but i spent time on it

Actual war goddess and possible werewolf Ember Moon is the NXT Women’s Champion and I couldn’t resist painting her any longer, she’s amazing and I love her.  (Maybe one day I’ll spend more than 3 hours on wrestlefanart, but today is not that day, I have to get back to work.  On the plus side it helps on the endless “learn to loosen up” quest.)

flyingbird27  asked:

It's so cool that you mentioned that Mr. Wheezy dances salsa and merengue, because I'm Latin American and those are the dances I love most (and the only dances I can do without looking dumb lol). Also it's a huge compliment for a character to be able to dance those dances because they require good leading skills and teamwork for both partners. It's just cool that you're adding a bit of Latin culture into your headcanon of this character. Love it!

I absolutely Love adding little bits like that into characters. Especially this because I’m in love with Latin dance as a whole??? Like man I just find it all so interesting I’m glad you like what I did with it ;o;

So I made a compilation of my favourite semi-overlooked vines, enjoy