but i still post them

I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.


a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)

gentle reminder self help network tumblr

Due to the recent influx in network post and activity, so I can stop posting about the redbubble store and other GRSHN initiatives on this blog, I’ve decided to create a tumblr for the network so I can post them there instead. I will still be reblogging important ones onto this blog, but hopefully this will relieve the original ‘gentle-reminder’ blog of the clutter and allow you all to enjoy your simple reminders once more. If you would like updates on the network, our initiatives, the future, or have any questions for us, feel free to direct them there. 

So please, follow the gentle reminder self help network tumblr here!


Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.



Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

me: i hate luke’s fucking poncho

also me: he fucking owns the tatooine farmboy poncho chic look. he fucking works it. that bucket hat makes the whole look come together flawlessly. he looks 1285% fab and he knows it too. i hope he starts a clothing line of stylish ponchos for every occasion. he is the fashion icon hero the galaxy truly needs. padme would be so proud.


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?