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2ps having to wake up very, very early/being rudely awoken if that's okay??

2P: *gets rudely awoken at 5am*

2P!America: *gets progressively louder* …If you don’t get the fuck out of my face right now I wiLL LITERALLY FUCKING MURDER YOU

2P!China: *still half asleep* Mmgh… no mom I dun wanna go to school…

2P!England: *kitten yawn* Hhhh… five more minutes please…


2P!Russia: *rubs eyes* For what occasion are you waking me…?

2P!Italy: sonofabitch gET OUTTTT *forcefully hurls pillow at the offender*

2P!Germany: *heavy sleeper so he remains dead to the world in a soundproof coma-like slumber no matter how much he’s touched, grabbed or poked*

2P!Japan: *is already awake and watching the sun rise or some shit*

2P!Canada: *entirely ignores the wake-up and continues to sleep no matter any kind of effort, or just gets up in a trance and moves somewhere else to sleep*

2P!Romano: *is already up and making breakfast or chirping with the birds or screaming ‘i fucking love mornings’ probably*


2P!Prussia: Hmm? Oh… yeah sorry, I’ll be up in a minute

Surprises...(Part two)- Josh Dun

As the bus came to a stop at the arena they were playing that night Lauren got really excited.

“Daddy, is uncle Tyler here?” she asked beaming with excitement.

“Yeah, he’s somewhere. Probably still sleeping on his bus. It’s kind of early.” Josh said turning his attention from you to his daughter.

“I wanna see them though. When can we see them?” Lauren asked.

“Lauren, calm down. We’ll have some breakfast then we’ll go bug them.” you said.

Both your kids immediately got up picking up their toys and sat at the table.

“Wow, they’re so trained.” Josh chuckled.

“Well one of us has to be strict. I mean you’re like another child, but I love it.” you said pulling out a box of cereal and pouring a bowl for each of your kids (including Josh).

“Mommy, don’t be mean to daddy. He’s more fun.” Lauren said shoving cereal down her throat.

“Hey, that wasn’t very nice. Mom can be fun too.” Josh defended you.

“Lauren who brings you shopping?” you asked knowing how much she loves it.

“You.” she said.

“See. Therefore I’m more fun.” you said and it made Lauren laugh.

After breakfast you cleaned up the mess and Josh played with the kids just enjoying the time you got together.

“So, Tyler just texted me saying he is on his way over.” Josh said and it made both your kids cheer.

“Jackson, come on let’s go hid.” Lauren said eagerly taking her brother’s hand and pulling him into her bunk.

After a few moments the bus door flew open and Tyler climbed on and Jenna followed.

“Y/N you’re here. How you been?” Tyler asked giving you a hug.

“Great, now that I’m here with all my favorite people.” you replied.

“Speaking of where are those crazy children of yours?” Tyler asked and you could hear giggling from the bunks. He walked back quietly to go sneak up on them.

“So you’re finally here. We’ve missed you guys.” Jenna said hugging you.

“I know. I’ve missed everyone so much. But Lauren has school, so it’s hard pulling her for long periods.” you said.

You could hear laughter from the back of the bus where Josh, Tyler, and the kids were all playing.

You and Jenna hung out just catching up for a while in the front.

“So Tyler and I want to give you and Josh so alone time with no kids. Can we take them tonight? They can sleep on our bus.” Jenna offered.

“Oh you don’t have to.”

“No. really we want to. I can’t imagine what it’s like being away from Tyler for so long. You and Josh need time to hang out and be adults.” she said with a wink.

“Oh yeah, that won’t be happening. I’ll be fast asleep as soon as we get on the bus tonight.” you said knowing that she was implying you and Josh were going to have sex.

“You have 3 weeks to catch up on sleep. Have some fun.” she said laughing.

You were glad you had a close relationship with Jenna and could talk about things like that.


Tyler was singing some nonsense into the microphone. Josh sat with you on the empty arena floor that would soon be filled with hundreds of screaming fans.

“This is amazing.” you said in total awe.

“I know. To just think you were pregnant for Lauren when I joined the band and now she’s running around with our son in this huge venue.” Josh said as he watched the kids chasing each other in the big empty space.

“Guess I should go up there and practice with him now.” Josh said with a sigh.

“Why did you sigh?” you asked turning to him.

“It just sucks. I mean I finally get to be with you and I have to work.” he said putting his hands up in slight defeat.

“I don’t mind. At least we’re together while you work. Not to mention how much  I love watching you drum.” you said placing a kiss on his cheek. “Now go play.”

He got up and jogged to the stage where your two kids followed him.

“Can we play?” Lauren asked Josh.

He looked to Tyler to see if he had time, Tyler shook his head as an indication to let them play.

“Sure but only for a few minutes, then I have to get to work.”

He put both the kids on either knee and let them bang away on the drums. This was one of the things you missed the most about Josh being home. Seeing him with his kids was heart warming. He adored them and hated when he had to leave.

After a couple minutes you went up and told your kids it was time to go lay down and relax. You liked keeping them on a schedule even if they were having a good time. Josh understood and told them they could drum again later.

Back on the bus now you laid on the couch while your kids were in their bunks asleep. Scrolling through your social media trying to relax before tonight’s show.

Suddenly the bus door swung open and Josh climbed on.

“Shh.. they’re sleeping.” you said sitting up and motioning for him to sit with you.

“Right, sorry.” he said sitting down and pulling you to his lap.

“So this is the first time we’ve had some alone time.” he said leaning in and connecting your lips with his.

“Mommy?” yelled your son from the bunks of the bus.

You pulled away from the kiss “guess that was the end of that.” you said and stood and walked to the bunks.

Walking with your son on your hip back to the couch you saw Josh at the counter making a 4 sandwiches.

“Hey buddy you hungry?” Josh asked putting the food in front of your son who was now at the table.

“Of course he is, they both eat like you, 24/7.” you joked and Lauren came out sitting next to you at the table and ate.

“Sorry guys, I would love to stay but I have to go do some interviews. I’ll see you guys right before the show?” Josh said after you all finished lunch.

“Okay. we’ll meet up in your dressing room before?” you suggested.

“Sounds perfect. I love you guys. Bye.” Josh left the bus and you were back to being alone with your kids. Until Jenna came and took them.

“I know you need a break Y/N. They’re always good for me. I’ll bring them to hang out with me, go watch Josh’s interviews. You don’t get to see him much.enjoy it while you can.” she said.

“Thanks Jenna. You’re right, I do need time. Thank you so much.”

“Are we still taking them tonight? I was kind of looking forward to it.” Jenna said with your kids begging you to stay overnight on Tyler and Jenna’s bus.

“Sure. Don’t have too much fun without me.” you joked before leaving and walking to the arena to find Josh.

You found Josh and Tyler in the middle of an interview so you snuck in and sat behind the camera and Josh’s face suddenly light up.

“So, both of you are married, what’s that like being on tour and all?” the interviewer asked.

“Well it’s great for me because I can have my wife Jenna with me.” Tyler said.

“and you Josh? You have a child right? Is it different?” the interviewer turned the question to Josh.

He looked at you then to his hands then back to the interviewer.

“Yeah, I have 2 kids now actually, a 5 and 3 year old. It was easier before my daughter went to school because they would come on tour with me the whole time. Now they visit when they can and I go home if I have a day or two off. I miss them so much when I’m gone and they actually came this morning and it’s really exciting to be spending the next 3 weeks with them. You know get in all those adorable moments in before they grow up.” he said with the biggest smile on his face.

Once the interview was over Josh stood and walked over to where leaning against the wall.

“Hey there babe.” he said with a smirk on his face. “Where are the kids?”

“They are with Jenna right now.”

“Well that’s perfect. That was my last interview and I still have about 30 minutes before I have to get ready. So what do you say we head to my dressing room and you know, catch up.” he said kissing your forehead and taking your hand in his.

“Let’s go.” you said and he lead you to the dressing room.

He pushed you down on the couch that was in the center of the room and hovered over you. He placed a deep kiss to your lips and started to move down to your neck. You tilted your head up to expose more of your neck. When he found your spot you let out a quiet moan.

“Moaning just from this, what will happen when I get you alone again?” he said smugly.

“Well Jenna and Tyler offered to take the kids tonight, so I guess we won’t have to wait to long to find out.” you said as he moved farther down lifting your shirt.

“That’s something to look forward to.” he said.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Josh pulled off of you and chuckled as you sat up and readjusted yourself.

He looked at you for approval to open the door and you gave him a nod.

“Hey sorry to interrupt anything, but Jenna is headed in with the kids right now and I didn’t want them witnessing anything life scarring.” Tyler joked walking into the room. He was followed by Jenna and the kids who walked in just seconds after.

It was finally time for the Josh and Tyler to go on. Josh played like he hadn’t played in so long. He was great, it just showed how much he was different when you were around. He was so much happier and everyone noticed.

As you stood on the side with your kids your son soon grew antsy.

“I wanna play. Please, can I?” Jackson begged pulling on your sleeve.

“Jackson, he’s playing for the fans right now. Maybe another time.” you tried to reason with him, but he’s 3. There’s not much reasoning you can do.

As Tyler made his way to talk to the fans Jackson let go of your hand and ran on to stage.

“Jackson, get back here.” you whisper yelled.

Josh was shocked when he felt his son climbing onto his lap. You made your way out onto stage to grab Jackson when the fans started to interrupt Tyler’s speech by cheering when they saw you.

“Oh looks like Josh has some company. Guys welcome Y/N, Josh’s wife and Jackson the future drummer.” Tyler joked as you took Jackson off his lap.

“Sorry bout that.” you apologized.

“No worries.” he stood and leaned into your ear. “Have these kids on the other bus before I get to you. It’s been too long, if you know what I mean.” he gave you a kiss then gave your son a kiss on his forehead.

“I do.” you said then walked off.

Once Trees was performed you told Jenna that she should probably take the kids now. She took the hint and brought your kids to her and Tyler’s bus.

Josh told you to go to the bus while he washed up. So you made your way there and waited patiently.

After about 30 minute of waiting you texted him.

To Josh

Hurry up, I’m growing impatient.

Sent 11:32pm

From Josh

Eager much. I’ll be there in a minute.

Received 11:33pm

You got up and stripped down to just underwear and bra. You were in need of his touch. He was right it had been too long.

The bus door swung open and Josh hurried on, locking the door. He turned around and saw that you weren’t wearing much and blushed.

“Guess I was right about you being eager, huh?” he asked pinning you against the wall.

“Well I can’t help myself. Seeing you play makes me, I don’t know.” you closed the space between your lips.

Josh broke the kiss to pull off his shirt and pants. He placed his hands on your hips and started kissing you again. You could feel how hard he was getting against your leg.

“Oh and I was the eager one.” you sassed.

“Did you just get mouthy with me?” he asked teasingly. “Go lay down in the bunk.” he said and you walked off. “Loose the bra and underwear too.” he called after you.

You dropped the remainder of your clothing on the floor before climbing into the bunk.

Josh came in a few minutes later and climbed on top of you. Without anymore talking you two were attached at the lips. He moved his way down your naked body leaving small hickeys on his way.

“Josh please. Do something, touch me.”

He moved farther down granting your wish and started working on your clit. He sucked on it and when you let out a moan he put a finger inside of you.

“You’re so wet baby.”

“Fuck Josh, it’s been so long I’m close already.” you could barely speak.

He removed his fingers and you whimpered from the loss of pleasure.

He lined himself up and teased you with the tip of his cock.

“How bad do you want it?” Josh asked into your neck.

“So bad. Please fuck me Josh.” you begged.

He put his lips to your neck and thrusted inside you.

“Fuck you’re so tight. God I’ve missed this cunt so bad baby.”

“Josh, faster. Your big dick feels so good.” he moved faster and you felt him twitch inside you when you clenched around him.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m about to cum.”

“Do it baby. I want you to cum all over me.”

He thrusted into you a few more times before you hit your climax and you moaned his name as he cummed inside you. He rode out both your orgasms before flopping down next to you.

“Fuck that was… wow.” Josh said and you giggled.

“I know. I think I forget how much I miss the real thing.” you said pulling the covers over you and Josh.

“What do you mean ‘real thing’?” Josh asked pulling you close.

“Do you really think I go months without any attention. I have to do things on my own when you’re not around.” you said closing your eyes.

“So you’re a naughty girl, I see. What do you say we go for round two?”

“Not right now. I haven’t gotten a good night sleep in so long. We have 3 weeks to make up for lost time and trust me this isn’t the only night Jenna and Tyler will have the kids.” you said.

“I like the sound of that.” he placed a kiss to your forehead and you closed your eyes. “Good night Y/N. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” then you fell asleep with Josh right next to you.

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amy rose i love your drabbles! could you perhaps write one about derek teaching his daughter werewolf 101?

“Okay, baby,” Derek crouches down beside Matilda, runs a hand down her back. “Focus on what you can smell.”

“Daddy!” Matilda points excitedly to where Stiles is weeding. He is, in actuality, tugging up all the greenery in their border, but Derek’s keeping his mouth shut for fear of having Stiles point out his inability to know the difference between a wool wash and a cotton wash. Not that Stiles complained too much when all of Derek’s tees came out two sizes too small, but he still teases Derek for the accident mercilessly. 

Stiles glances up when he hears Mattie shout his name, grins and waves, “Hey princess!”

Mattie waves back, and then looks at Derek expectantly, “Good?”

“Uh huh, but what else?” Derek points at himself, “Can you smell me?”

“Yes! Smell like bacon and daddy and powder.“ 

In the border, Stiles snickers. 

Derek ignores him, “Like you, too?”

"Yes, and I can smell flowers.”

“Good girl! Okay,” he flexes his claws slowly in front of her, smiling fondly when her eyes go huge as she watches. “You remember the other morning when you fell out of bed, and your claws popped out?”

Mattie pouts, still indignant and blaming the incident on her bed being too small, and not the fact she was jumping on it. 

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You still taking titles? This is a cool meme! The One With the Chicken Pox!

The One With The Chicken Pox 

(kid!fic, part of a whole au I have in my head where the Hales & Stilinskis are long time friends and nothing terrible happens)


“But why aren’t we getting Stiles, mama?”  Derek scuffs his foot in the dirt outside the house and looks up at his mom with wide eyes.  ”Is he never coming to school again?”

"He’s sick, honey and it’s the kind of sick that could make other people sick, so he has to stay at home.”

Derek frowns and tugs on her sleeve until she bends down to listen.  ”He can’t get me sick,” he whispers, even though there’s no one around to hear him.  ”He knows he can’t get me sick.”

“Oh Derek.”  Talia smiles and brushes a hand over Derek’s hair before straightening up.  "I’ll call Claudia while you’re at school and find out if you can go and see him after school, okay?“

"An’ I can stay with him forever!”  Derek nods, clutching his coat with one hand.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because it’s Stiles, an’ me and Stiles are always gon’ be together.”

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