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Drawn From The Heart: Your Most Memorable Valentine's Day Cards

No snark or anti-commercialism rantings here, just a dose of simple sweetness. We asked readers to share their most memorable Valentine’s Day cards; here are a few of our favorites, edited for length and clarity. And we asked NPR illustrator Chelsea Beck to re-create two valentines that live on only in their recipients’ memories.

Renae Quinn, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

My favorite valentine ever was from my late husband on the Valentine’s Day before we married. He gave me a box and lined up in the box were a drawing of an eye, a paper heart on a spring that popped up when I opened the box, a pink foam letter U, a chocolate-covered strawberry, and a baggie full of dirt from the garden in front of our apartment.

I was mystified. I mean I got the “I love you so very” part clearly enough, but the dirt? I said, “You love me so very dirty?” I didn’t care for that! He kept saying, “No, think about it.”

But all I could come up with was, “I love you so very dirt.”

He finally told me, “MULCH! It’s mulch!”

So it said, “I love you so very much.” Duh.

It’s still my favorite ever.

Christine Hull, Springvale, Maine

Three years ago, when my son was 7, he made a collection of small valentines that he distributed throughout our house. Each valentine was unique, and each involved a heart shape.

One was a simple red heart taped to the inside of a spoon. I found it while I was making my morning coffee and, of course, it brightened my day. Another was a pink bunny, who was especially cute because he was lopsided. Yet another was a series of yellow hearts arranged like petals of a sunflower. It was carefully taped to appear as if it were growing out from under my desk.

I was impressed by his creativity, but more so by the fact that he woke up early to hide each valentine for my husband and me to discover as we went through our day. He didn’t simply give us one valentine, he gave us a day full of discovering valentines.

Francha Menhard, Tel Aviv, Israel

I was teaching second-graders how to speak English. I was teaching them similes to describe things. “You are as quiet as a mouse,” “You are tall as the ceiling,” etc.

When Valentine’s Day came, wild and crazy J.R. gave me a heart cut out of plain white paper. On the heart, he wrote: “You are as beautiful as Wonder Woman. You are as fun as clowns. You are as smart as God. Love JR.”

I kept that valentine on my fridge until the sun bleached it out completely, some 14 years later. Thereafter, my sweet husband would remind me at bedtime that I was as beautiful as Wonder Woman. As fun as clowns. As smart as God. Just in case I forgot.

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Illustrations by Chelsea Beck/NPR

Tales from OUAT Con Vancouver

Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) talked about how awesome it was to be paired with an actor you really like and can be friends with (Colin O'Donoghue who plays Killian Jones).

“He knows me better than I know myself. Like one time on set my hand kept itching, and Colin totally figured out why. ‘Did you eat the carrots?’ I said yeah, and he said the carrots were next to the peppers and I probably brushed up against them. He remembered that I was allergic to peppers.”

Raphael Sbarge (Archie Hopper) talked about reconnecting with an old psychiatrist friend over Facebook just before his audition.

"I asked her if she had any glasses I could use for the audition, and she said, 'It’s funny, I just found these ones in a drawer, and I bought them 20 years ago when we first met.’ Those are the glasses I wear as Archie. Usually they don’t let actors bring their own props on set because it would be disastrous if they broke, but the props folks are very careful with the glasses and snatch them back between takes. At the end of this season, they very carefully put them in the case and reverently handed them back to me.”

Keegan Connor Tracey (Blue Fairy) talked about her first day on set.

"I was in the green screen room, and there was no people, just a water bottle for Prince Charming. I was hoisted into the air about 40 feet up for hours and hours. And since I was a new mom, eventually things started getting… uncomfortable, and I had be like, 'Um, excuse me, do you think someone could get me a breast pump?’ Otherwise I would have started leaking through my corset.”

Karen David talked about her audition for Princess Jasmin.

“The part originally stated it was for Shahrazad, who was described as a tough tomboy sort of person. So I thought I would wear the same outfit I wore for my Galavant audition, which was a baggy jean jumper and riding boots with some dried mud still stuck on them. And I get there, and all these other women are wearing beautiful elaborate dresses, and I’m like, 'Did I miss the memo?’ Because they had all figured out it was for Princess Jasmin, of course, but I got the part anyway.”

Gil McKinney (Prince Eric) was such an awesome singer! He talked about his first time on set, and how his first scene was to walk down the stairs in the green screen grand ballroom.

“All I could think about was, ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall.’”

And of course, who could forget Papa Hook, aka Adam Croasdell?

Here’s a bunch more Jennifer and Colin pictures, because they’re my favorites.

Infinity. ∞

my oil pastel sweetheart. I am sorry. I am sorry because I start every poem for you with we don’t talk anymore. I think about you more than the amount of conversations that we have actually shared. I’m sorry that I’m a lousy friend. trying to find myself within our silence is a dark rabbit hole– are you still lost? do you still cry because the pain just won’t go away? the last time I cried was when writing didn’t make sense to me. I think that and my thoughts go blank. flashback– a year ago, I was different. you called. I picked up. to this day, it’s still my favorite phone call. friends usually exchange words, but us? nothing. not even breathing. dried tears. empty. gone. not there. we tell our depression to meet and greet. I keep that memory in a special part of my brain– like Pandora’s box, I keep hope all for myself. a year later, I got rid of my old love letters. I’m sentimental, deeply attached to nevermore. a year later, I’m still high, but I’d like to think that I manage it better. they said that I lost myself. because I gained weight, no goals, maybe even end up like my father. you see a lot can happen in a year. the person that you talked to– five years of consistent love turned into a pile of ashes, it’s true, people come and go– no one needs to stay. everything happens for a reason. I write poetry because I fell in love. you do your hair a certain way because they told you it would look ugly on you. fuck them. I don’t have enough energy to please anyone except for myself. you hurt someone because they hurt you first, it doesn’t justify your mistakes. if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. simple. you go to the gym because that “man, you really lost yourself” still rings in my ear when you try to convince yourself that no matter if you’re in shape or not… you are more than enough. my big bro said that when someone loves you– really and truly loves you… it’s past the material things. we were in love for all of the wrong reasons, but it made me who I am today. a year later, we no longer talk and it makes me sad. a year later, I still remember our friendship. you once said that beyond my depression is where I am supposed to be. you were right.

Soul mate - An Emmett Cullen imagine

A/N: Wow! This took a while to complete, but I really wanted this one to be something special!I really hope you guys like this Emmett x Reader, I took 3 different requests and fit them all in together. Tell me how you like it! Requests: (#1)Could you please write an imagine on what it would be like to be mated to Emmett if the reader was really shy and/or socially awkward? How would Emmett act about it? (#2) For the Emmett Cullen request, maybe something were the reader is very tiny and shy so he constantly flirts with her to get a reaction out of her? (#3)Maybe an Emmett imagine where you’re new and mike won’t leave you alone and mike starts being really creepy and Emmett comes to your rescue         ________________________________________________

      When you’re a new student at a school you should expect to get attention. This is especially true in high school, when you think about it most of these people have known each other since they were in elementary school, so when someone new comes into the mix it is exciting. It had been a busy two weeks since I started my junior year at Forks public high school, the attention I received the first few days had worn off and I was no longer news. Except to Mike Newton.

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April Fools?

We could never leave Love Live behind. While Aikatsu is an amazing show, and it deserves a lot of love, Love Live truly holds a special place in our hearts.

We lost about 500 followers, so thank you for those who knew we were trolling/aren’t upset when we have fun. We were trying to come up with ideas this year, and I suggested we just… throw a real big curveball. Successfully getting at least 1,000 of you had me laughing so hard. 

But, we will be getting back to regular scheduled programming here soon. I dug deep in the ask box and made a few old ones.

For those who are unaware on how we do April Fools, we make a bunch of confessions in advance so we can have them ready to throw out. I have a couple friends help me, but a lot of the confessions I made this year were from you guys! I didn’t want to leave anything hanging, so under the cut, you can see all the other confessions we got, plus my bits and pieces of commentary. WARNING: Many of these confessions contain spoilers, so please be careful if you wish for a clean cold watch!

Thank you for letting us troll you, and we look forward to another year together!

- Admin Honoka

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My Music Teacher

Originally posted by mendesl0l

Pairing: Teacher!Shawn x Reader

Request: Can u do an imagine / series where Shawn’s your teacher and ur his student and you fall in love and stuff?

Note: This is the first chapter, its a lil short bc i’ve been really busy lately hope you enjoy anyway!!

“Y/N! Katy is here!” Your mother shouted from downstairs.

You just came back from your summer vacation, it was a long three months away from home and you missed everything… except school.

“Coming!” you yelled back grabbing your phone and making your way downstairs.

“Katt!” you squealed 

“Melody!” she hugged you, confused? She calls you Melody because of your love for music.

“Mom we’re leaving!” you yelled heading for the door not waiting for her response.

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My favorite WoY ships

My favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

The Skull Ship!

What’s not to like about this ship? It’s huge! And it got everything you need plus lots of extras! A main foyer, a food Court, a whole prison level, Lord Hater’s bedroom, Commander Peeper’s bedroom, the Watchdog’s sleeping bay, conference rooms, 9 smooching rooms and a whole lot of other rooms and halls. Oh and I almost forgot about the tongue-like platform. I can’t stop thinking about what a great slide it’ll be.

My second favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Lord Dominators ship!

What not to like about this mix of an Imperial Star Destroyer and Emperor Zurg’s helmet that can turn into a giant robot? I’m sad that it got destroyed in The End of the Galaxy, but I hope it’ll be rebuilt for season 3.

My third favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Yup it’s a tie between this pirate ship and the Orbble Juice Bubble!

We don’t know anything about this pirate ship other than what it looks like. Is it from the past or is it… from the future? I like to think that it’s a part of the future that it’s the “evolved” form of the Orbble Juice Bubble and that we’ll see more of it in season 3.

The Orbble Juice Bubble… Well some may not call it a ship and it’s not in the traditional form, but it’s so much like a ship that I call it a ship; after all it gets you from planet A to planet B. It’s very compact and practical when you don’t need it and as big as you need it to be, when you need it.

What is it you say?! Have I missed something?! Have I misunderstood something?! It’s ships! Oh so these are the wrong kind of ships.

Well I support all ships as long as both parts are okay with it, that both are over the legal age and aren’t siblings.

So you’ve got no favorite ship?

Okay if you put a knife to my throat, then I do have two favorite ships and they are:

Lord Dominator and Lord Hater! Like Wander I ship Lord Dominator and Lord Hater even thought I fear that it’ll first happen when two mice and two ducks gets married or do you have plans for that @disneyanimation? I think not!

What about the second one?

Well it’s just a pathetic one.

Just tell it already!

Okay, okay I ship one of my charterers with Wander.

Please sign this petition to ask @disneyxd to give Wander over Yonder the proper end that @crackmccraigen had planed: https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3

littlepuddintater-deactivated20  asked:

First off I want to say I love this blog, also I'm now a big fan of Latio thanks to you and your wonderful writing. I just love how you portray him. I would like to request some random headcanons of him. Like example his secret hobbies or an odd habit he has.

Awww, thank chu. My favorite part about this blog is that I care share my views on certain characters I adore.

- Laito has this odd habit of cracking his knuckles when he is bored. Sometimes when he does it in school people think he is trying to do it in an intimidating way like he is about ready to fight someone but in reality he’s just chilling.

- In school one time the sex ed teacher was sick and he volunteered to teach sex ed to the younger high schoolers. He even got to sit on the teachers desk and eat with all of the other teachers.

- Laito is probably the most savage Sakamaki, one time Reiji insulted Laito, saying that he couldn’t get a good grade on math even if he tried, the next math test he took he a got 100%, which was the best grade in the class while Reiji got a 92% #schooldrama

- The thing Laito will never admit to doing is subscribing to all of the magazines with the sudoku, word searches and crosswords in them.

- Laito took Ayato to his first strip club.

- Laito has the biggest hug obsession EVER!! When he hugs someone often lingers too long.

- Speaking of hugs, Laito always hugs his pillow while he sleep to fill the void that feel unloved in him.


Okay,  I think Episode 10 is going down as my favorite Episode of Yuri on Ice!

All the main characters are under one roof talking shit and joking around, Yuri and Victor got engaged, but the real gem of the episode was the ending! Soon after the others all get together and tell Yuri he got crazy drunk at last years party, we get this AMAZING hangover style ending montage. parts of which could probably be considered soft core porn thanks to Christophe. 

I’m sorry, i just can’t stop laughing rn. I was expecting the normal ending and then THIS happens.

Why I love Blindsided...(not just because of Hiccstrid...)

The reason why I’m so in love with the episode Blindsided isn’t the same reason as everyone else. I mean sure, it was the episode where Hiccstrid became official, (AND THEY FREAKIN’ KISS!) but for some reason, I just really love the fact that Astrid was blind.

Race to the Edge this season is so much more different than the other three. I feel like each one is darker than the last. And while the movies and Riders and Defenders of Berk focused solely on the dragons, RTTE is more about character development and how everyone got to where they are in the second movie.

Now what does character have to do with Astrid being blind?

Well, I’m honestly in love with how it all went down – the lightning storm and the Triple Stryke and finding Stormfly – to me, you get to see Astrid in a totally different light. I think my favorite part of the episode was when Astrid told Hiccup that she was worried about being permanently blind. When Hiccup told her that if that were to happen, he would be there by her side. He told her “there will always be a Hiccup and Astrid” no matter what. And that was the part that really made my heart flutter, because seeing that was just amazing – especially coming from Hiccup.

I honestly loved how the writers went on with everything too. I feel like Astrid’s interactions while she was blind were painstakingly accurate (although I am kind of disappointed that a lot of the time, Astrid was making “eye contact” even though she couldn’t see the person she was talking to), especially that it emphasized her heightened hearing, which was how she figured out how to properly train Sleuther.

Overall, I think this does contribute to character development, and this is why it’s my favorite episode.

Of course, after I finished thinking all of that through, I instantly started fangirling over the amount of Hiccstrid in that episode.

It went a little something like:


How Well Do We Know Each Other?

A/N: hope you guys like this! any and all feedback is appreciated :-)

word count: 1k+

“Jack, come sit down!” you holler, adjusting your chair so that you fit in frame. “I have to have this edited and posted tomorrow!”

“Don’t yell at me,” your boyfriend smirks, stepping into your bedroom. “It’s not my fault that you just remembered that you don’t have a video ready.” He plops down in the designated chair and pulls his phone out of his back pocket, unlocking it and opening whatever app he’s used to store his questions for the video you’re about to film. You hope they’re better than the standard ‘what’s my favorite color’ material, although you’ve only given him as much time as it’s taken you to set up to craft ten thought-out inquiries.

“Ready whenever you are,” he says, dropping his phone into his lap and using the viewfinder to fix his hair. “I’m tired, though, so can we make this quick?” “You made me sit through filming a video for three hours last week and you didn’t even use it!” you retort, raising a brow. “This’ll take however long it takes.” “Alright, alright,” Jack sighs, raising his hands in surrender. “Let’s just get started. The more time we take to film this, the less time we have to cuddle.”

You turn to face the camera and begin recording, almost flying through your intro. Even though Jack’s comment was unneeded, you have to agree; it’s almost one in the morning and you’d much rather be in bed with your boyfriend snuggled up next to you than filming at this time of night.

“I’ll ask first, and then we’ll switch,” you explain to Jack. “Ready?” At your boyfriend’s nod, you start, “How old I was when I got my first tattoo?” “Sixteen, right?” Jack guesses hesitantly, looking to you for some sort of positive or negative reaction. “Is that your final answer?” you ask, keeping your face emotionless. Jack can read you like a book, and although the results of this video don’t necessarily mean anything, you still want to give him a bit of a challenge. When he nods, you confirm, “Yep, I was sixteen. What did I want to be when I was in high school?” “A politician,” Jack answers right away, smirking confidently as he leans back in his chair. “Good!” you grin, crossing your legs. “I wasn’t sure if you’d remember that one.” “Have a little faith in me,” he teases, laughing at the face you make in response.

“Ready for the next question?” you ask, expecting him to struggle a bit with this one. “What’s my favorite makeup brand?” A few seconds pass before Jack groans, “God’s sake, love,” and rubs his eyes tiredly. “Like I know this.” “You come makeup shopping with me all the time,” you point out, giving your camera a sly smile. “Think about what display I spend most of my time in front of.” “The one with the peaches,” Jack starts, and you nod; he’s on the right track. But then he goes, “The breakfast collection,” and you can’t hold back your giggles. “Do you think that’s the brand name?” you ask, laughing harder when he gives you a look that says yes, that’s exactly what he thinks it is. “My favorite brand did release a Sweet Peach collection,” you tell him. “You got that part right. Think, babe. I took you with me to meet one of the co-founders last year.” At Jack’s clueless look, you press, “In L.A.? A launch party at his house?” “Oh!” your boyfriend gasps, sitting up straight. “Oh, I remember that! Too Faced! That’s my answer.” “Good job!” you praise him, patting his thigh with a laugh. “I’m impressed.”

From there the video moves quickly; you finish asking your questions in a matter of minutes and start answering Jack’s. His are considerably harder and more specific than yours and leave you confused; he asks you things like “When I was eight, I played what position in football?” (the answer, which you get wrong, is left midfielder - you didn’t even know that was a thing) and “How many times have I broken a finger?” (trick question - he hasn’t broken any fingers).

By the time he’s gotten to his last question, you don’t know what to expect and are preparing for the worst. So when he asks, “How much do I love you?” you beam as well, relieved to have a question whose answer you know like the back of your hand. “To the moon and back,” you reply, finishing the phrase he’s told you so many times that it’s engrained in your mind. “Correct,” Jack murmurs, and leans forward to plant a gentle kiss on your lips.

When you pull apart, you tell your camera, “Looks like Jack won,” - and he has, due to the fact that you didn’t ask him questions about your childhood he had no way of knowing the answers to like he did you- and give a dramatic pout.

“Eh, I don’t think so,” he pipes up, and you glance at him to find that he’s staring at you, a look on his face that you could only describe as pure love. “I should’ve told you - my last question determined who won. You got it right, so you’re the winner.” “You’re changing the rules of my video?” you clarify, frowning at Jack. He kisses the side of your head in response and tells your camera, “Well, guys, that’s it for today’s video!”

After running through your usual outro spiel, you turn off your camera and flop straight onto the bed behind it. “That was sweet of you to let me win,” you tell Jack. “What was that all about?” “I gave you hard questions,” your boyfriend shrugs, coming to sit on the bed beside you. “It seemed fair. Plus, you looked really cute in those God-awful pajama pants.” “Hey, now,” you warn, glancing down at your duck-patterned fuzzy purple bottoms. “These are my favorite!” “I know, love, but they’re ugly,” he chuckles, laying down next to you. “Anyways, you did a good job.” “You did, too,” you smile, nestling your head against his chest. “We know each other pretty well.”



It was about touring and girlfriends and love and everything that’s been important to us in the past few years. There’s a line in the song that goes, ‘I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home.’ I told Brendon (Urie, lead singer) to pay special attention to that line.

Ryan Ross to Rolling Stone, April 3, 2008

Look, there’s a reason most Panic fans get really, really emotional about “Northern Downpour”. The first, I think, is that it calls invariably a kind of Utopian pre-split Panic to mind; the melody was written by Jon, and the words are Ryan’s, with Brendon and Ryan alternating on the album version, but in performance, it becomes about the whole band. Take a minute to watch this performance and pay special attention to the end: everyone sings. You are at the top of my lungs, drawn to the ones who never yawn. 

It’s collaboration, in the way Panic got it briefly, fleetingly, wonderfully right during Pretty. Odd. “Mad As Rabbits” actually does much of the same work, but it doesn’t have the same resonance within the fandom. After all, the exclusive fanclub (analogous to TAI’s “Santi’s Little Helpers” or Fall Out Boy’s “Overcast Kids”) was called “Northern Downpour.” 

Interestingly, Jon was reluctant initially to share the song with the band. In this track-by-track review by Ryan and Brendon, the two of them again reinforced the importance of the track to the project of the band (emphasis mine):

Ryan: For me, I remember Jon sending me the idea for that song, and he never thought it was very good. And I always loved it.

Brendon: It’s kind of a Jon Walker tune that we all kinda loved.

Ryan: The melody is Jon’s, and I wrote the lyrics for it, but he wrote even the chorus melody. The sugarcane part. So yeah, Jon wrote some really great melodies on that, and i just wanted it to be as simple as possible as far as the arrangement, because I think the melody and the lyric are just really the focal point of the song. It’s got some of my favorite lines on it, like the um, the world’s a broken bone, melt your headaches call it home. Some of the stuff that I thought actually had something important to say. That’s one of our most grown-up songs, I guess.

Northern Downpour,” then, effectively becomes a summation of what the Pretty. Odd. era Panic project is about–beautiful melodies, collaborative writing, innovative instrumentation, and letting the lyrics fall organically into the music rather than trying to wrangle melodies around them. The lyrics become increasingly obscure, even on this track, with moments of bare, emotional truth–to use Ryan’s words, having “something important to say.” And the important thing is to accept that the world is broken and imperfect, but to let go of fretting about that, to love it anyway.

Like, there’s a reason Brendon doesn’t play this song live anymore, and there’s a reason in this video (which broke your heart if you were in 2011-ish Panic fandom, don’t even lie) he cracks on melt your headaches, call it home. 

anonymous asked:


Hi, hi! Sorry I’m late – it’s been a busy weekend. (We did the This Is Us panel last night and I got like 3 hours of sleep and now I’m headed home, exhausted.) I don’t really know what else to say about the TWD panel that you guys wouldn’t already know! (I’m assuming you were able to watch it live?) So I’ll do just a few quick thoughts.

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All Shook Up

Dean x Reader

This was a challenge for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps‘s birthday! I’m so glad I got to take part in it! Sign ups are here (I think it’s still open)

Warnings: none, just some sweet fluff

Word Count: 652

A/N: I’m so excited to do this, it’s combining my two favorite things: Supernatural and Elvis! This kind of incorporated more songs, but all Shook Up is the main song and theme. Also a very happy happy birthday to the great and wonderful Steph and a huge thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Tags: @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @fallen-and-lost @fangirl1802 @beesintuxedos @jpadjackles @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps

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A drunk heart speaks a sober mind

Pairing:T’Challa x Reader.

A/N: (Y/N) is your name. Swearing, drinking (guys, be careful when you drink), fluff. HUMONGOUS THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY CUPCAKE @imaginedaily FOR GIVING IT A READ AND GIVING ME HER ALWAYS APPRECIATED OPINION. LOVE YOU BABE!

@hav-savage:  Fic request: T'ChallaxReader T'Challa and reader have hidden feelings for each other which come to light when reader gets drunk at a party in Stark Tower and T'Challa has to take her home.

@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@muffinz323 @sammiesamness

Originally posted by thewinterbeefcake

A soft knock on the door shook you out of your daily cooking. You were making lunch for the day and for some further days. You were in your comfy apartment in which you had been for a few weeks now. Since there was a new guest at the Stark Tower in which you used to spend nights, you decided to go back to your old place because seeing Tony’s new guest was unbearable.
You wiped your hands on your apron and opened the door to find Iron Man himself on the other side. He kissed your cheek and went to sit on your living room.
“Wanna have some lunch?” You asked, going back to the pot.
“No, thanks” He smiled “I’ll be meeting Pepper for lunch like in an hour. What I do have is an invitation for you, actually”
“For lunch? I am already-”
“This has nothing to do with lunch, you idiot” He laughed as he interrupted “The thing is that I miss the old days when we all got together and drank until we ran out of both booze and sanity, and since we have made a new friend I thought that a welcoming party would be a great excuse to put on our best attitude and all that welcoming spirit that has been our characteristic… What’cha say?” Tony pouted like a little kid.
“You can’t possibly think that that Queen’s kid is allowed to drink. You know how long since I ever drank with a kid?” You untied the cute apron and left it on the hanger on the wall that split your kitchen from the living room “Since I was his age, when I drank with my friends!” You said loudly as you sat on the ottoman in front of him.
“Peter’s not going, chill out (Y/N). He said something about having homework or having to go out with his hot aunt. Is someone else that we’re talking about, someone who actually wants to see you there” You looked at him with a confused frown “T’Challa wants you there”
Since King T’Challa arrived to New York and whenever you went to visit the fantastic people you called friends, he was there with his piercing eyes and the gentleman manner. He had been around for about a year and he managed to make its way into your head and you couldn’t get him out.
You became the unusual clumsy person around him, and as if it was designed by the gods, he was always there to either catch you or whatever you were about to drop. He had found you wandering alone in the humongous building and he joined you whenever time allowed him. What you didn’t knew was that he was getting the same feeling as you did; you were like a song stuck in his mind, but one of those song you don’t want to get rid of.
You ended up saying yes because there was no use in saying no anyway. The invitation said nothing about a dress code, which you thanked with all your heart because you were not in the mood for dressing up, let alone for getting drunk with him.
Throughout the night, not a single drop of alcohol touched those beautifully plump lips, in opposition to you, that drank everything you encountered; funny enough, it was you who seemed like a teenage girl. You spent almost the whole evening talking to Natasha who assured you he had set his eyes on you and that he had feelings for you, but between alcohol and the sense of impossibility, you didn’t buy her words.
“If you could just stop embarrassing yourself, (Y/N)” The redhead scolded you “You’d notice he’s been looking at you since the moment you said hi”
“Shut it” You hissed and glared at her “He has been looking at me because I don’t know how to behave in public and near people I like… I am a mess”
You decided to call it quits for the night at around 3 am but in your state it was completely reckless and dangerous to even walk to the parking lot. T’Challa kindly offered himself to drive you there in one of Tony’s cars that had the location of your apartment in the GPS memory. You curled your arm in his and walked with difficulty.
“Y’know” You groggily said with a slight smile spread across your lips. They felt numb and your tongue was way too clumsy inside your mouth “When you hold me like this, so close and tightly to that amazing and godly sculpted body of yours” Your fingers roamed down his ridiculously tight shirt he wore that evening until you felt his leather belt in the way. By then, T’Challa was far from being just amused, he hadn’t been to a party with friends since forever, and the Avengers were as welcoming as alcohol could be, but his amusement was because of how inhibited you were with a few drinks on your body “I swear I wanna do the nasty with ya’” You whispered to the king’s ear and then, you giggled in your own drunken state.
“Oh, is that true?” T’Challa couldn’t help to laugh with you “Come on (Y/N), you are beyond drunk tonight” He conceded.
In a split second, as T’Challa was taking you back to your place, your feet tangled on the floor and you fell on your knees. You looked up to see a pair of eyes that looked you in surprise and concern, but after looking at your hands propped on the tile floor and realizing you were in all fours, a soft titter escaped from your lips until you felt it turning into a loud guffaw, making you fall to your side like dog showing its belly. You shut your eyes as the uncontrollable sound filled the small hallway before the parking lot and the Wakandian kneeled next to you to try to help you; the smile on his face was inerasable.
“What a cute smile you have, kitty cat” You giggled like a little child as you cupped his cheek in your hand “You’re so handsome… I wish you were mine…” You yawned.
He lifted you bridal style until he secured you in one of the big cars Tony had handed him so he could get you home safely. The soothing buzz of the car and the warm air soothed you to the point in which you were fast asleep.
Your head stung and the small portion of sunlight hurt your eyes. You were in the comfort and safety of your bed and when you rolled to the side to hide yourself with the pillows, you noticed your clothes were perfectly folded at the foot of your bed. You looked under the covers and saw yourself wearing an oversized shirt you kept you wept in your wardrobe.
Holy fucking shit…” You muttered.
Then, a strong smell of coffee and music coming from the living room made you get up and find out what happened. Before confronting the stranger, you took a pit stop to the bathroom to wash your face and tie your hair in a high pony tail. You found some shorts under your pillow and went outside.
You saw a blanket neatly folded on your couch and the smell of coffee was now combined with something cooking. Pancakes. You turned to the kitchen and saw T’Challa placing the little cakes on two plates and dancing around to the rhythm of the music. He hummed in a low voice as he searched in the upper counters for some jam.
“T’Challa?” You asked in a raspy voice. He turned around and smiled widely “I’m sorry to ask like this, but what the fuck are you doing here?”
“I brought you home safely last night” He rose his dark eyebrow, half insulted and half confused. He looked incredibly handsome with your apron and a pan on his hand “You were impossibly drunk and nobody wanted you to drive and you didn’t want to stay in either” He turned around again to serve breakfast and place it on the counter that separated the kitchen and the living room “Now, eat something. You got really wasted last night”
He placed a mug of coffee, a plate with pancakes and a glass of orange juice in front of you and a little bowl of jam and syrup in between you two. Everything smelled and tasted delicious.
“You… changed my clothes?” You sheepishly asked, feeling the heat rise up to your cheeks.
“No, I asked if I could, but you refused and did it yourself” He smiled “I did help you with putting your arms through the sleeves, you fell asleep sitting in your bed; then, when you were barely conscious you asked me to sleep with you because you were… Impossibly cold” He mocked you “but I couldn’t, so I apologize for going through your stuff and finding myself a blanket”
“After all you did for me, the least thing I can do is thank you for bringing me here and even making breakfast… I haven’t had one of these in ages. Thank you, T’Challa” You looked at him and met his piercing look. You bit your bottom lip “Hey… I kinda wanna ask you something… And I swear to god I shouldn’t, but… Did I do or say something inappropriate last night?”
“I think that’s gonna be my favorite part to tell” He said after sipping from his coffee.
“Fuck” You rolled your eyes.
“When we got to the elevator you started saying something about my godly body and how you loved when I held you close, then you said you wanted to do… The nasty? I think that’s how you called it” A soft giggle escaped his lips “Then, you fell on the floor and I’ll stop it there, cause you might get even more embarrassed…”
“No, tell me everything” You bit your lip again.
“You said I had a pretty smile and that I was… Gorgeous and that you wanted me to be yours…”
“Shit, I’m so sorry…” You rested your head on your hands “I was incredibly and unbearably drunk last night and I barely remember anything you just said”
“Don’t worry (Y/N)” You bit your lip again at the sound of your name in his lips “There is a very known saying that says that a drunk heart speaks a sober mind, and I hope this was the case” Your face couldn’t be more red even if you wanted to “And by the way, if you haven’t noticed… I feel the same way” He said carelessly and reached out his hand; you doubted if to believe his words “I have feelings for you, and last night I wanted to tell you, but considering the circumstances… It wasn’t the best moment. So I will ask this… After breakfast, can I kiss you?”
“Y-you can kiss me right now if you want to” You timidly smiled.
T’Challa stepped down from the stool he was sitting on and the small walk around the counter gave you the time to turn around and wait for him. Now that he was in front of you, he looked way taller and majestic than his usual self. He stood firmly in between your open legs and cupped your face with his huge hands; lovingly caressing your cheek with his thumb, he leaned forward to press his plump lips against yours.
If this was the result of a drunk night, you’d sure as hell get drunk more often.

anonymous asked:

i was reading your post on trans!lars and wanted to know what you meant by lars and sadie having sex at least once. I dont recall that ever being implied. Could you explain

I’m glad you asked this, Anon, bc I’ve seen at least one person take issue with this in the tags, too (maybe you even are that person, if so - hi!). Their argument was that they were uncomfortable with that bc su is a kid’s show and implying sex would be… creepy? I actually thought it was 1) pretty clear and 2) not creepy at all. Like, I thought it was heavily implied; I’m sure the same would fly right over the head of any child who is too young for that kind of stuff in their cartoons. That’s why it’s implication and not outright statement.

So this is not an exhaustive list, but just off the top of my head Sadie says a couple of things that I took to mean she and Lars have done… non-platonic things with each other, even while they seem to be not actually in a relationship and more like some kind of a loose on-off thing that also includes long periods of awkwardness and nothing much at all happening between them.

Sadie: “ I didn’t think much of it, but when I got to his house I saw he cleaned up his room a little, and he got a big box of Oyster crackers. They’re my favorite. He let me be his Player Two, and we spent the whole night together.“

This is from Season One’s “Joking Victim”. Sadie tells this to Steven, and when she gets to the “whole night” part you can see from her expression and tone of voice that she’s recalling fond memories. She even gets lost a little in them until Steven snaps her out of it.
Now obviously this can mean “we spent the whole night playing video games and nothing more”, but I definitely took it to mean there was something else going on. When do you ever say “we spent the night together” if you don’t mean, you know, together together? The phrase just carries a romantic/sexual connotation. Add to that the balance of propability – Sadie and Lars are both not children anymore and are well withing their rights to have sex if the want without that being anything scandalous, and they definitely have feelings for each other, even though it’s complicated – and it’s more likely that not. If not outright sex, I’m pretty sure they’ve done at least something.

Sadie: *tearing up* That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. *grabs his hand* That night, I really thought…

I mean, that is almost textbook “we had one night together but now you seem to feel different about it that I do and I don’t know what to do about that”-dialogue.

And this is very recent; from “The New Lars”:

Sadie: Oh, yeah, they’re closing shop to get those gulls out of the vents. Any plans?
Would you… want to come by my place? I know it’s kind of been awhile, but we could get some food, watch some movies.

Same as above: you can read this as totally innocent if you want, but the language is still suggestive. From her hesitation to “it’s been a while” to the tacked-on sort of “you know, we can just eat and watch movies if you… want to keept it at that…” because Sadie seems unsure of where exactly they stand with each other. Lars tells Steven right after: “we aren’t getting married. We’re not even dating”, which is true… but there’s also not nothing going on between them.

The thing that Sadie and Lars keep struggling with throughout the show is intimacy (especially Lars has a lot of issues with this). Theirs is not a will-they-won’t-they scenario. I honestly think they “have” already. But that doesn’t matter much in the long run because what they need to work out is the other part; the How close are we really, how much can we show that to each other, how much are we willing to invest in this relationship, are we better off as friends? It’s a constant drawing back and getting close again. In “Island Adventures”, it’s a big deal when Lars tentatively strokes Sadie’s hand, but when they start to make out right afterwards, it feels not really like a first time. Those are two very different sorts of closeness, and they’re still feeling their way around the first.

That’s my take on it, at least. I don’t mind if it turns out I’m totally wrong on this, but until then i’m going with my gut feeling.

Please Swifties: I desperately need your help to send this letter...


I know you probably get thousands upon thousands of messages and letters a day, but if you have time, it would mean the world to me if you could read this when you come back to Tumblr. Even if you don’t see this, if you don’t respond, at least I know these words are out there, and maybe these words will resonate with others. But first, I think I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah, I am eighteen, I study English Literature and I want to go into academia researching medieval literature. I’m oh so slightly introverted and shy (and wheat intolerant). I love the countryside and old things (especially Polaroid cameras and vinyl records- I don’t have one though), I love to bake, I love to read, I love to learn, I love to write. I’ve been listening to your music since I was ten years old, ever since I heard Love Story on the radio on the way to school. I didn’t stop dancing around to ‘Fearless’ for 6 months straight after my parents bought it for me. Then I Went out and bought ‘Taylor Swift’. Thus begins this magical saga.

'Fearless’ was the first time I realised the truth in your words “people haven’t always been there for me, but music has”, because I had a very odd passion for a ten year old, I loved to read and learn, I loved to be alone and write poetry. And people thought it was weird, I remember listening to your music, your first two albums and I saw myself. I saw my own insecurities and desires in 'Taylor Swift’, I felt like you knew what it was like to stand on your own, to take the high road. I saw my own romantic fairytales in 'Fearless’, I knew all too well the lessons learned. I remember when it felt like I was alone, I could feel close to you, like you could understand my ten year old self. I felt like you had rummaged through my journal and written them into 3:30 minute songs, The Outside, Tied Together With A Smile, Love Story, Breathe, White Horse, Change. Those are the songs I will always go back to when I’m having a tough day. I still remember how when I was twelve, I realised I didn’t fit in, even more so now that 'cliques’ were becoming a thing, I didn’t get invited to parties, I didn’t even have a clique. I would read at lunchtimes, I was ostracized because I didn’t like what everyone else wanted to love… And 'Speak Now’ showed up just in time. For the next one and a half years it was all I listened to, YOU were all I listened to. You gave me your shoulder to weather the storm. You were on my side, fighting my corner when I felt no one else was.

I remember when I was fifteen, the friends I had made at the start of upper school had drifted away from me, I had lost my grandfather to cancer. I felt so lost and so heartbroken, and like some miracle, there was 'Red’. And I remember I played that album for months when it came out, for what seemed like years when I fifteen. I would always start at 'All Too Well’. It’s one of my favorite songs…. I don’t know who got me out of that, maybe it was you, my family, I think it’s a bit of both. Let’s just say you both helped build the rungs to the ladder.

When I was 16, my relationship with my biological father (our relationship has always been strained because… nevermind) it wavered on the verge of falling apart, little did I know that two years later I would make the decision to part ways with him. I thought my life was over, I thought that I wasn’t strong enough to get through it and just like that, you did it again. 1989 came out. It was summer. It was strong. You had come alive, into your own. It showed me what I could be, if I let go of what I couldn’t change, what I could be if I believed in myself. Rather than my mirror, you became the person I wanted to be. You quite literally saved my life. 'Clean’ saved my life. 'I Know Places’ saved my life. Every. Single. Song. On. That. Album. Saved me. And I can never thank you enough for that. I remember going to see you in Hyde Park with my best friend and it was one of the best nights of my life. I came into my own. I came away with a confidence I hadn’t felt in months. I remember listening to that most magical clean speech with the desire to fight harder than ever.

I feel like you are a constant in my life now. I feel like, every time you release an album… It’s always in the nick of time to save me from disaster, or to help me through something, or to make me wanna get up and dance. And I will never stop thanking you for that. You have inspired me to love myself. To be confident. You have helped me become patient with others. You have made me stronger because you believed in me. You believed in me the way my Mum and Step-Dad do. You love me the way I love my three little sisters. You have embedded yourself into my life, and I haven’t even met you, in truth I don’t actually know that much about you… But I feel like I do. Is that weird? Thank you Taylor, for being here all this time. Thank you endlessly. I will never stop thanking you. And I will never stop loving you, and if I ever get the honor of meeting you one day I will tell you this myself. And yes I shall probably cry doing it.

I hope to God you hear this. I hope, through whatever means, that this finds you, it’s like a message in a bottle, right?

Love, Sarah :)

Blame it on the Alcohol‒ Part 2

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4k 

College Kook and sexy times what more could you want?

Summary: After that night at the bar, Jungkook had gone back to his shy self and was now avoiding you. You confronted him after running into him on campus and he told you about his lack of confidence. You decided to go back to the bar and help him gain more confidence. 

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 

“…And those are the reasons why Abraham Lincoln was the most influential president in United States history. Thank you,” I concluded the presentation, alone. Jungkook was conveniently absent on the day of our presentation. He had also spoken minimally to me since that night at the bar. Sure, we got our presentation done with little to no problems but after class, he would rush away from me and ignore me every time I ran into him on campus. He didn’t give me his phone number so I couldn’t contact him that way. It’s as if that night, with that confident guy, had never happened.

I pushed away the feelings of anger and betrayal and left the class. I had two more lectures to get through before I finally got to go home. It was Friday, after a long week and all I wanted to do was slump onto my couch in my sweatpants and put on my favorite tv show. I slid through the next two classes, taking as little notes as possible then rushed out of the last class into the courtyard of the campus.

I walked along a brick wall which would lead to a shortcut back to my apartment. I began to walk across an intersection of walkways when someone crashed into me as they barrelled around the corner, causing me to collapse on the ground.

“Oh! I–I’m sorry!”  a familiar person voiced their apologies.

“Wha…” I shook myself out of my state of surprise as I registered what had just happened and who was standing in front of me, “Wha… Jungkook?!”

I looked up to see those familiar big brown eyes, “Oh, um…” he looked at me then shifted his eyes guiltily.

To my surprise, he started to back away from me, leaving me on the ground.

“Hey!” I jolted up and closed the space between us. I back him against the brick wall and put my hands on either side of his body to block him in. From an outsider’s perspective, this probably looked silly since I was significantly smaller than him and definitely not as muscular but, shy little Jungkook easily obliged to me being so aggressive with him, “Do you want to explain to me why you weren’t at our presentation today?!” I shouted at him.

He shook his head and rubbed his temple, “I–I’m so sorry, Y/N. It’s just that… presentations… they always make me so nervous and I–I was going to show up, really I was! But then, I–I panicked and I didn’t know what to do so I–I ditched, and that was wrong and I’m so sorry,” he fumbled over his words nervously, waving his hands as he frantically explained himself.

I rolled my eyes, rubbed my brow and sighed, “Okay, okay it’s okay,” I tried to calm him and myself at the same time. I sighed again and looked up at him, “can you explain why you’ve been avoiding me since we slept together?” I asked forwardly.

He looked directly into my eyes, trying to find his answer within them. He looked at the ground and shook his head, “Y/N,”

“You told me… I mean, you made it seem like, you–you liked me… like you wanted to do that again with…me,” now I fumbled over my words trying to hide my wavering voice and embarrassment.

He sighed,”No, I can’t explain,” he looked back at me with eyes that were filled with regret and bit his lip, “I can’t explain why I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Y/N, it’s just a fact that I’m not naturally a smooth guy. I don’t know how to win women over easily. No matter how much I want to,” he admitted.

“You didn’t have a problem with that the other night,” I thought back to how easily he pulled me in at the bar.

“I was drunk.”

I pursed my lips, “I knew the alcohol helped with your confidence, I just didn’t realize it was a necessity.”

“It’s not, I just need to get more confidence,” he told me.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You’re telling me that the only way you can comfortably speak to me, the only way you can gain confidence, is if you’re drunk?” I laughed once.

He clenched his teeth nervously, trying to think of a way to get himself out of the corner he had been backed into, “It’s not that I need to be drunk…It’s um… Well—”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s go get drunk again,” I cut him off mid stutter.

He jolted his head back, surprised, “What?”

“You say you need more confidence and alcohol is the key to that, so, let’s go get you more confidence. Plus, you owe me since you stood me up in class today,” I told him, dropping my arms to my sides and freeing him from my human cage.

He laughed once to himself and I saw the slightest hint of a smirk growing on his face, “Okay, let’s go.”

We left campus together and went to the bar nearest the school, the one that all of the college students at our school went to. Seeing as it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon, the bar was basically empty, minus a few middle-aged local men sat at the bar who were probably avoiding going home for some reason. It shadowed as a restaurant during the daytime so there were tables evenly spread across what I knew to be the dance floor.  

“Isn’t it a little early for you guys to start partying? I mean I know it’s Friday but cmon! Usually, I have at least until 7 o'clock before you start piling in here,” the tattooed bartender lightly taunted while cleaning an empty beer glass.

“No party, just us. And it’s never too early to start partying,” I joked.

He looked down at the glass in his hand and shook his head, “If you say so,” he put the glass down and walked over to us as we sat down at the bar, leaning his inked arms on the counter, “What can I get you?”

I looked at Jungkook to answer since he was the one buying, “Uh, two beers on tap,” he said.

The bartender nodded and walked to the other end of the bar to get our drinks.

“So the presentation went fine,” I started, “I don’t know if you care, since you weren’t there,” I wasn’t ready to let go of my grudge just yet.

Jungkook hung his head defeatedly but laughed, knowing I wasn’t completely serious, “I really am sorry about that.”

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact that I was up there alone rambling about Abraham Lincoln,” I stated as the bartender place two overflowing glasses of beer in front of us.

“Do you think we got a good grade?” he asked, brushing off my attempted guilt trip and taking a big gulp of his beer which left a white line of froth on his upper lip that he quickly licked away.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, I think we got a good grade.”

“Cool… hey, do you wanna split an order of fries?” he abruptly changed the subject.

I nodded my head side to side, “I could go for some fries,”

Jungkook told the bartender who went to the back to inform the cook then came back out and continued cleaning empty glasses.

“So, what’s your major?” I asked him, trying to keep a conversation going.

He took another drink of his beer, “I’m undeclared. I’m just taking required classes right now,” he explained.

“Ah, so United States history isn’t an interest to you?” I only asked because it was the only class we had together.

He smiled, “No, not in the slightest.”

There was a lull and I decided to ask a more daring question, “So are you this shy around everyone, or just girls?”

He shook his head and looked at me from the side, “Just the pretty girls.”

I leaned back and blushed at his response. “Not smooth” my ass.

“Oh cmon, you can’t be that surprised that I think you’re hot; I already fucked you,” he pointed out cockily and took another drink of his beer. By this time the fries had come out, steaming hot. I grabbed one and shoved it into my mouth, ignoring that it was burning my throat as it slid down.

“You avoided me for an entire week but now you’re all the sudden being bold? You make no sense Jeon Jungkook,” I shook my head and sipped at my beer to extinguish the burn in my throat.

“I think it’s the change in setting,” he pondered, “school isn’t exactly the best place to talk about my sexcapades,” he noted.

“Wait, sexcapades? As in more than one? Is that something you do regularly?” I turned my body to face him and asked in a slightly confrontational tone.

Not looking at me, he grabbed a fry as nibbled the top of it, “No,” he smiled as if he were bragging.

I narrowed my eyes at him and decided to move on.

“That night,” I began, “You asked if we could do it again sometime. Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?” I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting at but I was curious about what his answer would be.

One corner of his lips turned upward, “I had tons of fun. I think the best part was watching you dance,” he looked into space, imagining the scene, “you really know how to move your hips,” he didn’t seem shy anymore.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “That was the best part for you?”

He turned his body toward me and leaned in with the same mischievous smile he had the last time we were at the bar, “Well it was definitely one of the highlights,” he purred.

“You wanna know what the best part for me was?” I decided what I wanted and I was done dancing around the subject. Best to be straightforward, “My favorite part was when you took me back to your apartment and fucked me so hard I couldn’t think straight” I cooed, feigning innocence, contrasting the profanities that had just left my lips.

Jungkook didn’t seem taken aback by what I said, “Darling, I wasn’t even showing you all I’ve got,” he teased.

“Oh really? What else could you do?” I baited.

With a final smirk, Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t an eager or needy kiss, but rather slow and playful. I molded my lips to his and scooted closer. His hand rested on my upper thigh and squeezed. I could faintly taste the beer which still lingered on his lips.

I leaned back and looked at his half‒drank glass of beer, “Okay are you really that much of a lightweight?”

He followed my gaze to the glass and laughed, “No! No,” he looked at his hand which was still resting on my thigh, “I don’t think need the alcohol when I’m with you,” he admitted, “you make it really easy to say what’s on my mind,” he confessed, looking sweetly into my eyes with his huge, gleaming puppy dog eyes.

“Plus, I need to be sober if I’m going to bring my A‒game,” he said.

I furrowed my brow, “Bring your A‒game to what?”

He smiled and stood from his stool. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, slipping out a crisp 20 dollar bill and tossing it on the counter, “Let’s go,” he flicked his head toward the door and started walking in that direction. I took one last look at the half-empty glasses of beer and the plate of fries that were barely touched then scrambled to followed Jungkook who was pretty much already out the door.

“Go where?” I asked after I caught up with him outside.

He didn’t respond however, my question was answered when I noticed that we were headed in the direction of his apartment. I picked up my pace in order to keep up with him and ignored the fact that my body was already aching with desire just at the thought of what he would do to me.

We got to his apartment building as the sun was just beginning to set behind the skyscrapers, filling the sky with orange and pink tones. The lobby was empty and I followed Jungkook down a short, familiar hallway to the elevator.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. We slipped inside to the box and, in a moment of deja vu, Jungkook pressed the button to his floor then backed me up against the wall of the elevator. He brought both hands up to cup my jaw then pressed his lips to mine softly. My knees felt weak at the touch of his lips and I faded into him.

“Oh yeah, this is already more fun than last time,” he spoke against my lips. I had to agree with him. Right now we were making out in the elevator, just like last time, but, there wasn’t any sort of urgency. Plus, our kisses weren’t sloppy and wet like they had been the other night, it’s a hell of a lot easier to make out with someone without alcohol clouding your brain.

The door dinged again and we broke apart in order to walk out of the elevator and down the brightly lit corridor to his apartment. He dug around in his pocket until he found his keys then he unlocked the door and let us in.

He kicked off his shoes and I followed suit, setting them next to the front door. Jungkook tenderly grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway into his bedroom. I walked through first, taking my chance to notice the simplicity of his bedroom. The bed was unmade with the black sheets crumpled up where he had been sleeping the night before. The bed was the only unkempt part of the room, books were perfectly lined up on the shelf in the corner of the room and various in a neat pile next to his closed laptop on the desk. He closed the door behind him and turned to face me, slowly walking forward until the gap between us was closed and his body was pressed against mine.

He leaned down and ghosted his lips over mine, but never actually let them touch, “lay down,” he slightly jerked his head over my shoulder to the bed behind me.

I did as he said and backed up until my knees hit the edge of the mattress and I collapsed on top of the bed. I scooted back, leaning against the propped up pillows against the headboard. Jungkook crawled up the bed after me and hovered his body over mine. He leaned down and placed a quick, single kiss on my lips. His mouth traveled farther down to my neck and sucked at the sensitive skin. I turned my head to the side in order to give him a better angle. He kissed down my collarbones then back up my neck again and stopping at my ear while he delicately took the skin between his teeth and sucked. I laced my fingers into his soft hair and played with the strands by his neck.

 His hands traveled down to my sides where he pushed up the bottom of my shirt and let his fingertips skim across the bare skin of my stomach. His fingers danced up my torso until they found my breasts which were covered by my bra. He cupped and squeezed my breasts a bit then moved his hands to once again grab the bottom of my shirt and this time, pull it over my head. He reconnected his lips with mine and fiddled around with the clasp of my bra until it popped open and he threw it onto the floor. His hands cupped the newly exposed skin and his fingers circled my nipples, creating even more heat between my legs.

I grabbed his shirt and the chest and tugged to signal that I wanted it off. He grabbed the fabric by the neck fluidly pulled it over his head, revealing his extremely toned and sculpted torso. I let my hands brush over the muscles then wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him closer and press my lips to his.

He kissed me firmly then moved his mouth down to my neck, then my shoulders, then to my chest. He left a trail of kisses in the valley of my breast then continued down my stomach. He moved his knees off of the bed and sat on the floor then grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. He kissed a line along my hips as he grabbed the button of my pants and pulled it open. He pulled my pants down my legs and let them join the rest of my clothes on the floor. His thumb rubbed the inside of my thigh, getting very close to my underwear.

He looked up at me with a smirk and pulled my underwear off of my body. First, he kissed my hip bone, then slowly moved his mouth lower. He kissed my inner thigh, ghosting his mouth over where I needed him most, but not actually going there. I squirmed in anticipation and whimpered lightly which made him smile in satisfaction. He looked into my eyes as he placed a single kiss on the outside of my folds, warmth and energy sprang through my body at that small amount of contact. He put his lips on me again, this time letting them linger and explore. His tongue gently poked out and slid down my folds. I covered my mouth and gasped as the sensation. He spread me open with his fingers then quickly swept his tongue up the entirety of my pussy. He took my folds in his lips and sucked on them before running his tongue over my clit. He used the tip of his tongue to draw circles around the tiny bud and I rocked my hips against his mouth. He was teasing me as he moved his tongue away from my clit and down to my center, then he would move back to my clit to only stay there for a second then move again. I felt my need for release getting stronger and whined to let him know. Finally, he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked gently. I gasped and moaned, not caring how loud I was as I got what I wanted. He alternated between sucking on my clit and quickly flicking his tongue against it. My legs began to shake and my breath got heavier as I drew closer to an orgasm. I laced my fingers in his hair and pushed his head down as I rocked my hips in time with his tongue. I sat up and propped myself up with my shoulders t get a view at what he was doing. His tongue was expertly moving over my clit and his finger was now circling my entrance. He slid two fingers into me and slowly pumped them in and out, making sure to curl them as well. Between his tongue and his fingers, my high was fast approaching. I was moaning a mixture of swear words and his name as I rolled my head back and closed my eyes. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach getting more and more intense as I was right on the cusp of an orgasm.

“Jungkook I’m gonna…” I tried to get the sentence out but I was too far gone.

Then, his mouth moved away from my clit and he pulled his fingers out of me.

“Hey!” I shouted frustratedly.

He chuckled and crawled back on the bed, kissing me playfully. I scowled at him and laid my head back down on the pillow as he hovered over me.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he admitted and undid his belt, opening his pants and pulling them down.

I could see the tent in his underwear, straining against the fabric. He pulled his underwear off and his dick sprung out and hit his stomach. I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth and reached for his cock. I started by grabbing the base and slowly bringing my hand upward. He let out a breath of relief when my fingers brushed on the red tip. I looked into his glimmering brown eyes and pumped my hand up and down his shaft, paying special attention to the tip.

“Y/N…” He moaned as his eyes closed and his breath got heavier.

I waited until I heard more desperation in his voice and beads of sweat gathering on his brow to pull my hand away, getting payback for what he had done to me.

He grumbled when I pulled away, pouting at me but then he attached his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. He moved in between my legs and lined his dick up with my entrance. He slowly pushed himself in, not breaking the kiss with me. When he was all the way in, the slowly pulled out halfway, giving me a chance to adjust to him. Then, he started thrusting himself in and out of me at a fairly fast pace. I raised my hips so He would hit at a different angle and I gasped in both surprise and pleasure when he pounded into my g spot. Taking hint by my reaction, he started relentlessly thrusting into the same spot, hitting my g spot over and over again. I clawed at his back and screamed out his name, closing my eyes and letting the pleasure take over.

He panted as moaned as he watched my face contort from the intense pleasure that he was giving me. He thrusted quickly and roughly, never breaking his pace. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to thrust deeper into me.

When his thrust began to lose consistency and his breathing got heavier, I knew he was close. He buried his face in my neck and sucked at the skin while his hips pounded into mine. He brought his hand down and began quickly rubbing my clit, spiking the amount of pleasure I was feeling. I came undone under his touch as a powerful orgasm took over my body. I back arched off of the bed and my mouth hung open though not a single sound came out. I clamped my eyes shut and tensed my muscles as the ecstasy coursed through me. As I came down from my high, I let out a string of moans and squeals, clamping my walls around him as he thrusted me through my orgasm.

He muttered an “oh fuck” against my neck then released himself inside of me. His hips froze as he hit his high and he let out several low moans. He continued to thrust as he came down from his high as he panted and whimpered quietly into the nape of my neck.

Eventually, his hips stopped moving and the only sound in the room was both of us panting in an attempt to even our breathing. He lifted his head from my neck and looked at me through half lidded, sleepy eyes. His hair stuck out in all different directions and he had the slightest smile on his face, reminding me of a child just waking up from his nap.

He rolled off of me and laid on his side next to me, propping his head up with his hand so he could easily look at me. I rolled onto my side as well so I could see his sweet looking face.

“I see what you meant by bringing your ‘a‒game’” I laughed, reflecting on the events that just occurred.

He chuckled and brushed my hair away from my face, clearly too worn out to joke around. I scooted closer to him and let him wrap an arm around my waist. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

“That was nice…” he sighed.

I hummed in agreement and rested my head on his chest, “and you aren’t even drunk,” I pointed out.

The room got quiet as both of us snuggled into each other, feeling exhausted. I stopped the silence by asking, “So, on Monday, are you going to go right back to being super shy and avoiding me?”

Jungkook eyes sprung open and he shook his head, “absolutely not.”

I smiled, “Good,” I closed my eyes and pressed my ear to his chest, hearing his heart pound, “‘Cause I like this version of you.”

He sighed and slipped in and out of sleep, “me too,” he said before letting his exhaustion get to him and drifting off to sleep.

Yeah, I’m a fan of confident Jungkook.

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