but i still say that movie should be made


I just wanted to say kudos to the crew for the way they animated Yuuri crying

Crying is ugly and messy. People don’t look their best when crying. But in so many animated shows and movies, I feel like a lot of the times, even when a character is full-out bawling, they still look flawless. But here, they actually made Yuuri’s crying face so… natural. Yuuri’s a pretty attractive guy, but when he starts crying, he doesn’t look so great (no I’m not calling this boy ugly lol, just saying that his attractiveness dropped a bit with his crying face, as it should). His face is distorted, his eyebrows are knit, his eyes are scrunched up, his face is flushed, his lips are almost quivering at moments. Aside from the Ghibli Tears™ (which I honestly love, the large tear drops always have a nice artistic and emotional impact for me personally), this is a very realistic cry.

Also I really appreciated this moment…

I always feel better after a good cry, and I’m glad Yuuri feels the same and that he has no shame in crying

I love Yuri on Ice :’)

alex and maggie’s first real fight is legit gonna be over how romantic they should be for valentine’s day… and GOD maggie is gonna give alex a special night that should be made into a hallmark movie because she feels bad. and alex is gonna be so shocked, her body still as maggie ties a corsage around her wrist, and she’ll ask, “maggie, you said you hate this sort of cheesy stuff. why do it for me?”
and maggie will say, “you’ve had go through so much change in the past few weeks; who would i be if i didn’t change a little bit of me just to give you a night you deserve? besides… doing this, planning this night for you, it didn’t feel cheesy. it felt right.”

You know, I figured people would do this (there were already posts about it before we even knew if Atem was coming back for real or not) but it still annoys me so much.

I mean I get some people didnt want him to come back for whatever reason, that’s fine but saying that it robbed Yugi of his rightful place is just… so wrong??? in my opinion. Like yes, that could have happened. Like I even made a post about it last year I think, about how it’s possible to handle Atem’s return in a way that overshadows Yugi but it’s also possible to not do that and we should give the movie a chance to see which road they decide to take. And honestly, I dont see how what happened could be considered as the first option at all.

For one thing, looking at the most practical physical aspect - Yugi fought three duels in a row, the last of which was a shadow game sapping him of his life force/energy. And he got knocked around so much in the first duel alone, let alone facing Kaiba afterwards who is not an easy opponent to deal with on a good day (and that was definitely not one of his good days). The kid isnt made of stone. I imagine even Atem would have been having diffuclties by that point. Hell, he did have difficulties - when he was in his own body in the Memory World and was fighting Bakura constantly, he too needed Yugi and co and all his priests dying/giving him their ba/ka to help him restore his energy (which actually now that I’m thinking about it, is an amazing parallel and I need to make a seperate post to properly express how it makes me feel, goddamn this ship will be the death of me). So Yugi passing out after all that? Seems a pretty logical thing to do. Especially since he wasnt even using any additional magical powers or anyone else’s energy to keep going.

Secondly, from a character development perspective - Yugi was the boss. This is the kid who couldnt stand in front of crowds without doing an awkward robot walk, stammering and blushing like crazy - and this same kid now not only has no problem dueling in a high-stakes duel in front of the whole city but also has no problem telling the guy who bascially owns said city to back the fuck off. Honestly, how many characters do you think would have the balls to look Seto Kaiba in the eye and say what Yugi said with the full intention of following through on those words? And to have Kaiba actually listen to them?

Not to mention that he’s also doing the speech at their graduation and he looks perfectly at ease with it.

Yugi has grown so much as a character and the movie showed that so well. He’s living his life, he has plans for the future, he’s confident and still sweet, he can now freely and easily stand up for the things and people he cares about, he believes in himself, he’s willing to fight to the end and not give up even when things look doomed… like how does Atem coming at the literal last second to help out ruin any of that? Or take away from Yugi’s spotlight? Because Yugi was supposed to save the world alone? Does that even make sense when the entire core theme of the show is that you should rely on your friends and let them give you strength and that the power of unity and togetherness and friendship is what saves the world in the end and makes the impossible possible? Did Atem save the world on his own or did all his friends and family support him with all their power?

So for me that was the perfect way to handle both Atem’s return and showcasing Yugi’s growth and strength as his own person/duelist.

I still can’t believe that this fuckin post is like, the top bonrin post. What the fuck

Also, um….bonrin thing….what should I say today???

Oh yeah.

I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast LiveAction movie last night (hOLY FUCK ALL OF WESTGATE WAS PACKED WITH DRUNK PEOPLE) and I made the mistake of imagining Bon and Rin as beauty and the beast. Thing is though, I don’t know who’d be the beauty and who’d be the beast! I mean, you’d think that Rin being the beast would be a no brainer, but he wouldn’t like…….imprison Bon nor his dad for all eternity over a rose. Bon’s shit at managing his anger, but then again, Rin has the freaky demon powers??? BUT RIN IS TOO NICE TO TURN AWAY A POOR OLD LADY IN A STORM!!!!!

Anyway I plan on writing a fanfic of that concept but I have NO IDEA WHO’S GONNA BE WHO!!!!

Lowkey want someone to draw them as beauty and the beast tho lmao

Tl;dr: This is a disorganized rant about Bonrin as Beauty and the Beast.

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Thoughts on LeFou?

Well, I think I should begin by saying that I still think LeFou was a bad choice for Disney’s ~first gay character~. Even with the changes made to his character, it still leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth that they decided LeFou of all people deserved that honor.

That being said, fortunately I didn’t think that what we got in the actual movie was as much of the horror story as some of us were worried about when we first heard they were making LeFou gay. To the movie’s credit, LeFou is very different from his cartoon counterpart; you see him struggling with his morality and over whether or not Gaston is in the right, and in the end he finally gets his own little redemption arc when he turns against Gaston and joins the furniture in fighting off the mob. He wasn’t shown just blindly following Gaston and being the village idiot. He seemed consciously aware, and it was nice to see him get a little dance with a different guy at the end. I was pretty relieved when he wasn’t shown just pining after Gaston to the death or whatever.

Now, do I think this is good representation? Hell no. The LGBT community deserves better in terms of a gay character, and some people I’ve talked to about the movie even said that they didn’t notice the gay undertones at all. (Yes, they’re there, but I feel like it’s one of those things where you have to consciously look for them.) I feel like if they hadn’t made such a big deal out of this “OUR FIRST GAY CHARACTER” thing in the first place, hardly anyone would have noticed or cared. I’m hoping Disney does better in the future, because some subtle lines and a millisecond shot of dancing featuring a character named “The Fool” isn’t really something to pat yourself on the back over.

Can’t you just imagine that if there was an ep on now and Ziva was still there that sometime after work Ziva would hear a knock on her door and she’d open it to find Tony there and he’d hold up a bottle of wine and a couple of movies and she’d give him one of those confused furrowed brow looks as he walks in to her place saying how he’s been wanting to watch this particular film for ages and thought she should see it too. And as he goes to her kitchen and helps himself to a couple of glasses Ziva cuts him off asking what exactly he is doing and he starts to explain again as he walks back to her with the two glasses and as they both sit on the couch she interrupts again with a bemused expression and a simple, soft ‘Tony’. So Tony takes a sip of his wine and then explains that this day can be a little tough and that he thought perhaps she could use the company and a bit of a distraction and she would look at him with that expression that shows he never ceases to surprise and move her with his kindness and he would simply give her a soft half smile and a gentle squeeze of the hand. And without talking the film would start and Ziva would settle next to Tony on the couch, her head dropping to rest on his shoulder. Can’t you just imagine it?! Coz I can.

There are still so many movies made starring 50 men and one woman!” she says, half exasperated, half exhausted. “A white male actor should never be allowed to complain about anything. Shut up and sit in the corner. I mean, seriously! The odds of us having films made which star women … Men make bad movies that bomb all the time but they’re like, ‘Oh, well, we didn’t do the marketing right,’” she says. “Eat me!”

- Patricia Clarkson, The Guardian (x)

I had five auditions today and I’m confident I nailed them all. I sang Still Hurting from the much underrated Jason Robert Brown musical That Last Five Years despite it having a delightful movie made of it starring Anna Kendrick and the always wonderful Jeremy Jordan each time. That song is ingrained in me now much like any Barbra song. 

My agent contacted me and said that I should be hearing back from most of them soon enough. She sounded very happy on the phone so it’s save to say I left quite the impression. 

I never regret loving you

I can still remember how we’ve met. It’s not in a romantic way though or just like in the movies but also started as strangers and who would have thought that we’ll turn into lovers, right? You are my first love, my first heartbreak, you’re the first person who made me cry because of too much pain, you taught me how to get jealous, i don’t know if these things would make you proud of, but i guess you should.

I don’t believe in the saying; first love never dies. Because my feelings for you had already stopped, a long time ago and i can no longer remember what it’s like to be with you. Your name no longer send shivers down my spine. Your smile has lost its power to give butterflies and electricity inside my system. Your presence no longer affect my heart’s rhythm. But still, you’re worth remembering. I am still thankful for the memories that we’ve made. You will forever have a soft spot in my heart. Our roller coaster relationship that i will treasure for the rest of my life. You taught me a lot of things and you made me feel how worthy i am to be loved. You taught me how to be strong and to wipe away my tears on my own. Whatever happened between us i’m still thankful that “we” happened. I’m thankful because these things happened to me because of you. Thank you for the broken heart because it lead me to the person where i truly belong. May all the lessons that you have learned teach you to love someone’s else’s heart genuinely. First love doesn’t lasts but the memories out of it, will always be felt and remembered forever. You are the best thing that happened to me, but it’s not meant to last forever.

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Did you really date Cheerlisum? (Call me a dumb ass if you were being sarcastic)

As much as she always pretends it never happened, me and @cheeralism did date. It was terrible

She always made these awful movie refrences

Like she always quoted some shit Pauly Shore movie. Like shut up already. She’d call me up at 3am saying “HEEEYYY Y BUUUUUDY”

She nick named me “Pauly” for gods sake it was just terrible. I broke up with her after she asked to “Pauly my shore“

I don’t know what it was but I still wonder what could have happened should I have stayed