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ok i know we all think the wedding is jake and amy’s but….can i introduce you to the concept of it being the celebration of the union between captain raymond jacob holt and professor kevin cozner?????

just imagine, after their reunion (almost one year apart!!!!) they decide that yes, they really do want to have a tasteful celebration of their love for each other and all that’s kept them apart. they plan it, kevin and ray show up in IMPECCABLE tuxedos. cheddar is the ring bearer. the squad does some like…honor guard thing down the aisle. terry is ray’s best person. idk maybe gina is kevin’s best person. idk. happy dancing where kevin and ray have slight smiles on their faces as they waltz IMPECCABLY to some meaningful song. maybe they do a slow dance to a jazz piece about l o ve. the end scene has amy and jake looking at each other, looking at the captain and kevin across the hall and how besotted they are, and just….”maybe,” they think. “maybe.” 

just…..the holt/cozner wedding we’ve been waiting for, with the couple that’s been apart for ONE!!YEAR!!! 

they deserve this. u know they do


Astrophe Boys.

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So I was distressed by the destruction of Ezra’s old cutlass-saber, not just because it was awesome, but also because it was a perfect “space pirate” weapon. I was worried about his new weapon, because I thought it was too standard…

But look at how he holds it.

It’s a rapier now. 

It’s still the same weapon–a one-handed fencing blade, made for quick movements and flourishing attacks. So we still have our little Space Pirate with his buccaneer blade…it’s just a new one.

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Why does Asgore take back his apology at the end of the pacifist route after he hears that practically everyone else tried killing Frisk too? If anything, he should be more sorry to have put us through that after all we've been through. (yes I'm still bitter)

(undertale spoilers)

For context, here is the script from the game:

Given Undyne’s wide smile as she delivers the last line, the tone of this exchange appears to be humorous in nature (like much of Undertale itself, in all reality). It’s difficult to discern whether Asgore’s words should be taken at face value, and whether he truly does not wish to apologize. Both positions will be analyzed here.

On the one hand, Asgore actually being sorry for trying to kill Frisk would be more in line with his dialogue in the Neutral route.

I’m sorry…
I couldn’t give you a simple, happy ending…
But I believe your freedom…
…is what my son…
…what ASRIEL would have wanted.

I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope…
I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.
Please… Young one…
This war has gone on long enough.

Asgore is referred to throughout the game by multiple characters as a “weenie” and “pushover” and other similarly amicable terms that indicate somebody who does not wish to harm others, and much of his behavior in the presence of Frisk reflects this. In this greater context, the isolated lines being discussed here might make more sense as being joke lines that don’t reflect Asgore’s true feelings.

On the other hand, Asgore clearly felt a compulsion to fight Frisk in the first place, and perhaps his dialogue here is an indication that he still recognizes that he needed to try to kill Frisk for the benefit of monsterkind, even though he hated the prospect of more fighting. Perhaps this line pays homage to his desire for the Underground to have hope, and his perception that fighting the humans of the Underground was his duty.

These lines aren’t necessarily incongruous with Asgore’s character, and there are some different ways to explain the way they fit into Undertale’s overarching narrative.  In context, it seems most likely that the lines were meant to be taken as light-hearted and humorous, but there may be a case for the opposite opinion as well.


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