but i still melted and swooned anyway

You’ve Got Mail (She Loves Me) Pt. 23

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The next two weeks pass in a blur, winter storms and cold frost descend on the city like they were waiting for the holidays to pass. Icy grip takes hold and doesn’t let go, wind howling through the tunneled streets and into cracks in apartment windows.

It causes Arkadia to take another hit.

The business slowing to a crawl in the cold. In the aftermath of Fox Books.

Clarke thinks about her decision more and more, waiting to see if something will change. If the shine of the big store will wear off.

But something grips at her, too.


The big open nothing that lays beyond Arkadia’s walls. A forest waiting to be navigated.

Since she woke up on New Year’s Day safely tucked on the couch under extra blankets with water and cough drops next to her everything changed.

It took her a minute to remember why she didn’t crawl into bed.


A fondness creeps through her.

A fondness she doesn’t really want to fight anymore, but one that still feels foreign. Still new. Too early to be fully tested, accepted.

They haven’t seen each other since.

Lexa hasn’t come into the store. Hasn’t sent any boxes of pastries.

Clarke hasn’t run into her on the street or at the dry cleaners.


She doesn’t really quite know what to do about it. Hoping Lexa wasn’t scared off by her sick state or the way they eased into each other in the warm apartment.

For the first time she wishes she had Lexa’s number. If only she’d asked drugged up and half asleep.

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