but i stopped to watch degrassi

So I know that these guys have been gone for years, but I’m using this picture because this was my Degrassi era (actually it was around this time that I stopped watching as much, when Peter and Darcy showed up). Even though I haven’t watched in years, it makes my heart hurt to know that Degrassi is ending. :(

so sick and tired of hearing “these racism plots are boring” “omgg why do they keep talking about race??” “can they just end the racism plot already?” please take all that bitching and moaning somewhere else. these plots are here to STAY, no matter how uncomfortable they make you. We’re just as uncomfortable with EXPERIENCING racism. Frankly, I feel like these plots are the best and most well thought out this show has done in a long time. And at the end of the day, degrassi is a fucking tv show…you dont!! Have!! To watch it!! Keep showing your asses and stay mad. 

So, they're canceling Degrassi.

I found this out just a few moments ago whilst scrolling through the trending rages on Tumblr, and I’m shocked. Yes, I realize every show has its lifespan, and it obviously couldn’t go on forever (I stopped watching about 3 years ago, for really no reason), but as a kid and a young teen, this show meant a lot to me. I first started watching the show in summer of 2010, when the Boiling Point was first aired. I immediately fell in love with Eli, the tall, dark, and handsome theatre boy who was a stereotypical goth. Crushes aside, this show tackled issues that my sixth, seventh, eighth grade self did not know existed: Self- harm, transgender identity and gender dysphoria, school shootings, teen pregnancy, rape, mental illness, etc., and doing so with decent acting and lovable characters. Degrassi, in a really odd way, prepared me for my altogether strange and painful transition into adolescence by reassuring me one thing- I was not alone. The issues portrayed on that show would not be there if they didn’t exist in real life. In one episode, a character named Clare Edwards deals with conflict at home, and how Eli remains a loyal friend through it, even gifting her his headphones to block the sound of her parents fighting.
I quickly took to watching nearly the entire series from its beginning- Emma, Manny, Spinner, Jimmy, Toby… With that, more memories were made- particularly, the heartbreaking death of JT Yorke, which illustrated just how precious our lives are and how we must forgive and love those around us always. There are countless times Degrassi made me laugh and moved me to tears, or at least something close to it. Thank you, Degrassi, for all of the memories, friendships, breakups, and nostalgia you’ve brought me. The cast and crew of this show has truly created something that changed my life, and they should be proud of theirselves. All good things must come to an end, but I can assure you that in my heart and the heart of countless other kids, Degrassi won’t be forgotten.