but i still liked the result a lot


I just miss Keta a lot.

thatkidwhoarts  asked:

so i feel like i could cosplay as a Dark Elf (not Dan but a Dark Elf in general) and i was wondering if the outfits are (more or less) the same as Dan's?? assuming the color palette is the same of course

Uh - I haven’t really thought of/designed any other Dark Elf outfits.. they could be all different though, I suppose! Probably still dark palettes (though there could be that one Dark Elf who is unconventional and wears like, bright purple haha). I would just look up “dark elf costumes” on Pinterest or something haha, that’s basically what I did for Dan’s outfit (but very much simplified, since the majority of the results were way too complicated to draw a lot of)

On Procrastination...

I have been a procrastinator my entire life… doing everything we tend to do, struggling with everything we are famous for. 

Here are three major learnings I would like to share:

 1. … is THE thief of time.

Meaning that it procrastinating definitely is the worst way to spend your most precious resource. Hanging round the house because there is still homework to do… not doing it until late night… simply does not make any sense. 

Constantly procrastinating probably is the only sure way not to be successful. 

This clip sums it up perfectly: 

2. You can get a lot done by avoiding doing something

Procrastination - “the denial of work” - does not automatically mean to WASTE time frees energy and creates results!

It sound totally weird but while you do something in order to deny work you can actually get a lot of other useful stuff done. 

… review your numbers and tracking
… call someone you should talk to (more)
… reorganize your calendar to be prepared for everything next week
… sit with your strategy team and check the course of your enterprise
… clean your desk/ optimize your processes
… plan your next move (marketing activities, sales pitches, hiring someone, …)


If you can’t help to procrastinate… try to use the time for something that at least contributes to your success somehow…

3. Your inner procrastinator is wise

Believe it or not - but the feeling that makes you procrastinate is a perfect compass. 

By an unknown reason your inner procrastinator always seems to know what really matters. It is very much likely that it is this awareness what creates the unpleasant feeling inside. 

But it also works the other way around: this feeling reliably flags what to care about. 

It tells you clearly and precisely the one thing to do. 

PS: With these three thoughts in mind I was able to accept being a procrastinator… and to make the absolute best of it. 

Your m


We’ll eat you up, we love you so! 

I had these illustrations just sitting in my sketchbook for weeks and I’m very glad to finally have them colored. (I can still feel my wrists aching just by looking at these aaugh).

These were done purely for fun, and along with feeling like doing a crossover that I have not seen done yet. Drawing these were super fun to do and I hope you enjoy haha <3


All’s fair in friendship and espionage.

screen portrayals of jo march ranked by butchness

I’ve never seen any of these but does jo even cut her hair off in any of them? has anyone even read the book?

katharine hepburn (1933)

sorry katharine, but there’s just nothing redeeming here. I guess she’s leaning against the mantel? that’s a little butch.

1980 anime christmas special

pretty bad. the mom wears some kind of waistcoat thing in this so I don’t know why they put jo in this weird ruffled dress with that ugly brooch

susan day (1978)

wrong hair color, but they still got her mostly right. the plaid on plaid makes up for the bow. (she marries william shatner in this movie)

june allyson (1949)

this is a butch outfit. the colors are really masculine and I like the collar and that weird square pattern. they could have taken it a lot further, but a really good effort. also the first google image result was from afterellen, so I’m giving her points for that. I would probably marry this woman.

winona ryder (1994)


Hey guys.

As we all know far too well, Election Day is tomorrow. It’s going to be a stressful day for many, since who becomes president tomorrow will determine if their rights and lives will be respected or not. A lot of people will face intimidation, discrimination, and aggression at the polls and as the results are tallied. We all are hoping or praying for the best, but the outcome right now is still uncertain and the coming weeks will undoubtedly be faced with a lot of hate and anger over differing opinions and sentiments about who wins.

With this in mind, I’d like to ask people to not give up. It will be hard, I know, but please, no matter what happens, do not give up. Don’t stop fighting for what you believe is right. Don’t start believing that it’s the end and that things can’t improve. And please don’t think that the outcome of the election means that there’s nothing good with the world and its people. There is, I promise.

But please, please don’t give up, if not for yourselves, then for the people you care about. Everybody will be affected by the results of the election, including people you love. Please keep your hopes up and don’t quit trying. Even if everything seems awful and horrible, please keep going through it until you come out on the other side.

It scares me to think of what will happen to this country tomorrow. But it scares me even more to think of all the people who could be negatively affected by the election give up on everything. It may seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. Don’t let yourselves think that way, please. Stay strong, friends. We’re in this together and we will get through this.

you know, I know its taboo and shit to say but like … just because dialectical behavioral therapy has been shown to have a lot of good results doesn’t mean it works for /everyone/ with BPD or other mental illnesses DBT is used to treat.

like we can’t just keep faulting people individually for not getting better with certain systems of treatment? Which is why I don’t mind that so many people are interested in studying psychology, because there’s always more you can do and theres always new things that may help those who aren’t getting better with existing methods of treatment for mental illness. 

basically: u go you psychology nerds. create new shit.

Evolution of a Zelda mockup. Since I haven’t made a gown like this before, I started with the Zelda knockoff pattern (Simplicity 8113) which resulted in the muslin at left. It’s similar enough to the reference image to be a good starting point, but needs a lot of adjustments to be accurate.

The bottom right image is after fitting it to my measurements, reshaping the neckline, and adding darts. It still has a ways to go, but it’s starting to look right.


Request: Hi!! You can leave this ask if you want to, but I saw your description and wanted to leave a request: Spidey is walking down the street and he saves this girl so he follows her around like her guardian angel with lots of fluff at the end, please???

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: None! Unless you count fluff. Then, fluff!!!!!

Notes: This took forever school makes me so busy I’m so sorry! also this is told from Peter’s POV :-)

I walked around the corner of Fifth Avenue for the third time that night. I was just about to round back to the escape latter of my apartment building, this day really kicked my ass. I stopped three robberies just this morning, was late to Science and English which resulted in me getting detention, and still had to stop a shooter downtown at a bakery. To say I was excited to get back into my bed for the night was an absolute understatement.

I was on the second floor when my Spidey senses went off the chart. I pivoted left and right in search of anything close to me that was happening. I didn’t see anything within distance, so I lifted my arm and flung my web to the streetlight on the right of me and carried myself to the top, continuing until I was on the rooftop of the apartment building.

“Where the hell-?”

“Help, please someone help-!”

The scream abruptly stopped, my anxiety grew more as my eyes darted everywhere. I silently cursed myself for being preoccupied with my thoughts instead of actually looking. I took a deep breath before concentrating on my senses. It took a couple of seconds but I was able to pick up on the heavy breathing and the hushed voices – the most prominent voice was deeper, most likely a man in his late thirties.

I jumped onto three different building tops before settling on one below where a man had a girl pinned against a brick wall. She looked small from here, maybe a couple years younger than me. I almost missed the guy lifting the back of his hand in attempt to slap her, but before he can my web is already springing toward him and gripping his arm. I pull my arm, bringing him with me. Jumping from the roof down to the ground I bring both of my wrists up, pinning him against a garbage bin before turning toward the younger girl. While seeing her I see she is definitely my age.


Her eyes were wide, making them impossibly more beautiful. Just looking at her brings a heat to my cheeks, but before I could look incredibly stupid in front of her I bow my head and mumble a small, “At your service.”

I cringe inwardly at the response I give her, but her small laugh encourages me to grab her hand and pull her toward me. “Where to, Miss?”

“Don’t you have to take care of him first?”

I turn my head back to the man knocked unconscious trapped in my web and laugh lightly. “He’s not going anywhere. I’ll call it in when I get home.” She nodded, looking down and noticing how close we were. Her cheeks flare a little, almost making me melt at the sight of her innocence. “Speaking of home,” at this she looks back up at me, a small smile on her face, “where would I find yours?” She laughed again, tilting her head to the left, the brick wall she was just pinned against a couple of minutes ago.

“Actually, this building is mine. I was almost home free, but, you know… bad luck and all that.” She looked down in embarrassment, the color growing much brighter on her face.

“Hey,” I dropped my voice to a whisper, my hand coming up to her chin, lifting it back toward me, “I know about bad luck. Everyone has bad days. As long as you’re okay.”

“Of course I am!” Her voice came out louder than intended, I’m sure, but her smile returned, almost twice as big as the one she had given me before. “I had my guardian angel, Spidey, with me.” Her right eye dropped to a wink, making me thank whoever was above us for me wearing a mask right now. “Well,” she leaned up to kiss my masked cheek, backing away from my embrace and walking toward the front door of her apartment building, “Thank again, Spider-Man.”

She was already all the way inside the building, too far for her to hear me, when I brought my hand up to my burning cheek, “Anytime, Angel.”

It’s been three weeks since I saved (Y/N). I hadn’t spoken to her since that night but I had seen her name on a piece of mail she had dropped on her way in. A Heavenly sound from a heavenly human. I had been watching her every night on her way home from work to make sure she would get home safe. I tried to convince myself that I was following her to make sure she was safe for the sake of being the superhero I am, but I knew my sorry ass only followed her because I enjoyed listening to her sing her top three favorite songs on her way home, I liked watching her sit on her favorite park bench as she interacted with the countless dogs that came up to her. I loved knowing the kind of books she’d read in the café after work while she ordered the same hot drink with a hint of vanilla.

As I watched her round her corner and was just about to open her door, my feet hit the floor and I cleared my throat, causing her to turn and face me.

“S-Spider-Man?” She looked around us, noticing we were alone. I caught the small smile on her face as she walked closer to me. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, I just wanted to see you again.”

“Really?” Her smile grew and so did the color in her face, her gaze leaving mine and focusing on the floor instead.

“Yeah, I, uh, I’ve been watching over you, kind of, for the past three weeks. Crap! I mean, I just was making sure you got home safe. You walk alone at night and there’s crazy people, you know? I mean, God, I sound crazy.” I back away slightly, my face burning with embarrassment and my head shaking. Spider-Man was supposed to be confident, yet somehow around her my Peter was more prominent than ever.

Her laugh caused me to look back up at her. “You’re cute. Thank you for watching over me.”

It was quiet for awhile, us just smiling at each other.

“Well, I should get inside now.”

I panicked slightly before my eyes fell onto the book she was holding and before I could stop myself I found myself asked, “Can I borrow your book?”

“My what?” She turned back around, her eyes as wide as mine.

“Um, I was just wondering. I’ve been wanting to read it and I, uh, was just asking. I’m sorry, never mind.”

“Wait,” her hand rested on my shoulder, causing me to force my arm back to my side and turn toward her again. “Here, but this means I need to see you again. I want my book back.”

Her smile caused me to smile at her again.

“How about we meet at your café? Friday?”

“Are you asking me out, Spidey?”

“Well, I, uh… yes?”

“It’s a date.” She leaned up to kiss my cheek again, handing me the book in the process and then walking into her building after giving me another smile.

I walked into the café on Friday at 7, the time (Y/N) usually was here. I was nervous to go up to her without my Spider-Man suit on, but I wanted her to like Peter, not the mask. After grabbing my order off the counter, I walked up to her table. “(Y/N)?”

She looked up, her eyebrows pulled in as she looked at me in confusion. “Yes?”

“I brought your book back. It was a good read.” I smiled at her, her gaze falling on the book for just a second before standing from her seat and looking at me, her sudden burst causing both of our eyes to widen. She looked around at the other people in the shop before leaning into me. “Spidey?”

I laughed a little before taking a seat across from hers. “Call me Peter.”

She looked awestruck for a moment, just looking at me. Her eyes came up to my face, her soft hands gently caressing me. My cheeks burned a little more, thinking this might have been a mistake. I almost got up before she sat back in her seat, a wide smile on her face.

“Peter,” she whispered, “I like that. It’s nice to finally meet you.”


Jeff: Too lazy to cut his hair, too lazy to brush it, so he puts it up. Nobody’s sure if it’s a bird’s nest or a bun though.

BEN: Perfected the art of making his hair look intentionally messy, spends hours on his hair just to make it look less taken care of. An enigma that nobody really understands besides the man himself.

Laughing Jack: Is a fucking hipster at heart, doesn’t like his hair to get in the way and is actually a very tidy person, resulting in a very neat and tidy bun. Still gets teased for the hipster flair though.

I spent 4 days on and off on this because semester finals are killing me.

But it was a lot of fun.

EDIT: Fixed color scheme and text, signed it too.


“You shouldn’t have come here, boys.”

Here are just a few shots of my Meg Masters cosplay (from the episode “Abandon All Hope”) that my lovely sister took. You can see more of her work, including cosplay photography, here.

This is about as screen accurate as I could get this outfit at this point; tracking down the shirt and ID’ing the jeans and finding them took a lot of time and patience. Because of this, even though there are some changes I would very much like to make, I’m still extremely pleased with the result.

Lots of people have done things at age 13 that wound up following them the rest of their lives, but it’s rarely anything good (most likely an event that resulted in a crude genital or feces-based nickname). Well, Zack Ward made this little Christmas movie 33 years ago, and still gets stopped on the street. He probably always will.

“It happens all the time, it’s bizarre. I’m 47, I wear glasses, and still everywhere I go, two or three times a week. Johnny Depp came up to me once, Snoop Dogg came up to me and was like ‘Hey, man, aren’t you that guy I wanted to beat the shit out of when I was a kid?’”

Keep in mind, when A Christmas Story was released in 1983 it only made $19 million (for comparison, the long-forgotten helicopter action movie Blue Thunder, made 42 million that year). But now it’s impossible to get through the holiday season without seeing at least a clip of it (TNT does a 24-hour marathon of just this movie on Christmas Eve every year). It took the cast a few years to realize they had something iconic on their hands.

My Bizarre Life After Playing The Bully In A Christmas Story


It’s blueberry and bubblegum! The cranky twins take the Reddit 50/50 challenge together, with varied results.

A lot of people seemed to like my last edits of Ethan, so I decided to do a bit more this time. 100% inspired by @protectmark‘s septic twins edits.

Also, @markired, figured I’d tag you again since you liked the other ones ^^

Just Before Dawn {a shallura fic}

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Set the morning after Closer to Midnight, Shiro and Allura wake up to find their minds still linked together. Shiro needs to get back to his room; Allura doesn’t want him to leave. Fortunately, she’s very persuasive.

Notes: I honestly have lost all control of my life at this point, so I wrote this. I had a cute idea for how to extend Closer to Midnight, and this is the result. It’s 3am no one judge me.

{Read it on AO3}

They really did that. All of it.

A very pleasing mental image of Shiro naked on top of her blossoms into her mind, and she blushes so hard the markings under her eyes glow pink.

So you’re awake then

The thought arrives from Shiro, accompanied by a burst of amused affection. He’s enjoying the mental image too, and another one arrives in her head: a very clear picture of herself, naked in front of him, her head thrown back and her hands clutching the bedsheets.

She bites her lip.

You just enjoy making me blush

( I’m still alive!! I swear!!

But here’s just a quick lil valentine I made up to send to your favorite Jooniepeople ay. )

Things my 5 month old puppy does.
  • Brings sticks inside, that weigh just as much as he does and places them by my feet “MOM LOOK WHAT I GOT”.
    • Pretty sure he asks for help from another one of the dogs because i don’t think he can get the sticks he brings inside up the stair.
  • Bites my toes in the morning, approximately at 4:45AM to go upstairs, and to go outside to use the potty.
  • Barks a lot, and in response to me when I talk to me.
    • This can go on for like an hour.
  • Refuses to sit still while getting a bath, and results in me sitting in the tub with him so I can get him clean.
  • Rolls onto his back when he sees me walking towards him with the leash.
    • contrary to this, he really likes walks and barks at the bit Husky down the street from our house like he could actually win in a fight with them.
  • Learned to roll onto his back when he sees anyone walking towards him, something my other dog, Eddie does.
  • Has learned how to sit and how to lay down when he gets a treat.
    • He’s learning how to shake right now.
  • Knows how to run after a thrown ball, but refuses to bring it back.
  • Sits on my feet when I’m playing piano, making it hard to press the pedals.
    • Also sits on my feet when I’m watching TV. Usually falls asleep.
  • Likes cheetos.
  • Greets me at the front door at 4:00 PM Everyday after work.
  • Really likes leaves and jumps into the piles outside before barking at them.
    • Watches leaves fall from the trees in our backyard, barks at the leaves falling.
  • Sits at the top of the stairs when I come up after getting ready for work, and waves his paw for me to pet his head.
  • We went shopping for his winter jacket yesterday.
    • He likes the pet store, and has made friends with a bunny and a ferret while there.
  • He likes car rides, but doesn’t like to stick his head out the window. He does bark at people in other cars though.

Thesis is stressful, but on the bright side, I managed to finally make a breakthrough story-wise with my OCs. Remember this gal?

Well, I’ve once again revamped my original..story..thing. Her name is Richie Dy (pronounced “dee”) and is Aza’s older sister (changing Aza’s last name too as a result). Richie’s of working age, and they live together without their parents (either they’re dead or separated, haven’t figured that out yet). Aza’s in high school, still going through the typical teenage struggles. The catch is, she can turn into a cat-sized dragon.

I’ve changed Aza’s personality as a result. She’s a lot more inquisitive, still a prankster, and since she’s only allowed to use her dragon powers in their home, she likes to stay in that form quite a lot, much to Richie’s annoyance. These are just some studies on their relationship dynamics I suppose. Sorry, still wondering if I should revamp or just modify Aza’s human design so I didn’t draw that yet. Her next most recent design was this


Looking through the files on my computer I found…that. I wish I didn’t remember drawing it, but I do. So after overcoming the embarrassment, I decided to redraw it. And this is the result. I’m still far from where I would like to be (to draw as good as @papabay is my goal), but dammit, I have improved, and I’m excited to think that in two years I will look at the 2017 drawing and feel embarrassed too. That’s the best thing about art, right? you’re always improving.

And I want to thank @papabay, because thanks to them (I don’t know papabay’s gender and I’m learning to use gender neutral pronouns, so I’m sorry if I haven’t used it correctly) I didn’t stop drawing. I hated how I drew, so for less than a year I stopped, because it was really frustrating, and I couldn’t bear it. But I didn’t stop following the talent and work of @papabay, and that encouraged me to start again. Being as good as @papabay (sorry for the extreme tagging) was my reason for giving it a try again and creating this blog, and although I know I won’t reach they (again, gender neutral pronoun), because they keeps improving (and very fast), I won’t stop, not again, not now that I have your support. Thank you very much, to @papabay and to all of you, especially thanks to @gracie-sketchy-cat @fruitysmellz @ninjaellis @tabine @nairil-daeris @asiantwinkies @tentenhyuga-toranokuma because you really back me up and oh man I’m so happy when I see your comments in my work. I’ll shut up now, I promise, it’s just that I’m happy. Thank you very, very much.

So I saw this comment about my town Safe Haven recently. (Just one of them, believe me there are much, much ruder ones). I know this is one of the comments that isn’t a big deal but I’d like to clarify some things.

It’s not possible to built this town overnight, no - not even with hacks. It still took me months. I overthink the landscaping a lot and rebuilt specific areas several times until I’m happy with the result. A very important part is also the stories of my towns, they are much more for me than you could possibly think.

Safe Haven is meant for people to be - like the name already says - a Safe Haven, where people can find peace and safety and escape from the real world for a while. That’s the reason why I built this town. 

I don’t know why people allow themselves to judge about something they know nothing about and/or haven’t made any experiences with it. You can basically just judge me if you sat here beside me watching me creating this town. 

I owe this post every other person who hacks their town too and got any hate or negative comments because of that. No matter if hacked or not, we all put love and effort in our towns!

I’m tired of people that spread negativity in our acnl community.

With Love, Bella