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Ok but like…if you’re against Wayward Sisters then you’re pretty much against supernatural itself. IF Wayward is successful (tweet the hell out of it, watch it on the CW app!!!) we very well could see MORE of the SPN universe/SPN characters for a few more years once the show comes to an end. (whenever that will be lol) 

Supernatural was once a show that was barely hanging on with Eric Kripke hoping to get a season renewal back in s1-3. But 10+ years later with a spinoff to be happening with a female lead cast FT Kim fucking Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster? You’d have to be a fool to say no to that  

  • Me: They need to stop impaling Kurt
  • Sassy Sister: *wasn't listening* "stop impregnating Kurt"?!
  • Me: *sarcastic laughter* Yeah, they really need to stop!
  • Non-Fandom Sister: *eyebrow raise* Like that hasn't happened.
  • Me: There was this one time aliens knocked out the whole team and the alien queen laid eggs in all of them.
  • Non-Fandom Sister: *looks pleased*

Important Shining Live EN Takeaways

I just came from the Klab Gaming Stream (episode 60) and here’s 2 key points that are HIGHLY importante:

1. EN’s event schedule and stuff will run SIMUTANEOUSLY with JP. Meaning when they get that great bunny boy Ranmaru event (jk thats not an event I made that up) we will too!

2. You will NOT be able to transfer your JP account to EN. It won’t be fair to get a really strong JP account crushing newcomers that waited for EN :c


Some cool screenies:


6 wlw movies coming out soon:

Thelma (2017) dir. Joachim Trier
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
(2018) dir. Desiree Akhavan
My Days of Mercy
(2017) dir. Tali Shalom Ezer
Vita and Virginia
(2018) dir. Chanya Button
(2018) dir. Craig William Macneill
(2018) dir. Sebastián Lelio

8 of my current fav wlw films

Ok dumb thought, but like… the inquisition is lucky that the inquisitor leaned down and caught the orb with their hand. i woulda just stopped it with my foot like u would a soccer ball or something.  Like imagine trying to close rifts with ur feet.