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I woke up this morning and checked the Jeremy Jordan tag to see how things were going. And honestly, it’s not much better.
I’ve seen people bragging that you spent a lot of time bullying him, some of you have been blocked by him and it makes you proud, and some of you are going after the people that are supporting him.

Really guys? Really? Your bragging about being a bully? You’re proud of harrassing someone for making a joke about a ship? You’re looking way too deeply into it to see it as mocking the entire lgbt community.
If he blocked you, he’s not being petty about it. It means you must have been harrassing him so much that it was really upsetting and disturbing him to the point that he literally couldn’t deal with it anymore. You’re proud of that?
I understand that your feelings were hurt, but you’re doing nothing but showing us that the fandom is a horrible, toxic, degrading group that feels no shame in bullying and attacking people because they said something you don’t like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a massive amount of Jeremy Jordan posts to reblog.

// OK..but like… Maevaris and Dorian meeting up in the Herald’s rest in Sky hold to have a drink. And they’re chatting and giggling.

But they’re chatting in Tevene not common tongue. And so everyone is looking at them confused/terrified because what are they plotting that’s making Dorian grin like that????

Meanwhile they’re talking about casual things. Dorian tells Mae about the week he had to spend camping in the Hinterlands and they share a good chuckle. Then they both realize the uncomfortable looks being sent their way. And so still speaking in Tevene Dorian leans closer

“Oh Mae, darling I do believe we’re attracting attention.”

“I’ve noticed. Should we move closer as if we’ve been caught conspiring to take over the south?”

“Mae, I thought a lady avoided mischief.”

“I’ve spent too much time around troublemakers it seems. Mainly you.”

“Oh! You wound me my dear!”

And they both cackle harder than they have before and the Chargers all turn to Krem like


And Krem with a deadpan expression says. “You all should be worried they are plotting terrible things.”


Hercules AU

Insp. by that one line and @lemonorangelime’s piece

Bonus: Please listen to this [x]

In light of all the boob talk around here this evening
here’s a little drabble


From the second you stepped foot into the house, his eyes were on your chest. You had to remind him before he kissed you hello that your eyes were up here, pointing to your face, and not here, pointing to your chest. He just smirked and laughed into your laugh, groaning a bit when his kiss took a playful turn when he squeezed your chest gently, pulling away, leaving your breathless.

           That night after dinner, you two were relaxing watching jeopardy as usual, but you couldn’t help but notice his head on your chest, instead of your head on his lap. This time you were playing with his hair while he hummed into your skin happily.

           And by the time he had kissed you all the way to the bedroom, you noticed he took special attention to your chest when his thumbs circled over your nipples that were covered by his old shirt, making them hard in record time. He pushed you on to the bed as he normally did, you felt your insides warm as usual, heating to the normal flame, but this time, you pushed back.

           Frowning, you plucked at his bottom lip pout, smiling as you sat up.

           “Want to try something different, baby…” you bit your lip and his eyebrows shot up when you pushed him back off the bed, the two of you stood before each other for a moment.

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How does the strip club look on the inside? Can you draw a map? (it's okay if you don't want to) I really like this AU <3

… wow why did I never draw a map of the club before?? It would have made things so much easier?? I mean I did it for my Future AU apartment. So, okay, I did some research for references so it can make it easier for me too, for the future comics! Bahaha, thanks for reminding me ~

I spent way too much time in this, lol ~

The “I Love You” Make Out We All Deserve

She tells her she wants to have all those firsts.

All those firsts, and so many more.

All those firsts, and firsts they haven’t even thought of yet.

Because they’ve had their first fight, and they’re had their first tickle war, and they’ve had their first rogue mission together, and they’ve had their first time having Winn walk in on them.

They’ve had their first date and they’ve had their first dance and they’ve had their first cuddle and they’ve had their first sleepover and they’ve had their first time kissing the night through and they’ve had their first time making love the night through.

They’ve had their first Valentine’s Day, and Maggie has no idea in all the world while Alex would want to name a dog Gertrude, but they’ll do it, they’ll do it, they’ll do it, because Alex is perfect and Alex is alive, alive, alive, and they’ll have their first dog because she’s here and she’s in Maggie’s arms and she’s sitting up and she’s telling her she wants to have all those firsts, all the firsts, and then she’s steadying herself, and they can’t stop glancing at each other’s lips, and Maggie thinks her heart might burst right through her chest because Alex Danvers never wants to stop having firsts with her, and then she’s taking a breath – a breath because she’s alive, alive, alive – and then she’s smoothing Maggie’s hair behind her ear.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer,” she’s whispering, and something explodes in Maggie’s core, because this woman, this woman, god, this woman, this woman who’s survived hell, who held on, held on, held on, this woman who’s looking at her with a tenderness no one has ever looked at her, this woman whose voice is still hoarse from nearly drowning but from surviving, surviving, surviving, this woman whose touch to her skin resonates through her entire soul, this woman whose lips are going to save her life.

This woman loves her, loves her, loves her.

And god, god, god, she loves her back.

“I love you, Alex Danvers.”

“Yeah?” Alex asks, because of course Alex asks, and there’s no pause, no hesitation, no breath, before Maggie’s voice squeaks and she confirms.

“Yeah.” Of course, yeah. Always.



A lifetime of firsts.

They inhale as one being and Alex forgets to be scared of losing her breath again, because her hands are framing Maggie’s face, and Maggie’s hands are framing hers, and that is all she needs to keep her safe, keep her dry, keep her breathing.

Keep her loved, loved, loved.

They part quickly, because Alex is going to sob.

They part quickly, because Maggie’s forgotten how to breathe.

They part quickly, because neither of them have ever felt this much.

They still grasp at each other’s faces, still grasp for each other’s closeness, and they rest their foreheads together, eyes closed, shared breath, shared pulse, shared life, shared love.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” Alex whispers again, again, again, and Maggie laughs, and Maggie does the same, because they have lost time to make up for, and they have the rest of their lives to do it, but god, it’s so nice to start right now.

She feels Alex’s eyes on her lips before she lifts her forehead to see them, and her eyes drift down, too, because she loves her, god, she loves her, and she can never get close enough to her, ever, ever, ever.

But god in heaven, she can try.

They fall back into each other’s lips, into each other’s breath, into each other’s blood, and when Alex’s lips part, Maggie doesn’t hesitate.

Doesn’t hesitate because she’s spent too much of her life hesitating.

She slips her tongue into Alex’s mouth, and Alex moans softly and pulls her closer, closer, closer, shifting so Maggie can have more access, so her own tongue can flit across Maggie’s lips, because Maggie is warm and Maggie is soft and Maggie is here, here, here, loving her, loving her, loving her.

“I love you,” they both breath each time they shift position, each time they tilt their heads a different way, try a different angle, because who says getting caught desperately making out on a medical bay bed by Alex’s father isn’t one of the firsts they should try?

He clears his throat and he averts his eyes, and Alex giggles but she doesn’t stop kissing Maggie.

Can’t stop kissing her.

Won’t stop kissing her.

She smiles into their kiss and feels rather than sees J’onn’s smile, senses rather than hears his chuckle, and she’ll run to him in a moment, in a moment, and she’ll hug him like she’s needed to hug him for too many hours, but right now she can do nothing but kiss the woman who loves her – god, she loves her, how did that happen, she loves her – and J’onn?

J’onn crosses his arms over his chest and her guards the door with a gravely serious expression, warning James and Winn that they really don’t want to go in there at the moment.

But his heart, the entire time, is singing.

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say "i love you" without saying "i love you"

sometimes i can’t touch you without crying. sometimes looking at you feels like my chest is on fire. and i know those seem like negative emotions but people say a soul mate is the person who makes you feel the most and i know it’s true because everything you do or say makes me want to explode. i’ve spent so much time googling how to please you because - i don’t know, it’s just - it’s all i want to do. there is nothing more satisfying than seeing you smiling and nothing more crushing than when i’m not the reason. and i know it’s possessive and selfish; i know i’m too jealous; i know i’m not as pristine as the way you shine towards me against aversions. it’s just when i see you tapping your foot or biting your nails, i see my whole future in front of me. i guess what i’m trying to say is i can’t believe someone like you exists. i guess what i’m trying to say is i love you without the pure simplicity of saying i love you because this is so much more than that.

John and Mary’s A+ parenting

If season 12 has shown us anything, it’s how very similar John and Mary actually are. Here are some of the most obvious instances:

1. Not taking it for valid/not being happy about their son’s rightful anger and/or hurt and trying to forbid it:

“You’re right. Although I’m not too crazy about this new tone of yours, you’re right.” - John to Dean (1x21), after Dean calls him out on the fact that they were never able to reach him when they needed him. Because it’s completely unreasonable for Dean to feel angry and deeply hurt that John didn’t bother picking up the phone when Dean was dying.

“Do not give me the face.” - Mary to Dean (12x13), when he rightfully looks at her in utter disappointment and betrayal after her confession. Dean didn’t even say anything yet, but apparently he’s not even allowed to look at her in a certain way to express his feelings.

2. Looking pleased and proud when their son is catering to their every need, while he puts himself and his own choices/wishes last:

John’s speech to Dean in the hospital (2x01) and his elated smile while he talks about how proud he is of Dean for taking care of Sammy and their whole family his entire life, sacrificing his own childhood in the process. And then basically telling him to continue to do so.

Mary looking so delighted and pleased (12x14) when Dean tells her that she can make her own choices and his feelings on them don’t matter.

3. Forcing one of their children into the position of having to choose between their parent or brother, and thus causing a rift in their relationship:

John’s parentification of Dean and making him responsible for Sam’s well-being, while at the same time brainwashing him into following his orders which more often than not had nothing to do with Sam’s best interests. Thus putting Dean into the impossible position of making both of them happy with his actions (basically all their childhood and season 1).

Mary trying to convince Dean to talk to her and agree with her on working with the BMoL and when it doesn’t work, contacting Sam even though she knows that Dean is completely against it. Thus playing/manipulating them against each other and forcing Sam into the situation to pick between his mom and his brother (12x14).

4. Lamenting about what they want for their children, instead of asking them what they actually want/need.

“I want to stop losing people we love. I want you to go to school, I want Dean to have a home. I want….I want Mary alive. It’s just….I just want this to be over.” - John to Sam (1x21). It would have been in John’s power to give them at least some of these things. He could have encouraged Sam to go to college and he could have given Dean a stable home while growing up. Nobody forced him to drag his children around the country and letting them live in shitty motel rooms, when they needed exactly the opposite. But his thirst for revenge and his guilt were stronger than his need to provide some safety and support for his children.

“We’ve got a real shot here. A world without monsters. A world where you and Dean don’t have to hunt, where you can have normal lives. (…) You were going to school, to college. (…) That’s why I’m doing this. That is what I’m fighting for.” - Mary to Sam (12x14). A lovely thought, sure. But does she ever ask if that’s even what they want anymore? Sam tells her that he chose this life. He’s been content with his life and hunting during the last two seasons and at peace with himself like we’ve never seen before. Dean even told her in the very first episode after she came back that this is their life and that they’re doing something good and that it’s worth it. They’ve grown up and their lives may not be what Mary envisioned, but her desire to change the status quo comes from her own needs and guilt and nowhere else.

5. Abandoning their sons when they need them and only showing up when they feel like it/need something.

John leaving them alone for days/weeks in shitty motel rooms when they were only children. John not being accessible for them, when they desperately tried to contact him (1x09, 1x12). John deciding they’re better off on their own (1x16). John leaving Dean to rot in jail and when Dean ended up at Sonny’s place instead, taking him away when he needed him with no regard to what was going on in Dean’s life at this point (9x07). To name a few instances.

Mary leaving (12x03), when Dean and Sam were so excited and happy about getting a chance to know her and be a family. Leaving, despite Sam having told her just before that having her here fills in the biggest blank in his life (12x02). Leaving, despite the way Dean physically recoils from her when she tries to touch him because she’s hurting him so deeply by doing it (12x03). And then staying away from them, barely making any effort to get to know them, and only reaching out to them when she needs something from them (12x12, 12x13, 12x14).

6. Not being a mom/dad first.

“I stopped being your father and I became your drill sergeant.” - John to Sam (1x20). John was always “Sir” first. He was their drill sergeant, as he himself puts it. He expected blind obedience, instead of offering guidance and support. He didn’t even bother celebrating birthdays or holidays with his children.

“I am your mother, but I’m not just a mom. And you are not a child.” - Mary to Dean (12x13), after he asks her to try and be their mom for once. He never asked her to be “just a mom”. But he asked her, quite rightfully, to put them first for once. To think about how it’s been for them. And to have her throw those ugly words “You are not a child” in his face in response, when that’s exactly what his life has been like ever since he was four years old, was the worst thing to witness. Also - because I mentioned it for John, too - Christmas and Dean’s birthday have come and gone since Mary is back and considering the way Dean is being so openly disappointed about the lack of time she’s spent with them, I doubt she was there for either of those days.

I’m sure there are even more examples, but my heart hurts too much right now thinking about this. Maybe I’ll add things later (Mary is still around to provide more evidence after all).

I would have loved to make a gifset of all these instances, but sadly I haven’t got enough skill. If anyone wants to make one based on this post I’d be eternally grateful!

Voltron & Hogwarts Houses (Sorting)

Something I’ve been thinking about since the first season came out is which houses I’d sort the characters into. Now I take thispretty seriously I’ve spent a lot of time doing it lol I need a life, so I’m making this post to see what everyone thinks! (Btw I’m an extremely proud Ravenclaw lol)

When sorting with the four Hogwarts houses there are two important things you need to remember:

1. The house reflects the character’s traits (what they’ve shown to have and excel at) and…

2. The house reflects what the character values most! I bold this because most people forget it when sorting! I care way too much about this to let it go and continue being ignored.

And lastly, disregard the basic stereotypes you have of each house (ex. Hufflepuffs are weak/the leftovers/can’t be brave or smart or etc, Gryffindors are all loud/impulsive/warriors, Slytherins are evil/selfish/unkind, Ravenclaws are logical/strictly book-smart/know-it-alls, etc). 

*Quick note - in the books the sorting hat does take into consideration what the student wants. Whether or not it makes a difference depends on the person and situation.

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Here’s that drawing I made to introduce this blog without all the text on it. As you can probably tell, I spent way too much time on this haha.

I’ve always liked how fun vintage arcade cabinets looked, so I had a blast “designing” my own for this! I had to stop myself from making it any more detailed, but I did drop a few story hints in there. ;)  (Though probably too subtle to make any sense right now)

read to me - wonwoo scenario

request: Sharing a bed with wonwoo? Beanie anon

Originally posted by wonwoo-gifs

  • okay so I don’t really see him being into skinship and cuddling unless you’d been together for a while
  • so let’s just say you’ve been together for a while
  • :)
  • he’d probably sit on the bed and read while waiting for you to get ready and come to bed
  • maybe some nights he’d join you in the shower
  • some nights, he wasn’t even home when you were going to bed
  • those were the nights where he’d come home and find you asleep on his side of the bed because you missed him
  • and that kinda breaks his heart
  • but anyway
  • I can see him being that really cute boyfriend that reads whichever book he’s reading to you
  • and if he didn’t already, you’d probably have to beg him to do it
  • “babe, will you please read to me?”
  • “no, I refuse to make us that cringey couple.”
  • starts to read aloud when he realises the stubborn put you’ve been holding for a solid three minutes
  • it was quite entrancing to just lie there and listen to him and watch him as he read to you
  • the way his glasses would slip down his nose and how he’d turn the page extra gently
  • normally, his voice was quite deep, but his voice had seemed to soften
  • i’ve spent too much time talking about his wow so after he finished the chapter, he’d probably put the book away and cuddle you
  • he’d cuddle you really lazily, and just have an arm around your waist and his face buried in your hair
  • you’d probably both talk about your days
  • how shitty work was or how you missed each other
  • wonwoo would be the first to fall asleep
  • idol life is tiring
  • in a way, his breathing and soft snores would be really calming and not long after, you’d be asleep too

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I’ve finally been able to understand exactly why I hate Dear White people. It’s way too white centric. It misses the actual black experience at PWIs because it makes it look like all black students do all the time is think about white folk and how they see us and how we should react to that gaze. The show is shallow. The chemistry shallow. The concept shallow. It lacks nuance while trying to be “woke”. It’s way too white centric. I cannot relate. I spent so much of my life learning to be me independent of white people. I say this as a person who ended up being the president of my black student alliance at my PWI. The anger against white supremacy was not my identity. My identity was formed despite white supremacy. I reacted to racist white people, but it was not the reason I lived and breathed.

Type of couple you are at parties

- Clay Jensen -

The unsociable couple. You guys spend most of the time in the corner, not making any effort to talk to anyone. I mean, the only things you need are each other and the WIFI password.

- Justin Foley -

The hook- up couple. You guys are upstairs, in the bedroom. Of course.

- Zach Dempsey -

The lit couple. You guys are on the dance floor all night trying to get everyone involved. You instigate games like truth or dare, spin the bottle or beer pong. You guys are the life of the party.

- Tyler Down -

The party crashes. You guys weren’t even invited but managed to jump the fence and blend in with the crowd. You always get separated and was somehow roped into listening to some drunk girl talk about her problems.

-Jeff Atkins -

The helpers. You two have taken it upon yourselves to make sure everyone was having a good time. You request songs, pour drinks and make sure that everyone had eaten at least once. And at the end of the night, you always seem to be dropping some drunk kid home.

- Montgomery De la cruiz -

The scavengers. You two can always be found in the kitchen. I mean, you only come to parties for the food, right?

- Alex Standall -

The sleepers. You guys drank way too much alcohol, way to early and now your passed out on the sofas.

- Tony Padilla -

The no shows. You guys didn’t make it to the party. You had spent too much time getting ready or Tony’s car had broken down on the way. Anyway, before you knew it, you were already two hours late so you decided to do something else.

Dear Diary:

everyone… everyone kept going through all my photos (・・。)ゞ

there’s… there’s kind of a lot, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)

but it’s not my fault or anything!! it’s just… because we’ve done so much! (;^ω^)

i mean… we’ve travelled all over~! (*^ω^*)

and… spent way too much time in creepy dungeons (; ̄Д ̄)

and way too much time killing creepy things! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

but… i’m much better at shooting stuff now~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

and it wasn’t all bad… i mean, i’ve spent so much time with chocobos! real chocobos! (*´▽`*)

and i mean, we can still play kings knight~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… everything we’ve been through… i’ve gotten to do it all with my best friend~ (☆^ー^☆)

… my… my best friends (灬º 艸º灬)

and that’s… that’s pretty cool, right? o((*^▽^*))o