but i stopped to watch degrassi

Thoughts on the DNC S4 Trailer


2. July 7th is way too far away.

3. They’re trying to put Winston and Goldi together, aren’t they? I don’t really care, as long as they give Winston a decent storyline for once.

4. An Esme/Frankie/Hunter friendship? Interesting. I’d actually love to see Esme have more female friends, and Frankie become more independent, so this could be really good. 


6. Poor Zig my favorite

7. But the good thing about this is that it seems to be leading towards a Zaya endgame

8. If Zaya isn’t endgame, I will literally stop watching this show

9. JK I could never stop watching Degrassi

10. But they are the only Degrassi pairing I’ve loved as much as Eclare

11. Also it looks like something is clearly going on between Sa’ad and Maya

12. They could be dating but that seems soon

13. More likely he probably just has feelings for her because she’s the best

14. Where is Maya? I really hope this season properly deals with her recovery.

15. It is possible that Zig/Sa’ad blames the other for what happened

16. Zig definitely still has feelings for Maya

17. And Esme can tell

18. Is Shay worried about college already? She’s just a junior.

19. Does Grace get hurt while jousting with Jonah? Is that why he looks upset? I really, really hope they don’t kill off Grace. She needs a happy ending.

20. Why’s Goldi upset? Is that Baaz hugging her?

21. Please Degrassi actually show their relationship as siblings

22. Also Baaz is kind of the worst so I hope he gets some character development



25.  Sa’ad is working at Lola’s family restaurant!!

26. Is there something going on between Sa’ad and Lola?

27. Low-key sad about Miles x Lola being over

28. But Triles

29. Also I’d love to see a Maya-Lola-Sa’ad friendship

30. Tiny and Zig going against Sa’ad…oddly reminiscent of the S13 Zatlingsworth love triangle


32. Yael and Lola’s friendship is awesome

33. So is Shay and Lola’s

34. Yael/Shay/Lola/Frankie/Esme should be a friend group

35. Even though I actually REALLY dislike Esme

36. But I’m hoping for some character development

37. And for Zig/Esme to finally break up

38. Ugh Grace and Jonah

39. But if they’re kissing in the trailer and not being left as a surprise, it probably means they are not endgame

40. Rasha is great, but I’m still holding out for Gracevas #sorrynotsorry

41. Goldi and Winston again?

42. PSA Zoë Rivas is amazing

43. MAYA <3

44. But seriously S4 can’t come fast enough

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my best friend and i always watch Degrassi together when it comes out in netflix but i had nothing to do and i watched the season alone and now we're wating to see the season in sunday but im telling him false spoilers like im telling him that zoe and rasha broke up becaouse Rasha cheated on Zoe with Esme and that Zoe is moving to California with Grace and that Winston came out as gay and he's now dating Miles and he's so mad cuz Zasha and Triles are his favorite couple lol

Oh my god stop thats so hilarious. I can’t wait to hear about their reaction when they actually watch it!

reminder if u wanna watch dnc on somewhere like youtube or vimeo i cant exactly stop u but pls pls pls if u want the show to continue watch it on netflix/family channel if you can!! completely understand how watching it early on other platforms is easy + free but too many of my favourite shows get cancelled from low viewership so pls actually support shows u want to keep watching

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god i fucking KNOW with degrassi having the world's most annoying gay couple....i stopped watching midway thru s3 because i could just SENSE there was about to be some real fucking annoying drama, i wanna start watching again for zoë & rasha but UGH i don't wanna put myself thru that

LMAO MOOD the second they started that “we hate each other wink wink but we’re definitely gonna end up making out in secret” drama in the first episode i was over it!!! they’re not good together at all and i just… don’t like either of them as people… i found it pretty easy to put up with, though, since it’s an ensemble show and there are plenty of other storylines. you might be able to watch zoë and rasha’s scenes on youtube if you want to see only those!!

i finally watched the 2nd half of season 6 of ouat and honestly that would’ve been the perfect series finale but noooo why stop beating a horse just cause it’s dead

i also started watching claws and y'all better get on that… thug nail technicians? sign me up, i fckn love it. also i love still star-crossed to DEATH but y'all let that flop so fuck me and what i like ig

i still gotta catch up on empire, jane the virgin, and the 100 but honestly…… i’m just not ready for pll to be over. i want to be free But At What Cost

So I know that these guys have been gone for years, but I’m using this picture because this was my Degrassi era (actually it was around this time that I stopped watching as much, when Peter and Darcy showed up). Even though I haven’t watched in years, it makes my heart hurt to know that Degrassi is ending. :(