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thinking about kent or jack getting tradef to the others team and tbqh im., pain is good

Okay but actually can I rant about this for a sec because like? It doesn’t have to be sad.

Like I’ve seen people talk about/write fics where Kent goes to the Falcs, but what if it was the other way around? (Not that I think either team would trade Jack or Kent because they’re too valuable, but let’s ignore that for the sake of this AU.) So Jack gets sent to the Aces, and everybody who gives half a shit about hockey is holding their breath because in a way, this is Jack coming full circle. He’s back on a team with Kent, he’s on the team he would have gotten drafted to if he didn’t overdose, and he’s surrounded by a level of party culture that he hasn’t really had to confront since his addiction. Nobody knows how well he’ll handle any of these things, much less all at once.

But the Jack that goes to the Aces is not the Jack that existed back then, so he handles it surprisingly well. He isn’t on a line with Kent at first, because things change and people change and there’s just too much history to throw them back together on the ice and expect it to go well. But the Aces love Jack, even if Swoops is a little protective because Kent is his best friend, and Jack adjusts well because above all else, he’s good at hockey. They figure out a line that works for him, and he builds chemistry with the team, and it’s going well, everybody’s excited. Kent still has a lot of emotional baggage, but he’s a professional, and he’s the damn captain, so he realises he needs to leave the past in the past, and he and Jack finally talk it out and get the closure they need. Their relationship is still tentative at first, because they’re re-learning each other, but Kent is the only person who saw Jack’s struggle with self-medicating firsthand so ultimately, there’s a level of closeness there that can’t be ignored. They get more comfortable, they grow closer, and they’re better for each other this time around because they’ve grown up a lot since the Q. Plus, Jack is happy. That’s all Kent really ever wanted for him.

And Kent’s happy too, because this is it. This is what he wanted, to go pro with Jack and share a line in the NHL and maybe win a Cup or two together. And even though they aren’t linies yet and haven’t even approached the playoffs together, it’s a start, and that’s all Kent wanted. Just a chance to be a part of Jack’s life, and to see him play the sport he loves and not feel pressured to do anything but enjoy it. He knows they aren’t right for each other, not like that, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still play amazing hockey together. And it’s different than it used to be, because they’ve grown up a little and moved on a little and learned a lot, but Kent is slowly realising that different doesn’t always mean bad.

My biggest win - Colton Parayko (smut)

Requested by anon: Omg you Alex smut was so good! Could you do one for Colton Parayko please😂

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The door shuts with a bang and I shudder on my spot on the couch. I knew that Colton was going to be mad when he came home, but I didn’t imagine that it was to be that bad. The game against Colorado was absolutely awful, the Blues couldn’t get a pass straight and ended up the game with only ten shots on goal. The burgundy team dominated the puck during the three periods and they scored four times, but they could’ve easily scored at least ten.

Colton and I have been dating for a year and a half, give or take, and I’m already used to his outbursts of anger when he loses a game. Our relationship is far from perfect but it is solid. Our first year together had been rough, we couldn’t balance our relationship with hockey season, but we are doing much better now.

Colton walks straight to our room without saying a word and I sigh. I decide to give him some time by himself to calm down while I make something to eat. I’m carrying a plate with a sandwich and a big glass of water when I hear the shower running.

“Colton?” I say, opening the door of our shared room. He is nowhere to be seen and the light of the bathroom is on, door half open.

I leave the plate and glass on the dresser next to the door and make my way towards the bathroom. I can’t help it but to sigh when I see his suit and shirt lying on the floor next to his shoes, looking like he has ripped it out of his body. Colton is standing on the shower facing the other way so he doesn’t see me standing on the door; his hands are resting on the wall and his head is down, water raining down his body. I quietly take off my pajamas and step in the shower with him, hugging his waist from behind.

“Hello.” I say, kissing him in the spot right between his shoulder blades.

“Hello.” He answers me, interlacing his fingers with mine. “I’m sorry, I walked in like an anim…”

“It’s okay, baby.” I cut him off, hissing when the water hits my skin. I didn’t expect it to be cold.

I reach out to the controls in our way too fancy shower and turn the temperature of the water up. Colton turns around and opens his arms for me to walk right into his embrace.

“We played like shit.” He just says, wrapping his arms around my way smaller body and holding me tight against his chest.

“Yes, you did.” I agree with him and I feel his chest going up and down when he chuckles. “But you are still on a wildcard spot, so we are okay.”

“We will always be ok, even if we don’t make it to playoffs.” I know he is talking about our relationship so I give him a nod and he kisses the top of my head.

We stand in the shower for what it seems like hours, just enjoying each other’s presence. Hockey season is hard for everyone, players and families, so moments like this are like a treasure. I’m the one who steps away to grab the bottle of shower gel from the rack and pour some of it on my hand. Colton looks at me, not sure of what I am doing.

“Turn around.” I tell him and he obeys without asking a single question.

I rub my hands together, making a light foam, and then I lay they on his shoulders. His muscles are strong under my fingers and I need to apply more pressure to unknot his back. Colton hums in content and I take it as encouragement to keep going. I patiently work on his whole back, from neck and shoulders to his lower back and hips. I stare at his butt for a second before slapping it with my right hand.

“Oh my, that’s hard.” I playfully complain, shaking my hand.

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you were a hockey blog right? I just started playoffs (oh my god it's ridiculous it's like everyone is out for blood - it's still exciting though) But anyways I was wondering if you might be able to give me some blog recs if it's not too much trouble? It doesn't have to be for a specific team, I still don't know who I like yet. Thank you :)

Hi yeess I was/still kind of am (I changed my url from mtlprice to bradyskjeh to this because I have no chill). This is such a cute ask though omg welcome to this side of tumblr!!! Hope you’re enjoying the playoffs! I follow a lot of blogs and honestly they’re all incredible and you can see all of them in my blogroll. 

Some hockey blogs that I really enjoy seeing on my dash are @hockeyismyreligon / @jordan-memeberle / @jeffsknnr / @chillwhiskey / @carey-pric31ess / @stanleycupwerenski / @drai-29 / @daddydratty / @connrcarricks / @hockeydilf / @sidcrosbybro / @ladysstardust / @sheary@aliceinhabsland / @habsfans98 / @karlssns / @lgbtsubban / @flowbros

My fave blogs that don’t post too much hockey but are still fans and really awesome people are @leonardodicapriostan / @filthyjanuary / @paper-storm

That’s just a little bit though there’s lots of great blogs out there (I still recommend checking out the blogroll if you want because seriously everyone I follow is incredible and amazing). Hopefully this will help you get started!!

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How did you get into hockey? And are you into any other sports?

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 70s, when the Dodgers were unstoppable, and then came of age in the 80s, when the Lakers were unstoppable. Also, something about the Raiders but fuck those guys.

So I initially got into hockey as an act of rebellion. It was tough to understand, wasn’t even supposed to be played in Sunny California™, and the team sucked out loud for two decades.

It took work to appreciate and enjoy it, and I liked feeling like I was rewarded for my efforts. Even though those teams were pretty bad, and they never got very deep in the playoffs, I felt like I was in on some huge secret thing that muggles just weren’t capable of enjoying. As I got older and watched more and more games, I fell deeper and deeper in love with the sport, and started following as many teams as I could.

As an adult, I like hockey because it’s fast, every player needs to play 200 feet, and the goalies are playing an entirely different game than the other skaters. Baseball bores me to death (but I still enjoy going to a game now and then), and the only way to make basketball interesting to me is to give both teams 100 points and then let them play for two minutes.

Well Kings fans, the season has come to an end and what can I say? I am so proud of what the Kings have accomplished. They put so much sweat and heart into winning the cup. What a playoff run it was. Who would have thought that a team that was down 0-3 in round one would say “we are the Stanley Cup Champs”? I’m still amazed at that. They played 3 away game sevens and faced elimination 7 times. Amazing. No matter how many people say “LA doesn’t deserve this”, we all know they earned the Stanley Cup. They earned the celebration: hoisting the cup, the streamers, the stinging in their eyes when they popped the champagne bottles, everything. 

If we’ve learned one thing this season, if the NHL has learned one thing this season, it’s don’t count out the Kings. Honestly, I’m still in awe on how this playoff run played out. I still can’t believe that this team, who has struggled so much in the past, has won 2 Stanley Cups in three years. It’s incredible what they’re doing, not just this season but for the past three.They’re a team that LA can be so, so proud of. 

Forget the haters, forget the ones who have nothing but negative words to say, the ones who will call you a “bandwagon” fan, forget them all and enjoy this and share it with everyone. Show a friend how amazing this team is, how amazing hockey is. I have a feeling our fan base will grow tons during the off season and I’m okay with that. All Kings fans should be okay with that. Every single fan starts somewhere, whether you grew up with it, you fell in love with Gretzky or maybe you got dragged to that one game that you were totally bored of .. how you became a fan isn’t important. What’s important is the “believing” and the supporting and if winning the cups sparks the interest for someone, don’t take it away from them. This team deserves all the love and support they can get.