but i think i like the final result tho

Idea: my bois back on earth, getting to enjoy the night sky, Keith lookin at that beautiful stuff, Lance enjoying lookin at his beautiful Keith.

I did this in like,, 10 minutes with a pen of course it’s not gonna be perfect. I think it’s kinda pretty tho

“A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. They were in love that felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.”

ursidaewriter  asked:

[Greggory] 16:17: Yooo selmersss
[Greggory] 16:17: Mae told me one of ur poems
[Greggory] 16:17: Like as best she could anyway
[Greggory] 16:18: Kinda awkward bc she had to redo it like five times lol
[Greggory] 16:18: But the final result sounded like super good?
[Greggory] 16:18: And I heard Angus sayin somethin about writing a story?
[Greggory] 16:19: Just wanna let u know that like
[Greggory] 16:19: Even tho we’re acquaintences and stuff like
[Greggory] 16:19: I think ur rly good at writing!
[Greggory] 16:19: From what ive heard anyway lmao
[Greggory] 16:20: If ya ever wanna like, hang out an lemme read or hear more of ur stuff like
[Greggory] 16:20: I’m always at the crap falcon so just drop on by! it gets boring as shit in there and i’d kill for *some* kinda interaction some days heheh