but i think he was wearing the brown today

Hi my name is Steven Grant Nomad No Chill Rogers and I have long brown hair and a beard that I think is an adequate disguise and and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Captain America (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m a vigilante (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing black armor that definitely didn’t used to have a star on it, black gloves, and black combat boots. I was lurking in the shadows.  A lot of Children of Thanos stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Shakespeare (Part III)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Sorry I’m late again!! As always, all feedback is sincerely appreciated. Enjoy!

English class is your favorite class.

Since your paper, the past few weeks have been stuffed full of theory readings and poetry analyses. You’ve read Wordsworth, Woolf, and many in between. It’s hard not to get caught up in a world of rhyme schemes and symbolism.

Harry has been overly-avoidant. He didn’t look at you when you handed him your essay, and he hasn’t since. You’re just confused. It’s not clear why his eyes skirt around you when his gaze pans across the classroom, or why they glue themselves to the sidewalk when you pass him outside. But every time you see him or the thought of him merely crosses your mind, all you can think about is that second or two when he was in such close proximity. You can almost smell his cologne and see the thin hair spotting his chin.

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how to drown in the desert; chapter six: the light

a/n: *drum roll* at last - chapter six! hopefully this chapter was more than worth the wait, and it’s a pretty decent word count length too (over 4,000 words), so i hope you guys enjoy it!

as always you can read this fic here on ao3 or here on ffn

and as always if you ever want to make a graphic/edit/fanart ANYTHING inspired by this fic please let me know and tag me in it!! i’d love to see it <3

anyway, without further ado, here is chapter 6: the light

For a few blissful moments after he woke up, Shiro forgot what had transpired the previous night…and then he remembered. His body froze as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, his fingers feeling exceptionally warm, and he realized they were still laced through Allura’s. He panicked, thinking about how to move without waking her when he caught the soft curve of her lips: the princess had fallen asleep with a smile on her face.

His own face heated up when he thought of the softness of her voice when they had said goodnight. My Paladin.

He dragged his free hand down his face, nearly nicking himself with the edge of the wedding band he wore—fake wedding band. Maybe they were faking this marriage a bit too well, or at least he was. God, what if she suspected him? It would be completely unprofessional, and awkward, and… maybe sort of freeing, to have it all out in the open. Even if she didn’t feel the same—and why would she?—at least he wouldn’t have to hide it anymore.

Shiro shook his head, carefully slipping his hand out of hers, even as her fingers remained curled against the snowy sheets of their bed. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching over as her hair fell in her face, carefully tucking it behind her pointed ears. He almost let his fingers linger, when her eyes fluttered open.

“Shiro?” she said, voice thick with sleep.

He flushed, feeling almost guilty—or at least caught in the act. He cleared his throat. “Good morning, princess.”

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hello!! this is my beautiful pudgebaby! her name is maia. she’s never seen a frog before, but she loves giving toads a hearty sniff whenever she finds one, so i think she’d appreciate some good froggos much the same! she’s a very sleepy girl, but i managed to get her to open her pretty pretty eyes for the picture!

Hello Maia! 😀🐸🐱😊

Barry thinks you are wearing the most lovely chin today! He also likes your choice of oranges and brown for your jacket (it is Very Cool to choose those colours!)

Barry sends you a tasty treatie before your next nap and a 27 seconds of genuine Barry Staring! 🐸🐸

oh look another oliness fic
actually, this is more of a scene that would fit probably pretty nicely somewhere much later down the line. it’s cute fjflksfd and it doesn’t really have too much direction but its CUTE

this is completely sfw btw!!!! also a couple notes:

-PDA makes nessa so embarrassed lol
-Oliver speaks Aelish, a language from the country of Aelia, which is where this takes place

i think that’s about it lol i hope u enjoy it!


She wonders how Oliver would kiss her if there was no reason to hold back.

Nessa draws forth the memory of how he looked today. He’d been wearing a loose, white shirt with short sleeves and a slight v-neck to give him better mobility as he swung his sword around to parry off Adam’s blows. He’d carried a smug air of confidence and it was incredible, she thought, how he was able to hold his own so well against someone she knew was military trained. His slick brown skin had been warm with the flush of exercise. Even now, she can still hear the chorus of his laughter as he stumbled and narrowly missed being cuffed by Adam’s sword.

She shivers. He hadn’t known she’d been watching - Nessa hadn’t even meant to stop and stare. She was merely passing the training yard on her way to the stables when she saw him. He was mesmerizing and he’d made her weak. All she could do was remember how good it feels to kiss him, how he graciously responds to her touch, the way he chases after her even as she pulls away to breathe.

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Teacher's Pet // A.I.

Request: I would really appreciate some rough ashton smut but please no daddy kink I’ve read too much of that hehe

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warnings: Sexual content, swearing, teacher x student relationship (obviously)

Word Count: 4K+

A/N: I’ve wanted to do a teacher smut for SO LONG and it’s finally here. I hope y’all enjoy.

Getting up early has never been anything I’m very good at. Even when I was little, I liked sleeping more than most kids. My mum has always given me credit for not waking up each and every night. Now when I’m at school, however, it’s backfired and mornings are like a living hell.

But since school is something I’m very concerned about, I always just get up and get ready for whatever the day will throw at me. Whether it be an extra half hour of maths in the afternoon or having to run down to the bus to get to school in time for first period.

There are some classes I enjoy more than others. For example, I like maths more than I like physics, arts more than p.e. and on top of all that, the subject I like the most is English. Why? The teacher, mr. Irwin.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a Hoshi scenario where he does his really fast transition from Soonyoung to Hoshi, one second he's cute and the next he's like sexy af and it ends with him intensely kissing you in his Hoshi persona? I'm sorry if this is really unspecific, haha. Thank you!

hey uhm omg i’m not sure if this is any good since it was my first time writing something like this but i hope it matched with what you requested and that you enjoy reading it :3 

“Hey Y/N,” Soonyoung said, huddled up in blankets, “don’t you think it’s a bit cold today?” He was staring at you with his soft, brown eyes, his breath being muffled by the thick layer of fabric and cotton. It was cold, sure, but that was because neither of you weren’t wearing anything. You were too embarrassed to come out of the soft and body covering blankets while Soonyoung, well, just really didn’t feel like getting out. You wish he had though.

His eyes have been on you ever since he woke up and he was looking at you with a rather adoring look. The tint of rose on your cheek couldn’t help but strengthen. Thinking about last night, how his lips were all over your body and how his eyes ate you up and down, didn’t make it any better.

Although you avoided his gaze, his right hand somehow found its way to your waist, a smile as soft as his hands now evident on his face. “You’re being shy now, huh,” he chuckled, “it sure wasn’t like that yesterday night, haha.”

Oh boy, oh boy, his voice sent you tingles everywhere. You wanted him to touch you more, you wanted his voice to echo in you ears and you wanted the vibrations of his breath to make your body shiver endlessly.

You slid your hand on top of his, taking it off your waist and linking his fingers between yours, giving him a small smile in the progress. “Hm, your hand is warm,” you said, caressing his hand and bringing yourself closer to his body. This time it was Soonyoung’s turn to blush. Your free hand was now moving on his chest and you gently pressed your lips against his, pulling away after a mere touch of your lips.

Ah, he tasted the same as ever, you thought. The sweet, mellow taste that mesmerized you since day one was still there.

He gave you a sheepish smile and connected your lips again, this time for a longer kiss. It felt like his lips were made for yours, him grinning from ear to ear and both of you trying to savour the taste of each other. His breath was getting heavier and his kisses rougher. He traced his tongue across your lips and started nibbling on your lower lip, causing you to let out a small moan. Both of you pulled away breathless after a while, a shy look and a pink blush on your faces.

Silence engulfed the two of you for a second or two, both trying to get your heartbeats under control. “Aaaah , I love you so much Y/N,” Soonyoung blurted out, pulling you completely against his body and kissing the tip of your nose. He showed you the most innocent smile in the world before trapping you between himself and the bed. The smile had turned into a suggestive smirk, his hard-on pressing against your body.

His lips landed on your neck, biting and nibbling at different spots, his hands tracing the side of your body up and down. The scraping of his nails left you with a tingling sensation and the butterfly kisses on your jawline made you want him to be rougher on you.

You turned his head to face yours and pulled him down from his neck into a passionate kiss. The two of you exchanged saliva and moans, both getting more and more aroused. “Hey,“ Soonyoung said, between heavy breaths, “is it okay if we, you know, go all the way?” It made you flush, but you pressed your lips back onto his, mumbling a small yes.

Admin Spoonhoe

Black and Blue

Before you read this there are a few things you should know:
• Today I finished watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix
• This poem touches on sexual assault
• This is not what happens in the show but it’s inspired by it.
• It’s from Clay’s point of view and the ending that I think he would like to see.
• I hope you like it.

Black and Blue

She was wearing a black and blue dress
Black, deep black with a velvety touch
Blue, bright but cold
You met her by the fountain in the park
That girl in your class
The one with the medium length dark brown hair
That has sun-kissed strands by her face
Oh and her face, always smiling
Radiant infact
And you both walked
Side by side
To the town diner
For shakes and fries
Where you stayed for
One, two, three hours
Talking about life, school, football, art, music.
Anything and everything

Just a simple strawberry milkshake
Sweet to taste
And nice to look at
That’s what she was, wasn’t she?
That’s what she was to you when you left that diner
When you told her you would drive her home
And she felt safe with you
Until you pulled over
10 minuets away from home
And told her you liked her
And she smiled
And you leaned in
And she did too
And that simple kiss was just enough for her
And you reclined the seat
And she said “No, not now, not here, maybe another time, I’m not ready”
But you didn’t listen
And you kept going
And told her everything would be fine
She just needed to relax
And she screamed “No, Stop, Please just take me home ”
And again, you didn’t listen
So she fought back
Because she was a dragon who shouldn’t be caged
But you held her down
And hit back
And forced yourself on her
As she cried for help
So you muffled the sounds
And you took her soul
And crushed it
Right there infront of her eyes
And then when you were done
You left
You abandoned her on the side of the road
She was still wearing black and blue
But it wasn’t her dress
It was her skin
Her skin that you made her want to crawl out of
Because you made her uncomfortable in her own body
And so she walked home
And alone

And that’s how she felt
For the next two months
Because she didn’t speak a word of it
Because you took her voice that night along with her dignity
And so she roamed the halls alone and afraid
And only spoke when spoken to
Avoided eye contact
Until you told your friends how your night went
How your charm was impossible to resist
How she was so easy, she was down for anything
And you never told the truth
And you knew she wouldn’t
So your friends gave her cat calls and whistles
Because she was a “hot piece of ass”
Or she was “good for some action”
But we all know that actions and consequences go together like PB&J
And we hoped that she knew that she had the choice
That she knew if she said something to someone, anyone
That she would make it through

And weeks later
In the classroom
There was an empty seat…..

Where you should be sitting
But instead you are in a jail cell
Wishing you listened to her inner dragon when it roared
Because she knew you were slowly backing her into a cage
Poking and prodding her
And she felt alone
But the fire in her stomach was too hot to contain
So when she realised she had to make a choice
Between letting herself burn
Or setting you on fire
She chose to save herself
So yeah Orange is the new black
And her skies are blue.

- @moonbeampoet 2017 ©

Love Letter

Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 3132 + 144 Bonus

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Bits and pieces of this were inspired by Seventeen’s “Love Letter” and you parts of the story reference the song

“Hello.” You greeted the guy at the counter as you entered the little cafe. “This is Pledis cafe, right?”

“Yes it is,” the guy, called Seungcheol according to his nametag, affirmed.

“Okay. Soonyoung suggested that I try this place because he works here and apparently everyone here is great,” you told him.

“Oh, you know Soonyoung?” The boy asked in response.

“Yeah, I do. We dance together a lot.”

“Ah, you must be Y/N then. Soonyoung’s told us a lot about you,” he said, visibly brightening as he mentioned your name. “I can grab him from the back for you after I take your order. I’m sure he’d be glad to see you here. So what can I get you today?”

You asked for a salted caramel latte and watched as Seungcheol took your order, writing down your name and the order on a cup before setting it down next to the register. He headed to the back as you wondered what Soonyoung had said about you and to whom. Another boy, this one with intense cheeks and red hair, picked up the cup and started making your drink as you headed further into the cafe, looking for a place to sit.

You took a seat at a four person table, seeing that there weren’t many people in the cafe at the time and it didn’t look like you were taking away from other customers by having three extra chairs. You proceeded to take out your laptop, your mind set on making a dent in the lab write up due at the end of the week so that you could work on your English paper later on in the week. You can’t imagine why you thought taking summer classes would be a good idea. At least there are credits being fulfilled.

“Y/N?” You got up from your seat when the red haired boy called your name to signal that your drink was ready.

“Thank you.”

“Are you Y/N? As in Soonyoung hyung’s dance buddy Y/N?” The boy asked excitedly, eyes lighting up. “I loved your performance at the winter showcase - the one with the villain theme? Don’t you think Soonyoung hyung looked good in the outfit? He looked hot, didn’t he?” You nodded in response to each of his rapid fire questions, not quite sure how to react to the excited boy in front of you.

“Y/N! You should’ve told me you were coming today! Sorry for taking so long, I was eating one of Mingyu’s pastries in the back. You should totally try one!” Soonyoung said as he came out from the back, wearing a brown apron that matched the ones that Seuncheol and the red haired kid were wearing. He quickly gave you a huge smile and took your drink from the other guy before following you to your seat where he sat in the seat across from you. Your assignments were soon forgotten as you and Soonyoung started chattering comfortably. Your cheeks hurt from smiling at the cute hamster in front of you as he told you about the shenanigans that happened in the cafe. He introduced you to all the other employees that were in the cafe at the time, telling you stories about each one and you only remembered your paper when Seungcheol, who was the manager, told Soonyoung that he had to get back to work as Seungkwan, the redhead you now knew the name of, was taking his break.

You steadily became a regular at the cafe, coming even when Soonyoung wasn’t working as you’d decided that the latte Seungkwan made was the best latte you’d ever had despite having been left to cool for half an hour by your conversation with Soonyoung.

You quickly warmed up to all the other workers at the cafe and they got comfortable with you quickly as well. The boys never did anything to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you being able to talk to them like you talked with all your friends from dance. However, you’d noticed one minor difference between the boys at the cafe and the kids at dance - the boys at the cafe couldn’t go 10 minutes without mentioning Soonyoung to you.

For example, you wore a black and white cardigan a few days agao, only to have Seungkwan tell you that, “Soonyoung hyung would love that cardigan. His favorite colors are black and white. I’m pretty sure it’s because of all that TaeKwonDo he did as a kid. He’s a second degree black belt. Isn’t he cool? Don’t you think he’d look good in the uniform?” You didn’t know that Soonyoung did tae kwon do, or maybe you did vaguely remember him telling you about a black belt, you weren’t too sure. One thing was certain though, the guys at the cafe did not want you to go a day without hearing Soonyoung’s name at least 50 billion times.


“Salted caramel latte. I know,” Wonwoo said as he rang you up and started on your drink. You thanked the morning barista as he turned his back to you in order to make your latte for the day.

“You know who’s really good at making lattes? Soonyoung. You should try one of his someday,” Seungcheol said as he came out of the back, towards the counter and Wonwoo simply nodded in agreement.

You weren’t completely dumb. You knew what the boys were trying to do. They were trying to set you up with Soonyoung, God knows why. Saying that you’d never thought of him in that way would be blatantly lying, but you never thought you were obvious about your little moments of affection so they couldn’t know about your little crush. The only explanation for the boys’ Soonyoung comments was a shipper of the two of you in the group. Who it was, you had no idea, but you were curious as to where and why the shipping had started.

Most of the times, the boys made the comments about Soonyoung when he wasn’t at the cafe as Soonyoung was your main conversation partner when he was around. However, they’d occasionally make those comments when Soonyoung was there. You could’ve sworn you saw him blush a few times before he smacked the other boys and laughed, but you didn’t want to make any assumptions or read into anything. Besides, it could just be embarrassment because the boys complimented him a lot in front of you.

You entered the cafe on a warm Sunday morning, mind made up to finish your English paper before leaving so you could submit it to the TA for comments. You greeted Wonwoo and Seungkwan, Wonwoo starting on your latte as you approached the counter where Seungkwan had started to ring you up.

“Sorry it’s not too pretty. Latte art is Jeonghan hyung and Soonyoung’s thing. You should see Soonyoung’s latte art. He’s gotten pretty good at it,” Wonwoo said as he handed you your drink. You didn’t even attempt to respond to the Soonyoung comment and simply thanked Wonwoo for your latte. You headed to your usual table with your drink in hand as Seungkwan headed to the back where Mingyu was baking pastries for the day and Soonyoung was wiping down various appliances.

“Hyung, Y/N’s here again. When are you going to confess?” Seungkwan asked as he pulled out a stool and took a seat.

“Yeah, hyung. You haven’t stopped talking about Y/N since they joined your dance studio. Plus, we all know you carry around a love letter in your jacket pocket and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more in your bag and other pockets.” Mingyu said, siding with Seungkwan as he carried his precious cheesecakes to the fridge to set.

Soonyoung had been carrying around love letters addressed to you for a while now. He replaced the letter with a new one whenever he felt the urge to write another note because he couldn’t work up the courage to go up to you and directly confess, choosing to let his feelings out to the papers instead of to you.

The other boys discovered this habit of his by chance when Seungkwan accidentally knocked Soonyoung’s coat off the table in the break room while watching a drama with Vernon and a piece of paper slipped out of the coat’s pocket. The event had only confirmed all the suspicions that the other boys had about Soonyoung’s feelings for the new person at the studio that he wouldn’t shut up about. When you finally made your first appearance at the cafe, the boys were thrilled and doubled their matchmaking efforts, trying to get one of you to confess to the other.

“Hyung, you don’t even need to talk. All you’ve got to do is just hand it to Y/N. Besides, you’ve written so many of those notes at this point that you could come up with the necessary words for a confession on the spot. You could probably do it in your sleep.”

“At this rate he’s more likely to confess in his sleep. It’s been months.”

“I still think you should just confess, hyung.”

“I’m not saying he shouldn’t, I’m just saying-”

“Guys, I go through this conversation every day I come here. I get it. I should confess, you think I don’t want to? It’s just hard.” Soonyoung cut in. “I’m going to finish wiping these down now and I’ll confess when I can work up the courage.” With that, the conversation ended and Seungkwan headed back to his position in the front of the cafe.

You finished your essay two hours later, and you quickly emailed it off to your TA with a little message thanking her in advance for her comments. You stood up, stretched and packed your backpack up again before you headed to the counter to order another drink to take out with you.

Seungcheol had taken over barista duties and you ordered another latte from the boy. As he made your drink, Seungcheol told you about an event called Music Monday happening the next day and how it’d mean the world to him (and Soonyoung) if you came.

“Jihoon says the lineup for this week is better than the last few and he’s the resident musical genius. It’ll be great.” Seungcheol stated as he handed you your drink. “All of us are going to be there, including Soonyoung.”

“I’ll come.” You said, telling yourself that Soonyoung had nothing to do wit your decision to go. Since you sent in your draft to the TA today, you knew that you wouldn’t have any comments back until at least Wednesday and you didn’t have any Chem work due in the beginning of the week which meant that there was time to come out to Music Monday.

You made good on your promise to Seungcheol and arrived at the cafe fifteen minutes before the program started, only to be greeted by an excited group of boys and the news that Jihoon was going to perform. Seungcheol was the most excited, but the other boys seemed pumped as well. You ordered your usual salted caramel latte before grabbing a seat towards the front and quickly struck up a conversation with Soonyoung, Vernon, and Wonwoo where you and Soonyoung relayed the story about the time one of the dancers in your studio had been dared to dance on the roof, laughter surrounding all of you until Seungkwan’s voice broke in to announce the start of the program.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another fabulous Music Monday! Boy, do we have a good show planned for tonight. The first act is going to be our very own… Lee Jihoon!” You clapped along with the few other people in the audience as Seungkwan announced the first act of the night precisely at 8:30 and the boys scurried out of the way and towards the back of the cafe. You were pleased to see the number of people in the audience grow as Jihoon continued to play as you knew how important his music was to him. Quickly, losing yourself in the music, you didn’t realize time was passing until Seungkwan was back on stage, announcing that the next song would be Jihoon’s last for the night.

As you bobbed your head to the music, clearly enjoying yourself, Soonyoung was in the back with his focus on you. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop the fond smile on his face from appearing and his mind from listing all the traits in you that he found endearing. He knew he looked like a lovestruck fool with the huge smile on his face, but he couldn’t care less.

“You should confess Soonyoung.” Wonwoo said as he approached the smiling boy. “It’s been months. If Jihoon can be brave long enough to play an entire set full of his songs full of his insecurities and thoughts in front of all these people, you can be just as brave long enough to hand Y/N a sheet of paper and confess.” Wonwoo gave Soonyoung a pat on the back as he headed off again.

I’m on fire right now because of you
It’s impossible to cool me down
I’m on fire right now because of you
I don’t know, I don’t know,
It’ll happen somehow.” Jihoon rapped and the lyrics, paired with Wonwoo’s words got Soonyoung thinking.

“It’ll happen somehow.” Soonyoung repeated to himself as he gripped the note in his pocket and took a deep breath as he made up his mind. He was going to confess, and he was going to do it today, right now.

Soonyoung didn’t stop to think about what he’d say or do before he headed towards you. He forgot to wait for the song to end, his mind made up and his feet taking him in a beeline straight towards you before he could wimp out again. Soonyoung grabbed you by the arm and took you outside in the middle of Jihoon’s song, forgetting everything except what he was about to do. He paused once he’d brought you outside in an attempt to calm his breath before he spoke.

“Can you give me your hand?” You complied, not sure what was going on, but going along with the flow nonetheless. “Here. This is for you.” Soonyoung said as he placed a folded up piece of notebook paper in your hands before looking down at the floor. Confused but flattered, you accepted the paper and unfolded it to find Soonyoung’s handwriting staring back at you.

The note was simple, just saying that there was so much he wanted to say and do, but couldn’t because of his inability to confess upfront and to be truthful with you. He’d listed fond memories the two of you had shared, your first meeting, your first performance together as a team, the one time the two of you had led a dance class for elementary kids together, and so on as he pointed out aspects of your personality that he’d fallen in love with.

Soonyoung’s head was swirling with thoughts as you stared at the paper in your hands. Was his handwriting ok? He mentally prayed that you’d overlook it if it was. Did he even express his feelings properly? He knew he wasn’t the best with words like Seungkwan or Wonwoo. Did you even feel the same way and think about him as much as he thought about you? He couldn’t stop the questions until your voice broke his thoughts.

You were flustered at first and your mind began racing as well, your face heating up as you registered the meaning behind the words he’d written. To say you were shocked would be an understatement, but you couldn’t help that warm fuzzy feeling from spreading throughout your body.

“I like you too.” You said as you looked up from the paper in your hands to the boy in front of you, your face burning as you spoke those four words.

Soonyoung looked up at you in shock before he engulfed you in a bone crushing hug, the huge smile appearing on his face making his eyes disappear. The two of you’d hugged plenty of times before, but this time was different as there was an unspoken shift in the nature of your relationship with Soonyoung.

When you both finally came to and your brains started functioning again, the two of you decided to walk around for a bit before heading home to avoid causing a scene and disrupting the performance again. The conversation flowed just as easily as it always had as Soonyoung walked you home. You didn’t know how and when it happened, but at your door you found that the two of you had been holding hands and you sadly let go as you both made promises to see each other again the next day.

You headed straight for your table when you walked into the cafe the next morning, setting down your backpack with plans to start on your lab write up. You sat down at the four person table you always used with your back against the wall and your feet propped up on the chair next to you. The first time you’d done this, Jihoon’d thrown you dirty looks, but he no longer even batted an eye and simply handed you the latte you always got and you handed him a five, telling him to keep the change.

You quickly immersed yourself in your write up. You put your earbuds in your ear and brought up the data on your laptop before quickly putting your pen to the paper. You were writing down your conclusions and their significance about an hour later when you felt your legs being lifted up and placed on something higher than, but softer than the chair. You looked up from your notebook to find Kwon Soonyoung sitting in the chair next to you, your feet in his lap and a bright smile on his face.

“Jihoon hyung, don’t you think they look super cute together?” You turned towards the new source of noise to find a very excited Seungkwan taking a picture of you and Soonyoung with his phone while bothering a not so excited Jihoon.

“You can stop dropping hints now. I think we got the point.” Soonyoung said as he turned to face Seungkwan as well.

“YOU FINALLY CONFESSED?” Seungkwan half screamed, half shouted at the two of you.

“Seungkwan, customers. Control your volume.”

“Oh, sorry- hyung, you confessed?” Seungkwan asked, attempting to control his voice though it was still too loud for a cafe.

“Maybe.” Soonyoung replied to the younger boy as he gently grabbed your hands and turned back to face you with a huge smile lighting up both your faces.


“Did I hear that right?” Seungcheol asked, coming out of the back. “I told you it would all work out if you finally confessed! I’m really happy for you two. This calls for a celebration, how about a free cheesecake?”

“You can’t just give away free food all the time.” Jihoon upbraided Seungcheol.

“Oh, shut up. You ship it too.” Jihoon grumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t quite catch, but it sounded like something about the next one coming out of Seungcheol’s paycheck. You laughed as Seungcheol excitedly headed back to the kitchen, most likely to spread the news about his OTP becoming canon and to tell Mingyu to make another cheesecake, while Soonyoung continued to stare at you fondly, making you grateful that he’d worked up the courage to hand you the little sheet of paper that held all your stories.

-Written by Admin Sea

[D-4] For This Christmas And All The Ones After It

Originally posted by arosoo

Pairing: Kyungsoo (bc he doesn’t get enough love) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1k

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“…he reaches into the pocket of his dress pants, pulling out a small box. Placing it on your lap, he slowly opens up the box to reveal what’s inside.”

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Today was a good day. I saw the total eclipse from start to finish; took some photos and a scarf I ordered arrived. Looks a lot like the one Mr. Pace is wearing except it’s brown. I even let Cairo go outside for the first time. Everyone thinks he’s a dog when he rolls around in the dirt until he meows. I threatened him and his brother Aslan that I would get them a sister if they didn’t stop wrestling under the bed while I was trying to sleep. My late cat Dutch wanted a dog–he loved them. So I was thinking to get them a sister in the form of a dog then I stopped myself, @fortunatelyclevercandy

See, if I got a dog, I’d have two cats and a dog. Lee has two dogs and a cat. The two Thranduils would have the animal version of the Brady Bunch. Yeah, nope. Uh uh. We already have WAY, WAY, WAY too much in common as it is. Except I’m not really keen on holding iguanas and I can hold a rooster better than him–out of practice though. 

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I really need to take this guy out to hustle pool..

I might get a snake. I’ve actually had my “then” boyfriend’s pet boa, my pet mouse and pet rat with four cats once in the same room. They lived–mostly because my late cat Lady was too big for the baby boa to eat and the rat and the mouse were in cages so they just got stared down by four cats and a baby boa. I know–I’ll play with snakes but not an iguana. Did have a pet snapping turtle once–and a duck, goat, several horses, and a chicken.

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Yeah, babbling. So, back to work. The net is still slow over this whole eclipse thing followed by that weird President dude about to say something (twice–he’s going to be in Phoenix tomorrow). I’ll be putting some of my mother’s heirloom dishes in boxes to prepare to move to New York. YES, I said New YORK. Mostly because I’ll have to ship my car to Scotland from there and I may have to stay there briefly. Still planning.

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Safe in Your Hands

Read it here on AO3!

Chapters: [One] [Two] [Three]

Rating: T

Word Count: 2308

Pairing: Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru

Summary: Kyoutani wears eyeliner.

((warnings: mentions of child abuse and a couple homophobic slurs))

“No son of mine is going to wear eyeliner like a damn fairy.”

Kyoutani frowns, his dad’s words ringing in his ears. He steps onto the train, taking a seat near the back the way he always does. The girl with blue streaks in her hair gives him a faint smile. She pulls open her book-bag and withdraws her eyeliner and a compact mirror. She hands them over to him, and he nods in thanks.

“That’s a nice bruise you’ve got there,” she says, gesturing to her own cheekbone. “Did you get into a fight?”

“Something like that,” Kyoutani says gruffly. He doesn’t feel like sharing more. Although the two of them share a commute on his way to Aoba Johsai, he’s never asked for her name, and she’s never asked for his. Their relationship doesn’t extend past her allowing him to use her eyeliner every morning before school. It started when she noticed him watching her apply it. She offered it to him, and he’d taken it. After he’d shakily applied it, she told him he looked “tough,” which pleased him. Ever since then she let him use her eyeliner, noting that he’s gotten better at applying it, though his lines still seem uneven to him.

He sinks back in his seat, opening the compact and using the small mirror to carefully line his eyes with the black ink. She nods appreciatively, as he hands them both back to her once he’s done.

“I think that’s your best try yet,” she tells him, smiling.

His lips twitch, but he simply nods and turns to look out the window. His reflection in the glass glares back at him. The bruise on his cheekbone looks dark, but as he deepens his glare, he notices that the intensity of his eyes with the eyeliner detracts from the mark. He hopes that people will be intimidated by his eyes enough to look away before they see the bruise.

He should’ve expected it not to work on Yahaba, though.

“What happened to you?” the second year asks, narrowing his eyes at Kyoutani’s face.

“None of your fucking business,” he growls, slipping past him to make it to the club room. Thankfully Yahaba doesn’t persist in questioning him, but Kyoutani remains wary throughout the rest of the practice.

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Ideas Gone Wrong (Otayuri)

Author’s Note: I can post this now, yeees! For the anon who requested Otayuri with numbers 9: “That’s a horrible idea!” and 10: “It’s… definitely shiny.” I managed to include both of them, yaay~! And I’m actually pretty proud of this one! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3

Description: Otabek returns to his and Yuri’s shared apartment with two new skating costumes. A few minutes after he talks with Yuri, he gets the idea to go shopping while showing off their new costumes. Does it go well? For Otabek, definitely! For Yuri?… Not so much luck there!

Word Count: 2,123

   Otabek locked the door behind him as he walked down the hall, two plastic shopping bags hanging from his wrist. He had just been out shopping to get Yuri an early Christmas gift, though he came back with something for himself once he saw the matching skating costumes for sale. He stopped in the doorway to the living room, looking over at Yuri, who was lying on his stomach on the floor watching television.

 “Heh, took you long enough,” he said, muting the show that was playing and averting his attention to Otabek. He pointed at the two bags, tilting his head. “And what might those be?”

 “Gifts. I saw something at the store and it made me think of you, so I bought it and the other matching one. They were the last two left,” Otabek replied, a small grin tugging his lips when he saw a light pink blush spreading across his friend’s cheeks.

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Fanfic: The Fight

Okay so I decided to write a fanfic for the first time… I know it isn’t the best so I would love feedback. Also, @femmynazi helped me with some ideas and dialogue, so thanks Ashley!! :) 

I hope you enjoy it haha..


You woke up to the sound of your alarm buzzing away. You sighed, reached over slowly, and turned it off. You picked up your phone and checked the usual social medias. The bright morning sun shone brightly on your face, and you squinted your eyes. You looked to your left side and found the cute love of your life snoozing away. Calvin slept like an angel, you thought to yourself. He laid on his back, and his arms were stretched towards you. His collarbones were so defined and his eyelids fluttered gently. He must be in deep sleep so I better not wake him up, you thought. After a few minutes of laying in your sweet haven that you called bed, you decided to get up.

You got out of bed and your feet touched the freezing floor. You pulled on Calvin’s onsie that he used in his facecam video a while ago. You walked downstairs and brewed some coffee. A few minutes later you heard the stairs creaking and you saw a sleepy Calvin smile at you.

“Hey.” He said in that his tired, morning voice.

“I made you some coffee, toast, and fruit.” You smiled and hugged him. You inhaled his lovely scent.

“Thanks. I’m so fucking tired. That rant I was making turned out like shit so I have to re-film it.” He sat down at the counter and started eating. His hair looked so messy and greasy but you loved it. You sat down with him and just stared. “What?” He laughed, his eyes crinkled, making you smile.

“I don’t know I just really like spending time with you. I can’t believe you’re mine…” You blushed and sipped your coffee, avoiding eye contact. He pushed your hair out of your face and kissed your forehead.

“Well fuck me. A pretty girl likes me. I guess I’m not such a fucking faggot after all.” He chuckled and said in your ear, “I love you Y/N.”

You ate the rest of your breakfast in silence, watching how the birds hopped on the fence outside, or how the trees gently swayed in the wind. Everything was so beautiful when you were with him. He made your heart pump wildly, even after being with him for one year, you couldn’t get over the fact that he chose you. Breaking the silence, he said, “So what do you want to do today? I was just gonna edit a video but I want to take you somewhere. Do you want to go to the space needle? I went a while back and it was really fucking cool. I think you’d love it.” You nodded excitedly and ran upstairs to change. You loved when he finally left the house. He ran up after you and hugged you from behind. “Are you wearing my onsie?” You giggled and turned around, peering into his big, brown eyes. His piercing gaze caused you to look away, he grinned and held your face in his hands. You raised your eyebrows.

“Calvin, we can go, but jesus, you need to take a fucking shower.” You ruffled his hair teasingly. He raised his dark eyebrows and said,

“I just took one last night, it’s called fucking gel you moron.” You pushed him away playfully, and went to your room. He ran after you and kissed you passionately. You grabbed his hair and melted in his arms. You guys teased each other as you got dressed. He jokingly withheld your bra from you while you stood there, half naked, and wrestled him trying to get it back. Kind of embarrassed, you said, “Dude you’re such a pervert. Give it or else I’ll expose you.” He held in his laugh and said, “Fucking do it. Keemstar would love the drama.” You pouted and turned around. He threw it at your head and fell to pieces laughing. It made you blush. You picked it up and put it on. You both continued the teasing until you finally made it to the space needle.

You looked up and felt intimidated. “We have to go up that thing?” You gulped and he jokingly said, “Yeah. Don’t be a pussy Y/N it’s not that bad.” You guys made it to the restaurant and got a table. He said, “Okay I’m gonna update snapchat.” He grabbed his shitty android phone and said to the camera, “So, I’m here with Y/N on the fucking space needle so if I die, delete my browser history. Also, this was totally her idea. Not mine. 100% truth.” And it ends there. You give him raised eyebrows and a glare. He shrugs and says, “I’m funny alright.”

You get up from the table with a grin and go up to the glass where you can see an entire view of Seattle. Your breath is taken from the view. He comes up behind you and says, “See? It’s fucking beautiful.” You nod and snap a few photos. A few seconds later two boys around the age of 15 approach you and Calvin.

“Are you leafyishere?” They scoff. He looks their way and says, “Yeah, why?” They laugh and start taking photos of him. “You really do have no chin! Idubbbz was right. You’re such a fucking pussy too. Your content sucks ass.” Calvin kind of scoffs and says, “Let’s go.” You don’t want to go though. Your blood starts boiling and you ball your hands into fists so hard.

“What the hell did you just say?” You raise your voice. The boys raise their eyebrows and laugh.

“His girlfriend has to defend him. Pathetic, but expected from a pussy like him.” Then you start to laugh uncontrollably.

“Did you actually stalk him from his snapchat? Wow, you really do have no life.” The smile fades from their thin lips and they stutter, but are unable to form words. One of them finally says,

“Dude, you need to break up with leafy. You deserve better than that greasy dickhead. You’re actually pretty hot too. Kind of slutty for my taste, but hot.” He looks at your body up and down and that’s when Calvin intervenes.

“What the fuck did you just say to her?” He aggressively pushes the guy down and punches him. Your eyes widen from shock. “Don’t you fucking look at her like that again. And don’t you speak to her like that either.” His dark eyebrows are now furrowed and you see a fury in his eyes you’ve never seen before. His jaw is clenched and he is breathing hard. The taller boy throws a punch in his face to your surprise. Calvin holds his eye in shock and as he’s about to punch back, you put a hand on his arm and you feel his body relax. His eyes soften when he looks at you. By now everybody in the area is staring and the two boys are long gone. You bury yourself into his arms and whisper “It’s alright” over and over again.

Later that night you watch Netflix on your tv and he sits next to you, icing his swollen eye. “I’m sorry for what I did earlier. I fucking ruined our day.”

“It’s fine Calvin. They lowkey deserved it.” You snuggled into his arms. His soft hand wrapped around yours and his thumb gently stroked the back of your hand. You admired his long, delicate fingers until he suddenly ripped them away from you. “Fucking hell.” He sighed as he looked at his phone.

“What is it?” You peered at it and saw that there were at least three different drama channels broadcasting things like “Leafyishere attacks young boys” with video footage. He gets off the couch and makes his way to his gaming setup.

“I’m gonna film a video okay? I need to explain this literal bullshit.” He starts off by saying “Hello and welcome back to a brand new video on the fucking shithole that we call the internet.” You chuckle at his words and drift off to sleep at the sound of his voice.

It’s around 2 AM and you wake up to his warm body wrapped around yours. You realize that you’ve woken up from a nightmare. You hold his hand tightly and he says, “What’s wrong?” You peer at his dimly lit face and see how dark and sunken his injured eye is. You gently touch it and he winces. “I’m sorry” you mumble and kiss him on his lips. He kisses back, rubbing your face with his chin subtle. You inspect his face and also notice a cut on his right cheek. “What is this? Calvin you need to treat this with something.”

You get up from the couch and grab something to fix his injuries. You sit next to him, his eyes closed, twitching slightly. You grab a disinfecting wipe and gently put it on his cut.

“Fuck,” He squeezes his eyes and bites his lower lip, exposing his small but adorable tooth gap. “That shit stings, what the actual fuck is that?” He grabs it from you and reads the package. You sigh and say, “You need to treat it. Stop being such a pussy.” You hold back your laughter. You place it back on his cut and he grabs your thigh and squeezes it. You hold his face in your hands and push his hair back. He blinks slowly and looks at you.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

You smile and say, “I wish I could say the same to you.” He laughs a little and closes his eyes. You kiss his injured cheek and fall asleep by his side, curled up, and feeling content.

A/N: I have worked on this AU longer than anything I’ve ever written. I’ve edited it so many times and I think now it is finally perfect enough for me to share with you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work. It means so much. Enjoy!

You sighed and ran your hands through your hair restlessly as your plane began to descend. You looked out the window at your old hometown, looking for all the familiar buildings, trying to spot your neighborhood. It had been over a year since you’d been back here and happy and painful memories alike were beginning to resurface.

Things had been much different before you had left for L.A. You were blissfully happy, about to graduate college, in a steady relationship, good friends. Everything seemed to be falling into place, when suddenly you’d gotten an offer to work at a huge music magazine, halfway across the world.

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The Photograph - Harry Imagine

“Harry Styles”, the teacher calls the name you never once thought you’d associate yourself with. He looks up, from whatever he was writing, at the teacher as she calls your name,“Y/N. You will be partners”.

Your eyes widen at her words as Harry nods and shyly looks back at you. Your expression doesn’t change as you meet his eyes and you quickly look away and down at your desk. You spend the rest of the class period staring at your desk. Your first photography project and you’re paired with Harry Styles. The boy whom no one knows.

The bell rings for the end of the school day and before you can look up Harry is gone. Leaving the class you look left and right down the hall and see the long haired boy at his locker. Taking a breath you walk up to him, “Hey”.

You must’ve startled him because he jumps a little. “Oh hi”, he smiles slightly.

“Since we’re partners and I hardly know you would you want to hang out tomorrow, since it’s Saturday?”, you sound more nervous than you anticipated.

He suppresses a smile and nods, “Yeah, that’d be good”. 

“Okay, um here’s my number, just text me your address. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at noon”, you say quickly and walk off. Never in your life have you felt so flustered by someone you never talked to.


Noon rolls around and you arrive at Harry’s just like you said. He walks out of his house dressed in black skinnies, brown boots, and a plain white-t. Something about his appearance catches your attention; his whole arm is covered in tattoos. You pull your eyes away from him as he approaches your car. This was not what you thought quite boy Styles looked like on the weekends. Sure his outfit was a bit the same but he always wears long sleeve or sweaters.

As he gets in the passenger seat he smiles, “Hey”. Pushing his sunglasses up to hold his hair back he asks, “So, what’s planned for today?”

You start driving, “I was thinking lunch, if you haven’t eaten already. Then, maybe start our project for something the is really intriguing to us”.

“Lunch sounds great”, he fiddles with something.

“What’s that?”, you ask curiously.

He stops, “This? It’s a polaroid camera. I like to have it so if I want a picture right away I have it”, he sounds so happy to explain.

“That’s really nice”.


Walking into the diner you wave to the lady behind the counter. After sitting down Harry speaks up, “Do you come here a lot?”

Looking up from the menu you nod, “A family friend owns it so I get a discount and the food is great. By the way I’ll pay”.

Before Harry can protest the lady from behind the counter approaches, “Hi Y/N”.

“Hi Diane. I’ll have my usual. What about you Harry?”

He looks very unsure, “What do you get?”

“Club sandwich with fries and a coke”.

He looks up at Diane, “I’ll have the same thing”.

She nods and walks away. “So”, you draw his attention back to you, “I was thinking we could go to the library and then the park. There’s always something intriguing there”.

“There’s always something intriguing everywhere if you really look”, he says. Before you can say anything your food arrives and you eat without another word. 

Leaving a tip for Diane you both head to the library. Walking in you find yourself heading towards the fiction section. Browsing the books you speak quietly, “Harry, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you have so many tattoos?”

He laughs and responds, “Why do you have so little?”. You feel your cheeks start to burn as he continues, “Honestly, I don’t know. I have a couple for my mum and sister but the others are ones I just liked”.

“I like the heart”, you say before you can stop yourself.

“Yeah? Which one?”, he chuckles.

You stop and turn around to face him, “You have two?”

He lifts his left arm and points to an all black heart and to an actual heart. “May I?”, you go to touch his arm. He nods and just watches as you trace your fingers over both tattoos. “I like that actual heart. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve”.

“Yeah, I do that often”, he mumbles and you withdraw your touch. He grabs a random books, “I’ll check this book out. Maybe it will be interesting”.

You step back, “Uh, yeah maybe. Want to head to the park?”

 ”Sounds good”, he checks out the book and you walk across the street to the city park.

You push away what happened in the library and pull Harry towards the swing set, “C’mon, sit down”. You start to swing and notice, out of the corner of your eye, Harry messing with his camera. You stop swinging and run to the slide and then the monkey bars. After a short while you find Harry sitting contently by a tree, looking at something. Jogging over to him he tucks whatever he was looking at away.

Picking up his book he says, “This is actually good. Really surprising”.

You smile as you sit across from him. He takes out his digital camera as he flips through the book. “May I see your other camera Harry?”

“Yeah! Definitely”, he grabs the polaroid camera from his bag and hands it to you and then goes back to his book.

You looks around trying to find something to take a picture of when your attention is brought back to Harry by a little laugh escaping his lips. You tilt your head as you look at him and replay his words in your head. There’s something intriguing everywhere if you really look. And at that moment you knew that this boy was what you found intriguing. This boy, who you’ve only known for a day, was the most intriguing thing. There was the beauty of nature all around but he was buried in the book and you were too busy looking at him.

Quickly taking the picture you smile at how beautiful it turned out.

“If you wanted a picture you could’ve asked”, he smirks as he looks at you.

You feel your cheeks burn, “Sorry I…uh it’s a good picture though”.

He pats the ground next to him and you move as he reaches into his backpack. “This picture is a good picture”, he hands you a polaroid of you laughing and smiling while on the swing. He shrugs, “I found you very intriguing to me”.

You smile brightly and kiss his cheek, “You’re pretty intriguing too”. Never before would you have thought that this boy from class would end up the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

I don’t know man that picture of Harry is just too good to not write about

One Day

“Ney,” I shouted from the bedroom, “can you please come zip me up?”

 I turned to face myself in the mirror, wiping away a tiny smudge of eyeliner as I waited for him. I kept the makeup light since anything more than the basics would just melt off in the August heat. The soft pink chiffon dress with cap sleeves continued to slide off my shoulders as my zipper remained down.

“Neymar!” I began shouting again, “would you hurr–,”

I was cut off by a surprising pair of cold hands, one zipping up my dress and the other resting on my stomach. “Sorry,” he said, “I couldn’t figure out my tie.” He kissed my exposed neck and smiled at me in the mirror. “So beautiful,” he whispered. I sighed and turned to face him.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I teased, “but that tie…” I trailed off. I reached around his neck to remove the sloppily knotted necktie and the grabbed a crisper one from the closet that matched his light grey suit. I stood in front of him, carefully maneuvering my hands beneath the collar of his shirt, when I noticed him staring at me. His eyes were slightly squinted, focusing on my face, while his bottom lips rested between his shiny teeth.

“What?” I asked blushing.

“Nothing,” he asked dropping his gaze to the hardwood floor, also blushing.

“Come on,” I said, “we’re late.”

The ride to the church was much of the same. At every red light, I caught him peering at me from the side. When I goofily and loudly sang to songs on the radio, I could see him watching me, not laughing at me or joining in with me as usual. I decided not to pester him and let it go. We arrived at the church and walked hand in hand, joining some friends sitting in the first few pews. I was encompassed in conversation with girlfriends, all of us admiring the floral arrangements, lighting, and complimenting each other’s attire. I assumed Neymar had gone to chat with his friends about last week’s game, but as I scanned the room for him, he was leaning against the wall, still watching me.

Upon being caught, he looked away and then shyly laughed. I rolled my eyes and waved him over as the ceremony was nearing commencement. The bride was glowing angelically as she glided down the aisle. Her white lace gown was jaw dropping, and I couldn’t help but be teary eyed as she walked past us. I felt Neymar’s hand grasp mine and squeeze gently.

Applause and cheers broke out as the newlyweds shared a long kiss; their love touched every heart in the room. The coupled made their way out of the church and the guests set out for the reception. The outdoor tent was adorned with fairy lights and lavender and white roses. Each large circular table had a centerpiece comprised of candles and rose petals floating in slightly colored water in glass orbs. Neymar guided toward the middle, his hand still glued to mine, occasionally bringing my wrist to his lips and planting quick kisses. We sat with friends and listened to the wedding party speeches and watching the first dance; it was all truly beautiful.

As the food was served, we were all busy chatting, taking pictures, and laughing. But when I looked over at Ney, he was fairly quiet, aimlessly pushing his food around with his fork. Concerned something was wrong, I asked him to dance so we could have a moment alone.

He removed his jacket, leaving him in just a white shirt that finally contrasted against his golden skin. We swayed in the center of the dance floor, his hands resting just above my hips while mine found a niche around his neck.

“Are you okay?” I whispered. His face puzzled in confusion.

“Yes, of course,” he laughed, “why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’ve been acting strangely all night,” I insisted.

“Oh, you noticed,” he replied looking down and smiling slightly. I put my forehead on his and made a face that encouraged him to explain. “I’ve just been thinking about some things,” he said casually, clearly trying to get off of the topic, but I was not letting up.

“Thinking about whaaaat?” I cooed.

He let out a long sigh before unexpectedly twirling me to the beat of the music and the bringing me back close to his chest.

“Thinking about youuuu,” he sang, “and what today would be like if it was our wedding. What you would wear, would your hair be up, what our vows would be, what songs we would dance to. That’s all,” he laughed shyly.

I stopped moving and looked him straight in those soft brown eyes. “I didn’t know you thought about stuff like that,” I mumbled.

“All the time,” he whispered.

“Are you saying you want to get married?” I asked cautiously.

“Don’t you?” he replied worriedly. I smiled at him and shook my head.

“Of course,” I nearly shouted, “I mean not now, but yes. One day, I want to be your wife.” His boyish smile spread rapidly across his face before he entangled his lips with mine lovingly.

“In that case,” he whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait for one day.”

You sat down at the barchair and waved at the bartender. Usually you didn’t go to a bar this late, because all the drunk people that loved to dance, had shitty taste in music. But today had been a long, hard day at work, so you needed a break. 

“Whiskey without ice.” You said, and rubbed your cheek with a hand.

“I think I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours?” A man with deep, rough, voice said as he sat down beside you. You rolled your eyes and snapped your fingers.

“Make that double.” You told the bartender and turned around. The man was wearing a flannel shirt. He had short brown hair and eyes as green as emeralds.

“If that is the best pick up line you can come up with, I will be surprised if you have ever had a conversation with a girl.” You said and took a swig of the whiskey. It burned good down your throat. The man ordered a drink, and looked at you with raised eyebrows. 

“Woa… Didn’t mean start world war 3, sweetie.” He said and said thanks to the bartender.

“Let’s get out of here Dean, this place sucks.” A tall man with brown hair to the shoulders, walked up behind the man sitting next to you. 

“Hi, my name is Y/N.” You said and stood up from the chair. The tall man smiled and shook your hand.

“Hi, Y/N. My name is Sam.” You giggled and sat back down. 

“I’m Dean, thanks for asking. Dean said, and took a swig of the glass. Sam stood in front of you, and you offered him a drink.

“Would you like to maybe get out of here? We can go somewhere else?” Sam said, and licked his lips. You blushed a little bit, and stood up again. You left a tip on the counter, and faced Sam again. 

“I would love to.” You said softly.

“This place suks anyway.” Dean said and walked past you without even looking in your direction.

“What’s up with him?” Sam said with a laugh.

“Well… I don’t deal very well with people who use cheesy pick up lines as an icebreaker.” You said and giggled. Sam smiled and chuckled.

On Hayley Atwell’s panel at ECCC 2015 Part II

I originally added this onto the first post, but then I kept thinking of things and decided to make a Part Two.

  • she talked about howard stark’s bisexuality
  • said “He loves Steve!”
  • also said that “Peggy isn’t intimidated by women, Peggy loves women!”
  • her cameo in Ant-Man will be small, but it’s there
  • “It’s not really a flash back, but- Oh My God the director is going to kill me!”
  • her favourite outfit of all the pieces in Agent Carter is the brown “onesie” she wears while crawling through the sewers with Jarvis
  • “It was perfect! I could do lunges in it! I’m really a comfort-oriented person. That’s why I’m wearing a onesie today”
  • proceeded to show off her sheer black flowered onesie/jumpsuit
  • said she would love to do an Agent Carter movie
  • in a second season of Agent Carter, she’d love to explore Peggy’s backstory, especially “who that told her she was as good as the men,”
  • her favourite color is green
  • her karaoke song is “Black Velvet”
  • when asked to sing it, she asked if anyone brought vodka
  • favourite Shakespeare play is “The Winter’s Tale”
  • she also loves Cabaret and Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • she has a glass cabinet that the prop team gave her full of copies of major props- Steve’s blood, the key to Peggy’s room in the Griffith, etc
  • In modern times, Peggy would hang out with Beyoncé

‘(Y/N) could you come to the kitchen for a second?’ your manager asked you were waiting for the next order to be finished.

‘Um yeah, just let me take this next order and I’ll be right there.’ you said once the order was done.

While you arranged the plates on the tray you saw the manager go back to the kitchen.

After you were done serving that table you hurried to the back to see what your manager wanted.

‘You needed something?’ you asked.

‘Yeah we have a new hire as of yesterday, he’s a server, so I need my best server to train him.’

‘Oh did you want me to call one of the other servers? Yeah I’ll let her know, which one is it?’ you asked while pulling out your phone, getting ready to call one of the other servers and let them know they have a new trainee.

‘No no (Y/N), I was talking about you, you’re my best server. I need you to train the new server.’ The manager clarified while trying not to laugh at how clueless you were.

‘Oh me, cool.’ you blushed at the compliment.

‘He’s coming in today but since we’re kinda busy I’m just gonna have him shadow you OK.’

‘Yeah I get it, I got a new shadow.’ You joked.

‘I need a server!’ one of the cooks called.

You hurried to the counter and got back to work, all the while thinking of your new trainee, wondering who he was and when he’d show up.

Just then the door opened and in walked a rather tall and lanky guy, he had brown hair and eyes, cute moles here and there. And he was wearing the same uniform as you.

That must be him.

He looked around and his eyes landed on you he headed your way.

‘Um hey I’m the new hire I’m looking for the manager, he said he’d have my name tag ready when I came in.’ the guy said.

‘Yeah just head to the back of the kitchen, that’s where the office is.’ you responded.

‘Thank you.’ he said before going into the kitchen.

‘That the new hire?’ (Y/F/N), the cashier, asked.

‘Yeah, I’m training him because I’m the best server.’ you boasted proudly.

‘He’s cute, in a nerdy kind of way. What’s his name?’

‘I don’t know yet, he’s getting his name tag right now.’ you answered.

At that moment he walked out and you focused on his name tag.

‘Stiles? That’s your real name?’ you couldn’t help but ask.

‘Oh uh no, it’s not but that’s what I go by. Don’t even bother asking the real name I take it to my grave.’ Stiles said.

‘No name? Are you the Doctor? Does that make me Rose Tyler?’ you joked.

‘Was that a Doctor Who reference?’

‘It was, and I think I’m more of a Donna Noble if anything else. Anyway I’m (Y/N), and I’ll be the one training you. Today you’ll just follow me and basically watch and learn because we’re busy right now.

‘You got an order coming out, get the big tray.’ (Y/F/N) said as one of the cooks put the food on the counter.

You grabbed one of the large trays and started arranging the plates so none of the five plates would fall or spill when you picked up the tray.

‘OK, lesson number one when you carry the large tray only use one hand. You pull the tray so it’s hanging off the counter then bend your knees put your hand under the center of the tray. When you stand back up your shoulder will carry most of the weight and keep the tray balanced.’ You said while demonstrating.

‘We keep the support stands over here, this is why I use one hand so I can carry the tray and the stand.’ you said while grabbing the stand.

The rest of the night Sties followed you and watched you serve plates to customers, bus tables, sweep up spilled rice, deal with complaints, etc. all the while listening to little notes and tips you gave him.

Finally thing were winding down so you and Stiles had a minute to take a breather.

‘I’ll be honest I didn’t think this much was involved in being a server.’ Stiles said.

‘Thought it was only picking up the food and bringing it out? Maybe get some free food during a guaranteed break?’ you smiled.

‘Yeah that’s I thought, but apparently you have to clean the tables and sauce bar, sweep, clean the restroom, fill the soda machine with ice, make huge tubs of tea all while customers make trivial request.’ Stiles said.

‘Yup and most days I don’t get a break and the food ain’t free, but it’s a good discount.’ you added.

‘Well at least we both leave in an hour right?’ Stiles asked.

‘What did your schedule say?’

‘The manager said we have matching hours since you’re training me. Six to close, as in six to midnight, right?’ Stiles asked.

‘Oh how cute you thought you were leaving soon. Closing means you don’t leave until the dining room is clean and ready for day shift.’ you explained.

‘Are you serious, OK fine what do you have to do when you close?’ Stiles whined.

‘Well you have to roll up the rugs, sweep, mop, tables must be clean obviously, clean the restrooms, dump the tea, restock and cover the sauces on the bar, shut off the soda machine and sanitize the dispensers, take the dishes to the back to be washed, take out the trash and clean that little employee room.’ You listed off the things you had to do before either of you could leave.

‘Damn and you do this every night? That was exhausting to listen to, and I have to watch you do all that.’ Stiles said in amazement.

‘Yup and tomorrow you get to help me do it. Welcome to the food business.’