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Happy Mother’s Day to all the UK Nonnatuns. I love that we have a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother like figures in our life. These are the people that are there for us from the moment we take our first breath. They listen to our fears and worries no matter how big or small. Our mothers are the ones that pick us up when we fall, they heal wounds in ways only mothers can. They’re our first friend, our first confidante. Through their words of wisdom in the good and bad times they help you become the person you are. You might fight and fall out and bonds are tested. But the bond is unbreakable.
Our Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother like figures all deserve to be celebrated today 💖


Saigenos week day 7 Western AU… I guess?!

So, um.

This originally-originally stemmed from a discussion about a Western AU in the OPM Discord group. Not long after that, me and @callmekairi / @kairidoodles met up to draw together in a café, and we started talking about that AU again and uh, long story short, we spent perhaps three hours making up this cowboy crack AU?!

Attached are most of our.. er, shall we call them concept sketches?!

Meet the Lone Baldy, a bounty hunter for fun. He has unrivalled strength and is great with a lasso, but can’t aim his gun worth anything. He wears a classic cowboy outfit with a nice big hat. The hat is very important and never comes off (he’s totally not hiding his bald head under it).

One night, he runs into the Demon Kid, a young man on a quest to avenge his family. Demon Kid wears a long trench coat and gloves until when things turn Serious and he takes the coat off that you realize he’s actually a cyborg. Instead of incincerators, in this AU he fires bullets (and yes, he needs to recharge his arms).

Demon Kid rides a beautiful palomino stallion. The Lone Baldy rides a small nondescript mule which has the same expression as him for some reason. The mule is small and strong and can cover any terrain. Proper reins and saddles are expensive, the Lone Baldy just uses a blanket.

Together they… idk. Hang out? Do bounty hunting?! Sky’s the limit lol.

The blue sketches are Kairi’s. First we have the classic standard Lone Baldy and then a sketch of him being Serious.

The orange ones are mine. You’ve got Demon Kid, their respective horsies and then Lone Baldy riding into the sunset on his noble steed.

ace attorney original trilogy villain emojis

frank sahwit - 👀 📰 ⏰
redd white - 💎 🇺🇸 💸
dee vasquez - 🚬 🎥 ⚔️
manfred von karma - 🔫 ⚖️ 🐦
damon gant - 🚓 🏊 👏
richard wellington - 🍌 👓 📱
ini miney - 👻 🚗 👥
acro - 🐤 🐵 🎪
matt engarde - 🎬 😈 🍷 
dahlia hawthorne - 🌸 ☂️ 👯
luke atmey - 🎭 🔎 🏅
furio tigre - 🐯 💿 ☕


(Let’s admit it, you all needed a reminder of the amazing Donquixote family)

FUDGE, IT’S SUNDAY! Or it WAS Sunday. I don’t have a new page of Wurr and the deadline went half an hour ago.


So, umh, the next page might be a day or two late. Sorry! D8

Well, it’s happened again, you’ve wasted another perfectly good hour scrolling through Tumblr.

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aseethe  asked:

regarding your statement about how people in the wolfdog community consider hands on experience just as relevant as academic and professional experience, would academic only apply to people who have gone to college for it? or would academic experience also include people who have spent years studying their behavior and biology in their free time?

As much as I personally would like to say that I think years of self-study can count, I don’t think it’s really a reasonable way to quantify experience. People who for whom it would be credible experience are probably a minority of the number of people who would like it to count as experience. Yes, you might know a lot, but you’ve never really proven that you’ve grasped the topic and can apply it effectively in a supervised and rigorous setting and honestly I don’t blame the field for not really trusting the validity of that credential with their reputation and the lives of their animals. (And I say this as someone who is frequently frustrated that I do not get taken as seriously as I would like by some professionals in the fields I write about specifically because I have a lot of self study in my background instead of a graduate degree.)

‘I read a lot of books on the topic’ is different, however, from doing academic research or attending conferences and professional seminars and workshops. You’re more likely to have appropriate and useful academic credentials if you’re heavily involved in continued education efforts that professionals or graduate students in the field are expected to engage with. That’s a big part of what I do to try to make sure that I’m not just reading things and formulating my own opinions without having a grounding in reality - I attend as many conferences as I can and pay to take the workshops at them, I attend lectures, I shadow whomever will let me, and I take online classes. 

However, in a professional setting, this accumulation of experience would not be considered the equivalent of a graduate degree, no matter how much my family likes to say I’m “effectively self-teaching a masters”. When you’re staking the safety of staff and the lives of animals on a staff member’s knowledge, requiring  an advanced degree of study in the specific area of knowledge needed is entirely reasonable and appropriate. 

(In many cases, however, the appropriate staff are determined by a combination of academic and professional experience. A facility wouldn’t hire a new ethology PHD to manage a group of animals because while they have the book learning, they lack practical experience. This is why mentorship and working under career professionals is so vital to being a good keeper, trainer, or behaviorist.) 

noonicorn  asked:

HECK YES! I am excited for this!! Escpecially because it takes place in Canada, my home n native land!!

oo! I’m so glad you’re excited!! I was very nervous about sharing that, so this honestly means a lot to me! 😊 And yes, I love Canada!! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can make San Myshuno resemble Vancouver, I’ve already flown around the entire map noting down the different areas I think I’ll be able to use in screenshots!! I never really noticed how ‘futuristic’ some parts of San Myshuno are! thank you noo! 💕

anonymous asked:

If you are not too swamped, any chance you could do a little list of those domestic life things with Anti cause that gave me LIFE!

It gave me life to write honestly I’d be glad to do something for it. That feel when you’re supposed to be a Dark-oriented blog but you jump at the chance to write for Anti.

  • Anti doesn’t do a lot of cooking, but sometimes if you’ve had a long day, he’ll try to make you dinner. Spoiler: He’s not too good at cooking, but it’s edible, and you find the fact that he tried endearing.
  • I feel like most of the time spent together is spent playing games together and watching movies.

  • You deal with a lot of the financials and “adult stuff,” as Anti calls it.

  • Probably for the best, since Anti doesn’t know how to do it.

  • You’ve tried to teach him, but he kept losing his patience.

  • So mainly it’s just you doing the bills and budgeting, and Anti does almost all of the housework.

  • Speaking of, his way of cleaning is very odd. It seems almost disorganized, but it’s a very organized mess. Piles of paper are strewn about, but each of the papers are in order. A pile of old bills, a pile of letters, a pile of miscellaneous documents.

  • You always go to bed before Anti. In fact, you’ve doubted that he sleeps at all, except for those rare cases when you wake up before him. He only sleeps because his body needs it.

  • He’s always showing you affection. Holding your hand out of nowhere, hugs at random times, forehead kisses, nuzzles. It’s sort of like releasing energy for him

Productive Sunday.

Coffee, puppy snuggles, & Parking Wars to start the day.

2.6 treadmill miles. Intervals, 4 miles an hour to 6 miles an hour. Solid little workout.

Meal prepped some lunches to take to work. Goat cheese on pita bread with peppers, onions, and chicken.

Spent the afternoon in the sunshine, watching Apollo run around.

Dinner was a turkey burger, broccoli & cheese, and a new rices veggie side I found at the grocery store. It was cauliflower and sweet potato. Pretty good.

Time to relax and get ready for another work week.