but i think i like their interactions the most of anyone in the team

I have to wonder some things…

How do you think Takumi Hijirihara would react to Yukizome? 

A few months back after it was revealed that Killer Killer was tied into the DR3 anime, I started to get excited and think up ideas of how the Killer Killer team could possibly interact with the Future Foundation cast. Stuff like…

  • Hijirihara’s NG Code would be that he couldn’t kill anyone, or that he couldn’t reveal the culprit.
  • Hijirihara and Sakakura would have a rematch of their fight from Chapter 4 at some point.
  • Asano would be even more terrified of Munakata than she is of Sakakura.
  • Someone would probably say something like “isn’t that guy a murderer? Isn’t he the most suspicious?” And then it’ll never be addressed again.
  • Asahina would notice a noise coming from inside a locker and get a pupe ready to attack whoever’s inside, only to open it and have Hijirihara tumble out.

For some reason I had it in my head that Hijirihara would immediately fall in love with Yukizome. Like, his reaction to Shimizu, but worse:

Due to this most recent episode, I’m even more certain that this would be the case so I’m really hoping that Yukizome does appear in Killer Killer so I can get these two to meet.

Since he’s essentially also in despair, (he’s a despair but not a Despair) I wonder how these two would even interact. Does he like her killing methods? Does he like her motives? What grade would he give her murders? Does he have any “boundaries?” Like, would child murder upset him?

Curious questions. Make it happen, Kodaka.

All I really wanna see is how Mika ended up getting along with the squad during the four months.
I literally know he probably got along with Shinoa first, and probably trusts her more than the other squad members because of how she risked her life just to save him. (Team tease the hell out of Yuu ftw)

I also know for a fact there were plenty of bickerings between Kimizuki and Mika…(Tsundere and Yandere lol)
Also I can imagine those cute awkward interactions with him and Yoichi. I… need to see all of this. I’ve waited so long for Mika to interact with the squad, and its finally happening.

Also, I’m curious at how Mika acts whenever he needs to get a little drink from Yuu. I know damn well Mika wouldn’t drink blood from anyone else except Yuu, since its an intimate/embarrassing thing for Mika most likely. Then those awkward moments when someone might walk in on Mika feeding off of Yuu, then I imagine the first time someone might overreact and think Mika was sucking the life out of Yuu. Then when Yuu explains they’re just like “Oh…”
And literally the squad starts making jokes out of it that makes Yuu extra salty(lol)

Okay maybe I’m just expecting too much, I just… I’ve hoped for this for so long lmao.