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Happy 7 years of one direction 


Jeffmads+Sofissa part 11

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Thank you all for sticking with me until now, you were really kind to me and having this blog was a positive experience. However, i decided to delete my account for several reasons. I made my main blog more than 3 years ago and it’s time for me to go on and leave tumblr behind. I’ll miss this fandom though:’)


Marie surprising Eliza during her interview at SDCC


“S-someone stole my pants…” 😶

Inspired by late night chat session with @bettrdays and @hilow. Leaving it ship free for your own heart’s content (though there was one I had in mind ❤) Bottom images are close ups~ 

Malec Fanfic WIPs Appreciation Post!

Because I believe these fanfics deserve more attention for the simple reason that they are so good and so well written. And yes, these are WIPs. I know most of you don’t like it, but I really suggest to check them out. They are worth it.  Most of these are just beggining but just with the first chapter, they get you hooked.

And so the time goes … by Nylita (7/?)

He should have never returned.
He knew it was a mistake the second he set foot in the Institute.
Valentine is still at large, slaughtering Downworlders by the hour, and here he was, coming back to the very place he’d sworn to avoid.

Magnus Bane has returned after seventeen months, only to come face to face with the person he’d specifically avoided for those seventeen months in the first ten minutes of being back.

Whomever said hell didn’t exist on earth had obviously never had the chance to meet Alexander Lightwood.

Child of the Heart by @theravennest (8/?)

When Iris Rouse’s warlock-human trafficking ring was brought down and he had rescued the young warlock, Madzie, from Valentine’s clutches, Magnus was faced with a difficult choice. What to do with a girl with so much hurt and so much fear, yet with so much power at her beck and call? No one seemed fit to take her but himself and yet was he ready for such an undertaking? Was Alec? Magnus has to come to a decision soon but whatever his choice, it would affect three lives in ways he could not anticipate.

Controlled Love Story by Jacklyne (2/?)

Alec and Clary were madly in love and nothing, not even Alec’s evil Warlock ex or Clary’s overly attached former brother, could come between their love.

That is, until they realize they’ve been the main characters in a love story where Alec is painfully heterosexual and forced to love Clary.

(aka. the “why the fuck is someone writing us as love interests in a poorly written fanfic” au)

Fledge by xLyrael (5/?)

If there is one thing Magnus knows for certain, it’s that the Lightwoods are nothing but trouble. This is further cemented as fact when he opens his door one morning only to have a child shoved into his arms with blood running down his back and Maryse Lightwood of all people begging him for help.

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listen all i’m saying is that we’ve seen percy and annabeth go through so much turmoil that them going through tartarus was impressive but just another notch on the belt and it would have been 1000% more terrifying if jason and piper were hanging from that ledge and jason had the bone-rattling realization that tartarus’ pull was to strong and his powers (as a son of zeus, lord of the sky) were going to fail him and they were going to have to fall and there was nothing he could do to save the one he loved from literally plummeting into hell

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For my giftee @applejackcat for @rumbellechristmasinjuly

“Summer Vacation Brings Blazing Kisses”

Rumple and Belle go on vacation and kiss a lot and stuff.

Bonus: Beach, Gold gets burned, and Begbie because you mentioned him twice in our brief exchanges