but i think he felt betrayed

when zayn mentioned in the fader interview that he would try to add his rnb style vocals on 1d tracks but they wouldnt let him

when zayn mentioned that a big part of coping with the rejection his creativity faced was staying up and playing guitar and writing his own songs

when zayn mentioned that this album has been in his brain for ten years..

i think about for how long he felt caged, dejected, stuck. but how he kept to it, for almost 5 years. 

5 years of performing and recording songs he didnt like, a style no where near his preference. where he worked tirelessly, away from his family, where almost every attempt he made to make any 1d album feel like his own, was rejected—but he sacrificed anyway, for 5 years–

and there are people out there that feel betrayed by him. lol

   you feel the train shake the sidewalk beneath your feet and the alcohol has started to hit you hard. you think of him. he thinks of his next drink. you’ve always felt most connected to the sadness. the way it creeps up your spine in the middle of the night. the way it warms your lungs after that whiskey warms your throat. the way it comforts you like no boy ever did. i’ve hit a crease in my page and you’ve hit a nerve in your nervous system. learn to follow your gut before it betrays you. learn to follow your heart before your brain catches on. these are the only words of wisdom i can preach. for i’m merely speaking through metal letters hammered onto a crumbled piece of paper. for i’m merely afraid of my own emotions just like you. 

I think the reason I’m SO bitter, hurt and sad about Lexa’s death is because I for real trusted Jason. I though he was gonna be different, that he was going to make this breathtaking f/f relationship an amazing one, that he got us, that he cared. But then we got 3x07 and this might sound silly but I felt betrayed. He thought Lexa’s death was “an amazing plot twist” that “we weren’t expecting that” and he was right, we didn’t expect it because we trusted you. Lexa was more than just a fictional character, she was more than just a storyline.

May we meet again.


-“I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done.
-“Come, Padawan. Your fall will be my ascension to the Sith.

Again - I don’t do requests, but the ATLA/SW mashup AU is something I’ve been working on every now and then, and this prompted me to finally explore the parallels between Zuko as Anakin and Azula as Ventress~

So in my AU - instead of losing his hand, Zuko is electrocuted and scarred by Count!Ozai *snorts*, and while I haven’t read a lot into the SW novels, I think some of them depict Anakin feeling ashamed and disgraced by his prosthetic hand, and this very much corresponds with the way Zuko felt after his father scarred him.
Azula, on the other hand, is Ozai’s most gifted disciple. She’s fiercely loyal to him, and when he betrays her, she’s heartbroken and goes mad with revenge (much like Ventress in TCW, and this also parallels to the way Azula felt when Ozai refused to let her come along with him when he executed operation Sozin’s Comet).

Obviously, this is based off of this panel (from SW:Republic, I believe?) and the duel on Yavin 4 from Clone Wars cartoon. 

Another fun fact - Asajj Ventress is voiced by Grey DeLisle, so basically, that makes Ventress!Azula even more appropriate! :D

***One final note regarding requests, because I think I should clear the air and I don’t want to upset anyone:
You *may* suggest something and if it *does* happen to be anything close to my headcanons/planned arts, I *might* give it a try. Can’t guarantee that I will do anything about it, though, so please - don’t send requests. I really appreciate everything, and really - I’m glad that so many of you like the silly things! But please, don’t clog my inbox, or I’ll have to turn off the asks :\

Can I just cry about how miserable Levi looked this entire chapter?

In every single panel he appeared, his head is lowered and his expression so fucking depressing. I was waiting for any sort of a reaction at any point, but he is just so devastated. 

Especially compared to everyone else.

Even this guy notices how grim his expression is and thinks Levi has something against him. But Levi’s responses are empty and short, even though he usually has a tendency to be an opinionated little shit. None of that is left in the wreckage that is his life.

And then when you really think about it, you realize, not only is his entire squad dead and he hasn’t really had time to mourn them, his last family member is also dead. No matter how much Levi resented or felt betrayed by Kenny for leaving him behind, he saw him as a father figure. Only to find out that Kenny really was his uncle. And now he is dead too. 

And it is so fucking sad, I just want somebody to console him. And tell him that they’re there for him. 

But then Erwin fucking goes and tells Levi that he pretty much cannot really think of the future at the moment. Which typical Levi would have understood, but the current Levi only asked because I think, he needed some reassurance that they will be together (not necessarily romantically or anything) but just that he is not completely left behind by everyone and is included in someone’s future. But for the first time Erwin leaves him hanging and Levi is just fucking devastated.

And I just want him to be fucking okay, okay? Isayama, do something. 

Simon Cowell Is Not Happy With Zayn Malik For Making A TV Show About One Direction

It was recently confirmed that Zayn Malik is set to executive produce a television series loosely based on One Direction, and his old boss, Simon Cowell, is not happy.

In fact, the X Factor judge is pretty fuming that Zayn didn’t approach him about the show first.

Zayn has joined forces with Law & Order’s Dick Wolf and his wife Noelle for ‘Boys’, a scripted show about the formation of a successful boy band, with the couple eager for Zayn to share his own personal experiences for the show.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Simon hinted that he felt betrayed by Zayn’s move, explaining: “Nothing surprises me anymore.

"I think he should have come to me with it, if I’m being honest with you. I do actually believe that when they’ve got these ideas, bearing in mind were we started, they should actually come to me.”

Still, Zayn probably isn’t too worried about what Si thinks and admitted that he is incredibly excited to be working on the project, sharing: “Dick Wolf is a legend and the opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome.”

Noelle added: “We were intrigued by the synergistic potential that Zayn brings to the project.”

Zayn isn’t the only member of One Direction to annoy Simon of late, with the father-of-one previously blasting Liam Payne for being “disloyal” after he went behind his back and signed a solo record deal with Capitol Records, his own label’s rival.

To rub salt into the wound, Niall Horan also signed with Capitol - just weeks after Simon had hinted that he was close to getting Niall’s solo deal signed to 'SyCo’.

Needless to say, this hasn’t been the best of summers for Mr. Cowell.

A Thing That Bugs Me

So the context of the episode ‘Evillustrator’ bothers me. Like just the fact that instead of taking the normal approach to defeating akuma, Marinette feels it’s necessary to lead Nathanael on. It bugs me so much because instead of politely declining, (Which she could’ve done. He stated earlier that he didn’t want to hurt her) she accepted the invitation and made him believe that she reciprocated his feelings.
That irks me so much. I mean I adore Marinette. She’s an absolute cutie but sometimes she can be such a slytherin! (By that I mean she has a very cunning mindset. She doesn’t hesitate to use anything to her advantage)
And the thing is I don’t think she felt guilty about breaking his heart like that. I mean can understand the whole “well he won’t remember it anyway” line of thought but I think subconsciously he still knew.
And the kid just so happened to have the worst birthday ever. First his crush it outted, then he gets akumatized, then he gets led on and betrayed and the girl he likes doesn’t even show any remorse for doing so.
God… The tomato son needs a hug and legitimate love.
Hawkdaddy… Please let the tomato love.

Confession:  I really don’t like Carver, now I still made my Hawke care about him cause he’s family. But I hate when he says “I’m living in your shadow” all I can think is “Get over it.” then if you don’t bring him to the Deeproads out of concern for his safety he goes and joins The Templars! Even though both his siblings and father were apostates! I just felt so betrayed when he did that. Where’s his loyalty to his family?

All the Gold Stars for Posey this week

Because acting evil is fun for actors. Acting like you’re best friend and the person you love dearly is possessed and about to gleefully hurt you? Thats hard. And Posey sold it. He sold us that Scott was in pain, and afraid, and yet somehow, above all else STILL CONCERNED ABOUT STILES. 

I think that must be an awfully hard sell- “ok, T-Pose, you need to show Scott is both in agony and shock and betrayed and yet still cares deeply for the best friend who is torturing him”

That had to be a new career moment for Posey, and I thought he was wonderful.

Also- that scene where he took the pain from the dying cop and appeared to have actually felt the guy die. The look of sheer horror and an almost childish innocence (bring crushed, lbr) hit me right in the feels.

So props to Posey!

“Don’t tell me that was your first kiss,” Bitty said.

Dex drove the heels of his hands into the dough. “Am I doing this right?”

Bitty snickered. “Dex, honey. You don’t have to kill it.”

Dex rolled his eyes. He felt his face betray him, cheeks burning. He gave the dough a quarter turn and pressed down again. “In high school.” Dex stopped. If he told, would Bitty think he was a freak? “I had crushes on two people for all of high school.”


“One girl–I liked her in middle school, too. And one guy.”

“Oh,” Bitty said. “I had such a crush on one of Coach’s football prodigies. I made sticky buns the first time Coach had him over for dinner. He wouldn’t even eat them. Said he was on a diet plan.”

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don’t think about Sirius’s face when he first arrived at the Potters that night,
don’t think about how he must have felt when he realized they were gone, the way it must have hit him like a rush,
don’t think about how his whole face must have fallen when the despair washed over him as he realized what had happened, that it was Peter who betrayed him, that it was his idea that led to this,
don’t think about how desperately he must have tried to persuade Hagrid to let him take Harry, how his voice must have trembled as he said the word Godfather, how he tried not to let his voice crack when he said that James and Lily wanted him to be his guardian in case anything happened,
don’t think about how it must have felt to have Hagrid say no, that he had to take him to Dumbeldore, the ache in him being so strong that he let him borrow his motor-bike, probably his prizedpossesion, without any hesitation because it was the only thing he could do for Harry,
don’t think about how he must have felt the sadness, the grief rising inside of him as he watched Hagrid fly away with the his best friend’s son, the last Potter, the last of the family that always offered him warmth and love fly away from him for who knows how long, maybe forever,
don’t think about how that must have transformed into rage as it settled in that he had been betrayed, that he been lied and used, that James and Lily had been betrayed and he had unknowingly become a pawn in it,
don’t think about the desperate rage that must have clawed at his insides, the need to do something, to act, because this could not be ignored
don’t think about how it must have all exploded out of him when he confronted Peter and everything came out and he couldn’t handle all of the emotions and couldn’t understand how this had even happened
don’t think about the confusion and anger when Peter tricked him once again, when he killed 12 people and called out that Sirius was a traitor, a murderer, made him out to be behind it all and then escaped him
don’t think about how all of his emotions must have come together and he looked around to realize that in one night he had lost everything and he could do nothing and now he was going to Azkaban
don’t think about him losing it completely and laughing when he was arrested because he had lost everything and the grief, the desperation, the anger was too much and how he felt so stupid because Peter turned out to be a brilliant little traitor so what else could he do but laugh because he couldn’t even cry really
don’t think about Sirius Black on that night

He really was the big brother I never had. I have to say – I hope I don’t get emotional – I always felt so respected by Cory, and I think being a young gay kid, I’ve never really felt respected very much by older straight types, I guess. But with Cory, I think we just respected each other so much and we respected working with each other so much. I think that’s what I’ll always remember – the abundant respect that he gave everyone. I think that’s why it was such a hard loss. It was so hard to see betrayed when he passed away in his life – that didn’t represent who he was.
—  Chris Colfer on his favorite memory of Cory Monteith [Entertainment Weekly]

i think about his scar a lot.

i think about how he got it. how it felt. did he panic? did he even know? did he have others that lessened the pain. did anyone else notice, did anyone else care. what got that close to be able to do that to him.

did he learn to smile on the other side until it healed, is that why he opts for a lopsided grin. did he test a grimace after, did he test a smile, how did he feel the first time the skin pulled taught, how did he feel when his own face betrayed him. does he even notice it anymore or is it the first thing he sees each morning in the mirror.

is it a reminder or a full stop to an end of a chapter.

Claire and Jamie’s relationship has continued to shift and deepen throughout the first season — where do they stand now that they’ve both seen each other at their most vulnerable?

It’s funny — there’s wedding vows you make, “to have and to hold, for better for worse,” but they really have seen each other at their worst. Jamie was absolutely prepared to kill himself because he couldn’t be a husband, he couldn’t be loyal to her, he felt guilt that he’d betrayed her, he hadn’t come to terms with the whole idea of what had happened to him and what he’d done, so the fact that she then brings him out of it and says she would kill herself makes him realize that he has her, that he has to stay alive to save her, to look after her. So she is the center of his world and he’s there for her. As long as he’s got her, I think he’s pretty happy. It definitely made their relationship stronger and more complex, more grey. It’s the whole process of a relationship and growing up, as well.


Day 1 – Why Do You Love Enzo?

I think with Enzo’s character it was love at first sight. Since he was brought in the show, I saw something in him. He appeared to us as a good man, a good friend and person who easily put his trust in people, a man who still believed in life, in love and in a better future. Probably this is one of the thing I like about him the most, the capability to hold on to hope, even after 60 years of torture… He still wanted friends, love, a life to live fully and he never gave up on that, until he felt betrayed by his best friend. This was when he switched off everything, but still we could see that he was feeling a lot and that he was run by his emotions and his heart, like he was for his whole life. The big heart, how selfless he is, the passion he puts into everything, those are the things that made me love Enzo the most, but in general he is a reall well layered character and Michael’s amazing acting qualities only gave him even more edge to hold on to, and definitely helped Enzo to got under my skin and find easily a place in my heart. Not to mention that his sarcasm, his snarky comments and his blunteness, really brought some spice on the show and I will always say that he was without doubt the highlight of TVD season 5.

Regarding Zitao "leaving" EXO

I am actually really fucking angry with the comments on Tao’s IG.

First off there are so many people comparing his situation to Yifan’s (Kris’s) even though their circumstances are nothing alike. Tao said that he felt betrayed by Yifan leaving because he’d already done it once, come back and promised he wouldn’t leave again, only to leave a couple of months later without saying a word to anyone. Tao left on medical grounds, and even though SM said they were still negotiating their way around the situation, I think its safe to presume that Tao isn’t coming back to EXO and the negotiations fell short on finding a solution in which he would return. It was obvious that Tao was very close to Yifan, and so only natural that he felt betrayed when he left without a word - now I’m not saying that Yifan was entirely in the wrong, in fact I fully support both him and Lu Han in all that they do, but there could have been better ways to leave than how he did.

Second of all, the amount of emotionally manipulative comments is astounding. There are so many “I believe you won’t leave because you wouldn’t want to hurt us, right oppa?” Comments that it actually makes me feel sick. We all know how much Tao loved being in EXO, and that he argued with his dad to be able to stay in the band (something which is highly frowned upon in East Asia because family is such a big part of their culture), so imagine how hard it is for him to leave. Tao isn’t stupid, he knows people are going to feel hurt and betrayed by his actions because he most likely feels like he’s hurting and betraying what he wants to do with his life, but he has to put his well being ahead of what he wants to do and ahead of what his fans want him to do. It actually kind of amazes me how many of his fans aren’t willing to support him if he’s not in EXO even though staying would cause further injury to his leg ligaments and could lead to permanent damage making him unable to dance.

Finally I want to talk about the hate in the comments. There are so many “I hate you”’s it actually makes my heart bleed. If you’re going to leave a hate comment (Which you shouldn’t do because we don’t know what Tao’s going through right now) at least make it constructive or give a reason for it. I can understand why people are angry and upset, heck even I’m upset that he’s leaving, but at least state why you’re upset so that he can actually understand why he’s getting hate.

Tao has been through a lot over the years, but its so painfully obvious how much he loves being in EXO and how much he loves and appreciates his fans. If Tao really has left (Which hasn’t been confirmed but is most likely the case now), then its not because it was the easy way out or because he wanted to leave, but because it was simply the only way out. Because his physical body can’t handle the stress of being an idol, because one wrong move and he can’t dance anymore, because he’s a grown man who made a decision based on his long term future and not is immediate one.

I just want to say as a last thing, that Huang Ziao, no matter what I will always support you, just like I support Wu Yifan and just like I support Lu Han. Stay or leave, I trust that you can make the best decision for you, and as long as you are happy and healthy than I will always support that.

我爱你 Huang Zitao

according to janel there is a reveal/ shocker in the finale that has something to do with mona. what if mona committed one of the murders/ crimes for charles. because at the beginning she was working with charles when she gave the game over to him. perhaps down the line he wanted her to do more work for him again and she refused and started to help the liars. as revenge charles kidnapped her, attacked her and took her to the dollhouse because he felt betrayed by her. now she’s scared of him. i definitely think mona knows a lot more than she lets on.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Can I request RFA+V and finding out that MC has actually been a spy for Mint Eye all along? Thank you~

Hold onto your seats everyone because it’s time for angst


  • He doesn’t think he’s ever felt more betrayed
  • He’s angry, not at you, but at life for making things turn out the way they did
  • He finds out in the worst possible way too
  • He finds you at the Mint Eye headquarters when he goes there with Seven
  • At first he thinks they’ve taken you, that you’re in danger
  • He tries so hard to save you, no matter how much Seven tries to hold him back, rescuing you is his top priority
  • So when you stand there and watch as his eye is injured, not even showing a hint of concern for him
  • He feels himself shatter
  • You don’t care about him
  • After Seven takes him away, you can’t help but feel bad
  • It was what had to be done
  • But the hurt look Yoosung had given you made you feel as if you had just kicked a puppy
  • Any guilt had to be put aside however
  • You never joined the rfa to fall in love
  • You joined to discover their secrets- and that you did
  • Any other feelings must be pushed aside
  • Meanwhile Yoosung deals with the situation badly
  • At first he refuses to believe it- he thinks that Mint Eye must have brainwashed you, that someone who acted as kind and thoughtful as you did couldn’t act so unfeeling and cold
  • But he accepts it eventually
  • He tries to remove any traces of you, but it’s too hard for him to do so
  • He’s angry at himself, that despite the fact that you had lied and worked your way close to him, he is still in love with you
  • He thought that losing Rika hurt- but this is a whole new sort of pain
  • And he doesn’t know how to deal with it

these are all pretty long so the rest are going under the cut!

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