they’re just gone and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Their story will still get told, just in a way you weren’t expecting. Just gotta be patient.

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How do you feel about Anora in general? And her as Ferelden's potential queen?

I like Anora a lot, and I think she’s a really good example of some of the subliminal misogyny found in the fandom/series that is often overlooked. You’d think a series with so many women in power would be less inclined to vilify them for that.
Anora is vilified for being ambitious, and independent, and smart. All things people love about other characters. Maybe it’s because depending on your choices she uses this against the Warden? But think about Anora’s perspective for a moment. She is definitely the most qualified. For five years she was the real ruler with Cailan as the people-person front. And yet, even though it’s clarified this is common knowledge, it is also said she is criticized by the people of Ferelden, not for doing a bad job, but for not having a child. Whereas Alistair not only doesn’t want the throne, but has no experience in politics of any kind. Grant it, he proves to be a great ruler mind you. But Anora doesn’t know that. Anora only knows that her father messed up and she is prepared to fix things. 

Despite this, personally I most commonly make Alistair king, either with their marriage or alone. (Because I want him to be safe on the throne lol.)

I kind of wish Symmetra and Lucio had an in game interaction that acknowledged Rosa, the little girl from Rio.

Just something small like “… How is she? Is she… all right?” “Yeah… yeah she’s doing fine.”

I think it’d show that compassion that a lot of people forget Symmetra has as well as show that the two can put aside their differences for something that really matters to both of them.

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How do you draw so well 😭 I've always wanted to draw all my life. Like I read a lot so I wanted to draw the characters the way I imagined it but idkkk. You're really talented

Oh believe me, I was sososososo there. I think from my high school days all the way up until a year ago (that’s about 10 years), I’ve always had this dream to realise my ideas onto drawing and trust me, for a good amount of time, it was never the way I wanted to it to be and closer to looking like an abomination than a drawing.

I’d definitely say just keep going. Keep doodling and don’t scrap them! A lot of times you’ll never get it the way you want it to be but it’s all part of the learning process. I suggest looking at other artists you admire or take inspiration from (I always do this, even to now!), and see what element you like of their art and then try to emulate it. It’s very difficult for you to copy exactly what they did and naturally you’ll find a way to create your own version of it.

You can do it!!! I’m still learning myself and consider myself nowhere near a professional, but if I can do it, you can too! : D

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Honestly though I haven't yet played Jumin's route, I don't understand why people don't really like him? Like, he's super helpful and supportive in the other routes I've played so far (except Jeahee's but that was weird) and idk what's going on. (just joined the fandom so i'm a bit behind haha)

Because people think his route is very uncomfortable. Though it’s still understandable they think so, and a lot of people who find his route uncomfortable don’t necessarily hate him (kudos to them). I think the main reason seems to come from the reactions and pictures of his Bad End 2 (or some aspects from his route in general, taken out of context) circulating on social media.

You can read my post about the summary of Jumin’s route if you want to know what to expect, what not to expect, etc, though it might be inaccurate since I had input my personal interpretation as well.

[Spoilers ahead]
A lot of people seem to think he’s some abusive, heartless, ruthless monster with no reasons behind his deeds and thoughts. I understand if you find some things in his route unjustifiable if connected to real life from your own perspective, but c'mon people, the other characters have flaws too??? And for a fictional thing, the tropes and words in his route didn’t faze me at all. Of course every route has that “Wtf that won’t happen in real life” moments, but that’s just how fiction works, and that adds to the quirkiness or humour, it is just something made to be enjoyed in different ways. I personally find it more of a “Wtf xD” and a “Wtf 😲” than a “Wtf?!?! 😠” (/what)

A lot of Jumin haters automatically put Jumin in a spot where “No matter what his ‘reasons’ are, it’s stupid and doesn’t make sense because he’s stupid and doesn’t make sense. Also, even if this sounds contradicting and stupid because if it was the other characters, I would feel sooooo sad for them, it’s still ridiculous if it’s Jumin.” and “See, the other characters clearly didn’t do A (a bad thing) like Jumin which means they’re objectively a better character in that aspect, but I’m going to contradict myself again. Because even if the other characters did B that’s equally bad, and Jumin doesn’t do B, it doesn’t mean that Jumin’s an objectively better character in this aspect.”

A lot of people also think that Bad End 2 was forced on MC upon his instability and posessiveness, when actually to get that Ending, you, as the MC had to pick options where you encourage intrusive thoughts and an unhealthy start to a relationship. As what one of (brilliant) fellow bloggers said yesterday, from their interpretation, Jumin was the one who was (you could say) manipulated into that relationship. Jumin was struggling with his emotions, very unstable, and don’t know how those kinds of relationships work properly. I agree that you couldn’t deny that it’s MC’s fault too for driving things towards that direction. Even if people disagree with this, it is undeniable MC still played a lot of part, so it’s definitely not “forced upon MC” nor “entirely Jumin’s fault”. That fellow blogger also said that this 'reaction’ of the fandom also shows so much about societal gender roles. I agree that the female isn’t always the victim. Just because she was the one 'kept’ inside the penthouse, doesn’t mean she can’t be the abuser or the doer. It pisses me off that some people also say that : people who find Jumin’s route 'okay’ or 'fun’ or anything that includes positive words [ha, I’m not even kidding], even if we’re talking about this in a fictional dimension, are just people with stockholm syndrome. Wow, awesome *rolls eyes*

Huff, sorry for getting salty there, just pissed off atm after remembering those things.


Andy Robinson in Murder, She Wrote. Episode: An Egg To Die For

Interesting to note this was in 1994 so he would’ve been playing Garak at this time and it really shows. I haven’t noticed him being ‘Garaky’ in other non-DS9 roles at all but… he was doing a lot of Garak-like expressions in this episode. It made for a very odd viewing experience (not in a bad way because Andy is awesome) but it’s like… those are Garak expressions and you don’t have ridges and you’re not in space. 

I think it’s pretty apparent in some of these pics and it’s not just because he looks like Garak because… Garak looks like him… because they have the same face. It’s the actual expressions that I’m used to seeing as Garak-mannerisms. The top right picture is so Garaky that I can just hear him saying ‘You don’t say, Doctor!’

He’s in another earlier episode of this show too and I want to see if he is Garaky in that one too. 

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If the BMOL are so well organized maybe they get special researchers overseas who keep track of things, and they Do Know there is a hunters' network and we are dismissing something because we did not see it in our screens (yet).

Yep, this is what I’m thinking… I’ve been curious about Sam and Dean’s isolation from the hunting community almost as long as we know there is one. They really only have a few episodes between discovering the Roadhouse and Dean deciding they have to be super careful about Sam related stuff and keep him away from it in case they hunt him - I think it’s 2x05 where he first sounds uncomfortable about that… The start of season 2 has a lot of that stuff, really, like how Gordon is introduced. And from then on other hunters are always just as likely to be a problem as they are to be helpful. It’s clear there is a network of sorts and if Toni had shown up 5 seasons ago or earlier she could have talked to Bobby (actually at times like this I regret immensely that Garth went MIA and didn’t keep up his job due to werewolf problems, because omg Toni meeting the great ringleader in charge of all the hunters.. and it’s fuckin’ Garth)…

But yeah I do feel like Sam and Dean are consistently shown as apart and out of contact with their own peers… When they know a few hunters here and there, bad stuff happens or they know them so much in passing they never reach out for help. After the angel fall in 9x02 Dean seems to send out the message to a couple of hunters maybe and leave it for Chinese whispers that the hunters should find out fallen angels are everywhere. And we’ve never seen someone else take on the new Bobby role even though it’s a job that’s clearly needed and we’ve seen Bobby at work doing a lot of background support for hunters in 6x04.

There probably IS a replacement Bobby out there doing his job but not besties with the Winchesters and they might only know them in passing… 

(I do wonder if that mythology mailing list the Winchesters belong to and we see in their emails sometimes is actually a hunter thing disguised as something else)

Aaah so many questions…

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any headcanons on bradley in relation to mort? we see them by each other a lot in the few episodes they're in. ( i'm a bit fond of mort tbh...i like to think he's into witchcraft and tarot readings and such )

He totally is into that kind of stuff, yes! :D Also his name, Mort (it means “death” in French). Can’t wait for ghosts and other spooky stuff to appear tbh.

Ok so… Bradley and Mort’s relationship… We don’t know much about them yet but here’s what I think (from what I saw so far):

  1. I don’t actually believe they consider each other as best friends forever (bc we don’t really see them supporting each other or anything like that) but they do keep each other company when they have nobody else to talk to. …Which happens a lot.
  2. Sometimes Bradley does something weird because of his trust issues and Mort can’t help but be annoyed by that. (Bradley: “In! Your! Face! Other people!” Mort: “I’m on your team!”)
  3. Bradley knows about Mort’s interests but doesn’t find any logic in it. (“Mort do you REALLY need more rose quartz?”)
  4. Mort knows about Bradley being jealous all the time. And about his crush. (“If you understood its properties, you wouldn’t be asking me that.” - apparently rose quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others and can be used to attract love. So… he KNOWS.)
  5. They have those “science vs witchcraft” conversations very often. It can go on forever. They are not being rude to each other tho. They have their differences and they can respect that.

So I guess I can sum up their relationship as: “kinda friends…but not the best friends…YET”

i don’t even think it’s been a week since i last made a bunch of posts about how a lot of people on here take advantage of their social capital and do fucked up shit (the history of the tumblr left and tumblr in general tbh) and that you really shouldn’t trust anyone on here (made it super clear that this included me, i’m not sure why people think i actually want everyone to just worship my every word when that’s like THE EXACT OPPOSITE of everything i’ve ever said) because there have been plenty of instances where someone would built up a following and do something fucked up and half the people would feel betrayed, half the people would offer uncritical support of the person that fucked up simply out of disbelief, etc etc etc. none of this should be controversial at all.

i’m just saying that there’s a particular type of person that does this by basically manipulating tumblr leftists into thinking that they know shit but really they don’t and part of it has to do with the call out culture mentality on here where if you don’t have an answer or if you don’t have the correct answer then you’re exiled from the club, so people sometimes feel forced to hide behind a lot of dishonest shit and pretend they know what they’re talking about to survive on here or to just outright accumulate social capital for some other reason. i don’t think this is really all that absurd of a claim….

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Yeah, like I really don't think it was a dick joke. It would be nice, but if that's the case surely it'd be odd and out of place. Just poorly executed, which I don't know if it's a 'meh' or I should be even further angry with their writing >.> {you don't actually think cas is -autistic- do u}

dreaming-of-clouds said: Also - do you think for as close as Dean and Cas are, that there’s still a lot of work to be done before they could become canon? Like if it happened next episode, it’d be too soon, right? Like we’d need to see more on screen domestic stuff?

if it wasn’t a dick joke, it makes even less sense, frankly. if you were so inclined, there’s good reason to be angry about anything they write, since it’s clearly not coming from a place of true understanding of the characters, or the world.

yes, i do very much think cas is autistic. and i love him for it. i think it’s a positive and fundamental part of his character, and seeing it that way is incredibly important for autistic people everywhere. or just people.

yeah, i think they’re gonna use this season to develop dean and cas’ actual relationship. the foundations for this season have already been laid, and one major part of that is that dean and cas are on the same page, working as a healthy team for a common goal. i think mary will have a huge positive influence on their relationship, and i do think they’ll get closer this season. no telling whether they’ll be canonically romantic, but for many intents and purposes, they already are.

if you mean kissing, then i honestly can’t say. i absolutely believe the writers and the actors and the directors and set directors all make this show knowing and believing that dean and cas are in love. nobody needs to kiss to prove they’re in love, y’know?? it’s designed to be there if you want to see it. if they ended the show next week, it’s canon enough for me. (but dear god i want to see dean obviously, proudly, undeniably bisexual. more than i want undeniable destiel.)

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How do you smut. I am an aspiring writer and I cannot smut. How does one successfully smut??? Thanks~~ .xx

To be honest, I don’t think there are any particular formulas. Just like writing fluff or angst, dialogue or movement or setting, the only way you can really write smut is by, well, writing it.

Here’s a couple of basic tips though:

  1. Read. A lot. Like, read to the point that you know how people generally describe certain things, what readers like to read, what is a reasonable length of smut, etc. The more you read, the more you know. (Besides, it’s pretty fun research.)
  2. Be realistic. Is you’re writing about two guys having anal sex, there is pretty much no circumstance where they don’t need lube and prepping. Even guys with a pain kink generally need a bit of help, otherwise it could lead to tearing, bleeding, and all kinds of nasty stuff. Use lube. Describe fingering (or mention that it’s already been done). Also stuff like having sex against a wall takes a lot of effort so your characters probably wouldn’t be able to sustain it for long. And having sex in a pool has a… suction effect, we’ll say, especially with hetero sex. If you’re unsure about something, look it up, come ask me, or ask someone else you feel comfortable asking :)
  3. This mostly comes down to personal preference, but generally have your characters wear condoms or discuss whether they’re clean/on the pill etc. Safe sex is good sex kids.
  4. Write as though it’s happening in real time. Unless you’re purposely skimming through sex, putting everything into one or two paragraphs is generally a bit rushed. Try to think of it as a paragraph per step: tentative kissing, making out, undressing… etcetera. If you read it and it sounds too rushed or too slow, you can always edit it :)
  5. Use the tags!! Some people are into certain things, and others aren’t. If you happen to have, say, daddy kink in your fic but don’t tag in, readers generally don’t expect to come across it and might get a lil annoyed. Trust me, you can never tag too much.
  6. Describe things as naturally as you can. If it feels weird saying ‘penis’ or ‘vagina’, play around until you find terms that you’re comfortable with. Just don’t go too far left and talk about 'throbbing lightsavers’ and 'blissfully mole holes’ or something
  7. Don’t write anything you’re not comfortable writing! The easiest way to get discouraged is forcing something.
  8. On that note, if you need to write a certain scene or something in order to progress with the rest of your drabble/fic etc., try writing just a brief outline (like just a couple dotpoints of what happens, or something), and come back to it later when you have a clearer mind.

I’m sorry these tips are so vague. To be honest, my first fic took about a month to write and even longer before I had the courage to post it, and nowadays most of the stuff I write are based on prompts so there generally isn’t too much thinking involved. If you want advice on more specific aspects of smut or something feel free to ask and I’ll do what I can :) x