but i still like baekyeol :p

Chanbaek during the V-special

Let’s just say seeing this was a great Christmas present~ 

I didn’t see it live but, I still saw it and I died a bit. Just a bit because there weren’t too many moments but it was good enough for me.

Fabulous entrance by Chanbaek and Suho who seems to be in the middle of Chanbaek, a lot.

Sitting next to each other while Suho was on his own little island cast far far away~

Stares plus eye contact~

When they talk so seriously together like this, I wonder if Suho feels left out XD

When the bae is talking, you gotta give him your full attention~

And my favorite part~

(note: He didn’t pinch his nose, he just took it off, but maybe he pinched it idk the action was really fast)

(Note: Baekhyun had asked if he looked ok, and Chanyeol replied with yes)

Caring boyfriend and shy Baekkie spotted! (OMG how Chanyeol said “Just take it off!” To Baekhyun was so cute! He knows when Baekkie is uncomfortable~) Lol Suho is just like, “Guys I’m still here” with that blank look on his face, I feel so bad for him >3<

Just being dorks :P

*chokes* T-t-the height difference!! Baekhyun looks so tiny compared to Chanyeol! I cannot, someone help me.

Anyway hope you guys had a great Christmas and got lots of kpop merch >3< but this was all I needed for Christmas how about you? 

No snow from where I live *sobs* I saw Chanyeol’s video on insta, the snow is so pretty~ 

Merry Christmas/Merry ex-mas/Merry pre-mas~ (depending on where you live)