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new legacy time!!! 

meet sloane vasquez (ps the monréaus are still here) but this is a story based legacy, but i suck at writing but thats ok

here are some facts abt sloane so you can get to know her better!!

  1.  she never wears her hair completely down
  2.  she goes for a jog at least twice a day
  3. she hates dogs, she thinks they’re too big for her liking even though small dogs exist sloane
  4. she has a tattoo on her collarbone but you cant see it most of the time (it says “words have the power to change us”)
  5. for someone who aspires to be very strong and healthy, she hates salad (she would rather eat cookies thank you very much)
  6. she believes the only way to sleep is in over-sized t-shirts ("they’re comfortable, big and so swishy!! the sleeves are so long”) 
  7. but you know, she would sleep in lingerie (if things got sPiCy you know?) 
  8. her birthday is july 24 (which means she’s a leo)
  9. she looks very edgy, but on the inside she’s a little cinnamon roll
  10. other than being very athletic, she loves to bake/cook (her fav cooking shows are master chef + chopped)

so the schedule for the new posting time after the wedding will be monréaus once a day and sloane once a day. If it gets too much/I get too busy i may have to but one on hiatus :( but ill try my best to keep both of them!

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prince!sam whos freaking out that he has to become king when something happens to his dad and you're not royal but he still loves you so he sneaks out the night of his coronation to come see you and is crying like crazy bc hes so scared and you just hold him and he spends the night in your arms and begs you to come with him to the ceremony but you cant bc its a royal affair and he pulls a ring out of NOWHERE and says "if you say yes, you WILL be royalty and i will never have to leave you again"

this… my heart?? he would have taken it from his mum’s jewelry box where all of the engagement rings were and hed just sneak out through a window and he’s at your window throwing small pebbles and when you open the door you’re like “babe, what?” bc you were going to watch him be crowned and he’s like “I can’t do it. I-i can’t do it without you and-and I have to. I don’t want to! if tom and harry were here they’d be able to do it but they’re Kings of other kingdoms. I just- please come with me to the corination.” and you’d be like “I would if I could but… I’m not royal, love. I’m just.. I’m a common girl, I can’t go to a royal event.” and he’d be tapping the velvet box that he hid in his pocket and he’d like “but what if there’s a way to make you royal?” and you’d shake your head in a way of saying ‘theres no way you can do that.’ and he’d pull out the box and open it showing you a ring and he’s like “if you say yes, you’ll be royal and I won’t have to leave you” and your heart goes “404 ERROR” but you nod and bAM


Thoughts. Still about Kylo. lol

Last one for tonight, still about Kylo. Im sorry if i keep talking about him, he is just so complex. UGHHHHHH

Kylo is definitely a grey jedi. Just the way he said that they need to end the Jedi (light) and end the Sith. It felt that he knew there was mid ground to all of this. If he was purely dark he wouldnt say that at all.

He is trying to repress so much of the light in him that he turned into Kylo. And now that Snoke is gone and Rey was here he could probably let loose some of the light in him. But after the rejection, i think he just lost it. hahahaha

After he ran away from Luke and took the students he probably had so much hate and resentment towards Luke and his family. Cant blame him, the person he trusted the most to bring him balance to explore more of the light, betrayed him. I still cant believe Luke did that! He saw light in his father! Why cant he see the light in Ben! Ben was there in the damn temple trying to learn the Jedi ways wasnt he. He was trying! Ok it was Snoke who planted that, made Luke believe that Ben was capable of such acts and is dark beyond help. But what if it was only a way for him to push Ben towards the dark but Ben hasnt even decided yet, or even entertained the dark thoughts or was really trying his best to keep away from it.  But there it was his master trying to kill him. 

That look on his face when he saw Luke. Fear, confusion, he looked at Luke for quite a bit, and then he understood what was happening.

Then he ran away with the students, went to the person who at that time is willing to accept him. And Snoke fed his hate and rage and he forced himself to the dark. Ben Solo hid himself, forced himself to be Kylo Ren and still struggling to keep light at bay. Then now, there’s Rey. She will help him release the light he needs in order to be free. He said to Han he needed to be free of this pain, and that pain i think was the light wanting to flow right through him. His enemy here causing him pain is himself, and the only way he will defeat is by letting the light balance the dark in him 

Ben/Kylo is not his grandfather, is not his uncle, nor his mom and dad. He is his own person and he can save himself from himself and with a little help and inspiration from a girl named Rey from Jakku. 


Ok im done. Laters!

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whats ur fave thing about mettaton that most people dont bring up? (so basically, hard mode: you cant say legs!)

hmmmm idk if this is something that most people don’t talk about, but–I like the fact that you can interpret him so many different ways. some people love him as a dorky goofball, some people love him as a sexy, smarmy jerk, some people love him as a narcissistic but still caring guy. and some people love him as all three!

since the game doesn’t really focus on the different sides of him, like it does with the other characters, there’s so many different things you can do with him. and while I’m semi-disappointed that the game only touched on his caring side, I’m glad for the opportunity to have so many different Mettatons out there. it makes his fandom a really interesting place.

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Hi, hopefully this is ok I saw you were taking prompts for a disability month challenge. I’d love to see some doc about adhd daisy, there’s so little adhd fic out there. Thanks!

Midnight Talker 

~1300 words 

AN: i threw in autistic jem because i just cant help myself and i miss my rambly daughter. takes place mid s1

read on AO3 

Skye scrambles to catch her laptop as her jump and shriek sends it flying off her crossed legs. Jemma dives for it as well, and there’s a beat of stillness after they both catch it on its way to the floor of the command center. Then Jemma starts babbling an apology, and Skye rushes to assuage her.

“No, I- I didn’t mean to scare you,” Jemma is saying, pushing the laptop back firmly into Skye’s lap. “I called your name a few times, but you didn’t seem to hear me.”

“Sorry, yeah.” Skye sets the laptop on the table beside her—which she really shouldn’t be sitting on, but A.C. wasn’t around to catch her—and rubs at her strained eyes. “Just got focused.”

“I can see that.” Jemma smiles nervously, scrunching her nose a bit.

Hands falling to her lap, Skye gives Jemma an up-and-down, smiling tiredly at her atomic-patterned pajamas. “Turning in early? That’s not a bad idea.”

Jemma’s hands fiddle in front of her, and she shakes her head minutely. “Um. No. Just got … woken up by something, actually. It’s … It’s three in the morning, Skye.”

“What?” Skye responds, not really processing the words. She glances toward her computer, but the time isn’t displayed, the whole screen being taken up by code.

“Did you not notice the lights going off four hours ago?” Jemma asks.

Skye looks around, and sure enough, only the low, ambient lights have been left on in the room, just enough to let her see without straining too hard. “No,” she admits. “Have I really been in here that long?”

Jemma opens her mouth, seems to think better of it, and then says anyway, “Please don’t take offense to this, but … when was the last time you showered?”

Skye blinks at the question, and then lifts her shirt to sniff it.

“You don’t smell!” Jemma hastens to say, raising her hands. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply- It’s just, I usually keep track of when people are using the showers, which I realize is somewhat peculiar, I just- I like knowing where people are, and it’s not hard to pick up on the patterns when you’re living in such close quarters as this- I don’t mean to be creepy, I’m really not- well, I just noticed you usually shower every other night, which would have been last night, but you went to your room after the mission yesterday and didn’t come back out until this morning. I don’t mean to pry or anything. I was just wondering if you were doing okay. Not that not showering means you’re not doing okay, it’s just that people breaking their routines can sometimes be symptomatic of an underlying issue … and …” Jemma shakes her head. “I’m sorry. This is weird. I’m being weird. I’ll stop. Goodnight.”

Jemma turns to leave, and Skye manages to keep in her laugh for fear of offending her, but doesn’t quite manage to hold back the grin.

“Simmons,” she says, reaching out and catching her sleeve. Jemma turns back, eyebrows knit with worry. “It’s okay. Seriously. As long as it’s not because I smell.”

“It’s not,” Jemma swears.

“I’ve just been …” Skye tries to figure out how to explain, letting her hand drop. “Kind of having trouble with a lot of steps lately? Like, for most people showering is one step—take a shower—and for others it’s a few steps, like ‘get in the shower, wash, condition, rinse, get out’. But for me it seems like a whole lot of little steps—turn on the shower, undress, check the water, get in, shampoo, rinse, condition, etc. etc. … All the little steps get overwhelming sometimes. And that mission wore me out so much, I just didn’t have the brain function for it. Or anything else.”

“Executive dysfunction,” Jemma says, nodding. “That makes sense. A lot of people with ADHD get that.” Then she catches herself, eyes widening. “Sorry! I’m not supposed to make guesses about people, Fitz said it puts people off.” She gives a self-conscious laugh. “I am really not doing well tonight. I should just stop talking.”

“It’s okay,” Skye says. “I am ADHD, if you were wondering.”

Jemma gives a nervous grin, hands knitting in front of her. “I figured. I’m usually pretty good at telling. But people seem to not like it when you say it. Especially if they didn’t know.”

“Well, I did know, so all good.”

Jemma nods, glancing away. “Um. Will you be off to bed, then?”

“I should,” Skye says, rubbing her eyes again. “I’ll probably make a coffee.”

“This late?” Jemma asks, face creasing in concern. “Staying up all night isn’t good for you. The brain refreshes itself during sleep, without at least a few hours—”

“I was gonna go to bed,” Skye assures her, holding up a hand. “Coffee knocks me out. It’s the only way I’m going to fall asleep after staring at my laptop for so long.”

“Oh.” The look of concern doesn’t go away. “That can’t be healthy.”

Skye shrugs. “It works.”

Jemma’s brows pull together. “I—” Her lips flicker into a smile. “I could make you a hot chocolate instead.”

Skye considers the offer, and Jemma continues, “I was going to make a cup of tea anyways, so it’s not any trouble. And if you don’t fall asleep, then maybe we could stay up and chat for a little while.”

Skye nods. “Okay. That sounds nice.”

“Oh.” Jemma gives a started grin, obviously not having anticipated that Skye would agree. “Okay. Excellent.”

Skye shuts down her laptop and they make their way to the little kitchen. Jemma starts heating the water on the stove (and is very offended when Skye asks why she doesn’t heat it in the microwave). As they wait for the water to heat, they both lean against the counter, Skye foggy and tired, and Jemma lost in her thoughts.

Eventually, Skye asks, “Something woke you up?” having just then processed the statement.

Jemma blinks, turning to her. “What?”

“You said earlier that something woke you up. It wasn’t me, was it?”

“No,” Jemma says. “It was nothing.”

Skye studies the side of her face as Jemma looks away. “Nightmares?”

Jemma’s lips thin.

“I hear you come out of your room a lot in the middle of the night. Have you been having them often?”

“I didn’t realize anyone had noticed,” Jemma says quietly.

“I’m usually up anyway,” Skye says. “I’m not a great sleeper.”

Jemma doesn’t answer or look at her, so Skye says, “Have they been bothering you a lot?”

“It’s not important,” Jemma mumbles.

“Sure it is.”

Jemma’s hand floats up to her neck, thumb rubbing along the side. “Ever since the Chitauri virus I just … haven’t been sleeping very well. It’s silly, really.”

Skye isn’t sure she could convince her otherwise, so instead she says, “Well, how about the next time you’re up, I’ll let you make me another hot chocolate?”

She nudges her, and Jemma looks over with a small smile.

“I don’t want to bother you.”

“I’m already up most of the time. I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” And then, on an afterthought, “Well … it depends on how good your hot chocolate is.”

That gets a little laugh out of Jemma, which Skye is pretty proud of.

“I do know where Fitz’s stash of mini marshmallows is,” Jemma admits.

“Then next time you’re up, you bring the marshmallows, and I’ll bring my charming, groggy personality.”

“Okay,” Jemma says, stifling her smile. “It’s a deal.”


Skye wanders out of her room two days later, a yawn trapped behind her lips and her finger stuck in the bun she was trying to make in her hair. After she manages the bun, she wanders into the kitchen and, without looking, mutters, “You were supposed to come get me.”

But Jemma is already waiting with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, marshmallows and all.


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

seriously overdraft charges are the most evil thing ive ever heard of.

banks make a solid chunk of their revenue off of customer fees and this includes overdraft charges.

i was a teller for about a year for a big name bank and i can tell you that to low income customers overdraft charges weren’t a matter of not having the money but of either their finances being a tightrope balancing act and, being human, they slipped up a little, or being so busy that they were not physically able to make it to the bank in time to deposit their check before the charge came through.

nothing broke my heart more than when they would ask me “cant you please reverse it? i have the money here now!” or say “please i cant afford this charge i wont be able to pay my bills i promise ill be able to pay it tomorrow” the fact that even then having shown up a day after with cash in hand there was still nothing i could do made me feel physically ill from being involved in such a gross expression of greed.

i can read peoples eyes and these werent people trying to jack the system they were parents trying to give kids money for lunch, trying to pay for gas, just scraping by as it was.

my bank, right before i left, raised their overdraft charge from 35 to 40 dollars. that meant if you withdrew a cent over your balance and it wasnt paid back by the end of the day you owed them 40 bucks flat out. thats the difference between food and starving for 2 weeks for some people and a difference between a having a roof and living on the street for others.

everytime i mentioned how bad it made me feel that i couldnt do anything to help to my coworkers i was met with “yeah but they should have just been more careful” “its their own fault for not keeping track of their balance”

capitalism is evil and breeds evil in peoples perspectives, it breeds antipathy and destroys compassion.


Wild Cards in sync!

To be a Wild Card, one must be super extra: from strutting like a runway model to backflipping during an AoA.

if you all ever need a good laugh, always remember that eustass kid thinks he has the ability to kill shanks

ok but….damian wayne is my grumpy bird son.

ive been experimenting with comic book styles and colouring! this is one of many doodles