but i still love her sfm


                                                     “ i want to finish what we started…

everything was back. the police’s patrols. the white vans. the dissapearances. nancy.
nothing changed -except them and their 15-years-older bodies. it was like riding a bike. habbits are hard to kill. they found themselves in his car, talking conspiracy and monsters and the best way to stop them ; listenning indie-rock-music in the middle of the night ; nancy saying her life was still a confusing mess ; and jonathan once more unable to take his eyes off her. yes. nothing really changed.

15 years older-au jonathan x nancy (norman reedus & emmy rossum)


Olake Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Fave Olivia Pope moment(s)/scene(s) 

Episode 2.01 | White Hat’s Off