but i still kinda love them

wings tour in newark, 3/23

so i don’t have a very good memory and i’m still lowkey freaking out so this will be kinda random and scattered, but here are some highlights that i remember from the concert.

first of all: wow. obviously i knew these boys were talented, but seeing them live is something else. gorgeous vocals, spot on choreo, all around amazing performances. they’re even better live than in recordings.

they’re all so gorgeous in person!!! hobi especially, wow, i couldn’t believe he was actually real??? he wore a choker for the encore and i Died. and jin wore the same dangly earring he wore in the interview yesterday, it looked so cool! and jimin he like…. Glows. it’s hard to describe but in person he’s so stunning and angelic like??? he really seemed otherworldly.

tbh i don’t remember much about introductions bc i was so overwhelmed!!! but they’d all prepared speeches in english, which was so sweet. :’) and their english was all so good. yoongi did the Thing again where he pulled out his earpiece and made us cheer for him asdfffgghjkcsd

baepsae was so cool!!! the changed the instrumentals a bit so it was a different experiece than just listening to it. dope was great bc the whole audience was doing the fanchant and singing along! tae tripped during dope, my clumsy baby 😊

the solo performances were out of this world. the way they were staged was so beautiful and almost theatrical. special shoutout to dance line for pulling off some pretty tough looking choreos while also singing/rapping an entire song!!! jungkook especially, wow. his choreo had lots of tricky footwork and it looked very tiring, but there was only one time in the entire song when he sounded a bit out of breath. he’s become such a stable, powerful singer with great breath support, i’m so proud :’))

yoongi didn’t come out to do first love until after we chanted “min yoongi” for a while ahdjjtjskkd so dramatic. he was amazing, his passion is so clear in his voice whenever he performs. he had a string quartet accompanying him, and towards the end they changed up the instrumentals and played the chorus of so far away i’m so emo :(((

reflection oh my god :(((( we chanted “we love you” in between the “i wish i could love myself” lines and he sounded like he was getting a bit choked up :(((( i straight up started sobbing. he’s so lovely and kind and intelligent and that comes through so strongly when you see him live, everything he said to us was so beautiful and sweet. hearing him perform that song hit me so deeply like :((( knowing that he’s been through the same struggles i’m going through and grew into this beautiful successful person is so inspiring.

andkkaldhjfsksjdk i barely even know what to say about mama!!!! i actually got weak in the knees and starting shaking a bit, it was so incredible :’))) hobi’s voice is so beautiful, and his stage presence….. it really can’t be described. he played off of the crowd so well and was just so like…,charismatic. also on the screen behind him they were showing baby pictures of him 😭

awake…… there are really no words. it was even more beautiful live, if that’s possible. his voice is so incredible like??? it sounded even better than in recordings. his high notes were so solid and powerful and gorgeous and i was really just completely blown away. everyone sounded amazing, but tbh i think jin sounded the best tonight out of all the vocalists.

cypher 4 ahfjsjfjak the crowd got so hyped!!!! yoongi dabbed lmao, and hobi poured a water bottle on the crowd again (God I Wish That Were Me)

jimin slapped jungkook’s butt in 21st century girls. amazing.

hobi’s body rolls in no more dream….. i Don’t want to talk about it. i’m honestly surprised i’m still alive.

boy meets evil goes directly into bs&t, and it’s not the full version :((( but hobi was incredible as always. again, his stage presence is really something you need to experience.

they made us wait so long for the encore akdjjdkalakdkdka what little teases! before they came out for the encore, everyone covered their army bombs with colored plastic bags to make a rainbow :’))) the boys were so touched and impressed when they saw it. in jin’s goodbye speech he said “army is our rainbow” 😭😭😭😭 and he did one of his flying kisses and of course we all lost it. tae said something about the rainbow too, but i didn’t catch it :(((( and then hobi said “you’re our wings” in his speech and i started crying. they were all so so sweet and thankful, i could really feel how much they love us 💖

outro wings oh my god!!!! everyone went wild. hobi’s part was amazing. he threw water at us again sfjsdjkhds. also jungkook’s voice was so gorgeous in this song!!!

spring day :(((((( the choreo is so lovely, especially jimins part, he’s so soft and graceful, he really looks like he’s floating. and hobi’s voice oh my god!!!! never let that boy tell you he can’t sing!!! he sounded amazing!!!! truly what can’t he do!!!!!

they stayed on stage for so so long after bows :’))) jimin kept making hearts. tae was reading a bunch of the signs fans brought, and someone gave him one and he got all excited and showed it to us! it was in korean though so i’m not sure what it said. and hobi oh my god 💖💖💖💖 i really can’t begin to describe how cute he was. he was going around and leaning down to talk to fans by the stage and his smile was so beautiful :’) and then some fans started throwing pokémon plushies onstage and he almost caught one and made the cutest giggle into the mic ahdjfjskksjdjjska i died and then he went around picking up the pokemon and playing with them and he was making the cutest faces he was just the most precious thing i’ve ever seen :’))) he and tae were the last to leave. they stayed by the curtain waving at us for ages, and they had a lil hug :’))) it really seemed like they didn’t want to leave :’)

i’m so overwhelmed by their talent and dedication and the love they have for us 💖💖💖 these boys are really something special. they bring so much happiness into my life. i’ll never forget tonight.

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I'm a bit new in the fandom and i'm still asking myself... Are Grey and Juvia canon? Because, they are my OTP (besides lucy x erza) and i'm wondering if they're canon because they seem like they are but its like, not oficially told and i'm kinda confused...

The official canon is when a couple in a relationship and started dating. Mashima draw something like this on twitter describing gruvia as romantic love, but in manga need to show this separately IMO. This is not a mistake to consider them already canon, because it’s only a matter of time and Gray has clearly expressed (mentally or in words) that Juvia on another level than his other friends.:) 

I’m really glad I got into saltwater/reef keeping… I really love my saltwater tank despite how challenging it is.

It’s… really re-engaged me in fishkeeping after a long period of poor health and me kinda letting my freshwater tanks slip. I still wanna get more plants to re-do them cuz I let all the plants go but like…

The reef tank as just. brought me a lot of joy? I thought I’d lost. I love the corals and the fish and keeping everything just right for them. The difficulty is part of what keeps me engaged and makes me proud that things do well. and it’s not perfect, it’s covered in hair algae and I’m still learning but striving to do it perfect is giving me a thing to do. and that’s. nice.


“I can feel the warmth of Mila’s blessing” 👑🌟So, this store near my workplace had this wig and I couldn’t help it. I LOVE IT. Still I don’t want to start on Celica yet, but wigs are almost always what I buy first for a costume (and I kinda have an obsession for them). Also, I never owned a red wig before, the color is just beautiful!

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1.) whats your fav flower? Does it represent you well? 2.) whats the weirdest dream youve had? 3.) are you a rain, snow, or sun kinda person?

1) I love forget me nots. I dunno about the meaning but the name itself represents me pretty well.

2) Oh man there are a lot but a pretty recent one was my dog turning into Jungkook but he still had a dog-like personality so he was snuggling all over me. It was so lit but then my dad woke me up cause he thought I had to go to work FUCKING TT

3) I really like all of them depending on the mood but probably sun since it always mcFuckin rains where I live

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if you have time could you write james x lorna smut like idc where or why i just love them together i feel weird asking this but thank you 😅😊 PS your blog is amazing xx

y’all so horny here ya know that.  LMAO.

And thank you kindly for that compliment   ♥‿♥

Well nonny, funny you should mention that.. because I do have a rather interesting little James and Lorna sex dream scenario flitting about in my head.  It’s not quite ready yet because damn…. it’s kinda hard to write it when they are not actually physically together.    I was going to use it in in my Still Waters story… but nope can’t —  because we do know that James can’t actually do that.  He’s trying to NOT be crazy in that story. 

I don’t really want to write any Delbow smut (yep, I just officially called the ship folks)  BEFORE I finish Still Waters … because then any smut that might just occur in that fic might lose it’s impact.

What imma saying nonny is you’re gonna just have to trust me.    Sweet and hot Delbow  Sex is coming…. I’ll just let y’all place your bets as to the where, when, and how  ;)

And I like the way ya think nonny xx

Bonus points to anyone who Googles “delbow”  - you’re welcome :)

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Hey, this is a question for whenever you feel like it and have the time, but I'm curious what you think of each of the Heap's canon SO and why or why not you ship them?

this is gonna be me gushing a lot, but also kinda salty so be warned

Simon: Lucy. I love Lucy!!! She’s one of my faves. She’s so… atypical for a character in a book series, especially as one of the main “star crossed lovers”. She’s loving, strong, persistent, steadfast, strong-willed. But she’s also loud, nosy, overweight, stubborn, in-your-face, angry, and, most importantly to me, ugly. Lucy is not typically beautiful or soft or feminine, but she’s still the main love interest!! And even though she’s not typically feminine, she still likes things like pretty ribbons and silky cloaks and cute boys, which are traditionally feminine. She’s allowed to be complex, and have this strong dichotomy with both her personality and her role in the story. And!! She grows!! In my reread something I noticed and really appreciate is the arc that Lucy goes through. It’s easy to see how she saves Simon, but she matures so much on her journey. She comes to appreciate what she has, but also trying to do better for herself. She learns to (somewhat) keep a cap on her temper when she needs to, she becomes kinder to strangers, she tries really, really hard to be a good person. And it’s so good!! She makes friends, weathers hardships, lives on her own, helps pull herself and Simon up by their bootstraps. G O D  I love her so much!! And her and Simon together??? Incredible!! She is so important in his arc, and y’all know how much I love him. They’re both so… weird. They’re kind of outcasts, they have their issues, and they never once falter on their love for each other!! Never once does Lucy think of abandoning Simon despite everything. Never once does Simon see Lucy as anything other than an angel. When he thought she left him, he wasn’t even angry with her!! He was angry with himself for not being better for her!! I love crying about them!! And like, with Lucy being kind of ugly, this becomes so much more important!! When Lucy comes out in her god-awful wedding dress, everyone’s like “oh wow, that’s kind of ugly.” But Simon!! Thinks she looks incredible and loves it because she made it herself!! Could your OTP ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: Marwick. G o d  I love Wolf Boy. I love him!! I always knew I liked him but my love for him has skyrocketed during my reread!! He’s… so incredible, and I’m a little mentally tired after that Lucy analysis so I won’t go into why I love him so much right now (maybe another time if y’all wanna know). And Samwick!! OK, so I only have 2 problems with Samwick, and neither makes me not ship them. The first is the whole thing about Keepers not getting married, which I wanna do a separate post about sometime soon, so I’ll leave it there. The second is the age gap. But, like Septyrah, it??? Doesn’t seem to really exist in the world??? Like, Sam is 7 years older than Marwick, but I’m pretty sure canon ages mean Absolutely Nothing to Angie Sage. And they’re both adults in Sandrider, so I’m cool with it, but I still think it’s kind of odd. Angie, why are you like this. B U T!!! They’re so cute!! Talk about a #battlecouple. They’re so nature-y and wild and intense, and they travel the world together?? Talk about #goals. Sam almost dying is like, my favorite part of Sandrider!! And the way Marwick is so sweet and trying to be calm and helpful?? 10/10

Edd: no canon S/O. (I ship him with Moira Mole for no real in-text reason, but as they both have like, no canon personalities or S/Os I’m allowed to!!)

Erik: no canon S/O. OK, so I headcanon Erik as a HUGE flirt who dates/hooks up with a lot of girls. BUT!! I also headcanon that when he meets the girl who will eventually be his wife, he’s stunned!! He’s still a smooth charmer, but he loves this girl like a little puppy, and he’s so intent on taking it seriously. He knows after like, 2 weeks that he wants to marry her, but they date for a while and he’s so happy!! He has no trouble transitioning from player to ready-to-wed. At first he has a bit of trouble not flirting with everyone on instinct before he realizes His Girlfriend also does that and they laugh and use flirting to get what they want, and never ever once worry about the other not being faithful. Then they have like 6 kids (first 2 are a set of twin girls). And it’s good!!

JoJo: Marissa. S i g h. I… have so many mixed feelings about Marissa and Jorissa. On the one hand, it’s so interesting, because they’re so fucked up. But also…?? Their canon state makes me so M A D!! I’m sure I’ve ranted about it somewhere if you look in the “Starchaser,” “JoJo Heap,” or “Marissa Lane” tags. So I can like, vibe with it I guess, but I would have to do a lot of work before I was okay with them canonly ending up together. Like, a multi-chapter Jorissa fic is something I eventually wanna do, working on how I want to make them work. But I love JoJo and Marissa does NOT treat him well!! So… IDK. It’s real complicated.

Nicko: Snorri. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original childhood OTP, my dudes. I was so sad (and angry) in Fyre when Snorri left and they broke up. Like, nooooo!!!! My heart was broken!! So when they got back together pre-Pathfinder, I nearly lost my mind. They’re both adventurous, a little snarky boat people!! And Snorri jumped into the past for him and his fam?? And he stayed in the past with her just so she wouldn’t be lost alone!! And the way they’re both changed after the House of Foryx. They went through so much together!! I love them!! And I love Snorri!! She’s really cute. The scene where she meets Jenna and Wolf Boy, and she just keeps laughing about the ever-growing number of Heap brothers?? She’s so deadset on establishing herself as her own person, but it’s not until she goes on her own journey that she realizes she was still just following in her father’s footsteps. And she does get her own journey, and also learns to appreciate her mom!! And she can see ghosts?????? I love her!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna: Beetle. Sheesh, okay, this is where it gets a little messy, but until Sage puts in writing that these two broke up and makes S/e//p/J//e/n// canon, I won’t accept it!! Even then I won’t, but still. A N Y W A Y, Beetle is such a great character. I did a bit of an analysis on his inferiority complex compared to Sep here, but besides that he’s?? Such a huge loser nerd and I love him. He loves so completely, he strives to do what’s right, he’s so genuinely interested in things!! And his crush on Jenna is one of the cutest parts of the series, 10/10. And how do I even describe Jeetle. Two cinnamon rolls who love to have fun and help people fall in love and proceed to spread joy and love and sometimes salt throughout the kingdom. They’d fight anyone for the other. I love them.

Septimus: no canon S/O. OK, so Starchaser kinda implies that he and Driffa are gonna date, but even Angie has said no way that’s gonna last lmao. #Let SepDateSyrah2k17.

Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!

love y’all, take care of yourselves, and take care of each others when you can. america’s been through some real shit before, and there are still people alive to tell you about it.

fuck nazis, fuck fascists, fuck bigots, and fuck “i respect your opinion” kinda bullshit that lets them off the hook and treats them like they aren’t a threat.

be there for yourself, and for each other, directly when you can, emotionally when you can. do what you can, support each other how you can.

love y’all. take care of yourselves. take care of each other.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

I’m not straight.
Except people always think I am until I tell them which,
Fair enough,
Heterosexuality is
The norm.
…Unless you look at my friends
In which case we have a token straight
and even then I’m not so sure.
But people always assume
I’m straight.
See once I showed this friend a love poem
Which was about a girl.
And my friend, she read it and said
“I really like the way you bought his voice across.”
And I stopped confused and thought and realised
She thought I was writing from a boy’s point of view.
No love.
This poem
Is about lesbians.

I’m not a lesbian either.
And people always assume I am,
When I tell them I’m not straight.
Which I guess
Fair enough
Seeing as homosexuality is the second most known sexuality but.
It would just be nice not to be on the end of an assumptions.

Because it kinda sucks when you come out to someone
And then you STILL have to clarify.
That sometimes months down the line you have to say
“Can you stop introducing me as ‘your lesbian friend’ because I’m not?”
And they look at you and say “But you told me you weren’t straight?”
“Then… what are you”
And you have to repress the comment about being an alien sleeper agent helping to take over the world so you can reply with
“I’m bisexual, darling.”

But EVEN THEN they still don’t get it!
See when I told my mum she said
“Well we always knew you’d be a bit eccentric.”
And my cousins call me greedy
And my uncle once asked
“You’re not one of those lesbos are you?”
I just replied with
“No but my girlfriend is.”

And I know that not everyone in this community makes their sexuality such a huge part of their identity but
A lot of us do.
Because its a part of us.
Its what we are.
And when you grow up being told that what you are is wrong,
Or when you grow up thinking that what you is
Fine for other people! just… not for you…
Or when you grow up not even knowing that what you are is a thing that exists.

I’m not straight.
I’m not gay either.
I’m bisexual and NO!
Random boy I just met in a pub,
That does not mean I’ll have a threesome with you.

—  Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not (Pink Purple and Blue)

sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it


do you feel that too?

The first of my bookmarks done! Took that one first because I liked the dynamic in the sketch a lot and wanted to give the series a good start!
Was looking for a style, which is quite easy and fast to make, but still looks kinda cool… so this is what I got.
I’m nobody who prefers some kind of lineart in drawings and therefore I’m no pro in creating them. But it is alright, I would say.

Sketches for all bookmarks here: bunch 1, bunch 2

I hope I will get the others done, too! I’m sure I will take the time, but actually I should be doing other things x)
I will post them all again in one poste once they’re all done.

Hey everybody! I am so sorry for not posting in forever! I’ve been buried (and still am) with winter homework! I was able to sit down to do this piece.

I give you trapped!sterek lmao. Looks kinda weird but I still love how it came out. (I swear I do them in a different style every time I draw them)

Anywhoooo I hope you guys like it! Hmu if you have a request, I’ll see if I can do it ;3

Things I’ve Learned Since Going Vegan
  • You can slice someone’s throat and still love them. 
  • The word “need” can only also mean “could easily live without but do kinda want.”
  • The word “humane” can mean literally anything you want it to.
  • It’s okay to call people out for harmful behaviour unless that behaviour involves bacon.
  • Plants definitely feel pain and lawns scream when you mow them.
  • Crop workers are exploited but slaughterhouse workers definitely aren’t. No exploitation here, no sir. 
  • Meat is the only food that contains protein.
  • “Found the vegan” is still funny and original the millionth time. 
  • Before humans came along, cows were just wandering around with massive udders praying for someone to invent industrialised agriculture. 
  • Steak is cheaper than beans, rice, pasta and canned vegetables. 
  • While 99% of all meat comes from factory farms, no one eats that meat.
  • Everyone only buys local, organic, humane, Dalai Lama approved meat. 
  • Everyone has an uncle who owns a farm straight out of a 1950′s Americana magazine.
  • Everyone has a degree in nutrition and evolutionary biology. 
  • Everyone knows that one guy who went vegan and almost died.
  • Everyone is free to talk about their identity, beliefs and interests without being shamed for them. Unless they’re vegan. Vegans can fuck off.

nothing better than hanging out with your cats on a crisp fall evening