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Can I have a Reggie request where you're both polar opposites and sorta hate each other but it's a bit flirty and he like comes up to you during a football game and gives you his jersey or something in front of everyone??? I love your blog by the way :)))

*Hope you like this guys!*

It was no secret to anyone that you and Reggie Mantle were something; though that something still remained a mystery to everyone in town. The way you both heckled the other, the way you gave each other desperate looks, even the way that you two talked held notes of passion and interest, but then the next second you’d turn around and be taunting one another or saying things that denounced those same feelings. It may be clear that you two were something, but what it was might as well have been a mystery to everyone on the planet.

Setting down your lunch, you groan when Reggie straddles the bench of the table across the way, eyes on yours as he bites into his apple. Kevin glances that way, raising a brow before turning back to face you, everyone at the table trying not to talk about it. Well, until Kevin decides he’s had enough of this silent battle of wits.

“What the hell is going on with you and Mantle today?” His words are brash, making Betty choke on her drink as she gives him a look that asks if he’s insane.

You shrug your shoulders, tearing away the wrapping around the sandwich your dad made. “Not sure. He’s been acting off all day and won’t talk to me.” Pausing after taking a bite, you point a finger at Kevin and scrunch up one eye. “He hasn’t even teased me about my obvious stain on this shirt yet. And it’s a white shirt, guys.”

Just as you’ve said that, a voice rings out over the din of students chatting. “Moose, did you notice Y/L/N’s big stain? Looks like they spit up all over themselves.”

Veronica sighs, noticing you setting down your sandwich and straightening up. “Did everyone hear about Reggie Mantle crying over some chick flick the other day? I saw him at the movies, and he was sobbing like a baby.”

“Hey! That was a sad…movie…” Reggie trails off, people giving him surprised looks before he turns back to his meal, punching the shoulder of a football player who laughs at him.

Smugly biting into your sandwich again, you give everyone at your own table a satisfied look. “I think I handled that quite well.”

“Yeah, Y/N, good job pointing out a guys’ sensitivity,” Betty murmurs, picking at her salad and sighing softly. “Maybe if you and Reggie actually, I don’t know, talked, there wouldn’t be so much awkward tension?”

You roll your eyes, swallowing and shaking your head. “There’s no talking to a brick wall, Bets. All you can do is take swings at it and hope it crumbles sometime soon.”

Why your friends had demanded, nay, dragged you to the Bulldogs football game is beyond you, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t immediately drawn into the excitement that bubbles through everyone. Events like these were bound to have you brimming with pride and pep, even if you usually weren’t one to be so typical and school-orientated. Rather than scold Kevin for pulling you into the bleachers, you merely wave at Veronica and Betty, happening to see Archie among the football players and waving to him as well.

Just as you’re sitting down, Reggie comes running over, leaning against the fencing as he yells your name. Rolling your eyes, you start down the metal stairs towards him, raising a brow at his smile.

“What do you want, Mantle? Gonna make some good luck remark before you go out there?” You sneer, surprised when he holds out a blue and gold jersey.

“I wanted you to wear this. And maybe we could go out to Pop’s after the win, talk about the chemistry we have going on,” he says, shrugging a little and waiting for you to accept the offer.

Your fingers reach out slowly, brushing the fabric of his jersey as you look up into his dark eyes. All you can see is complete trust, affection rushing through you at the proffered gift. “I’d love that.” Snatching the jersey from his hands, you slide it on over you, giving him a sheepish grin as you head back to sit beside Kevin.

As you inhale his scent, Kevin starts teasing you about being a big softie for Mantle, but you don’t even think about his comments. All you can see is Reggie’s smile, and that warms your heart more than you ever thought anything he did could.

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You think is best for him if we stop asking about that Souda? I'm afraid of making him feel attacked but at the same time I want him to keave the past behind and forget what his dad did. Isn't healthy for him to "hold a grudge" for that long.

Well you don’t know what the guys did, from what I heard, I think he deserves to be hated. And Gundham doesn’t really think about him anymore you know? Sure he still hate him and all but he isn’t talking about it all the time or anything. The only times he does is when he is asked about it.

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I'm a senior in high school and have never had a boyfriend or had my first kiss yet. I'm rather shy and I've been told I'm pretty before but I'm really insecure and feel like no guy will ever like me. I know I should just wait until the right guy comes but I also don't wanna be 20 and still haven't been kissed :( any advice?

of course guys will like you!! ah i hate when girls say this because its just not true!! there is someone out there for everyone! dont worry about being 20 and never been kissed - the guy who gives you your first kiss will feel pretty privileged that you waited for him ;) (not that guys need an ago boost  ◔_◔ hahah) 

Rosamund means Rose of the World

She’s beautiful. She has that cold city girl vibe too when you first meet her. With the smile that could make the boys give roses on valentine’s day, she’ll walk pass by you elegantly. And if you pay more attention, you’ll know that she has complicated personality. She don’t simply tell you everything about her at the first day you met her. But trust me, I have the feeling that she also can tell her embarrassing story when the time comes.

I will tell you, apparently she lives her college life peacefully. But I won’t tell you which year she is now. Because Gosh, what’s the important thing about years on college, right? Has she date yet? Sorry boys, you’re too late! But you guys still have chance to give chocolate on her bags secretly, ‘cause why not? Lmao. Just, don’t stare at her too much because somehow, she hates being the center of attention.

I haven’t tell you her name, right?. She has beautiful name given by her parent. But I also won’t say it. I prefer call her Rosamund. It means ‘rose of the world’. Or, if you find it difficult, you could simply call her Rose.

im sure most of yall saw Bam’s new tweet

many of us speculate that Bambam is referring to this tweet that got almost 3000 rts from the last screenshot i had.

if you guys are still unaware, bambam uses social media a lot and he looks at comments about himself a lot and unfortunately bambam often takes things to heart. the other members (like youngjae) has mentioned before that bambam often looks through comments about himself and thinks about them a lot. so if everyone could just stop spouting unnecessary and hateful comments like this. it would be great.

although it is unclear that his tweet was about this particular tweet, op retweeted a tweet about “bambam subtweeting u” 

anyways the point is this bambam is extremely sensitive and should be protected and all this unnecessary comments should stop especially when you know bambam watches social media like a hawk.  idk just ????? stop????????? 

And I tried. I tried to be beautiful in a way that caught you off guard. I tried to be smart without having to use a calculator. I tried to be funny without having to think of some stupid joke to say. I tried to be sexually experienced for you. I tried to have all my shit together. I tried to figure what I wanted in life. I tried everything just so you could look at me the way I look at you. I tried to be something that wasn’t me and even when I tried all theses things it still wasn’t enough to make you look at me. It still wasn’t enough to make you want me. It still wasn’t enough to make you love me. Never again will I ever be something other than myself for a guy. Never again will I betray the body I was given. The home that I hated for so many years and treated like shit. Never again will I put a mans needs before me because really men ain’t shit. They do not home a person for 9 months just to go through extraordinary measures to bring that tiny human into the world safely. They do not bleed for a week and have extreme pain just because they aren’t pregnant. Women do not open their hearts and hips and birth a child when it feels like every bone in their body breaking and more just so a man can decide if she’s the one he wants for the week. My point is, do not ever settle for a man that does not see you as magic and more. Women are not ordinary. We did not give birth to civilization just so we could be treated like shit.
—  You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself. // love, heartbreak & everything in between.

☆☆ But you and I, we live and die
The world’s still spinning around, we don’t know why ☆☆

When inspiration to draw Klance strikes after listening to THIS SONG by Oasis and watching the new series, Eyewitness, which I highly recommend!

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You know what i really love about Louise from Bob’s Burgers? Despite being the “evil mastermind” she’s still just a little girl. She still gets crushes on boy band members, and she still wears dresses, and she still loves her stuffed animals and has a favourite toy, which she’s named. She does voices for them too, she hates taking medicine, and above all she loves her family. She’s just a little kid and her mischievous abilities never undermine that, and I think it’s just really awesome. Kudos to the writers for making her so real


Guy tweets homophobic thing at Brad Marchand, and uses the f slur

Brad calls him out, says there are a lot of people that word hurts and he should be ashamed.

guy deletes tweet and pretends it never happens


like imagine if al the NHL Players gave this much of a shit. Like Brad did not need to do that FOR ANY REASON it’s probably a PR nightmare and he doubled down on it. He called out a fan and i’m sure the NHL hates that shit and Brad is still like DOUBLE CALL OUT. and for once someone is risking shit to protect us. This is how you ally. you do it even when it could detriment you and you do it with conviction.

my brother legit turned down a girl bc she made fun of jackson omg 
ok so my lil bro has jackson as his lockscreen, and some girl who likes him asked “why do you have a gay guy as your background” and my brother shut her down immediately. he said “that’s jackson my role model, and so what if he were gay, he’s still more beautiful than you’ll ever be” :”)) and I’m just alfjdhhxna im so proud of him

Every Exo Comeback Ever

Suho: What kind of concept do you guys want to do this time around?

Baekhyun: I don’t really care

Chen: Same

Yixing: *in China*

Chanyeol: Something fun

Xiumin: Whatever you guys want

Kai: My leg will be broken anyway

Sehun: I just want lines

D.O.: How about we do some deep moving concept that involves deep sorrow meaningful lyrics and pain, but showcases our talent in a new and inventive way??

Exo: *Debuts MV on sound stage with abstract background and nonsensical English*

Suho: What kind of dance style do you want this time around? Normal or Sexy?

Baekhyun: Whatever is fine

Chen: Ditto

Yixing: *still in China*

Chanyeol: Something easy

Xiumin: You guys pick

Kai: Um are ankles suppose to swell like this?

Sehun: Can I please have lines?!

D.O.: How about something light and easy with a fun simple dance that the whole family can dance to???

Exo: *Debuts MV filled with pelvic thrusts, floor grinds and body rolls*


D.O.: I hate this fcknign group

Dating Jughead Jones would include...



Authors note:I fell in love with Riverdale in SECONDS + with Jughead also, so i decided to write a “Dating ****** would include…” imagine. I did not added any sexual things cuz as far as I know is Jughead in the comic asexual but I don´t have a clue if this is also going to be like that in the show.

PS: It´s a little bit short cuz 2 episodes weren´t enough to find more detail about him, sorry

Originally posted by riverdalesource

  • “most mysterious couple riverdale‘s” 
  • sitting all night in pop‘s (the diner)
  • “What are you exactly writing about.”
  • “Nothing relevant.”
  • he only trusts you
  • but he still won‘t tell what he‘s writing about
  • he would literally fight everyone who‘s trying to hurt you mentally and physically
  • he‘s for you an amazing advice giver
  • he hates it when you´re wearing makeup
  • you guys don´t have any nicknames for eachother
  • his lap is your all time favorite chair
  • neck kisses
  • when he´s working on his novel, you secretly drawing him
  • you use as much sarcasm as Jughead does
  • rarely holding hands
  • protective Jughead is the best Jughead
  • Reggie is you new enemy
  • knowing Jughead since the 3rd grade
  • trying to find out why Jughead and Archie aren´t friends anymore
  • Roadtrips
  • Your Mom (or Dad) thinks that Jughead´s creppy
  • stealing his hat 24/7
  • jaming together to music
  • walking thru´ the streets at night with Jughead
  • baking something when you guys are bored

What boys say: You shouldn’t be with him, he doesn’t deserve you. I could treat you way better so you should be with me.

What girls hear: I’m a condescending asshole who feels so entitled to you that I’m completely disregarding your decision-making faculties in an assumption that I can make better decisions for a human being than they can. 

Women aren’t lost, misguided little souls looking for the right guy to set us in the right direction. We are competent humans in control of our own destiny, fully capable of making our own decisions about which people to let into our lives. 


Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.


Being Snape’s daughter and dating Fred would include:
  • Fred not trusting you at first
  • Cause you’re a Slytherin.
  • And the teacher that he hates is your dad
  • But he didn’t know at first
  • And when he did he was all surprised
  • “the hot Slytherin is Snape’s daughter?!”
  • But he starts growing into you
  • So he asks you on a date
  • Which would be the cutest date ever
  • With lots of butterbeer and candy
  • And Fred would be very jealous
  • Of everyone
  • Jealous Fred= Kissing you aggressively but yet still sweet and loving
  • Like you could be in the middle of your conversation with the guy
  • “so I told hi-“ BAM
  • Fred wouldn’t stop kissing till the guy left
  • And that’s how your dad found out about your relationship with the Weasley
  • And Snape would hold you back one day after class
  • “A Weasley twin? Are you kidding me” “no dad”
  • He wouldn’t like it
  • And be more stern on Fred
  • But after a while he slowly accepted it
  • Can you imagine Christmas
  • You’d invite Fred to your house
  • And your house also mend Snape
  • So he’d come in
  • Say merry Christmas to you
  • And then he sees Snape sit in the living room in this big arm chair that looks more like some sort of throne
  • And Fred would gulp cause he’s not in Hogwarts
  • So there were no hidden corridors
  • “Come in, Mr. Weasley”
  • You’d give Snape a stern look cause ‘don’t tease my boyfriend’
  • And Fred would say merry Christmas all awkwardly
  • Snape would just look at him
  • Not saying a word
  • Fred would sleep in a different room, next to Snape’s
  • So he could hear if he tried to sneak out.
  • And while you were giving each other your Christmas presents there would be an extra one
  • And Fred would look at you
  • And you at your dad
  • “It’s for Mr. Weasley”
  • “from you?”
  • “I don’t see anyone else”
  • And the two of you would be so surprised cause ‘holy shit Snape got Fred a present’
  • It would be some sort of book about potions
  • But you’re still happy cause your dad actually bought Fred something
  • “Thanks professor” “my name is professor in school” “So he can call you Severus?”
  • Your dad would sigh and nod
  • Cause he knew that Fred would stay forever
  • So the least he could do was let him call him by his first name outside of school.

A/N: I had too much fun writing this ♥


Oh god finally, two freaking weeks but its finally done! Hahahahaha *sobs*

I know I could have submitted this earlier if I stuck with line art and half assed it, but when last I logged in and saw I was at 247 followers, well holy shit guys! I don’t know where you all came from but I’m super grateful and freaking happy you like my stuff! SO as a big thank you, here, did my best with this and hope you guys like it!

Other Chapters:

Growing Up Chapter 1
Growing Up Chapter 3: Page 1 & 2

And I decided that the comic title for this would be “Growing Up” since even though technically a college AU, theres gonna be a lot of flashbacks to them as they… well grow up hahaha.

Anyway thanks again!