but i still love ga in ok

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okay but if the apprentice had the plague theory is true then that means they also looked That fucking ugly and asra was still out here loving them the whole time????????????? like wow???????/ find you a partner like that!!111!!1!!11!!111

asra: i don’t date ugly people. why? because i don’t think they exist *turns hat backwards*

mc looking fucking gross and shriveled up, immensely gaunt, has intense bags under their eyes, coughing up blood or something: thanks babe

  • Nishikiyama: Don't, Kiryu! Don't kill him! You can't come back from that kind of darkness!
  • Kiryu: Nishiki, I shot like fifty people on the drive back to Kamurocho.
  • Nishikiyama: But they might've survived their wounds! You don't know for sure that-
  • Kiryu: There were multiple times I shot the driver of a car, which caused the car to roll or spin out and then explode with people still inside.
  • Nishikiyama: Well... ok, that sounds more definitive, but-
  • Kiryu: I shot two guys out of a helicopter, and then the pilot. It crashed. The wreckage is probably still on the highway.

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If Bi!Dean is addressed, I kinda hope it's not a whole emotional thing where Dean just pours his heart out (don't get me wrong, I'd love a scene or few with Dean just being emotional and letting his feelings known), rather if it is addressed I'd prefer it to be a casual thing of "yeah I knew" "how?" because then it would show the GA that it's not a big deal, so what he's bi, and also show Dean that Sam's fine with it and he still loves him - thoughts?

yep! this is basically my #bi!dean tag. I agree, the point for me is that Dean has repressed it for years, it’s hurt him, he’s struggled, and he didn’t have to, he doesn’t deserve this, it’s telling the audience it’s NOT A BIG DEAL and it doesn’t change ANYTHING, it doesn’t change who Dean is.

Imo the ideal situation is that it’s all pent up, he comes out with it eventually and just shouts to Sam ‘ok ok i like guys!’ and Sam’s just like ‘yeah, thats not news Dean…’ and they have a 1 minute ‘I’m glad you finally told me, I love you, it makes no difference, so now let’s move on’ discussion because the whole point is that it ISN’T a big deal.

Sam gives Dean validation and love and… that’s kinda it.

Move on.

It sucked that he felt he needed to, potentially there’s a whole ‘John’ aspect to it, but John has been dead a long time and s13 should show him facing the ghost of John through the fatherhood/father figure arc of the story anyway…

so yeah basically i agree :)

Love Making!

I saw all the ova with tears in my eyes, laughing and crying like a crazy.

I will miss the laziness of En–

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the maternal side of Atsushi–

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the faithful heart of Kinshiro–

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the indecision of Ibushi–

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(Ok, sorry: but this is why I love him 😆), the twin stars Akihiko and Haruhiko–

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Akoya’s beauty–

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that hot head/idiot Ryuu–

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and finally my precious boy Io.

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Boueibu was the first anime that… In short… It has helped me, with its joy and its nosense humor… Thanks for this adventure, born as a joke and end with tears of sadness, love you all!

Love is Never Over!

… Ah! I forgot: Yumoto, I’ll miss you too!

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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu / We Got Married as a Job (2016)

Bless this show. Seriously bless this show. Despite my initial reservations I was completely won over. Aragaki Yui’s acting (for once) did not make me sigh in despair. But that is only the tip of all that’s great about this drama. Chemistry between the leads is one important thing (and made me grin like an idiot all throughout), but the writing is on a whole other level all together. 

I’m not sure how closely the drama followed the manga (so I don’t know who is the one to applaud here) but irregardless, the writing was excellent. The clever ‘daydreams’ that borrow from well known reality, variety, game shows as well as PC games never got old. I almost fell off my chair laughing when the Sanada Maru theme song started playing and the couple strategised complete with visuals - just like in the taiga drama. 

The characters were all quirky in one way or another, yet felt like honest portrayals of people that you and I would know in real life. In that vein, though Hiramasa and Mikuri’s relationship is so out of this world, it’s one of the most healthy and honest portrayals of a romantic relationship (and marriage in particular), that I’ve ever seen. We see the two leads grow and become more vulnerable and open, while continuing to hold on to their personalities. They had to mature, but in maturing they didn’t need to change the core of what makes them who they are. The way it plays out is all a little shy and a little distant (and distinctly Japanese in nature), yet it’s one of the rare times I’ve watched a show and thought, yes! This is what a normal relationship looks like! 

That’s not to say that dramas should show only healthy relationships. No, that’s not the point of TV at all. But in an industry saturated with shows where young people are taught to idolise violence and selfishness as ‘he’s secretly just into you’, and where women are shown to become bumbling idiots when in love, this show just a breath of fresh air ok? 

Despite the show’s pacing slowing down considerably in the last few episodes, nothing felt particularly convoluted or unnecessary. Such a satisfying drama. 

This is a blog about Kelly but I need to say something about her character in Grey’s Anatomy, Maggie Pierce. She gets a lot of hate because of stupids love triangles, but I think she’s a great character. She’s smart, kind and pure.  She is accused of stealing other girl’s boyfriends, but she NEVER did that. She thought she had a “thing” with Nathan because she didn’t known about his relationship with Meredith. In Grey’s Anatomy season 12 she clearly said she think she never had love, so it’s understandable that Nathan’s attentions  seemed to be something more for her. A little bit of sincerity would have been enough to make everything clear. She’s not capricious or childish or selfish. She is a good woman who needed truth and respect. And now she’s not stealing Jackson. I love Jackson and April but they are divorced. Jackson slept with April and maybe now he’s falling in love with Maggie and maybe he’s wrong with April, but Maggie’s done nothing wrong. She is trying to do things in the right way. And she deserves a big love story, she deserves to be loved. So you can still ship Japril (I do) but PLEASE don’t hate Maggie Pierce.

(I hope my english is ok. Please, forgive my mistakes, it’s not my language.)

me: i love-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Kazuma Kiryu, we know, you love Kazuma Kiryu so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Kazuma Kiryu, we KNOW , you love Kazuma Kiryu you fucking loveKazuma Kiryu ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE KAZUMA KIRYU. WE GET IT.

based on @creamycomet​ ‘s Bokumachi fanfic Reconciliation Chapter 11

When I was thinking what to draw for this fic this is the first thing popped into my head.  Where Yashiro is obviously disturbed by the couple (especially Kenya. 

i love this fic so much but Yashiro is so scary right now I need Kenya (つД∩)

earth calling team sawaya

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How can you be so calm about all this? This is the worst thing to ever happen to Gillovny and you are all rational and calm.

This is absolutely not the worst thing to happen to Gillovny and if you had lived through the years of darkness you would understand why.  David and Gillian are still friends - best friends actually if their own quotes are to be believed and there was a period of time where they were emotionally estranged from each other on many levels.  THAT was far worse than this.  And yes, I am calm,  Because there are many things in this life that make me horribly sad - desperate even - but finding out that GA is in a personal relationship with someone who isn’t our puppy is not one of them. Season 11 is happening, fuckery will ensue just as it always has and I’m ok with that.  I’ve followed them both for over half my 46 years and I have survived three marriages, countless relationships, many pap stories that painted one or both in a less than perfect light and yet I still adore them both and love to see them together.  The webbys was a beautiful gift to us all and Gillovny has proven over the years to be the gift that just keeps on giving. :D

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Good cute and fluffy bl mangas? (Preferably no djs)

I would go by shounen ai, because they are mostly the best for fluff:

(also guys please take note that you have floodded me with manga request that I would probably bury in for next month, please don’t send me more >.<)

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Ok I gots another plot question about GA bc that fic series is still flippin amazin (and if you haven't read it you should Bc it's awesome and cowritten but the double awesome team Margin and Nyra)- are the kiddos only children? Or did any of them have siblings? I mean they already seem to love and care for each other as siblings would (which is adorbs) but I was just wondering about it. Especially as I see Miri taking on the big sister/leader role


Miriam did have three younger siblings hence, like you said, why she’s good with the other two kids. Khari was the stark opposite as he grew up with quite a few older siblings, while Nina’s an only child, although her parents were actually planning on having more children, they just never got the opportunity to.


Standby OK de~su – Yamato Waki (Kodansha Manga Bunko)

Ramble alert!

I feel like Yamato Waki is one of the more underrated shojo manga artists of the 70s. I know her most famous work, Haikara-san ga tooru, is considered a kind of silly romcom, but she’s one of the female manga writers who have consistently written about “sisters doing it for themselves” and women being able to have it all, a fulfilling career as well as love, in a time period when this was considered pretty much impossible (and still considered difficult in Japan).

Benio, the protagonist of Haikara-san, does have multiple guys falling in love with her and epitomizes the kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy popular in shojo manga to this day, but when her fiance is presumed dead, she promptly gets herself a job to support his elderly grandparents, and the way she carves out a place for herself in the male-dominated Taisho-era work force is one of the manga’s major themes.

Standby OK de~su is the story of three women who gain employment at a radio and TV production company, and who struggle to find their niche as well as love in a field dominated (it still is!) by men. She’s a great example of a women’s lib writer.

RIP Graceland

Mike never got laid again
Briggs is still a dick
Paige is still a bitch who tried to kill Mike
Charlie is still mom who loves Christmas
Johnny is very sad bc jakes
Jakes killed Christmas and left
We will never know where tf the gas is
Rip beach dog and hectors tacos
I hope Aaron is ok
I hate my life
Fuck you USA
This show was awesome you assholes

Why the 12 Hour Work Day Isn't 12 Hours for Anyone

How many people have to die or get injured before we limit the work day?

Departments that bring me back their daily department time sheets that actually have twelves marked.

  • Grip
  • Electric
  • Camera
  • Actors
  • Departments that always work more than a twelve:
  • Wardrobe
  • Production
  • Transpo
  • Art
  • Props
  • Craft Services

Departments that often work more than a twelve (due to precalls or prep)

  • Make up
  • Hair

There’s no point to discussing whether or not someone gets paid.  The support departments typically don’t (please don’t think going Union always protects your hours, it depends on the contract and the producer).  What I want to discuss is why, WHY are we working routine 12s and then with commute - let’s allow an hour each way…

So here it is:

  • 12 hour work day
  • 2 hour commute
  • 2 hours shower/eat/dress

TOTAL: 16 hours.

Meaning the most that person is sleeping (if they don’t do anything but what they have to do is 8 hours.  I know damn well other people do their dishes and shop and gas up their cars so let’s be honest and say 6.

For those “lucky” departments that are at a 12, they work the most physical of the jobs.  Joints are strained, knees are hurt.  Bodies get destroyed working G&E.  So, the way I see it is that at 12 is the max we could work them without killing them so we work the max.  Still not ok.

Now me personally? Unless I’m pregnant or sick I personally love long days.  I started loving them less and less as family and life began to have a larger role in things.  But working them doesn’t hurt my body (and I’m much older than I look) and I can usually work a 14 day after day until the cows come home. 

But… I’m also from a family that has it’s own share of Olympic athletes and super marathon runners.  So my base level of fitness is pretty solid and I was raised with that fitness and health and I have a good old dose of good genetics.  That’s allowed me to succeed and accept a system of allocation of resources that needs to be challenged and questioned. And I wonder, how many good folks would I like to work with are eliminated by this system? 

In the interest of diversity, sanity and safety I think we should begin to challenge the twelve hour day. It’s based around money and equipment, not human-power.  How is it not illegal to work me repeatedly on a four hour turn around?  Or a six hour turn around?  Why is an actor allowed twelve but me, who is in charge of safety, repeatedly allotted far less?

And the diversity part?  Look.  When I’m pregnant I’m still a badass AD.  But no doctor is going to clear an 18 hour day for a seven months pregnant AD.  And where am I going to breastfeed or pump (as legally allowed to do so) for 18 hours?  Do you or don’t you want women of all ages on this job?  Or do you only want women who don’t have kids?   What about a pregnant DP?  Or a breastfeeding DP?  Does she just need to sit out or are we going to demand our industry evolve?  It’s time we remembered WOMEN IN FILM are NOT just directors, actors,writers… but ADs, Grips, Electrics, Camera…

And it’s not just a female issue.  Fathers like to see their kids, last I checked too.   I don’t know if anyone for who this works well and who loves it but it come down to what we’ve accepted and what we think is okay. I want to crack the discussion open a bit.  We’re all worried and more aware of safety and for me…

This is the starting point.  So.  Ready set… go. 



you might have read about our special Jensen Photo Op, we’ve @blacksheepsadventure​ been planning for almost a year. If NOT, more details in THIS POST

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Lmao you guys are so pressed about those steroline scenes we got yesterday

What the literal fuck is this ask? Nobody is pressed about the fucking steroline scenes from yesterday, people are irritated because the one storyline that should have actually been about Caroline and her mother was about literally everyone and everything else. I knew I fucking knew that whatever happened in this episode was going to be a prop for steroline, the interviews alone told me that, but stupidly I hoped that for once these writers wouldn’t serve up an offensive pile of dog shit and then try to call it filet mignon, but here we are.

This entire episode showcased Caroline all of ten minutes and half the fucking storyline of this episode revolved around her. This episode should have been about Caroline and Liz, this episode should have been about how Caroline, the eternal optimist, this person who literally radiates light and hope and perseverance has to now accept something that she cannot fix, she is losing the person she loves more than anyone else in the world and she can’t do a thing about it. This girl is losing her last living parent and these assholes didn’t even have the respect to include her in her own story arc.

Every interview that has come out since before this episode has broadcasted this as a steroline heavy episode, shit the interviews that came out after this episode still found some way to turn this into something about caroline and stefans romantic relationship. Am I pressed? No I’m fucking livid and anyone who gives even one fuck about Caroline should be. Fuck Klaroline, fuck Steroline, fuck Carenzo, this should have been about CAROLINE. Instead we got to see almost the entire Liz and Caroline story from the eyes of Stelena who had legit no reason to have been this involved in this story. This episode was about the writers having Stefan somehow clear his conscience after being a shitty friend by telling caroline her mother was dying. This was about Elena suddenly understanding that life is short and wanting to rekindle her relationship with Damon, this had nothing to do with Caroline and everything to do with ships. Then to put the icing on the fucking cake, the last scene we get of Caroline holding her mother’s hand, has to be soiled by zooming in on Caroline holding that rinky dink dollar tree keychain??? Are you kidding me? It’s not like that keychain had any importance to liz and caroline’s relationship, it didn’t symbolize hope or happiness or anything else. These idiots just wanted to let us know beyond reasonable doubt that not only does everyone on the show ship steroline, but for some reason Caroline is not only grieving for her mother but also you know pining after Stefan.

And as “pressed” as you claim I am I don’t know how many times I have to say it, I only hate steroline because of the way they are writing it. This was so damn unnecessary, as someone who shipped steroline for a bit I can tell you right now that they didn’t need to use the death of Caroline’s mother to make this a viable ship. They have scenes upon scenes from seasons 2-4 to prop steroline and they’re using her mother’s death to launch to this shit? Not to mention how disrespectful that is to Liz as a character. They turned her into a prop, she was nothing more than a catalyst for Steroline and Delena. They could have literally spent the entire next episode with Stefan and Caroline talking about the deeper meaning of that snow globe and have Caroline say how much she loved it and how all of her other relationships were preparing her for the day that someone would love her enough to get her a $2 gas station keychain, and that episode would be less offensive and degrading to caroline as a character than this trash we just got. Like even shipping steroline you cannot possibly have wanted this for your ship in any way. I follow steroline shippers who still ship steroline but recognize how gross this episode was so I’m going to assume your in the minority who thought this shitty ass episode was somehow ok because Stefan and caroline hugged as she was grieving about her dying mother.