but i squealed when i saw the teddy

Billy the puppet is the cutest thing ever! I love cute precious little Billy! Whenever I see him I just want to pick him up and pinch his little cheeks and squeeze and snuggle with him like a teddy bear. When I watched Saw 2, at the part when he was at the top of the stairs I died of cuteness overload and let out a fangirl squeal.

Just smile for me - Thor

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Imagine that you arrived upset after a mission gone wrong, saying you were tired, you didn’t stay with the rest of the group in the living room and went straight headed to your bedroom. You took a long shower, changed clothes and hid under your blankets, allowing yourself to cry what you were holding from the moment it all went wrong.

“Lady (Y/N), are you okay?” you heard Thor speak in a worried tone, knocking on your door for you to open. “Open the door, my lady.”

“Thor, just leave me alone!” you tried grunting angry, but your voice was shaky and insecure.

“I’m coming.“ the god said, and the next second he had forced your door and you immediately felt the piece of the mattress beside you lowering with his weight. “(Y/N), are you crying?”

“No?” you answered through uncertain, sniffling softly in an attempt to stop crying. Then you feel Thor’s hands trying to get you out of the blankets, you squealed in despair "Thor! Stop!”

“I do not like it when you cry, you deserve just smile.” the blonde replied, ignoring your request and pulling the blankets from you, but when he saw your state promptly hugged you with affection. “Oh, lady (Y/N), do not cry. I’m here.”

“You look like a teddy bear trying to make me feel good. “You sighed tired of trying to isolate him. "I let those people die, Thor. ”

“But it was not your fault, you would have saved them all.” Thor muttered, hugging you more and leaving a kiss on your forehead. 

“I know you want to make me feel good, but you can’t now, Thor…” you tried to pull away from the god, palming your hands on his chest to get up, but Thor reacted faster pulling you back and leaning to kiss your lips for a moment.

“I really can not?” he whispered to your surprise, his smile making you smile back. “This, just smile for me.”

Walking Her Home

Characters: Jensen x Reader
Words: 1144
Requested by Anonymous
Based on “Walking Her Home” by Mark Schultz 

Jensen’s Point Of View

           I remembered everything. I remembered our entire life together. And it was the most amazing life I could have ever hoped for.

           I met her dad right before I took her on our first date; her first date ever. I promised him I would have her home by curfew and that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her. And I kept both promises.

           We went to the fair that was in town, “That’s so cute!” she squealed when she saw the teddy bear hanging off of one of the games.

           And then it was on, I was determined to win her that bear. I was handed three tennis balls and had to knock over the three bottles that were stacked in a pyramid. I knew the game was fixed, but I needed to win her that bear.

           “Jensen, it’s okay,” she touched my arm, “You did really well.”

           “I didn’t win the bear,” I said.

           She raised up and kissed my cheek, “I have my teddy bear right here,” she hugged me, “I don’t need that one.”

           I kissed her forehead, “I’ll take you on the Ferris wheel,” I said.

           “That sounds perfect.”

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Hi, do you think that you could do a blurb about how Justin would help you through a tough time of loosing someone close to you? Like a parent or a lose friend ?

i think justin would be very caring and supportive tbh like sure he was the most famous teenager in the world but he would put you above everybody else and he would always ask you if you were okay and how you were holding up and he would always be home with you as much as he could and he would tell you that he loves you and he would shower you with kisses and hugs because those always made you smile and tbh anything he did made you smile because he’s the most caring person in the whole entire world and you wished people would see that and at night you couldn’t help but cry because those are the worsts time for you since you tend to be an over-thinker so justin would just wake up and hold and say things like “shh baby it’s okay” or “i love you so much, sweetheart. they’re in a better place now and they wouldn’t want to see you crying like this, yeah?” and he would kiss your forehead and rub his hand up and down your arm and you would snuggle your face into his chest because he was so soothing and calming and you would kiss his chest and just rest your head there and you would eventually fall asleep on him and sometimes when you get really down from being stuck at home for too long he would take you out to a fair or an amusement park and although you would have no energy to be in a place where soooo many people were involved you loved that he tried so much to make you happy and he would feed you cotton candy and he would give you a piggy back ride and you two would ride roller coasters all day and even though you were terrified of them the adrenaline really got to you so you were so hyped up and he thought it was the cutest thing ever since he hasn’t seen you so excited in so long and he try to win you a big teddy bear from one of those silly carnival games and he would be failing so hard and it made you laugh so much that he was getting so frustrated on such a little thing and you would tell him “baby it’s okay, i don’t need it.” and he would just feel so unmanly so when you went to the bathroom to freshen up and came back you saw he had the teddy bear his hands and he had the cheesiest smile on his face and you would rush over to him and hug it super tigtly and you squealed “oh my god, baby i can’t believe you actually won” and he had that cocky look on his face and he smirked and you just knew he was hiding something so you gave him that look that you always do when you knew he had done something wrong and he just said “okay i paid the guy  but i only wanted to make you smile, princess” and you just rolled your eyes and kissed the living shit out of him because even if you lost someone close to you he still made you feel like everyday was worth it and yeah i got carried away

Christmas Morning With Baby Hemmings

Anon asked: Can you do one where Luke surprises your guys’ little daughter for christmas? x


MUMMY WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!!!“ I heard Luke’s and my little girl yell, jumping on the bed. Luke was on tour but our daughter was old enough to finally grasp the concept of Christmas so I sat up quickly and let her hold my fingers with her tiny hands and pull me out of bed.  She giggled, and I quickly grabbed my phone before she dragged me towards the tree, squealing when she saw all the presents. "I’VE BEEN A GOOD GIRL!!!” She yelled, sitting down between all her presents. “Yes, you have, princess!” I said, and started recording her and her light blue eyes flicked from one present to another, settling on the biggest one. Unlike her father, she could make up her mind very fast. Luke was so indecisive, he changed his mind on our daughter’s name 5 times before giving up and letting me pick one. “SANTA GOT ME THE BIG TEDDY BEAAAAAR!!!!!” She yelled, and I laughed as she tried to hug the big stuffed animal with her tiny hands for a few seconds before putting it away and searching for what she wanted to open next. Her eyes lit up when they found the next one, her fingers ripping the wrapping paper off, them attacked another one, and another one, and I saw her ticking things off her wish list in her mind. “SANTA GOT ME EVERYTHING!!!!” she squealed a little breathlessly, clapping her hands together, as she sat between piles of ripped up wrapping and the Christmas lights catching on her blonde hair. I smiled at her and she giggled, standing up and running to me, pointing at my phone, “Can we call daddy?” she asked, pouting and sitting on my lap.  “He’s a little busy now, sweetie. But hey, because it's Christmas, do you want chocolate milk for breakfast?” She nodded and gave me a tiny smile, showing off the dimple on her right cheek, “I miss daddy” she mumbled and hid her face in my neck as I picked her up, walking us to the kitchen. “I know, baby. So do I” I said, kissing the top of her head and sitting her on the kitchen counter. “I think I saw Santa last night” she said, swinging her legs and smiling at me. “Did you see him taking the cookies we left him?” I asked, kissing her forehead. “No. Maybe he already took carrots from Uncle Ashton’s house” she said, shrugging. “Are you excited-” I began but I was cut short by the doorbell and I smiled to myself, “Who’s here so early in the morning?” I asked, helping our little girl jump off the counter and walked her to the door. “Maybe it’s Santa!” She said, smiling a silly smile at me, and I shook my head, “Why don’t you check, sweetie?” She narrowed her eyes, she was a smart girl and then her eyes got wide, “ARE WE GETTING A PUPPY?” She yelled and I laughed, “Open the door” I urged, nudging her shoulder. I stood back and watched her stand on her toes, reaching the door handle, laughing softly when she struggled a little then finally swung the door open, her hand flying to her mouth. “DADDY!!!!!” she screamed, immediately hugging his long legs.  He scooped her up into his arms and pressed her to his chest, his eyes looking at me as he kissed the top her head. “Merry Christmas, penguin!” he said, giggling as he walked into our house, smiling at me. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her tiny lips kissing Luke’s nose, laughing and hugging him. “YOU CAME HOME!!” She yelled, looking at Luke and then at me. “MOMMY, DADDY CAME HOME!!” I laughed, walking up to Luke, quickly kissing him.  “Did Santa send you here?” she asked, clinging on to Luke, absolutely refusing to let go, not that Luke minded. “He didn’t but I did see him from the plane” he said, laughing softly. She gasped, giggling and pointing to her presents, “See all the things I got!” She said, finally jumping out of his arms and running to the tree. “She thought you were going to be a puppy” I said, as Luke wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side. “Should we get her one?” he asked, kissing my forehead. “Maybe next year” I said, frowning at how much Luke wanted to spoil her. “LOOK I GOT DRUMSTICKS!” she yelled, and Luke pretended to be surprised, sitting on the sofa with me, watching her showing off all her presents.  Luke tangled his fingers with mine, kissing my knuckles. “Daddy” our daughter said, climbing into his lap, “When are you leaving again?” she said, and I looked at Luke, as his grip on my hand for tighter. “I’m not leaving, sweetie” he said, “REALLY?” she asked, and Luke nodded, “Why don’t you go and get dressed? We need to visit grandma Liz” Luke said, and she cheered, running off into her room. “You can’t lie to her like that, Lukey” I said, playing with his fingers. “I didn’t lie..” he whispered, and I looked at him, confused. “The guys and I spoke about it and we worked it out, we’ve moved some of the recording stuff around and we are going to be spending at least the next month at home” he said, his smile getting bigger with each word. “Are you serious?” I asked, and he nodded, “Thats your Christmas gift, babe” he said, wrapping his arms around me, pressing his lips to mine.  “I wasn’t prepared for this but I’ll give you christmas gifts every night for the next month” I whispered, pecking his lips. “I love you, Luke” I said, smiling against his lips, “I love you too” he replied, kissing me again.  —————————– Material List
Reunited (sequel to Goodbyes) in

Taylor’s POV

“Mommy?” Scarlett’s voice woke me up just after I had managed to somehow fall asleep. I heard her little feet walk towards me and I peeled my eyes open to see the blue eyed little girl looking at me.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked her, sitting up and turning on the lamp on the bedside table. She climbed on top of the bed.

“I had a nightmare.” She told me and I opened my arms for her. The little girl buried her face in my chest and held me tightly against her.

“Want to tell me about it?” I brushed her hair with my fingers in a soothing motion.

“I was at a store and I lost you and daddy and you didn’t come back and there was a mean man who took me away.” She spoke shakily. I knew where this came from. It wasn’t hard to put the pieces together.

It had been a week since Adam had left for London. Caleb took it hard, having cried the first night but I knew how to deal with it. I’d done it with Scarlett before but this was the only time that Adam had been away from Caleb for this amount of time. The last it had happened and we had Caleb, he was two so he didn’t remember and he didn’t understand at the time. But there was Scarlett and Scarlett didn’t deal with things the way she did now. She cried and hated being away from him, constantly waiting for me to call him. It was the same when I went away. I didn’t like doing this to them but Adam and I have a job that requires us to travel a lot.

“You know that wasn’t real, right? I’m right here and daddy is coming back in a week. We’ll never let anything happen to you, Scar.” I kissed her head and I felt her nod.

“I miss daddy.” She whispered after a few moments.

“I miss him too, sweetheart.” I tightened my grip on her. “Want to sleep with me tonight?” I asked her, already knowing the answer. I usually didn’t let my kids sleep with me. Not even Caleb and he was younger than Scarlett but during these two weeks, I thought I could have an exception. I felt her nod against me and I turned off the light, laying down while Scarlett wrapped herself around me. She fell asleep minutes later and it didn’t take long for me to do the same.

In the morning, I got up first and left Scarlett asleep since it was just eight. I walked downstairs and found Caleb watching TV, sitting on the couch.

“Caleb what did I tell you about coming downstairs alone?” I sighed, kissing head as I sat down next to him. “You need to tell mommy before you come downstairs, honey.”

“I’m sorry, mommy.” He pouted, looking at me with those green eyes like his father, it made me miss him more. “I wanted to watch TV.” He told me.

“Next time. Wake me up, sweetie.” He nodded and I got up so I could go make breakfast.

After I started, I heard Scarlett’s voice coming from the living room arguing with Caleb about which channel the TV should be on. Great, this was just what I needed. Now Caleb would be grumpy pants for the rest of the day.

I walked into the living room to a surprise as I saw them cuddling while watching TV. Those two definitely had a love/hate relationship. I silently took a picture and put it on Instagram since it was too cute to pass up the opportunity.

“I see that you’re both up, how about we call daddy?” I smiled as their faces lit up at the thought of talking to him. I reached for my phone and dialed the number that I knew by heart. After two tones, he answered. “Hey, babe. I have someone who has been missing you quite a lot for you.” I smiled.

“Is that so? Put them on.” He told me and I could hear the smile in his voice. Just hearing it made me want to fly across the ocean to see him.

“Mommy, me first.” Caleb squealed, jumping up and down, eager to talk to his daddy. I put the phone on speaker so I wouldn’t have to deal with a fight about who gets to go first. “Daddy!”

“Hey buddy. How are you?” Adam questioned. I sat down on the couch.

“I’m great. Mommy said we could get ice cream today.” Caleb told him, excitedly.

“Yeah, daddy and when you come back, can we go to Disneyland?” Scarlett had been bugging us to go to Disneyland for weeks and ever since Adam suggested that we should go when he came back she hadn’t stopped talking about it.

“We’ll see, Scar. I miss you guys.” He spoke up.

“We miss you too, daddy.” Scarlett said, sighing. I rubbed her back and kissed her head.

“I’ll back soon though. Put mommy on the phone for me. I love you.” He asked and Scarlett handed me the phone and put it off speaker.

“Hey, baby.” Even though we talked everyday, being away from him was hard and I missed him terribly. I couldn’t wait for this week to over.
///1 week later///
I was picking up Scarlett from school and already had Caleb with me so we could go get Adam from the airport. He was coming back today. The kids had been so excited, I don’t even know how they got through a day of waiting.

After picking her up, we headed for the airport.

“Mommy, it’s your song.” Scarlett told me excitedly when I turned on the radio. Even after years, it still made me excited to hear my songs on the radio. I watched with a smile as Scarlett and Caleb danced to it.

When we arrived, our security guard was waiting for us. Teddy had been our security guard for a few years and the kids liked him a lot. Mainly because he was a funny guy who sometimes gave them candy.

“Hi, Mr, TeddyBear.” Scarlett grinned when she saw him. Mr. TeddyBear was a nickname they had for him. Teddy thought it was rather funny so he kept the nickname.

“Hello there, miss Scarlett.” He ruffled her hair as we walked inside the airport.

“How’s your wife, Teddy?” I asked him. His wife was expecting a baby in a few months and I knew he was rather excited.

“Oh she’s great. Killing me with her cravings but she’s great.” He laughed and I joined him. I knew what that’s like. When I was pregnant I would sometimes make Adam wake up at three in the morning to get me McDonald’s. It drove him crazy but he did it without complaining.

“Mommy, when is daddy coming?” Caleb asked me, impatiently.

“He should he here soon, honey.” I leaned down to kiss his forehead and he pouted.

Scarlett leaned her head on my leg and stayed there while we were waiting. I saw him smile at me and my heart instantly felt warm, safe.

“Hey guys? Who’s that over there?” I pointed at Adam and their heads snapped to where I was pointing and took off running.

“Daddy!” They squealed and Adam picked them both up while Teddy went off to get his bags. He walked forward, to me and I smiled at him.

“What no kiss from mommy?” He smirked at me and I reached for him, kissing his lips. I took Caleb from him, holding him on my hip while he held Scarlett and I rested my head on his shoulder. “I missed you guys.” He kissed my head and Scarlett’s.

“We missed you too, daddy.” Scarlett said.

“Let’s go home, shall we?” I inquired making Adam nod. He must be tired after a six hour flight. Adam grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together.

It was amazing to have my family reunited again.

Sorry if this is terrible haha

Today was hard on the heart. We spent the afternoon in town of Mafraq, Jordan. The name of the town comes from the Arabic word for “split.” And it indeed feels like a fractured place. The city is swelling with refugees who have fled Syria, now having fled violence in the camps. These people are weary and exhausted. Fearful. All they want is to go home, but their homes are gone. They told us, “we are only alive because there is no death here.” They are existing. They do not feel like they are living. And yet still they were so welcoming. We were invited into a home, shared by multiple families, to listen, share Turkish coffee, and to play with their daughter who, at only 5 years old, has experienced a war but is still so full of joy. We sat. We listened. We witnessed. On the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, days after observing the horrors of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem, we sat and witnessed it happening again. Ban Ki Moon said yesterday, “the world has yet to fully overcome their blind eye when it comes to mass atrocity… Syria is burning.” Listening to what these families went through, the horrors they saw, I was left wondering … Have we learned nothing? What gave me hope was the laughter of this little girl, who squealed in delight as we made her teddy bear dance and sing to her. What gives me hope moving forward is the amazing community of people I know exist, who are working feverishly, with deep determination to make life better for these people. People on the ground like @cfatke & @malloryfatke. And everyone working globally to stop injustices. All of them. I believe we can. And I encourage you. Do not turn a blind eye. Their story is our story. Bear witness. Listen thoughtfully. And learn lessons that will make you more determined to use your money, and most importantly your voices, for good. Be a#globalcitizen. The light has to win here. It must.#NoUsAndThem