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I was saving some layers from 2x13 to make gifs and (obviously like any gifmaker) I kinda started re-watching some scenes from the episode. So I was watching the same at the end when Jace tells Alec he should be the new Head of the Institute and it hit me.

We all know in the books, Jace and Clary become the head of the institute, but so far the show has shown us that Alec would get that role. But what if, by the end of the show, instead of Alec being the head of the NY institute he became a Clave member, like got a really high position that he could make real changes? 

Alec is such a great leader, or is becoming one at least, and I think he deserves this. He would actually be in a place to change the relationship between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Make new accords. Better accords. He could make a difference! Maybe Alec being head of the institute is just the first step to a great future for him. To a better future. 

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Do you believe that it was really just harry that wanted the hiatus? Like maybe he just actually did want to be solo like everyone has said. It's one thing for the fandom to blame harry but everyone else in the band has said that they weren't sure about the hiatus, except for harry. I'm not saying I don't think he loves/loved 1d, I think he loves them very much, but maybe he just knew his potential on his own and was done? This is all going to come out so wrong, I'm sure.

I think Harry knew how much they needed that hiatus. I think yes, Harry probably was more secure than the others already, but he couldn’t have forced them. I think that after talking, they all realized how good a break would be, maybe they haven’t considered before out of fear or simply didn’t crossed their mind. But it was clear how much all of them needed the hiatus, how good it’s being for them. I don’t think Harry thought he was better than the others, but I think he thought he could’ve a chance doing his own stuff, not only music, but Dunkirk for example. I don’t think that’s something he’d have been able to work while on 1D schedule. Also, the fact that Harry first suggested the hiatus was like opening to the idea, he didn’t say “folks I’m going solo so yeah we’re going on hiatus”. He gave the idea, they talked about it, discussed, as a band, as friends, as a family and decided that yes, maybe a hiatus would be a good idea after all. I think that for Louis and Niall in particular was harder because they were always put in the shadows while on 1D, that’s a fact, they were the ones with less solos for years, so I think they were just scared at first that they wouldn’t be able to do what the other’s would (but look at them now!!). And yk, I think that’s why the hiatus is so good, is giving this boys the confidence they need, the freedom, the space to work with themselves and only their ideas for once. Being in a band for so many years non stop can’t be something good. I think that even if Harry hadn’t first pushed, eventually one or the other would because they /needed/ that

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Who would come to work as the most well dressed?

((While I’m sure there are some other misc employees who come into work with too much effort in their wardrobes, of our main crew I’m gonna give that award to Susie. The general dress code is kinda business-casual but she overdoes it (not a bad thing) and comes into work looking her absolute best every day. Her hair and makeup are always perfect and her outfits are gorgeous, I always draw her wearing the same blue dress for convenience but she owns a lot of really nice ones. Joey would be a close second with the vest and bowtie, but then you see the color scheme and it just looks dorky xD))

i’ve been playing Hitman: Absolution today and it’s all fun and stuff being really sneaky but cHRSIT i don’t recommend doing it just before you go to bed I’M SO ON EDGE HELP

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Ok but like what would Zarc and le yu boys be as birds?

some of this is strictly by looks because I’m too tired to try and match personality AND looks for all of them haha…

Yuya: resplendent quetzal (look at it I love it)

Yuto: red-winged blackbird (because the red wing… get it)

Yuugo: tree swallow (this one was hard because I really just wanted to find a fast blue bird)

Yuuri: black-shouldered kite (okay also hard but I looked for small bird of prey)

Zarc: harpy eagle (this one I thought of as soon as I saw the question because LOOK AT IT)

so cool so majestic


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I'm so happy that you're getting into taz! It's great seeing someone go through the episodes and amazing moments while having already experienced them.

It’s really good! listening to it right now and I’m at the part where taako is meant to guess the gang members name in petals to the metal, HILARIOUS shit so far!!

I want to marry Diana

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how IS preacher?

omg so personally i think it’s good and i like it obviously!!

so basically, without spoilers, s1 is about jesse trying to be a good preacher’s son and go back home to inherit the job, but as soon as he gets there a strange entity from space crashes into him, inhabits his body, and everything goes crazy.

he realizes he can make anyone do what he says when he ‘uses’ it. two married angels are the custodians (parents) of the thing inside of jesse, and come to collect (by either singing it’s favorite lullaby to lure it back into its bed, literally, or killing him with a chainsaw, literally)

at the same time that all of THAT is happening, his ex-girlfriend (and true love) from his dark criminal past also show’s up in town and won’t leave until he goes with her on that ‘one last job’. meanwhile, the guy that jesse bonded with after getting locked up for bar fighting moves into his church, is secretly a junkie vampire stranded in nowhere, texas trying to leave, and his biggest flaw is that he cares too much even after living for a long time lmao

as for how it IS, well like…

it’s a tv series based off a comic book, so it’s got all of the over-the-top edgy bullshit that all comics about a crusty white male antihero has, but i feel like it does a good job with these tropes in all honesty?? it seems fairly self aware, because it’s also a very comedic at the same time as serving up a lot of heavy themes and graphic imagery

i actually like the main character, jesse custer, though. he’s all of the stuff that a crusty white male antihero is, except he’s trying hard to do some good and find answers that doesn’t make me want to kill him? also, jesse is drawn to faith because of his father and the idea that bad people can be redeemed, but it’s a scifi/fantasy action show, and it’s definitely not trying to convert anyone

Can we talk about Bart Allen for a sec, tho? Bart Allen who was born to an apocalyptic wasteland? Bart Allen who had to steal to eat (”Scavenger Rights”) and was enslaved by the Reach. Bart Allen who is basically a child soldier. Bart Allen, whose society forced him to grow up faster to survive. Bart Allen, a mere 13 yr old child, entrusted with stopping the Reach basically single-handedly? Bart Allen, who lived and breathed a nightmare that no one understands. Bart Allen, who struggles to connect in a culture so radically different than his own. Bart Allen, who had to pretend missing a future that he escaped from. Just, think of how messed up he must be.

Good morning gay sex is completely healthy and natural and gay people shouldn’t have to feel dirty or ashamed for having or wanting sex. It’s healthy and natural for a girl to fantasise about having sex with another girl, or for a boy to fantasise about having sex with another boy, and they aren’t predatory for doing so ✨