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On Asexual representation in the media

I want to talk about what I would like to see in media representation of asexual characters and asexuality in the media. Because it’s more than just including a character who doesn’t want sex with the protagonist.

-I want to see discussions on respecting the boundaries of characters who are asexual. I’m looking specifically at Big Bang theory for this one. The way that Amy tries to bring Sheldon (who is heavily ace coded if not 100% canonically ace) into situations that are sexual in nature for her without his knowledge or consent is treated as humorous rather than a gross breech of his rights.

- I want to see a wide variety of aces (poc, single, romantically involved, with platonic partners, disabled and non disabled, and so on). What I have seen in most ace representation is a significant trend towards making ace characters disabled and/or heavily coded as autistic if not autistic themselves. Not only is this harmful for aces by portraying asexuality only as something experienced by people who are interpreted by a majority of society and portrayed by writers as *broken* it’s also denying disabled people/people who are on the autistic spectrum the agency of their sexuality.

- I want to see a discussion of the idea of romance without attraction. Yes it is possible and it can be a complex issue for those involved. It often requires a good deal of communication and validation for those involved. I want to see it addressed for both ace-ace romance and ace-non ace romance, because for each situation, the conversation is different. I want to see aces and their partners talking about how lack of attraction affects them, how it’s ok to struggle with knowing your partner isn’t attracted to you without gas-lighting, guilting, or ignoring the agency of the asexual. I want to see aces assuring their partner that they are not bad people for feeling insecure and that they can still love them without attraction.

- I want to see a discussion about what consent means for those who don’t experience attraction and how Asexuals can still engage in sex, but giving consent and understanding their own limits without attraction can be difficult and confusing because they may not experience a physical desire to have sex with a specific person but still desire the intimacy, physical closeness and emotional bonding that sex with a partner can provide or the physical benefits/relief that sex with a casual partner can provide.

- I want to see aces with varying degrees of physical sexual desire

- I want to see aces of all different kinds with a wide variety of physical sexual desire.

- I want to see Asexuals ask for sex with their partner and be told no. And respect that.

- I want a discussion on why becoming physical without experiencing attraction is NOT MANIPULATIVE

- I want to see aces who struggle to understand the difference between platonic intimacy and romantic intimacy learning and growing alongside other characters

- I want to see aces who are problematic for reasons not relating to their asexuality.

- I want to see aces who are not problematic

- I want to see an asexual who does act inappropriately in regards to other people’s sexuality/boundaries justifying it with their own sexuality and being corrected without being ‘cured’ and this is NOT THE ONLY REPRESENTATION OF ASEXUALITY IN THAT MEDIA. (Aces can be problematic, but problematic ones are not the only ones that should be shown or discussed.)

- I want to aces who discuss what asexuality means and how it affects them, on screen, canonically.

Just seeing characters who aren’t expressly written as experiencing attraction is not representation. Only seeing one type of ace representation (the disabled/autistic(coded or not) asexual) is not asexual representation and is harmful to both communities involved. Being asexual is a unique experience and interacts with many different aspects of a persons life and seeing those discussions brought to the media along with intersectionality of ones ace identity alongside other identities is what I mean when I say I want to see Asexuals represented in the media.

  • Nishikiyama: Don't, Kiryu! Don't kill him! You can't come back from that kind of darkness!
  • Kiryu: Nishiki, I shot like fifty people on the drive back to Kamurocho.
  • Nishikiyama: But they might've survived their wounds! You don't know for sure that-
  • Kiryu: There were multiple times I shot the driver of a car, which caused the car to roll or spin out and then explode with people still inside.
  • Nishikiyama: Well... ok, that sounds more definitive, but-
  • Kiryu: I shot two guys out of a helicopter, and then the pilot. It crashed. The wreckage is probably still on the highway.

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How can you be so calm about all this? This is the worst thing to ever happen to Gillovny and you are all rational and calm.

This is absolutely not the worst thing to happen to Gillovny and if you had lived through the years of darkness you would understand why.  David and Gillian are still friends - best friends actually if their own quotes are to be believed and there was a period of time where they were emotionally estranged from each other on many levels.  THAT was far worse than this.  And yes, I am calm,  Because there are many things in this life that make me horribly sad - desperate even - but finding out that GA is in a personal relationship with someone who isn’t our puppy is not one of them. Season 11 is happening, fuckery will ensue just as it always has and I’m ok with that.  I’ve followed them both for over half my 46 years and I have survived three marriages, countless relationships, many pap stories that painted one or both in a less than perfect light and yet I still adore them both and love to see them together.  The webbys was a beautiful gift to us all and Gillovny has proven over the years to be the gift that just keeps on giving. :D


Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu / We Got Married as a Job (2016)

Bless this show. Seriously bless this show. Despite my initial reservations I was completely won over. Aragaki Yui’s acting (for once) did not make me sigh in despair. But that is only the tip of all that’s great about this drama. Chemistry between the leads is one important thing (and made me grin like an idiot all throughout), but the writing is on a whole other level all together. 

I’m not sure how closely the drama followed the manga (so I don’t know who is the one to applaud here) but irregardless, the writing was excellent. The clever ‘daydreams’ that borrow from well known reality, variety, game shows as well as PC games never got old. I almost fell off my chair laughing when the Sanada Maru theme song started playing and the couple strategised complete with visuals - just like in the taiga drama. 

The characters were all quirky in one way or another, yet felt like honest portrayals of people that you and I would know in real life. In that vein, though Hiramasa and Mikuri’s relationship is so out of this world, it’s one of the most healthy and honest portrayals of a romantic relationship (and marriage in particular), that I’ve ever seen. We see the two leads grow and become more vulnerable and open, while continuing to hold on to their personalities. They had to mature, but in maturing they didn’t need to change the core of what makes them who they are. The way it plays out is all a little shy and a little distant (and distinctly Japanese in nature), yet it’s one of the rare times I’ve watched a show and thought, yes! This is what a normal relationship looks like! 

That’s not to say that dramas should show only healthy relationships. No, that’s not the point of TV at all. But in an industry saturated with shows where young people are taught to idolise violence and selfishness as ‘he’s secretly just into you’, and where women are shown to become bumbling idiots when in love, this show just a breath of fresh air ok? 

Despite the show’s pacing slowing down considerably in the last few episodes, nothing felt particularly convoluted or unnecessary. Such a satisfying drama. 

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does hoseok even have a spine ????? he's so flexible, he's like 1 of those balloon men u see @ gas stations

Good question, he’s so flexible for someone so tall lmao. I’m short and i still can’t reach for my potato feet

And ok hold up we gotta disagree here cause the real balloon man at gas stations is none other than:

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I am Jungkook, btw

Let’s talk if you’re bored

based on @creamycomet​ ‘s Bokumachi fanfic Reconciliation Chapter 11

When I was thinking what to draw for this fic this is the first thing popped into my head.  Where Yashiro is obviously disturbed by the couple (especially Kenya. 

i love this fic so much but Yashiro is so scary right now I need Kenya (つД∩)

earth calling team sawaya


Standby OK de~su – Yamato Waki (Kodansha Manga Bunko)

Ramble alert!

I feel like Yamato Waki is one of the more underrated shojo manga artists of the 70s. I know her most famous work, Haikara-san ga tooru, is considered a kind of silly romcom, but she’s one of the female manga writers who have consistently written about “sisters doing it for themselves” and women being able to have it all, a fulfilling career as well as love, in a time period when this was considered pretty much impossible (and still considered difficult in Japan).

Benio, the protagonist of Haikara-san, does have multiple guys falling in love with her and epitomizes the kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy popular in shojo manga to this day, but when her fiance is presumed dead, she promptly gets herself a job to support his elderly grandparents, and the way she carves out a place for herself in the male-dominated Taisho-era work force is one of the manga’s major themes.

Standby OK de~su is the story of three women who gain employment at a radio and TV production company, and who struggle to find their niche as well as love in a field dominated (it still is!) by men. She’s a great example of a women’s lib writer.

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Good cute and fluffy bl mangas? (Preferably no djs)

I would go by shounen ai, because they are mostly the best for fluff:

(also guys please take note that you have floodded me with manga request that I would probably bury in for next month, please don’t send me more >.<)


My Opinion for the end Naruto : 

French : Déjà, le couple de la fin, NaruHina; j'avais déjà fait un post sur ce que je penser de ce couple je vous revoit au lien de mon post  : http://cleaetpauline60.tumblr.com/post/98211222886/french-je-ne-suis-pas-fan-du-couple-naruhina

Pour moi le NaruSaku, était le couple, le plus sur, le plus formé, celui qui montre le plus d'évolution, eh ben non ! Déjà j'vais commencer par Naruto (le personnage): Alors lui, putain… IL A TOUJOURS DIT QU'IL AIMAIT SAKURA, ALORS POURQUOI ?! C'est pas possible, je pensais que Naruto serait comme Jiraya, ne jamais abandonner, même si Sakura finirait avec Sasuke, il devrait toujours l'aimait, mais non, il faut croire qu'il lui suffit d'une cruche comme Hinata pour tout arrêté, bref gros WTF, je suppose que dans le film Naruto The Last, on nous expliquera peut être mieux comment ils ont fait pour finir ensemble, & j'espère que sa sera bien former, car si c'est du genre “oh hinata m'aime oh mon dieu je suis tellement choqué que je vais sortir avec toi ! ” Non.

Ensuite Hinata: Elle encore sa va, on peut dire que a force d'attendre & d'essayer de le protéger son amour lui est revenue, mais j'aurai préféré qu'elle soit avec Kiba, (ou autre ?) pour montré une ÉVOLUTION au personnage, pour montré que voilà, Hinata a changé elle ne pense plus a Naruto, & elle gagner en maturité, mais non ! Mais bon sa encore comme je l'ai dit sa passe. Le NaruHina peut passer, je n'aime pas le couple mais le voir à l'écran, ne m'a pas dégoûter plus que sa…

SasuSaku: Alors là, bizarrement je me suis pas dit “Ah non, non, c'est dégueulasse non !” j'ai trouvé sa plutôt mignon ! (contrairement au NaruHina) Mais ce qui ne va pas c'est: SAKURA : Alors je m'explique, comme je penser qu'elle serai avec Naruto je me suis dit “voilà Sakura, va aussi changer, sa ne sera plus une gamine,qui aime un garçon juste parce qu'il est "cool” elle changera avec Naruto“ eh ben non ! Avec Sasuke ! Donc bon, on peut dire que Sakura n'a pas vraiment changé, en plus ils sont gentils les réalisateurs, ils nous font un film pour expliquer le pourquoi du comment du couple NaruHina mais le SasuSaku par contre que dalle ? Les fans du SasuSaku sa vous déçoit pas trop quand même sa ? Au final on sait même pas pourquoi Sakura est tombé amoureuse de Sasuke a part qu'elle le trouvait "cool” .

Ensuite Sasuke, lui il m'a pas déçu sa montre une évolution, il accepte les sentiments de Sakura, il est plus ouvert, bref comme je l'ai dit le SasuSaku passe, sauf pour Sakura comme je l'ai expliqué ! 

Ensuite ShikaTema: Ce couple était le plus évidant, les signes était facile a deviner, donc forcement ses couples ne nous déçoit pas, donc je n'ai rien a redire (même si j'aimait bien le ShikaIno, mais le ShikaTema est magnifique !)

Puis nous avons le SaiIno, la définition même du fan-service, je m'explique, on est d'accord, qu'il y avait aucun signes pour ses 2 là (a part que Ino le trouvait beau waah quel signe ! ) ? Donc pourquoi ce couple était tant connus ? Parce que les fans de Naruto aimait beaucoup ce couple (ne me demander pas pourquoi) c'est comme le Kiba x Karui, il n'a aucun signes ce couple mais il est apprécier auprès des fans. Voilà pourquoi je dis que pour moi la fin est du pure fan-service ! Mais j'aime bien ce couple, je sais pas pourquoi ! Mais… :

Ino: Je pensais qu'elle finirait avec Choji, pourquoi ? Il y avait quelque signes (petit mais il y en avait surement que de l'amitié vous me dirait). Je n'aime pas ce couple donc tant mieux me dirait vous ? Mais je pense que sa aurait pu être intéressant, sa aurait montré encore notre chère évolution à Ino, genre “elle ne pense plus a aux physique, maintenant, la preuve elle est avec choji” mais bon tant mieux quand même car c'est pas un couple que j'affectionne

Sai: Alors lui gros LOL. Nan mais sérieux, le gas n'a pas d'émotion,(bon il en a maintenant mais de la a avoir de l'amour laisser moi rire) mais il finit avec Ino, Bah ok écoute.

Ensuite putain le ChojixKarui : Putain mais j'ai même pas de mot pour décrire ce que j'ai ressentit, juste un gros WTF, bon ils sont heureux tant mieux pour eux hein.

Le Kiba x Tamaki : Je sais enfin qui c'est ! Grace à mitsuke14 merci à toi ! Donc au final, bah je trouve sa cool en faite c'est mignon de mélanger les chats & chiens ! ^^

J'aime bien, mais sans plus, j'aurai préféré un KibaHina, mais sa passe !

Le LeeTen : Bah comme je l'ai dit je sais pas si ils sont vraiment ensemble, mais j'espère, c'est un couple que j'aimerait bien voir ensemble donc tant mieux ! ^^

Voila pour ce GROS pavé, mais bon je me devait de vous mettre mon avis, & please, les gens qui ont eu leurs couple (je pense au NaruHina ou au SasuSaku) ne vous amuser pas a insulter, les gens qui aime toujours le NaruSaku, ou les gens qui ils croyez vraiment à ce couple (comme moi) car vous allez réveiller quelque chose de VRAIMENT très méchant chez ses gens là, & je n'hésiterai pas à les défendre ! Surtout que sachez qu‘un couple est important mais c'est pas la base de Naruto. La fin en ne comptant pas les couples, était bien, Naruto Hokage, pleins de chose qui change, par contre Orochimaru,Karin,Suigetsu,Jugo,Kabuto ils sont ou ? & je trouve les enfants moches, (désolé pour ceux qui les aime bien) le seul que je trouve beau c'est Bolt c'est tout XDD. Bref voilà ils nous reste plus que le film, l'anime, & le chapitre avec les enfants & c'est tout (& c'est déjà pas mal ! )

Mais je pense maintenant que pour les couples de mangas aussi long que Naruto, il faut nous mettre un couple évidant, avec beaucoup de signes, c'est le seul moyen pour que les gens aime & accepte ce couple. Comme pour Fairy Tail ou les signes pour les couples sont évidant, du genre Levy x Gajeel c'est un couple que tout le monde est obliger d'aimer.

English : Already, the couple from the end, NaruHina; I had already made a post on what I think of this couple reviews I link you to my post: http://cleaetpauline60.tumblr.com/post/98211222886/french-je-ne-suis-pas-fan-du-couple-naruhina

NaruSaku for me was the couple, most of the more established, it shows that most of evolution, well, no! Already I’m gonna start with Naruto (the character) Then he fuck … HE SAYS HE ALWAYS LOVED SAKURA, THEN WHY? This is not possible, I thought Naruto would be like Jiraiya, never give up, even if Sakura end up with Sasuke, it should still loved him, but no, we must believe that it is sufficient as a pitcher for Hinata any order, writ large WTF, I guess in the movie Naruto the Last, we will explain how they can best be made to end up together, and I hope that his form is good, because if it’s oh “kind hinata loves me oh my god I’m so shocked that I’m going out with you! ”No.

Then Hinata: It’s still going, we can say that has strength to wait & try to protect her love him back, but I would have preferred her to be with Kiba (or other?) To show a CHANGES to the character, to show that here, Hinata has changed it does not think a Naruto, & it to mature, but no! But its still good as I said its happening. The NaruHina can pass, I do not like the couple, but the view on the screen, not disgust me more than her …

SasuSaku: So here I am strangely not tell me “Oh no, no, it’s not disgusting!” I found her rather cute! (unlike NaruHina) But what is wrong: SAKURA: So let me explain, as I think it will be with Naruto I thought “this is Sakura, will also change, its no longer a kid who loves a boy just because it is "cool” it will change with Naruto “well then not! With Sasuke! So good, we can say that Sakura has not really changed, plus they are nice directors, they make us a movie to explain why and how the couple NaruHina SasuSaku but against a shit? SasuSaku his fans not disappoint you too much when even his? In the end we even know why Sakura fell in love with Sasuke hand she was "cool”.

Sasuke then, it it not disappoint me his watch evolution, accept the feelings of Sakura, he is more open, short as I said SasuSaku happening, except for Sakura as I explained!

Then ShikaTema: This couple was the hollowing out, the signs were easy to guess, so forcing her couples do not disappoint us, so I have no complaints (although I liked the ShikaIno, but ShikaTema is beautiful! )

Then we have the SaiIno, the definition of fan-service, I said, okay, there was no evidence for its 2 here it is (a share that Ino was beautiful waah what sign!)? So why this couple was known as? Because Naruto fans loved this couple (do not ask me why) is like Kiba x Karui, it has no signs but this couple is enjoying with the fans. That’s why I say that for me is the end of pure fan-service! But I like this couple, I do not know why! But …:

Ino: I thought she would end up with Choji, why? There were some signs (small but there were probably more than friendship would tell me). I do not like this couple so as you tell me more? But I think his might be interesting, would have shown her yet our dear evolution Ino, like “she does not think about the physical, now, the evidence is with choji” but better still as good as it is not a couple that I like

Sai: So it big LOL. No but seriously, the gas has no emotion (good but now he has to have a love let me laugh), but it ends with Ino, Bah ok listen.

Then the fucking ChojixKarui: Damn but I did not even words to describe what I felt, just a big WTF good they are happy good for them huh.

The Kiba x Tamaki : I finally know who it is ! Thanks to mitsuke14 thank you to you! So in the end, I think its cool bah made in this mix is cute cats & dogs! ^^

I like, but no more, I would have preferred a KibaHina but his pass!

The LeeTen: Well as I said I do not know if they really are in love, but I hope it’s a couple I would like to see together so much better! ^^

That paved for BIG, but hey I had to put you in my opinion, and please, people who have had their torque (I think the NaruHina or SasuSaku) does not amuse you insult the people who still love NaruSaku or people who really believe in this couple (like me) because you will wake something REALLY nasty with her folks, and I will not hesitate to defend them! Especially aware that a couple is important but it is not based on Naruto. The end not counting couples was good Hokage Naruto, full of thing that changes by against Orochimaru, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo Kabuto they are or? & I find ugly children (sorry for those who love them) the only one I find beautiful is that Bolt is XDD. In short here they still have more than the film, anime, and the chapter with the kids and that’s it (& it’s not bad!) (by google translate)

But now I think for couples as long as manga Naruto, we must put a hollowing couple, with lots of signs, that is the only way that people like this couple & agrees. As for Fairy Tail or signs for couples are hollowing, gender Levy x Gajeel is a couple that everyone is forced to love.

Peace ! ♥

RIP Graceland

Mike never got laid again
Briggs is still a dick
Paige is still a bitch who tried to kill Mike
Charlie is still mom who loves Christmas
Johnny is very sad bc jakes
Jakes killed Christmas and left
We will never know where tf the gas is
Rip beach dog and hectors tacos
I hope Aaron is ok
I hate my life
Fuck you USA
This show was awesome you assholes

Why the 12 Hour Work Day Isn't 12 Hours for Anyone

How many people have to die or get injured before we limit the work day?

Departments that bring me back their daily department time sheets that actually have twelves marked.

  • Grip
  • Electric
  • Camera
  • Actors
  • Departments that always work more than a twelve:
  • Wardrobe
  • Production
  • Transpo
  • Art
  • Props
  • Craft Services

Departments that often work more than a twelve (due to precalls or prep)

  • Make up
  • Hair

There’s no point to discussing whether or not someone gets paid.  The support departments typically don’t (please don’t think going Union always protects your hours, it depends on the contract and the producer).  What I want to discuss is why, WHY are we working routine 12s and then with commute - let’s allow an hour each way…

So here it is:

  • 12 hour work day
  • 2 hour commute
  • 2 hours shower/eat/dress

TOTAL: 16 hours.

Meaning the most that person is sleeping (if they don’t do anything but what they have to do is 8 hours.  I know damn well other people do their dishes and shop and gas up their cars so let’s be honest and say 6.

For those “lucky” departments that are at a 12, they work the most physical of the jobs.  Joints are strained, knees are hurt.  Bodies get destroyed working G&E.  So, the way I see it is that at 12 is the max we could work them without killing them so we work the max.  Still not ok.

Now me personally? Unless I’m pregnant or sick I personally love long days.  I started loving them less and less as family and life began to have a larger role in things.  But working them doesn’t hurt my body (and I’m much older than I look) and I can usually work a 14 day after day until the cows come home. 

But… I’m also from a family that has it’s own share of Olympic athletes and super marathon runners.  So my base level of fitness is pretty solid and I was raised with that fitness and health and I have a good old dose of good genetics.  That’s allowed me to succeed and accept a system of allocation of resources that needs to be challenged and questioned. And I wonder, how many good folks would I like to work with are eliminated by this system? 

In the interest of diversity, sanity and safety I think we should begin to challenge the twelve hour day. It’s based around money and equipment, not human-power.  How is it not illegal to work me repeatedly on a four hour turn around?  Or a six hour turn around?  Why is an actor allowed twelve but me, who is in charge of safety, repeatedly allotted far less?

And the diversity part?  Look.  When I’m pregnant I’m still a badass AD.  But no doctor is going to clear an 18 hour day for a seven months pregnant AD.  And where am I going to breastfeed or pump (as legally allowed to do so) for 18 hours?  Do you or don’t you want women of all ages on this job?  Or do you only want women who don’t have kids?   What about a pregnant DP?  Or a breastfeeding DP?  Does she just need to sit out or are we going to demand our industry evolve?  It’s time we remembered WOMEN IN FILM are NOT just directors, actors,writers… but ADs, Grips, Electrics, Camera…

And it’s not just a female issue.  Fathers like to see their kids, last I checked too.   I don’t know if anyone for who this works well and who loves it but it come down to what we’ve accepted and what we think is okay. I want to crack the discussion open a bit.  We’re all worried and more aware of safety and for me…

This is the starting point.  So.  Ready set… go. 



you might have read about our special Jensen Photo Op, we’ve @blacksheepsadventure​ been planning for almost a year. If NOT, more details in THIS POST

Last week creation announced that our 2016 HOME CON in Dallas will be the final one, so I was hoping that maybe we’d be lucky and find some more people to join our photo OP.

SPECIAL THREAT: if you do join us, you’ll get the Jensen Photo-OP ticket for free (note you’ll have to have a Convention ticket tho)

we are still looking for

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come on guys you so want to smear fake blood all over your face and neck and run around with a group of people in a kilt, a yukata, a gas mask, and make friends with purgatory!Dean or Eric Brady! and most important (hopefully) put a big smile on Jensen’s face. PLEASE JOIN us.

PS: we can also talk about other Jensen characters, OK (-; but we’d really love to be able to add these two.

for contact: on here or @ fissemaddenzchn on twitter

further participants (that I know the tumblr of:

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Lmao you guys are so pressed about those steroline scenes we got yesterday

What the literal fuck is this ask? Nobody is pressed about the fucking steroline scenes from yesterday, people are irritated because the one storyline that should have actually been about Caroline and her mother was about literally everyone and everything else. I knew I fucking knew that whatever happened in this episode was going to be a prop for steroline, the interviews alone told me that, but stupidly I hoped that for once these writers wouldn’t serve up an offensive pile of dog shit and then try to call it filet mignon, but here we are.

This entire episode showcased Caroline all of ten minutes and half the fucking storyline of this episode revolved around her. This episode should have been about Caroline and Liz, this episode should have been about how Caroline, the eternal optimist, this person who literally radiates light and hope and perseverance has to now accept something that she cannot fix, she is losing the person she loves more than anyone else in the world and she can’t do a thing about it. This girl is losing her last living parent and these assholes didn’t even have the respect to include her in her own story arc.

Every interview that has come out since before this episode has broadcasted this as a steroline heavy episode, shit the interviews that came out after this episode still found some way to turn this into something about caroline and stefans romantic relationship. Am I pressed? No I’m fucking livid and anyone who gives even one fuck about Caroline should be. Fuck Klaroline, fuck Steroline, fuck Carenzo, this should have been about CAROLINE. Instead we got to see almost the entire Liz and Caroline story from the eyes of Stelena who had legit no reason to have been this involved in this story. This episode was about the writers having Stefan somehow clear his conscience after being a shitty friend by telling caroline her mother was dying. This was about Elena suddenly understanding that life is short and wanting to rekindle her relationship with Damon, this had nothing to do with Caroline and everything to do with ships. Then to put the icing on the fucking cake, the last scene we get of Caroline holding her mother’s hand, has to be soiled by zooming in on Caroline holding that rinky dink dollar tree keychain??? Are you kidding me? It’s not like that keychain had any importance to liz and caroline’s relationship, it didn’t symbolize hope or happiness or anything else. These idiots just wanted to let us know beyond reasonable doubt that not only does everyone on the show ship steroline, but for some reason Caroline is not only grieving for her mother but also you know pining after Stefan.

And as “pressed” as you claim I am I don’t know how many times I have to say it, I only hate steroline because of the way they are writing it. This was so damn unnecessary, as someone who shipped steroline for a bit I can tell you right now that they didn’t need to use the death of Caroline’s mother to make this a viable ship. They have scenes upon scenes from seasons 2-4 to prop steroline and they’re using her mother’s death to launch to this shit? Not to mention how disrespectful that is to Liz as a character. They turned her into a prop, she was nothing more than a catalyst for Steroline and Delena. They could have literally spent the entire next episode with Stefan and Caroline talking about the deeper meaning of that snow globe and have Caroline say how much she loved it and how all of her other relationships were preparing her for the day that someone would love her enough to get her a $2 gas station keychain, and that episode would be less offensive and degrading to caroline as a character than this trash we just got. Like even shipping steroline you cannot possibly have wanted this for your ship in any way. I follow steroline shippers who still ship steroline but recognize how gross this episode was so I’m going to assume your in the minority who thought this shitty ass episode was somehow ok because Stefan and caroline hugged as she was grieving about her dying mother.