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Your trooper/Elara ship for the meme

when of if I started shipping it: Well I really liked Elara on my first (female) trooper and decided to look up her romance video to see if I would like it - Bioware forcing me to roll a male toon to romance specific characters isn’t new to me.

my thoughts: It’s the only drug I need. It clears my skin and helps my crops thrive and is the best thing ever and if you don’t agree you are wrong (no exceptions).

What makes me happy about them: The unfailing optimistic tone and sweetness to it. The fact it treats Elara with respect - she’ll reject flirts, tease you back, and refuse to abandon her principles just because she loves/loved the trooper and yet there’s still a good amount of humor and sneaky fun to it. Since I feel like I’m somewhat similar to Elara personality wise, I also appreciate that she’s presented as a serious woman who’s professional to the core but is still allowed to have feelings and show warmth and affection when she wants to.

What makes me sad about them: In-game, it’s the fact there’s almost zero content for it post-class story (and the reunion on Iokath is so rushed). In the fandom - it’s pretty popular on reddit which surprised me, but like with all the non-Lana ships involving female companions it’s largely ignored on Tumblr.

things done in fanfic that annoys me: Hmm - most of the Elara-shipping in fic is really well done in my opinion, so I don’t really have issues beyond the lack of content. I suppose that’s my annoyance then, although I’m also at fault.

things I look for in fanfic: Basically I want (1) Elara to be in character, (2) no unnecessary angst - everything doesn’t need to be sunshine and whatever but I hate when people overdo it with “oh and here’s the 10,000th awful thing to overcome”

My kinks: Uh, mine or my trooper’s? Let’s just pretend we answered this one, regardless.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Ayrs only exists to romance Elara, to be honest. I could see him and my Knight being a good couple but that doesnt really matter. For Elara - Iresso or Vector specifically, but (like with Felix) any good /kind person and I’d probably like it.

My happily ever after for them: Retired with a big family and lots of pets.

40+ Break Up - Make Up Fics:

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Flood my Mornings: Winky

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: The Difference (J/C moment the first night Ian’s home with them) 

July 28, 1951

“Oh, little love….You are a sweet one, aren’t you?”

It was just after sunrise and Ian and I were already up and at it, fed (for his part) and cuddling on the sofa. Truly, he was an uncommonly sweet baby, calm and untroubled by most things encountered in the course of his day, and fairly easy to quiet when he did cry or fuss. Bree, by contrast, had been cranky by default, at least for the first month. No less fiercely loved for it, of course, but I couldn’t deny my relief at the prospect of having an easier go of things in general with this little lad.  

Beyond that though, even at only one week old, it was becoming clear that Ian had a very curious spirit. He was forever stretching his limbs and making little happy gasping sounds as he studied his surroundings, taking it all in with wide, keen eyes….. dark amber eyes, to Jamie’s utter delight. Currently, he was propped up against my bent knees, gumming his wrist enthusiastically. 

“What have you got there, sweetheart?” I whispered, beaming down at him despite my sleepiness (and roaring headache and aching nipples). “Does it taste nice?’ 

Apparently it did, for he kept moving upward until, by complete accident, he caught his thumb in his mouth. He blinked once in surprised, then began sucking with alacrity. “Oh, aren’t you clever! Found a treat, have you?” I laughed. The only problem was, he hadn’t quite mastered the art of getting the other fingers out of the way, so his tiny fingernails were poking into his eyelid. I watched as his face went from sensory delight to puzzlement to realization of his discomfort then complete despair as he burst into a wail.

“It’s alright, winky,” I half-laughed, half-’aww’ed as I helped him get the extra fingers out of the way and he quieted again, blissfully self-soothing. “There, love, that’s better, isn’t it?” 

“I swear, Sassenach,” came Jamie’s voice from the doorway to the kitchen through which he was walking with two steaming cups of tea.  “I never seem to catch him at it, myself.” 

“You’re awake! And an angel,” I all but moaned as he set my cup on the endtable to cool. “….Catch him at what?”

“Winking. Shout for me next time he does so I can see, aye?” He kissed my cheek, then his son’s. “Mind yourself, Ian. Ye must be trying it on wi’ your Mam a terrible lot for it to have become your name, aye?” 

Jamie gave me what he surely thought was a roguish wink in demonstration (see: unsettlingly-intense blink) and I spluttered laughing. “Well, if he ever did take to winking, we’ll know he got it from me, won’t we?”

“I can wink!” Jamie declared indignantly, demonstrating again, the only difference being that he now looked like a decidedly peevish owl.

“Trust me, darling, you really can’t, but don’t ever stop trying.” I kept giggling as I shifted Ian up off of my legs and cuddled him close. “But no, I call him winky for Rip van Winkle.”

“For what, now?” Jamie had just sat down, and he was looking over his cup as though he feared the fatigue had gone straight to my head. 

“Because of how much he slept those first few days. Don’t you remember? I know you heard me call him that in hospital.”

Jamie silently mouthed the words rip van winkle then realization dawned. “Oh, aye,” he said slowly, nodding, “ye did, at that. Just went over my head, I suppose.”

“Oh, I see, you just presumed your wife was spouting nonsense in her addled state, mm?” Jamie’s sheepish grin was answer enough. “Well, anyway, I kept calling him that on my own, and over time it became winky, and it seemed to suit him, so, here we are.”

“But what in God’s name is a rip-Van-winkle? And what’s it to do wi’ sleeping?

Rip Van Winkle: eponymous hero of a classic American short story. Well—as classic as something published in the early 1800s can be.”  

“Ah, ‘tis a name. Van Winkle: a dutchman, then?”

“Almost! He’s a loyal subject of George III residing in New York who gets drunk and falls asleep on a mountaintop. Upon awakening, he learns that twenty years have passed, and he’s left to take stock of all that has changed in the interim.”

Jamie snorted into his cup. “Canna even fathom such a preposterous thing.”

It took me a moment to register, but then there were chills rushing down my spine. Lord, if any two people in the world could relate to such a tale, they were in this room. Could there be some grain of truth behind the story, I wondered. Had Washington Irving himself experienced something that he couldn’t explain? Might one discern an ominous buzzing in the Catskill Mountains, had they the knowledge to recognize it? All of literature now suddenly seemed a secret testament, waiting to be sifted and seen for what it might truly be: evidence. 

I shuddered again, brought back to the present only by Jamie’s hand gently prying at my fingers. “Give him here, mo ghraidh. You’ve sat wi’ him all the night.”

In fact, Jamie had twice been the one to arise in the night to hold and soothe and change nappies, but he would get no protest from me. I retrieved my tea and surrendered to its comforting warmth, snuggling into the cushions and happily watching my two lads. 

And how fare you today, a bhalaich?” Jamie was asking in Gaelic, holding the baby up at eye level. Ian only burped and dribbled milky saliva down his chin. “Oh, I’m grand, myself, thank you most kindly for asking.” He kissed the tip of Ian’s nose, then cradled him expertly in one arm and cleaned the messy face with the sleeve of the other as he addressed me again. “So, then: what did Mr. Winkle find, when he awakened? Did he like the things he discovered?” 

“It was mostly a political commentary, if I recall correctly. The story was written a few decades after the American Revolution, and I think the author meant to give his own opinion of the new republic.” I sipped my tea, trying to remember the particulars of what old Rip had had to face. “The man got off easily, really,” I summarized flippantly. “Hardly anything at all compared to the adjustments you or I had to make.” 

Snob,” Jamie teased. 

You say snob; I say we’ve bloody well earned our laurels! Lord, I mean, what’s two decades in the grand scheme of things?” 

“Yet in a man’s own life,” Jamie shrugged, letting Ian chew on his knuckles, “'tis a verra long time indeed.” 

“That’s true… Particularly since the story suggests that he aged commensurately. Came down the mountain with the long beard and everything.”

“So he had to see his children already grown? All those years he missed?” Now it was Jamie’s turn to shudder. I saw him tighten his grip around Ian, a hand coming up over his head as though to shield him. “Perhaps you and I had the more difficult task in terms of weathering a baffling new society, Sassenach, but the dutchman had a burden to bear, himself….a mightily great burden.”  

Thinking on such things must have been painful, for Jamie looked up suddenly with a determined sort of cheerfulness. “I’ll count myself blessed that the stones let me keep my youth. Doesna bear imagining what I’d look like, now, at, what…. 228?”  

It was clear Jamie wanted to keep things lighthearted, so we laughed and joked as the sunlight continued to fill the room, but I couldn’t resist asking, “Did you like the society you found, Jamie?” 

He looked over at me across the baby’s head, Ian now—true to his nickname— sound asleep on Jamie’s shoulder. 

“I only wondered how often you find yourself longing for your own time? If the past seems—better, purer, easier, you know?” 

I myself had had such thoughts at times, particularly in those early days of readjusting to electrical contraptions and busy streets; or when reading the papers and seeing the pure scale of butchery and tragedy across the world. While the eighteenth century had surely been no picnic, there were days when I longed for it with startling fierceness. 

Jamie leaned his head against Ian’s, thinking, though it didn’t take him long before he said: “I dinna think there shall ever be a generation that doesna glorify the setting of their own youthful memories. Still…Change will always be for the good and the bad, but a ‘society’ is what you make of it, aye? Provided I was free and the governance over me (on the whole) just and principled? Then the greater merit of a time should always be determined by the loved ones I had wi’ me, to make it mine.” He beckoned me close and I nestled in, laying my hand on Ian’s back. “Both will always be home, in their way. But this…” His hand pressed overtop mine, overtop Ian, “this is my time. Wherever you are, our family is: that is what I claim as mine.”   

“Well, Jamie,” I said a long time later through the still-clearing lump in my throat, “you’ve got Mr. Winkle well and truly trounced on all counts, now.”

“Oh? How’s that?” 

“The only blessing he truly counted to himself after the twenty year sleep was that his wife had died in the interim.”

Jamie’s eyes, first puzzled, went red with fearsome indignation. “Why, the wicked wee shite!” 

“Yes, indeed,” I laughed, still wiping away a tender tear or two. “He grieved terribly when his dog didn’t recognize him, but was practically over the moon to learn he’d been made a widower. The story made quite a point of how hen-pecked the man was.”

“Well, as for that,” Jamie said, leaning forward to nuzzle his nose against mine, “I canna relate in the slightest.”

You Deserve to be Saved

Synopsis:  Destiel Coda for 12.14.  In which Cas takes issue with Dean perpetually rolling over for his parents and serving as the family’s emotional giving tree. 

“So you and your mother reconciled,” Cas reiterates, having just been brought up to speed on the latest Winchester drama.  

Dean shrugs, not looking up from the firearm he’s currently dismantling on his bedside table.  “Yeah, Cas, I guess we did.”

“And you…apologized,” Cas concludes.  “To her.”

Dean looks up, a little surprised by how taken aback the affirmation sounds.  “Well, yeah,” he huffs.  “I mean, I was wrong, wasn’t I?  Mary…Mom, she’s her own woman, and I’m my own man.  We’re all adults here.”  Dean pauses, metal clinking in his hands.  “I should be able to get by without someone to…to kiss me on the head every night, or, or make me lunch or whatever.” 

Cas observes him quietly, noting the way his head ducks slightly, almost subconsciously, as though he’s ashamed by the admission.  

“I’d be happy to kiss your head every night, Dean,”  Cas offers.  “And though I’m not certain my culinary skills are up to par, I’d be honored to prepare you lunch every day as well.” 

Dean looks up again, brow furrowed, as though trying to determine whether Cas is serious.  After a few seconds, he manages a scoff.  “Come on, man, I just told you:  I don’t need all that junk.  I’m an adult, and I should be able to act like one.”  

With that, Dean hopes the matter will be resolved and Cas will let the subject drop.  Needless to say, he’s not so lucky.

“It’s not childish to crave love, Dean.”

This time, Dean pauses, dismantled pieces stilling in his hands.  He doesn’t look up – just stares comprehensively at the gun in front of him.  Reduced to the sum of its parts, it’s useless.  An ineffective weapon, just like him.

Nevertheless, Cas continues to pull him apart.  “Lunches and head kisses…they are a means to an end,” he says.  “What you really wish for, Dean, is someone to care for you.  To hold your needs as equal to theirs, and to treat you with tenderness and affection.”

Dean blinks damp eyes, wishing above all else that Cas would just stop.  “Cas-”   

“You deserve that, Dean,” Cas concludes.  The statement is almost ponderous, as though it’s a philosophical principle.  “You deserve to be loved.”

These words are the final straw, and Dean is the proverbial camel.  He breaks: he hates crying in front of people, even Cas, but he does, heaving quiet, shuddery sobs, pieces of his useless gun still cradled in his fingers like a broken toy.

He feels like a child, but he can’t stop.  Next thing he knows, Cas’s arms are around him, warm and strong and reassuring.

“I can’t…” he tries to say, gesturing futilely to his unfinished sidearm.  “I gotta…I gotta finish this.”

“It’s alright, Dean,” Cas assures him.  “Just leave it for now.  You’re more important than any gun.” 

Dean cries harder.  He feels like an idiot, but he can’t help but curl into the warm firmness of Castiel’s chest, letting him hold him tight like he did all those years ago. 

They stay like that for what seems like an infinitely long time, Cas resting his chin on the top of Dean’s head and murmuring soothing words in his deep, gravelly voice that make Dean feel as though his muscles are turning to jello.  He knows he should loath to be this vulnerable around anyone, but some part of him – a very large part – loves it.  Needs it, even, at his very core. 

“Now,” Cas grumbles, once Dean has calmed down somewhat.  “About Mary.”

“Cas, you know I-”  Dean starts to protest, but Cas silences him.

“I know how it feels to serve as the perpetual punching bag for those around me, and I know how easily it can wear one down.  Even the likes of the great Dean Winchester,” he adds wryly.  “So please, Dean, for my sake if not for yours, know that you don’t have to accept anything other than the best treatment and the utmost respect.  You deserve that, Dean.” 

Dean looks up, a tad desperately.  “Cas, look, I get what you’re sayin’ here, and I appreciate it.  But Mary…” He searches for a way to articulate his feelings.  “…She’s my mom.”

“And she’s my friend and charge to protect,” Cas affirms.  “As well as one of the finest warriors I’ve ever known.  This does not mean you have to accept her dishonesty, her manipulation, or the manner in which she’s treated you.  She’s an adult, and it’s well in her rights to make her own decisions – that does not mean you have to passively allow her to hurt you, even inadvertently.”

“She’s not, Cas.  She’s just-”  Dean starts to say, but Cas gives him that irksome, knowing look, and he falls silent, eyelids fluttering.  “Fine.  Then what should I say to her?  Tell her to kiss my ass?  Go screw?”

“No,” Cas refutes patiently.  “Merely inform her that she’s hurt you, specifically what she’s done to hurt you, and then don’t apologize afterwards.”

Dean blinks, attempting briefly to think up some snarky retort, but he falls flat. It sounds so simple, the way he says it.  

“Can you do that for me, Dean?” Cas prompts, looking at him with such gentle adoration Dean almost wants to break something. 

Instead, he just nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah, Cas.  I can do that.” 

The two of them just sit there for a moment or two, looking wordlessly into one another’s eyes.  It’s a kind of intimacy Dean’s never had with anyone else in his life.  No one but Cas.

After a moment, he manages a chuckle.  “You know, it’s funny:  all these years, Cas, and you’re still pullin’ me out of hell.  I don’t know how you do it.”

Cas smiles softly at him.  “It’s because you deserve to be saved, Dean,” he murmurs.  “You always have.” 

3 years

3 years. Thats how long this blog has existed for (technical just over 3 years, but thats by the by).

Its weird. I remember starting this because I desperately wanted to be part of a community I admired so much. Now, I am, and its bizarre. People follow me. People love my posts. People want to see me post. I never thought this would happen.

If I’m being honest, the interaction from Mark isnt as much as some other blogs. But I’m ok with that. 100%. Its his choice. I know he knows about this blog and has posted positive things in the past and thats more than I ever imagined.

I suppose what I want so to say from this rambling post is that if I’m still here in 3 years, I want the principles, of love, acceptance, warmth to be here forever. 

I exist in the eyes of Mark. I want Mark to be proud of what this blog is, and the fact its in his name,

Thank you for the past 3 years, heres to the future.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing


Requested by @truegodofthearena - here

Ambiguous timeline, I suppose. They’re both at Winterfell having skirmishes with wights, but all dragons are present and accounted for and boatsex hasn’t happened (yet).

“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch.”

“It doesn’t look like just a scratch.”

“Well I’m certainly not bleeding out, am I?” The mission had been a failure and they both knew they were lucky to escape with their lives, much less only a few injuries. The wights had overwhelmed them and they’d nearly lost half a dozen good men before they’d finally gotten back to Winterfell. Now there was so much to do-letters to write, battle plans to redraw-that in the heat of the moment Dany had almost forgotten that her dress was stained red with blood. “Besides, you’re injured too.”

“Only a scratch.”

She rolled her eyes. The narrow gash along the side of his stomach didn’t look like just a scratch either, and now they were at an impasse. “Fine. Take off your shirt.” The look of complete surprise in his eyes was almost comical. “So we can treat it. Don’t get too excited.” 

“I wasn’t…” He hesitated for a moment before he took it off; first the leather jerkin he always wore and then the shirt he wore under that. She couldn’t help her sharp intake of breath when she saw his bare chest; she’d known he was toned but she hadn’t expected…that.

The injury was still red and bleeding slightly, but it was really more of a surface wound and she suspected it looked worse than it was. But he had other scars, four on his chest…she looked at him questioningly but he looked away, so she didn’t ask. She knew what it felt like to keep secrets, and if he didn’t want to tell her anything she wouldn’t force him to. 

She crossed to the basin on the other side of the room and wet a rag, holding it to the wound and watching as it slowly turned red. He let out an almost ragged exhale, although she didn’t know if it was from the contact or the injury. She knew her own heart was beating faster than it should have; it wasn’t like she hadn’t been around naked torsos before, but something about his was different. It felt more intimate-in a way, it was almost frightening. 

Once the wound stopped bleeding she bandaged it, fingers working deftly so her mind wouldn’t have time to linger on the valleys and planes of his bare skin. Finally she tied it off and took a step back, turning back to the Painted Table as she felt a blush race up the back of her spine-like she was a little girl again. “Feel better?”

He nodded once, running a hand over the bandage almost unconsciously as he pulled on his shirt again. “Thank you.” She waited for him to leave, pretending to be extremely interested in a carved statue of a sunburst, but he stayed-she could feel his presence. These days, she found she was always aware of where he was in a room. Sometimes without realizing it. 

“Well?” The silence had become too much to bear. “What are you waiting for?”

“Your injury was worse than mine.”

No. She absolutely did not have time for this. “It’s not-” But he kept looking at her in that calm, even way of his, his eyes shining with what almost looked like compassion. It’s only fair. She undid the first couple of buttons on the back of her dress, pulling it down so her chest was half bared-the cut ended just above her breasts, thank the gods. She winced when she saw it again; it was worse than she thought it would be. 

Jon inhaled sharply when he saw it-although she noticed his eyes didn’t stray any farther down than they had to. “You shouldn’t have come.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you thought I would stay behind while my children fight a deadly enemy-”

He grabbed the roll of bandages and tore some off almost savagely, muttering something about how she could have died (at least she assumed that was what he said; it was certainly all that everyone else had been saying for the last hour and a half). His touch sent shivers through her when he took a rag and wet it, carefully cleaning away the last of the blood that had congealed near her shoulder. “Meaning no offense, your Grace, but you can’t always rely on your dragons to keep you safe.”

She hated when they were patronizing to her, when they acted like she didn’t know the danger she put herself in. “Then you have to stop forcing me to come rescue you every time you go on one of these little raiding parties.”

He stopped talking but he could still feel the tension radiating off of him. “Everyone else I take with me knows how to swing a sword. We’re full aware of the risks if we fail-”

“And I’m not?”

“If you die, everyone will kill me. There are other Starks. There are no other Targaryens. Not to mention that there will be no one left to control the dragons.” 

She sighed. “And no one would notice if the King in the North suddenly disappeared? Who else would we have to rally our troops? I’ll try my best not to get myself killed if you will.”

He looked at her, exasperated. “You remind me of my younger sister, you know. Arya. She’s just like you-stubborn almost to a fault.” 

“And you don’t think you’re like that too?” She shook her head. “My children are everything to me, Jon Snow. You must understand that.” 

He closed his eyes, as if praying for strength. “At least take a dagger with you. It would give me peace of mind if I knew that you could strike back when they try to strike at you.”

“As you wish.” 

His hands were soft on her body when he bandaged up the wound, still not looking at her. Which was good, because she still didn’t know if she could look at him since every time she did she was reminded of that look in his eyes when the wight had broken through the defenses and headed straight for her. It hadn’t mattered that he was already fighting two wights-he’d killed them both in one blow and come to her aid. He’d been so fierce, so protective…it was so different from the calm and collected (and usually brooding) King in the North that she’d grown so used to seeing. It shocked her that she could affect him that way. 

He did up the back of her dress again and then they were both standing there, fully clothed but still unable to look at each other. Her skin still tingled where he had touched her and she’d somehow memorized the curve of his muscles and the way they’d felt under her hands. 

She forced herself to say thank you, trying to act like it didn’t affect her as much as it did. Because it shouldn’t. He shouldn’t. “For…everything, Lord Snow.” She turned to leave, trying to force her heart to stop trying to beat its way out of her chest. 


“What?” She turned, halfway to the doorway.

He grinned. “Now that we’ve gotten so intimate with each other, we may as well be on a first name basis.”

She couldn’t help smiling back. Oh, but he is a charmer. “All right then. Call me Dany.”

He looked curious. “Dany?”

“Yes. My brother used to call me that, when we were younger. It’s been a while…but as you said, we’re very intimate now.” 

She didn’t let herself look back to see the expression on his face. If I look back I am lost. The principle was still the same, but the circumstances were much different. If she allowed herself to grow to care for him much more than she already did, she thought it would be hard to stop herself from falling in love with him. 

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One thing I love so much about Blue Exorcist is how if you don’t actually watch or read it the whole thing sounds like a huge fucking meme like:

Okay so it’s a Highschool anime except they also kill demons and their teacher is the same age as them and the principle is this weird guy with purple hair who dressed like he’s still in the rennisance but he’s actually a HUGE otaku oh and the pervert guy is secretly a part of the Illuminati and that one girl with the weird eyebrows has actually been experimented on for years and the protagonist is the son of Satan oh and also the mysterious kid in the back who only ever wears long black pants and a black hoodie is actually the fanservice character.

Sneaking Around--A Jonerys Ficlet

So my friend @sweetorganza had a very specific request for a ficlet of Jon and Dany getting frisky in his childhood room at Winterfell, and Dany teasing him relentlessly about what she finds there haha. I hope I was able to deliver it mixed with some fluff :) Also on AO3.

Disclaimer: This is 100% pure, triple-filtered crack. As in, I know it’s ridiculous lol. Enjoy!

When they finally arrive at the room Dany urges Jon in ahead of her, biting her lip with anticipation. All night she has wanted to get him alone, and they’ve been at their cups for hours waiting for the others to find their beds. 

Inside, she leans back against the heavy wooden door until she hears it shut with a thud. Jon turns to face her, his eyes dark and hungry as he looks her up and down. Dany’s long hair hangs loose about her shoulders, shining with moisture from the storm that nearly caught them in the yard. Her lips are stained crimson by the Dornish vintage she’d been enjoying over dinner and her fine silk dress nearly matches, the rich burgundy fabric cut to flatter her figure. The way Jon is raking his eyes over her makes her feel bold and alluring, and she likes it.

“Am I really the first girl you’ve ever brought to your room, Jon?” she teases, her lilac eyes twinkling mirthfully.

“Yes,” he replies shortly. Dany can see his cheeks color slightly at the question. That doesn’t deter her.

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Things I really loved about Spiderman: Homecoming in earnest!


1. That it felt new)
Look, it needs to be said first off that Homecoming had the added pressure of not just being a good movie, but being a new and different take on the THIRD reboot of a character in 15 years. That’s a really hard thing to do, and they nailed it. Holland’s Spiderman is distinct and his own while also feeling like the character, and the world he inhabits and the story the movie tells feels Spidery without feeling like we’ve seen it in the last two reboots.

2. World building)
The Marvel universe - when it’s not featuring in its massive collab films - always needs to find a way to feel connected, and not only did Homecoming succeed at this, it also found a great way to build on the Marvel world. The Captain America PSA’s were funny, but they also really helped shaped the idea that this is a world that has had superheroes for more than half of these kids lives. Same with Keaton’s daughter’s picture at the beginning, or the game of Fuck, Marry, Kill that the girls play with The Avengers; this is a world with superheroes that feels lived in and that was great.

3. Vulture)
Speaking of world building, I loved everything about Keaton’s Vulture. Marvel villains - beyond Loki - have always been just a little bit meh, but Vulture was perfect for the story they were telling. His whole story was a fantastic “view from the bottom” look at the Marvel Universe. A regular guy (in a tough economy) who is just trying to provide for the best life for his family, and is doing so by profiting off the “scraps” of what the Avengers leave behind. I LOVED that Vulture didn’t try to take over the world, or that it wasn’t really personal for him. Yeah, he loses a job because of Tony and didn’t like him, but he was just stealing from him because he had the stuff he could steal, and not say, building a villainous and overly complicated revenge scheme because he got stood up at a party once (side eyes Iron Man 3 just a little bit).

4. Vulture and Spidey’s dynamic)
Damn, that was a reveal done right. I’ve never jumped once at a Marvel movie, and Homecoming had me do it when Liz’s mother comes into the frame behind Peter. It’s a totally innocent moment, not even really a jump scare, and that is a true testament to the tension in that scene. Also, the fact that Vulture clearly respected Peter was great; he thanks Peter for saving his daughter, doesn’t sell Peter out in jail. I kind of felt like part of the reason Peter doesn’t take Tony’s offer was because some part of Vulture’s “little guys” speech had sunk into him, and that’s a really great dynamic between hero and villain.

5. Continuity Easter eggs)
The comic heavy hints are great (like say, Donald Glover’s character as Miles Morales uncle), but I’m a sucker for in universe Easter eggs, and Homecoming delivered. Things like principle Morita having a picture of the Howling Commando he played in Captain America; The First Avenger were fantastic little nods that you didn’t have to have any comic book knowledge about but still were really rewarding.

6. Ned)
I love Ned. I loved that he was quirky and uncool and totally cool with that. I even love that he was out of shape; it’s always great to see positive portrayals of people not just of different races but of different body types, and I love that he was never bullied or made fun of for his weight. Also, I just really loved that Peter had a friend (that wasn’t Harry Osborn). I genuinely can’t remember if the past 2 Peter Parker’s actually had a friend that wasn’t Harry (and thus weighted by the knowledge he was going to end up a villain) and it was so nice to just have Peter seem like a real kid who has friends and hobbies.

7. That Peter felt like a kid)
Homecoming nailed this in a way that the last two series never really did. Admittedly, the fact that Holland is much closer to the age of the character he’s playing than the two previous helped, but the movie did a great job of it in other ways. That he’s never driven, that he’s susceptible to peer pressure and just wants to be well liked; Peter felt like a real teen who had this situation thrust upon him and that was fantastic.

8. In media res)
You cannot know how thrilled I am that Homecoming skipped the whole death of Uncle Ben and spider bite thing. The death of Uncle Ben especially; yes, it’s important to shaping the hero and the man Peter becomes, but it’s also been done twice in recent memory, and leaving it out took guts (and not even a dream sequence like say, the recent reboot of some other dead superhero parents). Instead Homecoming treats the audience like they’re smart and just alludes to it, and the spider bite, and I’m so for it. Homecoming feels like we still get to see an origin arc without all the trappings of the origin we already know, and it works 100%.

9. MJ’s new character)
Look, there’s a bit of a pin in this one, which I’ll explain at the end, but I really liked this new adaption of MJ; the little we got to see of her at least. No, she wasn’t the same character as in the comics or the Rami films, but again, I really admire the fact that they were risky enough to try new things. Also, her little arc; “I have no friends,” to “my friends are up there,” to “my friends call me MJ” was this neat transition from loner girl to decathlon captain with friends and I found it really sweet.

10. The web in the suburbs)
HAHAHA OMG this was my biggest laugh in the movie. I’ve literally joked with my sister that Spider-Man is a hero who really only works in New York (one of the most vertical cities in the world) and having that scene play out was just perfection.

Second biggest laugh by far, but I am SO down with Aunt May knowing about Spider-Man. The “hiding my secret identity from my loved ones” is a cliche that’s worn pretty thin, and I am here for the next movie where May knows.

12. Pepper)
I don’t care what you think of Paltrow; I love Pepper Potts, and I love her relationship with Tony. I don’t even mean that on a shipper level; Tony and Pepper really have always felt to me like the best balanced, healthiest and most real MCU couple, and the fact that they were on the outs in Civil War (because of what was likely the cost of having the actress be there) sucks. Homecoming fixed that, and it did it in such a characteristic way; Tony asking for the ring as a media diversion, Happy having it for 9 years, Pepper just rolling her eyes at their antics and Tony catching the ring anyways (hinting at it being semi serious) was just this perfect 2 minute look at their dynamic.

13. Tony and Peter)
I loved that that mentoring relationship felt very true to both their characters. That at the start Tony wanted to be a mentor but didn’t really know how to and that Peter just wanted his approval and how, by the end Peter had grown into someone that deserved Tony’s respect, and that Tony had become a better mentor by being able to let him walk away and acknowledge that not joining the team was best for him. Also; “I wanted you to be better than me,” and “if you’re nothing without the suit than you shouldn’t have it,” are just great lines. A+.

14. “Come on Spiderman” and the building on top of him)
Like, that whole scene, just, perfection. Tom Holland owned that scene, and it was both agonizing to watch his pain and his desperation, and utterly uplifting to see him triumph. A+++

Thing I wasn’t so crazy about:

1 . The MJ reveal)
Look, I said there would be a pin in that and here it is. If the Vulture reveal was the perfect example of how to do a twist reveal right, this was a pretty textbook example of “a twist just for the sake of a twist.” A good twist or reveal should change the mood, the dynamics and the stakes. Finding out that the villain was the father of the girl Peter had spent the whole movie evolving his relationship did all of those things. Finding out that Zendaya’s character- who is literally called Michelle once, right before she announces herself as MJ - does none of that. Her being MJ rather than Michelle doesn’t change her arc or her impact on the movie at all, especially given how little of her we see in the movie. I honestly think it would have been much better if she’d been MJ from the beginning. Having this new iteration of MJ - who is really different from previous ones - would have given the audience time to acclimatize to her take on the character. Instead, it’s played as a reveal with utterly no stakes, and I think that’s an unfortunate sign that perhaps they didn’t believe enough in their version of the character to stand up on her own merit, which is pretty disappointing.

Recasts and my Joining the Hobby

So, there is something I really, really wanted to talk about. I know the recast topic is something I talk about every now and then (and for those who want to filter it out, since I know everyone isn’t following me for dolls, etc I tend to tag it was recast debate or recast related), and I’ve occasionally made references for it, but there was something I really, really wanted to talk about the pro-artist side of the debate.

I’m way happier being on the pro-artist side of the hobby than I ever was on the recast-neutral side.

When I joined the hobby, I really didn’t know much about BJDs. I understood what they were fundamentally - dolls strung with elastic with rounded joints, oftentimes made by Asian companies specifically - and I sort of was aware of Den of Angels quite some time (my first “exposure” to BJDs was probably on Deviantart when I was 14 or something?) I never delved much into the hobby then since, while they were pretty, it wasn’t something I figured I’d really be able to afford (especially as a teenager), and at the time I’d rather invest what little money I got into video games and my Sailor Moon collection.

As time went on though, I really wanted to get into doll customization. I really liked a lot of doll channels on youtube, and eventually I got some Monster High and Ever After High dolls, since even when I first saw them in stores I thought they were pretty cool. I loved the articulation, especially when compared to the barbies I had growing up who mostly only had clickable knees and rotating arms, but when I got into those hobby groups, Mattel’s… quality started to really tremble. I looked into other dolls, and I figured Pullips might be a safe bet - they are super cute, they had articulation like a Monster High (which could be vastly improved with an obitsu body), and while they were super expensive they weren’t as expensive as adult-oriented fashion dolls. Around this time another hobbyist I knew from Monster High (who also consequently got a Pullip and a Blythe around the time I got into Pullips as well), also delved into BJDs and got a recast.

I had no idea what a recast was, but I found their bjd very intriguing - and they talked about restringing and rewiring her and… I don’t know, something clicked and the thought of a doll being strung with elastic was quite as daunting as it was before then. I had a bunch of BJD groups suggested to me, recast friendly and anti-recast alike, so I ended up joining a few different groups.

Initially the groups were, in fact, quite nice. I had a lot of newbie questions that a lot of them were very quick to answer (stuff like restricting, faceup materials, etc). And for that, I am quite grateful! However, Den of Angels was made to sound like a really intimidating place. I used the DoA wiki (which is public) extensively, but I was intimidated to make an account there. They might have been justified when compared to the past when I guess one/some of the mods were apparently on a bit of a power trip, but as for today? No, not from what I’ve seen, anyways. Honestly I am sad about how long it took me to make an account there, since if I could have had one months beforehand it may have been far more useful since there is only so many dolls for sale on facebook groups, instagram, tumblr, and so on. DoA is very useful as a resource and place of acquisition, if nothing else, so I would wholeheartedly suggest it.

As time went on, however, I learned more about recasts and how they affect the hobby. There is a lot of misinformation on the recast-friendly and neutral side of the hobby, and it raised a lot of questions to me:
How are recasts different from other bootlegged products?
How do recast secondhand sales hurt legit secondhand sales?
How do recasts hurt other companies (besides the one being recasted), and how much hurt is there?
How big are these bjd companies, really?

As simple as it might be for some people to understand right away, I found myself wondering the answers to these questions. I came from doll hobbies which, quite frankly, counterfeit products weren’t really a big problem – it either didn’t really exist to any noticeable degree, and when it did, it was often more of a “ahaha look at how silly this looks” and more of a joke than anything… Likely because of mass-produced nature of many of those specific doll hobbies.

The reality of it is that, as I’ve found, the recast friendly side of the hobby really ignores the pro-artist’s side and evidence. I saw pro-recast people who had tons of recasts, enough to easily buy a few legits, and saw them make claims on how “They could never afford a legit.” As time went on, the “me me me” syndrome became painfully obvious. Some would talk about how they are okay with recasts, and owned a few along with their legits, or how they would never support “recasting small-time artist dolls.”
But the reality is that, while they may not buy a recast Lillycat doll but instead only recasted Fairyland, Soom, or whatever dolls, they’re still supporting the people that DO recast those dolls. A recaster only cares about what makes them MONEY. If they can make money on it, they’ll eventually recast it. It’s that simple.

Ultimately what I saw was a lot of self-entitlement - veiled under positivity and compliments - and excuses to justify their actions. During my stay in these spaces, I had considered myself recast-neutral, as I cannot ultimately decide what another person does with their money, and I just wanted to be excited for dolls. But with what I was seeing, it left a bitter pit in my stomach. As I saw this, my position started to change and, when I had people to start recommend recasts to me (“Oh you’re young and new, getting a recast body for that head would be probably the best option” “Fairyland’s quality sucks, but (___ recaster) has great quality, I’d really suggest buying from them instead”), my position started to escalate moving further and further to be pro-artist. I left those groups, joined some strictly pro-artist groups after that, and… I felt so much better.

I really try to be a nice person, but it was so overwhelming and painful to see people devalue other artist’s work - if I made a doll, and it was recasted, the pain would be so immense… Especially if I was to see some of those same people buy said doll, or while they might “condemn” it getting recasted, would support the same person that stole it. It hurt me thinking about all of those artists that have been negatively affected by recasts, and how… accepted it was by them, in a hobby that was founded by artists and continued by them. Realistically if I was to sculpt a doll, there is a good chance it’d be an ugly potato only I would love, but the basic principles - the empathy - still remains. I’ll be honest; if BJDs were mass-produced, and all of the companies were giant behemoths like Mattel… Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t care quite so much - but that’s not the case and quite frankly, I doubt it ever will be the case. The time, materials, and energy that go into making handmade dolls is tremendous, and when you buy a legitimate doll, you’re paying for both all of that, and the continuation of that artist’s work.

If you’ve made the switch to being pro-artist,
I welcome you.
If you’re trying to make the steps,
I will welcome you.
If you owned recasts and you’ve made the switch,
I still welcome you with open arms.
If you’re confused by the recast debate,
Feel to drop me a message and I will do my best to help you,
And if you’re confused on what dolls you can afford,
Please message me and I’ll try to help. (Though, if you are shy, I do have two lists that might be helpful: here and here, along with the possibility of a hybrids, which can allow you to have a doll head from a certain company and a body from a more affordable one for your budget and vise versa) 


Xena Warrior Princess + Supernatural = The same damn subtext

Xena came at a time when women were rarely seen as hero’s. She paved the way for other brilliant shows such as Buffy, Dark Angel and many others. She showed the world that you don’t have to be a man to kick ass.

And Xena, in my opinion still kicks ass. Which is kind of awesome considering all of the female super hero types we’ve seen debut after Xena’s departure from our television airways.  

Xena had an amazing personality and fire hot rage that would make any man or woman ache for her but through out the series, it was clear that while others wanted her, she wanted only one person named Gabrielle. 

Yes, ladies and gents Xena is a bisexual woman, and not only that, her soul mate is a woman and is also bisexual. 

So you see, Xena didn’t just kick off the female action franchise, she also kicked started the generation that had been living in a deep dark closet of denial. 

She brought same sexuality to our forefront and shoved it in the faces of those that discriminated same sex love. 

She taught the world that “love is the way. Love is love no matter which form your soul mate arrives in.” I think that’s quite beautiful actually.

Xena was there laying the groundwork for other television series  to embark on the same basic idea and principles and showing the world that it’s okay to be gay. That it doesn’t define who you are. You can still kick ass and be gay. 

That powerful message lead us into such shows as “The L Word“ Or “Shameless “ and I’m sure there are many more out there as well. 

Not only that, Xena is the very first of it’s kind to promote the use of “subtext”. You all know what that is don’t you? It’s when they hint at one thing but textually say another.

Xena was dripping in subtext from the start because Xena and Gabrielle had this strong unspoken bond between them that fans of the LGBT community picked up on. So the writers included subtext along the way so that it would make both sides of fan bases happy.

Sound familiar? It should because it’s the same damn thing with Supernatural’s Cas(s) and Dean. I’m sure it’s also in the vast majority of other television series as well but I don’t know those so I’m going to limit this to what I do know.

Cas(s) and Dean is what I do know. 

How can I put this so simply without pissing anyone off? “They’re in love”. Not because they were forced into the emotions, or that it was destiny but because of their own free will because since the moment they met there was a undeniable amount of chemistry that flowed between them. It was obvious from the get go just as it was obvious seeing it in Xena whenever she looked at Gabrielle. 

Friendship is the foundation to which all other relationships blossom. 

And like Xena, Supernatural is also dripping with subtext. 

Some people see the subtext so easily while others have to strain their eyes just to try to see it but get annoyed with shippers because they don’t see it. I think that’s why they refer to it as “subtext.” 

Only the true opened minded of people can see it while the more repressed, closed off minds don’t see it. 

However, since watching both shows, I’ve discovered some other similarities between each couple. 

Here is a few of them:

  • Castiel is a warrior of God. 
  • Xena is a warrior of God and man. 
  • Gabrielle is a Amazon Queen = a hunter.
  • Dean is a hunter. 

See the parallel? And here’s the most simple one of them all. Eyes, hair, similar behavior. Devotion and connection to each other that neither one understands. 

It’s the same damn thing only in reverse. The genders are different but it’s still the same damn message.

So whenever you feel annoyed or aggravated thinking Dean and Cas(s) may never be together. Take a look at one of the first founding shows that kick started it all.

Both shows depict the same damn thing. Fighting evil one moment at a time and loving their partner unconditionally.

And take note of this clever, interesting truth :  Xena and Gabrielle are married and the relationship is CANON!

So, if Xena Warrior Princess can leave us with positive messages about finding your own courage and loving someone unconditionally no matter the body they are in, then Cas(s) and Dean can achieve the same if given the chance. 

Loving someone no matter the gender doesn’t take away the fact that you’re still a bad ass who goes around saving people one episode at a time. It just adds more to the character and to the series.

You can hate me all you want for it, but this is how I see it. It is my opinion and I’ll stand by it. XD


anonymous asked:

I mean, Toriyama can say that Goku doesn't care about people as much as he wants. But you can't say that, and expect people to believe it, when he went Super Saiyan for the first time because of Krillin being killed.

This is a really good crystallization of the issue.  I see these whackjobs crowing about “continuity” and “the manga” and “interviews”, to prove their point, but they get so obsessed that they lose sight of the work itself.  

Arguably, the very essence of the Dragon Ball story is Goku’s empathy towards other people.  I could rattle off a bunch of examples, but you’ve already brought up the most important one.  The whole point of the Super Saiyan concept was that it was presented as this “ultimate power up”, and Goku unlocks it through his compassion.  Saiyan culture rejected Goku for being weak and soft, but Saiyan biology channeled that “weakness” into strength. 

The argument that Goku is some kind of thoughtless, selfish, immature, sociopath is directly contradicted by that transformation.  If he didn’t care about his friends, or his son, or his wife waiting for him back on Earth, he would have suffered the same fate as all the other Saiyans that Frieza killed.  And this isn’t some obscure filler scene, or an off-hand comment in one of the Daizenshuu books.  This is the seminal moment of the entire franchise.   Goku cares deeply about other people in his life.  Any interpretation that ignores this is fallacy.  It’s like saying Batman doesn’t really mind crime that much. 

But familiarity breeds contempt, and for some the Super Saiyan introduction has become so ingrained in the imagination that it’s taken for granted.  That’s how these crackpot ideas gain traction with people.  They’re so fascinated with the idea of Goku as an uncaring jerk that they cling to whatever scraps of evidence they can find, all while ignoring the part where he turns into a Glowing Yellow Feels Monster.  

I suppose this is how religious extremism gets started.  You have these ideologies that preach love and tolerance, and there’s always someone who finds a way to twist it into an excuse to hurt people.   And they’ll bend over backwards to justify their actions within the framework of that ideology, but somehow completely ignore the overriding principle. 

Study Blues

A/N: hi it’s been forever I’m aware (this is the busiest I’ve been in my fucking life goddamn) but here’s a little destiel college au fluff to celebrate me finishing a huge project a.k.a. I need me a man like cas lol.

Cas, nose deep in a novel, barely noticed the silence that ebbed into the room. The past 4 hours had been a quiet chorus of keys tapping, complemented by the occasional page turn.

“Oh my god.” Dean’s whisper cut through the newfound silence.

“What?” Cas closed his book, straightening up on the bed.

“It’s done.” Dean cleared his throat. “I mean. I think it’s done. I’ll probably look it over one more time before I submit this but… I finally finished it.” He turned to face Cas, his eyes tired with a small gleam of relief.

Cas smirked. “Well, you know what that means.”

Dean narrowed his eyes at him.

Cas patted on the bed next to him, setting his book on the night stand.

Dean hesitated a moment before getting up and moving to the bed. “What?”

“Come on.” Cas smiled. He scooted over and gestured for Dean to lay down. “I think you deserve a reward.”

Dean fought the blush rising to his cheeks, unsure exactly of Castiel’s intention.

Cas leaned over his resting body, eying Dean up and down before cracking his knuckles. “You know, I haven’t seen you smile once since you’ve been working on that awful project.”

“What can I say, it’s a pain in the ass. It’s tedious. It’s not even required for my job, just school.” He groaned. A moment later he caught on to Cas’ wording. “Hey, wait a sec…”

Cas stretched a leg over Dean’s waist, wiggling his fingers tauntingly. “We both know you will be much happier in a few minutes. I just want to see you genuinely happy.” He replied innocently.

Dean curled his hands into fists on the blankets, wadding them up in anticipation. Cas was such a tease and knew him too damn well. He hated and loved it.

“Where should we start, hmm? This is a reward for all your hard work, after all. Any preferences?”

Dean huffed out a laugh, leaning his face into his shoulder.

“No? I guess I’ll just find somewhere and see where it takes us.” Cas smirked, slowly lowering his hands toward Dean’s middle.

The thin t-shirt did little to protect him when soft fingers descended, lightly scratching and playing over the soft fabric. Dean bit his lip, already squirming. “Yohohou’re the worst.” He giggled.

“I know you mean best.” Cas snickered, leaning down to press a kiss to Dean’s red cheek.

Without much warning, he picked up the pace, growing impatient and wanting to see Dean happy and bubbly again. They both needed to de-stress.

“Ohmygohohod!” Dean squeaked, kicking his feet against the mattress as fingers scribbled along his stomach and lower ribs. A few squeezes to his sides brought nearly undeniable urges to jerk his arms down against him for protection.

Cas slid a hand under Dean’s shirt and he was lost. Giggling, light laughter that hadn’t been heard from Dean in weeks filled the room, an intoxicating sound. Cas hummed along, reaching one hand up to sneak a few tickles under Dean’s arm and around his neck, which he squirmed at.

“Ahahaha Cas! Yohohohou-” Dean whined on principle, not because he didn’t love it just as much as Cas enjoyed dishing it out.

“You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” Cas pressed another kiss to Dean’s forehead. “And when you laugh. And when you giggle.”

“Shuhuhut up.” Dean snorted.

Cas only kept it up for a few more minutes before collapsing down next to Dean, a smile on both of their faces. “Feeling less stressed?”

“Definitely. Well, mostly. I’m still gonna be nervous until it’s submitted I guess.” Dean chuckled.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great with the project. If you want I can peer review a little for you, just double check for any last minute mistakes?”

“I would love that.” Dean replied as he pulled Cas closer to him.

Polaris ReTURN Part 2

Hi everyone :)

This is a continuation from part 1. For those who missed it here it is https://mistress-lorna-dane.tumblr.com/post/163698483955/polaris-return

First and foremost I’d like to point out this cover is tribute to Jim Steranko where Lorna was first introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as where Marvel boldly declares Lorna to be Magneto’s daughter. Along with Steranko’s artwork, this issue also features the first appearance of the modern X-Men logo. But look at this new cover by Arthur Adams, wow. Isn’t amazing? So here are my thoughts of the X-Men Blue #9 :)

Oh My God I don’t even know where to start. So many things I would like to point out. Let me begin by saying resurgence has all the ingredients for a spectacular Lorna Dane. After she was last seen in Magneto book (2015), had a cameo in Uncanny X-Men (2016), finally here she is in X-Men Blue (2017). Oh My, if only you can see my face :)

I’m gonna bring some stuff I mentioned from part 1 of X-Men #8 (I posted a link above for those who didn’t read) where I was right about everything.

Let’s go to the X-Men Blue page, where Marvel is giving a short detail from previously issue #8.

I believe I clearly expressed before that Polaris was going to continue to be introduced as Magneto’s daughter because she IS the daughter of one of the most powerful and recognizable mutants. I also believe I mentioned that Marvel wants new readers to know Polaris is Magneto’s daughter (and Havok’s Ex-Girlfriend) whether we like it or not and there ain’t no going back in retconning Polaris’s parentage (I don’t think Marvel wants to make another mistake) like they did with the twins. Speaking of which…

((You has to admit this is funny, lol.))

And this is where the frustration led to people to scream. The frustration of their wishes because sadly the twins are no longer Magneto’s kids. That’s why “they” go along writing their frustration by downgrading Lorna everywhere she goes. The person can be absolutely pissed simply when a writer makes her what they don’t expect from her… an interesting, badass, strong character. Strange, because she has always been interesting and strong since her first appearance.

This is what I like about @cullenbunn. He has a good sense of humor where he can joke while simultaneously being honest. Magneto doesn’t have as many kids as he used to and this is coming from someone who has the ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Jean’s telepathy (the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information) allows her to read the minds of others. She can read/sense another person’s thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts as well to read the target’s memories. If Jean knew Lorna was Magneto’s daughter (and they have not met yet I think. Maybe off-panel), obviously she knows Magneto is not the father of the twins. Sadly but true and as she said, “it’s complicated” especially for the new readers. However, old fans are (I think) already getting used to it. It’s been almost 3 years since their retcon. Unfortunately that’s what the twins were to begin with, a retcon. I guess that make them the illegitimate children, poor bastards, lol. At least Peter David explained the true history of Polaris’s parentage in the pages of X-Factor and it was quite brilliant. It left her as the daughter of Magneto while also tying in all the swerves along the way.

PS: Remember when I stated the big event is yet to come where we will further see her description as Lorna Dane aka Polaris aka Mistress of Magnetism and yes… the daughter of Magneto (above and below panels).

Daddy’s little Mistress of Magnetism” So, her description was not only on text but on subtext as well. Remember Jean told Jimmy “That’s Polaris! Magneto’s daughter!” and here “Mistress of Magnetism”. Oh and Havok called her “Lorna”.

So, if you’re a new reader, you got everything you need to know about who she is. Further more you will learn and see a lot more about the beautiful green haired :)

Important note: See this panel here

Polaris: “You Always Thought… Between Magneto And Me…I Was The Weakest. But You’re Going To Want To Rethink That.” Another badass quote, YAAASSS. I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about this badass quote (I will discuss about this at some point). Here is the proof that Lorna was always stronger than her father (I knew it all along). Probably even stronger than anybody else. Think about it… if Magneto beats the whole team combined, that says enough about his daughter (well, she did it as Malice, (without being distracted of course) food for thought).

Another thing to point out. If you’re a fan of Peter David’s last run on All New X-Factor (myself included) you will be happy with the re-emergence of two X-Men women from that last volume.

Polaris and Danger, YAAAASSSS! What do you think of their return? Some big developments are on our way and some more interactions. Peter David did great with them in his run of All New X-Factor. I love how Lorna, Wanda, and Danger interacted. It was more like a girls night out. They were (except Danger of course) drinking, eating, and having a good time (Who remembers when Polaris ripped Danger’s body apart? lol).

So without further digression, let’s go back to the Character INTERACTIONS.

And when I say I mean it… I mean it :P

Lorna Dane steps in to help the young X-Men. It’s the battle of EX ’S Havoc vs Polaris. Here we have essentially a dualistic principle, which, though it can largely be accounted for by the interaction of the couple that were (or still) in love with each other. Their interactions weren’t what she’d generally considered normal, but she was able to see the moment fate warned her of, when Havok decided to attack her. I believe I mentioned that their “oh baby I love you, I need you, I want you” was not what this story was about, lol. This is one of the biggest moments ever. Seeing these 2 facing each other and believing in 2 different causes. A couple we have known forever.

Additionally, we will at some point in the not-too-distant future have enough understanding of the complex interactions between Lorna and Havok and same with her father. You better believe it’s coming. Let’s face it. It’s the dynamic interaction between the characters that makes this story so great. Polaris and Havok are among some of the elder statesmen of the Marvel Universe. Before the New Mutants were new, they had already logged considerable battle time. Even after all their accomplishments, are still mostly identified by their relationships to other, better known individuals, and because of that, they are famous. Sometimes romance is important to have in stories. Despite being in relationship, both have been the protagonist and antagonist and played many interesting roles together.

Past Interactions:

Havok and Polaris (Magneto’s daughter) are an item in the comics. This is a couple known as… Forever Glue. For 4 decades, Polavok have been the protagonist in every superhero team they ever led. They have been so fascinating. Their relationship worked well for both characters when Peter David was writing X-Factor (now we have Cullen Bunn who is one of the best writers from this new era). For a long time Lorna and Alex served in 3 different incarnations as leaders of X-Factor while Lorna served 4 (she was also the leader of the Marauders so that’ll make 5 for her). They were also the leaders and the first Incarnation of the new Starjammers (6) and both achieved their goals and both served a purpose in the story. I always really liked this aspect of the ex couples backstories/personalities. I don’t see where the problem is with them interacting when both were the main characters in many superhero teams. Their interaction helps develop the characters and the story’s conflict. Let’s be honest. The conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is what hooks our interest, creates suspense, and drives the plot of most stories and this is what we’re seeing here right now with Lorna and Alex, with his or her own fear or worry or the need to make a decision. How interesting and important interaction is. It is one of the reasons why Chris Claremont made Polaris an antagonist while as Malice and made her the new leader of the Marauders to go against the X-Men. Lorna has been both protagonist and antagonist. I don’t recall Polaris ever being a subordinate character. At least not in many stories.

Anyway, the protagonist in the story is usually a dynamic character. This is a character who changes in an important way throughout the story. By the end of the story this character has gained a new understanding, made an important decision, or taken a crucial action. These characters are capable of growing, learning, and changing. Lorna has been through a lot of changes and growth and we learned a lot through her entire carrier with or without Havok or Magneto. Lorna was not just a wallpaper for Magneto or Havok. It certainly helps that her magnetic abilities make her a powerful mutant. She is the Mistress of Magnetism. She’s a pretty great strong character who doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She’s nobody’s property but her own, but Claremont knew Havok works best when he and Polaris are a duo. As if Havok without Polaris wasn’t interesting enough. One can’t deny the possibility, any more than one can be quite certain that these couple was meant to be (in Claremont’s mind). Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warmth of their past (after 43 years someone has to).

One last thing which is very important to me.

I know for a fact that I mentioned Lorna might become the leader of the 05. It turned out that Lorna is their new teacher (or leader… same thing) together with Briar and Danger. Knowing Lorna is Magneto’s daughter, she’s probably the principle. Wow, but look at her, such badass. The fact that we’re gonna get to see new interactions between the young 05 and Lorna intrigues me.

It seems that Cullen Bunn has taken her characterization to the next level. It’s pretty obvious Bunn’s interest is toward Lorna and not Havok, lol. What a strong character Lorna has become. As a strong character who has overcome numerous difficulties, and thus became even stronger. I like the way Lorna forced Jean and Jimmy to go help the others while simultaneously fighting (or holding back) Havok. Her concentration broken in the midst of battle, nevertheless, she persisted. This is the Lorna I can identify with all the time. Lorna is a dynamic character because she changes from a shy, “weak” girl into a strong, confident woman. I love nothing better than new challenges. She’s a born leader (just like her father), competent, energetic and responsible… just like in every team she has ever been. Lorna’s progression has come a long way.

The overall effect is impressive. She’s a badass, she looks good, she’s apparently going to be their teacher, along with Danger. She’s gonna try to get Havok back on her side (aside from being inverted, I assume Emma has some kind psychic hold on him) because he’s on the wrong side. She’s working with her father, who is (kinda) working with Cap, who is working with Hydra. I’m thinking Magneto has his own motivations that have nothing to do with Cap. Cullen escalated the questions. I pointed out the benefits/importance of the issue but I recommend to everyone to read it. This was truly an amazing read to me and I’m sure to many others out there as well. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next issue. I’m sure many of you did enjoy it because I really did and ended up jumping, clapping, smiling, and crying for joy because seeing Lorna’s RETURN was more than I could ask for :)


The final bell blares down the halls, everyone dashing towards the doors. My best friend Cindy gives out a large groan, letting her head hang back.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love cheer, but it ends up making Fridays last so long.” She mopes, throwing her bag over her shoulder. I laugh at her, this is our senior year, how has she still not gotten used to football season?

The loud speaker bellows its tone, “will Heather Flores please come to the office?”

“Oh, someone’s in trouble!” I rolled my eyes at her.

“It’s probably student government, will you grab my uniform? I’ll change at practice!” I say, giving her arm a squeeze, waving at her down the hall.

“Hello Ms. Flores, thank you for making it here so quickly” Principle Barnes praises, “I have a job for you if you’ve got time before the game tonight.” As student government president, I’ve gotten used to Barnes constantly asking me to do things like put up posters, help with the snack shop, or just help him with son paperwork– even though we’ve only been in school for 2 weeks.

“We’ve got a new student, also a senior, British. Think you can give him a tour before his first day tomorrow?” He says, almost like a sales pitch. I give him a nod, and with that he motions behind me, waving him towards us.

Short chocolate hair, comes bouncing towards us. He’s got kind green eyes, and he’s tall and well dressed to boot.

“Nice t’ meet you, ’m Harold.” He grins, “thank you for showin’ me around, don’t mean t’ be a bother.”

“Look at how well mannered he is! Maybe you can teach the boys around here a thing or two.” Barnes chortles, “thanks again, Heather!” And with that, he sends you two off with a pat on the back.

“So, Heather is it?” He asks, holding the door open for me.

“Yes, Heather Flores, nice to meet you.” You greet, hand extended.

“Like I said, thank you for showin’ me around, ‘m sure you’re eager to get out of ‘ere.” He apologizes.

“It’s no problem, either way, I’m usually just sitting around waiting for practice to start, might as well do something productive in the meantime,” I assure. We go around the whole school, I show him the important rooms such as the library, gym, etc. and ask which classes he’s taking.

“Oh, we’ve got 3 classes together.” I notice as we walk up to sixth period, “this guy’s kind of a meanie– he already gave us our first project and we have a test next week.”

“Meanie?” He asks, probably thinking of a slew of words I could have used, “well hopefully I can catch up on everythin’ quick.” You two start walking towards the front of the building, notice he’s taking shorter strides than his long legs probably need.

“Well if you need any help just let me know,” you think that through, “or anyone. Everyone’s really nice, they’d all be happy to help!” You two stop in front of the main doors, conversation cut by the walk down the halls that seemed to be a lot shorter than you remembered.

“Off t’ the football game?” He asks, kids rushing around us to get good seats, whispers whirl-winding. Who’s that guy? Wonder why Heather’s with him.

“Yes, it’s the first of the season! And there’s a bonfire afterwards.. will I see you there?” I ask, trying not to le the hope spill from my lips.

“Perhaps.” He smirks, giving me a final nod before disappearing behind the doors.

Part 2

I’m sorry guys, I know I should be writing more of wind down but I needed to get this out there, I like this one a lot better, it’s flowing much easier than my other piece. In case you didn’t know, it’s set in 1982. hopefully, I can incorporate that more into the story, but I’m really excited for this one. Please met me know how you guys like this one! Until next time!


One thing I really like about Judaism is the concept of hiddur mitzvah–that if you need a ritual object to perform a certain mitzvah, it should be beautiful if possible. Like, obviously affording fancy things can be a class issue, so a plain cup or simple candlesticks will still work, and there’s no halachic issue, but I just kind of love the principle behind it? Because it’s not that God wants these things to be beautiful, it’s that WE as human beings like beautiful things, so using an engraved kiddush cup or antique candlesticks enhances our enjoyment of the mitzvah. And I think it all helps contribute to this radical idea that the holidays and Shabbat are meant to be a celebration, and that ALL PEOPLE are worthy of celebration. All people deserve rest, joy, and beauty, and sensual pleasures can increase our delight in God.

Unpopular Tiberias VII Opinion

(I really didn’t want to post this, but I felt like I had to now…)

I’m finally posting this because I feel people are judging Cal way too much after what he did in KING’S CAGE. And before you think that this is some sort of double standard post where men and boys are glorified and women and girls are hated, no, because I do acknowledge Cal’s flaws (and stupid decisions and broken promises) and Mare’s strengths (and ability to keep her principle intact) especially after KING’S CAGE. This is simply looking at and analyzing Cal as a character and a love interest in YA.

I’ve always been very vocal about my love for Tiberias Calore VII since the beginning. Thief. Obviously. You see, Cal is like my Diana Farley in terms of how much I love these fictional characters. They’re both very close to my heart. Though, of course, I’d still choose Farley over Cal in a heartbeat if I have to. There are so many reasons I love Cal, and among those is, actually, his imperfection. His flaws. While I’ve always loved and cheered for Cal and prayed for his safety and survival throughout the series, I’ve never once thought of him as perfect. Because he’s not and has never been.

I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall. When we first met Cal in RED QUEEN, he implied through that statement that to him balance meant Silvers on top, Reds in the bottom. It was very much implied that he wouldn’t change a single thing regarding that system once he became king, probably because it was the done thing, it was what he’d been taught, and it was what he believed in. He had dutifully killed God knows how many Reds all his life but felt extremely reluctant to kill Silvers, who, by the way, turned their backs on him and branded him as traitor, in GLASS SWORD and KING’S CAGE. And worst of all, he promised Mare that he wouldn’t leave, that he wouldn’t go back, only to break his promise (and her heart and his also) when he was offered his crown back. See how imperfect he is? His imperfection is exactly one of the top reasons I love Cal, because he’s clearly so different from most male love interests in YA who are idealized a little too much that it makes the heroines’ flaws more defined. His imperfection is what makes him real and vulnerable. The fact that he’s not only a love interest but also a character on his own makes me love him ten times more. Here in the RQ universe, both the heroine and the hero are equally flawed, and the fact that they are makes them more relatable to the readers. At least that’s how it works for me.            

But Cal’s views on certain things have changed after staying with the Scarlet Guard. At least he said so, and I want to believe him. Granted, his words are contradicted by the fact that he didn’t really like mingling with Reds (other than Mare, of course), but could you really blame him for isolating himself from the people who hated him for what his ancestors and fellow Silvers had done yet feared him for what he could possibly do? People keep saying Cal chose the crown for power. Even Evangeline and Mare think so. But I don’t think so. I do believe he chose the crown because he believed the power that came with it would allow him to change things. Then if done successfully, he could go back to Mare and live with her in peace. It was stupid, and he knew it himself, but maybe to him that was the only way he could see that would enable him to do things according to his plans. And honestly in terms of practicality, he’s right. How he would be able to do that with the presence of powerful and power-hungry Silvers left and right who want the old ways is another story. I’m only putting emphasis on what his true purpose is for choosing the crown over the girl he has claimed to love and want and want more than anything else in the world.

I want to give Cal the benefit of the doubt. I just feel it’s quite unfair for people to judge him way too much, way too early. A few even switched gears from Cal to Maven real fast, like where’s the trust and faith? But what’s worse than all this is people doubting his love for Mare. You may doubt his reason for the choices he made all you want, but please never doubt his love for Mare because he’s proven how true and real it is for so many times, and who knows, he may just prove it again one last time in the final book. No one can really tell. The ball is in Cal’s court now, and it’s up to him to prove them (even Mare, especially Mare) right or wrong. Also, keep in mind that if there’s one thing Cal inherited from House Jacos, specifically from his mother, it’s none other than kindness.

anvil527up  asked:

Oh dear. Just had a SheeveSon thought. The Council/Yoda now know Obi Wan can no longer be trusted... might Obi show up to a regular meeting and "disappears", and be held in the Force screened cells below to be 'deprogrammed'... maybe setting off Order 66??? (small squeaky noises..) Fluff when Vader finds him afterwards would be very welcome :-)

“Its just a meeting Anakin.” The older man chuckled, fixing his tunics and belts before turning to his younger lover with a smile. “I imagine we’re going to talk about something very boring or battle related and then I’ll come back and we can head off.” He leaned in and kissed the other sweetly but pulled away before he could muss Obi-Wan up too much.

Anakin whined a bit then sighed. “Fine. Fine. But you’re taking me on a date somewhere afterward.” The two grinned at each other.

“Somewhere fun, I promise love.” Obi-Wan pulled on his robe and headed towards the door, stopping when Anakin grasped him by the end, having bounced from the couch. “Ani?”

“…Be careful?” Anakin murmured. “I…have a bad feeling.” He added quietly and kissed the other gently on the cheek.

Blinking, Obi-Wan stared at him before smiling softly and kissing Anakin again. “Of course.” He slipped out of their quarters.

And that was the last Anakin saw of him for hours as he paced their quarters, tried to call him and then finally…

Obi-Wan disappeared from the Force.

Anakin froze, eyes wide.

He didn’t even need to know what had happened to know who had done it.

The remains of the council that had yet to die for Palpatine’s plans.

He marched out of the room and headed for the speeders.


“I know.” Was the first words out of Sheev’s mouth when Anakin let himself into the office, the man staring out the window at the temple. “They have him, most likely in the cells of the temple.” He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes slowly. “It was too good to hope they wouldn’t catch onto his change of allegiance.”

“What can we do?” Anakin moved towards him slowly, staring at him.

He needed to get Obi-Wan away from the council, needed to get him back in his arms before… before…

Before what?

Before they did something to Obi-Wan’s mind?

Changed him back into the cold and aloof person he had been in the start of Anakin’s apprenticeship?

Take away what had made Anakin love the man?

Utterly adore everything that was Obi-Wan from the hairs on the arch of his feet to his self loathing to the smile that would light up a room?

…Okay fine they couldn’t take the hairs on his feet but the point still stood.

“I have one way to… finish this all…a modified order 66 that can go live to all clones.” Palpatine drawled, seemingly calm but Anakin could spot his clenched hand.

“A modified order?” Anakin swallowed and then jerked back when yellow eyes stared at him.

“A modified assassin order yes. The original purpose was to eradicate all Jedi with this order… however I needed to…modify it because of Obi-Wan.” His eyes flickered back to the temple. “However… sending it live to all clones will tip of the rest of the Jedi in the temple as they would march on the temple.” His eyes flickered back to Anakin. “A smaller team however…”

Anakin stared back and then swallowed. “I’d do anything for Obi-Wan.”

“Then it comes down to this, are your principles as a Jedi worth more then Obi-Wan’s love?”

Anakin looked back to the temple.

Then he slowly slid down on one knee in front of the other man. “…I will do…whatever you want me to do.”


It was so damn hard to focus, with both the sedative in his system and the Force suppressors in his systems. Yet he could still focus enough to stare at Yoda and Mace talking outside the cell they had deposited him in.

Focus enough to listen to them speak though, not.

He reached up and pushed his hair out of the way, gagging a bit on the drugs in his systems that he couldn’t counter or filter at all as he clenched his eyes shut and pressed his back against the wall for some focus.

“Hmm, to much perhaps given to him.”

“We can’t take a risk until we know Master Yoda. We know his loyalty is in question but we ne-”

Blaster fire, the sound of lightsabers and then a terrible kind of silence that got broken by hurried steps and a low cursing.

No wait, Obi-Wan knew that voice…

He forced his eyes open yet all he saw was darkness as someone wrapped him in a tight hug.” Obi-Wan!”

“Ani?” He whispered in turn, shuddering a bit as he wrapped his arms back around the other. “How…did… you smell of ashes…” He grunted into the others shoulder.

“I know, we can talk about that later. Much later. I need to get you to the healers right now so you need to sleep.”

Without defenses, Obi-Wan fell asleep in the others arms as Anakin stood, glancing down at the dead high council members, lips pinched together as his eyes swirled darkly with yellow. And then it disappeared as he nodded to the troopers to clean up and set the stage. “We only have another half hour until the cameras turn back on. Be quick.” He hissed. “Your orders?”

“We were never here, we were at the barracks like good soldiers, awaiting orders.” Cody offered, wearing a white uniform without markings. Just shinys out on patrol.

Anakin nodded and adjusted Obi-Wan in his arms.

Now came the difficult part…

this-wicked-love  asked:

Demi-sexual Jon anyone? Granted I think Jon does feel sexual attraction but the truth of the matter is that Jon will only lay with someone he loves, which is such a sweet thing!! Not to mention it makes the boat-lovemaking scene so much more meaningful than if it was just raw sexual tension being relieved (not to say that wouldn't still be awesome but ya know what I mean) I'm so excited to see the tender looks and vulnerability and ugh I could go on for days !!

Yes I like this idea! 

I think it applies a bit more to show!Jon since book Jon pretty clearly didn’t love Ygritte at the start of their relationship. 

But it does seem clear in show canon that the Jon we have now still has principles and values that are precious to him. I think that signifies the importance of him entering into a sexual relationship with Dany. It means that they have a future!

And like you I want it to be sweet and tender. There was a time when I wanted wild dragon sex but then the hand-holding scene happened and now I’m just a weepy mess who can’t stop clutching my pillow to my chest and crying my mascara off lmao.