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12. “If you keep flirting with me, I will not hesitate to punch you.” (you are good writer which is why everyone is sending you prompts!!)

for a @miss-bookworm and another anon who requested this! (and thank you!! 💞)

It’s Vic’s fault, a passing comment she makes in the pub as she passes Robert his and Aaron’s pints over the bar. Robert having just walked in, suit ruffled and tie pulled loose, Aaron sat in a booth with Adam on the other end of the pub.

“Are you two alright?” Vic’s hair is falling out from underneath her hat, small curls of brunette hair framing her face as she frowns at her big brother, mascara slightly smudged underneath her left eye.

“Yeah, why?”

“It’s just, you’re not very affectionate are you? You’ve just walked in and you nodded at each other, nodded.”

“Well, what did you want me to do? Strip for him?” The pints are forming rings on the side of the bar now, condensation dripping onto Robert’s fingers, he glances over at Aaron as he wipes them on his trousers, faint black marks forming. 

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some cool cats and i are gonna be starting up a dnd campaign soon(ish?), so here’s my silly wood elf cleric who… still hasn’t been named. i haven’t played dnd in 10+ years but critrole made me want to pick it up again

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hi emma! i'm currently in my senior year of junior high school! any tips on how to survive it? and i sadly still haven't decided on any course/career yet. any tips on how to decide on what to do in the future?

Hi! I didn’t decide what I wanted to pursue after school until the end of my senior year. It was about 2 months before graduation before I even decided to look into university. I was really nervous about graduating and had no real idea where I wanted to go. Here are a few things that might help:

  • know your interests and passions - finding a major that follows your interest can really improve your engagement and interest whilst you’re in higher education. Have a think about what you enjoy doing (and don’t) can give you idea of faculties you may (or may not) want to look into. For example if you’ve always dreamed about improving games, check out game designer or animation. If you’re always sketching, maybe an arts degree is for you. If you’re obsessed with learning about the past, a history degree would be perfect.
  • talk about your decisions - have a conversation with your family about what they think you would be interested in. My parents were 100% right about their reservations with my first major and whilst I don’t regret going for it, I maybe should have listened because I did drop it eventually. They’ll be able to identify where they see your passions and the kind of things that make you happy.
  • research - this is something I did a lot of. I looked into people that inspired me and how they got there. I used this to decide the types of degree that would be recommended for a similar career. 
  • go to university open days - attending open days is extremely useful! You can get a feel for the campus, the teachers, the people and the degree. I went to several and it was great being able to look around. I went with my parents and we would discuss what we liked and what we didn’t. The university I’m at now felt most comfortable to me and ultimately led me to picking it. Being able to talk to students is awesome too. It’s great to hear what they think!
  • test it out - an easy way to get a feel for any type of career is to do work experience or an internship. This gives you the opportunity to see what is involved in a career, the responsibilities and where a job could lead. I’ve done one internship so far and it has been super helpful in showing me what a career communications would be like.

Choosing what to do in the future is extremely scary and isn’t a decision to take lightly. Remember not to choose something if you are forced or seriously not interested. If you choose a major, then 1-2 semesters later you decide it isn’t for you, it isn’t the end of the world. Me and a lot of people I know have changed majors and moved around with their careers because they’re unhappy. Hope this helps xx

This is kind of a draft of a first chapter. The ending is likely going to be tweaked. But I thought I might just throw it out on tumblr?

Still no idea on a title, but I’m thinking of “The Hokage’s Will”? Maybe…


Consciousness came swiftly. It usually did for him, a habit ingrained from years of fighting and dangerous missions.

But not so usually, he didn’t immediately recognize where he was. The sounds were different (yet familiar?), the smells weren’t what he was accustomed to (but brought a rush of achingly familiar memories he had no desire to examine), and he was lying in a bed.

When was the last time he had been in a bed?

He couldn’t remember.

Keeping his breathing even and eyes closed, he evaluated his current physical state. His chakra was lower than expected, although it seemed rather lopsided in terms of what he had available. Yet he wasn’t exhausted, and no injuries made themselves known.

He was alone, too. Another first for a long time.

Carefully opening his right eye, he noted that he was in a rather familiar looking bedroom. Turning his head to the side confirmed his suspicions when he saw his old team picture resting on the window sill.

But there was no plant.

Sitting up and letting the blankets pool around his waist, one Hatake Kakashi rubbed a hand over his mouth as he tried to remember just what had happened.

A glance out the window confirmed that Konoha was in one piece and peaceful. The moon – what he could see of it through the clouds – was silver. Or maybe slightly yellowish if he squinted. But it wasn’t red.

That ruled out the dreaded genjutsu that they’d scrambled to avoid.

It didn’t rule out other types of genjutsu, but Kakashi had the niggling suspicion he was forgetting something.

He wasn’t panicking – it would be beneath him to panic – but his heart was beating faster than normal and his muscles were tensed. The last thing he remembered was that they’d been camping in a cave, taking rest that they desperately needed.

Had they been ambushed?

Kakashi had thought he’d made the proper preparations so that wouldn’t happen, but it wouldn’t be the first time that he’d make that mistake. Someone else could have slacked off when he hadn’t paid attention – that had happened before.

But…no. He would remember that, wouldn’t he?

Kakashi didn’t think he was dead.

Life wasn’t kind enough for that.


Slowly getting out of bed, Kakashi stood, walking past the desk set against the wall and into the bathroom. His body felt better than it had before, aches and pains that he’d grown used to now gone.

Flipping the light on, Kakashi waited for his sight to adjust before looking in the mirror.

His face didn’t look like it should. It was too young, lines gone that should be there and the scar over his left eye more vivid than he remembered.

His face was wrong, his body was wrong, the room was wrong (and yet not?), and he was alone—

(There’s a cut here for those on mobile.)

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You Give Me Fever

Newt Scamander x reader
Warnings: fevers, slight angst
#22 “You’re warm.”
#44 “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say I love you back.” (I changed it a bit)
Requested by @awesomenessfeet

It started when Newt collapsed.

“Newt!” you screamed, rushing over to him. He rolled over on the ground.

“‘M fine,” he slurred, attempting to rise, only to stumble into you. His beautiful eyes found your face. “Y/N, you’re so pretty.” You blushed, but still noticed the sheen of sweat covering his neck and face.

“And I think you have a fever,” you said, pulling him up, while simultaneously laying a hand to his forehead. “I thought so. You’re really hot.”

“You’re warm,” Newt said, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “I like that you’re warm. Makes me feel warm.”

“Newt, of course you feel warm; you’re burning up,” you sighed, realizing that you had two options. One, Apparate with him to his bedroom and risk potential splinching, or two, lug him up the ladder and out of the suitcase all on your own. In a split second of potentially poor judgement, you screwed up your face and felt the suffocation of Apparation, Newt clutching at your waist. You tried to lay him down, but he kind of just flopped down onto the bed, giving you a dopey grin.

“You’re amazing, Y/N,” he said dreamily.

“That’s very nice, but you need to get your pajamas on, and I’m not doing that for you,” you said, turning your back on him, allowing for him to change.

“You’re so kind. And beautiful. Gosh, I love you, Y/N.” You became a statue. He couldn’t have meant it, right? “I’m in my pajamas, Y/N! Should I get under the covers?” You turned back to a thankfully-clothed Newt (well, you were mostly thankful).

“Yes? Yes! I will get a cold cloth for your forehead,” you declared, slightly flustered. You whipped out your wand and quickly conjured up a washcloth, soaked it, then laid it on Newt’s forehead.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

“You’re welcome. Now, try to get some sleep,” you said, looking at the delusional man that you were so helplessly in love with.

“You know, it kind of hurt my heart when you didn’t say I love you back,” you heard him say, and your heart shattered. You wanted to say it back with your entire being, but you were sure that it was the fever talking, so you left without a word.


A couple hours later, you heard him start to wake up. Inhaling deeply, you entered the room,  hoping that he was once again in his right mind.

“Newt?” you asked tentatively, perching on his bed. You laid your hand on his cheek to check his temperature,  and relaxed when it was normal.  You started to move your hand when Newt grabbed it.

“Y/N?” he asked, sitting up slowly, still holding your hand. You forced the blush down and gave him a curious look. “Why didn’t you say it back?”

You were afraid of this.

“Because I… I knew it was the fever talking. I couldn’t give myself that false hope,” you said, avoiding eye contact.

“Why would- I don’t- Y/N, I love you.” You were so taken aback by this that you fell off of the bed.

“And you decide to tell me when you’re half mad?” you nearly shrieked. He looked ahead blankly. “What?”

“You still haven't…” he trailed off, then switched his gaze to you, looking a little broken.

Then it clicked.

“How could I not love you? Of course I love you! You just happen to have the worst timing in the world!” you rambled. A small smile lit up Newt’s face. “Not to mention, I can’t even kiss you right now because you have a fever!” Newt seized you.

“If you get sick, I’ll take care of you.”

Fandom: Harry Potter/Marauders era

Day/Prompt: Day 7 : Ice-skating (based on these prompts)

Language: English

Trigger warnings: none

Character(s): Sirius Black, Remus Lupin

Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin

Author’s note: Takes place in 1978, during the Marauders’ 7th year at Hogwarts. 


     "The lake is frozen.“

     "Well observed, Padfoot. So?”

     "So? Have I taught you nothing?“

     "Way too much, actually,” mumbles Remus. “We are not ice-skating on the Black Lake, Sirius.”

     "Come on, Moony! Just the two of us. It will be romantic!“ Sirius is doing his best puppy dog impression. Remus groans.

     "Do you even have skates?”

     "We’ll make some.“

     "And how do you suggest we do that?”

     "By attaching blades to our shoes,“ Sirius says in a tone that suggests that Remus should have thought of that himself.

     "McGonagall is never going to allow us to even get near that lake.”

     "We’ll go at night.“

     "What?” Remus stares at Sirius. There is something wrong with the boy. He seems to be irremediably devoid of common sense.

     "We are not going ice-skating on the Black Lake at night.“

     But Sirius is beautiful and with those eyes silently pleading, he would probably kiss the Giant Squid if asked — he actually did kiss the Giant Squid once, but that was an accident, and a story for another time.

                                                      - - -

     "This is it. The day we finally get expelled from Hogwarts.”

     "Shut up, Moony.“

     They are making their way across the Hogwarts grounds under the Invisibility Cloak, each holding a pair of home-made skates.

     James is in the kitchens with Lily and has agreed to lend them the cloak, provided that they come get them on their way back. ‘I will not risk my reputation for you two. If Lily and I are caught out of bed at night, people will think that I have a bad influence on her. Nobody will believe that this was actually her idea.’

     It’s a Saturday night and all the Gryffindor seventh years are out of bed. Peter, Dorcas, Mary Frank, Alice and Marlene are holding an Exploding Snap tournament in the common room. They never let Sirius and Remus play anymore, because Remus wins every time and Sirius loses his patience easily. The last time they included him a game, Dorcas almost lost an eyebrow.

                                                       - - -

     "Are you sure these are going to hold?” Remus asks, suspiciously inspecting the blades that Sirius attached to his old shoes. If one of them breaks a leg they will definitely get caught.

     "Permanent Sticking Charm,“ reassures Sirius. "I mastered that one a long time ago.”

     They have arrived near the lake and removed the cloak. They are exposed and if anyone looks out a window, they can expect to be serving a life-time of detention, that is if they are not expelled. Remus shakes his head and glances sideways at Sirius.

     "Where did you find the blades anyway?“

     "Let’s just say that I hope Dumbledore isn’t too attached to his silverware,” Sirius answers, biting into a chocolate bar. He started carrying chocolate with him at all times in fourth year. At first it was for Remus but soon enough he started to get addicted himself. He blames it on Remus.

     "You transfigured cutlery into this?“ asks Remus, impressed.

     "Don’t sound so surprised. I know how to use a wand.”

     "That you do,’’ Remus smirks. Sirius almost chokes on his chocolate.

     "Give me that, you’re wasting it,“ says Remus, taking the chocolate bar from Sirius.

                                                     - - -

     Remus launches himself onto the frozen water with Sirius holding onto his arm firmly.

     "Do you think we can waltz with these things?” asks Sirius.

     "Let’s just glide around for a bit first, yeah? I really don’t want to break anything, or to get stabbed in the foot for that matter. Will you let go of my arm? You’re hurting me, Pads.“

     "Oh, okay, yeah.”

     The first time Sirius falls down, Remus finds it hilarious. By the sixth time he becomes worried.

     "Do you even know how to ice-skate?“ he asks, incredulous.

     "No,” Sirius admits, embarrassed.

     "But this was your idea!“

     "I know! I just didn’t think it would be this difficult.”

     Remus laughs. Sirius Black being bad at something and Sirius Black admitting to being wrong are such rare occurrences that he feels like tonight should be marked on a calendar for future reference.

     "Come on,“ he says, taking Sirius’ arm. "Keep your knees bent. Don’t look down — look ahead. There you go, now, push off with your left foot. Don’t worry, I won’t let go.’’

     After a good thirty minutes, Sirius is skating on his own. He looks so happy that Remus cannot remember why he was reluctant to go on this nightly expedition in the first place. He glides over to Sirius, who is beaming excitedly, and takes his hand. Giggling, they try to keep their balance while moving forward together. But when, after an unsynchronised glide that has them landing face-first on the cold surface, they hear a crack in the ice, they decide that it may be time for them to head back to the castle.

     Still laughing, they cautiously make their way back to where they left their things. When they’ve traded they skates for safer footwear, Remus grabs the back of Sirius’ neck and plants a kiss on his lips.

     “What was that for?’’ Sirius grins.

     “I just really love you,’’ says Remus, sliding his hand into his.

                                                     - - -

     From her window, Professor Mcgonagall watches them disappear under the cloak with an amused smile on her face.

Exolvo - Carrows, Cries, and Curses

Some day, I will write a happy Exolvo fic.

Today is not that day.

counterpunches is also super responsible for this, so, you know, blame her.

Rating: T

Harry Potter does not return.

It’s astounding, really, how large a space such a small boy takes up, and how suddenly empty the Gryffindor table looks without his presence, and the two so often found near him.

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[fic] Nerve and Knowledge

I promised @amindamazed I would publish a thing if she signed up for Holmestice. Here is a thing. Perhaps just a snippet of something larger, perhaps not. Whump and melodrama, all the way down.

Joan hadn’t even shut the garden door when Sherlock came pummeling down the stairs. “Watson, thank god you’re here, Gregson tried to pull me off the case. Claims I’m compromised by our partnership, acting as if I’m some besotted–” At the bottom of the stairs, Sherlock swung around the newel post and his eyes finally landed on her.

He stopped, uncertain. He frowned, and then he twitched, his head jerking to the side as he visibly pushed aside some thought. He twitched again.

Joan grimaced, suddenly exhausted. This was a mistake. She should have gone straight to the station. This would have been easier with pexiglass.

As abruptly as he had stopped, Sherlock was moving toward her again, urgent, his hands reaching for her. “You shouldn’t have come here, this is the first place Gregson will look for you. I have a bolt-hole near the bridge, you can go there for now.”

She stared at him, incredulous laughter bubbling up in her throat, the sound stopping him in his tracks. She had expected denial, protests, even rage, but it had taken him only six seconds to accept the fact of Joan Watson, Murderess, and move on to practical matters. Six seconds. What had he known about her, that she had not? She reached into her pocket for her phone as something in her died keening.

“What are you doing?” he hissed.

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"I think I heard a snap..."

(Still answering this in the mindset of college just for the sake of being easy.)

It wasn’t uncommon to find Ford rushing around before leaving for a class. Triple checking that he had the right book, notebook, pen, AND pencil…sometimes he would forget to put on his belt. Or forget where the pencil last was.

Today was one of those days, and he was half determined to be panicked for the day. He was half way out the door when he slammed his foot into the frame.

At first he just felt the typical stab of pain that comes with stubbing a toe…but then Rick’s comment settled in his brain.

“……are you sure?”

A Lot Like Christmas

Twelve/Rose Christmas fluff for gomezandcapaldi

Merry Christmas, Sal!

“You know I’m not falling for that grumpy act, right?” Rose teased, box of Christmas ornaments in her hand.

The Doctor was sitting in one of the library’s armchairs, scowling at her and the tree that had appeared a few meters to the left of fireplace. “It’s not an act. Might’ve noticed the new face, I’m a grumpy old man now.”

Rose simply smiled at him. “Doesn’t matter to me. But you should’ve known that I wasn’t going to cut back on the Christmas decorating just because you claim you aren’t going to help.”

He just rolled his eyes. He’d tried to tell her over the many many years that time was arbitrary on board the time ship and therefore Christmas was every day and never and they didn’t really need to decorate. This year he might have been a little more…blunt about it though.

Rose had done the same thing she did every year though and decorated anyways, with the help of the TARDIS. His girls seemed to be pulling out all the stops this year in response to his lack of Christmas joy.

Rose went back to unpacking the decorations for the tree, pulling out a string of lights and plugging them into the outlet the TARDIS helpfully provided.

“Besides,” she said, advancing towards him with a mischievous expression on her face, “you’ve always been a grumpy, old man. Just been hiding it under pretty packaging.”

The Doctor growled.

Rose laughed and looped the lights still in her hands around his neck before straddling his lap. “But you know I’m still here for what’s under all of the packaging.” She placed a hand between his hearts. “You’re my grumpy, old man. My Doctor.”

When she leaned down and pressed her lips to his, he remembered what he’d decided years and years ago. Every day really was Christmas when he had Rose Tyler in his life.



1046 words

Taeyong has been living off pizza, lasagna and mac ‘n’ cheese for the past three weeks. He was the last one of his roommates still home, since both Jaehyun and Taeil went to visit their families after they submitted all their assignments. He still had one more essay to go before he could enjoy his summer break and between all the library trips he couldn’t find the time to cook for himself.

He just came home from another awful day at the library, tired out of his mind and in serious need of a shower. He called the pizza place he always ordered from before getting into the shower. After about 20 minutes of blissful hot water streaming down his body and relaxing his muscles he could hear the doorbell ringing downstairs. He didn’t know if the delivery guy was awfully quick or he just lost himself in his thoughts again and forgot to step out of the shower.

He figured he shouldn’t keep the poor guy waiting and just wrapped a towel around his waist before running down the stairs to open the door. He’s done this before and the delivery guys never seemed to mind, but the guy waiting for him at the door jumped when he saw Taeyong half-naked and flushed from his previous shower.

Taeyong swore this guy was the cutest person he’s ever seen in his life. He just shoved the pizza into Taeyong’s hands and turned around as quickly as possible ready to jump into his car and never look back.

‘Hey, wait! I haven’t even paid for this.’

The guy turned around flustered out of his mind and looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

‘Oh, I…I’m sorry.’

Taeyong noticed the guy spoke with a slight accent and he swore his deep voice did things to him. He couldn’t blame the flush on his shower anymore.

‘That’s alright. I’ll go get my wallet.’

When Taeyong came back, the guy was standing in the exact same position he left him in. He took a better glance at him and noticed how tall he was. He had such a baby face, but his voice was so deep and he was so damn tall Taeyong had to tilt his head to see his face properly.

‘Here…Sicheng?’ Taeyong read off his name tag.

The guy looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, probably wondering where Taeyong knew his name from, and then he giggled cutely after realising Taeyong was still looking at his name tag.

‘Thank you. See you.’

Sicheng practically ran all the way to his car and drove off, leaving Taeyong looking stupidly after him. He went back into the house not sure what just happened. He’s never seen this guy before, so he must be new. He tried to forget about what happened and dive into his pizza, but when he opened the box a whiff of pineapple hit his nose. This is definitely not what he ordered, he hated pineapple on pizza. That’s so gross, how can people even eat it.

He looked for his phone and dialled the number to the pizza place again. He was told there was a mix up since they had so many orders and his pizza will be there in 10 minutes. He couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at the thought of seeing Sicheng again. But wait, what if they send someone else to deliver his pizza??

Just as the guy on the other line was about to hang up, Taeyong interrupted him.

‘Wait, wait. Can the same guy deliver my pizza? I, uh, forgot to tip him?’

Taeyong’s failed excuse sounded more like a question. The guy probably thought he was a freak. Who would want to tip the delivery guy who didn’t even deliver the right pizza anyway?

‘Okay? Who delivered your pizza?’

‘His name’s Sicheng I believe.’

Couldn’t he just give the guy a description and not dig himself a deeper hole? Who knows the name of the guy who delivers their pizza? Good job on trying not to sound like a weirdo, Taeyong.

‘Sure. He’ll be there. Bye.’

Taeyong tried to cool his burning cheeks before the guy arrived when he noticed he was still not wearing any clothes. He ran to his room at the speed of light and tried to look presentable before he would face Sicheng again.

He heard his doorbell ring from where he was fidgeting on the couch and took a deep breath before opening the door. They stared at each other for 5 seconds with red cheeks and neither of them saying a thing. You could cut the tension with a knife. Sicheng shoved the pizza into Taeyong’s hands again apologizing continuously before Taeyong stopped him.

‘You could make up by coming inside and helping me finish the pizzas? There’s just so much one guy can eat, right?’

‘Umm, I’d love that, but I’m on the job and my boss would kill me if I’m late and I already messed up once and I haven’t even had the job for 3 hours and I don’t want to get fired yet, I could barely find this job, I shouldn’t mess up again. I’m sorry.’

This guy talked a mile a minute and Taeyong couldn’t figure out why he found his deep voice and accent so endearing.

‘That’s alright, don’t worry. Maybe we’ll do this another time? Like a date? Do you wanna go on a date with me?’

‘Date? What does that mean?’

Taeyong could barely find the courage to ask Sicheng on a date and now he had to explain to him what a date was. Great.

‘Umm, like when two people go out? Watch a movie or have dinner? You know?’

‘Oh.’ Sicheng still seemed a bit unsure. ‘Oh! A date. Yeah…we could do that.’

‘Great. You can pick me up after your shift ends then.’

‘You want to go on a date today?’

‘Sure, why wait? See you later, Sicheng.’

Taeyong smiled and closed the door in Sicheng’s face leaving him staring dumbly at where the other was just standing. He didn’t even know his name. He walked to his car thinking how weird the guy is. He decided he liked him though. A date didn’t sound so bad.

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I remember reading some where that Hemera is sterile? Is that true?


            Yes. Canonically Hemera is sterile, as is Ee. One of the effects of being part alien make it so that he (they) are unable to reproduce - whether this was by design or something that happened naturally is still up for debate. 

             It has not come up in any modern verses, so I have yet to decide if that is the case there too. Considering that Myles is a homosexual, it leaves very little room for him to want or try to get someone pregnant – but that sounds like a different topic all on its own. As for Troy, it’s a sore subject that he doesn’t particularly like talking about. 

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Hi Dana! You're a huge inspiration and I was curious; what's it like working as a storyboard revisionist? Will you eventually become a story artist or are there other areas you'd like to specialise in? I'll be graduating soon but still haven't found my niche area, I enjoy it all but can't decide... Do you have any set goals as an artist? (studio you'd like to work at, projects you'd like to make within the next 5-10 years) I can't wait to see where you go next. :) Thanks so much & good luck!

Hello hello and thank you thank you! I’m actually a story artist now haha but being a revisionist was a blaaasst. More after the bump ~~

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Based on pillowcases I was shown that I decided would make really good t-shirts instead (though they probably exist). But really, where is the lie.

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Hey! where does george lucas say that ahsoka should be wearing skimpier clothes? i've been seeing ppl in tumblr say that he was pushing for less clothes on ahsoka but so far I haven't found a source for it (his original design for ahsoka was pretty stupid though. she had a twirly skirt + tube top i think?)

HI OK I SWEAR I didn’t forget about you, I was seriously struggling to find a source. BUT, here it is from the Visual Dictionary: 

Yeah, I still think even the early design is not something suited for a warzone. Men decided what Ahsoka would wear, remember this. 

Kerrang "Brian Molko - "My year", Dec '00
  • Kerrang "Brian Molko - My year", Dec '00
  • by Simon Young
  • 2000, How was it for you?:
  • 'It's not over yet! It's been work, work, work and hardly any Play. It's been a full-on emotional year.'
  • Album Of the year?:
  • "At The Drive-in's 'Relationship Of Command'. It's an amazing record. I heard 'One Armed Scissor' and managed to get a copy of the album before it came out. It's like a cross between Fugazi and Jane's Addiction. They're my favourite band and they harness energy and passion. It's all over the Place musically. It goes off on tangents and there's a rebellious spirit which I like. I also love the new Queens album, 'Rated R'. It's hedonistic and really fun. 'Feel Good Hit...' is my karaoke favourite.'
  • The must-have item of 2000 was?:
  • 'I've just bought an Apple I-book laptop. That opens up several new doors of entertainment. Never a dull moment. I check out the Placebo chat rooms and forums and have a bit of fun trying to find out what everybody thinks. It hasn't backfired yet!'
  • Where did you go on holiday this year?:
  • 'I haven't really been on holiday this year. We've done a whole bunch of festivals: Japan, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium. We never get the chance to check anv of the cities out. It's been a series of hotels and tour buses.'
  • Film of the year?:
  • "Boy's Don't Cry" It's shocking that that kind of thing happens even today , that people can be that backward. The fact that it's a true story makes it all the more heartbreaking.
  • Person of the year?:
  • "Anne Widdecombe for taking the legalisation of marijuana one step forward instead of backward, which was what she was originally trying to do.'
  • Wanker of the year?:
  • 'Me.'
  • Tragedy of the year?:
  • "What's going on in the Middle East right now. It seems to me that people there don't want peace and it's pretty heavy."
  • Personal high point of the year?:
  • 'The tour we're on at the moment. It feels like freedom from responsibility. It's th. most fun because you feel like a teenager all the time.'
  • Personal low point of the year?:
  • "I've had several, and it's all relationship based"
  • Worst Hangover of the year?:
  • After Mark Richardson (drums) from Skunk Anansie's 30th birthday . We went out and partied like it was 1997. I couldn't make it to the studio the next day. It was the last time I break danced too. It was a good party"
  • Weirdest fan request of the year?:
  • "It involved deflowering. No, I didn't"
  • Most famous person you've met this year?:
  • PJ Harvey. Outside Ladbroke Grove tube station by accident. Her drummer Rob Ellis worked on our new album.
  • Most embarrassing moment of the year?:
  • I don't get embarrassed about break dancing. None so far thankfully. I haven't been really embarrassed , it would be difficult.
  • Sexiest person you met this year was?:
  • 'I think Melissa Auf der Maur has to he one of the sexiest people in rock. It was a real shame because we were on tour when The Smashing Pumpkins played at Wembley. Typical.
  • Best band you saw this year?:
  • 'Queens Of The stone Age at a festival in Belgium. That was amazing. Nick Oliveri, their bassist, was naked and how he didn't get sunburn on his ass I'll never know. Sonic Youth and Einstfirzende Neubauten too. We had a studio outing and came back feeling really inspired.'
  • Best Song you wrote this year?:
  • "All of the songs we've written since the new album came out. They have to remain a secret, sorry.
  • Joke Of the year?:
  • 'I'm really bad with jokes. I would have to say Limp Bizkit.'
  • 'Big Brother': ace or arse?:
  • 'I unfortunately saw that programme. Arse. Complete arse. They should have axed the show. The fact that these people are becoming celebrities is disgusting. What's the point?'
  • What should Slipknot do next year?:
  • 'Go unmasked, and see if they can Pull it off without their costumes.'
  • Personal motto of the year?:
  • 'Fear of flying'. I usually have a few double vodkas before getting on the plane and after that, I'm still shitting it.'
  • if I could change one thing about 2000, it would be:
  • 'Peace in the Middle East.'
  • What would you do with Britney spears?:
  • 'Ignore her.'
  • My ideal Christmas present is?:
  • 'Mental stability..
  • How will you be seeing in the New Year?:
  • 'I'm not sure where I'll be. Somewhere exotic, hopefully. I definitely don't want to be in London. I haven't decided who I'm going to take yet.'
  • In 2001, I intend to:
  • 'Try to give up smoking, but it's not going to be very easy. it improves my voice, but I can't keep going on like this. I doubt it's going to happen, actually.'
  • How the teachers decided who was going on the Search and Destroy mission
  • Ozpin: Now comes the time where our little hunters and huntresses in training shadow a trained hunter or huntress to learn more about the life.
  • Glynda: Yes, this is a crucial time for them-
  • Oobleck: Okay so this is great and all, but you still haven't answered my question Glyn. What would you do if Port's eyebrows became sentient and began attacking people?
  • Ozpin:
  • Glynda:
  • Oobleck:
  • Glynda: Are you serious right now? We're talking about a crucial training point for our students and you're asking if I would fight Port's eyebrows if they ever became sentient.
  • Oobleck: Yes.
  • Glynda: I will repeat my own question; are you fucking serious?
  • Oobleck: Glyn, I've never been more serious in my entire life ever.
  • Glynda:
  • Oobleck:
  • Glynda:
  • Oobleck:
  • Glynda: Wow that's so great of you to offer to take students to the South East for the Search and Destroy mission!
  • Oobleck: Wait what-
  • Glynda: I mean, the place is practically crawling with Grimms. Most of the teachers are frightened of that place. Honestly, I thought that one was going to Port for sure.
  • Port: Well actually-
  • Glynda: But I'm so glad there's a little change in schedule and you are going to lead the mission yourself. I'm sorry if this is /inconvenient/ in any way.
  • Ozpin:
  • Glynda:
  • Port:
  • Oobleck:
  • Oobleck: Yeah, okay, but would you-
  • <At this point Glynda launches Oobleck out of the window while teachers from the other schools watch in abject horror>
  • Ozpin: <Grabs Oobleck's coffee and takes a sip> Well now that that's all settled, who wishes to take on the civilian duty missions?
Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan (冬がくれた予感 lit. The Premonition Winter Gave Me)
Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan (冬がくれた予感 lit. The Premonition Winter Gave Me)
This feeling that sticks with and walks alongside me,
I've started wanting to receive it

My wordless sighs are freezing up, and disappear presently
At the street corner where I stand alone
Your back that I'm searching for
Can't possibly be in this crowd

Today, I should've said "I miss you"
Having missed our promise just fills me with regret
Right here and now, I'll give you a call
"Come here right now," I want to try telling you that

Hesitating, puzzling over it, I still haven't decided
Even while tracing the number of stars with my fingertips
That day I've come to love, my chest hurts thinking about it
Hesitating, puzzling over it, I still haven't decided
The night's getting late, I have to decide soon
While coming to like it, it seems I've become a little bit more timid

This feeling that sticks with and walks alongside me,
You're heading here with the exact same feeling

anonymous asked:

Hey~o! I'm a 16 year old girl, and I've recently been on a health kick since January.. I haven't lost weight at all, and I workout and eat right.. My body is so infuriating. I started eating 1200-1500 a day, then after a month I didn't see results, so I started to starve myself. I started eating 500 calories a day with intense cardio sessions. Still haven't lost weight. My body is disgusting, I have stretch marks, leg fat and belly fat. My current weight it 146 and my goal is 110. Any tips?

Your body will not run on 500 calories because you decided it should.

I know it’s frustrating but starving yourself will never lead to health, fitness, and happiness.
Losing weight is hard. Achieving your fitness dream bod is hard.

I highly suggest watching my BMR video where I explain why it’s so important to eat enough for your body. And the harm that can happen from under eating.


My best friend and I decided we wanted to lose weight.

But working out was too hard for us. We would try, but give up. Running was boring and hurt too much and I just didn’t have the endurance to do in home workouts.
My best friend wanted to though. It was a constant battle between her wanting to workout and me not liking the discomfort I felt. My best friend could keep going but I decided that we would stop.
I turned the focus to food.
Before we would eat junk food whenever we wanted: fast food, cookies, cake, soda, chips, pizza, corn dogs, frozen burritos. My friend always ate I what I ate, even if she really wanted something else.

I was sooo tired of being overweight! I hated myself for eating sooo much junk food, and it was my friends fault! Why didn’t she stop me! She knows what my goal is, so why is she not making it easier and helping me stay on track.
We were best friends but we would fight all the time. It typically ended with me telling her how much I hated her and how ugly and worthless she was. The whole time I would be ripping her apart, I KNEW it was my fault I felt this way. But I was so frustrated I had to take it out on her. She didn’t stop me from eating the bad food! And she didn’t MAKE me workout harder. So she was to blame too, atleast I felt that way.
The next day I decided I was no longer going to eat. WE were no longer going to eat. My friend would complain about how hungry she was. She would constantly ask me if we could eat, I would tell her she was fat. And she would always be fat if she didn’t stop eating. I hated her, I was happy she was hungry. She should be hungry! It’s her fault we are both so fat and ugly.
That whole week all we ate was a cup of soup and an orange.
I felt fat, tired and ugly. My friend was fat, tired, an ugly.
I was crying one night in my bathroom. I just wanted to be pretty! Why could I not be pretty! I was so ugly.
My friend was there, I started telling her how ugly she was. She was fat and I was fat. You could tell how tired she was, she didn’t look healthy, she looked so sad…I was staring at her and I couldn’t take it anymore. I hit her.
And as the mirror broke. I could see my best friend staring back at me through all the broken pieces of the mirror. Crying.

If you treated your best friend how you treat you body….how many friends would you have left? You have your body for life. They can never leave you. Love them.

Create a healthy life to be happy about. It will take effort and some times you will feel discomfort. But it will be worth it. I promise.