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Faerie/Fair Folk Starters
  • "They say strange things gather at the crossroads."
  • "Whatever you do, keep your head down and don't look anyone in the eyes."
  • "Entering a faerie circle is an easy way to get killed."
  • "Won't you come dance with us?"
  • "You're a foolish creature...but, a beautiful one. I think I'll keep you for awhile."
  • "Never insult the fair folk. Talk about them with respect, unless you're just dying to be cursed."
  • "Come away, oh human child."
  • "They can be kept at bay with iron, a salt circle, or certain herbs. But you still have to be careful!"
  • "I've taken you as my bride/groom. You should be happy!"
  • "Please, tell me you didn't eat anything they gave you!"
  • "When I was little, one of my friends disappeared after walking into a faerie circle. I never saw them again."
  • "Have you ever heard of something called "The Wild Hunt?"
  • "If you manage to impress them, you might be granted a favor."
  • "I fulfilled my promise; I gave you exactly what you asked for!"
  • "You were the one who was willing to gamble what you couldn't afford to lose."
  • "Real faeries aren't anything like Tinkerbell. Real faeries are fucking terrifying."
  • "It's said that they steal teeth from children."
  • "I hate to break it to you, but that baby's not yours, or for that matter, human."
  • "They'll put a glamour on you. You won't be able to speak, or fight back."
  • "Time passes differently in their world than it does in ours."
  • "They can't cross running water."
  • "I told you never to ask them for a favor!"
  • "You helped me. And now I will help you."
  • "Once it has you in its thrall, it won't ever let you go."
  • "What a good mortal. I'm glad I decided to keep you."

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Custody battles will not end babygate, and neither will Eleanor. She is around to confirm he is still straight, and won't be around long. Someone in or around the band will get into legal trouble, causing everyone to question the paternity. Heads up.

if briana goes to jail even for an hour I WILL NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE

Why The Types Are Problematic
  • ISTP: When you're under emotional distress or just plain upset you literally just shut down and don't talk to people??? I said hi to one of you, whose one of my best friends, after he had a fight with his fiancé and he just ignored me and walked past like wtf I am a person you emotionally constipated butthole.
  • ESTP: No regard for human life, especially your own. Plus you won't stop talking about how we should all go out when you know damn well I'm broke af.
  • INFP: Your fake-mean jokes aren't jokes at all and are real-mean because you're bitter about something they did, like, 5 months ago, god becky just move on already.
  • ENFP: You're putting your family through bankruptcy because you won't stop buying things online because your self-control is as feeble as your ability to keep secrets you haphazard deadbeat.
  • ISTJ: You tried to be the fun one for once and ruined the party because you're awkward.
  • ESTJ: You won't stop asking clarifying questions; like the question you're asking was gonna be answered in maybe 6 seconds but you didn't have the patience to wait and find out and I crave death because of it.
  • ISFJ: You're a basic bitch and we all know it.
  • ESFJ: You're the most clueless people I've ever met and yet you have the audacity to call everybody else weird.
  • INFJ: "I'm fine!" sayin' asses expecting everybody to know you're not...And stop pretending y'all ain't anything but weeaboo nerds who've seen every anime there ever was.
  • ENFJ: Every person whose ever said "I can never get typed right, I'm too balanced." or "I switch letters so much I don't really know" always ends up being ENFJ when typed correctly and I will fight anybody who says otherwise.
  • INTP: You won't stop explaining your logic behind something even though we've already told four times that we understand.
  • ENTP: You say insane crap you don't actually believe just to see people's reactions.
  • ISFP: You unironically like and talk about SuperWhoLock you nasty bitch.
  • ESFP: You're super weird but everybody still loves you and it pisses me off. That's probably makes me the problematic one, but there's also a strong chance that your alcoholic...so...
  • INTJ: Get off reddit and stop playing so many video games you freak.
  • ENTJ: Okay but I shouldn't have to say anything for the ENTJ's because you are all the single most problematic type in almost every single conceivable way, and if you don't know that yet, that's part of the reason why you are.

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If the forecast in the town you are visiting says "partly cloudy" should you be worried you won't see anything? Looking at Hillsborough, Missouri (St. Louis area)

I believe you are in the path of totality in the St. Louise area. Even if there is complete cloud cover, you’ll likely still notice it getting darker, and you’ll definitely still feel the temperature drop. I’m not sure if you’ll notice odd animal behavior as that’s not my area of expertise, but I would think you might. I would say you should still go and see it! Especially if you are in an area with a chance of partly cloudy. You never know, the clouds may disappear for at least a portion of totality! 

reasons to stay in vo/tron fandom:

  • /ance stans’ reactions when black pa/adin /ance never happens
  • k/ance stans’ reaction when k/ance doesn’t happen
    • further: k/ance stans’ reaction when a//urance or p/ance happens instead
  • more meltdowns from ant1-she1th people as staff continues to support the ship anyway
  • a cute cartoon that will continue to be cute

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2 things: 1. I gasped when I saw the art you posted yesterday. I was scrolling and it came up and i gasped out loud because it's so fucking gorgeous. You are AMAZING. Looking forward to reading the fic so much! 2. You wouldn't have anything of your moms to show us? It would be really cool to see, but I totally get it if you can't/won't, I'm just curious. =) ♥

1. Thank you so much and if you’ve read it, I hope you enjoyed the fic!

2. I couldn’t get to all of the nice scanned images of my mom’s paintings, but I did find a picture of one way back in the chat archives with Petals!

So this is just one of her still lifes, and just LOOK AT THAT GLASS. SHE PAINTED THAT SHIT. And the crystals. And the reflections on the metal. She’s basically the best, and she can do pretty much any medium. For example:

This is an ornament she made out of paper mache. She also makes cupcakes and gingerbread men, solely because it sounded kind of fun to try.

Currently she’s really into dioramas and miniatures so she’s working on a tiny tree and little rock molds (thus the fine leaf foliage in that picture), and I think she’s making plans for one of those teeny tiny rooms in a box you look at through a fish eye lens.

Oh, and here’s one of her planning sketches that will probably be a background fabric in her next painting. Or maybe just a painting of flowers? Who knows with her! It’ll be amazing either way.

And you should see some of the cakes she used to make when I was little. They always had these crazy delicate sugar snowflakes on top, and there are pictures of them buried in boxes somewhere, but it’s probably a lost cause trying to find them, because she’s also a kickass photographer. I don’t have any of her super cool photos on my computer, but she did take a picture of this majestic horse back in the 70s?

And fun fact: my dad’s motorcycle in the 70s was named Derek. My parents drove it through a lot of the United States. Thus the random majestic horse.

She’s amazing. The end.

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At my store, you can insert your card into the chipreader ahead of time, and it won't do anything till I get to the proper screen...aka, the screen that allows me to receive your payment. I LOVE when they insert their cards, and remove it before I'm finished then get confused like, "iT dIdN't Go ThRoUgH!!??" "bruh i still gotta scan like 20 more items, chill"

Three days until we get sneak peeks of episode 10.

Four days until the Week of Caryl begins. (credit to @ikkleosu for that awesome title.)

Ten days until we get hugs, one on one interactions, protectiveness, and dinner dates. (。◕‿◕。)

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Nights that I do my makeup, wear a little more jewelry, etc. I swear to god. Women are meaner to me. Young ones are usually super cool. But ladies from like 30-60 are nasty as fuck. They look me up and down and won't take anything I say as truth, always freaking out on me and then slobbering all over my manager's dick when he comes up and tells them the same thing I did, even LESS politely. I don't fucking get it! Almost 8 months of noticing this and I still don't understand. Bitter twats.

New Varus lore and why it’s not a thing here

I didn’t want to just say “new lore is bad” because that’s pretty childish even for me, and it’s really not that simple. I’m far from being a good enough writer to just say the writing team at Riot wrote something “bad” just because I don’t personally like it, but I would like to provide some insight as to why I dislike it so much.

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Then & Now // redbubble

(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )

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is it THAT hard for people to like show their id when they're buying alcohol? you already have the wallet in your hand, you're not gonna miss anything in those 3 seconds to grab it and i won't get fired for selling alcohol to a minor

I have had people have the license in their hand and still not what to show it. I am starting to think they are like toddlers pushing their boundaries. But sadly once I ask I have to see it or I can’t sell. I don’t care if the CEO personally knows you. He can ring you up then. You want me to ring you up show it or leave.


  • Christian Pro Lifers: We don't support contraceptives. Sex is for the confines of marriage only.
  • Me: What if I'm married, but I'm not ready for children? Are contraceptives still wrong?
  • Them: Sex is only for reproduction.If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex.
  • Me: *shows them Song of Solomon*
  • Them: I can't read. What's words. The Bible??! Idk her.
Taking another break.

With October over and done with, it’s time for me to get back on track with college (a balance I’ve not yet managed with Tumblr and schoolwork together).

The past month with WKM and Anti on Halloween was AWESOME. It’s always an absolute blast to interact with everyone- and boy was there a ton to look at this time around!! I won’t forget it anytime soon.

Continue to tag me in your stories, theories, fanart, or anything else you want. This blog will be very quiet, but I’ll still see it via my notifications. :)

Til next time, thank you guys.

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This isn't that annoying but sometimes i'll be in a store that I don't work at and i'll be wearing my lanyard around my neck, which just has my car keys on it. And I of course won't be wearing the store uniform or anything even close to a store uniform, just a lanyard that obviously isn't even a company lanyard, and i'll still get asked questions by oblivious customers about where to find things. like my dude I do not work here. This has happened like 5+ times 😂😂

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"(...)and Kurama could say something, could stop this, but…He doesn’t." Kat. Kat. it's been like, over two weeks and I'm still thinking about this??? Bc THIS, more than anything else in the fic, screams THIS IS KURAMA. THIS IS IT. He loves Naruto so much he lets his love influence everything he does from the moment he gets to the past but he still has so much rage in him, And he won't just forgive Obito bc why the fuck would he and this sets him apart from Naruto in such a way I LOVE IT SO MUCH

YES EXACTLY. That’s what I was hoping to bring into focus, I’m so glad it worked.  💕

Kurama is his own person. Naruto will always have been the guidepoint in his life, but even Naruto couldn’t change him completely, and no matter how many people Kurama chooses to save because they have connections to him or Naruto, in the same way there are always going to be people he hates. I feel like Kurama is a creature of extremes - he doesn’t do apathy. He either hates you or likes or is annoyed by you - or maybe all of the above, in some cases - and that’s never going to change.