but i sure like this song in relation to them and just in general also

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I've been listening to your TGATNW playist and "You Wouldn't Like Me" by Sleeping At Last hits right in the heart. Also, if someone managed to make Pitch and Jack dragons in Flight Rising, would you like to see them?

That song ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me’ is incredible. It’s also on Gwyn’s playlist because it suits him so much too. I have a feeling far too many people relate to that song! It’s so good though, his songs in general are great (though a lot of them are covers, not that that’s an issue).

And I’d love to see them! You’d be adding to an illustrious history of a lot of people doing this on FR. It’s worth nothing there’s already like 32 active dragons called PitchBlack on Flight Rising, 30 active dragons called Kozmotis, and *186* JackFrost active dragons. So there’s definitely a lot of room for inspiration there re: making your own too. :D

(tl;dr I’m a member of Flight Rising and have been since 2013, for a while there it was really cool to have like, all the Guardians as Dragons. There’s also Augus/Gwyn dragons on Flight Rising too which is just amazeballs. :D Er, if anyone wants to add me, my username is Foxhall - I’m one of those users who exalts firstgens when bored, because I can’t be assed selling them - can anyone these days?).