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Alarms In The Heart (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Have some Damian! There’s been a constant flow of nothing but Jason lately, so have some Damian to balance it out! I hope you like it! I wanted to give you guys some fluff to apologize for all the angst in The Joyride.

Warnings: None

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Your breath hitched in your throat as Damian passed you swiftly in the hall. You hated yourself for the feelings that you harbored for him. He was your best friend, and you were sure he saw you as nothing more. Yet you couldn’t stop your heart from racing every time you were near him, or the strange giddiness that afflicted you in his presence.

You sighed lightly and continued on your way downstairs, a book in hand. You reached the living room, finding that the fireplace was lit, casting a warm orange glow across the room.

The pitter-patter of the rain outside was calming, and merged pleasantly with the crackling fire.

You settled into the far end of one of the long, forest green couches that surrounded the dark mahogany coffee table, nestling nicely into the corner where the cushions met the armrests, curling up and leaning into the back cushions. You opened your book and began to read, soon enough becoming enthralled in the story.

You’d been reading comfortably for about half an hour when you felt the cushions sink next to you and saw a figure from over the top of your book. Reluctantly, you looked up from the paged to see Damian sitting cross legged in front of you, waiting for you to notice him.

“Hi, Damian,” you greeted him pleasantly, giving a small smile and allowing the book to rest on your knees, trying to ignore your racing heart and the blush rising to your cheeks.

“Hello, (Y/N),” he returned, leaning back on his hands. “I’m bored. What are you reading?”

“It’s called Austerlitz, it’s really good,” you answered, picking up the book and showing him the front cover.

“Looks interesting,” he commented, obviously still bored. “Want to watch a movie? I’d say we could go out into the gardens and look for birds but Alfred won’t allow me outside in this weather.”

You nodded, smile growing slightly. “That sounds fun! What should we watch?”

“Grayson showed me a movie, but I can’t remember the title. It’s the one about the kaiju that come from the portal in the sea. The one we made fun of in the theatre?” Damian scrunched his nose up, trying to recall the name of the film.

“Oh! Pacific Rim? That one sounds good! Will Dick let us borrow it, though?” You cocked your head the the side and furrowed your brow.

“Who said he has to let us borrow it?” Damian asked with a mischievous smile.

You giggled in response, covering your mouth with your hand as you laughed. You could feel your face heating up and that damned giddiness bubbling up at that stupid smirk.

“Come on,” he prompted, grabbing your hand and pulling you off the couch.

Your blush intensified at the contact, and you couldn’t keep from noticing how warm his hand was on yours, and how his skin was rough and calloused, but his touch still gentle.

He led you up the stairs by the hand and through the long hallways of the manor, your footfalls soft against the dark hardwood floors. You reached the door to Dick’s room and Damian shushed you quietly before cracking open the door to see if anyone was inside.

To your luck, it was empty.

Damian turned around and began giving you instruction on what to do if Dick was to show up. “Distract him. Say you were trying to find him and…” Damian paused for a minute, biting his lip in thought.

“I need help with homework?” you suggested.

“Perfect,” Damian replied, wearing the same devilish smirk as before. “When I’m ready to come out I’m going to tap the door twice. If it’s all clear, repeat the two taps.” With that, he turned and entered the room, shutting the door behind him.

You stood watch outside the door, making sure Dick didn’t find Damian smuggling a DVD out of his room, smiling to yourself at Damian’s unnecessary signalling system.

A couple minutes later you heard two soft thunks from the other side of the door. You tapped your fingers gently against the wood and Damian quietly exited the room.

“Got it?” you asked as Damian checked across the hall to make sure that Dick hadn’t seen him leaving the room.

He grinned, pulling the DVD out from under his shirt and began to lead you back down into the living room.

On the way down the stairs, you tripped a few steps above the landing, and your breath caught as you were pitched forward, sending you and Damian tumbling down the last few steps.

It happened so fast you could barely process it, but Damian had far more training than you, and you felt him pull you into him as you fell, his arms wrapping tightly around you.

He landed on his back, making sure you received none of the impact. He groaned slightly when he hit the bottom, his arms still wrapped tightly around you.

You were blushing furiously. Your head was pressed against his chest and your legs were tangled together. When his hold around you finally loosened, you rolled off of him and sat up.

“Are you alright, bel- (Y/N)?” Damian asked, sitting up and moving over to you, scanning your face intently for bruises.

You nodded, casting your glance to the side as your cheeks heated up, trying to avoid meeting Damian’s concerned gaze. “I’m fine. I’m sorry I made us fall.”

“It’s fine.” He dismissed your mess-up uncharacteristically quickly. Usually he was one to hold a grudge, but he never seemed to be that way with you.

He helped you to your feet and you both went to the living room to watch the movie.

You turned the television system on and Damian put the DVD in the disc tray, pressing a few buttons to set up the DVD player.

Damian returned to the couch as the film began to play, settling down right next to you.

Your shoulders brushed together and you blushed for what seemed like the millionth time that day. Seemingly out of the blue, you felt Damian’s wrist against your forehead.

“Are you sick? You’ve been flushed all morning,” Damian inquired, once again giving you that concerned look.

“I’m not sick, Dami,” you told him, giving a small laugh. Your heart swelled at how concerned he was for you, but you reminded yourself that his actions were merely out of friendship.

“Alright,” Damian said, though he didn’t quite seem convinced.

As the movie played, Damian couldn’t help but find himself looking over at you constantly. It disappointed him greatly that you most likely didn’t reciprocate his feelings for you, and it disappointed him even more that you seemed completely oblivious to just how much he cared for you.

Somewhere in his mind, he had the urge to kiss you, right then and there, but he ignored this urge. He valued your companionship too much to ruin your friendship.

It was nearing the end of the movie, and he could tell you were getting sleepy.

Your head would fall slightly to one side before you shifted it back up and rubbed your eyes. He reminded himself to get you to take a nap once the movie was done before turning his attention back to the screen.

It wasn’t even a minute later when he felt a light pressure on his shoulder. He glanced to the side to see your head resting upon his shoulder, your eyes shut and your mouth parted. He gave the smallest of smiles and he could feel his heartbeat pick up pace.

He wanted to slap himself for the illogical nature of these feelings. Like he’d told himself before, the odds of you ever reciprocating them were slim to none.

You weren’t sure when you had fallen asleep, but you woke up drowsily, your head resting comfortably against- Oh. Oh dear.

You noticed that the movie was over, and that the television had turned off. A quick glance to the wall clock told you that you’d been asleep for maybe half an hour. How long had the movie been over? How long had Damian been sitting with nothing to do?

You looked up to his face as best you could from your position without moving your head too much.

His eyes were open, and his eyes travelled around the room, probably searching for something to end his boredom.

You sat up, drawing Damian’s attention, and looked down at your crossed legs. “I- uh- Sorry.” You muttered your apology. “I should probably- uh- go. I have some homework to do.”

“Y-yes. Father probably wants me to be training right now anyway. I-I’ll see you later,” he responded, standing quickly and walking away.

You sighed. It was nice while it lasted.

Damian made his way down to the cave and changed into his Robin uniform. Dick, Bruce and Tim were all there, Tim and Bruce at the console and Dick training with his escrima.

Damian drew his sword and warmed up a bit on a sparring dummy, trying to get his focus to shift away from his feelings for you, even if it was just for a little while. Despite his best efforts, his thoughts gravitated towards the topic, and soon it was all he was thinking about as he attacked the dummy relentlessly.

He had been training intensely, lost deep in his thoughts. His perception of time had apparently slipped away, because you entered the cave, carrying a platter, saying that you and Alfred had made them lunch. He could have sworn it was still only ten-o’clock that morning, but when he looked at the time on the Batcomputer it was the afternoon.

He sheathed his sword and made his way over to you, his heart pounding at the thought of what he was about to do.

You set the tray down on the table, starting to set out the food. You had just finished pouring lemonade for Dick when you saw Damian quickly approaching, a look on his face that you couldn’t read.

“Hey, Dami, I brought you guys some-”

You stopped mid sentence as Damian grabbed your hand and led you off into a secluded area of the cave.

When he stopped walking he moved to face you, his expression still unreadable to you.

“Dami?” you asked softly, looking up at him in curiosity, noticing that he hadn’t let your hand go.

He didn’t respond, his free hand moving to cup the side of your face.

“Damian what are you-”

Suddenly his lips were on yours.

You were shocked for a moment, but you kissed back, finding his lips surprisingly soft.

The kiss was chaste, and it was over sooner than you would have liked, although you were still having trouble processing that it had happened at all.

“I have wanted to do that for a very long time,” Damian said airily.

You stared up at him, still having trouble finding the words to say anything. “C-Can I kiss you again?”

Damian nodded, leaning down once again, and allowing his lips to brush against yours, his arms wrapping around your waist this time.

Your hands went to his shoulders and you stood on your toes. Maybe your odds were better than you had thought.

  • Brain: Oooooh, what should I watch? I have a list that's several pages long filled with great, interesting and well made shows/movies that I still haven't seen.
  • Me: Sense8?
  • Brain: I've seen Sense8 so many times I know all the lines. It essentially plays on loop on my phone.
  • Me: So... Sense8?
  • Brain: No! Pick something else! I have a list that's several pages long filled with great, interesting and well made shows/movies that I still haven't seen!
  • Me: ok, I get what you're saying, but hear me out... Sense8?
  • Brain: what the- WHY?! I have so little free time, and I have a LIST that's several pages LONG... and... and...
  • Me: Sense8?
  • Brain: Sense8.
Sleepover? [Yugyeom x reader]

request by junghoseokswifey The s/o getting flirty while doing the dishes was great thank you! 💗 I also wanted to cleanse my soul after reading that. So can you do a yugyeom fluff like it is his first time sleeping over at your apartment and you guys wake up and just fluff everywhere..Thanks

a/n this is such a pure request. I did this as a combo request sice their was an anon who wanted a pillow fort. Yugyeom is my babyy so I had a lot of fun writing this. Thank you for the love!! ~ xoxo JJ (p.s the image is not mine)

genre: (super) fluff 

You and Yugyeom had only been together for three months. But every second was like being in a fairytale. You went to the park for picnics, you held hands by the river, he won you stuffed animals at the amusement park, you made him chocolate milkshakes and it was bliss. Tonight the two of you built a pillow fort on the floor of your apartment and even strung pretty fairy lights across the top. Your plan was to watch a scary movie together. It was already 8:00pm and you hadn’t even started the movie. You were both so absorbed in playing in your fort and basically just looking at each other for the last two hours.

“Should we start watching?” You said. “I almost forgot we were even here to watch a movie.” He said laughing. You put on the movie and it was really scary. You kept jumping and hiding in Yugyeom’s arms and he tried to hide how happy it made him since you couldn’t hug like this in public or in front of his hyungs; but it didn’t work because his smile couldn’t be contained. “It’s not even that scary [Y/n].You’re such a cute baby.” As he says that a scary pop-up came up and he yelled “Oh my god!” And buries himself in your hair. You give him a judgemental look rasing your eyebrows at him. He returns your looks hitting you softly with a  pillow.

The two of you eventually finished the movie and were tightly holding each other as the credits came on the screen. He looked at you still cuddling you in his arms then he quickly kissed you on the nose, which made you blush. “I should probably go home.” He said and let go of you, getting up but, having to stay on his knees since the top of your tent was so low. But he then peaked through the blankets that formed the walls of your fort and into the dark living room looking out the window. “It’s kind of dark out there.” He said with a slightly worried, but slightly teasing voice.Well yeah it’s like 11pm pabo~” You say playfully hitting him. “Not that the movie was scary. But all the events happened at night and it said it was based on a true story so…” He looked at you and bit his lip, a habit he displayed when he was nervous. 

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The Bourne series has a weird place in the action genre. Most series that have lasted this long (The Bourne Identity came out in 2002, and death will come for us all one day) go through some period of reinvention. Fast & Furious went from a street-racing orgy to a parade of increasingly ludicrous heists. The X-Men series introduced a cast of mutants, and then introduced those mutants again but younger and in a different timeline … maybe? But The Bourne Awesome Noun has always been about Jason Bourne and the various ways that he’s committed tax evasion and murder.

It’s a cool concept: A dude slowly unravels his memories of being part of a giant CIA conspiracy, and uses that knowledge, along with his sweet punching skills, to try to take the multitude of evil programs down. But it’s also alienating after the second hour. Because never once do the Bourne films try to start from scratch. No, they go the anime route, wherein you have to remember years of history, but also: You know that guy whom you thought was the big bad guy? Well, there’s ANOTHER guy who’s even bigger than him, and HE’S the guy we now need to be worried about. It turns the films into a montage of actors in suits reacting to Jason Bourne with their best “I knew it …” faces on.

And it can only go deeper, as long as they stay on their current path. Jason Bourne can never say, “Well, that’s it. I stopped the CIA. The whoooole thing.” And that aspect doesn’t need to be dropped totally. The lingering shadow of his past should always hang over him, preventing him from any kind of normal career in banking or YouTube. But remember 2008’s Rambo, the movie in which Stallone grabbed a gun on the back of a jeep and mowed down nameless people for nearly a day?

Remember how that movie didn’t necessarily bring up the plot points of the first few Rambo movies, but definitely still made it clear that Rambo had seen some shit? Jason Bourne needs that kind of fresh start.

Star Wars Minus The Force: 5 Series That Need To Branch Out

Little Dragons (G-Dragon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello 💕 I wanted to ask if you could do a Kwon Jiyong scenario as a dad on The Return Of Superman? Thank you very much ❤️

“Siyeong back up” you say pushing the small walker out of the way. The 8 month old had been at the VJ tent fingering up the camera as much as her little finger could reach from it. 3 year old Jiheon sat on the floor playing with his cars. You peaked into the tent handing the man a bottle of water “it gets warm in here"you say before heading over to the other tent. Siyeong followed you as much as she could in the walker. “Mom we’re home!” you hear as your oldest sons Jimin and Sangmin. They were 9 years old and coming home later from school.

“The camera people here” Sangmin stated as he looked in the cameras. Siyeong zoomed over to her brothers before the front door opened again and she headed over. “Look at my pretty princess” Jiyong coos as he picks her up out of the bouncer and kicks it back into the wide open. “Hello” he calls as he looks around with a large smile. “So I’ll be leaving in a few” you told him “you’re not waiting?” he asked as you shook your head “I made dinner then you guys can eat. The night schedule is on the fridge and then the list of what to do” you state “kisses” you call as bend down and two sets of lips kiss your cheeks “coming” Jiheon spoke rushing over. You gave a sad smile to them all “be good for daddy” you say as you stroked your daughter’s cheek before you headed to the door.


“Hello” Jiyong says awkwardly sitting down “I’m Kwon Jiyong” he glances over at Jimin “I am Kwon Jimin. I’m 9” “I’m Kwon Sangmin also 9” Sangmin says as he glances down at Jiheon who was focused on his toy “what’s your name?” Sangmin asked “Jiheon” he responds loudly “how old are you?” Jimin asks “8” “he’s 3” Jiyong corrects as Jiheon smiles. “At this is the princess of the family. Kwon Siyeong she’s 8 months old” Jiyong says standing his daughter up on his lap. “I’ve been on the show when it first aired a long time ago and also with Sarang. But now I really get to enjoy the show for all its worth” Jiyong continues “I gotta poo” Jiheon says ruining Jiyong’s moment. “Alright do you need to hold my hand?” he asks passing Siyeong off and getting up.


The next morning Jiyong woke up and quietly got out of bed trying not to wake up Jiheon who took up most of the large bed some how. He peaked into the crib on Siyeong before heading out. He quickly went to the fridge to look at your directions for breakfast ‘if you can’t make eggs and toast we have a problem’ he read as he smiled ‘Jiheon needs cereal and fruit’ ‘and Siyeong’s baby food is on the top shelf of the fridge’ he read as he opened it up. “This is literally applesauce with a baby brand on it” he says grabbing the eggs and jelly.

Soon the bedroom door opened and the twins made their way out “brushed your teeth?” Jiyong asked “yes” they respond “moisturize?” “yes” they finish as the both go to the fridge for a drink. “Hey are the little ones a lot to handle?” he asks “they’re both attention hogs” Jimin says “watch out for Siyeong’s walker” Sangmin continues. “And you guys won’t be back until 7?” he finishes “nope” they say together.

“Mommy!” Jiheon yells before a whine fills the apartment. Jiyong makes his way back to the bedroom to see Jiheon staring down at his sister who was wide awake because of him. “Mommy?” “she left remember” Jiyong says helping him off the bed. He bent down picking Siyeong up. “Pretty baby. Look at your hair” he coos kissing her face. She gave him a large smile as he carried her out to the table. Sangmin was at the stove finishing the eggs he left there “oh man. I’m sorry” he says “they aren’t burnt” Sangmin says grabbing plates and a bowl for Jiheon knowing the morning routine oh so well.


Jiyong became a popular dad since he started last month. After four episodes people were in love with his children. “Where are we going?” Jiheon asked as he looked around the car. “Petting zoo” Jiyong said as Jiheon clapped. He looked at Siyeong who was half asleep. Smiling he took a deep breath. “Siyeong” he called as her eyes opened wide. “We’re gonna see puppies” he says as she smiles. “You like puppies?” he coos “I like them” Jiheon says “yeah what’s your favorite?” Jiyong asks pulling into the parking lot. “Brown ones” Jiheon answers as the door slide open to the van “yeah? Maybe we’ll see some” Jiyong tells him as he unbuckles him from his seat before moving a cross to get Siyeong. 

“Daddy hold me” Jiheon says as Jiyong looks at Siyeong before bending down and picking up his son. “I wish the twins could have come” he said as they step in. “Look” Jiyong says as he puts Jiheon down. He helped Siyeong stand up letting her practice walking as she made sounds of excitement at the bunnies. “They’re babies just like you guys” Jiyong comments “I’m a big boy” Jiheon says resting his hands on his hips “sorry just like Siyeong then” he corrects as Jiheon nods. 

Feeling eyes he turned seeing people there with their phones “look it’s Jiheon” someone says as Jiheon turns “hi” he says waving at his fans. “He’s cuter in person” the girl tells Jiyong as he smiles “thank you” he says kindly. “Can I get a picture with you guys?” she then asks as he nods. “Ji they want a picture with us” he tells his son who walks over. Jiyong picked him up and got ready to pose. He did the cute peace sign before doing another “pick one” Jiyong tells him as the picture was taken. “Thank you so much” she said to him as he nods “have a good time” she then says as he smiles “we will. Say bye bye” he tells them as they wave her off. “I wanna see goats” Jiheon says as soon as she leaves “alright” Jiyong tells him as they went to look for the goats. 


Jiyong was excited about today as he had all of his kids for once “we’re going shopping” Jiyong says excited “why?” Jimin asks as he finished his milk “well Siyeong is getting too big for her clothing, Jiheon covers his in stains, and all you guys were is sports wear” Jiyong lists. “We don’t need to be in fashion we need to be comfortable” Sangmin comments as he picked up the plates from the table. “You know I was a fashion icon in my day” “and you drove fast cars, smoked, dated, dyed your hair a lot” Jimin and Sangmin took turns listing off. “you guys are mean to your father” Jiyong comments as he started to feel embarrassed.  

“Did mom make you boring?” Sangmin teases “mommy is the best” Jiheon says as Jiyong helps him out of his seat “well I’m going to introduce you to skinny jeans and dress shoes” Jiyong comments not really caring anymore if they were teasing him. He wanted to get them to dress up at least once in their lives as a family for pictures and what not so he could share his perfect kids to the world more. 


“Hey” Jiyong says as you walked into the apartment. It was roughly twelve at night and the filming had stopped for the week. He pulled you in for a kiss as you smiled “I like being greeted like this” you tell him as he kisses you again “you know the twins are kind of rude” he comments as he pulls away. “What?” you asked him as he took your bag “they were picking on me because I used to be like rebellious” he says. “And now you’re a suburban house dad” you joke as he makes a sound “that’s where they get it from” he tells you as you push him lightly walking into the apartment more. “You know I changed a lot for you, I gave a pretty nice lifestyle” he told you “being a dad is better than being some 40-something year old bachelor?” you ask “much better” he promises. “I made perfect humans, with my gorgeous wife. I live in a large apartment in Seoul. Drive a minivan. I still live pretty good” he continued “well we should ship the kids off to one of the other Supermen so we can have a date night” you say resting your hands on his chest as his went around your waist. “

Yeah? What would we do?” he asks as a flirty smile comes across his face. “We’d get good food, that we don’t have to share with tiny hands” you start “then we can watch a movie that doesn’t have talking animals or men in skin tight suits” you continue as he rocks the two of you. “Then we can sleep in without having to worry about being kicked by Jiheon and woken up by Siyeong needing to be changed or held” you continue as he groans “that sounds great” he says “then we can even have sex” you say in a different tone as he starts laughing. “Should we spoil ourselves that much?” he asks as you nod “one night every once in a while sounds nice” you say as he nods. “Then I can call up one of the dad’s then and the show” he states “good now I want to sleep with my hard kicking son” you say as he chuckles letting go of you letting you and him head off to your room.

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Okay, it’s time for me to talk. I know, right? My stupid ass just got BACK from a trip and the first thing I do is go and TALK more? What a dweebo.  

But there is something I would like to discuss from an animation perspective. And that is, essentially, what the Powerpuff Girls reboot lacks visually. And one of the major complaints people have had, aside from the writing, HAS been regarding the numerous animation mistakes that the show has. Like the reboot or not, it has been noted for having several extremely sloppy errors per episode that would have been considered unacceptable even in a beginner’s class. 

But I don’t want to focus on the reboot or the way it chooses to animate things. Rather, I’d like to focus on the original show and how it choose to animate things. I opened up this with a clip from the Powerpuff Girls movie made in 2002. Now I know what you’re thinking, its unfair to compare television animation to movie animation, but we’ll get to the television animation in a bit. Let’s take a look at this clip for a minute first. 

First thing you’ll notice is that compared to modern animation, or even other cartoons of that age outside of Tartavosky and McCracken cartoons, the animation is surprisingly minimal when you really inspect it. There’s a lot of repeating loops, frames where only a single part of the character moves, freeze frames, and even shots where the character limbs aren’t even moving. Now its easy to consider this lazy until you really look at how the animation utilizes it. Picture a slingshot, pulling back as far as it can, until it finally fires in a sudden snap. That is how a lot of the animation in this is. It takes advantage of those freeze frames and minimal animations by using them as the SNAP of the slingshot, having the other more vibrant and extreme actions of the animation act as the pullback–thus, said freeze frames and minimal actions allow the scene to have more weight. They make the scene feel important. 

For example, when Jojo pushes Professor Utonium so he hits the Chemical X, the animation jolts to a stop. Everything focuses on that one frame of Utonium and Jojo, hovering by the broken Chemical X with Utonium staring at it in shock. Add to this the music escalating and the animation quickly shifting back and forth between Utonium stirring and Jojo running before this frame happens. Once all put together, this puts so much emphasis on that one moment that it conveys its message to the viewer: something important and major just happened. Even if you don’t know the show at ALL, you know that some serious shit is about to go down because of what just happened. It is big. There is no denying it. And the animators honestly did not have to do much to achieve it. It is made up of two loops (Jojo running and Utonium stirring), a short motion, and a single frame of animation. But because of the way the animators FRAMED it, this minimal way of approaching the scene made it have a massive amount of weight and buildup. 

Which leads to the second thing you might notice: colors. Something I’ve always noticed and admired about McCracken and Tartavosky’s work is that they both have a great grasp on color and how to use it. Let’s backtrack to the scene with Jojo and Utonium breaking the Chemical X. The entirety of the opening, while very aggressive in its mannerisms, keeps to the standard color scheme of the characters and backgrounds–UNTIL that freeze frame of Jojo and Utonium.

Immediately on that frame, the color scheme shifts to a red palette. And as simple as it seems to use red to indicate danger, the use of this color change puts even MORE emphasis on how very important that scene is supposed to be. You feel more weight in this scene in this red tone than you would in the standard palette, because red is a color that indicates danger. Stop signs are red for a reason–it is a color that can incite rage and fear. If this was being viewed by someone who was not familiar with the property of the Powerpuffs, they would be on the edge of their seat wondering what horrifying creation this man had made. Interestingly enough, this is also the first scene we see Jojo with red eyes–an subtle indicator of what’s to come and that this lab monkey may be more than meets the eye. 

And consider: this was all carefully constructed with motion and colors. A person standing to the side saying “We might want to worry about that guy, he might be a problem later” is not needed. We as viewers can gather that all from the animation and subtle queues given throughout a piece entirely fueled by its intense soundtrack…until it comes to a jarring stop, visuals disappearing and music stopping to emphasize the laughter of little girls. Well, what does THAT mean? The un-introduced viewer will not know. But the intensity presented in the scene will prompt them to continue on instead of leaving the theater or falling asleep. 

“Yes, but this is all the movie. Movies have bigger budgets. What about the show?” 

You have a point. So I’m gonna look at one of the earlier episodes of the show regarding this. Specifically, the classic introduction to one of the classic Powerpuff villains (despite not showing up much), Sedusa…or Ima Goodlady, if you will. Specifically, I’d like to focus on the use of colors–both black and red. One of the first scenes is when Ima, or Sedusa if you will, slams the door on the girls when they’re going to sleep (contrasting an early scene, but that’s more writing related so we won’t discuss that). The viewer is greeted with complete darkness, which one could easily argue is not too difficult to animate. However it ends up looking VERY good, because the dark screen is contrasted with the flashing ring from their phone. The darkness is given a reason to exist, and is utilized. 

This is utilized again twice more in the show: when they sneak back home, and when they finally catch Sedusa. It involves an almost film-noir esque setup with the accuser sitting in complete darkness and turning on a lamp when they catch the accusee, all shaded in a red palette against a solid black (along with a later scene including light blue). You get almost an art deco-ish feel from the layout, but more importantly, the weight of the scene is back. The viewer feel like something big and threatening is going to happen when the girls are caught by Ima, and similarly the viewer feels like something big and revealing is going to happen when Sedusa is caught by the girls. It builds up expectation of the following scene, thus leading the animation to assist the writing in its execution. 

One can tell that the people working in creating the episode genuinely knew not only about animation, but art as a whole. You feel the strength of the choices they made in movement, but you also feel the strength in the choices they made in color theory. Some of it is undeniably minimalist but the final result is that despite having perhaps not a stunning budget to work with at first, they did in fact manage to make something that looks very nice despite that. They had the knowledge to create something that had impact even without a massive amount of money not via cutting corners, but via directing the animation in a more experimental way that allowed more of the budget to go towards specific parts of the animation while still making the prior scenes look good. 

Ultimately what I am trying to say is that budget is not an excuse. Both the movie and one of the earliest episodes for the original look great, even when Mommy Fearest probably didn’t have the same budget as the whole movie. People have made masterpieces on minimal budgets, hell, people make masterpieces on zero budget. It is a result of how much the creator and the team actually care, not how much money went into it. And in thus, budget should most definitely not be an excuse for this: 

if the creators and team members truly believe and want others to believe that they care about the quality of their product. And to make this clear I mean this not just about the Powerpuff Girl reboot but about ALL cartoons regardless of when they were made, who they were made by, and the audience they are targeting. 

Yes, all cartoons have problems. Yes, the original had errors. But you can feel a heart, soul, and effort that went into making the animation for the original that more often than not makes up for those errors. I don’t feel that in the 2016 animation. I more get the feel that it was rushed out, as quickly as they could with no thought whatsoever in an effort to make themselves look good and to put some cash in Cartoon Network’s pocket. And that’s just sad.

Missed Communication (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Based off of something I messaged @courtneychicken​ at 4 in the morning. Obviously when I have my best ideas. I know I said I would try to include some of my typical slang, but it doesn’t come across as much when I’m writing. I did use the term wicked though. That is an extremely Rhode Islander thing to say. Btw this is all from Bucky’s perspective.

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer

Warnings: I’m a huge nerd. That should be obvious, but just incase you’re new here. Also I have the mouth of a handsome sailor, so language.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

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You know, I figured people would do this (there were already posts about it before we even knew if Atem was coming back for real or not) but it still annoys me so much.

I mean I get some people didnt want him to come back for whatever reason, that’s fine but saying that it robbed Yugi of his rightful place is just… so wrong??? in my opinion. Like yes, that could have happened. Like I even made a post about it last year I think, about how it’s possible to handle Atem’s return in a way that overshadows Yugi but it’s also possible to not do that and we should give the movie a chance to see which road they decide to take. And honestly, I dont see how what happened could be considered as the first option at all.

For one thing, looking at the most practical physical aspect - Yugi fought three duels in a row, the last of which was a shadow game sapping him of his life force/energy. And he got knocked around so much in the first duel alone, let alone facing Kaiba afterwards who is not an easy opponent to deal with on a good day (and that was definitely not one of his good days). The kid isnt made of stone. I imagine even Atem would have been having diffuclties by that point. Hell, he did have difficulties - when he was in his own body in the Memory World and was fighting Bakura constantly, he too needed Yugi and co and all his priests dying/giving him their ba/ka to help him restore his energy (which actually now that I’m thinking about it, is an amazing parallel and I need to make a seperate post to properly express how it makes me feel, goddamn this ship will be the death of me). So Yugi passing out after all that? Seems a pretty logical thing to do. Especially since he wasnt even using any additional magical powers or anyone else’s energy to keep going.

Secondly, from a character development perspective - Yugi was the boss. This is the kid who couldnt stand in front of crowds without doing an awkward robot walk, stammering and blushing like crazy - and this same kid now not only has no problem dueling in a high-stakes duel in front of the whole city but also has no problem telling the guy who bascially owns said city to back the fuck off. Honestly, how many characters do you think would have the balls to look Seto Kaiba in the eye and say what Yugi said with the full intention of following through on those words? And to have Kaiba actually listen to them?

Not to mention that he’s also doing the speech at their graduation and he looks perfectly at ease with it.

Yugi has grown so much as a character and the movie showed that so well. He’s living his life, he has plans for the future, he’s confident and still sweet, he can now freely and easily stand up for the things and people he cares about, he believes in himself, he’s willing to fight to the end and not give up even when things look doomed… like how does Atem coming at the literal last second to help out ruin any of that? Or take away from Yugi’s spotlight? Because Yugi was supposed to save the world alone? Does that even make sense when the entire core theme of the show is that you should rely on your friends and let them give you strength and that the power of unity and togetherness and friendship is what saves the world in the end and makes the impossible possible? Did Atem save the world on his own or did all his friends and family support him with all their power?

So for me that was the perfect way to handle both Atem’s return and showcasing Yugi’s growth and strength as his own person/duelist.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Of (Shawn Mendes x Female Reader)

//Authors note: Ayo, lovely human beings! Or aliens… This is actually my first fanfiction! I write other stuff too, but this is the first time I wrote an imagine. I would like your thoughts on it, since I’m not used to writing in first person, so that was kinda weird. (Also I know it’s kinda short, it’s 676 words…) An-ty-way! Here we go! (btw, I was inspired by the song with the same name, by Ella Eyre, if ya wanna check it out. It’s a good song)

” Hey!” he shouts, as he steps through the door. He’s smiling, and that makes me smile. “Hi,” I say as he kisses my cheek. “How was your day?”, Shawn asks, making his way to the kitchen.

“Pretty chill. Not a lot going on”. I keep my eyes on the TV showing some documentary about penguins as I answer back.

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Better Late Than Never

Mark x Reader

Wordcount: 1,703

Requested by celeste-hello:

Hi!!!! Can you write a slightly angsty Mark imagine where he gets jealous because the you’ve been hanging out alot with Jeno lately with a really fluffy ending, Thank you!!💙

“Ya!  Noona!  Stop it or I’ll have to get revenge!”

“Try me Jeno!”  You exclaimed, bursting with laughter at the expression on his face – the result of you hitting him over the head with a pillow. Your laughing quickly ceased when you felt a pillow hitting your face in retaliation.  “Oh, you’re so gonna get it now,” you said as you paused the movie the two of you were watching together.

You were over at the NCT dorm with Jeno.  It was rare that one of the members was home alone, but today, with all the others out for schedulesm, doing schoolwork, or visiting home, Jeno – who had a sore ankle and was resting – asked you to come over to keep him company.  You were close with all of the NCT members, but Jeno in particular had become like family to you.  He was only a year younger than you, but he was still like the little brother you had always wanted.  If he wanted you to visit him at the dorm, all he had to do was ask and you’d be there in a heartbeat.

He had put a movie on for the two of you to enjoy, but getting bored part way through, you had decided it was a good idea to tease him a bit by hitting him with the pillow you were holding in your lap.  It didn’t take long for the two of you to become engrossed in a full-fledged pillow-fight – the movie you were watching completely forgotten.  You had stood up off of the couch to get leverage on Jeno who was trying to attack you from the couch.  He took his pillow and hit you in the knees, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward onto him.  The two of you were so busy laughing and trying to focus on winning, neither one of you noticed the front door open.  


You and Jeno ceased hitting each other when you heard someone clear their throat.  Looking at each other, you slowly lowered your pillows and turned to look at the door.  Mark was there standing in the doorway.  You quickly dropped your pillow and awkwardly clambered off of Jeno. Narrowing his eyes, Mark looked back and forth between the two of you for a moment before stomping past the couch into the kitchen.  You heard him open the cupboard door, followed by it slamming shut.  He was pouring himself a glass of water by the time you arrived in the kitchen.

“Are you okay Mark?”  You asked cautiously, already knowing the answer.

“No I’m not okay.  I convinced the others to let me leave early today thinking maybe we could finally have some time together.  I get back to the dorm after hours of practice, and you, my girlfriend, are all over Jeno!”

“Mark, we were just having a pillow fight,” you tried to keep your voice calm at his accusation.

You heard footsteps approach the two of you, turning to see Jeno awkwardly staring at the floor, knowing Mark was mad at him just as much as he was at you.

“Hyung, I swear nothing happened.  She’s basically my sister and I-”

“Shut it Jeno!”   Mark snapped.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t yell at him like that! He didn’t do anything wrong!”  Seeing the look of fear on Jeno’s face, you couldn’t help but raise your voice at Mark out of frustration.  You had never seen this side of Mark before – no one had.  He was always calm, even when he had to step up and act as the younger members’ leader.  It was obvious Jeno was stunned that Mark had yelled at him.  You gestured for Jeno to leave the room, wanting to hash this out with your boyfriend.

“Of course you’re defending him!”

“Mark, it isn’t about defending anyone.  Jeno and I were just hanging out and for you to accuse us of anything more than that is unfair.  You know Jeno’s like a little brother to me.”

“I don’t believe that lie anymore (y/n)!  I know what I saw!”  You had never heard Mark yell before.  Everything you knew about him had led you to believe he was always calm and collected. It was one of the reasons you loved him. “I’m not around so you’re falling for Jeno!  It’s not my fault that I’m in every sub-unit, have participated in every comeback and was on a survival show.  It’s my job and I thought you understood that dealing with that was a part of being with me! I know it’s hard for you that we can’t always be together or even talk on the phone, it’s hard for me too!  But I never thought you’d sink so low as to move onto one of my members because he was more available!”

As he ranted, Mark’s eyes had began to fill with tears of anger and hurt, while your hands had balled into fists.  The accusations Mark were making were absolutely ridiculous, and you knew that deep down, he knew that too.  It had taken so much just to convince the company and managers to let Mark date in the first place.  There was no way either of you would do something to mess up what you had fought so hard to have.  The two of you had never bickered, let alone had a full blown fight.  You wanted to fix it, but at this point, you couldn’t stand there and allow Mark to accuse you of cheating.

“Mark, you know I wouldn’t hurt you.  Jeno wouldn’t either.  Just think about that.”

With that, you left Mark in the kitchen to sulk.  You walked back over to the sofa, where Jeno had retreated too.  Putting your arm around his shoulders, you tried to reassure him that Mark was just overworked and not thinking straight.  As angry as you were at Mark, even you knew his behavior was uncharacteristic.  

It was true. Since NCT had debuted, he hadn’t had a break.  It had to be taking a toll on him.  You knew he wanted to spend time with you just as much as you wanted to spend time with him.  Maybe seeing you and Jeno play-fighting had caused him to reach his breaking point and take out all of his built-up emotions on the two of you.

Removing your arm from Jeno’s shoulders, you reached for the remote and put the movie from earlier back on.  There was nothing the two of you could do now but wait.  Imagining Mark standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with his glass of water, you hoped he would come to his senses.


The movie credits began to play as you and Jeno got up from the sofa. Both having decided to give Mark space, you made your way over to the door.  Jeno put on his sneakers and opened the door as you put on your own shoes and grabbed your bag, which you had left by the door when you arrived.

“(Y/n), Jeno, wait.”

You looked up to see Mark making his way towards the two of you.  He reached past Jeno and and gently pushed the door closed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to either of you that way.  I was out of line.”  Mark watched as you and Jeno exchanged glances, not knowing what to say.  He continued.  “You were right (y/n).  I know that neither of you would hurt me, and I know that the two of you are like siblings. I’m just so tired and seeing you spending time together and having so much fun made me jealous.  It reminded me of what I’m missing out on.”

“There’s nothing to be jealous about,” your voice had softened significantly since earlier.

“I bet noona would rather spend time with you than me any day hyung!”  Jeno spoke up.

Mark laughed and ruffled his hair.  Jeno’s face changed to reflect Mark’s as he smiled as well.

“Jeno, I’m really sorry I yelled at you.  I didn’t mean it.”

“I know hyung. Just buy me some ice cream later and we’ll call it even,”  Jeno replied cheekily.

Mark laughed at Jeno’s antics.  Agreeing to his conditions, he then turned to you to make amends.  You could tell he felt ashamed for how he had spoken to you, as he should.  But you wanted to fix things just as badly as he did, so you spoke first.

“Mark, what you said earlier is true.  It’s hard for me dating an idol and barely getting to see you.  But none of that matters to me because you’re mine, and I’m yours.  I would never cheat.”

“I know. I’m so lucky to have you.  Thank you for standing by me and putting up with me and my lifestyle.  I love you so much (y/n).”

You were slightly taken aback.  Both of you knew that what you felt for one another was love, but it was a silent understanding.  Neither one of you had ever said it out loud to the other.  Smiling at his words, you had no problem at all reciprocating his feelings.

“I love you too Mark,” you said as you launched yourself forward to give him a hug and a peck on the lips.

“Aww, you guys are so cute!”  Jeno said as he made kissy faces at the two of you.  “You know, hyung has been telling us all how much he loves you and how he couldn’t wait to tell you.”

“He isn’t wrong,” Mark smiled at your obviously ecstatic expression.  “Actually, I was planning to tell you when I got back to the dorm but well…  We all know what happened.”

The three of you laughed at how Mark’s hissy fit had foiled his own plan.  The good news was that it had all worked itself out, and in the end he still got to say those three words that the two of you had been secretly wanting to exchange for ages.

“It’s okay Mark.  The point is you still got to say it.”

“I could have told you sooner if I wasn’t acting like such an idiot earlier.” Mark hung his head in shame.

You gently placed your hand underneath his chin, lifting his head up and making him look at you.

“You still got to say it Mark.  You know what they say.  Better late than never.”

And with that, the three of you made your way to the couch to watch another movie – together.  

“So what should we watch guys?”  Mark asked as he leaned his head on your shoulder.

“I’m fine with anything, as long as noona doesn’t ruin it and start another pillow fight,” Jeno said.

The three of you laughed and settled into the couch.  With the earlier argument already forgotten, you were eady to spend time together and give Mark the relaxation he deserved.

YOU GUYS.  I haven’t posted in so long omg.  I think it’s been almost two months since I’ve posted a fic.  I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive.  This summer has been kind of difficult for me so far, and as a result I wasn’t really in the mood to write.  But for some reason I decided to sit down and finish this fic!  Hopefully I can continue to post more regularly now.  For those who have sent in requests, I will get around to doing them soon!  Thank you guys for your continued support, and for the awesome people who followed me even when I wasn’t posting.  I love you guys!!

“john where are you taking me?” sherlock whined as he pulled on his coat. “just put on your shoes, come with me, and stop asking questions.” john said sternly. sherlock pouted and said, “that sounds a lot like a kidnapping.” after an obnoxiously exaggerated sigh, he stomped out the door after his best friend.

john walked with him to the park where he almost was burned alive in a bonfire. “john what is this?” sherlock asked. “what did i say about the questions?” john said rolling his eyes. sherlock huffed and plopped down on the grass. john followed a few seconds later. “the boat is almost ready.” said john after a little while of silence. sherlock nodded and started picking the grass and playing with the short blades. john found himself watching how sherlock’s eyes focused as he tried to tie a knot in one without it breaking.

sherlock looked up suddenly, making john look away frantically, but sherlock had seen, and john knew it. he dropped the grass and crossed his legs. john jumped up and said “come on sherlock, it’s ready” sherlock got up and followed john down towards the pond. the sun was almost down and it was starting to get dark. sherlock obviously knew what was happening, but he didn’t understand why

john stood in front of a little boat and told sherlock to get on it. “why” sherlock responded. “sherlock holmes, if you ask me one more question i swear to god-” “ok, ok.” sherlock said stepping on to the brown wood of the small row boat. “john, its almost like you’re taking me on a romantic date.” sherlock said sarcastically. “yep.” john said without hesitation. “what?” sherlock said, genuinely surprised for once. “yes, this is supposed to be a romantic date.” john said, completely unfazed. “i don’t understand.” sherlock said, pure confusion on his face. “you should put that on a tee shirt.” john laughed. 

usually sherlock would laugh at john’s magnussen joke, but not now. he was too stunned. it was worse than when he thought john was moriarty (even though that lasted about two seconds), worse than when irene walked into the room naked, and even worse than when john told him he was his best friend. sherlock had no plan. not an idea, not even a word to say next. his feelings were overwhelming him and now they had somehow made it to the middle of the pond. sherlock hadn’t even noticed.

“so, i brought these lantern things, thought we could set them off.” john said. sherlock was still not talking, trying to think through this. “i got the idea from one of rosie’s movies, the one with rapunzel and that horse.” he continued, “you light the bottom on fire and they fly away or something, should be interesting.” sherlock still had a puzzled look on his face and was staring at john. “sherlock?” john said. “ok, not this again. sherrrlock snap out of it.”

sherlock did not snap out of it. “ok, fine.” john said before leaning across the boat and kissing sherlock. 

sherlock snapped the hell out of it.

john pulled away and sherlock looked at him smiling. sherlock practically lunged across the boat to kiss john again, knocking them both into the water. thankfully, it was a shallow lake, only about 1.75 meters, so sherlock could touch the bottom. their heads both popped up from the water and sherlock held john up, who was laughing. “what did you do that for!” john said still laughing. sherlock laughed too and they walked out of the pond and went home to tell mrs hudson. 

on the way back to 221b, john called molly to tell her that everything went well and that him and sherlock were official. to make a long story short, mrs hudson and rosie both screamed, molly cried, and later that week when they told mycroft and greg, all they had to say was “about damn time.” 

the end.

clarygaywood  asked:

21 with clizzy bc fraywood are the brotp

best friends sibling au (this has been sitting in my inbox for a bit but i figured your birthday would be the perfect day to post it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY)

Clary was never the type of person to have a huge group of friends, she was always perfectly happy with the handful of people close to her and during her freshman year of college, Alec had become one of those people.

They’d met when he and Magnus started dating and Clary knew she would like him, if for no other reason than the smile on Magnus’ face whenever Alec’s name came up. But, as time went on, she and Alec started talking and hanging out more, finding a common interest in reading and art (although Alec can’t draw to save his life), even bonding over coming out, an experience that had been very different for each of them.

They even developed a routine of going to get coffee on Saturday afternoons, either just to catch up or do homework, sometimes inviting Simon and Magnus to join them, but that was about the only thing that ever changed about their little routine. So when Clary came in to the coffee shop one Saturday and saw Alec sitting with a beautiful girl, she was a bit caught off guard.

“Hi,” Clary said as she approached the table, causing both the girl and Alec to look up at her. Shit, she was even prettier up close, with her shining eyes, red lipstick standing out against her skin and her hair looking so soft Clary couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful it would feel between her fingers.

“Clary, hi,” Alec said, breaking Clary out of her trance a bit. “This is my sister, Isabelle, she’s visiting for the weekend. Izzy, this is Clary.”

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Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel

Q: Do you remember when you first met Coco Chanel and how the meeting went?

A: I remember one day feeling like I wanted to treat myself to something really lovely.  I was fed up with lots of people living off me and not always indulging myself like I’d have liked to.  I had seen and loved a fantastic movie by Alain Resnais, which had Delphine Seyrig wearing a gorgeous dress. By Coco Chanel. It was Last Year at Marienbad. The dress was breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes, much more than Chanel No 5.  I wanted the same one. So I decided to buy it and I went to the Chanel boutique.

Q: Did she receive you?

A: Yes. Immediately. In her inner shrine, on the top floor of the couture house. The woman I met was human and accessible, charming and elegant. And I remember the meeting in every detail. In fact, I’ve described it before. We talked, she told me how she hated physical sloppiness and described her mission to ensure that women could look well groomed and attractive during every moment of their lives.

Q: Did she say anything in particular about you?

A: No, not that I remember. She said she couldn’t stand slippers, dressing gowns, and house coats unless they were beautiful. She said more than once that a woman should always be impeccably dressed. And well groomed. I explained that I wanted to have the same breathtaking dress as the one Delphine Seyrig wore in Resnais’s movie. She immediately had my measurements taken, had the dress made for me, and gave it to me as a gift. I’m still grateful to her.

Big thanks for the photos and info @kseniavs

Good Stuff: Cars 3

WARNING: I was going to judge this like a critic, but let’s see if my heart is still in here. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Now this is the sequel that Pixar should’ve made.

Originally posted by ichise

Yeah, I’ll say it. Cars 2, not a good sequel. I mean, with a convoluted and unnecessarily complicated evil plot foiled by a character that’s only good in small doses. That, and it was just James Bond with cars for humans? Naw naw, that was just tacky and a serious disappointment coming from Post Up Pixar. It didn’t feel like a Cars movie, but this does. This. Feels like it a Cars movie, no matter how questionable its universe still is.

God above, should no one question this world anymore?

Now I would say the movie’s problem lies in its predictability, but that’s not the case. No, the actually problems lies with two characters, Jackson Storm and Sterling, Lightning McQueen’s manager. For Jackson Storm, that character was nothing but an irredeemable prick for our heroes to beat. It’s a shame, because he would’ve been a good mirror image for Lightning since he feels like he’s growing out of the industry like the rest and he sees this guy as his replacement originally arrogant self. I kinda wanted Jackson to show some kind of humbleness at the end where he can’t just consider himself the best, but no. He comes in, tells Lightning to go retire, gets his just desserts, poof. Same with Sterling; he’s comes in, tells Lightning to go retire, gets his just desserts, poof. They felt less like important foils to Lightning and Cruz and more like bullies, telling our two speedsters what they can’t do. Yeah, we see Lightning McQueen’s journey to not feel obsolete and it certainly is a pitiful uphill battle, but I would’ve liked to see his enemies show some kind of respect towards his efforts in the end.

McQueen just had no brakes in the flic’s 1st half

But speaking of characters, since they’re essential for the feature, everyone else’s part is small but significant. I loved the buff lesbian that was Ms. Fritter and the demolition derby was the best part; since it was actually focused on the cars being cars. Hoe Mater got the chop after #2 and was much more tolerable now. The crew from Radiator Springs were just around (barely made thirty minutes). Then again, I cannot forget the MVP of this picture. The top dog, the best character in not only Cars 3 but the franchise as a WHOLE.

I’m talkin’ about Tex Dinoco, owner of the Darsdale Dinoco

Let me rap for a sec. This dude is a multi-billionaire that owns the rival sponsor to Lightning’s sponsor, Rust-eez, and this man is chill as fuck. In the first movie, he’s like “Boy, the fact that you sacrificed your chance of winning to help out my son just says you’re alright in my book and I’ll give you anything you need.” Doesn’t fret, doesn’t sound like he’s joking, he’s just glad Lightning has a heart to his career. And in this movie, he just shows up again at the end and just now owns Lightning’s old sponsor and gives Lightning and Cruz the deal and respect they earned. This man just earns my respect, and he’s barely in this. He just does his thing, never really brags about it, and I can’t help but say he was worth seeing this all the way through. Though, I’ll admit, he was only but a minor appearance. The real star… was indeed, Cruz Ramirez.

You could say she brought the Cruz control?

As a new addition, she does really well for herself and this flic. Her chipper attitude was a welcomed addition to the cockery that is Lightning McQueen and I was pretty glad this was starting to be more of her movie. Her struggle was real, her victory was well set-up and earned, and to me, this felt less like a torch pass near the end and more like a point of having dual destinies: young and old, novice and veteran. It is the Hajime no Ippo of these movies, and I am fine with this. If they were to make a 4th one, I would hope they’d give Cruz more of the spotlight and could present a separate yet connected story with her and Lightning’s claims to fame. Hold a sec, this COULD be Hajime no Ippo, except with racing. Yeah, I can see this happening with a 4th movie and I can see Cruz being a great female car version of the shywell Ippo.

And Pixar has shown that violence can be possible

Now I could say, “this film is formulaic, doesn’t offer much that many have already seen before”, but that wouldn’t be fair. This was the true sequel to Cars and, in a way, is perfect for its time. It shows it’s willingness to progress, to seek some change in the future for the racing industry, and all that optimistic crap. I didn’t really enjoy this as much as I obtained hope from how it played out. Either way, Cars 3 was better than whatever those minions might provide. Speaking of providing, since I don’t know how to end this review properly, I’ll end it with the one song they should’ve used to give this a full donut but just didn’t.

Come on, people, this was basically their theme song…
talk about burned out potential

anonymous asked:

I don't understand. Why do they keep changing who her parents are? What's the point? Opportunities for new plots?

For a long time, Wanda and Pietro didn’t have parents or a last name. Then, in the 70′s, Marvel realized that was weird and decided to give them a backstory. Wanda was a very popular, prominent character at the time, which I suspect lead them to believe she needed special parents. So she and Pietro became the children of two golden age superheroes, Miss America and The Whizzer. In that same story, it was said they had been raised by the High Evolutionary.

The problem was that didn’t fit with what had already been established about their backstory, particularly the part about them being raised on Wundagore by the High Evolutionary. The other, bigger problem is that the stories about The Whizzer being their dad weren’t interesting. It just wasn’t working.

So a bunch of guys at Marvel set out to give them a new origin story where everything was explained and the answer to the parent mystery was satisfying. That story was Nights of Wundagore. It gave Wanda and Pietro a new red herring set of parents, Django and Marya Maximoff, in order to explain how they remembered having a mother and father, despite allegedly being raised by the High Evolutionary. Those were their adoptive parents.

Then, in addition to adding Chthon, it subtly (and then definitively in the letter column) showed that Magneto and his wife Magda were their biological parents. But Marvel editorial also decided Wanda and Pietro would never know Magneto was their birth father… until a few years later when they found out.

That was the status quo for decades. Most modern comics fans grew up with it and never knew anything else.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

In 2014, AXIS, a bad crossover event, was published, and in it, Wanda magically discovered Magneto was not her father. We know that this was a mandate that came directly from editorial, but editorial wouldn’t say why they mandated it, beyond “we’re telling a story.” This was all highly suspicious, and immediately, people began to suspect movie influence. Opinions ranged from “they want things to match the movie” to “they’re being petty because they hate Fox” to “they legally have to change it,” but most people agreed this had something to do with the movies.

I’ve read some of the Sony-Marvel documents and can’t figure out a reason they would have to change the backstory of a shared character. Sony and Marvel have a different relationship than Fox and Marvel though, and if there is a reason, it’s probably specific to that relationship. We don’t know what really happened with that, other than it was very suspiciously timed.

Then, in the early part of 2015, it was revealed Wanda and Pietro were the biological children of Django and Marya. That was an okay answer that required a lot of ignoring previous continuity. I think they were picked because they were the easiest available answer and Rick Remender, the writer, didn’t want to be writing the story in the first place. (He’s obsessed with Wanda’s relationship with Magneto, which is another matter entirely.) The reveal was a little iffy, and it was implied there was more to the story than what we were told.

But then Remender left Marvel comics, with a million unfinished storylines awkwardly scattered around the Marvel Universe in his wake. So a new writer, Robinson, decided to throw out the idea of Wanda being Django and Marya’s biological daughter (she acted like she’d never heard it and was still searching for her parents) and made her Django’s niece. Why? I don’t know. If I’m guessing (and I am), I’d say he just thought the Django-Marya reveal was boring and wanted Wanda to have a cool witch mom. He also left it open-ended as to who her father actually was. All we know is that he killed her mother.

Which brings us to the obvious question: Will it change again? Well, if you assume movie rights reasons are why it was changed, you should be encouraged by the fact that Marvel and Fox have a better relationship than they did in 2014. They’re working together on tv shows and the X-Men even seem to be coming to Avengers Academy, which is very interesting. There’s also the fact that who her father is was deliberately left open, making it possible Magneto is still her biological father, even if her mother is now Natalya and not Magda.

I’m not so optimistic. I don’t believe Marvel is going to suddenly reveal It Was Magneto All Along, but stranger things have happened.

There are still so many movies made starring 50 men and one woman!” she says, half exasperated, half exhausted. “A white male actor should never be allowed to complain about anything. Shut up and sit in the corner. I mean, seriously! The odds of us having films made which star women … Men make bad movies that bomb all the time but they’re like, ‘Oh, well, we didn’t do the marketing right,’” she says. “Eat me!”

- Patricia Clarkson, The Guardian (x)

I still can’t believe that this fuckin post is like, the top bonrin post. What the fuck

Also, um….bonrin thing….what should I say today???

Oh yeah.

I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast LiveAction movie last night (hOLY FUCK ALL OF WESTGATE WAS PACKED WITH DRUNK PEOPLE) and I made the mistake of imagining Bon and Rin as beauty and the beast. Thing is though, I don’t know who’d be the beauty and who’d be the beast! I mean, you’d think that Rin being the beast would be a no brainer, but he wouldn’t like…….imprison Bon nor his dad for all eternity over a rose. Bon’s shit at managing his anger, but then again, Rin has the freaky demon powers??? BUT RIN IS TOO NICE TO TURN AWAY A POOR OLD LADY IN A STORM!!!!!

Anyway I plan on writing a fanfic of that concept but I have NO IDEA WHO’S GONNA BE WHO!!!!

Lowkey want someone to draw them as beauty and the beast tho lmao

Tl;dr: This is a disorganized rant about Bonrin as Beauty and the Beast.

241 channels and nothing to watch.

Hello, love bugs!

Dan x reader.
Warnings ⚠️ slightish smut?
Please send requests. Also, should I do a smutty part 2??

“Ugh I hate these stupid crappy romantic movies, I don’t need some ditsy characters to remind me how pathetic my love life is.” You say as you sit beside Dan on the couch. He was flipping through the channels and happen to stop on a romantic movie. You vaguely remember it and wanted to call it the notebook? Either way, it made you feel sick. You honestly wouldn’t have such a strong reaction if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re still fresh from a breakup from your long term relationship. Almost a full year of your life gone in an instant.

“You’re exactly right! You don’t need them, you have me for that.” Dan was trying to help make you happy again with his famous little smirk on his face as his dips his hand into the popcorn on your lap.

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