but i still look pretty in this dress

There have been a lot of weird, quirky one-off characters with stupid, ridiculous weapons in RWBY, but my favorite is still Flynt and his gun trumpet.

Look at this idiot

This is how he dresses to an organized fighting tournament between what are basically national military academies for people with superpowers. “Hmm, I’m going to be fighting highly-trained fighters who can summon explosions, move faster than sound, and control objects with their mind, what kind of armor should I wear to that…got it. Fedora, shades, and a vest. Oh, and an untied tie for good measure.”

That fucking trumpet is his weapon too. People in this show wield scythes bigger than themselves, gloves and boots that double as magical fireball shotguns, floating swords they can control with their minds, and this moron decided to take a trumpet, stick a trigger and grip on it, and call it a day.

And the dumbest part is it works



Like everyone else in the show, he has a special ability on top of his ridiculous weapon. What is his ability? Is it something musical? Something that has to do with waveforms? Something that makes sense? Nope, it’s him playing with himself.




In a world of superpowered crazy people with giant illogically powerful weapons, Flynt Cole is a man with a trumpet, a hat, three clones of himself, and all the jazz his soul can muster.

I fucking love it.

Bring back Flynt!

Day & the Life of a Hogwarts Student!

JK: Hello! My name is Jeon Jungkook! I’m a 5th year Slytherin studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Today, I’m here to give you a look into the life of what it’s like to be a student here at Hogwarts!

Waking Up!

JK:  Getting up is pretty hard for everyone, but thankfully, getting dressed isn’t that bad with a little magic!


JK: I usually go to the Great Hall to eat with Yoongi hyung (who’s a fellow Slytherin) … but he’s usually sleeps instead of eats. Namjoon hyung and Seokjin hyung usually both drop by to say hello too– although, Namjoon hyung’s pretty much like Yoongi hyung– they’re not morning people … at all. And Seokjin hyung is usually being followed by a bunch of admirers because he’s very good looking! (Did you know he was half veela?)

Class Time!

JK: Since I’m a 5th year, I have to take my OWLS at the end of the year, so I have to be diligent and learn & study as much as I can! Especially since my results could potentially affect what jobs I can apply for! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get ‘Outstanding’s on all my subjects!


JK: During my downtime, I like to head over to the Quidditch pitch for some practice! My hyungs from Hufflepuff usually join me too! Taehyung hyung and Hobi hyung are both beaters for their team – I’m the seeker for mine! But more often than not, we wind up goofing off ahahaha 


JK: I usually try to hang out with my friends in between classes! Since all my hyungs are either 6th or 7th years, it can be sometimes hard to meet up with everyone due to our schedules, but all of us usually make an effort to go to dinner together!

End of the Day!

JK: What better way to wrap up the day than with the one thing that everyone loves? FOOD! We return to the Great Hall once again to grab some dinner! I gotta say, the best way to the end the day is eating and hanging out with friends! And although, you’re supposed to sit with your respective houses during meals, we usually wind up goofing off together at the Hufflepuff table before we call it a night!

// Hogwarts!AU based off of @ask-hufflepuff-v ‘s AU! :’)


probably one of the most regal outfits I’ve ever worn,,! :o (but still with lots of hair clips hehe) my absolutely lovely girlfriend got me my dream dress, the angelic pretty x wish me mell salopette, for our anniversary this year!! I wore this look to rufflecon! I still cant believe I own this dress now… my girlfriend is so wonderful T_T


Fenway Park, A.K.A. Diamond City. Not surprisingly, no one was there to let Piper in. Maybe if the survivor had been around, we’d have been able to trick Danny into letting us in … sadly, no dice :(

Ever since the first day I saw you, I noticed your personality. You were funny and smart and sometimes a little loud. But there was a part I didn’t know about you, that was when you were quiet and kept to yourself. I always wondered what was going on in that pretty head of yours when you were quiet. And how you looked, all tall and well dressed with dimples the size of a moons crater. Everything you did made me smile, and it still does. So here I am telling you how I feel in hopes that there’s a slight chance you feel the same. And if you don’t, that’s ok because it doesn’t matter if you break my heart, I will still love you.
—  to you
Lifting Attire

i’ve seen a post going around about what to wear in the summer while you’re lifting, but not one about fall/winter, so i decided to make one!!


  • pea coat - not too big to be suspicious, but when it’s getting pretty chilly in like late October/November you can wear it and take it off as needed. good to hide anything to de-tag in a dressing room or walk out with (MAKE SURE THERE’S NO TAGS!!!)
  • sweatshit - wearing a sweatshirt will look less sus in the cold months. just make sure you still look polished if you’re going to a higher end store. if you live in a college town, get one with the football team’s emblem on it. those should be easy to find, you might even be able to lift one!
  • club jacket - i love these because they’re warm and thick, so they’re good at hiding clothes in.
  • denim jacket - try to find one with inside pockets if you can. 
  • puffer jacket - use in the winter. same as the pea coat, but this is better because you can make it really poofy with what you lift and people won’t think twice. 


  • a bunchy sweater with loose sleeves - this comes in handy for concealing small items. slip them up your sleeve and then discreetely place them in your bag pretending you’re looking for your phone/lotion/chapstick (the latter two are important to have in winter months!!) 
  • a thick flannel - good for putting small items in the pockets
  • carigan - again good for concealing small items, and you can wear a t-shit/tank top underneath.
  • cami - for underneath your sweater/flannel/cardigan. ones with built in bras are extremely helpful for hiding small/flattish items.


  • jeans - always good, try to keep them looking polished. 
  • leggins - if you wear a big sweater, you can tuck things into the waistband. just make sure they don’t slip down!
  • skirt - i love those denim button-front a-line skirts that are in right now because you can shove things in your tights and it doesn’t show. if you wear a skirt, wear tights, because the waistband is always pretty snug and you can fit things in them.


  • tall boots - wrap the scarves/t-shirts you’re lifting around your calves and cover them with your boots.
  • short boots - drop little items in them. doc martens are good for this, because they look very chic when you keep them tied loose. 


  • a good bag is everything. a structured medium-sized bag is always good - MK Selma is the best, but as that is pretty pricey, any good rectangular leather bag will do. i personally use a black leather Coach tote with a solid bottom and stiff leather, so it looks pretty much the same full or empty. make sure it’s not too large and sus, but too small and you won’t be able to lift much. 


  • scarves - scarves are a GODSEND. you can put on necklaces and cover them with your scarf so they aren’t seen. you can also take your scarf off and sort of wrap it around an item you’re concealing before you stuff it in your purse. don’t do that too many times in one store, though, or they’ll start thinking. 
  • gloves - good for getting really small items like jewelry. after you conceal, put them in your gloves so they don’t rattle around in your bag.
  • coffee cup - get a coffee cup (NOT see-through) and drink all your coffee while you’re walking around the store. once you do that, go to a bathroom and rinse it out so there’s not any coffee left. place some napkins in the bottom and then walk around with it. put small things like makeup and jewelry in there. the napkins are so they don’t get gross and you can’t hear them rattling around. you could also bring a reusable coffee cup from home/lift one on your way to the store!
  • hats - same as scarves, put things in it before you tuck it into your bag.


  • same as always - don’t get greedy, don’t get dumb, if it feels wrong it probably is so leave
  • always carry some personal care items like lotion and chapstick. not only will it be an excuse to “dig around” in your bag (drop items in), but also who wants chapped lips and dry hands? nobody!!!
  • the coffee cup method is super great in fall, because you wouldn’t catch anyone in their right mind without a warm beverage!

i hope this helped! you can always message me if you have any questions :^)

p.s. - these tips work for ME at MY stores, which will most likely be different from yours - you assume all responsibility if you get caught using these tips.

Some of my favorite Heartwarming moments from “Tracer: Reflections”

Tracer always does the right thing, even when in a hurry.

And she’s pretty selfless, even around the holidays.

This is Emily, Lena’s girlfriend. She’s a cute redhead with adorable freckles!

Torbjörn has a wife and kids, a fact confirmed by Blizzard. He’ll dress up like Santa for them. Reinhardt and Brigitte are apparently honorary family.

There’s still a little bit of Amélie Lacroix left in there.

Athena has a Holiday Party mode. She apparently did it herself, since Winston was amused by it. Doesn’t she look cute in her little hat?

I was right! Winston does give gorilla hugs!

Happy Holidays to all of you, whatever you celebrate!

  • Chas: Okay, was that a real siren or are you two skiving off and playing x-box again?
  • Aaron: Oh yeah, as if we can get anywhere near it with Liv.
  • Robert: Cain's caravan is on fire, Charity just said.
  • Chas: Oh, my God.
  • Robert: Don't worry, no-one's hurt.
  • Chas: Shall I go up there?
  • Aaron: Dressed like that? You'll put firemen off their hoses.
  • Chas: Eh? I'm going out for a meal later. With Paddy.
  • Aaron: Oh?
  • Chas: Just some scran at the B&B. Nothing to get over excited about.
  • Robert: Have you been snogging his face off already? Cos he looks pretty sore.
  • Chas: No, Robert. That was an accident, actually. With a gerbil. Anyway, what are we doing for Aaron's birthday on Thursday?
  • Aaron: I've not really thought about it.
  • Chas: No, that's okay, love. We've still got time. I just need to know dress code. You know, smart, cazh... inflatable sumo outfit.
  • Robert: Calm down, it's not like is a big one.
  • Chas: What? Every year is a big one until you get to 40, at least.
  • Robert: It's a school night. I've got meetings. Aaron's fine with it, don't worry.
  • Chas: Meetings? You're not Richard Branson, love. Look, this is the one day of the year when you get to shower your fella with everything his little heart desires.
  • Robert: It's not really my style.
  • Aaron: I'm honestly not bothered about it.
  • Robert: If it makes you happy, do the sumo thing.

Black people will really know a white woman is mediocre compared to a black woman and still accommodate the white woman based off white supremacist principle. It reminds me of how I was at a bar a couple of years ago and this white woman won a twerk-off. Not because she was the best or anything, but because it’s “sexy” for a white woman to do what black woman been doing for years! My cis had to cover my mouth up because she knew I was finna go off and call foul.

 I then remembered when my university had a mini fashion contest. All the black girls were dressed to impressed. They all looked so pretty. This white girl decides to go up there since her friends volunteered her. This was shortly after I participated in a pageant and I was the only black girl there. People told me I didn’t place in spite of being articulate and intelligible because I was the only black girl there, and it was not likely for the judges to choose me over all those white girls. Naively, I thought that same logic applied to a white girl in a sea of black girls. WRONG. I heard people cheer for the white girl (literally in that wording) to be picked. Obviously it was based off of the loudest applause (which should not be put into effect because it is a popularity contest and not accurate at all), so guess who won? 

  Naturally, the meek white girl was cute but she was not more fashionable than some of the other black girls on stage. She was chosen because once again, black people love prioritizing white women over black women because in their twisted and warped little minds, black women are already prioritized and the standard of the black community, so why not do the white woman a favor? I mean, it doesn’t matter if in the real world, white women are the standard of EVERYTHING. Black men especially want to make white women they know are mediocre over the “pretty” and “mean” black women who don’t want the Becky to be great. Right. This isn’t a 90′s teen comedy featuring ridiculously attractive girls and the mildly attractive white girl is “better” than them. This is the real world. So for me to hear people equate Lady Gaga’s performance with Beyonce or to equate Kim’s pregnancy photo with Beyonce as well is to suggest you don’t like the idea of a white woman being subpar to a black woman even if it’s theoretically true. Hell, with the logic of respectability politics and misogyny, Michelle Obama is “better” than Melania Trump. She has an education, dresses conservative, and does not have a controversial history. But white America still chose Trump partially over the fact he had a pretty white wife. That was it. Melania is pretty, so she must be on the level of a black woman with years of expertise and prestige than the former. It is the same logic as how an incompetent celebrity became president over a white career woman who has been in politics for 40 years! That’s the logic of bigots who play catch-22 with our marginalized groups!

My Dear

I wrote this for my secret Santa gift to @lafayetteislaffytaffy . I’m not big on fanfiction so I don’t do it often. I hope it’s still good for you! It’s pretty big, I got carried away but I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it! I’ve had a great being your secret Santa. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Prompt: Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette clash as they both try to woo you. ;)



I sit in front of my mirror in my room contemplating on how to do my hair for tonight. Eliza walks up behind me and hold up a light blue dress and beautiful ruffles around the elbows and hips. “This would look beautiful on you! Mr. Jefferson and Lafayette won’t be able to keep their eyes off you tonight.” My cheeks blush a dark red as she teases me and works on my hair.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I look down at my table fidgeting with my hair brush.

“You can’t be that blind! Everyone can see how they look at you. The last time you three were in the same room, I thought a fight was going to break out in front of everyone!” Eliza continues to help me get ready for the ball tonight.

“How about you! Alexander Hamilton has his eyes on you! He wouldn’t have invited us tonight unless he’s interested.” Eliza and I have been friends since we were children, we can talk about anything and everything together.

“God I hope so! His eyes will be the death of me.” She swoons and with a smirk, we finish getting ready for the party. And I can’t deny that I’m excited. Who can say that they have two absolutely powerful and handsome men chasing after them.

All the Schuyler sisters and I walked into the ball hand in hand. I’m nearly bouncing out of my pants with excitement. Looking around the ballroom, there were so many familiar faces that I’m so excited to be properly introduced.

Peggy pulls on my arm and whispers, “Look! It’s George Washington! Oh! You’ll have to tie me down or I’m going to end up jumping through the roof!” I laugh at her and continue walking around the edge of the dancefloor.


Thomas Jefferson

There she is. I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for her. And there she is. Standing there so beautiful like an angel. I immediately head straight for her. If Hamilton knew that I, the great Thomas Jefferson was anxious with sweaty palms while going to talk to a mere girl he would laugh until he died…. Maybe I should tell him. That would get him in the grave and out of my hair.

I walk towards her and when she finally catches the sight of me, she freezes like a deer in headlights. A slight blush makes its way to her cheeks and I’m going backflips internally. I love that I can cause her to have a reaction to me without doing anything.

“Y/n” I bend to kiss her hand but keep my eyes on her face.

“M-mr. Jefferson.” She does a cute curtsey. I can tell she’s nervous and that makes me even more excited.

“You look beautiful tonight.” From my compliment, her blush deepens and I’m surprise she can’t hear how loud my heart is beating.

“T-thank you. I’m glad to see you here. I mean like, that you and Mr. Hamilton are on good enough terms for you to be invited here. Not because…ummmm” God she couldn’t be more adorable.

“Me too. Or else I wouldn’t have been able to see you tonight.” I hope her eyes as I watch her turn more bashful.

“Mr. Jefferson, there are some short matters that need your attention at the moment.” I look over to see a footman calling my attention. God did I want to punch him. I don’t want to leave y/n alone in a room full of hungry men but, “I suppose.” I turn and excuse myself and turn outside.



Finally, he’s gone. I can’t stand to see him touching her and standing so close. I sent that footman to go grab his attention to give me a moment to my sweet, y/n. Right when he’s out the door, I head straight for y/n. When I get closer to her, I see Eliza and y/n huddling and whispering close. I clear my throat to catch their attention. They shot up straight and turn to face me.

“Mesdames.” I bow low.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again Lafayette.” Eliza says for the both of them. Looking over at her, I give credit where credit is due that she is beautiful. She’s the sweetest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I hope Alexander doesn’t mess this up. This girl is going to be the best thing that happened to him.

Even though she looks beautiful, she is nothing compared to my y/n. Looking over at her, I catch she staring at me with sweet eyes I feel like I can drown myself in.

“I’m feeling a bit parched. I’m going to get myself punch. If you’ll excuse me.” I do a head nod to acknowledge her departure but I do not look away from y/n.

Once y/n realizes she’s left alone with me, her eyes grow a bit larger and blush as she peeks at me through her lashes.

“It’s good to see you again.” She squeaks out.

“It’s been too long. I’m glad I got to see you tonight. Would you mind a dance with me?”
“N-no. Of course. I’d be honored.” Taking her small hand in mind, I lead her towards the dance floor. Holding her hand, I feel a new sense of energy run through me. Gently swinging her around the dance floor, I can’t help but think how perfectly she molds to fit me. With every second that passes she becomes more comfortable with me holding her and she seems to be enjoying being in my arms. The song unfortunately starts to slow to the end when I hear a grumble off to our right. Both our heads swing up to see Thomas Jefferson staring daggers at me. Y/n freezes up in my arms and I suddenly feel anger towards Jefferson. Ruining this beautiful moment for me. I knew he’s been wanting y/n while I have as well. Turning towards him, we start to leave the dance floor.


“Lafayette.” He grumbles.

For some reason, he looks surprisingly like me. Hmmmm.



Oh bother! How did it come to this? I was having such a great time. The tension between the two was almost palpable.

Jefferson turns to address me and Lafayette tenses up beside me. “Would you like to take a walk around?”

Before I could reply, Lafayette cuts in before me, “I’m sorry, monsieur. She’s going to accompany me as I find Monsieur Hamilton. I’m sure she would love to see her friends.”

Lafayette puts his hand on the small of my back and is about to turn us away as Jefferson cuts in again. “I highly doubt she would like to be paraded around and following you throughout the night. I sure she would like to go round about and see the land.” Jefferson reaches for my hand but Lafayette turns to put himself between us.

“I’m sorry Jefferson but I can’t allow her to go off with you. You never know what a man may be planning.”

“The same can go for you. She is without a proper chaperone. Imagine how it will look with her waltzing around with an immigrant.” They start to inch closer to each other, ready to fight.

“And how will she look walking around alone with a man who speaks of equality but owns hundreds of slave? Hypocrite.”

“Oh! I don’t want to be causing any trouble now. Why don’t we just go our own way. It wouldn’t be good for anyone if something were to go wrong right now. Please.” I try to reason with them and wedging in between them.

“You’re not causing any trouble my dear.” Jefferson says but doesn’t look at me.

“I’ll keep you safe, my sweet.” Lafayette emphasises.

“I’ll make sure nothing happens to you, why don’t you come stand behind me darling.” He grumbles.

The two go back and forth a few more times and continues to inch forward, sandwiching me in the middle.

“My dear y/n. Give me the honor of a dance.” All three of us look over to see Hercules Mulligan.Giving him a thankful smile, I take his hand and let him lead me to the dance floor. Bending low to whisper in my ear, he says, “It looked like you needed a little help, and nothing is better than a little bit of jealousy.” Biting back a giggle, I look over my shoulder to see Jefferson and Lafayette staring daggers in Hercules now.

You know who Arthur Ketch really reminds me of?

Cuthbert Sinclair.

And not just on a crazy conspiracy theory level (although you CAN spell nearly all of Arthur Ketch’s name from ‘Cuthbert Sinclair’ and the one letter you can’t find is actually the same sound as letters that ARE in Cuthbert’s name… just saying).

Arthur Ketch practically IS Cuthbert Sinclair, except the BMoL have actually allowed him to flex his muscles and have still managed to keep him on a leash. (Although Lady Toni still referred to him as a 'psychopath.’)

The have a similar way of talking to but down to people, they have crazy experimental lethal weapons that cause an absurd amount of pain, and they’re both pretty damn ruthless.

Oh, and obviously: both Men of Letters.

Both pretty generic-looking white guys with dark, obnoxiously greased and parted hair, and are dressed well… complete with goddamn pocket squares.

Nah, I don’t think this amounts to anything. Like, at all. 

But until the show proves otherwise, I’ll go ahead and have a completely cracky headcanon that Arthur Ketch is Cuthbert Sinclair’s long lost son.

I was over at my cousin’s house for a birthday, and she asked if I wanted to draw pictures with her, with her new gel pens (Yeah, those are still a thing.)

She liked the princess I drew. I told her that the princess had probably just received a lovely letter from the bird in her hand (black like a raven) that had been delivered to her from her admirer. I told her that she lived in a kingdom by the sea. My cousin really liked her pretty blue dress.

In other news, I am completely over poe party ending why, why would you even bring that up?

(I’ll probably be redoing this drawing in some other medium. Gel pens are great, but I’m better with a pencil)



This is a bit scattered, but I want to share what’s been going on with me in relation to my gender.
I’ve been struggling pretty heavily the last few months or so with being perceived as a man. I’ve worked so hard to become comfortable in my body and to understand who I am and how I belong, and now I’m here and it feels like I still don’t fit into this world.
I’m constantly gendered at my job, and everywhere I go I have the awareness that people are not seeing me for who I am because of the way that I look and dress. I want everyone to look at me and know that I feel more connected to womanhood and that the idea of manhood is alien to me. I want it to be known that I reject every idea and definition of what men are supposed to be and actively challenge it. I have 20 years of experience in being socialized as a woman, and feel a huge emotional and spiritual connection to others who have experienced the same. And it hurts me so much that there are spaces and conversations surrounding that I can no longer be apart of, or don’t feel comfortable contributing to.
In saying all of this, I’m aware of the privilege that passing as a white cis man has provided me, and that I can exist without ever facing a threat of violence because of it. The adjustment is just tremendously difficult for me. Simultaneously feeling the most comfortable in my body I have ever been, and the most misunderstood by society I have ever been is a hard reality for me to accept.


Ginerva Molly Weasley Moodboard ♡

Could dress up, to get love
But guess what?
I’m never gonna be that girl
Who’s living in a Barbie world

Could wake up, in make up, and play dumb
Pretending that I need a boy
Who’s gonna treat me like a toy

I know the other girlies wanna wear expensive things, and diamond rings
But I don’t wanna be the puppet that you’re playing on a string
This queen don’t need a king