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Fans of any series, please take a little of your time to read this

Years ago, when I was’t even a teen yet but I thought I was “too mature for that”, I told my mom I liked a series (it was Digimon Tamers), and I was obsessed with a character in particular (it was Impmon).

I felt ashamed because I thought it was “too childish for someone my age” (turned out, Tamers was anything but childish, but that’s another story).

I was then that her and I had one of the most heartfelt conversations in my life so far:

My mom: “Do you enjoy the series/character? Do they make you happy?”

Me: “Well, yes.”

Mom: “Does liking them hurt/harm you in any way?”

Me: “No, what a question!”

Mom: “Does you liking them hurt/harm anyone else?”

Me: “I really don’t think so.”

Mom: “Then why should you feel ashamed? As long as you enjoy something that makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt/harm anyone -yourself included-, then you should just ignore everything else and enjoy what you like”

You know what she did next? She sat right next to me everyday to watch the series with me… and she adored it! The series and the very character I loved! Still to this day, Impmon remains one of her favorite characters.

Now I’m 27, I have my own life, I’m obsessed with lots of new series, and my mom still sticks true to what she said years ago.

So fans -of ANY AGE, of ANY SERIES-, if you ever feel ashamed for liking something, remember:

ENJOY WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, AND SCREW THE REST OF THE WORLD (as long as you’re not doing anything harmful to it)

I’m tagging all the series I like (along with some of the characters I adore), feel free to add your own if you decide to reblog this post (and I’d be very happy if you did so) :)



Okay, so this one has been in my drafts since…. November?? idk but I don’t have any new (finished) fanart to show you so have this at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some reason Shutora looks different each time I draw her and I never found out why?? Like it should be pretty easy to draw her since she looks pretty much like a smol Levy but without curly locks and yet I still manage to screw it up?? amazing


Pairing: Gabriel x reader
Request: @nobodys-baby-now  “What did you do to me?!”
Word Count: 4885 (oops)
Warnings/Tags: fluff, men acting cute with animals, confessed feelings, one soft archangel 

***Please do not repost, reproduce, or copy my work to any other site without my written permission.  Giving credit does NOT count.***

This was beneath him.  The archangel Gabriel, Messenger of God, a being so powerful he could snap entire countries off the map, was cat sitting.  Apparently, being part of Team Free Will put him on duties even the Winchesters wouldn’t deal with.

Pride aside, he was so not a cat person.  Dogs had always been his thing, with their goofy, lopsided smiles, and the way they’d wag their tails so hard their entire butt would shake whenever he returned.  His dad had really done the world a solid when he designed their lineage.  

Cats, on the other hand, had to have been one of Lucifer’s creations.   

The only reason he’d even agreed was because your name had come up in the conversation.  Something about it being yours and you being on a case.  At least that’s what he assumed.  He hadn’t really bothered with the details, and, to be honest, they didn’t matter, so long as he had the opportunity to score some brownie points with you.

Ok, so maybe he knew exactly what he was doing there.  Potential payoff or not, it didn’t make him any more enthused about spending the next however many days with your feline friend.

He stepped up to the railing, eyes scanning the bunker below.  He tilted his head, hands moving to his hips when he couldn’t see or hear a single sign of his new charge.  

“…Alright, you little bastard, where are you?”

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The Adrien Diaries...

11 Feb 2017

Okay, I take it back. The ground is still really hard even in the super-suit. Especially when it’s three stories below you, and then suddenly RIGHT THERE. Screw it… Plagg wins. I’m DONE.

…it was a flawless plan. FLAWLESS, I SAY! It was my last day to look, and I just needed one quick glance…

I mean, Mari totally seemed to adore Chat when that whole date-with-an-akuma thing went down, so why WOULDN’T she be overjoyed to help me out?!

I mean, she’s like, my ONLY fan…

So, the plan was simple:

  1. Go to Marinette’s
  2. Explain that I have a bet with my Kwami, and it just requires her to turn around for a few minutes.
  3. Quickly and unobtrusively check out her adorably firm bottom
  4. Possibly win bet.


But then IT GETS BETTER! Cause I get over there, and I see her outside on her balcony! ALREADY BENT OVER WATERING FLOWERS!! SCORE!

I can get a gander, tease her a bit, then off I go. 

Except it wasn’t Marinette.

And it turns out she learned that throw from earlier today… from her mom.

…my back is totally bruised, as is my ego.

-Adrien Checked-Out-My-Friend’s-Mom Agreste

The Morning - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 510 words.

Warnings: a lOT, and i mean a lot of cuteness and feels & a happy!bellamy

He was happy. For the first time, in a long time, he was purely contempt with his life. Nothing bothered him. It was as if everything had fallen into place and the universe for the first time in a long time, for once, was giving him a pat on the back. Like they were rewarding him for all his hard work.

And even though he screwed up along the way. 

And even though he made many mistakes. 

Here he was, happy. 

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Okay, so… I have over 170 asks rn and I have the SAT this weekend so I’m just gonna do a mass response to these cuz I have a lot of similar asks and not enough time to answer asks individually, so I’ll tag those off anon…  Here goes nothing XD

  1. Yes, I AM that idiot from asc
  2. Just to clear the air about the whole thing, (I may make a post about this later if not enough people see) Basically what happened was I was trying to unmute myself but my computer has been really weird lately and if I move it a certain way or do something idek what it’ll just kill the camera on a video call.  So that happened when I tried to unmute, and I didn’t realize that my mic was on and I thought I was like alone in my bedroom and without thinking I just reacted verbally when i saw my video cut off and I know I messed up so I’m sorry to anyone I may have offended.  I honestly did not know my mic was on.  And to those thinking I cursed on purpose, that is definitely not true, I have different voices when talking to people vs when I’m alone, and it was very obvious when I cursed I thought I was alone just from my voice.  And I am deeply sorry to ASC, Jimin, Jae, and Stray Kids for causing problems for them, trust me that’s the last thing I want.  I apologized to Stray Kids (although they’ll probably never see it), and I tweeted at every party, however I plan to write a formal apology email to Arirang once I get over the shock enough to write formally.
  3. Don’t worry guys, for the most part I’m okay.  Occasionally I think about what happened and have some regrets (like I could have just gone on audio and y’all would’ve gotten to hear a stray kids high note battle), but my friends and all of you guys have been really supportive and sweet and help me when I feel that way.
  4. Yes, my puppy is so adorable, she’s been stealing everyone’s hearts XD  (she’s still a baby at 14 weeks!)  If people are super interested in her I can make a post about my pets, I love them so much I could talk about them for hours!
  5. anjksfkasjfkja I’m cute?????  Nahhhh XD  Emmie’s the cute one lol
  6. “Legend”???  “Icon”???  “Queen”???  “Goddess”???   Guys, I’m just a spazz who screwed up on live tv XD
  7. AHhhh I really hope stray kids did like me like y’all say they do, hopefully they aren’t annoyed or anything XD.  Tbh if they liked/remembered me that’d be a dream
  8. All the hashtags are so sweet you guys, but you don’t need to worry too much!  I love the support tho <333  (also my dad finds it hilarious)
  9. YEah I wish I had more screentime too cuz I had a dope request, but it’s all in the past ig…  I’m just hoping they come to my city so I can officially meet them and see them in person
  10. Also guys, ASC did not cut me out of the call, that was all my doing (accidentally of course)…  Like I explained earlier, my camera cut out and when I tried to fix it, it made me leave the call
  11. I do feel pretty happy about making stray kids laugh lol Minho’s reaction was probs my fav XD
  12. No, they didn’t call me back.  By the time I got my computer working again they were wrapping up the show, but the staff did apologize to me when it was over.
  13. “You’re my hero”  what’s hilarious is that’s what I was planning to say to Stray Kids right before my computer decided to betray me in the worst way possible.  But thank you ur so sweet! (I’m no hero tho lmao)
  14. If people want to hear about the hangout experience I might do a video or post about it?  Idk
  15. Were the comments really flooded with comments about me??  I’m actually really curious what people were saying XD
  16. I never use my twitter, but it’s @/caitiechatt  DOn’t expect much posting tho XD
  17. Pretty??? Me????  Bruh where??? XD
  18. @ all the people who misspelled my name… don’t worry lol I have teachers who have known me for six years still spell my name wrong XD
  19. The boys looked happy while I was on????  anjskdngkas lmao probs just cuz they’re sweethearts who are super sweet to their fans.  It probs meant nothing lol
  20. CHAN CALLED ME CUTE?????? WOT WHERE?????? 
  21. For those who talked about my content on here, thank you, you guys are so sweet and honestly the reason I do a lot of the stuff on here is for people to enjoy :)
  22. Arirang uploaded the full episode earlier today, the link is in their twt!  (Of course they cut out *that* part lol that’s to be expected)
  23. Ah yes I’ve seen that twt account, in fact I was planning on following when I got better connection :)
  24. Oh bro the number of followers I gained from that was crazy, I have no words XD
  25. AH yes I saw the fanart it is absolutely beautiful! XD
  26. @ the felix photo… That’s hilarious, I hope he wasn’t scandalized or annoyed by it tho XD
  27. Yes, I’ve seen many people post both the original video and many amazing video edits of that moment on twt XD
  29. @ the anon who wants me to stop posting about it…  I’m sorry if I annoyed you, however this is something I am super excited about, as I got to talk to my idols, I’m sure you understand?  And I did warn people before the show that I would be posting with the tag #stray kids asc and to blacklist it if you didn’t want to see it.  So, I’d recommend you either do that or unfollow, because, as much as I love having lovely followers, if they get annoyed with me posting about an exciting moment in my life, there’s not much I can do because I won’t stop talking about such a big event because someone else wants me to.  I hope you understand :)
  30. And finally, I cannot express enough just how much all your sweet messages mean to me, on tumblr and twitter (and yes I saw most of the posts on the skiz and asc vlive pages they were so sweet!).  You guys are honestly so sweet and I probably would be a lot less okay with how things turned out had it not been for all of your support.  Knowing this fandom came together like this to make sure I was okay (And posting those hilarious memes cuz tbh, while I’m embarrassed and sorry about the whole incident, the memes are pretty funny I have to admit), it honestly is so moving and proves just how much of a family our fandom is and I hope we stay like this forever.  I love you guys <3

Here are all the people who sent me asks off anon just so you can see that I replied….

@esmecristal @sugapeak @finemeepppp @doublekn0t @elysianjeno @mydeerlikesbacon @jeonginsdimple (okay I just gotta add ur messages were so sweet and they def put a smile on my face :) ily <3) @snailseungminiee @welcometochanskitchen @strayboys @oksydneyy @cloudyhyunjin @chanishungry @smilesalltheway4ever @purecerealkids @stk0t9 @lovejnk @woojinshairwasblue @the-tailer @usuallyfullpainter @awesomestraykidsbts123 @overly-passionate @youngwigns @peaxhyjeongin @rouiettes @uwujinnie @lantehrn @younghyunxs @peachy-plantia @bam-feels @minhomygod @euphhoriic @sweetjeongin5 @kpop-stole-my-lyfe @leeknowyaknow @ilovehwanghyunjin @einherjii @straynation @busanjeongin @stigmatrash @cowboywonwoo @liza-bear-edits @chxngbinnie @thatwolfboy @byxngchxn @jisungaegyo @electronicglitterpenguin @izzyoftheizzzzz @changbinknows @landofrachaelthefangirl @aesthedick-minmin @jikseu @stary-strays @horololove @xxlizzie97 @softlyknow @s0ftminho @preci0us-kpop @illusionowl @agusttholly @palmtre-e @csengegi-shitposts @leefelixprincess @lighte01 

deh pets headcanon

ok so i made another headcanon before about phones and things they would all have and mentioned that evan would probably have a dog. so then naturally i just started thinking about all of them which resulted in this. another warning that it’s midnight and im half dead soooo yeah enjoy??? 


  • he would be the kid that BEGGED until his parents got him whatever animal he wanted
  • like he has a lot of pets idk
  • the first thing that comes to my mind is a bird
  • and i’m not talking like a cute little parakeet
  • im talking like an annoying ass huge bird
  • like they used to keep it in the house but it was just,,,, , so loud
  • so now they keep it in the shed
  • (don’t worry he takes great care of the bird even tho it’s in the shed)
  • i keep picturing a parrot
  • is that even llegal? idk 
  • don’t ask me
  • the bird’s  name would either be like something he named when he was little like “rainbow”
  • or it would be literally just meme
  • like
  • the bird’s name would be meme
  • there is no in between don’t fight me on this
  • he would also have a guniea pig named something really stupid too
  • idk what it would be probably dat boi or another old meme 
  • but he would love that freaking thing
  • he would like constantly hold it or like carry it around his house
  • or he would show up at evan’s house holding it and evan would be like “what why”
  • and he would be like “oh yeah. this is dat boi and he’s coming inside with me”
  • he wouldn’t have a dog tho
  • they probably had one when he was little but it passed away and they didn’t think anything could be better than that dog
  • aw now i’m sad
  • maybe he would have a hamster at one point too but it would like probably get annoying and he would give it to connor
  • oh thats another thing for later
  • long story short jared loves animals


  • connor would probably be like “i hate all animals. i hate everything. angst blah blah blah
  • but jared one day just showed up with a hamster like “just tAKE IT”
  • and then left
  • so he was like uhh okay
  • and he ended up becoming secretley obsessed with this hamster
  • like when he was feeling really angry and about to freak out he would just watch it run on it’s little wheel and it would calm him down
  • he wouldn’t name it because “he didn’t want to get too attached” 
  • (he was so attached. he loved it.)
  • he would buy so much stuff for it
  • like he would come home with bags and bags of little tubes for it to run in or a bunch of different wheels to try out 
  • his mom would be like “connor what is that” and he’d be like “nOTHING”
  • it would be a hamster mansion
  • p.s. zoe wouldn’t know about the hamster
  • she would be completley oblivious somehow
  • his parents did tho and didn’t really care
  • evan was the only person that knew about the hamster other than that
  • and he loved that thing so much
  • like whenever him and connor would hang out he would just be constantly holding it
  • evan probably named it in his head but never really says it out loud 
  • and one day he lets it slip
  • like
  • “aw can we take out hammy?”
  • and connor’s like “whatthefuck”
  • and evan gets all nervous and stuttering 
  • but they eventually just start calling it hammy
  • it would be a really tan almost orange looking hamster btw
  • and it’d probably be really fat because evan likes to give him treats
  • side note: the only other animal connor would like is evan’s dog which i will talk about later


  • alana would always love animals but she never really acted on it much
  • like she would know anything and everything about animals but would never really vocalize it 
  • until one day zoe starts talking about how she likes animals
  • then she just goes crazy
  • like she’s a Certifed Animal Lover™
  • but anyway
  • I feel like she would have a little dog
  • like not a chuiwawwawawaw i gave up on spelling that rip
  • but like a little rescue dog
  • it would probably look like a puggle 
  • and while she’s doing homework the dog would just like sit in her lap
  • (if u haven’t already noticed this is heavily based on how kristolyn lloyd mentioned alana having a dog or something with her on stage and tbh i agreed hard core)
  • this dog would be so freaking spoiled
  • like im talking huge beds made for golden retrievers 
  • purple sparkly collars and harnesses and clothes (the dog’s color would be purple. dont fight me on this) (wow i can’t believe i just gave a dog a favorite color rip)
  • she would make it wear shoes sometimes and take funny videos to post on her instagram
  • this dog would have the most extra name of all time
  • like Persephone or athena or some goddess name 
  • i didn’t include this in the other hc but she would DEF have a vlog channel
  • and she would be like “hey guys! this is alana and dionysus (yes i just googled that im sorry) and welcome to todays video!”
  • either that or she would have a guinea pig
  • but i more see her with a dog
  • she would love that dog so much


  • golden retriever. for sure.
  • she would be the kid who BEGGED their parents for a dog for years and years
  • like every school essay would be about why she should get a dog
  • and she would like tape dog pictures to the fridge and on her notebooks at school
  • she would be s’cute
  • but when she got into high school her parents expected it to kind of drop off
  • but no
  • not at all
  • she only wrote more essays about why she should get this dog
  • and they were still like “mehhh no”
  • (actually cynthia would be fine with it but larry would be like hell no hell no hell no)
  • so the day she turned eighteen she was like “screw this im an Adult™ now”
  • and just went out and got a dog
  • and when she came back home with it everyone was like “what have you done”
  • and she just shrugs and is like “i’m an adult now i get to do what i want”
  • and nobody really says anything after that
  • she loves that dog so much
  • it would be a girl named kiwi
  • or something weird but adorable like that
  • and she would sneak it into school sometimes 
  • she would totally get caught but it would be worth it to her
  • she only did that when the dog was a puppy tho
  • when kiwi got big she loved her even more
  • omg this dog would know so many tricks
  • like im not talking “sit” and “roll over”
  • (but obvi she would know those)
  • im talking like dance and jump and speak and play dead
  • that dog would be so smart
  • zoe would work really hard to train her tho
  • she would try to bring her everywhere
  • like when all of them would hang out she would make the plans around wherever place was dog friendly ya know
  • her parents would be like “no dog on the bed!1!1!”
  • but no
  • i mean the dog would obviously have a dog bed 
  • (and it would be damn comfy tbh)
  •  but she would always sleep in zoe’s bed
  • not at her feet but like right up on top of the pillow like she’s a human
  • ok I’ve gotta stop now time for evan handsoap


  • i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i love evan so much okay
  • just a reminder
  • anywho
  • evan would never really be the type to beg for a dog
  • but heidi got one for him at the beginning of senior year just bc she thought it would be good for him
  • (she tries so hard i love her too)
  • and at first he was like “oh ok hi dog”
  • but then he’s like “ohmygod i love u”
  • it’s def a dachshund/wiener dog don’t fight me on this i know it’s a thing
  • he would name it bonsai 
  • i know he would
  • my hear is melting just thinking about this s end he lp
  • but he would love that thing so much
  • he would love taking hikes or little nature walks with her
  • (the dog would be a girl btw idk how i know this i just do)
  • and the dog would be very fit
  • like she would never be fat
  • she wouldn’t know very many tricks
  • like  only sit and high five
  • but it’s ok she’s an angel
  • she’s probably  like very light tan almost blonde (if u google a pic of a light tan weiner dog you’ll see what I mean they’re so cute I cant)
  • and when he’s anxious she can always tell
  • so she goes up to him and just like sits next to him and kinda whines bc she’s worried?? idk you know what i mean
  • but at night she sleeps curled up into evan’s side
  • like wiener dogs when they sleep literally curl into a little burrito 
  • she does that
  • it’s so cute
  • when connor stays over the dog sleeps between them
  • oh yeah
  • that’s the only dog connor likes
  • like he hard core loves that dog
  • when he sees her he uses this high pitched baby voice
  • you know the one im talking about
  • it’s adorable
  • evan thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever heard actually
  • he loves that connor loves his dog
  • i just thought of this but what if it was a therapy dog
  • like he could bring it to school when he had really bad days
  • and she would be v friendly and love people
  • and in class when he got anxious he would just stick his hand down and pet his dog
  • (if u can’t already tell idk how service/therapy dogs work someone educate me)
  • he wouldn’t bring her with him a lot
  • bc people would want to pet her and he would get all flustered
  • and once he got kicked out of a store because the worker thought he just brought in a dog and evan was too nervous to explain that it was his therapy dog
  • poor boyo
  • but zoe and alana and connor and jared would BEG him to because they all love her
  • so when they got ice cream at a la mode he would always bring bonsai just to make them shut up
  • and the employees there know bonsai and always give them a free vinalla cone for her
  • ah i just love the idea of him having a dog

I got to know Raven thanks to @pepper-mint X3
Gotta say, Raven is so cute!! ≧﹏≦
Will draw more Raven later! X3
P.S. : i think i screwed up his weapon.. Oh well, pls forgive me!
Art by – hehe, its me!! @witchythewitchcat

Echoi: OMGGGG- this is so adorable !! ;;A;; Thank you so much for drawing him, and its oky to make small mistakes, its still beautiful!! >W<

pineapples225  asked:

Hi! Can you write 12 for Tyrus (for the ship and number mini fic)

TJ’s eyes fluttered open, and he rolled over with a sigh, looking over his boyfriend’s shoulder. The bright red numbers of the clock shone into the dark, mocking him. 3:32. Great.

He looked at Cyrus, sleeping peacefully, his breathing even and calm.

“You know, I remember the first moment we met, Underdog. I think it was the first time I fell in love with you- the first time of many.  You looked so terrified at the prospect of getting that damned muffin, and I knew I was screwed. I didn’t know I was in love with you, but I knew that there would never be a day you did’t cross my mind. And then the second time I fell in love- you were on the swings, singing to yourself. It was the most adorable thing I’d seen in a long time, probaby since my little sister was born. But I still couldn’t quite put a finger on how I felt about you,” he babbled. “And now here I am, talking to my boyfriend while he sleeps. I’m probably going insane, but I’ve already started so there’s no end in sight I guess.

“The third time I fell in love with you was the day I told you about my dyscalculia. I was horrible to you- to your best friend- but you came after me. You were there for me, and you never once made me feel like less than anyone else just because I was different. But the first time I fell in love with you, well the first time I figured it out, was when Buffy won that one-on-one. You didn’t think twice about going to her first. You never even thought to come to me, and I knew- rationally- that you had no reason to. But I was jealous, Cyrus. I wanted to be the person you were hugging, and I wanted to be the first person you thought to say something to. But then I realized that I didn’t just want to be your best friend, Cy. I wanted you to kiss me hello and goodbye, and take me out for a celebratory dinner after I win a game. I was in love with you, and pretty terrified about that. I doubt you remember all that, it was two and a half years ago and we’ve had a million memories to remember since, even though you’re actually literally asleep, and that doesn’t matter.”

“You know, I remember all of it, TJ,” Cyrus said, rolling over.

“AH! Jesus Christ, give a guy a warning!” TJ exclaimed, sitting up. “How long have you been awake?”

“When I woke up, that clock still said 2 am.”

“So you heard all of that?” TJ asked slowly.

“Of course I did, TJ. I hear it every time you talk while you’re trying to falling asleep. It’s adorable. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard you tell me our story a thousand different ways a thousand different times.”

“You probably have,” TJ chuckled. “Sorry. I don’t know, it helps me fall asleep.”

“Don’t apologize! I love it. I love you, TJ.”

“I love you more, Underdog. Thanks for listening to my insane rambling,” TJ said sheepishly.

“Any time, Teej. You’re cute when you ramble.”

There are some ships that just make no sense to me. I feel like the biggest example would be Swanqueen from Once Upon a Time. I just finished season three and I’m still wondering, “Okay, so when does it make some semblance of sense why people want them to get together?” I mean, Regina’s still terrible and it’s not like Lana and Jen have physical chemistry together. I mean, especially with their actual love interests. Killian and Robin both adore their respective love interests and actually express care about them. Then there’s Regina, who is a, well, a bad person, along with severely screwing Emma over so many different times. I mean, just in 3a, Regina flat out said she didn’t regret any of her actions! For crying out loud, she got pissed that Emma dared saved an innocent woman that Regina was going to murder in the season finale. (Which is the exact opposite of what you want to do when you’re declaring the character a hero. A hero isn’t going to want an innocent woman to be left to die, because it’s her boyfriend’s thought dead lover. Like, seriously?!) Okay, this kind of turned into a semirant on Swanqueen and Regina, but whatever.

So I started TrollHunters because I wanted to watch something simple and get rid of all the stress I could get rid of.
And this guy.
You know when you just start loving some character randomly, even if he’s apparently kind of bad but you still get good vibes from him so screw that?
Well the good vibes were right.
And he’s adorable. Freaking adorable
The most adorable troll ever.

In honor of Maggie’s two year Supergirlversary, here’s a lil sanver fic:

Maggie can’t decide what she likes most about Alex. It’s like clockwork, always changing with time.

During their first month living together- officially, in an apartment- it was her weird taste in music.

“Babe, Kara would not approve of whatever this is.”

Alex rolled her eyes playfully, but continued to jam out to the song that was blasting through the speakers, a box full of things to unpack in her hands.

“Her name is Björk,” Alex called out, “and she’s so cool!”


Maggie sighed and tried not to smile at her crazy girlfriend, watching her sway her hips as she stood on her tiptoes to stack a pile of dishes in their brand new cabinet.

“Hey, shorty, can you reach?”

“Shut up!”

Alex  never listened to the same thing twice. Maggie was convinced she knew every musician in the world; the songs she sang in the shower changed every night.

“Chickity China, the Chinese chicken! You have a drumstick and your brain stops ticking…”

Maggie tried to muffle her laugh as she passed by the bathroom, shaking her head.

“The Barenaked Ladies? Really, babe?”

“They’re good, okay?!”

By the time their seven year anniversary arrived, Maggie was sure she figured out the thing she loved most- the way she always wants cuddles.

Alex and Maggie sat in their bedroom as the sky outside their home changed from hues of pink to dark blue. It was late, and Maggie had work in the morning.

Maggie could feel Alex ’s eyes practically pierce through the side of her face and she looked up from her book, turning to face her girlfriend.

(It’s funny how she can ignite so many feelings inside her, still.)

(Will it ever stop?)

(Does she want it to?)

“Do you need anything, babe?”

Alex ’s eyes went wide, and she smiled. It’s the kind of smile that makes Maggie feel so warm, that she’d be okay if the sun never decided to rise again.


Maggie closed her book and opened up her arms. “Cuddles?”

She wasn’t prepared for the way her girlfriend practically flung herself onto her body, squishing her to the mattress in the softest way possible, the best way possible.

“Yeah,” Alex  answered, her voice gentle and happy and muffled by Maggie’s sweatshirt. “Please.”

Maggie thought she was sure, so sure, that the way she planned proposals was her favorite thing about Alex .

“I don’t want to live my life without you by my side. Always. It’s like you’re tethered to me, Maggie. Every little thing I do or say is attached to you and your voice and your laugh. Everyday I’m with you is like the best day of my life, over and over again in this gigantic cycle of you. And I wouldn’t want it any different.”

“Baby, I love you, but we’re in the cheese aisle of a grocery store.”

“And? It’s all about the element of surprise, Suso.”

“You dropped the ring on the floor before you could even pull it out.”

“Hey, don’t go there. You know I get nervous. But, also, I still have a whole other part of the speech I have to recite.”

“… Okay. Continue.”

“I just- Maggie. God, I don’t even- oh, screw it. Will you please marry me?”

“Of course. Was that so hard?”

“You’re sarcastic but don’t think I can’t see the tears in your eyes!”

“Stand up and kiss me, you fool.”

Now she knows, through and through, that everything about her wife is all one big thing to adore. She could never just pick one.

(But the way she says I do would be at the top of the list, you know, if she ever decided to make one.)

Highscool! Wanna One

Lee Daehwi
Year: 2-A
Elective: Audio/Video Pro. & Student Assistant
Club/Team: Light Music Club

• so it looks like this is gonna be a BTS and Wanna One blog now great my life is being consumed even more (*insert Lee Daehwi’s whoo*)
• speaking of Lee Daehwi this AU is gonna be about him if you haven’t noticed from the lil agenda above ^^
• Lee Daehwi is a second year student in 2-A who’s head editor of the 2nd year group in Audio/Video Pro. meaning he part takes in the main editing of the video announcements
• he also had a free period (he took extra classes over the summer cuz he’s an over achiever) so he was recommended as a student assistant for the library
• which he was relieved by because then he’s not stuck in some class he doesn’t like and if he needs to get work done he has all the resources and time at his disposal plus if he doesn’t have work for a class or for the library he can take naps
• and if you haven’t taken a nap at school before its one of most relaxing things ever because afterwords you just feel energized for the next class
• anyways, he’s also apart of the light music club and he joined for the interest but also because their club was suffering trying to find one more member so when it was club day Daehwi was taken by the light music club 
• and don’t be mistaken he didn’t mind joining the light music club it’s just that he had hoped he could look at all his options before joining a club and wished he wasn’t strapped down into his seat and being stared at by the club members anxiously waiting for him to sign the paper
• but it all turns out well and he enjoys being in the club because he gets to play the piano and co-compose songs with his upperclassmen and becomes friends with their president Jung Sewoon
• He was even able to recruit a 1st year named Yoo Seonho the next year when he accidentally finds him in the club room playing the piano
• Did I mention he becomes president his 3rd year??? Yeah because he’s a talented mf so stan and appreciate him
• He normally takes the top 5 in his year (go figure) so he stresses a lot but that’s why he has his friends Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Lai Guanlin, Kim Samuel, and Yoo Seonho
• They helped him de-stress after classes and test and just overall let him live his much deserved highschool experience
• but a lil story on how they met, he met Park Woojin when he first joined Audio/Video Pro. during his 1st year and he was mentored by him (refer to Woojin’s AU lol) 
• he met Guanlin when he was taking papers to the faculty office and saw him get scolded by a teacher for something he didn’t do
• so Daehwi stepped in and got him out of trouble and because Daehwi is a well trusted student, Guanlin got off scotch free. After that they became good friends because if Guanlin ever got in trouble Daehwi and Seonho and Samuel were there to help 
• Met Seonho when they bumped into each other at the library and one of the female seniors who was an assistant at the time asked “are you two boys lost? The middle school is down further from this street” and they both immediately took out their IDs to reassure her that they’re students of the school 
• and finally he met Samuel when he went to go deliver an over due book slip to him and found out that they both like the same book and the reason Samuel never returned it was because he kept reading it over and over again
• and they bonded together over not just that book, but music and films and dancing and AHHH it’s just a pure friendship 
• so how do you meet soft, squishy, agyeo, over achieving, hard working, pianist Daehwi?? WELLL MAH BITCH
• You are in the same class as Daehwi and you’ve chatted here and there but you guys never gotten really close
• but you knew he also scores well and that he’s part of the light music club, and see him work in the library before and caught him in the computer lab etc. but just normal classmate stuff
• but there is the occasional times where you’re looking around the class during a lecture and your eyes meet and then advert from eachother but that’s about as much contact you get daily
• until… you’re passing by the club rooms going home and you hear music from one of the rooms and it just so happens to be a piano ver. of one of your favorite songs and you can’t help but slow down and start singing the song
• but when you thought no one was there in the hall, you turn around to see Seonho watching you in amazement so you stop and start getting flustered like “uhh, you didn’t see anything, you didn’t hear anything” 
• but Seonho is already opening his mouth disregarding everything you say and is like “I didn’t know you could sing Noona~” very teasingly and you become more flustered and like, no no no I do not sing
• and that piano music stops and the door of the club room opens and there standing in the door way is Lee Daehwi the pianist himself and at that moment you start to think “oh great my life is a mess, my highschool life is ruined”
• so you try to back out of the scene and be like “uhhh I gotta go my friends are waiting for me-” but Seonho is already pulling your arm into the club room and starts saying “non sense, come join us.”
• once you’re seated you get a notification on your phone and it’s from your friend and she’s like “we’re gonna leave without you~” what a great friend :))
• but Seonho catches your attention when he pours you a drink and sits at this small dinning table set up. He starts asking you questions like “Do you sing?” or “are you interested in music” while Daehwi is just sitting there at the piano not knowing what to do
• you try to explain that you just happen to know the song and started singing to it which pursues Seonho to ask more questions and Daehwi is just like “Seonho, you’re making the poor girl uncomfortable” so he backs off a little upset
• and you notice he really was just trying to have a genuine conversation with you so you’re like “No it’s okay, I don’t mind” which makes the byeongari super happy again 
• and it turns out you actually do have a really interesting conversation with him after that and mid-convo he’s like “Daehwi-hyung, come join us” (*subtle winky face*) 
• and as much as he’d like to refuse, he joins you guys at the table because he loves his byeongari and is interested in you a lot lil
• unexpectedly (who am I kidding this was expected) the three of you hit it off and have this really nice conversation about music and your interest and the conversation carries on to the point where you don’t even realize the time 
• so the 2 of them offer to walk you home and as much as you’d like to decline their offer, it’s kinda dangerous so it’s best if you didn’t walk home alone
• now when you see Daehwi in class you guys exchange good mornings and hi’s etc but from greetings turned into small talk to visiting each other’s desk to talk about what you had for dinner last night
• you guys become really close and you always go to each other if you need anything and sometimes he’ll send you video of him singing and his voice is just so soothing and angelic you just fall in love
• Not like a small crush but like the love you want to experience when you read a manga or watch an anime (sorry for I’m kinda an otaku) but it’s the same for Daehwi
• he fell for how passionate you are about your interest and how you are willing to put the people you love first and it’s just so enduring when you can go on and on about what you love 
• he also loves the fact that you sing when you think no one is listening,,,he may or may not have heard you sing that day you guys officially met and just kept playing because he wanted to hear it more
• and Somi can see it in you that you really care for Daehwi
• and Seonho can really see that Daehwi really desires for your attention
• and every now and then the little byeongari tries to convince Daehwi to ask you to come visit them in the light music club and when he finally does Seonho is so excited because little did y’all know he had a little plan ;))))
• Daehwi had asked you to visit the club room after school and ofc you say yes because these days you guys been too busy to talk in person because of exam prep
• you: “Seonho is going to be there?”// Daehwi: “oh yeah he is”
• oh but did the little byeongari and his twin had other plans HEHEHEHEE
• you guys meet in the club room and after a good 5 mins of just Daehwi playing and soothing your soul (because I’m not gonna make this scene awkward, yall still talk)
• you both get a text from Seonho that says: “Sorry, I can’t make it Guanlin-hyung said he was gonna treat me to Fro-yo”
• and in your head you’re like “screw you, you little byeongari…but also thank you” so you turn to Daehwi and it in the moment it just came to your realization that it’s just you and Daehwi…alone
• and that also comes to his realization so he adverts his eyes away from yours becoming very pink in the cheeks which you find very adorable. He continues to play and you just listen and it’s very peaceful moment
• until he starts to transition into a different song it’s actually your favorite which makes you happy. So you get up from where you were sitting and start humming the song 
• and the humming turns into singing and soon you are both singing and harmonizing together. You end up sitting next to him at the piano watching his hands hit the keys and you never really realized how large his palms are, and long and slender his fingers are
• and when the song stops you smile and meet eyes with Daehwi and you start to really get a good look at his face and how charming his one double eye lid looks and how light and pretty his iris is 
• and you stare for too long and advert your eyes but this is when aggressive yet gentle Daehwi comes in and he grabs your face and nudges it to face his and you can’t look away
• you start to notice his face turning pinkish or a bright red and you start to feel your face becoming very warm
• it’s just down right staring at each other but it’s not creepy, its actually very intimate. So you close your eyes because who knows what’s gonna happen next (I know what happens next which is the irony of the writer lmao)
• before anything happens you hear the door slide open and in the door way is Somi shouting “I’m here~ sorry I’m late to-” but she starts to tone it down and is like “are you two alright-”
• and no you’re not alright because wtf just happened
• and then comes Seonho and Guanlin like “yo wattup” with a cup of fro-yo in their hands
• and you and Daehwi are sitting back to back on the opposite ends of the piano bench still pink in the face when Daehwi groans “Yah! Can you leave us alone!”
• Somi and Seonho start smirking at eachother but Guanlin is in the back like “….do I need to leave”
• but you start to giggle which catches everyone off guard and is like “No Guanlin, you’re fine” but Guanlin wants to leave anyways because he feels like he just interrupted something
• so he pulls Seonho and Somi out to leave you 2 alone and it’s kinda silent and…awkward
• but then just to fill the silence you guys laugh a little and start to look at each other again…but Seonho ruins the moment and from the hall shouts “Just kiss her already damn it”
• and Daehwi yells at them to get out but just in pure spite, you kiss his cheek which surprises him and you’re like “uh oops… I’m sorry I-”
• Daehwi: “Do it again” // You: “What?” but he kisses you back
• and that’s how you guys start dating
• afterwards the Byeongari got punished but it was thanks to him you soft beans got together
• the next day you guys are a little bit awkward but in attempt to make it less awkward he holds your hand on the way to school and it surprises you 
• he becomes flustered again and is like “Uh wait im sorry, I am I supposed to ask you-” // “No it’s fine” and you giggle again
• which makes his heart go warm and in his head he starts to think “how did I get an angle”
• Seonho hypes you guys up as a couple and tries to plan dates for you
• you join them more often in the light music club and try to help him write songs 
• he tries to teach you the piano with the cliche hand-over-hand method to make it more intimate 
• You guys are the quiet couple who don’t do much pda in public but you guys do hold hands and he gives you back hugs every now and then
• when you went over to his house to study, you gave him a peck on the cheek for every practice question he got right and purposely by accident he turns his head and you end up kissing him on the lips
• and it’s very soft and pillow-ie and very very kissable
• so you kiss him again 1. in spite of how sly that was and 2. because you really wanted to kiss him again and it catches him off guard
• that’s how your first kiss went
• you sit with him in the computer lab during breaks sometimes to watch him edit
• first date was to the movies and dinner because it’s very classic and it also meant you didn’t have to over-dress
• his weakness is forehead kisses and off-guard kisses
• it’s such a pure and sweet relationship and low-key as in you don’t show it off a lot
• Thank you for reading this cheesy/cringy trash *insert woojin’s laugh*


Because of the latest installment of BATIM and Cuphead, quite literally releasing within a day of each other, instead of the cliched “Devil’s Lil Helper” fighting Cuphead for attention?

What if he helps them just to spite a certain gambling demon?  Well, that and the casino is only meant to attract the attention of sinners.  Cup and Mug aren’t bad kids at all, they are children and often get in trouble from their pranks and playing.  So, when they both see the casino, they react much like the boys on Pleasure Island from Pinocchio.  They just wanted a single day where they can be as naughty as they both want with no repercussions, or so they thought.  The demon we so lovingly called “Jerry The Jerkwad Demon” gave these boys loaded dice with assistance from King Dice (because just look at his stupid smug face) and have of course a few days to get the needed contracts that owe a debt.  Basically, having the boys do his dirty work for him where he can claw up to the ranks and get a promotion.  

Bendy maybe a soul stealing demon, but kids don’t deserve this fate.   He offers a helping hand to them and basically introduces himself fully after comforting these scared babies back at his own pub, and with the help of Alice Angel (because SCREW YOU I STILL SHIP IT) create the special X X X Apple Cider.  The boys wanted moonshine but Alice said no.  It serves as basically power juice!  

BONUS: Bendy’s canon height as a toon is 2′2.  Cuphead and Mugman are the size of actual cups.  Everything is too big for them.  So Bendy carries them and has sorta kinda adopted these rascals much to Alice’s dismay.  She loves tea cups and these kids are adorable BUT KIDNAPPING IS *WRONG* BENDY  

-Admin Lei 

Kiss It Better | Part 4: Firsts

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Fandom: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Pairing: Alma Peregrine x Reader

Request:  Can you write a miss peregrine x reader where the reader get badly hurt and miss p freaks out over her until she gets better. Maybe the reader can have some weird peculiarity. Anyway. You can make it as steamy as you want.


Warnings: Terribly-written smut, masturbation. 

A/N: Still don’t have a proofreader, so this is trash. Sorry. Also, first time writing smut sooo don’t kill me. <3

Words: 7,787

Part IV: Firsts

Chapter Twelve

Alma was adorable when she thought she was alone. You woke up the next morning to find her sitting at her vanity, twisting her face into different pouts and poses as she applied her lipstick: she kept smoothing and puckering her lips, parting and closing her mouth, like a confused and concerned fish moving at a snail’s pace. Her eyes were screwed up in an attempt to scrutinize her handiwork as close to the mirror as possible.

She’d chosen a rosier color than usual (it had always been the same blush tone) and you wondered if she’d also added a bit more rouge to her cheeks. The lines on her eyes were definitely a tad thinner; on her, it looked rather elegant. With one final glance in the mirror, she tucked the tube of lipstick back into its box.

“Good morning,” you whispered.

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Teach Me (Sashea) - Amory A

A/N This is my first pic in a year and it just a dumb piece based on this weeks untucked and if anyone likes it I might write a second one! In this Sasha’s capitalisation in the second part is on purpose because actual sub here and for some reason or another I put Shea in drag and Sasha not…who knows.

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Car Troubles // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, university AU, strangers-to-friends

Words: 3.3k

Relationship status: strangers-to-friends

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Dan was just hoping to have a normal day. A completely normal day with boring classes and loads of reading to do for homework. However, things take a turn for the worse when he ends up nearly late to class because he might’ve potentially hit a cute guy’s car in the parking lot.

A/N: Okay, I know I still have three requests left to post, but I mentioned around two weeks ago that I had one of the scariest experiences of my life, and this is the fic based on it that I’ve been meaning to post since that exact day when I wrote this lol

This is almost exactly how it happened to me, except I don’t live on campus at my uni and it didn’t turn out this adorable for me either :( But I hope you guys enjoy the fic that is literally based on something that happened to meeee

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filia-lunaa  asked:

Hello, Slytherpuff over here! First I want to tell you that your blog is lovely 💛 What about a Slytherin/Hufflepuff Friendship? :)

  • ‘excuse me? what did you just say about my friend? you’d better watch out buddy or I’m gonna curse you into next week’
  • the hufflepuff is a great grounding force on the slytherin
  • that basically means they’re the one everyone rushes to find when the slytherin gets mad and they need someone to calm them down
  • the kind of friends that decided they’re going to live together when they were 12 and have meticulously planned out every detail of their apartment
  • the hufflepuff always tries to plan cute friend things for them to do and then instantly regrets it
  • ‘this was meant to be an adorable sleepover and so far you ate all the ingredients for the cookies and got way too competitive over monopoly I’m so done with you’
  • ‘I still maintain that the board spontaneously combusted’
  • the friend that you don’t want to share with anybody else because they’re your friend dammit and you don’t want anyone else to come in and ruin everything
  • ‘hey, so I heard you asked my friend out to hogsmeade? aww that’s nice. but let’s just be clear about this, if you screw them over or hurt them in any way I won’t be afraid to use the cruciatus curse on your sorry arse. and my dad’s in the wizengamot so I won’t even have to go to azkaban for it. just something to think about. but have a great time on your date they’re super excited!’
  • the friend that you know is still going to be there for you when you’re 80 because this kind of friendship is unbreakable