but i spent time doing it

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How many languages do you know?

oh boy…. I know a lot of languages but I don’t speak fluently all of them.

I know French ( My maternal language ), English, Spanish ( I spent a lot of time in Mexico to learn ), Japanese (Just started learning Katakana and kanjis), Italian and a little bit of Dari ( One of my friend teached me )

So that makes 6 languages that I know but I don’t speak all of them fluently

Mood i love seein ppl tha like a few weeks ago spent all their time talkin shit about lena luthor, a Womans, tryna claim her… bich what do u think ur doin… keep ur ugly hands away from her… why u think u get to jus turn around and stan like tha… i remember quite clearly some of the ugly shit yall said abt her.. now actin like shes the love of ur life ?? Not on my watch 👏🏽

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Ut, uf, us, and sf mains react to someone hospitalizing their s/o

Oh, boy! ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s going to give the guilty party a lot of dirty looks upon figuring out who they are. He’s not gonna actually harm them unless you say otherwise, but they’ll be very uncomfortable every time he’s near no matter what.

UT Papyrus

He’ll want to know why the person who hospitalized you did so, but he’s not gonna do anything more than forgive them. Most of his energy’s being spent making sure you’re ok and keeping you happy. He even may try to use his own magic to heal you up.

UT Toriel

She’s also giving dirty looks to the guilty individual, but not nearly as much as Sans was. She’ll be helping you around and such until you recover fully.

UT Undyne

She’ll threaten the culprit with {for this time} empty threats. A lot of “I’ll end you if I see your face in an alley.” and such. She’ll just carry you around everywhere while you’re healing.

UF Sans

He’s honestly blaming himself. He should’ve been there to protect you. He should’ve been able to know if his mate was in danger or not. But he didn’t. And now you’re hurt. And it’s his fault, he just knows it.

UF Papyrus

Yeah, you better tell him right away to not kill who did it, or else he’s gonna kill whoever did it.

UF Toriel

Her reaction’s almost exactly the same as her UT Counterpart, except she’s also throwing threats. “You get anywhere near my mate again, and you’re dead.”

UF Undyne

Let’s hope she never finds out who did it, or else they’re dead.

US Sans

He’s almost crying as he tries to speed up the healing process with his magic. It’s not easy to do while crying, though. He doesn’t really blame anyone for this, he just wants you to get better.

US Papyrus

He’s doing the same thing as UT Sans, except he’s also throwing passive-aggressive comments their way to make sure they know how much he hates them now. He has a rough, rough time forgiving those who hurt his loved ones.

US Asgore

His reaction’s exactly the same as UT Toriel.

US Alphys

She’ll be carrying you around everywhere, but she’s not threatening the culprits. In fact, she’s ignoring their very existence.

SF Sans

He’ll be crying as you’re around him, but he’s also seething with rage as well as worried about you. If he finds the individual{s} that did it, they’re as good as dead.

SF Papyrus

He’ll be with you almost all the time. What’s odd is his calm. He’s calm for a reason though. Let’s just say, there is no more culprit.

SF Asgore

He shouts threats at the culprit, with some actual thrown attacks. He won’t actually hurt them unless that’s what you want, however.

SF Alphys

The one{s} who did it are as good as dead if she finds them. Besides that, she’s making 100% sure you’re ok and you get to heal properly.

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I agree with the "don't ignore his sexuality" and all that, but I wouldn't want to just erase all Hana/Satch. Yeah, he's gay. But people worked on headcanons, wrote for it, and have it as otp. I totally get your point, but it doesn't sound fair to ask us to stop everything...

i literally gave you an alternative. make it satch/haru. i did not say you had to go back and delete all of your previous work. i wouldn’t ask that of anyone, seeing as they did spend time and effort on them. but for the love of god, at least leave a note saying he’s gay and you’re only leaving it up because you spent time on it.

making hana haru instead is a simple switch. i’m not asking you to stop anything. i’m merely asking you to make an adjustment.

also, “yeah, he’s gay, but it’s people’s otp!!” do you even realize how horribly dismissive that is? you are ignoring the words of a gay black man and erasing his sexuality simply because you think he’s cute with a girl. satch already gets ignored, dismissed, and talked over enough in this fandom. i will have no more of it.

guys no matter what the announcement is tomorrow can we all just agree to support the boys on whatever it is. for real they seem so excited for it the least we can do is support them! I don’t want to see any hate or complaints on my dash tomorrow because the twins are doing something they can’t wait to tell us about and have hyped us all up for it. Imagine how they’ll feel if we complain when they have not had enough sleep because of this announcement and spent time and dedication on it! (Rant over) xx

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Can you draw the Under-crew in Coachella inspired outfits?!?!

I tried my very best. I was very happy to get to do some Coachella-inspired makeovers. I love drawing fashion whenever I get the chance, and figuring out outfits for people is so much fun.

Anon, I hope you like this! I spent a lot of time researching and working on it. Thank you for the request!✨

Others are mixed enough to where I wasn’t just using the image for the outfit, they’re a mix of several ideas.

*clears throat*

okay so my internet time changed to 3 hours later than it was before so like %80 of my following don’t see my posts now (they like sleep and crazy shit) so yeah that means less people see my art which has lead to like a giant drop in notes and its really making me down. Like big time. Im sorry if i sound like a lil bitch (but i am one lol) anyways I’m not asking for help or anything I’m just saying its really disconcerting and its making me feel crap about my art that i’ve spent hours on and i was proud of, now I’m unsure. It really looks like nobody likes it (well duh they don’t) but maybe people just aren’t seeing it? Anyways because of my time change my art is doing crap which makes me feel like utter bullshit and so i might not have the drive to create art anymore. I know what you’re thinking “oh she isn’t getting hundreds of notes boo hoo” and yeah whatever its just the sudden drop thats making me feel crap about art i put hours into. Just wanted you to know why I’m feeling crap. sorry. bye.

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I don't get why people think Caleb is AD. Ash and Ty have both admitted to Haleb ending up happy together and that wouldn't happen if he was AD unless she was in on it with him but I don't think they would let AD have a happy ending. Caleb is NOT AD and honestly it would make no sense. It would only be for shock value. They would have to make up a pretty incredible story and thriw out what we learned aboit his family lineage in Ravenswood make it plausible

Nothing about Caleb being AD makes sense. People always are saying we don’t know his family, but we do. We spent earlier seasons with him finding his family and, like you said, Ravenswoods learning more about his family. Sure he’s good at technology but THAT’S HIS JOB. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t spend his free time stalking and torturing his girlfriend and her friends.

Days until - 30:
I’ve returned from the dead! I will be posting original content everyday until the end of my exams in June to keep my procrastinating ass on track!!
Revised waves and electromagnetism today but have pretty much spent the last few weeks doing practice papers which although painful at times is probably what’s helped me improve my mock grades so much whew 😥 it’s been a really miserable day here but I’m hoping to be able to get outside and study at some point this week hopefully.
Keep studying l'il bees 🐝

RPG Design: The Sword-Hit Metric

The “sword-hit metric” is a simple one for analyzing the complexity of a game’s combat system. It measures how many times we need to roll to for me to hit someone with my sword (assume that I am going to succeed without any special effects). The simplest possible combat action, in a genre where combat tends to eat the vast majority of time spent engaging with mechanics.

No rolls: Static or extremely freeform games go here. Amber Diceless RPG is happily here.

One roll: Quick and easy. This isn’t proof of good design, or of lack of combat complexity. Exalted 2nd ed attacks have ten steps, but if the only thing I do is hit someone with my sword, we only need to roll once.

Two rolls: Taking it seriously. This is rolling attack and damage separately, or “I roll to attack, you roll to parry.”

Three rolls: Really? Shadowrun, where I roll to hit, you roll to dodge, and then you roll your armor against damage from my sword, falls here.

Four rolls: No, seriously, stop it. Age of Heroes: I roll to hit, you roll to parry, I roll damage dice, and I roll location. There’s another roll to avoid bleeding out, but that’s optional.

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'he never got to tell chirrut the truth out loud' i believe in my heart that jiang wen has spent at least one long, melancholy evening by himself, with a glass of expensive wine, a pack of fancy cigarettes and some smooth jazz playing in the background, meditating on whether or not the sentence 'baze loves chirrut and would do anything for him' may have, in fact, been too cryptic.

His sons get home and he asks them, very seriously, how they interpreted the script and his performance onscreen. 

This is not the first time this has happened. “Dad. Baze and Chirrut were married. We got it.” 

Jiang Wen gestures, with his wine glass, vaguely in the direction of his closed laptop. 

“You did your best,” they tell him. 

His sons go to bed, and Jiang Wen considers, not for the first time, leaking the Chirrut and Baze deleted scenes. 

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Do you have any ghost girl headcannons?? I feel like everyone forgot about her with everything else happening like what if she was the wife in the werewolf story???

Heck yeah

Okay so these are my theories for her:

1. She died a long time ago in the house and was stuck there. She met Zane, who was very interested in ghosts and they spent a lot of time together. She convinced herself that she was in love with Zane, and made a promise to herself that if he ever came back she’s never let him go.

2. Zane reminds her of her late husband (whether the connection is physical or personality based it tbd). She was so desperate to have him back, she just kind of told herself that having him would fill the emptiness shes had all those years

I also think that the reason she disappears after a certain time is for one of these reasons

1. She can’t stay out past the time of her death

2. Someone forced her to stay a spirt locked in the house and have complete control over where she is at all times

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your art really makes me feel at ease, everything in it is so calming and fluid. I just love it! and the way you color too! you are a very hard-working person it seems, because your art is the outcome of many time spent on practicing and studying. its so wonderful!

Ahhh don’t really, I could work harder..I’m actually a lazy person and sometimes I can’t move from my bed bc I’m too sad for doing something!! I used to practice tons but I no longer do it , I’m not what you say but is good to know this is your impression of me..because I used to and somehow you can see it in my arts and I’m glad I didn’t lost my art skill with the time :’(

I’ve some friends WHO ARE REALLY hardworking artist, if you want to know send me another ask and I will link you all the guys I know, I would totally sell my soul to satan just to be a bit more like them!!!!!!

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James stalked and harassed Lily for all the time they were at Hogwarts.

Common Misconceptions || Accepting

I’ve answered this one before, but I’m going to do it again because this one in particular bugs me a lot. 

I want to take a second to point out that James Potter was a teenage boy, who lived at a school, away from his parents. He had four best friends, played consistent pranks, studied well enough to become head boy, played on the Quidditch team and was later captain, made the marauders map, spent two years trying to become an Animagus and spent a lot of time in detention. He simply did not have time to harass anyone. I highly doubt he was following Lily around 24/7. He was a young guy, with friends and a crush. But he would not have achieved any of those things, or maintained such strong friendships had he been constantly following round a girl.

Now, to the actual point. When people claim this about James and Lily, that he simply harassed her, that he wore her down so much she just gave in. You are completely discounting Lily and her entire character. She was a strong, independent woman. She had her own mind, her own beliefs and the ability to say no. Which she did. For almost seven years. By claiming he simply wore her down and harassed her, you are discounting a love which created Harry, which caused James to sacrifice himself in the hope she’d escape with their son. You’re trivialising a strong, intelligent character, into someone who simply gave up saying no.

Finally. By claiming he harassed her, you’re turning James into a one dimensional character who had nothing else about him other than an obsession with Lily. Yes, he was spoiled. Yes he was a little obnoxious wanker during his early years at school. Yes, he was a bully for a few years. He was also a child and then a teenager. He was also a prankster, with a sense of humour who never expected Lily to say yes. He pursued her yes, to the point that it was just a running joke. That James Potter fancied Lily Evans. He was funny, he was smart and capable and knew full well when someone wasn’t interested. He was also stubborn, hence his continued teasing flirtation with her.

I firmly believe, that James fancied Lily yes. That he enjoyed the challenge, yes. But I also believe that James had an ego, that he turned the constant rejection into a joke he could control. Into being loud about it, doing it in public, fully expecting her to always say no, because that is how the joke went now. 

The fact is. James Potter was headboy and Quidditch captain. A valued member of the order and someone who sacrificed his life. By claiming he harassed Lily, you define him purely from obnoxious teenage years, where everyone is a fright at some point. He turned into a man. A brave, intelligent, protective and caring man.

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Advise on how to stop wasting time ... how to be more productive. ??! If there is a dua or some sorta Islamic advise ... I would be super grateful 🌸💛💛

First you need to have a pure intention and ask Allah to give you knowledge, and to keep you steadfast.

Make a schedule! Start from the beginning. What are your goals? What kind of books do you want to read? How much time do you spend on school homework?(so you know how much you can spent on islamic homework) How much do you want to learn in one day or a week or a month? Keep motivating yourself, by putting reminder notes on your schedule.

Start to make dhikr as a habit. Everytime you wake up; morning dhikr. When it’s after asr; evening dhikr. Are you waiting on the bus? Are you walking to the stores? Take your dhikr app or book and remember Allah. That will strenghten your Imaan and make you feel so much closer to Allah. And then it will be so much easier to learn!

One of the most important thing is know who your friends are.. they have so much influence in your life. If you have friends who don’t remember you of Allah, what is the point of being friends with them? Find friends who will motivate you to seek knowledge, remember you of Allah.

Hope this helped. May Allah ease it for you and protect us from laziness of seeking knowledge! May Allah always keep our hearts yearning for Allah’s Pleasure.

Oh and sleep early and wake up early. Wallah it’s nothing fun but you won’t regret it. You will feel so good

Dear followers, if someone can add something, please do xx

Hey folks! You haven’t been seeing much of me because I spent this last weekend volunteering at supanova comicon and gaming as a stage manager! I’m here until Wednesday when I’m going back to melbourne to do it all over again, and then shortly after that I have a trip to Seattle planned that’s been like 8 months in the making! I have so much happening right now and I don’t have much time to draw, but my phone has an spen and I did manage this :)

SUPER PUMPED FOR TAZ THIS WEEK THOUGH! I even met a taako and a magnus running a booth at nova! Shout out to @hawberries for the great booth and little felt Steven the fish (and who I also realized I’ve bought something from for at least 3 or 4 conventions now!)

Replies 💋

@declarations-of-drama:  That room with the red candles tho! It looks so Medieval and authentic, especially making the candles red :)   No clue about the story - but great scene! I love how you made it look like (sybell?) was casting a spell on (Jeyne?) I think I read that right?

Oh thank you so much! Though only a small room, I’ve spent too much time on decorations. Sybell did not cast a spell on her daughter but she made sure Jeyne doesn’t get pregnant. They call it Moon tea in the books.

@omgdoubleume:  Jaiimeeee!!!!! you worth thousand of my hearts >.<  The way you took his pictures really strengthen his character 😆😆😆 Totally love it!

Do you really love that sim that much? You are so cute  ❤️ (Thanks to you I’m also developing a crush on Jaime, a book character I only moderately liked so far).

@andantezen:  beautiful set, beautiful colors, beautiful characterization, beautiful lighting too – your scenes are getting more and more sophisticated. I don’t comment on the story because I don’t know it :/

THANKS 😘! Coming from an artist as you are, this feedback means a lot to me. You seem to like my posts with a lot of Red and Gold in it? Me, too. I always try to add outfits in bright shining colours.

@omgdoubleume​:  kkkk, agreed with @andantezen. I may don’t know about the story, but somehow I can capture the feeling and the plot from yr pics. Everything inside it are soooo beautiful, tho y didn’t use many cc for yr sims.. they still look so alive >.< fantastic!

You’re lovely! I don’t use much cc because I don’t want them to look to human. They are still sims.

@electronicsmarts:  Ahh, Taena of Myr? Ooooh and that Waters one that Cersei thought looked like Rhaegar God I love the details you put in here <3

Congratulations! You discovered Taena and Aurane Waters 🥇! You might have also noticed the three Kettleblack Brothers? I love to put minor book characters in my scenes and I’m glad you notice. I’m so happy that you are another book reader. If you have a favourite scene from the novels you want to see, please tell me. I’m always looking for new ideas.

And for your idea of Left and Right, Olenna’s guards: Definitely noter it down!

I hope no one felt provoked or uncomfortable by that scene. I was just curious how people would react and I was trying some sims nsfw poses I downloaded.

I got a reply from a tumblr who told me they “had to vomit” when seeing it. I found out that they didn’t approve of Jaime’s and Cersei’s relationship which is nevertheless canon in the books. I know it’s incest and it might be disgusting but it is an essential part of the story George RR Martin tells.

@omgdoubleume They look so beautiful.. I’m having a heart break tho ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

I knew you’d love it! The two golden twins together - I love them, too.