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Sweet Elite 30 Days Challenge:

  • Day 2 - Draw them in casual outfit.

Karla always has been shy, so one way that she tries to get out of her shell is through fashion. On days that she’s feeling more confident she tries things that she usually don’t wear, like a short skirt and a transparent t-shirt.

Gone Home

Iddy had somehow managed to go his entire, cognitive life without boarding a plane. Why would he want to fly thousands of miles into the air in what was essentially a metal tube? But with everything that had been happening, his own thoughts conflicting each other and the feeling that he was slowly losing who he was, Iddy knew he had to do what he’d been putting off for years.

It was time for Iddy to go home.

So, he packed his bag, booked a ticket, and took a flight to New York.

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anonymous asked:

I love how both your art and your ocs give this enormous sense of scale wrt character depth and immersion! Plus, your whole aesthetic and artistic sensibilities are super interesting and always tell a story <3

Ahh gosh thanku so much!!!!

I spend a lot of time thinking about them tbh, whether it’s just like Andrastopher and Zevran sitting at a camp fire, or Marcus and Anders at their little farmstead, or y’know,,,, both of them getting their arses handed to them by a Fen’Harel controlled Goddard :) 

zen: i’m allergic to cats!

jumin: i’M aLlErGiC tO cAtS

jumin: her name is Elizabeth 3rd!

Seven: hEr NaMe iS eLiZaBeTh 3rD

jumin: you don’t understand the stress of running a company–

zen: yOu DoN’t UnDeRsTaNd tHe StReSs Of RuNnInG a CoMpAnY

zen: ah it’s such a curse to be this gorgeous~

yoosung: aH iT’s SuCh A cUrSe tO bE tHiS gOrGeOus

seven: i’m so jealous you get to play with elly~

jaehee: i’M sO jEaLoUs YoU gEt To PlAy WiTh ElLy

yoosung: rika is so amaing

mc: rIkA iS sO aMaZiNg

yoosung: my life is so hard

everyone: My LiFe Is So HaRd