but i still love you luke bby


Happy 20th Birthday Michael Clifford,                                                             thank you for lighting up this world and giving me a reason to smile.

“I’m pringle. That’s kinda like single but hungry.”

for good - Luke blurb

“Can you just…stay?” Luke asks softly, rubbing his eyes before plopping his hands back down on the bed sheets.
You bite your lip as you clasp your bra back on, staring him without words to speak.
His hair is disheveled and out of place from your guys’ earlier events as his skin is still moist from sweat, his breath finally coming back to him.
You finally shake your head as you throw on your shirt, hearing Luke breathe in.
“Why not?” He mumbles and you laugh, feeling like he’s pouting like a toddler.
“Because I don’t want to?” You tell him, laughing slightly before shimming your pants on.
He looks away from you before sighing and looking towards the window.
“Luke,” You speak, hands crossed in front of you lightly. “You know we don’t do that.”
“Of course we don’t.” He mutters, his jaw twitching.
“You just go, Y/N. That’s how it normally goes.” He admits before laying back in his bed, throwing the blankets over him.
Something inside of you hurts as you grab your keys and wallet but instead of giving it much attention, you simply just leave.
“I missed you.” You moan against Luke while you kiss his neck, straddling his lap with his hands on your lower back as he leans his back on his headboard.
He doesn’t speak as he moves his neck for you but you can tell he’s starting to breathe heavily.
Luke hasn’t talked to you since that night which was a week ago. You finally found the balls to come over to his place to talk to him but he barely spoke to you. The only thing he did was kiss you.
“Did you miss me?” You whisper to him, rolling your hips a bit on his crotch as you kissed up his collarbone.
He hums a bit before pulling away slightly, making you whine out.
“Y/N, I can’t.” He breathes as his hands rub your lower back.
You laugh and smile, pulling away from him before kissing his cheek.
“Luke you’re throbbing under me already, of course you-”
“That’s not what I meant.” He says with a shake in his head.
“Then what do you mean?” You ask, your fingers playing with his hair at the back of his head.
He sighs and looks at you, his bottom lip in between his teeth.
“Am I not doing it for you anymore?” You ask as you move your hands to his shoulders. “Are you getting tired of me?”
He stays silent as he looks at you, his eyes looks uncertain.
“Talk to me here, Luke. I’m your best friend-”
“That’s the thing, Y/N,” He chuckles, “You’re my friend.”
You furrow your eyebrows before getting off of him and sitting next to him on his bed. He doesn’t look at you.
“You’re saying you don’t want to be friends with me?” You ask, a little shake in your head.
“That is not what I’m saying!” He booms.
You close your mouth as he sighs and closes his eyes.
“Then what are you saying?” You whisper as he breathes in.
“Just…just drop it.” Luke mumbles before turning his head and kissing you.
You keep still as he tries to move your guys lips together before pulling him away.
“Come on…you want this, don’t you?” He whispers, cupping your cheeks and looking at you with his blue eyes before leaning in.
You turn your head away from him and he immediately stops his movement.
“Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” You ask him, looking at him.
His jaw twitches gently before looking at his hands, his facial expression changing.
“We both go different ways with sex, Y/N.” He breathes, fiddling with his hands. “You want me for the sex and only sex and I…I want more from you than just to play together.”
You bite your lip and shake your head while he fiddles quietly.
“Why didn’t you tell-”
“I thought I was getting love out it Y/N, I really did,” Luke says, turning to face you. “The way you looked at me when we’re together. You whisper my name like its your second nature babe. But the thing is, we’re only together when we’re rolling around in the sheets.”
Tears brim his eyes as tears run their way down your cheeks.
“I’m so selfish,” You choke, breathing shakily. “Luke I’m-”
“I’m tired of hurting myself when I’m with you,” He admits, shaking his head as he wipes his eyes. “I hate myself for loving you.”
You open your mouth to speak but close it, along with your eyes.
“I want you Y/N,” Luke cries gently as he looks at you. “I want you…fucking all of you baby. Mind, body, soul…Christ I sound like a fucking sap, but it’s the truth.”
He looks away and sniffs before wiping again, your heart feeling like it’s sinking.
“I need you but I’m tired of this game.” Luke tells you as he shakes gently.
You breathe in shakily with your trembling lips before moving onto him, thighs squeezing his legs.
“Y/N, I don’t-”
But you press your lips against him softly, taking him back a bit.
“Don’t do this to me.” He breathes, trying not to give in.
“Trust me,” You whisper back, pulling away slightly before pecking his lips. “Please, baby, trust me.”
Luke cries as he tilts his chin up and kisses you back after being hesitant, putting his hands on your back.
You set the pace slowly and passionately, not hard or eager like the usual ones, while wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I love you,” You breathe to him, moaning gently. “I have loved you.”
“Don’t lie to me.” He whines as he holds you close to him.
“I love you Luke,” You repeat, moving to his jaw. “I’m yours. I’m all yours baby.”
He moves his head before whimpering.
The air begins to feel humid as you both breathe heavily against each other.
Luke cups your breast as you suck on his sweet spot.
“I’m sorry for hurting you,” You tell him, pulling away to look at him. “Luke you do not deserve me.”
“Yes I do,” He whispers, pulling your head to him. “I deserve you and sweetheart…you deserve me.”
A shaky breath releases from your mouth as you look at him, your foreheads touching.
“Just love me.” The blonde boy breathes, kissing the corner of your mouth.
“Always.” You whisper in his ear before moving your head to kiss his lips.
A gravelly gasp from Luke vibrates your lips as he moves his hands to your thighs before rubbing up and down them.
The sound of your guys lips snapping, his heavy breathing, and your slight moans from when he squeezes your hips fill the air in the messy bedroom as Luke pulls you closer to him.
Your hand slides up his hair from the back of his neck while you start to roll your hips against him, immediately smiling once you feel him stir.
“Y/N…fuck Y/N right there…baby keep going.” He whines gently, nodding as you nip his lip and move your hips quick against him.
Luke groans before leaning into you more before pushing you gently on your back as he hovers over you.
“I thought I was to…to keep going?” You moan as he now kisses your neck, wrapping your legs around him to pull all of him closer to you.
“Shhh pretty baby…it’s my turn.” He whispers against you.
You smile gently as you breathe in his ear before moaning softly.
The bed creaks with his hips rolling into yours hard yet slow as your guys breaths and moans kill the bedrooms silence.
“Luke…” You moan gently before he kisses your lips as you pull him close to you with your hands at his back.
He moans slightly as his chest moves up and down fast with and against yours.
“I-I need you…” You whine squeakily, bucking your hips gently.
“I’m right here sweetheart,” Luke breathes into you, giving you an open mouth kiss. “I got you.”
“You have me…for good.” You moan as you begin to shake.
You could feel him smirk against you gently as he slows down his pace.
“I got you for good baby.”