but i sure don't want to live there


Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books entitled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had superb, moving color illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. Harry flicked through the first volume eagerly; he could see it was going to be highly useful in his plans for the D.A.

this comes from my very staunch headcanon that remus broke sirius out of grimmauld place at least once

I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?

you know something i love about the ankh-morpork books that i’ve never seen in any other high fantasy series?

#1: technology. iconagraphs (ie.cameras), the clacks, disorganisers, the printing press and newspapers, railways. nowhere else in fantasy have i seen people inventing stuff. there’s also stuff like the post office and bank.

#2: it shows the everyday life of the city. sure you have a war and dragon attacks and conspiracies and revolutions, but you also get to see how these things affect the day-to-day life of the people living there. and you also get to see how the above tech affects things.

things change in ankh-morpork, just like in a real city. sure, sam vimes is still in charge of the watch and vetinari is still in charge of the city, but they change too, and they change in part because of the changes in the city.

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Hux has been in a loveless marriage with someone high up in the First Order since he was in his early 20s, it was purely political and arranged by his father. Hux meets his new co commander Kylo and eventually starts an affair with him

[Admiral NICOL, 03:07]: My Destroyer will be crossing paths with yours in two standard days. I’ll be coming on board to see you.

[General HUX, 03:08]: As you wish.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:08]: You will be ready for me.

[General HUX, 03:09]: Of course.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:11]: I expect your wedding band to have not left your finger since my last visit.

[General HUX, 03:12]: It has not.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:13]: Good. Have there been any major changes since my last visit?

“Who are you messaging?”

Hux is sitting back against the headboard of his grand bed, and looks up from his datapad and back down to where Kylo lies beside him, eyes blinking open slowly from his sleep.

“Nicol,” Hux answers with a sneer, reaching to brush Kylo’s hair from his eyes. “He’s coming to visit in a few days.”

Kylo groans. Underneath the covers, he slides his arm around Hux’s waist, leaning in closer to kiss Hux’s hip, pressing his open mouth against his pale skin and sucking gently.

“He can’t find out about us,” Hux says, eyes locked on the way Kylo’s lips look divine against his skin. “We’ll have to stay away from each other.”

“Can’t do that,” Kylo murmurs. “I have to be with you. You’re not his to command.”

It’s as though the golden ring around Hux’s finger tightens at Kylo’s taunting words. Hux looks down at it as Kylo shifts next to him, sitting up beside him.

“He’s my husband, Ren. I have to–”

Hux’s sentence melts away into Kylo’s mouth, consumed by his kiss, every one of his thoughts shifting away from his husband and to Kylo Ren; the one Hux wishes he was betrothed to.

“He’s not your husband, Hux,” Kylo says, shaking his head. “You see him once a year where he comes on board, has sex with you, threatens to contact your father about your lack of progress since his last visit, then leaves. A husband is supposed to kiss you good morning, bring you flowers, hug you when you’re down, hug you when you’re happy, fight anyone who brings harm to you, stay with you regardless of differences. So, forgive me for refusing to leave your side once that idiot is on board.”

Hux blinks, amazed and enamoured; feelings that have never once graced his heart in the years he’s been married to Admiral Nicol.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, reaching up to cup Kylo’s cheek. “You sound as though you’re plotting treason against my husband. ”

Kylo smiles, eyes locked with Hux’s, a sparkle in his dark eyes that Hux has never seen before. But he’s distracted suddenly by Kylo’s hand smoothing along his own, gliding up his fingers with the gentlest touch that Hux has ever felt. There’s a soft grip around his ring, pulling it away from him until it’s completely off and cast aside, tossed into the darkness that surrounds Hux’s bed.

Kylo says nothing, though neither does Hux. Instead, Hux picks up his data pad, finding his messaging application still open, Nicol’s question still unanswered. With a smirk on his lips, Hux begins typing.

[General HUX, 03:31]: Yes, sir. I’m afraid quite a lot has changed in your absence. But I’m sure we will discuss things upon your arrival to my ship. Let us hope that your journey is a safe one. Best wishes, dear husband, and long live the First Order.

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do the cats and buns get along?

yeah, pretty well.

I kept them separate for a year, but tbh it works better to free range them? the cats don’t seem to stress them - I’ll walk into my room & find cats + buns snoozing together in a beam of sunlight. still, if I move somewhere with more space (think that’ll be in May) I plan on separating them again, just to be safe.

I haven’t shared my buns much on this blog bc I know this is a controversial arrangement. 

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I just recently started coming out to close family/friends as non binary and only one of them have been... ok with it. How do you deal with people who don't think it's real and/or don't care? Especially family members that you live with?

I don’t come out to everyone… which isn’t the ideal response from me, I’m sure, but I struggle with that issue a lot actually. When people call me “he” the word screams at me. Whenever I talk to my mom about my date mate I always struggle because I want to use their correct pronouns, but my mom doesn’t understand nonbinaries in a way that almost feels agressive. I’m getting anxious as I type these words, because just thinking about all of this it’s stressful. That’s why this blog is so necessary for me. People aren’t always going to accept us because not everybody in our culture is ready to accept people that identify the way that we do, but people like you reaching out to me makes me feel better about myself. You, and other people like you help me. I’m sorry that our families and the people that we considered friends don’t always accept us, but we’re not alone, and sometimes that’s enough for me.

I just do my best to live with the fact that people will disagree with my identity (even my family), because I understand that eventually I’ll have the means to put myself in a more open environment, and I’ll have the freedom to surround myself with people that except me exactly as I am.

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Hi, Viria. I really like your art and your blog. I was wondering, if it's not too personal, how you overcome fear? Recently I had a lot of problem with fear and I don't want let it freeze me. I hope I didn't bother you.

You don’t bother me, don’t worry! 

I’m not sure if I will come up with any kind of advice in the process, but I’ll just write how it is for me and maybe you find it somewhat helpful.

With fear, or that nervous wreck of a feeling, I usually.. kind of. don’t deal. I TRY my best to ignore it and distract myself, live the life I do in the way when I am not scared or nervous over anything. The feeling of fear, whatever caused it, will pass. I always try to remind myself that it’s going to be over soon, and whatever the fear is about it’s most likely not going to be as scary as you imagine it.

Like, when I was in the uni, before every exam, I was a nervous wreck of fear, there’s that physical feeling in your chest that something can possibly go wrong. With exams, I always tried to go first to answer, so I don’t feel that fear anymore. Because, what’s the scariest that can happen in such a situation? You don’t pass? Life doesn’t end with this. I try to remind myself that hey, everyone I love is alive, and that kind of fear I’m feeling is, well, not scary. Doesn’t feel great, but it’s not scary.

Currently, there’s like. a week left until my wedding. AND I’M SOO EXCITED BUT ALSO SO NERVOUS AND I AM KIND OF AFRAID AS WELL. I can’t sleep as well because I think about things that can go wrong, or that I will mess up or etc etc etc. But also I KNOW that it’s going to be great to matter what and that fear and nervous feeling is in reality quite irrelevant, so I distract myself and think about good stuff. That I may cry a lot, that we’re going to look so great, that we’d become a real family.

No matter what the fear is, there’s almost always something that can counterattack it. Something good on the other side of it you should focus on instead of the ball in your chest. 

At least that’s how it is for me with those…small fears, no matter how big they seem. When you fear for someone’s life, or someone’s well being, I think it’s a different thing that isn’t as easy. But still, there should always be hope that leads you forward, no matter how things are.

  • Yuu: Mika, I have a question
  • Mika: ?
  • Yuu: so, are we like dating or are we just friends with benefits?
  • Mika: Yuu-chan, we live together
  • Yuu: so?
  • Mika: we want to adopt children together
  • Yuu: so??
  • Mika: we've proposed to each other many times and in different ways!
  • Yuu: but what if there were friends with benefits who did that too??
  • Mika: I'm not sure you understand the concept of friends with benefits very well...
  • Yuu: Of course I do! It's friends who... kiss?
  • Mika: try again
  • Yuu: ...fuck?
  • Mika: that's right. And we don't have sex because we're 16 so we're not friends with benefits!
  • Yuu: *mumbling* now I wish we were friends with benefits
  • Mika: what was that?
  • Yuu: nothing! Eh!? What is it, Kimizuki?! Sorry, he's calling me so I can't talk to you anymore, Mika. Bye!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! ^3^ Hope you all have a fantabulous day with your loved ones and have much better pick-up lines and flirting skills than Erron.

there's a new app or something
  • Girl: Did you get the new app?
  • Boy: What app?
  • Girl: The new app, stupid.
  • Boy: What does it do?
  • Girl: It's new! Check it out. *fires up app*
  • New App: *in a fresh and cool voice* Welcome to the new app.
  • Boy: I still don't understand what it does.
  • Girl: You can press this button here and it checks for the latest version of the new app. Watch. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. There are ZERO new updates.
  • Girl: Isn't it cool?
  • Boy: I'm really not into it.
  • Girl: C'mon. You have to be. Everyone's using it.
  • Boy: I'm not really into the same things everyone else is.
  • Girl: You're always such a hispter, but that's your choice.
  • Boy: Yeah, it's my choice and I'm proud of it.
  • *later, elsewhere*
  • Group of People: Wow, the new app rules, right? I love it. I like booping it to see if there's any new updates. We should all boop it now. No, I think we should wait. You're stupid. Yeah, let's all boop it forget the other guy. *boopboopboopboopboopboop*
  • New App: Bbbooooppppp rreeecciiieeeevvvveeedddd. Ooonneeeeee nnnnnneewwww uuuuppppdddaaaattttteeeeeee aaaaavvvvvvvaaaillllllabbbbbl-
  • Boy: *watching from afar* What a bunch of sheep. How can they get excited over a stupid app that does nothing. It's mob mentality if I've ever seen it. One person downloads a useless app, so everyone else has to. Thank god that I'm appless and entirely free from banal social dogma.
  • New App: New update has finished downloading. Activating new feature, outcast locater. One outcast located directly to the south of your group. He's watching from the alleyway.
  • Boy: Huh?
  • Group of People: *rush over the alleyway* Whoa, there really was a guy watching us from the alleyway! What a weirdo! Does he really not have the app? No one doesn't have the app, it's the newest app. Hey, do you not have the app?
  • Boy: I have to go.
  • Group of People: Don't go! Why don't you have the app? Actually, fuck off if you don't have the new app, freak!
  • Boy: *runs away* Why did they all gang up on me like? *stomach growls* Now I'm hungry after running like that. I best go to that sandwich shop over yonder and eat a... hmmm sandwich.
  • Cashier: Hello, sweetie. What kind of sandwich can I get you today?
  • Boy: Just a bread sandwich. Like, a sandwich with three slices of bread and meats, vegetables, cheeses, or condiments.
  • Cashier: *phone vibrates* Hold on, sweetie. The new app is booping me, there might be a new update.
  • New App: Hey, do you see the kid standing in front of you?
  • Cashier: You mean that very cute boy?
  • New App: Yes, him. He doesn't have the new app.
  • Cashier: What!?
  • New App: It's true.
  • Cashier: You have the new app, don't you?
  • Boy: Well, no.
  • Janitor: *stops mopping the floor* That's kind of weird.
  • Cashier: It's actually very weird.
  • Boy: I don't understand what the big deal is, it's just a dumb app.
  • Cashier: It's not dumb, everyone's using it!
  • Janitor: *locks the doors* It's suspicious that you're not using it, son. Why don't you take a seat and wait here for a moment.
  • Cashier: Yeah, me an my colleague, the janitor, have to talk. Your sandwich will be out in a moment.
  • Boy: *nervously sits*
  • *the janitor and cashier huddle behind the counter and whisper to each other*
  • Boy: *internally* This is ridiculous. Why is this stupid app getting me into so much trouble. I'm not required to download it. It's just an app. So why is everyone getting so aggressive about it.
  • Cops: *knock at the door*
  • Janitor: *lets them in* Welcome officers.
  • Cops: So we hear that someone isn't using the new app, eh?
  • Janitor: Yes officer, he's sitting right over there. He's terrible! TERRIBLE!
  • Cops: Calm down, sir. We'll take care of this. *walks over to the boy, very authoritatively* Hello, son. Now, don't be intimidated just because we're cops and all. We simply want to know why you aren't using the new app.
  • Boy: I don't know, I just don't feel like using it.
  • Cops: But you realize it's the most innovative app to be released in the past decade. It was developed by Darkheart Studios, and you know those Darkhearts always make good stuff.
  • Boy: I just don't get why I have to download it. Like, what's the big deal? All it does is update itself.
  • *cops look at each other puzzled*
  • Cops: *phone vibrates* Oh, looks like the app has something to tell us. Lemme just give it a boop. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. New has update finished downloading. Activating new feature, extermination of the sacrilegious. Kill the boy, officers. End his miserable life.
  • Cops: Are you telling us to shoot the boy because he hasn't downloaded the app.
  • New App: Not necessarily, but any means of extermination is sufficient.
  • Cops: I don't think we should kill the boy. The new app is great an all, but not worth killing over. In fact, it's getting kind of old. I think we should take the boy down to the station for safe keeping while we figure out what's going with this here bizarre app. Hey there, little guy... oh.
  • Boy: *gone*
  • Cops: He's gone. Now where did he run off too?
  • Boy: *runs panicked down the street, the cellphone of every single person vibrating and ringing as he passes them*
  • Boy: *runs into his house and locks himself in his bedroom* What did I do to deserve this? I should just download the app and spare myself this hell. No! I refuse, I won't fall in with trends like all the sheeple. I'm special. I'm different.
  • Sister: *knocks at the boy's bedroom door, clutching a knife behind her back* Little brother, open up. I have to talk to you about something. It's important.
  • Boy: I don't feel like talking, leave me alone.
  • Sister: Come on, I'm your sister. You can trust me, open up. *tries to force the door open* Open the fucking door!
  • Boy: You're acting crazy, leave me alone!
  • Sister: Fine. *stomps off*
  • Boy: *hides under his blankets*
  • *a cacophony of cellphone notification sounds come from outside of the bedroom window*
  • Boy: *sheepishly peaks out the window, his blanket still wrapped around him*
  • *a mob of people, some armed with weapons stand in his backyard*
  • Leader of the Mob: Kid, we all know you didn't download the new app. Unfortunately, the app says we gotta kill you unless you do. I personally think that's unreasonable, but it is the new app after all, and who am I to question it?
  • Boy: Fuck your stupid app! It doesn't even do anything!
  • Leader of the Mob: What a bad attitude. It's the new sensation.
  • Boy: You're sheep!! You're all stupid sheep!! I'm never downloading the stupid fucking app!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Then we have to burn down your house, kid.
  • Boy: My dad is super rich and influential. If you burn down my house, he'll have you guys taken care of.
  • Dad: *from the mob* I actually support them, son. It's disconcerting to me as a father that you don't have the new app when everyone else does. I could support your through anything, but not this.
  • Boy: Wha- dad!? Argh! Just burn the house! I don't care! I'm not afraid to die!! At the end of the day, I'll be a martyr and you'll all still be fucking nobodies!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Whatever ya say, kid. *tosses torch at the house*
  • *the rest of the mob follows and the house quickly goes up in flames*
  • Boy: I guess this is it. This is how I die. All over a dumb app that doesn't do anything but boop.
  • *flames reach the bedroom window*
  • Boy: Oh god, oh god, oh god! I've changed my mind! I don't want to die!! *frantically pulls out his phone as the flames grow and downloads the new app*
  • New App: *boop* Thank you for downloading the new app, boy. Now, you've been forgiven. You may live. Please be sure to boop me to check for updates.
  • Boy: I feel so fucking stupid, but at least I'll live. I just have to get out of here.
  • Boy: *rushes into the hallway, but the flames have engulfed the entire house*
  • *the ceiling collapses, trapping the boy in the hallway and ceiling any exits*
  • Boy: No! Someone help me! *coughs* I'm sorry! Please help! I downloaded the app!
  • Boy: *curls up in fetal position* I don't want to die. Fire fighters will come and save me or something like that, I'm sure of it! I'm so scared! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! It can't end like this!
  • *The End*

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my high school history teacher did the whole thing where "say one person in this classroom has 100$, and everyone else has 1$. socialism(or was it communism? I don't remember) wants to take the money from the rich person, and redistribute it to everyone in this class. Sure, this might benefit the people, but won't you think of the poor rich person who had to give their hard-earned money away??? :(" god i was so tempted to say "who gives a shit"

“Sure, equally distributing wealth might mean that people who might otherwise die from starvation or poverty have SOME chance of living their life with dignity….but what about the poor rich person who would feel SAD about having to give away all their money???” is basically what your teacher’s said, lmao.

- Mod A

Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.

"It's because..."
  • Taehyung [singing]: What should we do with the drunken Kookie? what should we do with the drunken Kookie? What should we do with the drunken Kookie, early in the morning?
  • Jin [screaming]: Why the hell is Jungkook drunken?
  • Taehyung: Oh, it's because he drunk the whole after show party.
  • Jin [still screaming]: Why?
  • Taehyung: Oh, it's because Jimin wasn't there.
  • Jungkook [runs into Jin and hang on]: ....
  • Jin: Gosh, Jungkook!
  • Jungkook [babbles]: I don't know where Jiminie-Hyung was. But he wasn't with me. And there was this freaky blue drink, and it tasted good....
  • Jin: Why wasn't Jimin at the after show party?
  • Taehyung: Oh, it's because Jiminie was in my room.
  • Jin [holding Jungkook]: And now?
  • Taehyung: He's still in my room.
  • Jungkook: I'll kill you!
  • Jin: And WHY is Jimin in your room?
  • Taehyung: Oh, its because Jiminie is drunk too.
  • Jin [screaming]: Why?
  • Jungkook: Not so loud~.
  • Taehyung: Oh, it's because Jungkook has talked of nothing as his "sunbaenim".
  • Jin: For gods sake...
  • Jimin [stramble out of Taehyungs room]: Tae~ everything is turning~.
  • Jungkook: You left me alone on the after show party, you...you...
  • Jimin [babbles]: I don't care! You talked the whole time just of "sunbaenim". I don't wanted puke on Tae's lap.
  • Jungkook: What's wrong with Justin Bieber sunbanim?
  • Jimin: Go and live happily with him! I'm sure he will cuddle you, comfort you, protect you of the other hyungs and stroke your neck if you want it. Like me!
  • Jungkook: Jiminie-Hyung~
  • Jimin: Go away, i wanna sleep with Tae. Or with this cute thing from yesterday?
  • Jin: What a cute thing?
  • Jimin: I don't remember if it was a girl or a boy. I don't care, it was cute.
  • Jungkook [screaming and babbles at the same time]: What the fuck? Sleep with me you little mochi asshole!
  • Jimin: I want soft things.
  • Taehyung: It's because i'm soft, because i haven't a abs.
  • Jimin [pokes at Taes belly]: Liar~
  • Jin: Jimin, sleep with Jungkook in your room.
  • Jimin: No.
  • Jin: Why?
  • Taehyung: It's-
  • Jin: Don't say "it's because..."
  • Jimin: It's because Jungkook is drunk. And i hate drunk people.
  • Jungkook: Jiminie-Hyung~
  • Jimin: I know, you're so sorry. Go to sleep. I'll punsh you later.

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Hi! I really admire your art. I'm 19 and have been drawing all my life but not seriously. I found out about schools like yours and feel terrible that i've missed the chance to study there - I don't speak french and live in australia. But I want to create brilliant art & animated films like you do at gobelins. my skills just aren't good and I don't have any resources. I'm not sure whether I should think that I can improve my technical skills to catch up with yours, or give up. do you have advice?

Hi you!

Schools are great to feel motivated, surrounded by people loving the same things and learning with inspiring teachers teaching you everything you wish to be able to do. You can meet people who will propose you amazing work later and you will earn a lot of money $$$ and be successful.

But this is what happen in the perfect school in the perfect world. And you know, there is no perfect school and no perfect world!

Even if Gobelins is a really nice school, I feel not completly satisfyed. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing things that I would like to learn. Sometimes I feel that some exercices make me lose time more than make me improve my skills and so on! (And it’s sooo expensive!!)

Fortunatly, here is the great news : You can learn everything by YOURSELF, with the amazing help of the INTERNET. There are so many talented self -taugh artists! I know it sound surrestimated but I can assure you, you can improve so much by learning  with online courses (Schoolism, No film school, every frame a painting, online tutorials, coursera…), by practicing from your own, being inspired from people all over the world, getting feedbacks from people on forums…

Don’t be affraid to ask critics, practice, observe a lot, go draw outside, go to gesture drawing classes, throw all your drawings away and start everyting again, several times, that’s how everybody start!

Don’t compare you to other people, it ’s the best way to feel bad, inspire you from them! Look at what the other people can do and think : “Such great things can be done, I can do it too, with patience and practice!”

And as somebody -I don’t remember the name- would say : “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”

Never give up <3

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Hi! Could you please (sometime in the future) do a Q&A video with Arin answering questions about threads that include you both such as Gellert x Albus threads, Draco x Harry and James x Teddy ? That would be absolutely amazing if you could and I (and I'm sure all your followers) would love it!! But take your time and if you don't want to do it it's absolutely fine, thanks a lot :) ... Alright, I have to admit I low-key want to see you two together in one video XD

unfortunately me and Arin live about 8645 km (or 5372 miles) away from each other and as much as we’d love to film together for all of those things, we simply didn’t have enough time to do so while we were together in nyc where we really just wanted to spend time enjoying each others company, not our characters) we love them though, don’t get me wrong, rping is loads for fun

Beauty and the Beast
  • Me, before listening to the soundtrack: so beauty and the beast is gonna be amazing and the songs are gonna be beautiful
  • Me, after listening to the soundtrack: obi wan kenobi my dad i'll be your guest oh my gosh. LUPIN MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SING BUT HERMIONE SURE CAN! I want to marry this soundtrack please. Magic rose? Pffft who needs it I'm gonna marry it right now just make it legal please oh my word play this at my funeral. I am living. An actual 56 years has been added to my lifespan. What a beautiful cast and a beautiful album bless alan menken and all of them. I can die happy now. I want this at my wedding all of it please and thanks alright what is breathing I'm so emotional I hate my life
Listening to some girls gossip in the booth behind them...
  • ENFP: There's a quote that suddenly comes to mind. "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, small minds talk about other people."
  • INTJ: I was just thinking the same thing.
  • ENFP: It brings up some questions that we're sitting here talking about them, though. Are we small minds because we're talking about them talking about other people?
  • INTJ: I was just wondering that too.
  • ENFP: It's a conundrum. Are there varying degrees to our minds being great, average, and small? Can you be small minded in some ways, and great minded in others? Are there people who reach small minded extremes in which talking about them becomes okay without us being small minded as well? Are we still great minded because we are discussing this idea at length, or are we average minded because we're also discussing the fact that they seem small minded? I mean, we're assuming they're small minded because we're listening to them gossiping about other people, but we're talking about them doing it. We honestly have no other information about them to make this assumption, they could all be geniuses and we wouldn't know it. Or are we just people, and perhaps we all do this sort of thing all the time because it's simply human nature, and ultimately we are all great and small minded to some degree?
  • INTJ: Probably that last one.
  • ENFP: Are you sure, or are we lying to ourselves because we know that we're likely no different than those girls at all and we just don't want to admit it and would rather live in the delusion that we're better than them?
  • INTJ: Honestly, I just want to eat my food.

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Michael- your dad is a mess.. Why don't you ask to stay with Jeremy for a while? Your dad won't hurt you there. We all love you Michael, and if something's wrong, we'll make sure to make it better. <3

M: Let me address this.
M: You make a point. I have no doubt Jeremy would take me in, I’ve known him since preschool.
M: But let’s point out the flaw: My dad can still hurt me, he can hurt Jeremy.
M: This is why I don’t want to tell him. My dad wants me as “his little girl” and he’s going to make leaving a living hell.
M: And I’d rather go through being a girl again than let what my dad do what has done to my face to Jeremy.