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The Sirius interviewers were awful, but this is on Louis' team. The dude has a reputation for this, so they'd have anticipated these Qs (and they'd clearly blacklisted the topics they wished to truly avoid). So this is his team's PR strategy in action. Also, Louis had talking points prepared like mentioning the birthday. And he followed up by posting the baby chair. I think he didn't expect that bone-headed tactic about his mom, but again: he was set up for that.

exactly. the host is a dickhead but as i have been saying for the whole week EVERY host will ask him about it cause simon jones will use this for promo and allow questions about it. If he allowed him to ask about Jay despite how uncomfortable it is for Louis, imagine what they’ll do with a stunt purposely created to get publicity. simon jones doesnt do anything else but reducing louis to this and damage his image to general public/fans’ eyes even more. how could people think they wont use this for the entire promo if this happened and its just day 1? thats why i didnt want him to do anything before it could end, looks like its not so get ready. i
am just sorry for louis who has to deal with his personal stuff PLUS THIS on top, and also steve who gets to be ignored in favour of people asking louis if he wrote lullabies instead of focusing on their music and their project.

@skittle-geek: dont imagine lafs plane back from france crashing without herc knowing. definitely dont imagine herc waiting at the airport and texting laf asking him why his plane hasnt landed yet and why he wont respond. DEFINITELY dont imagine herc breaking down in the middle of the airport when he hears the plane crashed,,, dON’T DO IT,,

im laughing bc u think i haven’t considered this hehehehe

your fave is problematic: mbti


  • always flirting
  • is a giant nerd
  • takes too long to text back


  • too hot?
  • thinks they dance good
  • actually dances like a white dad


  • too nice
  • lives off cat videos
  • follows 74 food blogs


  • talks really fast
  • unfairly cute
  • cares too much


  • always beats you at tic tac toe
  • is a good boy
  • touches all the fruit at grocery stores


  • overly competitive 
  • nearly dead but not quite
  • road rage


  • uses pinterest
  • wears mismatched socks
  • is a dork


  • self labled hipster
  • fandom trash
  • self reblogs


  • a e s t h e t i c
  • sleeps for maybe 2 hours
  • still somehow survives


  • thinks he’s smooth
  • can sleep on planes
  • likes shiny things


  • freaking everywhere on tumblr
  • gives great advice
  • doesnt follow their own advice


  • <3
  • owns a unicorn but wont tell me where it is
  • drowning in tears


  • smol
  • questionable methods
  • is a weeb


  • has better hair than u
  • is trash
  • would do anything on a dare


  • absorbs ur life force
  • bites straws
  • suspected murderer


  • collects tears
  • seems responsible
  • is actually screaming inside

when lance and keith get into fights tho, they dont last long but they like to make them more dramatic than they really are. they wont talk to each other for DAYS over the most petty stuff. they do that thing where they make their friends talk to each other for them. 

“HUNK could you PLEASE tell keith that i think he looks nice today. also, that he can eat my entire ass.” 

“lance, keith is sitting, like, two feet away.”

and keith is just like, “shiro, please tell lance that his eyes look beautiful in this lighting, also that i was right and he was wrong.”

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So nice that he’s willing to offer his professional opinion of your husband’s teeth for free. Did he have some good news for you? Does it involve pliers?

So I had a CT scan, and lots of other stuff done, and they “couldn’t find anything immediately wrong” on film, which he very quickly assured me, didn’t mean there wasn’t a problem.

He thinks the pain coming from one particular tooth (the one making me want to rip my face off) is a filling I might be allergic to which is causing the tooth to self destruct, so before he takes the whole tooth out he wants to see if he can fix the filling and pack it with something I wont be allergic to and just try to save me from any more surgery. So that’s what I will be doing next week to try and get me out of pain. (We need to wait for some testing to come back before he feels happy putting things into my jaw)

He’s also willing to extract my root canal teeth because in his own words “there’s no way they should hurt like that”, but first he wants to send me to an orthodontist, to evaluate my bite because my jaw muscles are a mess, and it’s because my teeth have been ground so far down by the previous dentist none of them touch, so I’m performing gymnastics just to be able to chew and eat. And braces would help with that.

We also discovered that I also have a cluster of excess of nerve bundles, all on the lower left side of my jaw, which is why I can get drilled on the right side of my face and not flinch, but the left side never goes numb. Which is why no matter what they are doing, they are not able to get me numb for procedures.

Which is why the root canals on the left side of my face all feel like they are failing, despite appearing fine on film and upon re-opening. It’s my face recovering from the trauma of being fully “live” while having the roots stripped out. When I described my root canal experiences he sat with his eyes closed gripping his head in his hands. He also doesn’t think with my inflammation issues I am a candidate for root canal or implants, he thinks my body will reject them based purely on the fact that my root canal teeth just won’t heal, like my jaw is trying to push them out.

He also thinks one of those nerve bundles might have got hit by a needle when they were trying to get me numb—based on some residual bruising I have inside my mouth. So now my nerves are all freaking out and healing from being quite literally stabbed multiple times, which explains why NONE of my pain killers are working either.

He was very much “why are you not screaming from pain right now” and I was very “I am too tired to scream, just help me, please help me”. He promised me he’d find a way or find someone else who could.

I cried.

Several times.

Because someone believes me.

And they think they might know what to do. Also they made me a cup of tea when I started crying and held my hand.

They seem like good people who care. So I’m hopeful.

I’m still in a LOT of pain, but I’m really hopeful.

au where drarry are bffs and people ask Draco permission to ask Harry out
  • Harry lover #1: so... is Harry single?
  • Harry lover #2: do you think i'd have a chance with harry?
  • Harry lover #3: could i ask harry on a date?
  • Draco: okay first off all
  • Draco: *kisses harry in front of all the phony harry lovers because he is obviously the biggest one there and wont let anyone touch his harry*

If Sherlock was the cuddle/Affectionate drunk-

I should not have let John take him out drinking but “oh no (Y/N) he can watch himself.”


I pause my movie and start to walk to the door, opening it i didnt expect to see a exasperated John and a……ok what the hell am i even seeing.

“Hey (Y/N)”

“Hey John…..what ha-”

“he kinda drank too much and is kinda drunk….by kinda i mean alot and he wont stop huging me and people are looking at us weirdly and he refused to go home so i brought him here.” John says with in one breath. I can tell he doesnt know what to do, especialy when Sherlock is hangong off his arm giggling….giggling? “people are definantly gonna think things about this” i thought while giggling.

“ Alight lay him on the couch.”

“Thank you (Y/n)” says John as he lays Sherlock down, and trying to get his arm from his drunken friends grip.

“No problem.”

“if things get out of hand you have my number. He says while heading out the door. After i shut it i look back at the giggly Sherlock sitting on my couch. "What am i going to do with you Sherlock.” i think as i sit on the floor next to the couch and un pause my movie.

“W-what are you wat-watching.” Asks a drunken sherlock who was trying to sit up but fell back down.

“The Avengers:Age of Ultron.”

“Whats it about?”

“Tony gave Siri a body and it got its period for the first time”


It was silent for a while, untill i felt a hand grab my arm. I look up to see sherlock trying to pull me on the couch.

“sit with me.”

“i can’t.

"but why” he whined….he whined??

“your taking up the whole couch by laying on it Sherl.”

“then lay with me.” He says making me blush.

Startled i was unable to form words and he decided to take advantage of that and pull me up with him. I was tryign to get out of his arms but he just held on tighter, i was close enough to smell the alchohol on his breath.

“thats better.”

“Sherl why.”

“I wanted cuddles” he says as he nuzzles his face into my hair. Well im already here so screw it, Sherlock wins. And with that i fell asleep next to a drunk sherlock who seems too really want affection when drunk.

teru and mob going shopping for the first time after he loses his sight and it kinda hits teru that he wont be able to see what outfits he picks so hes just like “oh hey what do you think about this one- oh,,” n mob offers a solution instead of getting upset like “why dont you just describe it to me” and he gets happy again n goes into all kind of detail and mob the sweetheart he is is just saying it all sounds nice when honestly its a mess

me dating gd

gd: are u okay? uve been sitting on the couch all day. i dont think ive seen u move since 9am and its almost 4am.
me, wearing expensive jewelry that he bought me while wrapped in a diamond encrusted snuggie: im fine.
gd: are u sure? is there anything i can do for u?
me: will u get me my Macbook Air™ #4 and the credit card u gave me for “emergency situations”, i would like 2 buy another 128gb rose gold iphone 6s, mine wont turn on again.
gd: ….did u charge it..?
me: the charger was too far away so i need a new phone.
gd: this is ur fourth phone this week. its only tuesday…..u cnt spend money like this
me: did u or did u not look me in the eyes n tell me that u would do anything for me?
gd: i did but-
me: *pulls down my 2,505.60$ sunglasses* u said anything….that includes buying me a new phone, by definition.
gd: its 4:36am, i don’t think there are any stores even open and you slashed my tires 3 days ago.
me: i’m sorry jinyoung but why are u still talking? have that short guy pick u up or something. i expect a phone by 8am and if i dont have it i’ll be leaving u for T.O.P by 9am.

Title : Jin is the best gift
  • Jin : * sleeping on the couch*
  • Taehyung : * whispers* I know what to give to joonie!
  • Jimin : * whispers* what?!
  • Hoseok : I know what your thinking and I think thats great.
  • Yoongi : * notice what the others are thinking* no. Im outta here.
  • Jungkook : your no fun hyung.
  • Hoseok : come on yoongs this will be fun!!
  • Yoongi : Yeah fun. Joonie will kill you all.
  • Jimin : * shocked * no! Joonie loves us. He wont do that.
  • Jungkook : yeah cause thats bad.
  • Yoongi : i dont care. * walks out*
  • Hoseok : okay lets just do it without him. He's a grandpa anyway.
  • Taehyung : I got everything we need.
  • Jungkook : your just here a while ago when did get that??
  • Jimin : where did you get that??
  • Hoseok : no more questions more actions. Come on.
  • Jimin, jungkook : fighting!
  • 5 minutes later :
  • Jin : * opens eyes * hmmm. * tries to move * what the f- why am I tied? * looks at his body* why am I tied with christmas lights?
  • Hoseok : lets go boys
  • Jin : what the hell is happening here. Boys this is not a good joke okay. Untie me now....
  • Taehyung : wheres the ribbon??
  • Jimin : here tae
  • Taehyung : jungkook you know what to do.
  • Jin : youre all so going down when I escape here. Who even thin-$@*+%*#@;'
  • Jungkook : * ties and put ribbon on jins mouth * yes! Perfect!!
  • Taehyung : now the wrapper.
  • Jin : *$@+%;'@+!!!!!!!!!
  • Jimin : here. All done.
  • Hoseok : we should also put ribbons on his body.
  • Taehyung : i got this. * smirks*
  • Jimin : * pats jins head softly* dont worry jinnie youll be fine and im sure joonie will be happy. * smiles sweetly*
  • Taehyung : all done! Now to the box!!!
  • Jin : !!!!!!!!!!!! @$*&#:"*!!!!!!
  • Hoseok Jimin jungkook Taehyung : * puts jin in the box and seals it. Wraps the top part with gift wrapper and then puts more ribbon *
  • Yoongi : * walks out from his room* i heard something her- * sees the box* wtf im locking my room for sure.
  • Hoseok : hey thats my room too!!
  • Yoongi : * gets inside his room and locked the door*
  • Taehyung : dont mind him! You can stay at our room. Now lets wait for joonie!
  • Jimin : i just hope we dont get in trouble with this.
  • Jungkook : we wont so dont worry. *holds jimins hand *
  • After an hour
  • Namjoon : guys im hooooooome!!! * walks to the living room. Sees a big box near the christmas tree * who got this big gift? Whats inside this?
  • * sees a card on top of failed ribbons *
  • To : joonie
  • Jk
  • We love you so much joonie thats why we want to give you a present!
  • Chim
  • Thank you joonie for taking good care of us. : )
  • Hobi
  • I know youll like this present!!
  • Tae
  • Open open open open your gift now!!
  • Nqmjoon : okay looks like theyve got me a box of snow or a box of my shirts. * opening the top of the box* and the wrapper is just at the top. Nice nice. Too big box whats ins- AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Inside the maknae line room
  • Hoseok : he loved it!!!!!
  • Jimin : i dont think So. Hes screaming thats not good.
  • Jungkook : dont worry. Im sure hes just shock.
  • Taehyung : * already sleeping *
  • Back at the living room.
  • Namjoon : oh my good lord. What happened to you babe. * helps seokjin unwrap and untie himself* who did thi- uhm how come they put you in here. Did you agree on this?
  • Jin : me agreeing on this. Hell NO. Im just sleeping then the next thing i know im being tied and all. DO YOU KNOW I ALMOST DIE THERE LACKING OXYGEN!!
  • Namjoon : sorry sorry. Okay i think the boys just want to give me a gift like thank you gift according to their letter. I didnt know the gift would be you.
  • * kisses jins cheeks*
  • Jin : what do i do with our kids. Ommo they are so so.
  • Namjoon : so so cute. Okay. Lets just talk to them later seeing like no one wants to come out. *hugs jin * they just didnt know that i already have you and very thankful for having you
  • Jin : * hugs back* hmmmm i like this. * kisses namjoons jaw *
  • Namjoon : hmmm and I like you. *kisses jins on lips *
  • Jin : *pulls away giggling * stop it ;3 your cheesy.
  • Yoongi : * walks out of his room * ewww get a room. * goes to kitchen*
  • Jin : you. Why didnt you stop your --
  • Namjoon : come on babe let it go. we'll talk later. Right now lets get into our room. * wiggles eyebrow*
  • Yoongi : *walks out from kitchen * ewww those two. * groans*
  • Now where the hell is my tae-dy bear.
  • XD
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • ps. its kinda getting like Namjin and kids fic with the parent! Namjin sweetness.

Tom- Why am I doing this?

Tom- Well, I think Edd knows why.

Edd- Tom, you better shut your mouth…

Tom- Edd and Matt used to be a thing for about… maybe two weeks? Not very long,-

Edd- Tom-!

Tom- and Edd fell head over heels for Matt, but Matt didn’t feel the same way. Just thought Edd wanted to see what that kind of relationship looks like.

Tom- And I do care for Matt, he is our friend. Eventually I’ll just cut off the romance tie and it’ll be fine, I just wont tell him why.

Edd- I knew that was it you fucking asshole!

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yeah but imagine youre out with shawn and friends and some guy wont leave you alone while shawns in the bathroom but he comes out and sees this what do u think he would do? like if he were a lil drunk do you reckon he would take a swing at someone or try to intervene peacefully ??

okay so I think he would try to be polite even while drunk he’d be like: “Good sir kindly remove your disgusting perverted paw from my lovely girlfriend.” and if the guy persists… *ahem* allow me to illustrate:


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everyone is running around screaming man in black is william confirmed!!! but i just really dont see any confirmation??? theres so much time skipping around so its still plausible but i just. dont see anything definite

You’re right in that there’s no confirmation, but it’s a solid theory with strong enough evidence. Westworld is the kind of show that wont give you a confirmation until the end, but with clever writing, will drop the necessary build up along the way 

Back in episode 2, when William first appears, it’s a fade in after Dolores is asked “Do you remember?” Interesting transition, don’t you think? The same happens in episode 3, MiB says to Dolores “Why don’t we reacquaint ourselves, Dolores? Start at the beginning.”

He then walks to the left out of the shot:

William then walks into the shot, also smiling:

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honestly the more i think about it now, the more i want the “other” scenario to happen, bc it’s /only/ just monday. we still have to wait till FRIDAY. so, i could see it happening that:

Isak and Even both are at the party. Isak and another guy start hitting it off and get real close, maybe even kiss. And Even sees it. He stands and sees it all.

Just like how Isak saw Sonja and Even. Now, Skam love to do their parallels. And just like how Isak left when he saw Even and Sonja kiss, I wanna see Even leave when he sees Isak and the other guy. And I want Even to misread the entire situation. I want him to think the complete wrong end of it. Maybe even to the point where he thinks Isak and the other guy slept with one another.

And meanwhile, once the guy starts getting too close, Isak tells him to back off and he cuts loose, because he CANNOT go any further, physically, when mentally and emotionally, Even is everything to him.

And so the miscommunication grows more and more between them, with Even assuming the worst and Isak still thinking that Even’s still being distant with him. But they keep meeting each other’s gazes. Or they talk, but they talk short. It’s cold. It’s closed off. It’s “*bumping into one another* Hi. *look at each other* *walking away from one another*”.

And all the while, they’re both just getting more and more miserable. And Jonas sees Isak getting more miserable and him setting Isak straight and telling him he NEEDS to talk to Even face to face, not by phone or text or cute drawings, otherwise it literally is all gonna go to waste.

So then on Friday, they talk. Somehow. Anyhow. But they talk. And god, they literally let it all out. Which (I really hope) would include being defensive and having some fire and heat in it. “You KISSED him??? YOU SLEPT WITH HIM???” “I DID NOT SLEEP WITH HIM?? But you know what?? Well you kissed Sonja when you told me 2 days ago you both had taken a break???? And what’s your deal with leaving drawings and not replying back to my texts when I ask you about them???” “You were upset??? I wanted to make you smile because deep down I knew it was my fault!!!!” ETC ETC ETC. God, I /want/ them to TELL each other all the things they’ve felt these past 2 weeks and just … LET IT OUT.

And then …. maybe. Like. In that angsty anger fueled moment …. Make out. Or something. Please. As a bonus. :)


why don’t they think we were beautiful? yeah all the drugs all the times i forgot 2 move & run as soon as i woke up. all the plates that crashed into my face. 1. all the bloody noses ive forgotten. all those drives with him in his mother’s car down the smalltown tall roads & id stick my hand out ride the air like that why do they think we were hopeless
ugly even
my tattoos like a shield against them if u dont understand
i dont want u 2
i wont try 2 convince u
boys changing dirty diapers the kids that werent theirs trap houses crack mouth wading pools
keystone light & my hello kitty panties always showng above my sweatpants
cuz i thought i could B pretty like that
thought pretty was showing look im listening
2 all ur old men bad dreams
tell me a secret
& i never tried to take him away from the prison he hid behind fists but id have done
anything 2 burn it down but the kitty kat on my 9th life that i am i can never die
Daddy - let ur green eyes run thru me like black water
& I am the world’s daughter
But I’m always ur baby 
sit on rooftops with dirty sneakers my bleached blonde hair tied back magnolia burning lazy the orange up in the sky i didnt mean 2 watch the shoes sleeping on the phone lines 4 so long rainbow clouds behind my eyes 
daydreamer hay fever crazier There’s nothing here
sumtimes when people die the ones they luv keep in in walk-in freezers and u need a padlock just 2 touch em i think thats luv weeds slow touching in the field i think that’s us 2 before the fire comes & we’re excited for something new & when the baby comes he’s red & screaming like a star thru the middle of what we let kill us
thats luv
when i was 8 i knew the difference between the state guys & the fed ones the orange jumpsuits the white ones the winks across the courtroom the staring in the bathroom with my vanilla lipgloss thinking about what hed do 2 me 2 take it all off
Tell me the most beautiful things R lost 
When God invented the highway he split open my heart
He kissed my closed eyes & made them the perfect Xanax blue 
He sewed a thousand red rose petals under my skin 
Whenever I walk I breathe it all in 
He put a cigarette out on my soul & said Show them
what Ur made of

  • Han: you want me to stay because of the way you feel about me
  • Leia: I don't know what you're talking about
  • Luke, Chewie, R2, every rebel on Hoth: 🎶 who'd you think you're kidding he's the earth and heaven to you try to keep it hidden honey we can see right through you girl you can't conceal it we know how you feel and who you're thinking of you keep on denying who you are and how you're feeling baby we're not buying, hon we saw you hit the ceiling face it like a grown up when you gonna own up that you got got GOT IT bad?????
  • Leia: NO CHANCE!!!! NO WAY!!!! I WONT SAY IT NO NO!!!!!!!
  • Rebels: you're doing flips!!!!! Read our lips!!!!! You're in love!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rebels: girl don't be proud it's ok you're in love
  • Leia: *making heart eyes on the Falcon* at least out loud...... I won't say I'm in love.............

Rhys and Timmy dating but rhys doesnt know tim is tim he thinks hes jack and tim cant say anything bc handsome jack clones are sorta, you know, Top Secret, and if he told anyone he would 100% probably die but it kills him inside that hes duping rhys and what if rhys only likes him bc he thinks hes jack

Tim constantly goes to jack and nisha abt it, and they enjoy watching timmy Suffer, and all they do is give him shit relationship advice and make bets on how long it’ll take for tim to realize that his face wont actually explode if he outs himself as a double.

But like. One day rhys is like “im gonna drop by jacks office as a surprise cause i like seeing him and hes actually a really sweet guy.” He has every intention of gettin dirty. So he buys two coffees and heads over to the actual jacks office bc like its jack everyone knows where his office is, and rhys thinks its silly how jack(tim) wont let him drop by at all. He may or may mot be wearing something scandalous under his clothes

Rhys waltzes in and the Real Jack is like “fuck fuck fuck fuck this is the little twink tims been going crazy over” and he does a three star try at trying to act like tim until rhys starts getting saucy, then he just buzzes timothy right then and there, slams his fist on the intercom button on his desk and “Timothy Fucking Lawrence” needs to report to handsome jacks office immediately. Rhys is confused. Jacks counting out $100s because he lost the bet with nisha. Tim walks in and he mightve felt his heart drop straight past his stomach and out his ass.

“Hey there timtam, introduce yourself to this young man before he tries to stick his hand down my pants again”

that post tho where sisko is just a bystander and does basically fuck all bc he doesnt want to mess up the timeline like a) no and b) he’s probably the most morally grey character on trek. he wouldnt give a damn about the timeline. he’s literally lead protests in the 21st century before. sisko would happily punch tr*mp.

he’d do more than that to- he’d lead BLM rallies and not my president protests, he’d quote fucking,,, philosophers who arent even alive yet and then he’d laugh when the temporal investigators come to question him. heck, he’d get garak in on a scheme to Fuck Tr*mp Up lmao he wouldnt be like “oh no,,, the timeline” look @ picard for that 

edit: should clarify that i think sisko a) wont be as much of a stickler for rules by the end of the series and b) would replace someone to do this like he did w/ the bell riots