but i still love technology

Ideas I won’t use: Maid Cafe

Edge/Fell (Underfell!Sans) goes to a specific Maid Cafe.

The plot twist is that he’s not there for the maids and their dancing and singing performances. He’s actually here for Sci working back stage as a part timer for his food/cooking.

Brighton Bound (Phan) - Chapter Ten

Summary: After a series of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have an ulterior motive.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings for this chapter: minimal angst 

Read on ao3 

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Why I relate to Pidge Gunderson

I grew up in a house with three brothers yet was still considered the nerd of the family even though I am a girl. I loved anything related to technology and still do. I was also the youngest. 

A lot of people think I am a boy because when they hear the name Ray (yes spelled like that) they don’t usually think of a girl with that name (which is why I love it lol element of surprise) 

  • I also loved movies like star wars and was really into space stuff when I was young but now I study animation but still this is a character I really connect with 

I usually related to the nerd characters of animated shows but they were all guys so I’m glad I have a sassy nerdy character who can also kick some serious A**. Thank you Dreamworks for this character :) 

What the APMAs taught us

-Jalex has never have lamer jokes, and I loved EVERY SECOND OF IT
-they still can’t work their technology for SHIT
-5sos wins tumblr fandom, which can basically almost overthrow the Internet
-All Time Low finally has their year, becoming the Taylor Swift of this years awards show, winning bunches of stuff
-Alex and Jack are just being funny, NOT offensive
-Trace Cyrus can’t take a joke
-Mark Hoppus playing with dolls is strangely amusing
-the youth orchestra is wicket talented
-Brendon Urie has no fear
-p!atd killlllled their performance
-the people who run the sound kinda suck
-the awards given felt a little wack on who they went to
-Trace Cyrus is extremely salty when it comes to All Time Low making jokes
-Trace Cyrus needs to find chill
-Mayday Parade, Real Friends, This Wild Life, & As It Is are going on tour together!! But not like anyone remembers because emo throwdown



me singing to luke on our wedding day